The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHKVILLK, (AUK.) COURIKR NEWS Farm News Kdlted by *J. O. FULLERTON County .Agricultural Agent J. L DAMERON Ass't, county Agent' JERSEY BUM 18 dairy farmers who own catlle of any of Hie recognized dairy cat- lie breeds. All Arkansas Dairy Fairn- ••ers "Invited ' lo Affiliate ;-With Organization Arkansas leaders In dairy cut- tl^ibrcedhig and dnlry production have, organized a state orgnnlza- tlori to'bc known as tiio Arkansas Jrjf&sy Cattle Clul), states J. O. FyUlertbn, county ngent. Discussion of broecimif unci pro- djsftioii at the. classification of the :M. -Y. Henson herd at Fay- ctte'ville on June 0 by 100 leaders irj^daii-y 'cattle -breeding and production led to (he organization of trie; club. •A nomination committee sug- g$Stcd .that the stale be divided into nine districts, each ol which ttftuld be represented on a cov- ernlns 'body- to 1 be 'known as the stale board of directors. The rc- pbrt o! ilie nominating cotnmlt- l?e. was unanimously Accepted, Including the members of the board of ^directors. As soon as the board ojrdirectors can meet it will elect from its members a president ami vice-president and appoint a see- njjsry-treasurer, 'The directors elected are: ills- ti'Jct 1. (Benton and Can-oil coun- tijfij), J. ,J. Glover, Lowell; dlsuloi 2,sii Washington, Madison, Crawford, and Franklin counties), M. Yf*; Henson, HtycUevilld; District 3j.v(Sebaitiun, Locan, Yell, and Scott counties), Harry Marsh, Fort Smith; district 4, (the south - is'fit area), Glenn Wallace, Nashville; District 5 (the north cen- t[iil area), w. c. Vlllines, Har- ilspn, District C (Faulkner mural) adjoining counties except Pnlnskl county ), o. D. Smith, Conway; District 7, Saline, Pulaskl, Lonoke, Pnlrie, Monroe, St Hands, Leo and Phillips counties) Earl D. Miner, Alexander; district 8 (the southeast nreaj, Tom Slaughter, Oamaen; District 0 (the northeast Value of Any Particular Cross, However, Musi Be Demonstrated As considerable publicity lias been given to hybrid corn mid ax 'Sed of' Iho hybrids has been ad- erllsed raid sold by socil producers dealers, a good explanation ol tested in a different location. Tho, Arkansas Experiment" Station his rial crosses from oilier--slates i.'ly to nnd that they showed 'ho upcrlority in protlucllon over our ilyhest-yJcldl ng commercial '.valns, ' ALMOST MISSED BEING PRESIDENT lies Its claim for superiority, states J. o. Fiillcrton, county .. .... breed of livestock, lh!.s •Imllnrlty being tnic In height of f :talk, leaflness, maturity, height. J md size of car, and.In disease rc-ji ilstmicc, suckerhiB, or in any well- 1 1 lellnod characteristic. None'of Ihc i 'breeds," however, will he as pro- '- diicUvc ns ' Jom 'from „ ,„„„..„ drains were derived, nccordlng lo J. K. McClelland, iigron- miist, University ol Arkansas Col leyc of Agriculture. t,^cUo!f'of^w r bS'(or' ? o!;ul 11 '™ *<"" - "^l" « ™-< avea), M. M. Hock -Miicse directors Rutherford, Sulphur ~are qualified "5 a M tlieli respective clls- 1 v \\\ l bprfln very jJfl, tut i. 42n.iiitcn o£ tach dts- ii-w I.? r.riy uut a constructive u-4 r am o' ilal-y cattle improvement and production actlivties, ays V L Gregg, extension dairyman, University of Arkansas 'Col-i Icge of Agriculture. Membership will not be limited to those who Jersey cattle, but will include COOLEST SPOT IN. TOWN! |ast Time Today iCHARLES COLLINS and K STEFFI DUNA in IANCING PIRATE' i^ Paramount Kews ami . !»' -. Selected Shorts ^filincc—10 & 2oc—WilJi Ic T.ii • ^Night— If) & 35c—\vit|, j c ,f. M Friday - Pal Night 2-AduIis Admit ted for Trice of t ''. All Chllitrc'n—lOc JTAMPS had come inlo use in Ihe United Slalc-s th« year before when, in 1818. Zachary Taylor, hero of .Ihc Mexican War, was lo bo notified ot his nomination for the presidency by the Whigs. How was this nalilicalion to be >.^. t ,.,, ., fi u^, i-Ainuiiiuiun ui scnt? I£ ^y means ot Ihc new ybricl corn Is neeert In order Unit ? tam iw oh (heir letter, the noni- somcthinij may be known of Iho " iec '"'H 1 ' 1 deem it an insult that levclopincnt of this corn and. In "° co ' il(1 " ol l' a - v - 1Ilc postage, which used lo oc collect. If not by stamp,-he might not believe the , i letter worth redeeming. Corn being easily crcss-poIHnat- mi1 , >l " pl ? X< :'!' l , bo no "> i " ali »e corned, usually Is n-vliforous plant, ex- m , M ^ d <*'^dnot to use the new , I"" 11 ' . an(i General Taylor rc known Hie unstamped lelter he eral years n numljcr of vvell-de- each brew! (ho inriivin nolillc!lUon ' Ho ucceplcd the iiom- t»h reseinUe each^herVd^ ''cftu^Ts^t,,, **, UK individuals of any rcc* „ ^ ^J'^^ ™£ "»« the open [lotlfnntcd which Ihc Inbred however. Taylor died, at the age of 00. On the; 25lh anniversary of his death, in 1875, t h o U n i t e d Stales issued n 5-cent si a mil with his por- tniil, (i';i>yrlelil. 1030. NBA Km-lcr. Inc.) U 5.—1575 General XacJtarf/ Tnutor 5-c Mtie. v arm Cooperatives Do Billion Dollar Business' The Funn Credil AdmiiiLslration cports Ihere are 8,79-1 iujricultural nnikctlng assoelallons In Ihe tlnlted Stales, will) a membership tf 2.400,000 and doing annual mslness of $1,343,000,000. accbrd- ng lo word received )>y J..o.-Pu|. erton, county agent, from j: II., lecknwn, extension .specialist In I nnrkctlng, University of Arkansas College of AKrlculturi;. Onlry cooperatives »o the biry- •st volume of business, but- there are more groin marketing organ- zallons than dairy group. Frulls and vegetables arc next, In'. line , followed by livestock, and cotton, i Jalry groups do 33 per cent or' the total business, yraln 23.5 per cent, frulls and vegetables 15i,per- cent, livestock 13 per <eeul,!..iuid the remaining volume Is done by :even other farm products groups. llabcoi) Wauled As dlft' ' KEOKUK, la. (UP»—ZleiH-y.SaK- dera thoi-.ghl. he would givo" his son a uraduatlon present, buli was amazed when the youth, oftevd his choice of gifts, asked- for .i Hamamdryas baboon. Sanrlei 1 ;, kept his word, and sent lo' : Ethiopia [or one of the 05-pouiifl jungle denizens. . . ...» !' crossing), tends lo increiise vigor and productiveness. So, If any two strains nre crossed, something icarly as vigorous as the parent ilock will result: and If Ihe coin- supcrlrtrHy is claimed | binations "nick corn. Greater for dontlc-crosscd Ihan for sinslc-<l corn. The seed obuiined (rom Ihe single crosses Is better Boy A];ihcs Trader CANTON, O. (UP) — Sixtcrrrt- year-old Charles Lauo has. fln- Ished work ou n hoine-uiadp tractor, which ha Llari/jd ,- two 1 years ago. It is made from mobile parts lie found ill . jurts yards, mi only cdrcalion iidi been actual experience. ! j "WANTEli ~ '', All A-plus ruled old line Icsa rciiervrj life Insurance company iiai opening In BlylhevUlc terrilo^ fcr mi cxjitrlciicf!). cnimblc life Insurance man »s general agent Must have clean and succosalti; record, 'flic man chosen will It 1 given unlimllcd line of (It backing lor making loans. • Th'c right man shortd cnrn more ,..„. $5,COO cn'sli his llrsl year. Aililrcsfi: Sales Manager. ^108 Union Mii6;l Bank. Bldjj., Little Uock, Ark. !: —Adv !--•"••• •«.»!. •uii^ii- \,i» ir> uuuivi •snmpthini' «;,',",«"i .'"",, lBgeUier ' developed than seed from selfed ock obfaCr : n\° tllc ° r ^!l iU ears, and the seedling Btart oft jiock is obtained. Hie work ol the much beltc-r ulvliw corn breeder is lo make, and lest, velo^en l .cores of such crosses la hopes of groins, ,, * , tCSl " g s a hoLtcr de- U> Ihe double-crossed ThoiiBh showing superiority Mn the region of its production, hybrid corn may chow none \ " sn Selected Shotls ..- - - Mafipec—10 <t 'He—With Ic Tax •fiijht—19 & 35c—With Ic Ta:; ^TUESDAY, JUNK 30;?75.00 : BANK NIGHTS — COMING SOON— OR BALLOTS" ivitli i^-d' d. Kob hjsoii. . PARADE" : with Jinutiy Allen. "CRIMir : OF •'-. DU.. rORBEfj" with Gloria. Staart and Robert Kent. RITE PRICE GROCERY 111 E. Main - - phone 231 Centennial Celcbr;i1ion Siwciab- Prices Coml li'riility 1 _SiiU 1 rdny. Montlay, Tucsiliiy Gtiiirantccti Fresh 8 ijl.00; -1 FIG BARS, bclicious ly Krcsh. Lb. C L'INEAPPLG, Cvnslicd TO Rcjf. lOc Value O White Kiblion Sliort- f>OC inK- -I II) <ISc; S II) Jo ONIONS, Fnncy New Crop. 2 POTATOES, Fey. Nc\v91C White or Red. l.b. 62 Ri|ie Timi'ilooii, lee Cold. Home Grown. 1 Caiiliiluupcs, lee Cold Guaranteed Ripe. Ka OATS, Crystal Wed- 1QC 3-Lb. l!ox U "Crcamo" m ISc; Ql. 35c; Gallon FLOUR, Gold Jlcdal ADC 2U-M). Sack M Chromium Dish Free ' BASKETS, Picnic or 1KC iUarketing. Each COCOA, Fresh, Pure 1 fTC 2-JA_Box iD_ HONEY, S'urc Strained. Full Pint 1 QC 10 TABLE SALT, 2 lioxes 5 l TOMATO PASTE, rC 2 Cans 3 SPAGHETTI or j MACARONI. 2 Uoxcsi POTTED MEAT, 2 Cans 5 C BUTTER fr RF:sii COUNTRY - LU . . PROCESS CRKAMERY, Lb 2Sc DOG FOOD, Full Lb. Cans r, lj Maraschino Cherries', Big 5-Oz. Bottle CATSUP. Pure Ton>a(o. 11-oz. Hottlo IftC o 11) PICKLES, Sour or 1 AC I)il'. Full Quart 14 MUSTARD t''uil Quart MEAL, Gold Medal Fey. Grade. 5-lb liai; 1'LOUR, White or Whole Wheat. 5 Ihs Dnarl. 1'ruit Jars .Full of Cocoutil or Black l'e])i)cr. EacU Best Pikes. Guaranteed Tender or Money JJack. All Qualities DRIED REEK, Large 7-Oz, Glass Piece Bacon, Sugar Cui'ed Stiuarcs. lb CHEESE, Fancy Wis.OAC Cream. Lb. CM POKK SAUSAGE, I^C Gtwnintecd : l > »re. \.bi" SA1/1 1 - MEAT 13oilinit. 12Vic; Siile, 17Vic FLOUR, So-0-Wliitc Gnaranlccd. 21 Ibs NOTICE curoilhu5 .... from us \ve Protect You Quality and Price. You Must Be Pleased "My Song is of Dodge" says MARION TALLEY, Lovely Opera Star itntv starring 'Jn "Follmv Your Heart", it \ ''• Hcpublic I'roituctinit V -/I! msutictivcly like beamy ond style... and tho Imndsomc new Dodgo wilii' its lovely appoinlcd interior and smarl lines, appeals to mo immeasurably. No wonilcr it is acclaimed for its lavish beauty . . . it's so much more expensive looking than il is. 1 was surprised nt Ihe really low price .. . .. .pleased with iha many expensive- car tea lures for one's safety nnd comfort ... tins extra attention to riding enjoyment makes long trips easy . . . On a recent trip from Kansas City Co Los Angelas, I enjoyed every minute and v,-ys not at all Urcd alter a long ilny ol driving. And •> Piiie I > as q mlo Sur p r i 5 (,j , 0 notetht i natVablosivingsoricasand oil ! or a i mlilnation of beaiily, st)-ln nna moi K y. M vin K features, it seem-. 10 me 11- t, % t ,,|d bo hard to surras this 1 inds r c nuw NEW LOW FfRST COST - r .l'iHi.\nan8 ( dtorilyouihai!i;tt..M ion coil. II,, 0 , ul , commticbl CrcJil Conpan, ~"'^°°n,^^^'. THUKSDAY, JUNE 25, i03l! ERTY CASH GROCERS 314 West Main Street, Blythcvillo, Ark. SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Memphis iMaid Fuil Quart n»TTKBrrfTMi i' m BEEF ^ (2 S° 16c 21c .hinilio Each i(J >Si)ic>. California Du/.on l'"<JHfy I'ound lOc llutlci- Wiii'i-r Sin. H»x Me •. Lar}',e lio\ Fresh. Extra Lar^c '"Ear 3c Oven Fresh. Suited <f E .« 2-LI). Box JLJSC SPARE RIBS Fresh . 4 g? _ Pound JL «3> C# NECK BONES Meaty Pound BACK Frcsh Pound I I V wl w > '° C " n < 1< %Jf%jrV PORK SAUSAGE Pound ISc PORK CHOPS, Lean Pound 2 ? Fresh River . Pound BOILED HAM Rolled With Butter lb. TOMATOES Standard No. 2 Can Hed Hose Lb. Pkg. 12c Standard 2 Cans Sc !.iir£-e M-o/. Ht)tt!e StBSaBaHSSBBS-.3HHBiiaSSS3EL ^TiPIir Kih or Brisket fount! SALT MEAT For Boiling •' .1 ' Pound GROUND : BEEF : Fresh Pound Bacon ^ 27e SAUSAGE Mixed Pork Pound ME'AL Best Cream 24-Lb. Sack c PINTO BEANS New Crop 10 Pounds COCONUT Fancy Shred Pound Shibley's Best Plain or Self'Rising ' ..24-Lb. Sack ' ^ AGMTTL" (Ju;irt I.ibby's No. 2 C;m • Libby's fs'c. 2'/i Can C Maxwell House Coffee -t "GOOD TO THK CAST DROP" POUNJ) FliNY" SA Vil BRIi-AD Nc "i J-iT 8C Con|i"n On JVH h Wvai.)|)t-r Worth It 'Cash or Trade l.ililty's. Hour or Uill jj: '^' :>.?.-w,. jar ISc •~ K > u ^^^v^'^MHHe4JKii^^HH^HmHIVHHHBHMVnQHHKSQS5W«Q BLACK PEfPER „ ,.„. „,„ lOc NAVY BEANS TEA Lipton's Orange Pekoe ' : '/, Lb. Can CC CREAM POWDER Package Package Libby's Lgc. 2S-Oz. Can

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