Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 29, 1963 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Saturday, June 29, 1963
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73rd Year fa cts Phone 793.322 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA. SATURDAY. JUNE 29. 1963 $1.50 Per Mentii Eight Pages 10 Cant J SURPRISE — Winner of the talent portion of the Miss Colifornio Pageant, Miss Aiuso, Karen Kirmsse, left, gazes still in shock at Miss Los Angeles County, Nancy Hoskin, right, winner in the swim suit division after they both were presented their trophies at Santa Cruz. Both girls were the first winners in the preliminary of the contest for the Miss California title. (UPl Telephoto) Russ Mved in Profumo scandal, under arrest LONDON (UPI I—Russian nava! Capt. Eugene Ivanov has been under "house arrest" in Moscow since June 21 while Soviet author- iiies conduct their own investigation of his role in the Profumo scandal, diplomatic sources said today. Reports from Moscow said the former London Naval attache is being held in a modem villa used for the interrogation of important prisoners. It is regarded as a halfway house bet»veen freedom and formal imprisonment. Ivanov was suspended from the Communist party a week before he was taken to the villa, the reports said, and given "leave" from the Naxy Ministry, where he had been working since his return from London in December. The sources said Ivanov is being cited as a horrible example by "old school" Soviet diplomats, who maintain that a Soviet representative abroad should have no contacts except official ones. Ivanov's questioning reportedly centers on whether he made a complete report on all his contacts, whether he told the truth in denying an affair with Christine Keelerv and 'Whether he real' ly posed as an intermediary during &e Cuban crisis, as claimed by Dr. Stephen Ward. Reports on the Profumo affair in the Soviet and satellite press have thus far been brief and re strained. Vice hearing continues Party girl sticks by story about Lord Astor Weather Redlands Weather Today (11 a.m. reading) Highest 83, Lowest 53 One Year Ago Highest 93, Lowest 53 Tomorrow's Sunrise and Sunset 5:41 a.m. — 8.04 p.m. San Bernardino Valley: Sunny today and Siuiday. Little temperature change. High temperatures today 85 to 92. Lows tonight 48 to 56. U.S. Weather Bureau Southern California: Mostly sunny today and Sunday. Patchy low clouds late night and early morning hours along coast mainly south portion. Gusty winds 20 to 35 mph locally at times in deserts. Not much temperature change. Temperatures and precipitation for the 24 -hDur period ended at 4 a.m.: LONDON (UPI) — Party girl Marilyn (Mandy) Rice-Davics insisted in court today that she had sex relations with Lord Astor, despite defense assertions that Asr tor had made a statement denying the acts. The 18-year-oId blonde, testifying in the second day of the pretrial hearing of vice charges against society osteopath Dr. Ste phen Ward, refused to change her stand in the face of cross- examination by defense attorney James Burge. \Vhen asked by Burge if she knew Astor had made a statement to police denying he had slept with her, the girl answered, "Well, he would, wouldn't he?" Laughter rocked the crowded courtroom. Mandy testified Friday that she had sex relations with wealtliy and influential Lord Astor. Today's proceedings were further enlivened by the appearance of a "Miss X," wto was allowed by Magistrate Leo Gradvvell to omit making her name public. "Miss X" related a meeting with Ward in which she allegedly viewed a "see-through" mirror at his apartment. Miss X is listed as the "young !ad.v- of utmost. respectability" whom Ward allegedly tried to lure into prostitution. Mandy testified that she had tried to commit suicide in November over the question of money. This was after the death of Peter Archman, a wealthy friend of Ward who died recently. Mandy appeared unflustered on the stand, as she had Friday when she and Christine Keeler, 21, testified that they had lived for months with Ward. Ward is accused of eight vice counts, including arranging abortions and living off the proceeds of prostitution. Mandy and Chrisinc, formerly roommates, stunned the courtroom Friday with lurid testimony about their affairs with a war minister, a Soviet diploma and the influential Lord Astor. Former War Minister John Profumo resigned in the scandal. Goldwater says city machines stole election Fireman on cow catcher rescues boy on tracks Boston Chicago Denver Fairbanks Fort Worth Helena Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Minneapolis New York Oklahoma City Palm Springs Sacramento Salt Lake City San Francisco SeatUe Washington High Low 82 64 77 68 96 61 57 42 96 71 SO 49 96 72 95 66 SO 60 87 69 94 70 95 60 104 74 53 93 49 71 53 63 51 91 75 .03 .11 .03 .23 .01 SIMI (UPI)-A Southern Pacific freight train fireman Friday night was credited with saving the life of a 2-year-old boy who was playing on the tracks in the path of an eastbound train. The fireman, Michael Benuches of Burbank, worked his way onto the "cow catcher" of the engine and pushed the tot to one side as the train labored to come to a halt. Police said little Steven Keffer might have been run over bad it not been for Benuches' quick action. The boy suffered facial cuts and a possible fractured skull and was reported in fair condition at West park Memorial Hospital. Officials said the youngster was seen playing on the tracks as the train approached. The conductor, George Lester, said the engineer blew the train's whistle and be gan braking when it became apparent the boy was not^:,|jl^g to leave the tracks. ^' Benuches. "accorduig to officials, realized the t^in, which was traveling at 23'miles per hour, could not stop in time so he '.^limbed out of the cab and man euvered to the front of the engine. He then reached out and shoved the boy away from the wheels of the train. Legion condemns campus communist speecA policy SAN BERNARDINO (UPI) -A resolution condemning a new policy of University of California Board of Regents permitting Communists to speak on campus was e.vpected to be placed before del egates today at the 45th annual state American Legion convention. The regents* policy was sharply criticized Friday night in an unscheduled speech by Malcolm M. Champlin. Montdair, Calif., who warned 'You 'll hear more of this later in the conventiw." Resolutions and business matters were scheduled for today's session. Attending the convention at the Orange Show Grounds are some 30,000 California Legionnaires. Last week in Los Angeles the regents approved a policy that would, under certain conditions, allow any speaker on any of the nine campuses. University President Dr. Clark Kerr specified that when Communists do speak, there must be a faculty member of tenure as chairman, and the speaker must be open to questions from the floor. Also, the individual chancellor has the option of asking a second speaker to present an opposing vie^vpoint. (3iamplin said in his blast that the national policy of the Legion rejected the idea that the Communist side be stated on campus by "truly objective persons." He said the argument might be used to argue for slavery or witchcraft Lt. Gov. Glenn Anderson, speaking to the convention Friday, attacked what he called a minority in the legislature which succeeded in "deliberately blocking the entire program" for the state. He urged support for legislation in the special session July 8 to meet expenses for schools and other programs not provided for in the austerity budget passed at the end of the regular session. NEWCASTLE, Ind. (UPD-Sen. Barry Goldwater, ridmg the crest of a smashing Young Republican accolade, Friday night told a GOP rally to fight big city Democratic machiilM and;"chase the rascals" out of office. "Big city machines supported by the lords of vice and crime cooperating with the liberals" stole the 1950 presidential election from Richard ^L Nixon, Goldwater told several thousand cheering Republicans. "NLxon really won the election but it was stolen from him," the Arizona Republican said. The audience chanted "we v.'ant Barry for President" when Goldwater appeared at the rally. Goldwater banners fluttered from the fieldhouse where he spoke and lined the downtown streets he travelled. Goldwater, often mentioned as a possible 1964 GOP presidential candidate, told a news conference he was adopting a "wait and see" policy toward the nomination. He said Republicans have an "excellent chance" to defeat President Kennedy next year. Public opinion polls would not influence his decision to seek the GOP nomination, he said. "If I decide to run for President, I'll take the Democrats on regardless of popularity polls,' he said. Newsmen asked Goldwater whether he thought there was another conservative of sufficient stature to beat Kennedy in 1964. After thinking a minute, he mentioned Sen. Thruston Morton, R- Ky., and Rep. Gerald Ford, R- Mich. Anfi-Communists blast wall in defiance of Russ Kennedy visits sister's grave in England By MERRIMAN SMITH UPI White HouH Reporter WADDINGTON, RAF StaUon. England (UPI)— President Kennedy flew here from Ireland today to pay an unexpected visit to his elder sister Kathleen's grave before opening weekend talks with Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. The President's big Boeing 707 jet landed at this Lincolnshire bomber base at 3:22 p.m. (10:22 a.m. EDT) after a 395 mile flight from Shannon, Ireland. Kennedy took off immediately by helicopter for the grave, which is located some 40 miles from Waddington in the village church yard at Edensor, on the Chats worth estate. The unscheduled visit to the grave came after another day of triumph in Ireland, where the President wound up a three-day visit with the strains of "come back to Erin" ringing in his ears and a promise to return some day in the future. With the President in the helicopter from Waddington were his two sisters, Mrs. Jean Smith and Mrs. Eunice Shriver. Also along was Mrs. K. L. Billings, Wend of the President from New York. As Lady Hartington, the President's late sister Kathleen was killed on May 3, 1948, when chartered airplane in which she was riding crashed at Privus, France. Her husband, the Marquis of Hartington and eldest son and heir to the 10th Duke of Devonshire, was killed in action France in 1944. Kennedy's trip to Kathleen grave was strictly a private affair. He wanted no advance notice and the few White House correspondent.^ traveling on the plane to Waddington with him and in an accompanying press plane were not taken along to Edensor. The President was returning to Waddington by helicopter after paying his respects. Then he. was continuing bis flight to Gatwick Aiiport where MacmiUan was waitmg to greet him. Three thousand persons — the third rapturous crowd to cheer the President as he toured west- em Ireland today—cried, "Come back. Jack," as his U.S. military Boeing jetliner left Shannon Airport at 2:28 p.m. (9:28 a.m. EDT) and headed east for England. Emotion gripped the airport as Kennedy left. When he walked toward his plane, the crowds yelled, "Goodbye, Jack. God speed you." You .are great people," Ken (Continued on Page 5) Girt 14, slain in youth gang shooting New Young GOP chief supports Goldwater BERLIN (UPI) — Anti-Communists rocked Berlin's Red-built wall wiQi explosives today in an apparent gesture of defiance against Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Khrushchev arrived in Communist East Berlin Friday and was expected to hold an Eastern bloc summit leaders meeting there early next week. The explosion blew a hole about two feet by seven feet through the six-feet-high wall at a point about 250 yards from the Checkpoint Charlie crossing point between West and East Berlin and only a half mile from the Soviet Embassy. It was doubtful whether Khrushchev heard the explosion, however. He was visiting a machine tool factory in East Berlin at the time. This was the 17th explosion at the wall since it was built Aug. 13, 1961. This latest blow at Communist prestige followed a distinctly cool reception given to Khrushchev when he arrived in East Berlin Friday. SAN FRANaSCO (UPI) — The National Young Republicans today had a chairman who supports Barry (joldwater for president, agrees with the objective of the Liberty Amendment to abolish the federal income tax, and believes that the United States should pull out of the United Nations. Donald E. (Buzz) Lukens, 32, Washington, D.C., Friday edged another conservative, Charles McDevitt. 31 Boise, Idaho, after a wild three-hour convention battle that ended with a 318-305 vote for the winner on the second ballot. McDevitt lacked only two ballots of \vinning a majority on the first ballot, but the tide turned when Robert Gaston of Los Angeles, the head of the California delegation, withdrew as a candidate himself and tossed his votes to Lukens. COMPTON (UTD-Nine youths were arrested on suspicion of murder early today for the slaying of a 14-year-oId girl who was an innocent bystander in a juvenile gang shooting. Delores (Hiavira was shot and killed late Friday night when three carloads of youths opened up with rifle fire in front of her home. Police said the shots apparently were aimed at two 15-year - old >-ouths standing on the front lawn. The girl, standmg near the front door of her home, was hit as the assailants sprayed the shots wild- 1>-. Both 15-year-olds were struck in the arm by bullets. One fled before police arrived. The other was taken to St. Francis Hospital in nearby Lynwood, where his condition was listed as good. Detectives said at least 20 shots were fired from two rifles, splattering the front of the house and shattering windows in a parked car. Detective Capt. A. M. Thomas said the shooting erupted from a longstanding feud betwen the Tortilla Flats Gang and the Jardm gang. The wounded youths were identified as members of the Tortilla Flats gang. Taken to Compton Jail were Alfonso Romo, 18: Tony Mejia. 19; his brother. .-Vbel: and Mike Cabrera, 19, all Compton: and Cruz Ortega, 20. WiUowfarook: Angcl Martinez, 19, .-^rtesia. and three juveniles. Police said there may be more arrests. Khrushchev says Kennedy right on Russ power MOSCOW (UPI) - Premier Nikita Khrushchev told the Communist Central Committee last week President Kennedy was quite right in believing that growing Communist strength has altered the world situation, it was reported today. The text of Khrushchev's speech to the committee a week ago Friday was published belatedly—and perhaps with deleUons —in the Communist newspaper Pravda and the government or gan Izvestia. "Kennedy correctly concluded (in a speech June 10) that it is necessary to reassess values, to take into consideration the power of socialism, to change his relations with the Soviet Union, Khrushchev said. This of course does not mean . that a new era in relations between the Soviet Union and the United States has dawned . but it is very remarkable that the President of the United States, the leader of the imperi alist camp, talks about our strength. [ch words cannot be ins{Mr- rii|rW*s aBies." Eigitt drown, car plunges into flooded river California's Little Profumo case probed SACRAMENTO (UPD -California's "Little Profumo" case in which lobbyists allegedly supplied call girls for legislators was being looked into on several fronts today. The chairman of one legislative committee called for an investiga tion of reports in a copyrighted news story in the San Francisco Examiner that eight girls had been brought to Sacramento to serve as dinner—and after-dinner —companions for a group of lawmakers. It was understood the attorney general's oi f i c e was also interested in the case. But Sacramento Police Chief James V. Hides said "it looks like a fabrication to me. Someone was trying to drum up a story." Hicks said his vice squad made two or three arrests for suspected prostitution in a hotel near the capitol during the session, but said there was no connection between the women and lobbyists or legis lators. ATHENS, Ga. (UPI) - A car veered out of control as it approached a bridge in a rainstorm Friday and plunged into the flooded Oconee River where 8 of its 10 occupants drowned. Passing mortorists jumped into the river and saved the driver of the car, Mrs. Montine Bamett, 50, and her grandson, Jerry Greene, 10. The rescuers talked to the other persons in the car but the swift current swept the vehicle away before tliey could be saved. The Bametts had taken their seven grandchildren and a babysitter along with them on a grocery-shopping trip to Athens from the small community of Nicholson, 12 miles away. Mrs. Barnett. who sur\'ived with one of the children, later could not give a clear account of why the car missed the bridge. She thought the accelerator may have jammed. She thought there also was a possibility one of the car's wheels carne off. .\o one in the car could swim and Barnett, 62, a justice of the peace and homespun columnist for several newspapers, was an invalid. Barnett drowned along with Wanda. 9; Kathy. 7; Penny, 4: and Charles, 1; aii children of his daughter, Mrs. Lautrclle Epps. 31; Deborah. 9: and Dale, 5. children of another daughter, Jlrs. Dwynelle Greene, 29; and Mrs. Mae Watkins, 52 a family friend who acted as babysitter. Crowded possenger train smashes into freight Quote of Day NEW CASTLE, Ind.—Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., addressing cheering Republicans about GOP chances in 1964: "With your help we can chase the rascals out." Thousands in Rome for coronation of Pope Paul VATICAN CITY (UPI) -Government leaders, tourists and pilgrims poured into the Eternal City by the hundreds today for the coronation of Pope Paul VI. The new pontiff will be crowned Sunday in a solemn, three-hotr ceremony watched by missions representing 90 countries and international organizations plus an expected crowd of some 300,000 in St. Peter's Square. Workmen rushed to complete the job of transforming the square into a vast, open-air cathedral The papal throne and altar were set up outside St. Peter's Basilica in line with the main door. Electricians mstalled special h'ghtmg fixtures to illuminate the facade of the Basilica so the devout will be able to fcdlow the impressive ceremonies even if ni^t falls before they are over. The altar from which Pope Paul will celebrate the Mass is about five-by-fifteen feet It is the same size as the altar of the confession normally used inside the Basilica when a new leader of the world's Roman Catholics is crowned. Tiered rows of seats were set up in front, but to the side, of the Basilica for the use of official delegations, diplomats and their guests. It has been estimated thae is standing room for 300,000 persons in St. Peter's Square. Chief Justice Earl Warren, representing President Kennedy, will bead the American delegation. Kennedy will fly from Britain to Milan Sunday but will not arrive in Rome until Monday morning to avoid any conflict with the coronation. The next day, he is scheduled to meet the Pope with a mmimtmi of ceremony. KENOSHA, Wis. (UPI) - A crowded passenger train smashed into the rear of a freight train south of Kenosha today and at least 57 persons were tajured. Police said the freight train-apparently suffered engine trouble and had stopped when the Milwaukee Road passenger train plowed into it Average speed for passenger trains in the area is 75 to 90 m.p.h. There were no fatalities and none of the injured was in critical or serious condition. Almost all of the injured were passengers aboard the Chicago-to- Jlilwaukee train. They suffered head injuries, cuts from flying glass, and bruises. Some of the passengers had teeth knocked out St. Catherine's Hospital in Kenosha reported 17 persons injured and Kenosha Memorial Hospital reported it had treated 40 injured persons. Injured man in custody BLYTH (UPI) - Gary aark 28, San Bernardino, who suffered injuries in a trock-bus-auto coIIf< sion Thursday, today was in police custody on suspicion of burglary. Clark was arrested Friday upon bis release from Casitas Hospital. Police said Clark and Jules (Tamdon, Z2, San Bernardino, had been sought for questioning in connection with the theft of 590 from a home near BIythe shortly before the accident in which Camdon and a truck driver were killed. Many of the injured were members of Jehovah's Witnesses en route to attend a convention in Milwaukee. One of them. John C. Cabral. 26, Grover City, Calif., said the passenger train was travelling at "a good clip" when "I felt them trying to put the brakes on hard and then--boom." "I picked my wife up" Cabral said. "Everybody was in the aisles and there was screaming and hysteria right away. A little girl came rolling down the aisle and I picked her up and gave her to her mother." The engme of the five-car passenger train was practically demolished, but the engmeer and fireman escaped injur>-. The baggage car of the passenger tram, the two locomotives of the passenger train, and two cars of the ll-c£ir freight train were derailed. There was no immediate explanation of the cause of ths accident Tracks were torn up and trains were detoured to other tracks in the area. Mrs. Charles Edisdn dies NEW YORK (UPD-Mrs. Carolyn Hawkins Edison, the wife of former New Jersey Gov. Charles Edison, died Friday in Harkness PavTlion of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Mrs. Edison, active in voluntary hospital work, was taken to the pavilion Friday morning suffering from a coronary. She and her husband were residing at the Waldorf Towers in Manhattan. K IN BERLIN—Soviet Premier Khrushchev gets the standard bear-hug from East Germany's Communist party chief, Walter Ulbricht, at Schoenefeld Airport, East Berlin.

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