Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 26, 1956 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1956
Page 17
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVENTEEN BIU BEN BOLI By John Ctillen Murphy you KMOW HOW rr is, MISS PAKTOW—VOU HXSTS TO SEE Xl PA. SiTTlW PO/W NOTHIW' WHEW YOU SOT 4D4T6. TMAT'S HOW COWS IWVITES WITH us! I WOW WHKE TO ? YOU W4M6 JPOYOU IT 4WP YOU SOT IT ! y*^/UK6 MUSIC ? . , XM6/W SfcCTV^ V M«*«M, MUSIC ? MUSIC- THAT'S MY MIPPLE HAUe ! VOU TELL THE THE eeeeN — IT'S OW SOUTH dTH RIVETS By George Slxta THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs «»jr^?2*Lr* **t 3**X^J7-*^-*' «^ **^^%<^^ * *** "rt^r^^"^ ^^f'*y>j*£ %&* ^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin I DOMt BE A PQAICV.CAT/ ^EWONV HURT you., SEE? HE'S SHOWING YOU HE WANTS YOUVE SOTTA DO YOUR PART, TOO/ AT LEAST SHOW THAT YOU'RE NOT AN ANIMAL HATER/ I LOVE ANIMALS- Home Decorating! THE BERRYS By Carl Qrnbcrt HONEY... MARRIAGE IS LIKE A GCAB BAG.. WHEN I PICKED YOU, I SURE GOT A PRIZE PACKAGE ' THANK rOU 'SIR'' LETS JUST SAY THAT t GOT A SURPRISE PACKAGE' I 841 ..j.j» > DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney II <y£ THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith WHERE HENRY By Carl Anderson ("> naa- <u*n,& Holiday entertaining aheadl Spruce up your home with these smart new slipcovers. Thrifty, easy—jiiFt follow our directions 1 for a most professional result! ) Pattern 841: Illustrated step- I hy-stnp directions for making 1 slipcovers for sofas, chairs. j Send 25 rents In coins for thl» ! pattern—add five cents for each j p;itlern for first-class mailing. ! Send to Alton Telegraph, 66, ' IS'pfiUc.craff Dnpt., P.O. Box 161, I Old Chelsea Station, New York | 11, X. Y. Print plainly Pattern | Number, your >"ame, and Ad; dress. I Our gift to you—two wonderful patterns for yourself, your home j —printed in our Laura Wheeler i Neeiilecraft Book . . . Plus dozens of other new designs to order I —crochet, knitting, embroidery, iron-ons. novelties. Send 25 cents for your copy of this book now—• with gift patterns printed in it! Netc Printed Pattern Easier—Faster More Accurate CARNIVAL ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin r TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT FOR-.- By Dick Turner /vtonA TROUTI | MANJOMA.N! PTLL \ GO TEN FOUN4DS! 1 \VAIT LL WE SHOA' i THAT TO OC DCC! A BOV. HE'LL FUP - v SURE/ HB" m w^ ? JUNIOR EDITORS OLB BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE __________ /voo ip^HoSpL7?COfJSRAV5/ V&OSOE^^ , T £g•PAlfrER/ FDR PClSE MB, ACTUALLV DOIMG SOME-» OUb ' AN INblANT \NHe TKiMS OSEPUL/—TMI5 TIME OF YOUR FACe LEEGI^G AT ovee THE FENCE I THOUGHT IT-WAS rlALLOvOEEM/ U5UALLV TP6ES ACORNS ANO TO 6TUFF E MEArtS NDT6 TOO, OUT OUR WAY "By J. R. Williams NO. ITAIWTNJO y WEUL.l'PSTOP \ HOLP-UP JOKE- IT IF I WA-SN'T HE'S &USTEIP / AFRA'.POFTriAT ERABUSEPA /. SQUIRT (SL'M-- ( TOOL AMP OL 1 \) CUZ OLP HOiK HO>:< HAS A I WILL BE &*P HABIT Of /( U& A LOM6 TH' TOOLS I'M BACK ARE IM THAT PAPER. BAG- TAK.E 'EM AN' POM'T OPEM VOUR TRAP PER PIVE MIMUTES AFTER I LEAVE.' 6IVIM VCXJ LOM&, SARCASTIC LECTURED CM TM' PROPER- USE AW CARE OF TOOLS. HOWL AK1P SHOWIM' US WHAT HE PiP TO TH 1 TOOLS THE LECTURER FRECKLES AND IIIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser WHY, wwoevEE. rr HUNG UP ee- 1 COUU> A WORP/ I'LL 6ffT (T THIS TIME, MOM / |T5 JUNE, PEMiNPiNG ME THAT SHES ST)U. NOT SPEAKING TO ME/ y THE AGE OF CHIVALRY - 6 A Jester and A Page Every big castle had a Jester to provide amusement. He wore ridiculous clothes, half red and half yellow, with bells sewn over them. Besides being full of Jokes he could usually dance nimbly and sing. Sometimes he kept a bird which he taught to talk, and carried a funny scepter tn imitation of the king's. The queen's little page could sing to the accompaniment of a lute. He was often far from home, but he was well looked after and was learning to become a knight. Color this picture with your crayons and paste It down on card* board. Cut out the parts carefully. Fold the larger piece forward on the dotted line and the group will stand. Cut out the opening in the bird rest, and cut the silt in the perch. Slip the tab on the bird Into the slit and fold It back. Put the Jester's accpter into his hand through the slit Indicated in the fingers of tho right hand, (Winner of the $10 award Is Larry Couch, Jackson, Tenn., who suggested this first. You may win the a ward tf you send in a usable Idea care of this newspaper. Violet Moore Higgins; AP Newafeatures). 10-26 "And when you introduce me remember the expression is 'real gone,' not 'really a goner'!" NETT PRINTED PATTERN ik True Life Adventures Sfi tT Or 7. THEV MU-ST T7EFOSIT PEKTlLS ISO THE BPIEP TIME rr TAKE'S T=<OK A WAVE TO WASH TMEM UP AWP MARKS' THEM v .1 - - - - » A, OUT A-3AIM AS rf Tomorrow: A Wizard Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner TH6N YOUPlPN'T NO. HE WA« __, PR06ABLV YOU ANP TOOK TUB MONEY, MR. HAGENWHIPW6 BEHINP ^THATCURTAIN TIUIOPBNeP YtAW,,.JOt WAS &ITTIN6 TUfKE AS USUAL I CAME IN ABOUT 20 MINUTES A60 1 MMM,..VERYLlTTLb MONEY ON HIM, ANP NO WATCH. 1 MAYBfc TUATCRlPPLfc ACROSS THE ALLEY SAW SOMEONE ELSE fOME IN THIS MAN WAS TACKIEP RUNNING YOUR OFFIC6.' CLAIMS HE FOUNP YOU KNOCKEP OUT ANP RAN TO GET ME.' MOW MUCH IS MIS4IN67 ABOUT ..ANP A GOLD WATCH I KEPT IN MY CAFE,' T.*l In B* IN- **• .^U. to'Sf, •*»* Our new Printed Pattern—easier sewing than ever! Fashion "must'' for your wardrobe this I step-in sheath looks wonderful everywhere you go. Have it in wool, plaid cotton—with contrast collar! Printed Pattern 4676: Misses' Sizes 12, 14, 16, IS, 20. Size 16 requires 3Ts yards 39-inch fabric; U yard 39-inch contrast fabric. Directions primed on each tis- ! sue pattern part. Easy-to-use, j accurate, assures perlect fit. | Send 35 rents in coins for this pattern—add five cents for each patdTii for first-class mailing. Send to ANXK ADAMS, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 213 \\. 17th. St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly Name, Address, Size, and Style Number. "^Vilbur fixed it up to make it look more realistic!" Religious Conviction FARM1NGTON, N. M..1'--\Vhen an ex-prisoner got religious all of a sudden Sheriff Jim Brimhail got a little suspicious. The former prisoner showed up for church services five days after he was released. Sheriff't deputies started a check and found four hacksaw blades which they suspected were slipped into hymn books during the services. I Dt-er Conscience | CHEYENNE, Wyo. .T> — The I Wyoming Gameand Fish Dept. j received $40 in cash from, an j anonymous donor. I An accompanying letter, post; marked Denver, read: "This is to pay for deer licenses that I didn't think I need ed under the circumstances at the time. But my conscience has I bothered me." When a town celebrates its centennial, why do all the men try to outwhisker each other? © NEA» Unusual Packing Plant SAN DIEGO, Calif. A' - One of the least known and most unusual seafood packing plants in California is.operated here by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The small cannery purchases tuna and albacore from the San Diego fishing fleet. The canned product is distributed chiefly to m embers of the Mormon Church. None of the cannery workers receive compensation. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK"

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