Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 15, 1948 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1948
Page 20
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EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1948 Radio Ringside By John M. Cooper .. NEW YORK, —. (INS) — It'used to" "be that a radio station could cover a news'event by sending out ari"armouncer and-an engineer. . 'The-anouncer'dld the announcing, the-' engineer did the engineering, and if nothing went wrong, the customers- heard .what was happening. Sometimes one man did both the announcing and the engineering and in addition, carried the equipment back to the station. As radio grew . up and gol more complicated, more people were needed. Six people might '. have'to go out on a two-minute? • network pickup. One announcer "still rticl the announcing, and engineer still did the engineering;. What the other ./our 'did was not .always clear, al-I,'s possible that one of - them came along- to hold a stop ! .watch. . Now .we get down, to modern times and discover that in order to cover the inauguration of President Truman oh Jan.' 20, CNBC alone., will use more than 250 people. Television makes the difference. This staff will include commentators, . a n n o 11 n c c r.s, cameramen,' rewrite men, cng- . inecrs,-reporters, directors and electricians. They'll be posted along the route of. the'inaugu- ral, parade, on the ground, in . windows, in automobiles and in a. blimp overhead. 'Add three other networks' and'an assortment of Independent stations doiag-.thc same, thing and what have A lot of words and pictures. With all those people on tile job, they 'ought to be good, , j-Notes from, all over: Mary Haworth's Mail Editor's Not»: Mother tears the effects upon Klrl, 19. of her elder sister's resentful demands and her father's jealous pOBSCSSlvenraa. DEAR, MAKY HA WORTH: I have two daughters, Beth, 26, and Peg, 19; and the .younger is caught in the middle of family tensions that I feel are unfair to her, and she fears she may have a nervous •breakdown-if things don't change. ', Peg is and.aways has'been popular; she is highly intelligent,' a college graduate.vand' soon to enter/a profession; but'she is looking ahead to marriage, also. For..18 months she's had her first, steady/beau, a nice lad,' 22,. whom she's/known for years..-He.too : is. a cojjege graduate, has a.;flne,j)ositl9n"'and .they think the 'of^each .other. ;'. . ' / -rOBfowever7"'wlier?""she^ speaks _ or "my wedding'.', or "after I'm married,"'her.'father plainly'resents It, which worries Peg; and if she definitely decides to marry -and gets engaged, he will be : unpleasant about it.'-He claims I put marriage in her head; and has. often'-said he would'like to keep his daughters forever. I 'feel Jus : attitude is selfish,' for- after .all we • marrle.1 in our early twenties' and certainly we won't .live forever. • Elder Sister , Has No Beaux •Beth Js'.another source of contention. She hasn't.had all the associations 'she should have, had, dua to serious illness in the past; and possibly, we sheltered her too-much, having in mind her handicap; but even so when she was younger I did far.more .for her than 1 ever have for Peg,' in the way of giving parties, etc. Although. Peg takes Beth to the theater, out driving, ,e:c., Bech fesls injured if she. can't go everywhere Peg'goes; .and'if Peg has a date for a special affair, Betli ' storms about'it and, again, if Peg buys a pair of shoes for"herself,'Beth, talk's Y> . „ , , _-,. - m ,,v~ 'hit- JJ»U Ul siiue;> lui liciaen., .ucm u«.jivo Bmp Crosby w.ll make his . » .. hating -, - ner eto . Also Beth ' feels tost appearance on television, | 11/s . my f^lt that she doesn't have ••n«w4 Ciirwli^F fin 1.l\n VnllPfl •* ... . .. , on the "Phllco v.Television 1'Iaj'housc" on. the. V NBC cast coast vidcb web. He "will sing "Silent Night" -in a •-motion picture trailer follow-- ,?,'injr.the presentation of Dickens' -.-"'.Christmas Carol.". .' . "*•• •!"• «CBS.ids snitching the Gene. Autry Show from Sunday night . at 7i.pjn.Vto Saturday at 8:30;p.m.,.to uiake .^way, for • Jack .-Benny.. Autry$ last Sunday show will be-on-Dec; !?• • ; A -belated "-report from .Tulsa, Okla.,-tells of KVOO Sportscaster John 1 Henry-,doing a play-by-play description of a. football game when the phone -in the ;radio booth, rang. .Senry picked up the phone ,and a voice said: "This is a radio listening survey. Are you listening -to your' radio?" *« "Xes," said-Henrj', "I'm list- "^enlnjr^o John Henry's, exciting; . "play-by-play 'account ;o£ today's KVOO.". . . a beau or go out as other girls-do. Peg has -.always, been a .devoted Jster and .upright daughter and;.! feel'.she is' entitled, to. have :normal pleasures and-not (be burdened constantly and concern for Beth..But what do you think? And what is your opinion, of my husband's attitude? '• Should I' side with him or try to champion -Peg? Please advise us. . • •^Milton Berle, who stars on:NBC ftlevision Tuesday '. nights, lias stopped telling the gags In Gie-script during'rehearsals.' -He ...saves .them until the'the-.air, in order to get bigger-yaks but! of'the •• orchestra and other 'members of .the. east. -*"- : ' ... ~ WTBO HIGHLIGHTS "' ' TODAY ' • " 4:00 Baolcstngo-.WlIo.. (NEC).. ' •- 4:is Stella rmltas (NBC). ''4:30 Lorenzo Jones (NBC).. " 4M5 Youne Wlddcr Brown (KBC). '".' 5:00. Jlvo at Five. • • "~, 5:30 Nows. - : . ' '•r 5:45 The Rhythm Riders. .. 6:00 News. • «• 6:15- Hawaii-'Culls. i| 6:30- The Sportsman's Corner.„ 6:45 • Adventures In -Research. 7:00"Thc Supper Cltib (NBC). Z 7:15 News' of. the World (NBC). if 7:30 -TJ. S. Nixvy Band. v 7:45' H. V. Knltenborn (NBC). tr 8:00 Blondle . (NBC). " -. 8:30 The Gront GUdersleeve (NBC).. ;"i 3;00 DuUy's- Tavern (NBC). . i 9'30 Mr. District Attorney (NBC).- ,»10:00,jTne' BlB story '(NBC) 1 , M, 10:30 "curtain "Time (NBC), ' •• - 11:00 News. ^'11:16- -Music for Moods. u ll:30- 4 'Mcatlowbroolc Club Orcheztrd " '-* "iNBO. • • > • £12:00 News- (NBC).' •3 . v,i TOMORROW *; e:00,'-BrcnSfust on u Platter. •» 0:15 News. *• 0:20 BrcnkJast on a PJtttter. * 7:30--News. 1 •>' 7:35'!Ereal:rast on 1 a Pl&ttcr. ', 8:00 World 1 News Eound-Up (NBC). _,. ^ 8;15 Thn Minuto Parade, ji 8:45 Mornios Meditation. ' • , ' > .n 9:00-'Honeymoon'In New York (NBC). ••" 0:30 Music for Thursday. '* 3:55 Nows. '','.'. -"lO'OO "Red Waring Show (NBC). ^10:30, Sload a'. Lite (NBC). .,10:45 The Brighter Dny (NBC). .^11:00 This is Nora-Drn-ke (NBC). . i*il'13-*We Lovo and Learn '(NBC). "•11:30 -Jack Bcrch Show (NBC). "11.45 "Music lit MM-0H7. I* 12:15 Mld-Duy News. . 12:25 Tno.Bandstand.. ^.12:45.^11. P. D. v- 1:00 concert Airs. ...,- 1:30 News, - - . r- 1:35 'Cadence 120. llV IMS-'TEddle Cantor. . . ' . "" 3-00' 'waiter O'Kecfe'iDouble or-Notn ™ ' ing (NBC). ' . ™ 3:10-,"Today'3 Children (NBC).. . ••• 2:45-'.Interludes. . . <» 3'00 LUc Can Bo BcauUIul (NBC). .1-3.-15"Ma-Perkins (NBC): -" 3:30-Pepper YOUHB'S Family (NBC). •f 3:45 'Rluht to Happiness (NBC). v Hainmers with plastic . striking , faces,* "which can be .Xised without Hanger of marring surface of aluminum; >other soft metals and highly polish'eH wood, have the driving .power of- standard' machinist hammers "of equal weight. *• "Cosmic noise,", which left a region fii outer -space 3000 years ago, is interfering wJta-.'-£elevisibn,:-radar and IM arid short-wave .radio communication: today. These . mysterious energy waves have .been recordec ' by scientists. Dad's Gallantry Noio Back-Firing DEAR N. C.: In my'opinion it's a godsend to.Peg- that you are able to keep- your head—and thir.k and see straight—in .the midst of this family turmoil engendered primarily by Peg's popularity versus her handicapped sister's wallflower status. I believe if yoiu 1 husband, will sit down quietly with 'himself .and search his, feelings, he will find that his .emotional resistance to the idea of Peg's marrying has its origin in pity'for Beth, whose, lack of. appeal for the -opposite sex doubtless, bothers him almost as much as it disturbs her.' I daresay his Jong-time insistence that he wants to keep his daughters forever had the original gallant purpose, sentimental or studied, of (1) delicately preparing Beth for the spinster-role-he. .regretfully foresaw,-and (2) compensating to her.for. lack of chivalrous tribute from other'male source's. Younger Sinter , Needs Champion I suggest that eventually he lost sight of 'the reason why he launched the possessive refrain; also, that his feelings later-- blindly accepted the statement as literal truth. One's "unconscious" operates that way. Witness the folk-saying comes to believe it himself. . Thus it would follow that by now, when Peg is literally marriage-bent; he reacts involuntarily with vehement protest that embodies- hidden aggressive pity for Beth, plus conditioned paternal possessiyeness. And I-believe, when-he. understands this, that he will reasonably endorse Peg's inalienable human right to fall-in love and marry. As a college graduate, -she is socially ready for that further development; and neither parent should .countenance Beth's spoiled- child'assumption. that. Peg. has no title to forms of happiness that Beth is unable, or afraid, to court independently f or'' herself.' So, to sum up, -your husband's attitude •(as describe"d) is wrong; and certainly Peg' should not be burdened with constant care, and concern for Beth,' who seems to love nobody but, herself. ' M.H. •Mary Haworth counsels through her column, not^ by mall or personal Interview. Write her In care or The Evening Times. (Copyright. The Washington Poet) (Distributed by Klnfr Features Syndicate, Inc.) LI'L ABNER By Al Capp ( DAISY MAE GOT \ I COMMENCE.TWMARRVIN', »V LI'L ABNER,AN'' V•MARKVIM:-SAM'.1' - -HE'SDIRTY, ' > TH'GIRL-SHMOO \ AN'MUDDX'AMVODVERED; " " GOT TH' BOY- ' ) VIF SLIME-BUT/'AH'. IS •' SHMOO/r-CH 4 HI£'N,AM'HE'S'ALL; : HAPPY SADIE \ MINE.T' TH' BOY-SHMOO-V- THASS PROOF AH GOT TH' REAL LI'L ABNER.t'' THELT SWEET, LOYAL. LI'L CRITTER WOULD NEVAH FOLLY AMYOME BUT ITS'' AM GOT LI'L ABNER-BUT, AH COULDWT SAVE T'OTHER PORE CRITTER—WHO IS NOW MILES DEEP IN THE HORRIBLE SLIME/: By Frank~Godmm RUSTY RILEY .«MEAVEN : HEL'P,HW/; TKEKS'5'NO'WAY.'TO STOP-HIM .NOW/: HBS SON'S TO L4ND, ALL eisHT/' -THEUE-.- GOES / BV 6EO<?SE;-«EIL BE IN REAU'TROUBLE-IF ME OOES.' THl5,WEEK Cf MIN MAS MS OS 5QU? OUT'CFTMT FIELD.' MOST 6= IM 'ROUBLE WHAT TK= SAM HILL \S ME LOOKS ff> IF KB TRYMG 0 LTO IN TfE CLEARINS .LOOK.' SEE IT? IT'S A By Mi/to i Ca*iff STEVE CANYON PLACE TM6-BW 6EN YOUR. REECKSHA-'AMP TAKE DOWNTOWN'! YOWCRXWIBt PW5EN6EK' HA* LO6T MEK. . EENTBZEST' EEN TIWV61, / RIP KIRBY The Worry Clinic - — — Bynr. Ge .11 you Know ol t. phll- unlhrop-lst.' who wishes to encourwo happy mnrrlnpe and make -millions 01 lonely-men and 1 women radluntly Joyful, then be'suic'.to pass this Case r. George W. Crane Dating Bureau, •Record along. There Js probably tcr method lor Investing money in human welfare and real soclol- service. S-239:- Pete- J.,' aged -35, is .a- factory' superintendent. _ "Dr. Crane,.'six years "ago.I married a lovely girl, and . we settled down . in a cozy apartment, 1 ; .he began. ,'• . "But -seven months, ago;, she. took sick'with lobar pneumonia-and died. And I've been disconsolate ever since, . '.-'•' .'if I am-to .retain my sanity,,! know, 1 must .readjust. 1 .I'm completely', sold on the idea of-marriage, for those.-six-years "were the .'happiest in all'.ny -life. , "But, Dr.-Crane,"where.can-,I find another-.girl?- 1 1 don't-want to. pick one from-the. mob'at a,-cheap dance hall or tavern. ' • ' - "From following your daily-, column; i-realize-I.-must intelligently plan 'my future, and snap out of my sorrow. • ' . -"I -want.'an attractive, intelligent girl-who.can-mingle with my.'circle of -friends, and ;enjoy a happy' home life. .•.'.'.'. . . "I have enough. money to -spend on z. vigorous 'campaign. But- how shall. I'go about finding the right woman? '• "The high sqhoo] and college girls are too L young-for me, so I really don't- know wnere to begin my search for a. wife." 'Let's: Help Cupid This'problem of finding a desir- able.mate, laughing-matter, as millions -of .Americans can well attest.. And .don't think that women are the only ones who -are hampered in making social contacts. -Scores of. professional men and university colleagues here in Chicago, .have asked me'the same 'question which Pete propounds. For when a man. or woman reaches the age of 30 or beyond, the schools and colleges, young people's societies in the. churcnes and other organizations primarily, patronized by youth, are of less value in his quest for .a '.mate to be run not for profit but for public service. Millions of dollars are devoted annually to medical -research and baby 'clinics, but we are 'ignoring the fact that' happy -marriages .are the very .foundation of our national security. ' . .' • Philanthropists have responded to appeals for baby, care, or -cancer clinics for the aged, but have ignored those.heart hungers of people from 18 to 35 years. 'It is high time 'we enabled young men'.and. women, as, well-as the middle-aged, 'to find happiness and civic- .stability through* successful marriage/ ', Happy marriages'should .be encouraged, for .out of the resulting happy, homes come "the well adjusted children to carry'on'American traditions in the future. Since' the churches "are 'largely ignoring this vital-need, some philanthropist should set. up a foundation to perform this much needed service. . * (Copyright 'by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) Barkley Witt Get Town Hall Award By C. E. BTJXTERFIELD NEW YORK—0<P)—Introduction of the expanded television,network service, which will hook the East _ Coast and the Middle West to- '' gether for the.firs: time, has been changed to the evening of January 11 for, an obvious reason. It was done when.'it .became apparent that no. agreement could be rca'ched among the possible .participants, as to which.'would be first to use-'.the circuit. 'Originally, the net- Work interconnection- .'was r.ounced for January 12,'-and this will hold as far. as the beginning of regular program relay service Is concerned. For the opening a joint introduc- ductoiy program to run about an hour and a.half Is planned. It will be cooperatively presented by the Bell System, builder of the circuits -which .comprise both. coaxial cable and-microwave radio units: ' four networks, NBC, ABC,' CBS and Du so, wo.'. DL=ASE COME WITH YSORRV..I MUST K€! ' IT'S FIVE (^CLOCK-AMD TV/AIT ID MEE7' I MUST EX5RC/S5 MAJOR:".. /-'/WAJ02 -ANOTHER .' There are. .tens of thousands of moat ,-and,'Station WPIX of New attractive nurses' and.,school teach- York.-Itis-hoped to Include pickups from Washington and Chicago as ers,' office- secretaries' : -and o other m „_„._ charming, women who are» |Wc]i as Now York, years of age,-who would make fine . .. wives, If they could just meet the right men. We Need Marriage Brokers If you walk- -into the office of an insurance broker, he can qiu'ckly help '.you contract' for fire, • theft, -accident or straight life insurance.. Society also-needs'an ethical and highly 'respectable organization 'to serve as a marriage . broker. It could immediately analyze such an acute- problem as -that, which Pete presents today,' and.. then arrange for him half 1 a dozen Special -for tonight: CBS 10:30 Addresses of- Vice Prcsidenr.-elect Alben -W. Barkle'y, James A. Farley and Floyd Odium at''-New- York's Town Hall award dinner for Sen. Barkley. Pre-Christmas schedule for Thursday.: MBS 3:45 p. m. 1 Normandy Ca- roleers group 'of St. Louis 'business eligible . whose background, age ' and cultural - attitude .might ' harmonize with his own, One reason- for our high- divorce rate today is the. fact' that people select their mates, from, a too narrow range of ' ellgibles. Few girls have a chance to pick from more than 2 or 3 such males, and' the 'same problem, -is almost equally' true. of. men. . Yet our movie theaters are full of lonely men. 'and . women who would be much'happier If they were seeing the.. show on a date; .instead of by themselves. Scientific Dating .Bureaus it --would, -be a great boon to , happiness -if- some .wealthy .philan- Shows for tonight: NBC—8 Blondie's Dagwood; 8:30 Great Gi'.der- sleeve; 9:30 District Attorney; 10 Big Story Drama. -'CBS—7:30 Club Crosby; 8:30 Dr. Christian Drama; 3 Your Son? and Mine;'. 9:30 James Melton Concert. ABC—8 The Amateur Hour: Milton Berle Variety; ; 10 Bing Crosby Time, B.ob Hope, guest; 10:30 Meredith Willson Music. MBS-^8-Can You Top This; 9:31) Family Theater. "A Daddy I( Xmas;" 10 Manhattan Playhouse. iDelay Acceptance Of New Infirmary County ceptance officials delayed ac- of the ' new -Allegany County Infirmary building after nn inspection" tour by the Board of Commissioners and a representative of Saxe, Willar and Robertson, consulting engineers, Baltimore. The consulting engineer advised that all- work be completed before the commissioners ..accept the keys and full • responsibility for the building: Charles N. Wilkinson, Jr., president of the board, said the Vandegrift Construction Company has completed its work on the structure but plumbing and heating installation is not quite finished. Z DOM'T KMOW.,.BUT HE 15 CaNSTANTLV PRCWLINS MEAR MY CA5IN...I ONLY FEEL SAFE WHEN NDU ARE WITH ME.' BUT r WST LEAVE'YOU MOW,. ' MUCH-AS X WOULD LIKE TO STAY BUT A WCMAM AS' LOVELY AS YOURSELF MUST Be USED TO TH£ S7ARBS Or MSN. WHY ASE YOU SO BUGS BUNNY UEWME HA.VE.ONfc HEY/ TH' Ol-' SUPER. BRA.IN MY .SHOWER.S .BUSTED. AN' I &OTTA. GET CLEANED UP T T' PETUNIA'S By Edgar Martim BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES \s»V.w««t»Ji6. oo6&oM\xi l .; ami- wws TIM TYLER'S LUCK THE PILOT'S WAKING AN' EMERGENCY LANDING ABOUTA . MILE FROM . HERE- THE PLANE'S NS /MOTOR IS SPUTTERING BADLY- IT'S STARTING A SPIRAL GLIDE corn. IMI, KIKC rr-mnttuarKDKUTt; ay Merrill Blomwr FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MOTHIM&-LOCK • LOOK WHAT l GOT-— PLEASE',MISTER! ) Nix! MY. KID HAS f I'LL 6IVE IT TO-/"A BUGLE — POOH. OLD ZILCM.'NO- BODY WAMTS YOU ESPECIALLY ME/ LUUIC. WHAl J_ tKJI—— .\ in^iiJ iNwiniruw—kv^wrv i A UKULELE/ / AT-IH^UKE WEVE GOT.' THE HERALD AM&ELS SING- WIFE PLAYS BA&- PIPGS! A.ZITHER. WOULD B6 THE UASr STRAW I By Dudley FtOtmr EVERY TIME HVAilMTi-l TRIES TO CATCH OU!? MOUSE. MOUSE !?UNS BACK INTO HIS HOLE' GEE WMIW, MV17TLE. IVE GOT AN IDEA TD LEAVE'-ME T(-IE.'PA"lNT.y.'.

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