Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 14, 1952 · Page 7
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 7

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 7
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Get Dough for Doodads-SeH What You No Longer Want Bus. Opportunity' S200.00 MONTHl-Y SPARE TIME Will solocl if'iiicsi'iitativr to si -iv- ici' morelinnillsinp machines. No si'Uins. must haw $600.00. EiKlit houis weokly will n.-t $200.00 monthly.' For Intorvirw. wrlto wriU> United Distrilmlors. P. O. Bo.\ 511. Cnrth«s«'. Missouri. JR7-2X-21 DISTRIBUTOR wnntcd by national brpwory for pood market In northorn Iowa. Writp Box 57B, carr Dailv Nows. 187-4x-21 Automotive 11 For Sale l^fstmnmu 9aUi Ktiv^ Want To Rent Personai FOR .S .VUK 1011 Clu'vrnl.'t Club lotipc. K\<<lli >n! ciuKiitinn Ow- nir l.'Rvlnp foi dv -rsias ilutv. fall UL 'l.. Fldir Mustard Jr. l8T-3\-n FOR SALE l!Mii Btiiik Six-cial. Ni-wly ov.nliaulcd motor. Body In Kiiod condition $150.(X). Ph. nSSW -lamr.H LuiWinbcrR. 18P-:t\ll FOR SALE - Hardware- Plorc In X. \V. Iowa. Boltlod pas, appliances, plumbinp. hoatinp. radio. T. v.. etc. Good vollimo. Approximately $S5,000 includlnp fixtur- PB and stock at inventory. SIS.OOO will handle. Write Box fiTKN. 1R5 -6X -21 HIS VOTE'S AFLOAT. Ulysses S. Morton, 82, will vote thi.s year, despite the fact that he has u I'loatinp addres.-). Once or twice, Morton says, he has boon unable to vote hecaiLie the state of Ohio has contended that his floatinp home, m-ar Cincinnati, is on the Ohio rivor, and therefore is on Kentucky property. However, the county prosecutor nt Cincinnati has <lelivered an opinion that Morton is entitled to register and vote in Ohio. —Local Markets— Eggs Drop; Corn Higher, iFlax- Down Eggs were a penny per dozen oft on the local produce market today. Corn was a penny higher but oats dropped a cent and flax a nickel cn the local grain market today. GRAIN Old corn $1.G7 New corn Soybeans Oata (36 lbs.) Flax Graves Qraln Company Oruver, Huntington. Maple Hill PBODUCE Sweet cream -VSc No. 1 71c No. 2 _ 69o Henneries 31c No. 1 28c No. 2 2.'5o Straight run 26c Hens, under i\i lbs 10c Hens, ihi lbs. and over 13c Heavy cocks Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks choice liphtweiphts 19.25; lbs. S16-$18. 400-500 $1.63 $2.69 . 780 $3.83 Chicatio Livestock Chicapo. May H l."Pi An active hop market lepained yesterday'.* drop in prices as 8,000 head cleared cary with some prices ;is much as 40 cents hiph(]r. The cattle market was moderately willi prices steady to strong except prime steers 1.20Q pounds and over were steady to weak. Slauphter Inmb.? were stronp to 25 cents higher. GRADUATION ContinuotI from pago 1 cnts, friends and students will be held at 11 a. m. May 22 for the presentation of awards for basketball, attendance, scholarship and citizenship. Seniors will take part in the assembly as class promotion day. A picnic will follow the assembly. The Rev. E. S. Maynard will give the sermon nt Graettinger baccalaureate services in the high school auditorium. Invocation and bone- diction will bn given by the Rcv_ Arthur Rasmusson. The junior' senior banquet will he held at the school cafeteria Monday. The commencement program will be held at 8 p. m. Tuesday in the high 10c 1 school auditorium with Dr. Leon- NicE OPPORTUNITY: To start your own little profitable business. No experience is necessary. You can start with sp.ore or full time to first feel your way and expand as earnings justify. A relinbie Dun nnd Bradstreet rated firm will select n responsible individual from this area to represent our products distributed through new automatic merchandising machines. An investment of only $600.00 in 20 initial machines and merchandise is required to you. When you can see growing profits you can then add additional equipment and Inventory for expanding. One of our items is a new chlorophyll Gum type product, which is receiving so much national publicity. This l.s- an opportunity well worth your fullest investigation. For personal interview, write, giving your qualifications, name, address and phone number to .Mr. Wiggins. Pres., Interstate Vending Corp oration. 508 So. Main Street Car­ thago, Mo. 185-4-21 FOR SALE—Grocery store within radius of 40 miles of Esthervllle. $70,000 volume of business last year. Building, stock and equipment. Reason for selling, poor health. Write Box 57GT. Esther­ vllle, la. 182 -6X -21 FOR SALE 193i> Clievrolet Tudor. First $100 take-i it See after 5 p. m. Ervin Rape. Ort.T N. 12th. 18H-3\-Il FOR SALE -1P47 •l-<loor Pontloc Streamliner. Exeeptinnally clean. Glenn Weiby. Call 12H.J between noon and 8 p. m. 185-^1-11 FOR TIRE MILEAC;E have ufl switch tires and check wheel alignment to help cut down tire wear. THOMAS MOTOR? 183-3-11 vouit I.I Miu:r. NF.KPS We c.'ia (viMK ^li plui-^ r ..iNr- lals for \uui nrw ii,li:-< fence. lii\\ II tunii'.m,- T* !I ti* ' your lie, ^l^ U\^^ INth 1- vllle. t^i'tiiniiviult I Kl(\,({i>;* Huntinc'.in. \\ K S.onitii\n mannp.i ls7 \ FOR S.VLK '.Ki: ,\\niin«t.! i ui. nnd iliiV4i \|.oi! i:,!n:i H>>i. f, I'll 1272\\ IS: :X \V. FOR SAl-K C H K M .Spani.l yuf pic*. MrM <t,itti:, Suitiniei . \y, fMiIre .11 .1 .V I. I'.r. 1".: ;> le 10c HAMHflti.Kl;.s r .,^i ,n . \ IJakiiN 0\-< 1^ S,ilu'.l,i\ p,ui-.t-| until initlii(j;ht 1^7 ,1 10 j FOR SAI.K :i P..V1I1.1 -I'liiii; 111 — 30c a i«nini| Uaii i-Jelliiip, 11 ml. K :ind fi' S . n .1 IST ."», 1" ^1 ; ^,1^,4^ Mn I.S7 \\vt\.. M..> II. l!».Vi ^ I'J.lii nt Loans and Ins. CAR TROUBLES? For carefree spring driving and gns saving top performance, bring your car to us for n spring checkup. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 183-6-11 LET US take care of your automotive needs. Bumper to bumper scrvicc-all makeo. See us. Robinson Motors "Pontlac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll Want To Buy 20 WANTED—Wo will pay 7o each for empty seed corn and field feed bags that are in ROOA con ditlon. Golden Sun Milling Co. Phono 296 or 297. 186-2-20 Help Wanted Real Estate SUBSTITUTE wanted to carry west-side Daily News route June 1 to Sept. 1 while I am away Richard Crees. Ph. 672J or 333. 186-5X-2 HELP WANTED Truck driver or 'Irap lini> op.rator. Contact F, (t. Weir, evenings. Ph. 1.398J. 186-2-2 WAITRESS WANTED—Apply in person at Pantry Cafe. 176-tf-2 .8c Sioux City Livestock Sioux City, May 14 iT>—Sioux City livestock market quotations: Cattle salable 4,800; calves 20; slaughter steers ilOO lbs. down moderately active, steady; other steers slow; some bids weaker; heifers mainly steady; cows steady to strong; atockers and feeders scarce, little changed; few sales good and" choice fed steers $30-$34; several loads held higher; commercial lots around $28; few good and choi- will b.o May 29. ce heifers $29-$32; some held high-' " ard C. Murray, director of public health education of the Iowa d". paitment of health, delivering the address. He will speak on "How Stronp Is America?" * * * .SI'I'T. K. V. Manchester will present the class and Oral Bonsteiiri Vill present diplomas to 30 graduating seniors. Barbara Jensen, class valedictorian, will give tho class farewell address and lone Bonatead, salutatorian', will give the welcome address. Esthcrvillo baccalaureate services will bo May 25 and graduation The Swan Lake consolidated or; commercial $26-$27; bulk utility and commercial cows at $2225.50; few $26-26.60; most canners and cutters 18.50-$21; scattered sales medium and good stock steers $27-$31. Hogs salable 6,000; barrows and gilts generally 25-50 higher; choice No. 1 and 3 barrows and gilts 190250 lbs. 20.50-$21; numerous lots around 240 lbs. down 20.75-$21; short double deck 225-230 lb. No. I's, 21.10 to order buyers; choice 1 and 3' H around 260-280 lbs. $2020.50; 290-320 lbs. 19.50-$2O; load around 360 lbs. $19; few big weights around $18-18.50; good and choice 100-180 lbs. 18.50-19.50 on feeder and serum accounts; sows around 300-400 lb. $18-$19; few school at Maple Hill has no grad uatea this year. Best Way To Use Paint Remover Paint and varnish remover will take off an old coating of paint that is In bad condition. Apply tho remover to a small area at a time. Allow it to stand a few minutes until It softens tho old pnlnl. Scrape oft the old finish with a scraper or .steel wool. Be- FOR SAI.E Beautiful acreage tor sale. All kinds of fruit and shrubs in a high state of cultivation. All modern house, narago and barn. Owner will givelpossession Sept. J FOR SALE—Two-room house and 1 acre ground on East Ij.-iwn. FOR SALE—160-.icro farm, close to Esthervllle, excellent location, Clarion soil. W. S. CLARK AGENCY Phono 5!50 187-4-8 1 .^r 3 .i«r* r<>ur Onr «wfl( «. n«'. uMt inB»rt 1 .>IU>KH H - * , '1 rin r. t <ri -..;i .^e, ..n IW »,,nl t< p »r • • .If i.#f » f<i J. tv#r %• r'1 fan* \<t I 'AHH Willi » t.HTUt . ? INi- irc» If r»- I'IMtSON «,l 1 1 > \ N For Rent t>ftl , •n,1 i; 1 *,lv#fI .Mr • FOR SALK Bessii' 1.1 ill 893J. H I 1 ri»:rr :itoi. SO'.i N .vth .'-it 1.^T I 'h 'v 10 .>r t >h»'D,' rutr^nr ihfir K.lTirncfmfDti in lb* nm i »«u* enr* lUl n« ft!lt>la»nt'-v« i AI, b« m«il* Aftar itM nnt l««UA I ion • 1 .1 I'. 1 : N' I'l M: I! 1-'\ 1 1 For Sale K Services Motor Oil. liny w.itht y.h- i; il Filter Cartridges $1 .'.% Fuel pumps •«:'.')'.• WESTERN AI'Td AS.'-sor SlDKiv I SIMI'I.HX p..I l;iM. 'I'mx • 1 "-f I <H1 W' U : Sleil, ITiHtW ll).uiv;l, 't .-H t lU; 111. I !• <il : iM 'i '.'v 111 Il M: l.ll 1. . t: i.v r' SALE OV DI .SCO .NTIMKI* COLORS OF I.NTKIUOK I'AINT 20 pel cent iltwtiuint mi ;i l ;ii^-. lot of fanii>u« Cdk.-. ii.iint.-i 1- i.i! Rcml-plo'is. enamel, I 'mnr .lOYCF. I.IMUKI! I 'D I'i.'i n JUST AnUlVKD I'll.If ..r ,lmii" Beaut ifiil n'w I'ahfoinii il, roi ator'.H S A.\- 1U)HX Fl• ItNITl:P.K IH.^ :i 111 FOR SALE LlRhlnlng rod*. 7' yrt of «Jttlflfletl eustiiniei ^ Call eol \ Irrl I3I7J. S02 E inih SI. Sprr ' err. Itt. Gus D. Hnlh. 137 (lOx tv RKI-I1K5KRATOU .'^I'KiIA N. IV. S font repi iKer.M.i .Spe, 1. ally jirleeil nl $1!'1>93 HKIPKE KI.KCrnU- I'll i;7 tf 10 A GH -'I- FOR THE URinK Beautifully stvleil Niilnne ilimr chimes for kilcln ii. Imlhv.iv- er living roorn. OI,SON KLECTUIC SERVK^K 1H5 :i 111 FOR SALE Spiinp fn.K. D.llv ered In town, $1 Clayton Tlmii son. Phone .'lilOJ nr llarliia Hash, Ph Mie V.TU IMi 2l(i RAWI.KlCll Haiuiianii. PltOIHt'T.H I 'h 274 J. !•: I- 30 tf -IO I'Ol; l;i;Nr : ui iii-'i.. A • .Viliiii -.1, '••i., I IS.-.•. |•llU iM'N'r .,|.:,..i,,. e.: I'OH Ki:Nr ill'^l! I Ml, III l -:iib. 1 \ 1111 ;i :lt M tnt'et I I •lii I 'l .i .i. \> I, Mi fl- M. I' -1. |„,.,. Farm i-i 11: f.M It K.N r y > III !• 11 ;:» e. I'l, .111. I r.i I', itlfl. .1 • .'i:' 1 '<7 i: ; FOR SAI.K IH !ni Hlll.'k li:»wU beuil'i 1 City AUpnl! I'dR .'<AI.K Spiitli.l iiii^ii * mil. 11 11 lit lluiilllipl.ili nil Rial, hill J I) Snillh l"! FOlt Iti:Nr AfiiUu. 11' Hiillillr.p I'lii.ii. 771 FOR IinNT Kviinlril,. il .,i lllltlleil JlpiM t nil III I 'll I'iiiieiii-e i:iinii V '.ii. iitifif r iri If -> Il i\\ \ l! 1 .' ,.11 I- U -.W I ITS r wsM H HANK WK IH) .,.n !r:».I |J»i!lt lAUlk un f. r i-Kiiiimle nn rttorlor ami Inl.rlnr |:im!lMt; I 'ti lft#(> II IAV A I'l.liil si,.i, 1« If 9 I-1 >i! I- ni:i; I 'll fl I' I'J.KfP nnil .l<-Ilv.-ry ,* 1; 1 •linn»-r« 3 .^1 If 9 JUST REfKlVKD' Mm., new curtains tailoriil paisn. eottap.' sets. bunpaloWH ami I 'ri.«eill'i.« EULER.S VAI.rK STORK iKn-2-ii) SIXTY FEET ot Smith 1207IAV. ciijiper iiibini.'. 181) -Jv HI PLEASANT HOME For Sale— Large living room. 2 cheerful bedrooms, convenient kitchen overlooking garden. Two picture windows on south and cast. Shade trees. Full basement. ESTHERVILLE REALTY Ph. 1340 or 1638J 187-1-8 FOR SALE—Commercial building. 30x60, lot 30x132. Central Ave. Priced to sell. RIDOUT REAL ESTATE Ph. 1650 or 1759 187-2-8 FOR RENT OR SALE-Threo- room house on 5th Ave. No. Ur- las Uptagrafft. Ph. 1757LJ. 187-2-8 FOR SALE-Two-bodroom house and lot. Ray Bowen, 711 So. 12th 187-tf-8 fore imttlng on now paint, clean, SJAT p PnttnFo on Snirit tho old surface thoroughly -"ith , TuJ.tli. WANTED—Girl or woman to work in Coffee Shop. No experience needed. We teach you. Good wages plus meals and uniforms. Gardston Coffee Shop. 124-tf-2 WAJJTED—Waitress. Palace Cafe. 10»-tf-2 Men Wanted General Packinghouse Work Davis Packing Co. FOR SALE Four room, on.' nlorv house to t.e niiivcd Wind for olec.tricitv, Pli 592H2, Spliit Lake. IW :ix 10 SU.MMEH SHIItTS Sports shirts, polo Hhirts iiiul tee ithirts. Wide i.inpi nf M/, ~, colors and prices. SURPLUS STORE 18.') .•'.Ill RUMMAGE AND BAKE SALK Saturday, May 17, 9 a. ni. to 1 p m. Sponsored hv Women nf tli- Moose. Sale will be held in the MooBP hall lobby. lS .%-0 Id HOUSEHOLD I'TR.NIHHINiIS foi sale, living suiti . 1 yi^ii old; bedroom .suite, 1 year uliI, dinette set, practically new. Norgc gas stove, refrigerator, automatic washing machine. ;ixl2 wool rug. end taliloH, coffee (nbli-, record player and other iiil«e articles. Am moving to Califm nia. must sell by June 1. All fm- nlture In good condltlnn. And row Roslna, Herhrnndson liulld- ing, enat of Vondys. 185 .", 10 FOR SAl.i: Few Mrilleln o( e .lll t|. il HiMi'UllIiW U «.1 \1.1MI1 "...I .lulin Klliu;l).ll ,^7W,'^ 180 •.' 7 l''OH SAI.K 5.'Vi 1,1'i'tuiin piillil" f» •A,iU, ..111 S.llint,. i .iT .uitii- i.r liiiillh. Also 2 111 u SI \(i' oiil.ui.!. lir.Hiili r hiHiHi n Tliev liiive (.-..I 111 I'll li !• Ku 1( Siipi'i li>i iMi ;u 7 WANTED YOI'K KC ,ns. CRKAM A.N'D POULTRY lllplieHl mill piii <H paid Floi k I iilllnp i»irv|. e Tiy iiiir ill piniliible. eiinvi nli lit niHi U. t, phiifie III. P ('• I;RAY I C'l ?, 7 FOR SAI.K Huv. npei mn !>• ims, cliam-.l, J3 a Iiiir.h. I .luliii 1, .folini-iin I'll 21IW7, N'o Sivdir day 1 iillT IH2 7 7 FOR YOUR NEEDS IN New and Uneil .Miulilneiv VIKING .MOrORS Alwayn ,i H-iuiire ilml ai Viking , your .Mii.^«i ylliu IU and Oliver dealer ill l.^ittlervllle 170 If 7 FOR RENT .V. w from iipnrf mint fur iiiniil. .1 iiiii|.l.' In^ quire at .Snreiim-n .SMidio in.^ tf 5 n,o<m sANDiNii ; Eqiilpnirnl fur leiit nt • pry Ward Heflnlnh ymir fl .i .i« nl low cciAt hv r«*ti?lng fhln eijiilp , mint nnd vinlng Wnidn lilub^iunl lly floor flni"lirA MO.NTtKl.MKIlY WARI> I4.1 If fl , Notices llofTI.K liAS HAI.K.H rtKHVIl-K Iii -iLiH iti '.ii^ lt''k-uI(itl(inA HIT.I, •< fORNKR, I 'h 4»J5l JSl tf » PKTFIIKONH UartHfor Hanrtr*. ]ii»( .•«»( of Vnnty 'd. ITl* f>ntr»l. K<pcilen.-rd In ivll typr« mdliktnr rrpnlr StS-lf-t SALES BOOKS 'I I !ZK;< CHICKS 1 (O 3 *eek« uld III Iiil Konnliln prlreH. Feeder male.ii on time; pay when you HI -II tlieiii Bargains In Ko/v biooder liiiun- I'H. HAMILTON HATCHERY Ranifoft. Iowa n3-tf -7 i;<>oii ruii'Ks i;<nii llli: ..l .ll ,• 1. III.- n:.|. -1 11 I 1 I ,111.,. , I iilA .Sp. I !;,! vnhl. " .'11 .... I \ ..lillll-r iliil .*h. !f Tof't l-i I- I •' 1 of l.mipl .lH I .^ll|., ,N. •< : (••! .1. IMIIH Ksini-:R\ii,i.i: irviuA'- AIM: niMNT liKT nriiM-;i) iirr .sun l.ii»ln.vt» 1I .IIII.4 .1 il \ 111 lo I' p 111 l -:i I «villi', Hull rllld 7rn ! KiK-i':s ii ,\ifHi ;it siiKi' \ iw li n Hi:sr.\i ItAN'I- .M.\MF( >I.l> CIlKf-KS m K iK.S III n r ,siiii .[«vn .i .K DAILY NKW.S I. I "1 u 187-2-2 turpentine or mineial spirits to remove any traces of wax left by tho remover. TODAY'S CROSSWORD Common Couples PUZZLE Answer to Previous Puzzle UOBIZONTAL 1 and cheese 4 and female 8 Authoritative order 1213. and snow 5 State and VERTICAL, 1 «— and fall 2 Sour 3 Quality of being lukewarm 4 Engine under 14 Therefore 15 Drink slowly 16 Holding fast 18 Revisers 20 Girl's name 21 Dung beetle 22 Ireland 24 Hindu coin 26 and tsarina ,,. 27 Three; (p|^fl& 30.Plantipgi devic4 iv. 32Trappfd*» 34 Scuffle 35 Landed property 36 Po8M >|siv« pronoun 37 and buried 39 Collars |nd . 6 Eyeglaw parts 7 Age 24 Italian city 8 Pretend 25 Noiitcr (iib ) 0 Wash and 2B Woody plants 10 Malarial fever 27 Oils from 11 Throw lightly whole L. o W e U U T H o A » • }i H U e R A V 1 N E m A T A s A T o M 1 C • N T M A u P B 1 S x P> A T T a R A 1 a. H • R m B 1- s A R n A ',. R A P 1 o • A T s B R 1 a R 9 A M • O 6 • :> B T N 'A p T T U m. R N m T A o • M U S m R M 1 fi U o T 1 O a B w A 1 T R w O N P • R ± T R • 8 S S. • • p » 17 Ancient British stone plies amphibians 23 Demolished 28 Network 29 Roman date 31 Oldest 33 Perfume 3B Region <i( 40 Curves 41 Sail .supports 42 Among 43 Short-billed bird 44 Prosecuted 40 Selh's son (Bib.) 47 Spoken 48 Girl's name onrlcnt Greece 50 Viper 40Fine(i 41 and boy 42Donke]r« 45 EaUng vallayi SI War go4 92Ang«r«4 WPoat Bum ; was I Ml 96GO ^ |7rwrtl r" r- I 1 . 5- r 1 iT" m w « li n it if H i w m U P w ^.11. \ • t Modern. Winterized. Includes all equipment—row boat with .Tohn.son outboard motor, power lawn mower and electric boat carrier at Immediate possession. Term.s if desired. Dr. H. L. McMillan, Ph. Arnolds Park 2-2243. 186-3-8 FOR SALE— Two-bedroom home, (jarago, large lot, good location, immediate possession. Ph. 1246W. Oscar Myhre. 186-5x-8 GOOD MINNESOTA FARM BUYS CAROL BROCKMAN. Realtor Ceylon, Minn. 186-3-8 FOR SALE—Small, modem 2-bcd- room home, on two lota. Gas heat. Immediate possession. Phone 15. 174-tf-8 FOR SAliEJ—a-room modem hotue on N. 9th St. ClOM In. Reasonably priced. See N. J. L«e. 120-tf-8 ROUTE SALESMAN Immeiliate opening on estitb- ll .shed wholeKHle food products route out of E.stherville. This job offers excellent Kiiar- anteed salary plus commission .ind is a steady year-around Job. We have an incentive Kroup Insurance plan for all employees ami paid vacation after one year of service. All transportation and expenses paid. If you are interested in the .sales field as a career and want to r.stablish yourself with a reliable company and tje home every night, call Mr. C. W. Buchanan. Gardston Hotel for personal Interview. RED DOT FOODS, INC. 1740 Central, Estherville, Iowa 187-2-2 FISHING .SF.ASON OPENS THIRSDAV Bo prepared with ii new outboard motor from FIri-Hlone, 4 h. p. 3 -Bhift Firestone oiilioiml motor only $10!i 35, $2 25 n wi . k on our budKet plan. FIRPiSTONE .STORKS \%'.. .t 10 Large Modern Home Close lo HliHlneas I)i.slrli t Cm heat AiitoniJilie ;::i.i v .-ati -r henter DEAD STOCK WANTED L'-Iloiir .SiTsiri- F.HTHKHVII.l.K IMd.l.lVKU st ;i'i.;KK)H \VAI.I.INi!l.f)HI) DPKKATfJK OPKItATOIt 80 w !•; I - A V I 'lioM-: I 'liAit';! IVili Wilson, DriviT Farmers' Rendering Service WANTED—Apartments or Houses for Teachers Oin" ni.'inii'd fdiipji- ujll \\;i!il iifuii Itiifii! or small house r,M'r|{.M.SIIKl> liy (.iiniroxiiiuK.'ly ( .Iiiiic 1 ith. No rhildn 'fi, < •ont;i<t Mr .iiui .Mi-s. ,M«'i l<« I.i-ndi'ii.s. IVi.v Wi 'slinar <(il|<.v;i-, 1,<. Mars, or Irli'lihonc KiH'hli 'i- lliill. iiii 'l ask fm .Mi'> I.i-ndi'rl.'i. Also ,1 iMiirii .fl coiipji' uill until I'lKNI.SHf';!) iipJirlriH'Mt or sm;ill hoiis:<' liy .Si-pt j-it oi (.w-t. Isl No childri'ii ( •OH I. K i .Mr .uid .Mis Wll!i;in) .Mc- K<'fns<jn. .SiMTiccr Music .Sifir<. .it S [M 'n(<'i N. E. Demoney .Sil [)t, of Si lii.iil-. l«7 1 <5 Hrun'Il of Ai Mrs. Ambrose Conway 416 .N. ."ith I'h 008 .1 ix7 It. iiiliTlnK <'o 1«7 1 7 1(1 Jobs Wanted Sounds Like a Good Idea Ha«tang«. • Engr., May 14 itPt— Tho cost of an occasional night out ivlth the wife—complete with supper, movie and baby-sitter—should be deducted from a family man'» Income tax, a woman Liberal party leader suf^gested today. Such a tax allowance, said Nancy Seear, might be called "mainte- Aonco of f/u»lly gooU-wlU," Addresaing the women's Uberal party federation conference here. MiM Seear said a little extra entertainment might prevent the breakup of many poorer families "Even the moat devoted wife and mother will eventually fe«l she haa seen tooMnuch of the inside of her own house," she added. , Although wood charcoal la about ft quarter of the weight of the wood itrom which It Is derived, it ItM About two-thirda of the bulk Of the wood. WANTED—House work for summer months. Town preferred. Can start June 1. Janetto Madsen. Age 17. Ph. 1F18 Ringatcd. 185 -3X -3 JOB WANTED Ph. 1731L,W. Baby sitting. 183-«x-3 Pofiticol 2i MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Honest, dependable, well-qualified. REPUBUCAN PRIMARY June 2 177-3>-2t Maurice Oleson. For Supervisor First DUtriet Sueeesafui (Anner. compcteBt, «iualifted, REPUBUCAN PRIMARY June 2 Gifts for Graduates at May Sale Prices Rytrx Print White Station, rv in an acceptabli. jfco'lu-^ition Kift- NOW Doublr the usual riuanuHv 200 sheets, too envlopi-s for only 12 10 ESTHERVILLE DAILY Nr:\\'H IklZ 111 Entertainment Of' h. r' 1,1 . • . r ^' .1 ill 'Id '. M . I . ifi I i.ilo ri.,1 fl • 111 Ml i, [.J.- 11 11' . I h 1 . -.' .'iHori I- :i.' 1 ^ I/' f '1 ' •. ' r , Suiiii .i V /!> 'illl- <• <:> All h.>iii' -i:ii.l< '! foO'l All ..rm I in > ii l..r Jl ,Vi Hij'j'ir. I »'iI 'll inir . -.. I . 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I'Hrnoi.ihji. I",il(t..« .••'v! Cbrysiera flfiSO Sears, Roebuck & Co. no^v l »t*', » 'i'. 16 V. !« .%) H */) 1 I"* F'ri /.i' f'.yt<'>: l'rini-s<. nt.- st.tfionery 'JiX) shcfts. IM J i-n \i '!o[ics [iriiil*'*! witJi nanr^ aii'l ;ul(ir>'s> 2 M (I I'n/,!-: Itytrx Imix-ri-i! .MononaniH .7) iiotis <.>.|!h your !(iorioi;r.i!n ."»'» fiLiift ••nvi'lofw-s ."'.rrl Prize: Hytf.x iiiforrn.ilK. IMi iiiforni'ils < fiilHisvd '.\ith nam**. It* I l |tV<'lo );i<-S. (ONTKST P.ILUS 1. I^'tli'i'i liiniti-<l to io«i \\onli <>\- \vs^ 2. Must Ix' I)as4.<i nri a Inn- fXjM'ritnff \sith I>:ii!y r -Jfus rl.i.v'.ifii'd a<l'.<'tn '-.inK' 'A. \if si'jiin*'! uitli ri.iri!.'. Hcl<lri'i«i ancl It.'lt'phon*' lumilx-r, •I Ai)fno'<Jniatc d.itf VV J UTI ad rcffrrffl to wa.s rim .•ihotilfl !>' in<hi<l"«l il ffo'^sihli'. ."). All i':iUi>-H must tx- ((Osfrtiarki-fl Ix'fon" mi<lnli;hf, TTair'alay, M.iy I 'l (i IX'fis-r n u\ JIM I ;»*H will U- flfial. 7 All -1» V. ill \<f lh«- (>ri>[Krty of fh«.' Daily Nrws .111(1 - iruwit 1-' i<!iirii>-<l, M 'nil' l );.'y N '-v. , ivs-r. (••.. Ih.' ii;'.h» U) print any or all 1. if«! 1 I (••'I 'ivifl JOIN IN ENTER THE FUN! TODAY! 1 !17 -1 lU

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