Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 28, 1963 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1963
Page 12
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12 - Friday, June 28,1963 Redlands Daily Facts DINING ROOM - An antique mirror over the built-in sideboard odds depth 1o the room. We're Setting the Pace- When it ecmes to "Discount" operation all of our new friends and customers agree — TRONA CARPETS IS "DISCOUNTING THE DISCOUNTERS" By special arrangement with the mill we con offer for this week only: "PARKLANE" , y85 A beouHful eonfemporory^nodBrn, higft-fow, Dw- ^ Pont continuous filoment nylon in ten stunning colors. This carpet is guoranteed by th« mill for a ten year period for wear. per yd. This Carpet h nafionaff/ advertised at $9.95 for the carpet alone. For o brief period, we will inslol! tVis carpel over SO ounce waffle podding in your home for fho low, low price of $7,85 per yard* ESTIMATES GIVEN & SAMPLES SHOWN IN THE HOME- Our mechanics are complefel/ licensed and bonded. Trona Carpets 1426 W. Park St. Phone 792-8262 Redlands (One Block South of fie<Jlands BM. and One Block Eosf of Tenneuee) To Rear of Putnam Marine Boat Shop NOTICE or runuc IIEARLN'C Notice Is hereby e'ven that the City Council. City ot Bedlin<is. County ol San Bemirdlno. CalUomfa, wiU Jiotd a public hearing on Beulutlon No. 22V6, a rewlutlon ot Intention o( the City of Bedlandj to order the vaci- tion of all that portion of Sunset Street described as follows; AH that portion of SO toot wide Sunset Street between Summit A\-e- nue and Campbell Avenue as shown on Map No. 2 of « Portion of Bed- lands Heights recorded in Book 6, page 39 of Maps. San Bernardino County. State ol California. Said Public Hearing will l>e held in the Council Chambers in the Safely BuUding. 212 Brookslde Avenue, Bedlands. California, at 3:00 p.m. on July IS, 1863. HAZEI. M. SOPEB, City Clerk. Be modern with MOEN Sanitary Plumbing Co. 1248 S. Wabash Ave. Redlands 794-2131 KOTICE or PUBLIC BEABINf] BEDLA.VOS FLA.V.VINC COMMISSION- PLEASE TAKZ NOTICS lhat. pursuant to the provisions of Ordinance No. lOOO the Planning Commission of the City of Bedlands will hold a Public Hearing in the Council Chambers of the City Safety HaU In the City ot Bedlands at 3:00 p.m.. July 9. 1863, to consider the following: An appHcallon hai been received for a zone change from R-3 (Multiple Family Residential) District to R-Z -200a (Multiple family Besiden- tl»l) District for property located on the North side of Cypress Avenue, approximately ISO feet West ot Bed- lands Boulevard. Property consists of approximately four (4\ acres. Request submitted by Fred Johnson. Anyone objecting to, or in favor of. the above is invited to appear and show cause why the samt should or should not be trtnted as requested. Approvals or objections may be in writing filed with the undersigned prior to said Hearing, or may be orally made at the Hearing. P^TEO this 28th day of June. 1953. W. C. SCHINDLER, Planning Director. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARLVG ^oUce Is hereby given that the City Council, City of Redlands. County of San Bernardino. California, will hold a public hearing on Resolution No. 2297. a resolution of Intention of the City of Redlands to order the vacation of all that portion of Kansas Street described as follou-s: The westerly M of Kansas Street, a street of 80 foot width, as shown on the Map of Barton Ranch recorded In Book 6 of Maps, page 19 thereof. Records of San Bernardino, lying between the southerly line of Colton Avenue, as said avenue Is shown on the Map of Barton Ranch, and the northeasterly line of the lOO-foot wide Atchison. Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company right-of-way. Said PttbUc Hearing will be held in the Council Chambers In (he Safety Building, 212 Brookslde Avenue, Redlands. CaUfomia, at 7.00 p.m. on July 16, 1963. HAZEL sr. SOPER. City Clerk. Keep Your Garden Pest-Free The ORTHO Way —J BUGETA For Snails ISOTOX For Bugs ORTHORIX For Mi/dew DAMGERMOND'S NURSERY For FREE Delivery Phone 792-3885 Hiway 99 - One Mile West of Redlands Closed Sundays FROM KITCHEN — Door opens into den ot right while counter seporotes kitchen ond dining room in the Homj' horn*. Jasmines are just terrific On any warm summer evening when you catch a wift of heady perfume from the garden, you can make a pretty good guess at its origin: Jasmine. \\'hile there are other fragrant shrubs to be found in southern California during the warm months, there is none more prevalent — nor more fragrant Jasmines are fabled in the storybook of gardening and are planted in many temperate climates of the world. But nowhere are they better suited than to our own gardens. And nowhere are they available in greater variety. Local members of the California Association of Nurserymen offer at least half a dozen different jasmines and all are fragrant, though some are more so than others. Let's take a look at some of them. For old time's sake, we start with the Common Jasmine, or Poet's Jasmine, as some prefer calling it. A ranging climber, it will cover your overhead trellis with fragrant, 1-inch blooms through the warm months and into fall. Spanish Jasmine is similar to the above, but shrubbier and bearing larger flowers. It is less fragrant in flower, however, and less desirable where that is the favorite jasmine trait Another shrub-like jasmine, and one which has both handsome flowers and heavenly fragrance, is the Maid of Orleans Jasmine. It is more tender than any of the others and should not be planted where winter frost is much of a factor. Italian Jasmine is a shrub when pruned to that shape or a long- ranging vine when left alone. It blooms well into fall, often until after Thanksgiving. Showy Jas- muie is a shrubby member of the family with profuse yellow flowers during the warm months. Ftim- rose Jasmine is a spring-blooming member of the family, with flowers coming as early as January in sheltered gardens. These last three are less fragrant than the first three named above, but they still are nicely perfumed. Botanically the above jasmines are found as follows: Common Jasmine (Jasminum officinale); Spanish Jasmine (Jasminum of­ ficinale grandiflorum); Maid of Orleans Jasmine (Jasminum sam- bac); Italian Jasmine (Jasminum humile); Showy Jasmine (Jas­ minum floridum); Primrose Jasmine (Jasnunum primulmura). WINS DAMAGE AWARD LONDON (UPI) — Stanley Aris was awarded $12,600 by a court Thursday because he has had a steady whistling sound in his left ear since being injured in an automobile accident GOLD AND WHITE — Wallpaper in white and gold covers one wail of the second bedroom in the Hams' home. LLrS POINTERS By Polly Cramer DEAR POLLY-If there is a youngster in the house who cannot wait to get a taste of the cake you are baking, use a little ot the batter to make a cupcake and give It to bim for a snack. This will satisfy bim until dessert time. The small aluminum plates that frozen meat pies come in make nice-size pans in which to make individual cakes for children's parties. Grease, fill with batter and bake like cupcakes. Decorate to suit the occasion. Each child can have a cake with a candle to blow out at a burth- day party. -MRS. M. H. DEAR POLLY—When your baby has outgrown the "lap pad" stage, cut a deep half circle out of one of the short ends of the pads, add ties and you have a large waterproof bib. I also use them for my 3-year-oId. —MBS. H. H. H. *DEAR POLLY-If you are doubtful about the number of birthday candles to put on a cake, place them in the form of a question mark and you will please the honored guest —MRS. E. L. GIRLS—This would often be very tactful, even if you are sure bow many candles "should" be put on the cake. —POLLY Snyder's Termite Control • Treatments and control services for anfs, roaches, termites, moths, etc. • New, safe famigation for dryirood teimites and other household pests. HOUSEHOLD AND GARDEN INSECTICIDES FOR SALE! 18 EAST VINE STREET PHONE PY 2-3U1 DEAR POLLY—An ordinary spring type roller shade makes a handy curtain on storage shelves in the basement or tool shed. It stays in place and when you want to get at the shelf, you raise it out of the way as you would the shade at a window, —E. R. DEAR POLLY—To prevent my sewing machine from "crawling" due to vibration while I am sewing, I bought two pairs of rubber crutch tips and placed them on the legs of my sewing machine cabinet. Now no matter at what speed I sew, my machine stays where I want it. —MRS. H. L. ir. DEAR POLLY-If loose brush bristles spoil your varnish job, tape a piece of screen »ire against the paint can and with a few inches of the screening extending upwards. Occasionally wipe the brush across the end of the screen and it nill remove any loose hairs. When hanging curtains on a flat rod, it is easier if a knife is inserted in the end of the rod so the curtain will sUde easily over the knife handle. -MRS. H. Jf. DEAR POLLY-^Vhen I bring in our newspaper, our little two- year-old always fusses to have it lately I have been reroliing the previous day's paper and putting a rubber band around it like the newsboy does. When I bring in the newspaper I now give her one just like it and she is happy and content with her own paper while we read ours in peace. —A. M. C. DEAR POLLY-Knitted or crocheted dresses should be given careful attention between wear- ings. Do not hang on a coat hanger and do not fold in a drawer in a plastic bag. Here is a good idea, even for the traveler. Punch holes in a large mailing tube and insert your favorite sachet bags into the tube, just to make it smell nice. Then roll the dress carefully around the exterior of the tube. Wrap in plastic and tie with ribbon at either end. Garments keep their shape pei^'ectly and are protected from moistttre if you are at the seashore or near any water. —JIRS. G. S. SELL IT TOMORROW With an inexpensive aassified Ad CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES IfeasonaWy Pricerf • free Est'mates Kirsch Drapery Hardware Installed Woven Wood Draperies All types roller window shades Redlands Shade Shop 620 Orange Street Phone 792-5807

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