Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 26, 1956 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1956
Page 18
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PAGE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, OCTOBER. 26, The Telegraph's Daily HatHo Chart FRIDAY KXOR (ABC) 630 Hi/ KMOX ((."OS) 1120 KC K\VR (MBS) 1380 KC 9. ML 5 , . .IS .30 .19 8 9 10 11 7 8 S 10 11 12 M> JO .49 M .13 JO .45 t,i Bonnet Btllrcoo Bob S!u-» Srort" BUI CrtbUi New*. Matlne* Muttnee Hurry Curt? l.o«-rll rhom«» News. Q««»n Rov «.ne*n Bob Burn** Fd Murrow Rnhprl Q I.rwlj R»dio Work'.hop rtrst Five Revut FIs-M Flvt New* Radio F«n Club Sports: D Allsn nave Allin Crrll Brnwn Dnvc Allfii Boxlnt BstrU H*atl*r: Sports Sports _ Bill Cr«b)« s 'n Andy MiKicnl Hnur Flr«t Five News Night Music Ballroom World NPW> llflrrv Fenrlrr Gil Nenfomc Mclnclv Time NPW«. Night Muile Mimic Hour Nens; Wcsther Harr.v Fender llhythni Suitp .••mnoth SHI line thought for Oaf SATURDAY Newi Sacred Heart Time & Tempot News Early Show Weather Early Show murnai City Edition O?ark Vmrietler* Weather Wake UB Muile News World News Weather Report Time tt Tempos News Bruce lU.vward Weather Bruce Haywart) News World News News Clockwatcher Sports Wake Up Music News Ed Wilson News News Sportl Newt Art's NotchooK Bruce H«yw«rd News World News; D«vl* Clock Watcher The Urug Slorj Ed Wilson News New»; Monitor Monitor Ballroom NPW>; Weather Galen Drake News Ed Wilson News News; Monitor Monitor Ed Bonner News Rohfrt W Lewis News; Wilson Ed Wilson Bandstand Revu* News: Wcathc* Monitor Orchestra New* Ed Bonner New* Phil Stevens GunsmoK* News; Revu« Bandstand Revu* News Farm A Horn* Groucho Marx BID Crabl* News Cmmirv Journ») Ivory Interlude Jack tt Jerry F.d Wilson News News: Monitor Game of Week News: CrabU Bill Crable Goal Post nhythm Pigskin Preview Ed Wilson ,, », ,. ,* *' *l » News; CrnbU Bill Crable Jll. vs. Michigan Foollinll Wf " " N. Dnmc vs. II .1 " !• " inmip Okla. » .. » •• News; CrubU ' " Bill Crable _" " M „ „ „ News; Monitor Monitor Bill Crabl* Scoreboard Harry Fender .Scorca News; Revue FRIDAY EVENING 6:00-(4j News - Ed Keath (5) Weather Puppets (36) Reverend Oxendine 6:05—(5) Sports - Bob Ingham 6;io—(4) Weather - Brooks 6:15—(4) Lcs Paul & Mary Ford (5) News - John Roedel (36) News - John Daly 6:20—(4) Political • Democratic 6;3Q—(4) My Friend Flicka in i Eddie Fislier (36) News - Hay ward 6:40—(36) Bowling News - Laux 6:45—(5) News - John Cameron Swayze (36) Political - Democratic 7:00—(4) West Point - A cadet observes his roomate cheating on a exam and he is torn be- (ween his friendship for him and his duty"by the honor code. Donald May portrays host Cadet Thompson. (5) Life pf Riley - When Riley and Gillls decide that they have been seeing too much ot each other, they part to seek new friendships. (9) College Math (36) Movie - James Lydon and Warren Williams star in the drama "Strange Illusion" 7:30—(4) Zane Gray Theatre Dick Powell is host and introduces Lew Ayres and Phyllis Avery starring in "Unrelenting Sky". Homesteaders in Arizona find drought adds to their hardships in trying to run a ranch, (a) Walter Winchell Show (COLOR) Singer Catenna Valente is guest. WE REPAIR Any M»k« of BADI08, TVi, WASIII.'BS, CAS »nd ELLTTKIC RANGES. l»il and Urpeiitablt berilcr Kt Are Al Clow. A» Voar Telephone. DIAL S-761I WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES 2507 STATE BT. ALIGN For Fast TV Service Brine your set lo our shop in the morning, l.'ick up belore 5 P. M. Square Deal Shop 730 JS, Broadvuiy Ph. 5-8111 P H 3 3 5 0 0 CALL 3-3500 Television Service ALL MAKES EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS Guaranteed Partt and Tubes Milo Wells, Inc. 2613 State P H 3 3 5 0 0 ALUMINUM biorm H'ludowi, liovit. Air M»ilci TUt-0-M»llc ALUMINUM J»l»ntl« Door 1U" 'Jblck PORCH KNCUOSVliE J»l««il» OimbU Hvor M'luo'ii** ftec t«Umtle« iliO.N BAJUNGS—COUJMNis ALUiDNUM AW.VINGS N* D»wa Pajmenl, 30 MM Cex'i Home Supply Co. Nurta Altto lo la* >»d«e &-l»l» fitn. ^- 7:45-19) Model Security Council on Suez - (SPECIAL) - College students in honor ol Uniled Nations week set up a model security council on UN. 8:00—(4) Crusader - In an al- templ to guard a young girl dancer who has witnessed a gangland murder, Matt Anders becomes involved with the killers. (5) On Trial - Joseph Colton is hosl and introduces "The DeSanlre Slory" starring Joan Fontaine. A woman on trial for murdering a man who was blackmailing her husband. 8:30—(4) Playhouse of Stars "Always the Best Man" is a comedy starring Don Taylor and Angle Dickinson. A reluctant best man at a wedding falls for the bride-lo-be. (5) Big Story - Ben Grauer narrates and awards Ihe "Big Story Award" to Don llogan ol the Boston Post who found an ! unknown living soldier in a Boston Hospital. (9) Frontiers of Health "Rheumatic Heart Disease" (3G) The Ruggles Show 9:00—(4) The Line-up - A man is killed in a grocery slore robbery and the leather glove in his hand leads to a money-hungry girl and her boyfriend. (5) Boxing - From Madison Square Garden conies the 10 round welterweight bout ' between Tony Gonzales and Yama Bahama. (9) American Art Today "Difference Between Romanticism and Expressionism" (36) International Playhouse - Hugh McDernioll stars in "A Man's Wife" 9:30—(4) Count ol Monte Crislo- Film series of the adventures of the famous fictional character starring George Dolenz. "The Golden Blade" (36) Person lo Person — Sports expert Herman Hickman and columnist Sylvia Porter are visited by Ed Murrow, 9:45—15) Sports Extra - Oorge Abel. 10:00—(4) Warner Bros. Pn-sents "Cheyenne". Cheyenne acciden- tially joins a gun-liappy lawmar who has a habit ol not-bringing- the-back-alive in "Tim Hnunt> Killers", Clint Walker stars. (i) Codfe ThriH' - "Fishing Trip" (361 Movie - Roiijt Anderson and Paul Carpenter slar ii: the KiiKlish movie "Shadow of a Man". An American in London fur a reunion with a war buddy, suspects llmt tin; man's ri.'cent death ua.s really imii'dur. 10:30—15) Advent urns nf J i m Bowie. Scott Forbi'.s stars as Bowie in tlu: episode of "Jim Bowk- Cuiilt'S Home" Il:00—i4i News - I'Jl Kralh (;')) News - Bull llillic We-atlu'T - Allen Wealhc'i'—. Cliff Fight Boat Blaze On Waterfront Included in a series of fire calls answered by thc'AJton department Thursday was one at 8:'10 p.m. answered by No. 4 company which stood by at Wood River while the Oil City department was fighting a boat blaze on the waterfront. Most serious of the local alarms was one at 7:30 p.m., answered by companies 1, 2 and 3 and the ladder truck, to the annex laundry building at Villa Terrace Nurs-i ing Home, 510 Seminary square, Tlicro some towels in a gas-fired tumbler drier had ignited. Fire damage was confined to the towels. No. 1 company during the early part of the evening stood by at the Marquette High School pep rally at Riverside Park. Earlier in the day, at 1:05 p.m., No. 2 company put out a grass bluze at 1429 Maupin. No. 1 doused a grass fire at 400 W. Broadway shortly after 2 p.m. No. 2 and 4 responded at 4:17 p.m. to the rear of East Annex to Allon High School on College avenue, whore a straw stack was consumed by flames started from a spark off burning trash nearby. At 8:08 p.m., No. 2 and 4 company were called out to investigate in the Rock Spring Park area where firemen found no lire. 11:10— M) (5) James. lj:15— (4) Movie - Fruni'hul Tone and Charli.'S Luughtoii stai in Hie susiwnse-inyMory ".Man ol tlw Eiffel Tower". A inspector of police wagw, a uur of times! against a munlfrcr v-hrro c-vi- ' is lacking. )) Movie - P. a n do I _> 1)1 Scott and Gene Tjerncy slar in the western "Belle Starr". Story concerns the Southwest's most notorious female bandit. (36) Weather - Mclntire 11:L'0— (36) Nilecap - Norman 12:45—14) Thought for the day 12:50—15) Weather SATlMDAy, OCT. 37th A. M. 7:30—(5) Film 8:00—(-1) Plan for the Future 15) Movie - Johnny Mack Brown stars in the western — "Code of the Saddle" 8:30—14) Captain Kangaroo 9:00—(5) Howdy Doody 9:30—(4) Mighty Mouse (5) Cartoon Time 9:45— (5) John Gnagy 10:00—14) Cartoon Carnival . if)) Fury 10:30—(4) Texas Rangers (.'») Uncle Johnny Coons 11:00-1-11 Big Top (5) Buffalo Bill Jr. 11:30—u")* Capt. Midnight SATUKDAV P. M. Noun—(41 Lime Hanger 15) Fun Fair .I2::;t'l—M) Sky King 1:00—(4) . Spelling Bee (Rlv TURN) Kd Keath as "jironoiinc rr" starts the fifth year ol Hit series. (.">) Kdtiy Arnold 1:30—(4) Kv or body's Business (.')) Football Pivvue l:4f>—(5) College Football (SPI f.'lAL) - Num.- Damo vs. Okla- liniiia '2: 00-I'h M,i\ii- . Ra n d ol pi Scott stars in Ihe western "Ciiul- li'iigi! uf the Frontier" 3:'-',")—14) Football Roundup 4:30—14) Fred Mocgle Show (5> Scoreboard 4:4.1—(!>i Trcasuvu Hunt ."j.-UO— i-li Jungle Jim i.'ili; Movie • Johnny Mack Brown stars In "Under Arizona Skies" ','>: IT>—(i>j Capl, (iiillant ;"i;.';d—(4) Bold Journey £i:4J—(a) Ciscu Kid Obituary Mrs. Nancy Tilton Mrs. NaiR'.v A. Tilton, 85. dra- conrss cinrritus in Cherry Street Rapliit Cluirrh. a foiTvirr siij> erintendrnt of the churrh cradlo roll, nnd nn active member for many vcnrs of the Willing Wnrk- ctf Sunday srhonl class, died of: iniinniiies TlmrscUiy at 7:15 p.m. at her home. rmisiially activr for her advanced ytvirs until last June, uhrn she suffered a hip frat:Inre. Mrs. Tillon hud been ahlc lo :'ltriicl to licht duties nbout her house find had been a regul- j ar !i!tenrianl nt. Cherry .Street Baptist Church \vhere siie had been a member for a number of years of the diaconate board. Follcminc the hip Iractiire. she «ns hospitalized, but had recov- "ivti Irom rftects of the injury lo !lif extent that she could be up and about in her home. \ Her fatal illness had its ineep-' lion tuo weeks ;tRO. ; She was born Kepi. 5, JS71 in Indiana, and moved uilh her parents to Arkansas in childhood. She had resided in Ml. Vcrnon tor 10 years before coming to Alton 'M years ago. Mrs. Titon was the mother of 10 children, seven of whom survive her. She was twice married and both husbands preceded her in death. Her first, husband, William Thomas, died in 1919, and her second husband. John Tillon, a ! luimber nf years later. Her children, all by her first; marriufic are: Clyde C. Thomas, Washington. D. C.; Ralph B. Piedmont, Mo.; Stanley R., Los Angeles. Calif.; Edwin Wanloy, Alton; Floyd A., Rt. 1, Moro; Mr*. W. tt. Shy, Caseyville, and Mrs. P. J. Monks, Alton. She also leaves 1.0 grandehidren, and 10 great grandchildren. The Rev. W. Freeman Privett, pastor ot Cherry Street Baptist, Church, will conduct funeral rites Saturday at \ p. m. in the church. Burial will be at Ml. Vernon. The body is at Morrow- Qtiinn Mortuary where friends may call after p p. m. today and until 11 a. m. Saturday, when it will be taken to the church. Everett Tolbert In declining health for the last three years, and a patient n St. Joseph Hospital four times since July, Everett V. (Red) Tolbert, 62, died in the hospital at 1:20 p. m. Thursday. He was born Dec. 31, 1893 at Hamburg, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tolbert. formerly employed at Allon Box Board add Paper Co., Mr. Tolbert had more recently vorked on construction through ,abor Local 338, Wood River. He was also a member of the Central Trades Assembly and V. F. W. Post 2859, Wood River. His survivors include his widow, • 'Mrs. Florence Tolbert; .hree step-children, Pete Tucker, Hartford; Tommy Tucker, East Alton, and Mrs. Lucille Nay lor. Wood River; two broth- ;rs and two sisters, Frank Tolbert, Mrs. Beulah Burbruidge, and Mrs. Margaret Martin of Elsberry, Mo.; Emil Tolbert of Griggsville, Mo., and six grandchildren. The body is at Marks Mortuary, Wood River, where friends may call after 4 p. m. today. Funeral rites will be conducted at 1:30 p. m. Saturday in the mortuary, followed by interment in Valhalla Memorial Park. Livestock Prices East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III., /p-(USDA) — Hogs 11,500; bulk mixed 1-3 180-260 Ib barrows and gilts 15.00-35; largely 15.15 - 25; only few lots weights over 250 Ib mostly No 3 at 15.00 - 10; most mixed 1-2 lots 130-230 Ib 15.50-75; niixed grade 150-170 Ib 14.25-15.25; 120-140 Ib 12.75-13.75; sows 1-3 400 Ib down 14.25-15.25; heavier sows 13.75-14.00; boars over 250 Ib 10..0; 11.50; lighter weights 12.00-50. Cattle 1,000; calves 500; smal lots and individual head standard grade sleers and heifers 14.00 18.50; small luls good steers anc heifers to 21.25; few cutler anc utility 10.00-13.00; utility and com mercial cows 10.50-13.00; cannprt and cutters mostly 7.50-10.50; util ily and conuncrciiil hulls 11.00 13.00; canners and culler bulls 8.00-11.00; heavy fat bulls 12,00 down; calves and vealors steady; most good and choice vealeiv- 19.00-22.00; few choice and prime 23.00-25.00; standard to low good vealers 1-1.00 - 19.00. Nctvs of Grains Narrow Price Rane Holds R.v WIUJAM CHICAGO if— Grains held within a very narrow price range in slow dealings on the Board of. Trade today. At limes wheat pushed ahead of the previous close, which was enough to record another series of new seasonaly highs. Mills gave support, to the bread cereal. In most grains there was some weekend profit taking but it never caused any severe price declines. Kstimated carlo! receipts at Chicago: wheat 6. corn 260. oats 4, rye 1, barley 23 and soybeans VI. CHICAGO m — No wheat. Corn No 2 yellow 1.32 M: No 3 1.2(5'.;- oOvi. No oats. No soybeans. Soybean oil: 127i-TR. Soybean meal: •16.00-46.50. Barley nominal: malting choice 1.30-45; feed 98-1.08. ANNOUNCEMENTS ;;; MEMORIAM 1.45 1.46'i High Wheat Dec li.34'8 Mar 2.39'i May 2.39 '£• Jly 2.30U Scp 2.32 Corn Dec 1.37 ;l !. Mar 1.41! i May Jly Scp Oals Dec Mai- May Jly Sep Rye Dec Mat- May Jly 1.5i Soybean IN LOVING MEMORY Of — Terry Delano Hill, who died two year* ngo todny, Oct. 26, 1954. How many tears we nannot count. Nor aches and grief — there's no amount. But we do know that It's been two long years Since we've seen or touched your face RO clcnr. Sadly missed hy, Mommy and Daddy, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncle*. lN~MEMORY OF—Mrs. Mnhef BakeV, I who died Oct. 26. lf'35. | We do not forget you, nor do we j Intend We think of you often «t will lo the end. Gone & forgotten hy some you may he. Bui dear to our memory you ever ' will be. Sadly missed by. NIECES & NEPHEW. EMPLOYMENT WANttn — MALE Low Close .SO'.'i .81 *i .76',i 1.57is 1.62',i 1.63 Nov Jan Mai- May Jiy '2AV.2 2.49!i 2.53?4 2.56>i 2.55% 2.'!3 8 i 2.34';s-!i 2.38'. 2 2.39?s-U 2.3SI4 2.39's-U 2.29% 2.30-29% 2.31U 2.311's 1.37 1.37-37', B 1.41% 1.41% 1.44% 1.44-li l.'KHs 1.4614 1.44'i 1.44'i .7<J : <4 .sou-'s .SO 7 * .81% .80% .81-2.1',8 .75% .75?.. .76'i .76>s 1.56% 1.57% 1.61 1.62 1.61% 1.62 J ,s 1.46U 1.57U 2.43 2.44-44V4 2.48 2.49-4914 2.52ii 2.53-53% 2.54% 2.56-56V4 2.54!i 2.55% 2.31', i 2.38"s 2.38 a i 2.29% 2.31?4 1.41% 1.45 1.46% 1.44% .SO .81U .81U .75% .7614 1.57!i 1.61% 1.62*4 1.57 2.44 2.48% 2.53',i 2.55% IN MEMORY nf Mrs. Pennle Cox- Ward, who passed nway 5 years ago today. Oct. 2fi Dear Mother— My lips cnnnot lei I how I miss you. My heart cannot tell what to sny. God nlone knows how I miss yon In a home that is lonesome today for you. , Sadly missed by dauphters Helen. I Jewell, Ruth and Mary and | son Guy. • I N~~M EM OR Y—Of our dear mother, i Mrs. Rena Savillc. who passed away ! one year ago. Oct. 26th, 1955: When a Mother breathes her last I farewell. The stroke means more than tongue j rim tell. ' The world seems quite another place j Without the smile of mother's fare. | And while she lies In peaceful sleep, j Her memory we shall always keep, j Sadly missed by Children, ' Grandchildren and Sister. FIRST Ct>ASS experienced baker, able to take complete charge of bake •hop. Good pay. Bill's Bakery and Market, 1810 Central, Alton. WANTED—Taxi drivers. Must know Alton streets. Apply in person. Alton United Can Co. $325'"~" AND COMMISSION WANTED - TWO MEN AGt: 19-45 With hmh school educHlinn or Ihe equivalent for sales work In this area, You must he ambitious and willlnff lo work, F.xperience Is not ti requirement. TralninR on the job Salary begins at once with on the job IralnlnR. You must be away fro?n home four niRhts each week. T'or those who qualify we otfev a permanent work, better thnn aver.iKe earnings and good security. You mu«t be available at once and men will be .selected through a personal interview. Ask for MR. WALTERS 10 A.M. to .'1 P.M. Tuesday. Oct. 30 111. Stale Employment Office 87 Henry SI.. Alton. Illinois WE ABE~INTERESTED in talklnR to 2 men who can quality for a top notch sales position. Full company benefits. W will Interview applicants Monday, Oct. '29, a - S. at our offices No. 7 Whllelaw, Room (1, Wood Hiver, 111. Ask for Mr. Campbell, BUSINESS SERVICE us BUS." ANNOUNCEMENTS BART & PHIL'S TREE SERVICE REMOVED, topped or trimmed. Reasonable rates. Fully Insured. Ph. .'1-8100 or 4-653S. l_. FLAGSTONE Building rock for walls, Glllcnw«ter, 3-8308. .._ SEWERS CLOGGED? CALL HAMPSEY'S SEWER SERVICE; 2-9727 OR 4-0513. MODERN EQUIPMENT, 24- HOUR SERVICE. FULLY INSURED. WORK GUARANTEED. NO JOB TOO B1U OR TOO SMALL. CATi"Lb~M'AC7~2-ri4fl7—Free landscape drawings by experienced nurserymen. RENTALS _ 4ft APARTMENTS — !__»_______*_ 4 LARGE ROOM APT.—Unhirnllhe*. Gas heat, very clean, private bain * entrance. Hot & cold water fur- nlshed. Close In. Reasonable. _____£__<_•. TWO ROOM apartment, upstairs. $30. A MONUMENTS — CF.M. LOTS 6-GRAVE LOT In original section, Valhalla. 2-0171. PERSONALS ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Write P O Bo* 197 Alton. III. or call 2-0533. LANDERS DETECTIVE AGENCY Confidential investigations. All types, anywhere. Licensed and bonded. Call day or night. Granite C'ty, III. Ph. Triangle 7-3530. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Newcomer Group 75 Lindenwood Drive East Allon, III. Phone 2-0880 Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS JP — Produce and live poultry: Fryers and broilers, commercial whites 2!!j-3!i Ib 17. Other prices unchanged. Late Market Extends Gains NEW YORK m—The stock mar- ret extended its gains late this afternoon in its first advance of the week. Key issues were up from fractions to 2 points or so in quiet trading. U. S. government bonds leaned to the upside. 11 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 p.m. quotations on eleven New York Slock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely held in the Altbn area, as supplied to the Alton Evening Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton branch office. (The New York Exchange closes daily at 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these are not the closing quotations): AT&T 168, Gen. Motors 46%, Granite City Stl. 53%, Olin-Math. Chem. 53^, Owens-Ill. 67?i, Shell Oil 77, Sinclair 58%, Soco- nv 55S4, Std. Oil Ond) 58';.*, Std. Oil (NJ) 55 3 t, U.S. Steel 6S 3 i. LEGAL NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Paul H. Baker, Jr. convicted of the crime of murder on or about April 28, 1051 in the Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois and sentenced to the penitentiary at Meniird, Illinois, lor a term o£ twenty - five years, will apply to the January, A. D. 1957 meeting to be held the second Tuesday of January, 1957, of the Parole and Pardon Board of the Department of Public Safety, to the Governor of Illinois, for a commutation of sentence. Dated this 17th day of October, A.D. 1956. PAUL H. BAKER, JR., Petitioner Lawrence Swinyer Attorney for Petitioner '204 flcisch Building Springfield, Illinois. BEQUEST f'OR BIDS Notice IB hereby given that eealcd bids will be received by the Village of Brighton for the purchase and installation of Individual gas heaters to be used In heating the Village Hall. Units' to be operated on bottle gas and have capacity of heating the hall to 70 degrees when outside temperature is zero, Bids will be received by the undersigned until 7:00 o'clock P. M. on November 5, 1936. GORDEN LAMPKRT, Village Clerk. ANNOUNCEMENTS Wood l{iver 205 Lorena Church ul Christ Christian ^SyCCESSOR TO ROBERT H. SIHEEPEB _ _ ._. _ WE~WIS"H TO THANK" the friends^ those who sent flowers, and rnasscs. Attio Kulher LaBrcton, Father Swalt- ek, Smith's Funeral Home, the pall hearers, and all those who assisted at the time of the death of Mrs. IiOib Pat Zupun. William Zupim & Children, 3 ~~~TN MBMORjAM' ~~ IN MEMORY OF—Mrs. Mabel Baker who died Oct. 211, 1055, God must have loved her very much To take her on that day. We loved her too, but we will never know The joy she aliures, until we meet her up there. Sadly missed by, Bruthcr-ln-law, SlsU'r-ln-luw & Niece. JNTbviNCi MEMORY—Of our dear mother and grandmother, Mabel L. Baker, who passed away 1 year ago today, October 26, 1DS5: Without a word or a wave of your hand, You went away to a far-off land. Your chair has lonv been vacant, Your voice has lonu been fctlll; There's an empty place in our life, Mom, That no one can ever fill, But we know we have not lost you, For on Heaven's golden shore, We'll incut each other face to face, Never to part no more Deeply missed by Pauijhler, Virginia Rcxford, F.uuent? Hexford, Grandson, Lathy Bexfurd, Sjoa-iu-Law. 8 RUMMAGE & PASTRT SALES RUMMAGE SALE — Villa Terrace Auxiliary garage nt Sill Seminary Square, Saturday, Oct. 27, 0 a. m. RUMMAGE SALE—Sat., Oct. 27. 9 B. m Bethalto Methodist Church, at 1722 E. Broadway. A. G. Elliott. SUNSHINE CIRCLE CLASS of Cherry Street Baptist Church, rummaRC sale, 517 Belle St., Sat., Oct. 27, 8:30 a.m. SOCIETIES — LODGES PIASA LODGE NO. 27 AF&AM—Special meeting Sat., Oct. 27th, annual past masters meeting, commencing at 2 p.m. Work in third degree. Visiting brethren welcome. 'Refreshments. F. L. CLAHK, W.M. BETHALTO LODGE NO. 40R—Special meeting Saturday, Oct. 27, 7 p.m. Work in 3rd degree. Visiting brethren welcome. A. F. O'NEAL, W.M. OCTOBER MEETING of District No. 711 IOOF, at Wood River Lodge No. 1024, Saturday. Oct. 27. 8:00 p.m. Joseph E. Grapes, N. G. Roy W. Siddcns, Sec'y. 10 LOST — STRAYED — STOLEN LOST—Black & gold trimmed glasses tn a pinkish colored case. Phone 2-3023. LOST—Large yellow collie. Answers to name of "Lady." 4-9455. FOUND—2-whcel wooden hand truck on 20th at Blair. 3-8622. LOST—Overnight suitcase, checkered. Contains clothes, keys, etc. Cottage Hills area. Reward. See Ralph Mosley, 4th street, Cottage Hills. LOST—Beagle hound, vicinity of Rosewood Heights and Cottage Hills 2 years old. Part of left ear missing. Last seen Sunday. Had collar with chain. Phone 4-23B7. PART TIME SALESMAN Earn $5000 per year working part lime. Our men make more with us than on their full time job Amco Steel Fence Co. is largest independent fence supply house In 1hr U.S. Amco Fence iR sold with no money down and low monthly payments. We train you. Men needed in ALTON Wood River East Alton Jerseyville Edwardsville Write Qualifications to AMCO STEEL FENCE CO. WM No. I,indl>er«h Blvd, SI. Louis 14, Mo. FLOOR SANDING nnd finishing. Old «nd new. Can A. C. ' nnd Floor Co. Refer to Telephone Directory J2-n!>13 PLASTERINGor pntch niflsterlng. Chimneys repaired. Reasonable rales. Free eslimates. Work guaranteed _Phoji«_2-542S. THEE SElfv'ICE — Trees removed, trimmed or topped. Free estimate* Flreplnct wood and kindllnR for sale l.lRht haullnu. Phone 2-OIUI or 3-BS87 TAILORING r Suits made to order Double breasted made into Miiple bretiMed. Expert alteration work lor men and women. 418 East Seventh Phone 2-1016 -.,. .... "UNFURNISHED— 3 room «pt- w'r*ji for electric stove. Adults. Heat « water furnished. 4-627JL __ li"rio6wP"Unf"ui-nisTi*d~»pt. UpstJiirs, hot & cold water furnished, garage. Adults. 818 E. 5th. _ _____ .......... WOOD RWER "— Two room modern apt. Utilities furnished^ j]h^3-Bni9. I TIIREE" ROOM~nVfurnlshed apartment, ground floor. Private entrance, electric stove, refrigerator, automatic gas heat, hot water. Tile floors. Adults. $50. East Alton. Call 4-MI88. __ ___ _____ ____ WOOfa"~R7vE R— Nice 3 room modern unfurnished apt. Heat, water, garage furnished. Ample closet space. Adults only. 500 George, Wood River UPPER~ALTON— 3 rooms, bath. Desirable location. All utilities paid. Garage. Adults._2-0417. _ ______ 3 ROOMS -Semi-modern. Adults. College and Main. $27^ 17J_1_Maln. 2-2304 3~ri6bM "" unfurnished apt. * bath. All utilities paid. SSO month. C»U for appointment. 2-8B14 or_2-J,818. 3-HOOM~UNFi7nNisiiE~D — Bath. Private entrance, basement «nd gainge. 2-H14:!. WANTED—"Salesmen to sell most exciting car in the world, 1P37 Plymouth and DcSoto." Cars that ar« years ahead in styUnp and performance. Model to cover every price range from the lowest to the hiRh- qst. Selling experience in some field essential. Attractive compensation plan. For further details call in person at Lcs Craig Motors, 1.100 E. Broadway, Alton, Illinois. "sEE~bUR~SALESMANSJiTlP TRAINING OFFEH under instructions, 12A. _Call__Altpn 2-7SM. ROUTE MAN—60 stops daily. SOT HO guarantee. Write Box 600, care Telegraph. DKIVER . SALES?>5AN wanted, -JS to 30. Married, neat appearance. Good health. Write In own hand writlns to Pox 1130. 'are Telegraph. sa, ni>iLDiNO -coNTBArriNo V7 BUCHANAN^ CONS^BIICTION CO. Cement work of all kinds. Free cstl- nialrs. 4-2.")ni. _ _ cfu7L i.O M AC—Ilomc Improvement contractor. 2-64fl7 Free estimate. Three years to pay. ^ CAnPENTRY^Gcncr«irBepalrs of all kinds; also porch enclosures, romod- ellnR, painting, kitchen cnlilnets, storm windows and screens PLANNING SERVICE. No joh ton small. References. F. I.INKOGF.L. 4-4H76._ CARPKTaT.r! TfEPAIflS — Roofs, porches, remodeling, <klini>. pntrh plnstcrinR. painting. Froe estimate _Phonc_2.2!)ni._ _ i CEMENT "WORK—"Of »il "kind's. Union I r-ork. Free estimates. BOB WOOD ! CONCKETE"~\VOnK~"—~6r"all "kinds i Union work. Free estimates. Ll.S't- I RAHGEH «: SON. 2-i!t(M i Toir~c6NCRETE"~pbriCHEsT Mrpi. i imall repair iobn. etc Free cstlmntei ' Call 2-7827 , 31 ' I)Kt:ORATIN(I I PAplin HANGING end painting. ; Save money. Call PAUL McGUIGGAN :!-«7(i4 or 2-5477 PArNTING OF ALL KINDS—Exterior and interior. 5-1814. ORVILLE GILLELAJND INTERIOR and EXTERIOR decorating. I'laslcrlnR, patch plastering, re- movinK wallpaper. Free estimates. 3-ROOM APT. -~ Phone 2-2:i4H. ^ __ ~14"2o E. Fourth St. 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS—Hot waler, electricity. Ra« heat, private entrance. Adults. in05jrentral.j-030l._ NICE 3 nboM APT. unfurnished. Private bath. 2.101 Belle. ^^^ 3 "ROOM ~APT^-Modern, sutomallc BUS heat. R1BA Spring St. j-3250. I 3-HO(«I~ UNFUnNISHED MODERN /\PT. — Phone_ 2-4128. "UNFURNISHED 4-ROow APT. — East Alton. Phone 4-524B. FOR RENT — East Alton; modem n purl men Is. Private bath and entrance. $50 and $S5 month. GM heat 4-'.iM2. __ ,i ROOM APT.—Stove and refrlger- nlor furnished. $75 month. SI Ninth St , Rosewood Height*. 4-0308. TS~ IIKLP WANT~HOUSEkEEPER and baby sitter. Stay. Phone 5-107!) after 5. WANT LADY to care for children in my home, shut work. Godfrey vicinity ._5-£080 ___________ WANTED — Someone to baby fiit, do housework, slay. 2-S7U5 __ _ WOMAN TO DO HOUSEWORK and care for 3 small children In Brighton. Go or stay. ^Phone 2-0014. "~ ATTRACTIVE single (widows or rti vorcces may qualifyi 18-39. Will train in smart wirllne uniform with free flying advance vo $300. Qualify by phone today. Call ALTON 2-7583 I'.I HELP \VTI).—MALH A FEMAIR ENGINEERS^ — OfficcTsalcs, furtory help Some bcginner.s. To s:i hour and more for special skill. American Employment, 205 Piasa. _ ' FlJoORS "SA'NDED---Old floors made like new. Experienced operators. Phone 4-3(}76. „_„ FLOOR" SANDiNG~~ AND REFINISHING—For free rstl- miites phone EMIL WETSTE1N. _.->-19.14. GREY'S — Wall washlne. painting, interior or exterior. Free estim- nii- No obliRatlon. 1118 E. 4th. _2-0727. GRAY'S PAINTING — Interior and exterior. Plastering, patch plastering. rooflr^g._Phonc_2-3727._ 7NT^R7OH~«r~KCTER"jbR PAINTING —Wallpaper ci««ncd. »te«med. Free estimate. 2-M71 or 2-31*1. PAINTING — Interior exterior, patch pla«»erins. wall washing p*per r«<iovlng. Free esumata. no obligation Ph._2-2901. PAINTING — Interior or exterior, wallnaper removed. walls washed, cutlers cleaned and painted. Free estimates. Phonr 2-5429 ~- paid. 221 Mt-Casland, East Alton, IlL : 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. Private en- tranoe and bath. Ga« heat. AdulU. 2-TJ7I). 4 ROOM* APT. - Heat furnlsh«d. Adults onl\'. Phone 3-.15fifi. APARTMENT In riown\own Wood Hlver. Threfi 01' four rootm. Phon« 4-OTM. TWO "ROOMS AND'bflLifTY~RobM - Private hnth and entranc*. Utilities furnished. 2-4H43. EAST ALTON — 2-bcdroom modern apt. Private bath and entrance $50 to y.'.'t per mo. G»« heat. Cill .i~NICE"~H6bMS~»nd~b«th, hot «nS" cotd water furnished. 550 month. ROB Center. East Alton. Call Bethalto, Dudley 4-6611. TJ N FU H N1 SI 1 ED ROOM S — ~Prlv»»« entrance, bath, reasonable. After 7, .'1423 Gillham. _ 3II3 GILLH A M—Three roorn~»ll~rnod~ crn apt., downstaln, newly decorated a-203n. •J """ROOM""APT."— Gro"und~nobr. urilJT tie:? furnished. Phone 4-3947 after S, 4 ROOM modern unfurnished flrrt j floor apt. Garage. Milton »r«». 2-435J. DAVIS APAHTMENT — Three rooms, unturnishcd. Radiant heat and hot _wMrr_^u^ni!.fi(;d. 2309 College. 5-9321. 3 ROOM unfurnished apt,, upitalri. Heat and water furnl»h«d. 303 Lorena. Wood River. THREE ROOMS fc BATH—Up»t»ir«. 716 Langdon St. $45 a month. Phone 2-3223. 3 ROOM APT.—Heat and water furnished. Close to bu». WO per mo. J'hone 2-6335. fwbTJN FURNISHED ROOMS^Kit"" chcn In basement: utllitir* furnished. S3J month. 836 Washington. Ph. a-6363. SALESMEN and pnrt time satebmcn Russell Venetian Blind Co., Oil Milton Road, Alton. RAniO — TV REPAID •••1 SITUATIONS 1VTD. - KEMALt GIRI/ \vants light housework or baby sitting. Dial S-' 1 "- 1 ^ T/iCK AND JILL NURSERY "Godfrey, will cnre for children while parents work. 2-1BH. WANTED~-Ironing & skirt hemming. Ph. 4-0769. A~R"cflfE R SERVICE — Evenings or weekends. Service on all makes. Dial 4-2457. 122 Bender, East Alton. _ " T V TllOME;""AUTb"^~HADjb. Fan dependable service. MURRAY TV. RADIO SERVICE East Delmar Road. Phone 2-7302 FOUR HOOM modern apartment. Au- j tornatlc water 'lenter. Prlvatt «n- I trance. Phone 4-4567. ! M i D"D~UETOWN — EXCEPTIONAL FIVE-ROOM MODERN. LARGE LIVING ROOM, 4 CLOSETS. REDECORATED. AUTOMATIC HEAT. ADULTS. G AHA GE. 2-412B, 3i a ROOM modern apt. First floor. Private bath, entrances, porches Adults. 2-2900. "FINANCIAL _ "HORNSEY~H£FTNISHING co. — Ail types furniture repaired and relin- tshed. 3505 OHIO. 2-2737. SOMEONE HAS THE WRONG COAT —On. Saturday night. Oct. 12, Ihe wrong navy blue man's suit coat was taken out of the check room at the American Lesion Barn, Bcthalto. A new coat was left hut is too larse for the man that owns the missing coat. Call Wood River, 4-1626. LOST — Vicinity of Memorial Hospital; blond cocker female. Re- werd. Call 2-0320. 11 NOTICES NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS (H Proposals for the construction of sidewalks and other Incidental construction on Central Ave , in Ro.x- ana shall be submitted until 7 p m. November 7th. IMS, at the office of the Vlllauc Clerk, the Hoxana Community Building. (2) Proposals will be compared on the bnsifc of bids submitted on proposal blanks which may be obtained at the office of the Village Clerk (31 The right Is reserved to reject any and all proposals and to wave technicalities. IT'S INEXPENSIVE to clean rugs and 'upholstery at home with odorless Blue Lustre. YOUNG DI1Y GOODS STORE YEsl ivIY^DEAR, It's water clear. Glaxo fispluilt tile coating lasts months, ends waxing. Buck's Paint Store. WE BUY Otj5~GOLn— WATCH CRYS-" TALS FITTED WHILE YOU WAIT HARRINGTON JEWELRY EAST ALTON PICTURE FRAMING — Choose from samples. BLAND ART SHOP. 3025 College first house cast of Shurtleff courts. 3-3715. COSTUMES for rent. 1629 Rodgers Ave. Bertie Isbell, Phono 3-8778, COLOR FILM Developed and printed PHOTO-ART SHOP. 118 N. Wood River Ave. Ph. 4-6923. Rent a Sewing Machine CENTRAL SEWING MACHINE CO. 14 W Broadway Phone 2-3214 YOUR LICENSE — Pnssport pholos PHOTO-ART SHOP, llfl Wood Biver Ave.. Wood Hiver. STATE LICENSE SERVICE Auto - Truck - Drivers - Chauffeurs, etc. • Complete Notary Service • EARL MANNS CITY SCALES OFFICE 1504 E. Broadway — — Allon RIDE WANTED In McDonnell, 4 p, in. to 12, p. m., dally. Phone HIDE~WANTEi3 -To"~McDoiincll. 4:15 RIDERS WANTED—Lindberg road to Clayton, H to 4:30. 2-5347. EDUCATIONAL SALES JOBS TO $5000 After short low cost salesmanship training, not disturbing your present job and Income. No experience Is required. If you have yearned to earn top salary and make your sales ability pay off through the power of salesmanship. Call Alton 2-7583. A.CCOKDIAN Hawaiian or Spanish Guitar Instruction. Beginner* In- itrumenu loaned. Royal School ot Music. 5-3343. M MUSIC. DANCING PK4MA A 1'RUE STORY - Your child can learn music easily and quickly, tho Sunny Shields Way. IDA East Bdwy. "»;i B i; SIN E s s" o P p o R f UN IT i E s' _ FOR SALE—Grocery More, stock, fixtures, SI.650. Building rent* with living quarters. Dow, Illinois. Win. M;mn. SMALL HOTEL — Good business, newly decorated and furnished. 14 room's, 14A West Ferguson. Wood River. 4-5373. Price S1550, Lease available "cOlVFECTIONrrtY" for sale Terms to the right party. Phone 5-5365j FMALL"~RESTAUHANf^boinir Rood business. Newly decorated. Terms. Phone 2-9557 j)rj!-7!107. "FRIENDTlY r T/T\'ERN lor sale. Hardln, 111. Phone 130, M. 40 STOHAGK — M OJ.'ING HTATNEVlTNlviOVI NG STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE COUNTRY LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1628 Washinclon Ave. Dial 2-06*3 ~PRES"BELCHER MOVERS 1018 ELLIOTT ST. LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE We Sell Barrels and Cartons for Packing Dial 3-7630 or 1-82AO RENTALS PERSONAL SERVICE •;n HAHHEB Axn FSEAI'TV ___ FOTTTuZIErVS — THE~KINESt IN" COSMETICS. CALL 4-4085. ALTERATIONS - Dressmaking-Coats relined. Drapes. BOO Lorena, Wood River. 4-6758. __ _ _ __ _ cusTOM^'MAbiT'st.ii 1 ' COVERS — Work guaranteed. Mrs Hale. Phone 4-MOB. SI LA (INHERING WASHINGS"&"~iRO'NiNGS — "Rea- sonablo and experienced. Dial 4-8471 WSINESS" SER VICE" BART & PHIL'S TREE SERVICE Removed, topped or trimmed, fl able rales. Fully insured. Ph. or 4-6531). GUTTERING Spouting. Furnace Repairs. Free Estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1424, ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES repaired. Reasonable. 3 Rosa street. Ph. 2-5358 ALTON ~AR E A" Sewer and Septic Tank Cleaning Service Call STAMP'S SEWER SERVICE 2-4420. 824 Henry Modern electric and vacuum equipment for cleaning clogged sewers and septic tank. Fully insured. " " Ti "SI."EE"PING__ ROOMS EAST ALTON — Conveniently located. Nice clean room. Men only. 4-3798 or 4-8614. ___ __ lilODERN sleeping room, aiijoinina bath. 'Close in. 123 East righlh Si. ~NiCE~n6bM— Adjoining oalh, near restaurant and buse*. 170U Mum. 2-2364. _ _ __ SLEEPING ROOM for rc___t,__M)l Alby. NICE LARGE slcepng room, twin beds. Private entrance. Near downtown. Gentleman preferred. H-IM7.1. UPPER ALTON— SleepiilK rooms at Ball Washington. Clean. Kefurnished. Phone 2-23.11. _ CLEAN SLEEPING" "ROOM^-On bus lines. Plenty hot waler._4-5737. ___ UPPKK ALTON — Sleeping room; Block anrt 1ialf from business district, private entrance. Call alter 4:30: 2-2444: if no answer, 2-8025. ___ NEAlT TOWN— Attractive room, excellent location. Private entrance. Home privileges. _8-7l___8. ____ SLEEPING ROOM — Private entrance. Apply 401 Wood River Avenue. Wood River, ___ SLEEPING" ROOM for rent. Gentleman. Must be seen to be appreciated. Private entrance. ;i-BS)l)6. TvC)OD~~R I VER— Sleeping room. Private entrance. Bath. One block downtown. 4-UB47. « UNFURNISHED ROOMS tn Upper Alton, Hest «n<J water (urnishwl- _ Call between 8 Ac 4:30. 3-3233. 3 ROOMS—Heat A watrr". itov« * refrigerator furnished. Phone 4-1938 FOR RENT—Modern three-room un~ furnished apartment $80 month. 62* Henry ulrect. Mr. Cram or Mr. Beck. 2-4707 • (B ri'RNisneo i ONE ROOM — Furnished efficiencj-T ! 313 Oak St, I WOOD RIVER—"TWO"room furnished ', apartment. Private bath and en: trance. Utilities. 4-OS47. , 3 ROOMS, furnished.~nod«rni 707 ( Henry. Apply 709 Henry. 1,2 ROOM — Everything" fumtnh«v 1 t'nuple only. Walking distance t« : sjccl mill._ J10 weck^ 3-1817. ! 3 ROOMS — Heat~«nd~w»ter~ *ur- , nlshed No objection to baby. ' Wnlkmit distance of iteel mill, bo . bus line, S12.JO week. 5-1317. 3 ROOM BRICK _ Over gtrttt. '• Electric range and rcfriKer»tor, gn , heat, hot water, with garsgt. 47« ! Hamilton. Wood River. bus Private entrance. U44 Dunforth 5-02S2. BAI)T& PHIL'S T1JK1C REMOVED. TOPPED Olt TlilM- MED; HEASONAni.E HATES. FULLY INSURED. PHONE 3-B100 OH __4-C53l). __ __ _____ TUCKPOINTING-— Chlmne.vs, porches, foundations, InilUlinus, caulking, biiscments waterproofed. Guaranteed workmanship. Financed with no down payniLMil. Call Allon Waterproofing, A-5622 for free estimate. Insured union men. ELECTlTlCAL Experienced electrician. 5-U3UO. WATBB~WE'LLS PHILLED ~-"~Ex P erl~ cnced service. Pumps installed. Financing arranged. John E. Reynolds. Phone Alton 2-201U "WE AVE R~S~TR E E"SE~RVTCE~ TOPPED trimmed and removed. Free estimates. Fully Insured. Phone 4-U404. SEWER TROUBLE Dial 4-8921 or 4-3181 JIM'S SEWER SERVICE 58 West Penning, Wood Kiver Alton Area Also. 24-hour service. Work guaranteed. Sink dralnt. tullct Hoots cleaned Installation uf septic tanks & sewers. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" __ TI lilEE~HOOM 'APT" ~-'~Wit hTever? thing, furnished. $13 wcnk. Ph. 2-8208 FOR IIENT — 3 room modern upstairs apt. Heal & walcr furnished, $45. 4-IIWI4. _ __ 'THREE "ROOM APARTMENT — AH modern. Private entrance and bath. hot water, gas heat. Newly decorated Two blocks from glass works, 4-OK45. _____ 48 ifoUSI.KBKIMNG KOOMS TWO"" ROOMS-" Furnished" for~~iiglii luuisckcuning. Modern. All utilities furnished. $11 per week. Apply 310 Mill StiTCl. I.'. — FLATS M1DDLKTOWN — Attractive 3 room modern apartment, all utilities paid, '; block off Henry. Reference. THHIil! ROOM unfurnished" apt. "lieut and wulcr furnished. Phone 2-165:1. job FIRST STREET, Eatl !"~AHon" 3 rooms tind buth. '•, duplex, gas heat, tile buth. Move and refrigerator fur- niuliud. Kent $72 month. 4-4354 or 2-4351. WINKLER AlJAnTMENTS—Furnihried or unfunuslH-cl. SUU. $7U. *80, Adults only. Uent & water. 3-8951. _^ "HEADY" KOK OCCUPANCY—Lovely a room upl brand new. Birch cubl- iiuls, gai'bflgc disposal, tile bath, blinds Large closets, HWF, washing (acuities. il!7.5u per mo. Heat & water furnished. New brick building. Ideal locntlon.JDIal 2-1U6U. THREE" iibbM "APARTMENT — Heat" und water (urnibhcd. Close to bus. *50 _pcr jnonth. Phone 8-6338. VACANT^-Unturniiihed apt. 3 rooius & dinette. Stoker heat & water furnished. Private entrance. Screened porch. No peU. 2-2703. «16 Royal. buth and entrance. Working adults only. No pots. 2-7380. ; "NICELY""FUKNisliEb~Tiiree~rooi : S apartment. Henl and water furnished. 1 Adults only. U-3712. t THREE L.ARGE furnished roo"rmi~p7ir i Viite bath, privale entrance. All utill- ; tics furnished. Call 2-4700. ! YOU CAN HE air'lo~your«e"lf~frrihT§ | nicely furnished 3-room hous«. Gu • bent, tile floors, Reasonable. 4-9668. i 3 ROOMS— First"iloor~Privat« battT ! and entrance, utilities. Adult couple. Apply after 7 p.m. 714 E. 5th. 4 ROOM basement *pl. for rent, furnished. $15 week. 1 or a children. No pejjs. 2-4627. UPPER ALTON — 3 rooin~furniih*d apt, upstairs. All utilities furnished._ 4-SU47 after_S 3" FURNISHED Wood River. 609 MATHER upstairs apt. Phone 2-9081 after S p.m. UPPER ALTON — Three furnished rooms. Newly decorated. At but stop. 2-2351. 2 ROOM furnished apt., modern, closV to tLWii.^on bus line. 5-5878. 3 ROOM furnished~apr and bithT Utilities furnished. Outside «n- trance. 307 Prairie, Bethalto. Du, 4-5741_aftfr 5 p.m. w6bb~riiVKH—2 room inodeFriTutiU . itic-s furnished. 3-8970. j 3 FURNisHED~RbbMS—PrivaU) er£ i trance, private bath, all utilities paid In Wood Hiver. 4-6594. 4 ROOMS^FURNisTlEb in "Alton, one block from bus line. Modern 4-4189 or 4-1292. '•lWo~ROOja~Apfr^~iioAtrn. clean." well furnished. Large closets. Private entrance. OtllltiM paid. Near ulubs works. »13 weekly, 860 Highland. 3 ROOM furnished apt. Refrigerator, laundry facilities. Front and back entrance. Hartford. Phone 4-3031 _after 6. 3 ROOM nicely furnished apt. Second floor. Upper Alton. Utilities furnished. $U5 monthly. S-8108. 2 RobM~irurnlshed~aBt. Apply 633" Eubt 5th. 8~BOOM" fuFnlrtied apt. All Apply 204 Henry. Dial 3-7331. DUPLEX — FurnUhed Laundry. 38 West Woodland. Rose- Wood Heights. Phone 4-2000. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS — Everything iurnlthed. Second floor. $10 week. 330 Jefferson. 3-38B3 after 12:30 p.m. Saturday after a. WOOD RIVER ONE ROOM EFFICIENCY APT. — With kitchenette and tfle bath. com. nletely furnished, including washer, dryer and all utilities C»ll 4-8004 or 2-7878. CLOSE IN. MUJDLETOWN LOCA- tion. Five room apartment tastefully decorated. >10Q month. Phon« 8-8871. WOOD RIVER--3 room furnished apt. Private entrance, privat* beta, utilities, 4-6847.

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