Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 15, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1952
Page 4
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"puni 1 ' •. ;.• r"'- ..a.- ;-ai^.'. a:pi. 7vir.?-^ea. ha: ; i'V:;;-. r.iakii.p a ~;rtinr a; v.:.'.: i,: t.:> ianiliiiav r,-: F: -N'.ada-ar. 1. ••.r^: di-"a': ii"i-'frat! n nutiana: a; laa a-* in lad- a ai '.a ^ riinuiii'ic.';- (.(»ifl<-n \V <T }flinir Past. Nov S<'('ks Di'^orcr ..i- An;' !•> Ma-. ;: -•II M:- : T ;a- ailiL aal:'-- --.i-- Mn!i !n. in. Mil.' If -A Sl.500 JK'I !-. salv!'d :niiu-{ sum, vt*,!", the avr.-r--; (1; .-Vll..-; U Wuvk. l^ liock IsaiTid vhi WLt< incki'O ui- a> r >aV' -'Tiaa-'. inila-! or. ti. wu:.-!- tJit.'.f: civ.i-v- ir. Iowa n::- ^\oI::1- au;ha-it-,-> .-ijiia ^*uii"t aj- ni:tr->; -i-lisr.!; .1'. ii;u!uund wutlini; -i!-.-v Xi F HiJso.n. -iT. J :t >ck is-.^r-.^. 'or >rti: '!'Ta Miditii- roM>t .»r>" *^-au-K v .-n> iirri-s-fi.: u: DavetijHirt ""tiT -^a:'. wrj-T a ,^i-u -fler froiu v-hon. s ,'UK -k hati ;aj ;er. Two 'walclj- o -i: -.-IT .nuir.:;is ak-o snottec htm r . do\s-r.ii^».T s:rfo: and notiiied Tonight ON PAINT CALE COOK'S SaiFFPROO' I FLOOR ENAMEL COOK'S PAINTS Sale starts Sai., May \7 through Sat., May 24 SmiAL REDUCED SPRING SALE PRICE RHG. SI.74 SAii PRO Of \Ot, CO- r>tf^ OiT5 -3«.- owc ^r rwic n-i.-- Tea; COOK 'S mm SEMi-SLOSS Cook's t. «tt=cur «aar cllfcWALLF!ifSH pt*- .-3.:>i ii:., Cff«?~'r: T:ir r HOUSE PAINT Haa« ?ain! is on -otiMzauin^ finsh *wfh on amazing degrse c- wTiftenssj end bornbSrfv . . . besnne r? b made on a balanced smuiicnsr.. t* keaas its»H cieon and white because it B mode on a ajfonrKT wroijaihor. And the itaiaiKxd fannuiotion resiits discolom- jsj ^r rroT- si-rtrraas cjasss one mihjew . . . Coot's ijoionced House Point gtve voi tns greotss* oorr votue you car. boy. COOK'S HOUSE PAIKT IS CONSISTENTLY BETTER . . . BECAUSE IT IS BALANCEDI 5-ve-% TT^nutarxTsr hai iujt oaoiT the some kind o? bosk mo- cr.iTTS-^ TO- making pom:. ConsiderinB thii, what he makes the ocm' ou^ o' detennmes the auoiity o: his paint. Cook's hove Diwavi asad oniv the best ingredients . . . the best manufactur- mc terfWEauss . . and hove ah«raYS produced o product that is baar.z&i for maxirr.urr wear and beou*>. Cook's is truly the uilnnote ir exterior painr protecttor.. REG. PRICE $589 m Five's BUY MOW! IBB SflQM Wmm SMI PWCB MEAM BI6 SAVINGS TO YOU! COOTS RAPIDBY N«^Y «finri« :: Vi ENAMEL L COOK'S RAPmRY VARNISH ISGUiARIY $1.77 c fcit5:r"«^ fcKSw onaoei iMt ite lilB^^Hic£ tB lay Tiqi iaalftf #aiirts at Real Sayings. ENAMEL %hm zU BLMIEFREE FLAT BIBL CDOK'S SenootwK SAUK 9tAML COOK'S SnaieTaBf FLAT BiABBL coors r^?.=y§^ mm COLORS -WW TTfta»*r •r*cr M -^crt* yoi. nar* «: scan- ;:.o» . Csia.- Pmr ae: yoi tfc* u<r^i>r txxc- iriaiiM »i>vrv raor Trair t«* I .SUO' Cs&ow*— «zsu»K Snnntinit Latmnv :.aar.— ax tmt Coio fia: raiaa.- uw < Tomi nitac «nD. mc- lumi mi BONT MISS THIS BIG SAU OFFER . . . WALLPAPER TWO ROUS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! OrK (coli oi An\ Polierr You Like Costing 2Sc or More fer Roll . . . and We Wili give You Another Roll or the Some Fulleii: Without Cost or Ooligotion. »«S. 2Sc Psttenis Tm fm Rs^. 2Sc Pol (cm 23' r 28' 5 32' S-t Twice «5 Uuch for tl» Price Voii'd liiua/Jy Poy.' Rag. 32c Potttrm Twe For kai. 39c tattRB itos. 4 »t Pattenis Ka^. 54c Patttras r3r?49'£54' crery fcnern in itock Corfius 23c or *Jore h Inciuded.' Hiis Offer ID Effect aast 1 Week! Ckmx Fm Ikaem of Patterns M mspior r. FOK SKITTERS SASH OOtSRi RES. SI.^4 S OBS- PRIS 1 75 ft!. COOK'S tEB tAtI PAINT REG. ^ ^ I CLEM — J GUSS ^^^^ iciw oo ^jat «n- I ^^^^^^^ Joyce Lumber Co. - . 2-Wp £ I SJZE 201 Central Lsllienilk. lt.».a ; IIEASURIII6 PITCHER ' I aaWK i eapi! Uafk- of toeary ^iase with tsRw —' I .JUI ..t e 45 r m I'lcnic- at state park. Hrinp t ^wr. sem 'U 'f and 50 rrnts. North S»*T Lodcv No. 44-:. AJ. * .\J «L T p ni Third dfjrrfH- H JILS. Rf M «thodiKt Chnrch. 7 'SO p m At the church parlors. St RtSs 'K <^Jt\ «i p. tc- XlBot with Mrs. Anns Bagan. Airs Rx>> Htii>d and Mrs. E. S. MoKaJ-H. assLitinp bostcsseB. Frwicv C. W. F. of CfariBtbot Cainrch. 2 p. m. At the church. Propram ^y the AJD Pfeoplf s srronp; tea by ' thp r>ale Hallow proup. Slides i t -nlitled "S(»eiop is Believini:" -will I he RhoWE by ihe 3le\-. Clvde i K C. S. <anin. «1 - IM^liodifft -dtmrdL . i:30 p. m MitcheU No. 1 with Mrs. Slarvic Orelie: Morton No. ::. with Mrs. Owwi Mortont De- manpy Xo. S. with Mrs. William S. Johnittoi:: Repd No. 4. with Mrs XVnniF Knut-ten: Wjttneben No 5. win mwt at 1 o'clock for a picnir at Port I>efianf:c; Blagp No. 6 -Witt Mrs. Robert Hart- mar.; Ro «F No. '. with Mrs. Lyle Klinp -f ^r; r >aniP.lson No. 8, -with : Mrs. Orvillr Boynton Lakr Short* Onuntrj Cluh. ; 2:SP p IT. At thr hoin'. of Mrs. Will Han -py Sr. and lda_ Brmp I a separate picture of a mother and her child: also a houBehold quesiior. to b< answered. i PTefshnrterian Church GirdeK. ; 2 :3ti p. m. Partelio-Wee. at the home ot Mrs. Harr>- Bauman Jr_ with Mrs. Lap >-d Allen and Mrs. : G. K. Raiff assistinp: Heidkf^ Hansen, al the home of Mrs. Hen, ry Sciiroder. Mrs. Mary Soeth. Mrs Ira Swartz assisunp: Story- Schoonover. at tli< home of Mrs. Norwood Zehner. Mrs. 5. G. ; Ewec and Mrs. Thomas! Nivison assisttnjr: Shebren-Ashbuni. at the borne of Mrs. Neil Brown. , Mrs. Tom Juhl and Mrs Ltaw- ; rence Good-win assistinp. \ Vmst Noble Gxandi^. ' if p. m. Meet with Mrs. Dennis 1 Knudaen. Mrs. Georjre Tomhav<' ; and Grace McClurc. assistant j hostesses. Koll call to be answer• ed by -vucation plans. Smurday ; Girl Scont BnmnuMTP Sale. 9:00 a- m. On the band stand nojUi of the courthou."»e. Hot dops and pop for sale too. Anyone may call 1532J or 1-421 for pickup of articles, nomen of thr Hoose Bummape and Bake Sale. 9:00 a. ni-1 p. ai. In the Mixxst- hall lobhv ! U.C.R. of the EstfaervlUe Lutheran Church. 2 p. m. At the church. Mother s j day propram. All mothers in\-il- 1 ed. ; Okanuuipado Chapt«-r of D-A. Jl. ; 2:3(» p. m. At the home of Mrs. I John Greip. Busmesf meelinr 1 and election of officers Guest ' speaker, Arvil fiuta. AssisJ- i inp Mrs. V.". \r. WT.- Ron. Mrs F. R.'Everd.v and Mist Amney Wood. Monday St. aiarparet's Circle "of the ; .-Utar and Sosaiy Sodetj,: '< 1:30 p. m. I>essert luncheon at I the home of Mrs. John Harvey. , Mrs. Mary Miller, assistant hostess. St. FranciK Circle. ; ? p. m. At the home ot Mrs. Earl '; Bapan, Mrs. Harr>- Bundy. assistant hostess j Nicholas Hit« at j Lack of Interest I Bristow. liL- May uT"- - I.;. Gov. Williair. H Nu-holiis say< th; ; lack of inierejit on the part of 'i "pood AmeriranF' for n better and \ cleaner pr>vprnment niipht wreeU the nation "a.'i surely a* a conquer or " The RopuhHcan candidate for . povemor mnde hif rtanurks las: nipht to the praduntinp olnjss o. ' Itri-stow hipl-. school, when h-. i pradufltod 4C yciirs .•«:<.. • He urped the class* members 1c dedicate themseHT-s to the pn^er- vation of "our form of ptiwrnmen; with its rreedoTvi and »>pportunit>- , for Individuals." DVNNELt Church Holds Its MonlhlA^ Conference MY MBS. E. G. SWANSO.V The American Lutheran conference, E8tber \-ilIe-Spenccr area, convened for its motithly meetinp &t ImmanucI Lutheran church Moa- day. May 5, at 10 a. m. Speaker for the sesBionis was Bev. Holte, as- Bistant executive B «rt:rctary of the Evanpelical Lutheran ctmrch. younf^ people division. Plane were made tor the fall meetinps x proup of women from the local La. dies "Aid served noon dinner, and a lunidi foHowinp the afternoon aeSBion. • Among those in'Bttenflancc were the Ber. snd iixa. "W^iUiiaB <43t>.-^eo- son. Spirit Lake, la.; the Kev. and Mrs. Gilbert Jensen. Royal, la. the Re^•. John Jensen and BOO. the Kcv. Roland Jensen ol Spencer; the Bev. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson. EtmnctsimrR. la.; the Rev. and Mrs. Vic -OnbertspB. Cylinder, la-: Mrs. L. G. Hinderaker, Estherville; the ReVi BusseH A. Olsoi^, Petersiiurp: Ihe Bev. and Mrs. S. E. Knutson, JRuthvent the Rpv. and Mrs. H. E. Raamussen, Arm- stronp, and the local pastor, the Bev. and Mrs. T. C. Peterson. Sherbum High Grwhmtion. Rev. T. C. Peterson -will preach the baccalaureate seimoB at exercises at Eherburs hipb acbool Bunday {^-enlnp. May 25. Graduation exercises are planned for May 29. Out of the class of 46 members, 15 praduates come from Bunnell They are Marrell Hanson, Robert Appelquist Jr.. Patricia Enpel, John Carlson, I >arrell Anderson, Dawn Deerinp. Norman AndeTBOn. Colleen Matthies. Elaine Schley. Earl Benson. Leona Kinp. Roi>ert Hechl. Joan Koeneckt. James Clark. Jerrj- HUBC. To Chw Mother. As Mrs. C. A. Thulien's birthday u-^ May S, her dauphters, Mrs. Li- nu."; Nelson and Douplas and Mrs. Harold Mathwip. -went by bus up to St, Pan! to ppend the day with her and Dr. Thulien o± Betbesda Home. The>- took alonp a birthday cake for the happy occasion. A sister of Mrs. Thulien, Mrs. O. A. Kuhlmey, and husband of Superior. 'WiB.. also had driven down for the birth- dav. Study Club The la-st meetinp of the year ol the Bunnell TComers study club was held at "the home of Mrs. Herbert Asp Tuesday oveninp. The new president. Mrs. Baryl Bel>er- ness. appointed the committee for note; year's work Named were propram committet. Mrs TR"a>Tit Anderson chairman, and Mrs. j Claire Hyblvert and Mrs. John Mar' kus T -Rti book report-' were pivcc: one. b\- Mrs. Perry Enpel. "Pearf- abk' Kinpdom" and Mrs. Daryl Be\ berriess "Room Por On? More'" by I A. Perrot. Tentative plans arc to I have the club picnic wtth families included at the church park. Sunday. June 2:. at noon. The hoEt- ess served lunch. A dauphtor was ham tf> Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyos'JIay 7 a± the Holy F'amily hospital. Esthervillf- Pive-year-old David Lyon is wait- inp Impatient}?- for his nsTr little sister to come home. Callerv at Larsonv. Callers at the Larson torothers farm home this week were Myron I Johnson and Anna Larson of Bwea i City, who called Btmday. and Mr. I and Mrs C B Swanson of Si- Paul, who came Saturday for an over-Sunda.v visit. Birthday TMnner. Mr. .ind Mrs. "Walter Anderson eniertnined at a birthday dinner Sunday MB,V 4 for tnerr dauphter- irslaw Mrs. Robert Anderson. At the dinner Mr and Mrs. Ted ' Ko.hrs and Jackii Mrs. James Ken^Tir. and James Jr. Mr. and Mrs "Robert Andenon and Sbeiyl, and the host's famll\. EsftiorvilK liow&. PsdO^r Sews Thnts.. May 1.%, imS. 4 NOTICE LAST CALL BABY CHICKS May 29III Lost Hatch Oct yowr broodier ho«5*r rt>a<ly at <»i»ce «nd <^mr in to JJIM > owr chick> w jstiB have some a><tilnh)e. WOODLErS HATCHERY

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