The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 25, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1935
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Entered as seqond elaks matter, i Oct. 4J 1895, at Dostofficjj at Tipton; Ind., underjthe act ol March 6, 1819. RE1L SALES Petition Containing Names presented and Placed on File Without Action. LET ROOF CONTRACT Members Discussed Public Work Now Under Way After Adjournment. Representing churches of the city, a delegation of persons appeared before the city council at its regular meeting Wednesday night and presented a consolidated, petition, formed of the papers circulated by the churches, asking that the council not pass an ordinance consenting to the sale of liquor by the drink'in Tipton. ;. Rev. John Ward Rose acted as spokesman for the delegation and explained the petition and the desires of the persons whose names were attached. The petition was received and placed on file and not mentioned afterwards during the meeting. Failure to pass an ordinance consenting to the sale of liquor by drink will result in no licenses being issued and they al) expire June 1. No petition asking that the council pass the" ordinance con- .senting to sale by drink was filed with the council. A bid for placing a Invisible Fortifications Gnnrd Western Border of Russia Moscow, April 25.—Russia's invisible .fortifications, comprising part of the "steel chain" stretching along the western frontier are described by a writer in the Moscow .Daily News, who visited the fortified zone. The fortresses, he said, built in the sides of hills and" in other innocent appearing spots i.i a peaceful country side are most modern in design, with complicated ventilating systems an'd bombproof ceilings. These were the fortifications the soviet commissar of war, Klementi Vo'roshiloff, described before the last Communist party congress as "fortified regions with which we have already covered our western frontier from Lake Ladoga to the Black Sea." ! TIPTON, INDIANA, THTIRSDAY JEVExixb, APRIL 25, 1085.! ' ." : I I ! ! i I I i Finance Committee Reports the Harrison Compromise Plan. i LEGION PLAN DOWNED (By United Press). Washington, April 25. — The senate finance committee approved the Harrison compromise soldier bonus bill - today after writing into the measure a pro- new roof vision authorizing President Roo- on a portion of the city building sev elt to pay the veterans' adjust- was opened and the contract j ed certiflcates w | tn money in the ~ ..... ' | ?4, 000, 000. 000' work relief -fund. The plan to permit the presi- The power lawn mower used at j dent to use the re j i6f fund tor the city park, which has been in i j, onus payments was advanced by use for the past several years is j Sen Thomas P. Gore. D., Okla., awarded to R. H. Martin, on his proposal of $156. to be replaced with a new one, to the delight of Custodian and approved 11 to 7. Jon [ Chairman Pat Harrison, D., Phtfer and his helpers. The old j Miss _ explained it as "purely a mower had reached a point where J p erm i ss j ve proposition" and said it acted much like a balky mule'\j r Roosevelt would "never in and moved only as impulse • lne W orld think" of using such prompted it. i authority. Replies from property owners • Tne .committee reported out who were sent u,otice to make j tne Harrison measure without a needed repairs to sidewalks, have i recor d vote after approving 1'2 to about all been received and In all g a motion by the chairman to cases they wanted their walks substitute the bill for the Amer- fixed under a FERA project, pay- j can Legion plan which does not ing for material and the city su-1 specify a method of payment, perintending the work and put-j Earlier, Sen. Bennett Champ ting the'walks in for cost. The) dark, rj. t MO., had obtained project Is being prepared and work will be furnished several persons under the plan. Following the session of the council members held a round table discussion of the activities now underway, including the light sewage disposal plant, sewer (project and other matters among them -tbe oiling ot streets. The oiling If continued regularly for three or four years, will accord- Ing to road men, finally result in a semi-hard surface streeet, If re- pairs'are kept up. The matter of oiling is an expensive one, however, and this was the only thing holding back a decision in the matter. Persons on the unimproved streets are. urging the ' cSnncil to order them oiled, before the dust season 1 starts. ,The matter of purchasing a new automobile tor the police department was also taken up and .discussed. The old car cow has • 41,000 miles on It and la begin- j.' j olX£ t° need repairs often. A car - ;ls" necessary for emergency work ' ';iisad : nave to be -procured In the . *«•«>- future. No decision was I on this matter. Estates Come in for Attention at Thursday Morning Session. FINAL REPORTS. FILEp Action Which Started in Blackford County Finds; Its Way Here. j Probate matters occupied the attention of Judge Frank Russell in Circuit Court Thursday morp- ing and final 'reports were fil?d by administrators of estates 'of four well known former residents. , ' ! The estate of the late Mrs. Sarah Vice, wife Of Ben Vice was opened Thursday morning for the| purpose of fixifig' the inheritance tax if any. The report shows Mrs. Vice died the owner .of a net estate or $4,377.'50, leaving as her heirs her husband and one son Tomas D. Foster. Final reports were filed in the estates of the late Mrs. Caroiihe Means, Daniel :W. Hilligoss, Mrs. Lucinda Kelley and Jesse R. loleman. The report in the Means estate shows collections of $7,404.90..£y the Citizens Ifational Bank, administrator, aid after necessaVy debts and expenditures $6,383.29 was distribute^ among the three children, Mrs. Myrtle Dickison, Shirley Means and Joseph Means. The Citizens National Bank, administrator of the estate of the late Jesse R. Qoleman, shows collections of $1,'473.99 and expenditures of that amount. The real estate is not Included In the re- adoption of a motion to substitute the Legion proposal for the Patman $2,000,000,000 currency expansion measure which passed the house. The committee.) adopted an amendment by Sen. Tom Connally, D., Tex., giving veterans the privilege' of accepting cash or negotiable bonds under the Harrison bill. Is Improving. transferred Wildcat CnMter-Southard '*'-''' : Reports from the Beechwood ospital TRursday morning con erning the condition of Mrs. Robert Pore stated she Is somewhat stronger after being quite 1 there for the past several days. ! ' ' L ! : '' Scenes at Kidnajjiijig Trial LI An armored cap is used to trans- po!rt Arthur !"Doc" Barker, land 11 other suspects from jail to the fee eral court at St. Paul, Minn., ' ' wh'ere they are on ' trial i charged witih kidnaping! Edward jBremer, St. j Paul banker, and holding him for $200,1)00 rnsom. , tempted to doidgethej cameraman ;• Members Took Record Vote on Question of Appropriation Asked. APPEAL MAY BETAKEN This Is i the Deadline Date That President! Roose• velt Has Set. FIRESIDE CHATJ SUNDAY Washington, April 25. — President Roosevelt will address to the nation another (of his ; famous port. H. 0. Hershman, administrator of the estate of the late Lucinda Kelley shows icollectlon of $2,166.12 and expenditures of $1,704.79 leaving $460.33 for ..distribution among the heirs. In 'the amended final report in the estate of the late Daniel W. HilligoBs collection 1 of $8,871.12 and expenditures of $615.90 are shown leaving 1 $8.265.22 for distribution among the heirs. Thursday the clerk received the papers in an action for accounting filed by Elva Marker against Daniel Marker which- comes here on a change ot venue from Grant county and from there here. ; The plaintiff states that she and the defendant entered into a. .partnership faj-ming contract each being a-halt owner ol certain 1 -live stock and farming equipment and operated in t\iat manner tor about three years. The complaint charges that |-the contract was terminated in November 1933 and the plaintiff -isi asking an accounting and sale <f the property and division ot ths proceeds, i i The action instituted some time ago by the Sinclair Refining Com- Sunday night at ;erpret his work- white house I said has not i yet "fireside chats' p. m. to in relief bill, the today. The presiden drafted his fireside address but It was expected lit would run froai 20 nilnutcs to a half-hour. The speech will be largely confined to the relief program, it was stated. Asl velt planned tc May Bring. Suit in U. S. This Summer to Force Payment in'Gold Coin. ON CLAIMS John S. Mitchell Before the Body and Made Objections to Action. Age Question Threatens, the Vote for Filipino Women Manila, April 25.—Women's suffrage in the Philippines, to have its first test soon at the polls, 'already has encountered -a practical difficulty—the traditional disinclination of women the-world over to give their exact age under oath. Political leaders nave been campaigning for several weeks for a large registration of women, but comparatively fe<v have registered, and reticenca as to age was" blamed. A two-day special registration for women voting May 11 in a plebiscite on ratification of the constitution of the new commonwealth government has started. The women must muster -at least 300,000 votes in a special plebiscite within the first two years of the forthcoming commonwealth regime to retain voting privileges. ATTORNEY RETAINED .(By United Press). New York, April 25. — European rhplciers of American gold- clause bonds may bring suit within the next three months in an attempt.i tq force payment in gold, Edgar J. | Bernheimer, attorney representing British and contin- All members of the county council were in Thursday on special call by Auditor Joe Haltingly for the purpose of straightening out a legal tangle said to h^tvc arisen in appropriations .of 1935 monies to pay 1934 claims. 'Tho session was a lively one witlt John S. Mitchell representing the Mitchell Investment Company protesting the action of appropriating money collected in 1935 to pay old claims made prior to January -1 of this year. Mr; Mitchell stated the opinion rendered by Attorney General Philip Lutz, Jr., did not go that far and made .a lengthy argument to the members against action. Mr. Mitchell in closing his address stated examination of records by accountants would be made in the near future in his. opinion and cautioned the council to "watch your step." At the request of Mr. Mitchell Mrs. Cecil Combs Appointed Grand Esther of the Eastern Star. ACTIVE LODGE WORKER A United Press teletype dis-, patch to The Tipton Daily Tribune Thursday afternoon stated Mrs. Cecil Combs of Tipton. had | been appointed Grand Esther ot I the. Indiana Grand Chapter o! the j Order of the Eastern Star, which DEFT TO TIE LEU! Reich Prepares to Issue Law for Compulsory Military Service. BIG ARMY PROPOSED v Hitler Plans to Have Third Largest Army on the Continent. and Councilman Arthur F. Phares i closed its annual grand session a record vote was taken on .the I Thursday afternoon. Installation matter and the council made a:i j appropriation of ?45,l-lfi.35 which included §14,546 for claims made in 1934, to be paid out of the- 1935 monies. On roll call every councilman voted for the motion that the ap- ental !protective committees, told j propriation include this S14.5-I'T, the United Press today. Foreign owners of which included the payment to flreslde talk wil ed if Mr. Roose- United ' the' done Creosoting Company of .,. .. i Indianapolis, made in 1934 ««-•' States government obligations j mention Father haye cnance Qf obta ; inin s , J also some gravel claims. The In- "Chapter. Mrs. Combs Cougltlin or Sei. Huey P. Loni; White House E ecretary j Stephen T. Early repliec "No, no, nothing likeithat." Mr. Roosevelt's lortheomlnn payment in gold than have holders of corporate ^issues, Bernheim- dlanapolis firm's claim .was for blacktop used oa several.roads of er believes. be the first since i ! L last'September 130. At tW:t,mr he reviewed the mdustrial s.tua- tion' generally: j the -county and has been tines-...-. I tioned .by .Mr. Mitchell and by "Theisupreme court dec.s.on ,n , Comralssioner Oscar Vai,the Perry case.- he sa.d, P"H both Qf whom flled prote , ts vented payment In sold to Amer- ^ ^ ^^ i.=an holders of J™™*"^" 1 ^ The action of- the council }n _? . .. coming' iin a second time on this Most European ;h °ld-1 appropr i dtion was in , ine with! a Mo tn nrnvp «il/»n nnm- '' • .•-."! (By Unltetl PresalJ pany against Omer 3. Freeman . Continued on Pago 2. Senate Democrats Plan to Discipline JLong; Will Vote Upon Far ley Inquiry Washington, April 26.—Demo- ratic Senate leaders have decid- d to attack Senator Long on one f his principal Issues and are also considering a move, to curb his onslaughts on President loouvelt and administration let In Senate speeches. ie plan is to force a ^ vote, soon" on Senator. Ixmf> en iip the seiate rules, peclally Bule^lS, which tlndejr the "mui coopera og 1 Jon with it! was Washin^gYonV Ap'ril'25. L_ Presi- grejs that he wants adjournment gress that he want adjournment by July 4 so Mis reconstruction plans can go ahead undej- a-1'mid- sunimer" drive of imoiuiriental proportions, Itj was learn >d tpday. ijhe 'house, at, least, hes cleared the | way the; presidentjs understood leaders, slate tb gram will havjc by June 1. will; be by tb A|)l possibH . : , . piled to expedl e the, rest of the ,muflf list I through thje hiouse. j If thejjomnibus banking- bill, the ^ -extensloin legislation, utili- regulation land tax iiate asfon md «»- ers will'bej able to prove such dam ages, regardless of the adventitious circumstances that the sterling-dollar exchange relation Is approximately the same today las It was bet°re the i wave of international currency' devaluation: Wh'ile conceding that foreign holdersi pf private gold-slause light havei less chance of progran f admi ilsttjatlve their (tentative ." leglslajtlvej pro- cleared the house uy further (delay- senate, j. j pressure i wafc ap- imetpures. pass foe a senator fnm impntlni; "CI»T duct or motiv a unworthy or un- becot&lng ' a •• inator" ' to il* ( ol- leagues. i . • . | . On « former occasion. Sen* jr' Long objected to consider itlon ...... any-furtler tbe ly." iaaid in the 'he s( pnei Wtte- fo Byros, ajpan of tie plated at hop |s the Spi it ker to adjournment, we ge Msiden -.i r hi) the eat will . busli ess j general>ph :. iyrn jwUI put fhrough ' " ' recovering action In gold, Bernheimer said tihatihey might seek tojhavd the contract voided by the courts, since I Iti performance has j been made) imrosslble by government para JW. has riaujt Cullen |who has [been confliied tb his!bled for the! past threeIWeeksTfolloying a stroke of its is becoming very weai, the ojnjy change In his _. He i la unconscious «... of tie time and it Is fearW that : :ilnjles i there is soon a change !b alter tie attack \ will program laid down by the stat.e board of accounts and the body relies on the ruling niade by At-' torney General Lutz,.- published In yesterday's issue of tjie -Trlbuiyj. Several persons were here to lay before' the council a-request for aid {in securing the widening of state road 13 through the countyjbut as the council was called f<6r one purpose only it was not taken up although discussed unofficially. . : j It was runiored following the meeting; that an appeal might te taken from the action of '(he counclliThursday, but; no official, notice of this was filed, it being permissible at any time wltliln ten days. this b,'elng condlilc n. much for.i: prove fatsl. Cornea Here for Trial. i V!8 ff it- Noblesvtileja of the grand officers took place late' Thursday afternoon. • The news was received with much gratification by the many frleuds of Mrs. Combs, many of whom did not know she was a candidate for the position., which is the stepping stone to going through the chair of the grand is the wife of Ilarry A. Combs, former city coun- j cllman and supervisor of signals j for the : Nlckel Plate Railroad. -She j has served in all offices of the] tocal chapter, Kosary Chapter No. j 66, O. E. S., of Tipton, and l.s present marshal of the chapter. §he served -as worthy matron in 1933. In addition to her activities in Eastern Star circles, Mrs." active in the club and s|ocial life of the city and actively identified with all departments q{ church work. ! Her sister. Mrs. Merlin Maish, fe- the- present worthy matron of ftpsary .chapter. ASKS STOP. •hargc Made That is Trying to Buy Election. Washington. April 25.—'P.eprc- fentative John Taher, (Rep., N. \'.) charged - In tho Jiouse today that the.Roosevelt administration u-as attempting to "buy Ihe. 183G elections" andj demanded an end n; heavy federal expenditures. Doris Duke to Rebuild • . ''I: '" '••' \ !' - ''-'I "'' Mansion, Copying Calcutta, April 25.-|-ilrs. ports Duke Cromwell plans |to] rebuild wing ot 1 ! her Florida mansion i Taj er; the ([style of J the , Mahal, Itbe threercentnryrold ble mattsolenm at Agral Mrs.|Orx>mweU hand, nines' H. Wing of Florida Famous Taj Mahal mystics along-a meandering .i'Oflfe'frbm;Bbinhay. They plan'to I ;o .north • again,' heading for the foothills of- thje.Himalayas, tour- tig the famous scenic district of :34rpeellng and the native Indian te of jCncn.behar. •-.,!••ar^, enjoying every mtn- Berlin, April 25.—Publication of the new defense law providing for compulsory army service may be Germany's first, challenging reply to the League of Nations denunciation of Its treaty violation. Germany's only recognition of the League council's resolution jj,| denouncing its rearmament has been the brief note sent to na-. tions represented in the council, " rejecting the competence of tjie league to judge the Nazi Reich._ That nole said that the govr ernment reserved the right to make a fuller reply, giving Its reasons for rejection; at a tima to be selected. . ' -• The detailed reply still is lav prospect. But first there may* come, in direct challenge to league and particularly to European powers aligned against -^] Germany, the publication of the law which will give the country an army approximating 600,000 men—more than any nation In Europe has except for Soviet Russia and Fascist Italy. Provision will be made for calling in the first class of conscripts, expected Oct. 1. The official array law will be but a part of the German program, for the Nazi leaders intend to fit their men of the storm troop units in with the army scheme and give them special training to become officers. Air mindedness is particularly apparent. - ' Because Germany is- a local point for commercial air lines, the big Junkers planes have -been familiar tor years. But now, foifc- mations of air force bombers fly low over the city frequently each; day. CHARGED AffiOaits Filed in Circuit Against Chicken Thieves. , Affidavits charging petit; ceny have been filed in Ci Court, against John' Boush Jesse Lawhorn, who remain oners at the county jail. Ch found at the Rouah home. Sweet land Ave. are said- to been stolen from the John ard farm northeast ot Officers are ot the opinio other articles have been* the two men and others ed with them and are their Investigation Sheriff well and Chief of Police J Here that several other"-may result from their la tions. Is Improving. Mrs. Walter Boggg, Mrs. Ray Moore of reported to be Imp being seriously 111 withTl tlon in her ear. She.has been remq home east ot 'No being a patient in; hospital for 1

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