Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 14, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 6
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- EDITORIAL The Slorv of D^viiuHiiiu Dollars Would like lo kiir)\v wluii's h,''jM 'i 'n(''i j to your dollar',' That's fas.\. jiisl lak^ a loo'' 111 this griphic slory oC tli;' ((ccliii" HI tl.i dollar's iiurcliasiiijr power: llilli i',>riii 1! ).")•.: "iS.."! i \ That llt">:^ ri ,^i"i> is Hisl w hi-re we staiiu ID:',:; llo \\_imu 'h k )\M 'i' il .uofs dcpt'iuls upoM 1 '.):'. 1 li >:>.") lii :'.7 1 iKiS 11';'.;* i:*\'< 111 1.'^ 101. ;i ho\\ iiUK'li more deficit speiiiliiii;' and otliei . l ;>.tioii;n-\ action lliere is. iK 'i'ais \vill continue to slirink so loni' - ; re>en: : oliv 'u's are continued and it is noi .,:.:.,.-"ie :•' l'e!!e\-e that our nation, is headeil 1 '.):'. 1 li >:>.") lii :'.7 1 iKiS 11';'.;* i:*\'< ^ • ;i e all- a;. i;' 1:! 1',' 1 i 1'.' !•"> l !<ll' •.^ - N. .,; K',- coii!ilr\- pidl out of suci. i;' 1:! 1',' 1 i 1'.' !•"> l !<ll' - - e\ie;r cruei detlation'.' It'•, whiif it lasts, init the pax 'of, •• e^ ta.'uia:' tiiai! \\ e i-hoo<i' to -, .. ...'.'•v. •:,'.-.Xv\ ami ionahza- - .- ; •, -» anii ;niiustr> pi-eseiM theni- - - . ~ .. i:'.'.^'. ::at i\ fs. Couritr\ -i<I»Can Use Spices in Salt-Free Diet l.-CUC $i...... raiKtHi. yo-.; ... • TOOK. c;. V,». THr> rO0D< NOT J Orii:.r- :. - -. - . ic f.:-.:: • - • - : •: f.fTJC€ c' : : ;^ - •.: ones yc-_'r Tr- - .z riot so h.r- t-^—. s-.r.c ' f-aiac tiir.'. BEPOKT WAS Ol T C'. . .1?.. n.^.;,. .i t'jjon ..i'.h'> .-. iii::::]-^' .i i u:i: V.'-. d ;r ,'t -rv -r rt:n-.-;rr .hi r s-•'.nc s'ji h :< jiiClu; •. : -:r .::;.r ::r:; - ;.f :•]] k:r.d.^ :,i a kind if ,D^J> 'ilr:-: >: r.-^ the .=.^mo place. :• .,:iv. h .:,:r. :;<:.od to have had a caniei.i ~.\\V .\ SNARK n;n:s. !f .n , rock neai t::i.- ait-!r.'>^r. And a turtle w^a lunibtt- • ;-.:r..> th- r.:-hv>.;\ a httle faiti;.r beyond_ }i '.t a tr.: u'r.-j -:c .ock c r. r.icr fac<,' hk*- iv' \va.- lcck:r.;^ r .-J—-t.-.r-r '.c.-t a tor.,!' tmu- Turtl-s are like tha, •r. <;et th: id-.a tnat thi y ar-- fr.rev> r IT, the m'<i." •:. V-r --carcfcir .c for .=T.".-• h:r..- lo.-;. and that th.,• on and on. :in..;;y .ncirc'inp the ^-lob-' and com- rrack t.. v.h-r' th-y startfd frr.m apain. Summ 'r • ;• • n in'.n -;e: k y^" V,'. :.- i;,.ini' to put u'ji.i ^ij i'.-- ^-.J cli^ss matter 0:t. f,. 192" at tl;< .e.o;;.c» jt tji-.v fr-...-, I.aa. u.'.ifr tnts act ot ii».-cn 3, iSTi <? Wed.. May 14. i -J-.r; -x-a.. r.--i^-' i-r.r.-.r-: .r. t.v; news-, ;--j;>-: a..» a:. AP r.ewi dit-' s •; Bs': iIi-Tio*; T:-:Riis Bv rr.i.: f.rr.:rit,, K^tJ,. I'.:.'.-j Alto, C.rt>. I'.fr.-r.-'... J-u.''K-.ri .r. J ilar'^n U::T(? IT. .r.r-,.i $2 1*. -v.*:*,.-- 5 1 rr».r-'..'.« 5'J V, lliree DJ -^nUi! • -Modern Kli /aht^than A^t* I.'Aa I'--.... i;.-.^ A X .i-:-r.. rjaJ C. C. C. (]lul) Has MOIIKM'S Day Meet i no BY IlKl.K.N .M. WKI.Sll The C. C. V. eliil. liiei I'inii-day [Iftornoon at ilie hoiu, ,,i .Mi-. HusiicU Doniiliy. Th.- m'' linj; wa.- ^pencd by the president, Mrs. lO.-, ^her Mcyof. Roll call wa.s answc -i.d wUh omething about .Molhecs dav It vaa followed by a SOUK. ' O .M.\ Darling Clemotine"; a poem and prayor l>y Mrs. Melvin Chrisiian. Irs. Robert Fry lead huUMrlean- ng hints and u .Mothers day po, m read by Kvelyn Oak.-.s A [ polling contest wa.s won !>> Mrs 00 Oakea Jr. Lunch was sorved by the h'st 8S, The next iiioctiiiK uUl lie lune 12, at the bonie of Mr.s. \i:iy fry. Guests present wire .\!i.s. AH, . .hi hr.'i .M i - loi .Ji Kl.;;-.i; . r i-;; s H.n,' <; • Ml- >'•:• • r.' (... rf t! At: 'im -. , }•:. ,1 K: ,.i.d I- : I '.l ...--a, N!: .'."einr.trj .l-n• /. ,;.ja; ra li.:, >,:, I . arei ,Ja!il( •• W.-• i:,,;.'^ 'rt-:!- toil ,v,:r.L' i;i--iij,''* i • ' .\,ir;'jl: on Ll';\,'1 };.t i;ia;,,ii .M.-i'. l.'i < 'i;r )>tian , ; * 'hrl.-t- Kl.-.-. !! I»i,.|,:r.v. Chi.- KU. t.-'.oii ' •oil.-:- r;a;;e.hd I.'.ih; !•^^,;. i la/hei' I-'iv l;.iv l'"r' l,ai,-oti <ll*li LuliLT' n, la t .Mooi- .I'M Oflk.-, Slfi.d I'ian',:.;- ''laoie- S. hro. <h 1 Ivan S. Haiiy \"ahlili.<k, I.a l;u' \\'is.,!n,in e.nd Aniii- !•' W.l-i, ' •lack (reek l'<rsiiiial>. ' .Mi8 .jMhii Ho^old ol K.-.iJ;.-iv::;-- .Mr .M Fred Kins. .aiai Ka'hnn. : \\'is',r;ian called on .Mi • ,I(e Oak's • Sr , Thui sdav .M I and M. s < 'hi i • 1 :ie i ,-i -x im • .l.ames '.•,•11.' 'Piri: ,.'•.,•«;• nm; \ ealli-is a> til. none- r,l .Mr ali'l j Mrs. I'aul (;iasr-na'i| in Pat.i;,-i e.l i Itay .Matti.soii ol I'.oik'.'.ell f:if> I was an ovei-ni».'hi (ia,-i with his daut;hter and laniily, .Mi,-, .laiue.- Kllersion. Mood Kund Sli(l <*.s over SLMIO Murk Ti., Ma:!:,. ' !: .O'i i ••i;.,; fund .-hpp' i \] iijij ri.aik 'oda-.^ wri. '^.-o .r. I on': de.j'!On,- le.ri '.-i -d ii'^n. 'i -i.-' W'^iii'r. a oj ;.':tniz.ationv Ca-fj d',,.-. iii '/n.- it>-iy h* U-t' ejt:.- .1 't.. Kinro' t 'bounty State- hank M:' K,-lr;. ! s ille Ijaily li .-.ip,- .\"i • T'jda-. - : v.'-ji • •• uu < lo fund yi i\ • l're\i(nis|j ri -I "irted: S1 ,3X 1 ..Vj H .Viiii l^ike elul, a.WJ Aiiierii-aii la-(fl<iii aci\iliar> lO.W) l-oiir-Mile l.:ike elul, r>m •|oilii.>% U)lal $1,101 -W Vorth Iowa Softball Loop To Start J(tmboree Planned for Friday Night The North lowii Softhiill IcnRur will open Friday night wltb ii jamboree at OrnettinKer with team.s in the ea.-st hnlf of the tlrctiit mopt- j inp tho .si' from the hnlf of the I loop. Teams competing in IcaRuo '• play this year are Cylinder. Fenton. r .inj,'sted and Ledynrd, in the ! east half, and Gr.aettinKcr, Eslher; \ ille. Wallinttford and Emniot!»<- inirt: in tin- west half. ] Aeliial leajjiie [d.ay ^ehs iiiider- way May 20 and finishes AliR. IB ^eith the pennant winning cliib iiieetinj; .-in all-star team from the otn.i Seven te.-ims on the diamond I 't tile pennant winner. KMH r\:.\M cm earry a 15- lester with roster ileadline Sit at .Inly 1. A |>rotesl board of all le .iKtie nianiiRers lias been est :ihUsh .^il lo rule on rniijor questions I.iactie rules provide for a sio foifeifure for failure to show for a it .anie and si-ts rub-s on noti- fieation in case of postponement. Paib s :dso pio\'i <ie lor the suspension id' ;i te .-ini that conlinuall.v ' eondiiets itself in an iinsportsman- likt niann- r on majority vote of th,' l.;ii:ti'' manaiteis. The !, :i,L:iie i^resid, .nt . Stan ' Youiiii ol Wallin^foi (1. is tti sei ve :i,s ha.uu.' statistician. keepins track of standings and furnishinp information to press and radio. MA.\.\<;KKS AKK T . X Thomp; son of Cylinder. Arnold H'MsminK- ; er of Fenton. Harold Buns of Rinp- '. sted. Ervin Johnson of Lodyard. Smut; Kelch of Estherville. Stan Youni: "f Wallinttford. Harold Chi isliinsen of GraettinKi'r and Pat Xolan of Emmetsburp. In the jiuiilorec Friday nifjhl. ; Estheivillc ini 'eta Fenton at 8 p. m.. : Wallinuford takes on Cylinder at ; S:3i:. Graettint'cr plays Rinfrsted at 9 and Emmctsburp meets Ledyard i at 9:30. Al! leatiue lames will start at s 30 p m .-\11 Estherville home will b.- played on the Wall- , inpferd diamond so the dates must I be flifferent from those of other t teams Tile dates in parcnth-sis ^ ai' th- dates of the Estherville , hon;.' :;ames i w 4^ i- I THK .'iCHEntLK follows: May 20 I'vhr.dei a; Fenton Fanizsted at Ledyard Estb.erville a; Wallincford Graettinf'r a! Emmet.sburp May z; L-dyard at Cylinder F-nt'jn at Rinpsted;: at Estherville WalimL-ford at Gra'ttinper •lime 3 E -t:.e.'-..lle at Fenton Gra.f. m^er .-^t lydvard Cylinder at Waiim^iora Rmps 'trd at Emmetsbuts •lunp 10 Emn-.'-lshur;; at Cylinder Walli.i-fo.'-d at Rini'sted Ledyard at Estherville il3' Fe-nton at Grat-ttinper •tune 1" Fenton at Lt-dyard WaihnKlord at Emmetsburi; Cylinde.r at Ring.sted E.stherville at Graetiin;.'er luni- 24 Cylir.d. r at Gra'-llinpei Rin;.'sted at Estherville ,27. Fenton at Emmetsoui K Ledvard at "A'allinfrford JuJy 1 Esthervill,- at Cv'linde,- Graettintrei at Rin(.^sted \Va !!ini .'foid at Fenton'^buri' at Ledyaid •July X F'.'.t'.-;. al Cylind '-i J .eoyard at Rint-'-sled \Vailiii;;f<,id at E.^thervili- E :o:;.et .-bui I.- at f;ra, itinnei July 11 I. dyaid F.-nton at ii it Wallinpford July \r, Fenton al Ksthttville (18) Ledyard at r;iaeltinpr , Wallinplord at Cylind'-r Ernrn<t-sbur;; at Uinpsled July ri Cylinder al Kniinetsburp RinKKted at U'allinKford EKtherville at Ledyard flraettinpei at Fenton July 2« Finton at L( dyard Eininetsburi,' at Wallinpfoid Rin «Hted at Cylinder GraettinKer at Eslhei villi 1 1 AuBUst 5 t;ia< llinKcr at Cylinder Kslherville at Rinpsted Emrnetuhurp al Fenlon WallinRford at I^edyard AUK. I'-i Cylinder iit Estherville (13) Rin«.sted al Oracttinpcr Kenton at Wallingford Ledyard at Emmetsburp AUBUHt IB All KtaiB VH. LeaKUe Winners al Leat;ue Winner's home field. Indian.s Rollin"; 111(1 Keep .VIoii<»; NATION.M. LKACJMI'; W. L. Pet. (; B Nt 'Ns- York IG ,>) .7fi2 Brooklyn l.'i 0 ,71-1 1 C'hieapo 14 in Clncinnat i 1 -t in ,1)8.'! :!'_• St. Louis 11 11 .4-10 7 Phil.-ideltdii.-i !1 i.'i ,4mi 7'.' Boston <> H ..isn s Pittsburpb 5 21 .1!I2 i:!'.- Hitters Greet Ilurlers with 16 Homers Tuesday's results: St. Louis .S: .N'ew York 7. Cincinnati 4 inlphti: Philadelphia fi Cbicapo 0 (niirhti; Boston .'!, Pittsburgh 1 (ni^hti, Thursday'^ sehi'dule: St, Louis j at Boston fi:.30 p, m,: Piltsbiir .uh at j Brooklyn 6:.30 p. m.; Cincinnati at I 1»V JOK KKICIII.KU \V SpiirtH U 'rltrr Warning to all Major leapue pitchers: It's raining home nu>sl The hurlers pot an inkling of (hinps lo eoiiie yesterday afternoon at Ebbets field when five of their offerings were hammered for Brooklyn 14. j home runs as the Brooklyn Dodp Wolves Drop Wild Scoring Game^ 11-10 Philadelphia. (>:00 1 . m.: Chicago at X .'W York. 11:.'!0 : in A.MLKK'AN LKAtH I-: W. L ^•i, (; 1'. Cle\eland IS .s .(1112 Washington 14 S Boston 14 10 ..•js.-, :•. St. Louis 12 i:! .4S0 ,')': Chicaiio 12 i:t .4 .S1I .'Se Xew Y()l k 11 12 ,47S fi'. Philad.'lphia ..1 i:; .40ii 7 Detioit h is ,217 11', Tuesday's r •suits: CI. v. land 1(1. Xew Y '.ik i; 1 niKht : Wa shingt 'in 4. Detroit .'1 1 night 1 Philadelpliia 5. :St. Louis 1 iniL 'ht Boston 0 I nii;lit e Thursday's schedule at Cleveland. 11 :.'!li a, at Chicago. I2:"0 p. ni.: ton at Detroit. L.'^O p. m. phia at St. Ixniis. 7 :30 p ers won a 14-8 slugging match from the St. Louis Cardinals. Gil Hodges and pitcher Ben Wade ho­ mered for the Dodgers, Stan Musial hit two out of the park for the Caids and Larry .Miggins hit one. By midnight. 16 '.lomers h.'id I 'cen rapped in the eight games, the biggest single day outiiut of tile young .s ,\'ison. Home runs by Ray Boone. Larry r\)by and Dale .Mitchell gave the Cleveland Indians a 10-6 victory over the Xew York Yankees. The win. Cleveland'.s fourth lit a row over til.' world champions, enabled the Tribe to retain their two-game American l.'jigue lead ov.-r W'asli- ingtoni !^ '.:: STLVK (; R0.-M1';K r.gisteied bis si'Cond straight triumph over tile Yanks and his third of the sea: Chicauo 5. I son without a deefat. But a two! run homer by Gil McDougald star- Xew York j teii him on the way to the showers m.: Boston! and it took pood relief pitchlnp by Wynn to Washing- Philadel- m. WKSTKKN I.KAIJLK nipht's results: Denver 3. Lincoln 2; Wichita 12. Omaha 7: Dcs Moines 8. Pueblo 2; Sioux City 15, Colorado Springs 2. Yale Students Participate in Spring Gambol New Haven. Conn.. M:>y 14 (.-l^i-A tumult by about 1,000 Y'ale students—touched off by a fight b.'- tw. en two competing ice cream \endors—tied up Xew Haven's downtown streets for three houia \'eslerday. Judicious use of a fir.- hose sent the crowd back to the campus .after the spring gambol reached th'' proportions of a riot. Things began to pop after th" drivi r;= of t --v(, ic- cream trucks, vying for .i favored spot near tbi- camjius. g'/. into .-• hassle. The fact t'nat cla.csos end today and final e.vanis begin Saturday also -ivas an excu:^e for stud'nts letting off steam. Groups of slud.nt.s lay in the street to stop tiatfic, fathers mai- ched jubilantly along singing college .song.s as Ihey K^.ssed pillov stuffing and toib t tissue about_ Four stud .-nt.-- ai.- under ain -st. two others -'ii.- in Yah infirrnar:-' with concu.-sions •.',hich the univei- .sity healti) depaitmeni said lesult- . d from blov.-.s on che head and six others weie treated foi b-ss serious injurie.s. Drivers of the two ic- eieam trucks were arrest. -d too. Several .'S i epoi ted that police used clubs on more recalcitrant sludent .T Police Chief Ho'.vaid O Young declined to com nient. '^•••hnd, I at RmgBl.d a! E.-lh.-i%-ille Gra"tting.-r Wholfsalt' Food I'rice Iiidf.x I p .N'ew York, .May 14 i.-l 'i Whol .'•all- food piic.-s av.'iaped liigh..^ ttiis week for tin- tiiird wei-k in 'i K'W, and now ar. the highesf. since th« beginning of Aiiril, according lo the Dun & Biadstieet food in, (.'.•X. At SR.'M tiiis week, the index compared with 50.3(1 last week and was U.l per cent bepiw the year;.go week's $7.18. Lini Bi issie and Early preserv.' his victory. Boone hatl a perfect day at bat. He added a double and two singles to l»is homer and batted in four runs. Three four-baggers helped the Xew York Giants defeat the Cincinnati Reds. 7-4. and maintain their one-game Xational league margin over the Dodgers. Bobby Thomson cracked a homer with a man on base and followed with a bases loaded doulilo to account to.' five runs battod in. Bob Elliott and Willie Mays also homered for the Giants and Ted Kluszcwski for the Reds. * * >:•• AIINMK MIN.OSO was the Chicago White Sox homer getter as they whipped the Boston Red Sox, 5-0. Minoso blasted a 415-foo.t homer and added a two-run single to drive in four runs and make it easy for Billy Pierce. Eddie Mathews hit his seventh home run to lead the Boston Braves to a 3-1 verdict over the Pittsburgh Pirates. The four-bappor, off loser Howie Pollet. tied the rookie infielder for the Icapue lead with Brooklyn's Andy Patko. Curl Simmons pitched the Philadelphia Phils to a 6-0 victory over the Chicago Cubs. Simmons fanned 12. the highest strikeolit total of the year. A leadoff home run by Granny Haniner in the first inning started the Philly scoring. * * * BOBBV SHANTZ pitched and batted the Philadelphia Athletics to a 5-1 win over the St. Louis Browns. The little lefthander threw a five-hitter for his fifth triumph and highlighted two scoring innings with a double and triple. Washington won its ninth game in its last 10 starts, as Connie Marrero hurled a five-hit 4-3 victory over the Detroit Tig.'rs. A feature of the Y'ankee-Indians game was the insertion of Mickey Mantle to third base for New York. Mantle, who broke into oipanlzed baseball as a shortstop three years ago, was converti'd into an outfielder by the Yankees with the hope that he would some day fill the shoes of Joe DlMagpio in center. Mantle committed two errors in four chances :it third. When people die of Asiatic cholera, their bodies may remain warm a long time, and the temperature may even rise after death. Zoologically, a chimpanzee is 'i closer relative of a man than it i.s of a--n)onkey. Sh.-lly Win tens — ENDS TONITE — "MEET DANNY WILSON" in (Aug. 'I'll, glas.- slpper of th.- f;ind.-i- .-lla (any story IF nupiKisi -d lo b.' a riii.sti anhlatiori oi "jjanto'ifb- en vair' •A-hieii meann "fur Hiipper." Although there were many cen- cuKes in the ancient world, the Middle Ages developed a prejudice against them which extended into comparatively modern times. Thursday, Friday and Saturday wild. Wide Open Knuph, 'Voupli Town that WHM "WACO" in S(^i)in-Tono starring Wild Bill Elliot The Wolves dropped a wild scoring game to Eagle Grove at Estherville yesterday. 11-10. The Wolves staged a last inning I 'ally In an attempt to tie the score and the pami' ended with the liases loaded. Eagle Grove started the scoi-inp in the lop half of the second inning by getting two men on base by a base on balls and an error aiid then Marty hit a wind-blown home run over the left field fence to score three runs. The Wolves g'ot one run back in the last half of the inning with Reed's solo ho- mi>r to leiid off Die inning. >:• >;: « LN TUK TOP of the third the first two men went out and then Eagle Grove scor-ed four r-uns before another man was retired. Another home run. this time by Carter, an error and three successive Texas league singles scored four runs before the eighth man to bat in the inniiig grounded out. The Wolves scored two runs in the last of the fourth on a base on balls to Reed, a single by Peterson, a passed ball allowing the runners to advance to second and third and Iverson's double. Eagle Grove pot two more runs in the top of the sixth on three successive doubles by Madison, Tepland, and Howell. V TO START TUK home half of the sixth inning Fogarty led off by getting on base, on an error-. Reed followed with a walk but Peterson hit into a fielder's choice sending Fogarty to third and cutting Reed down at second. Iverson struck out hut Burger followed with another base on balls to load the bases. Pemble then procoded to score three runs for the Wolves by blastinp a doublb into loft center field. Hartman grounded out to end the Inninp. Kagle Grove scored two more runs in the top of the seventh to stretch its lead to 11-6. A walk, two doubles and a sinple scored the two runs. * * THK WOLVKS got their near- pame winninp rally started after the leadoff man had struck out. Duffy, Fogarty and Reed pot walks to load the bases. Peterson then hit a high fly ball to left field that was dropped, allowing two runs to score. Reed then scored on a passed ball for the third run of the inninp. Ivorson walked. Burger struck out, and Pemble was hit by a pitched ball to load up the bases again. Kale.v then put in Jack Oatos to pinch hit for Hartman and he was given another base on balls to force the fourth run of the inninp to score and place the Wolves only one run behind. Calhan then came up for the second time in the inninp and struck out to end the pame. The Wolves' next game is Thur's- day when they travel to Mankato to play a return pame with Bethany who beat the Wolves 8-6 in the openinp pame of the sea.son. The Wolves have only one more home pame this season, apainst Dr. Martin Luther of New Ulm next week. Box Seore -r i':»tiiiTviiJc . ub r h o a Cliillmn, 1 h .5 0 0 0 0 Duffy. 3 1 0 2 2 Fopiirty, ss 3 '2 0 1 1 KiTd, If 1 3 1 2 0 relersoii, of 4 S 1 1 u Ivorson, rf 4 0 1 1 0 llurpor, c S 1 0 6 2 I'pnibli", SI) S 0 1 2 2 llarlnmii, p 'I 0 « 1 ft "Gates -0 0 0 0 0 >—' — — Totiils 28 10 4 0 Eagle Grove ah r II o a ftlnrty. 4 1 1 2 2 Mudison, p, lb 5 1 "2 0 0 Ti-pland, If 5 1 1 0 0 Howell, s.s 4 0 2 1 4 Carter, lb p 4 1 1 7 1 Rrazei', rf, e 3 2 1 2 6 Anderson, p, rf 3 2 » 0 Peterson, cf 4 2 O 0 0 Wilson. 3b 4 1 1 0 0 Totals 30 11 13 21 8 The word "mind" was originally verb, not a noun. Summary: Errors, Duffy, I'enibli'. Carter, Teglund. RBI. Reed, Iversoii 2, I'emhle 8, Ont- es, Marty 3. Madison, Tepland, Howell, Cailitr, Andor.Hon, Re- li-rson, Wilson. II and R, off Alifdlsoii 4 and 8 in 6 1-3; Carter 2 and 0 In 2-3. SO, Madison » Carter 2, Ilarttnan G. BB, Sludlson 6, Carter 3, Ilartmau 2. lilt by pitcher, Pemble (Carter). Marty (Hartmdn). I'll, Burper. Anderson; ab, I'eiuble. Ilowel, Madison, Anderson, Tepland, P<'tersOn. HR, Reed, Marty, Cartrsr. Winnlnp pltebei', iMudlsnn; Insingr pitcher, Hartman (l)-4). Dich Atkinson Whiffs Sixteen Columbia, Mo., May 14 iP—The University of Missouri needs only one more victory to clinch the Big Seven conference baseball title. The Missourians, wlio have won 11 victories in 12 league games, play their final series against second-place Kansas (8-2) next Monday and Tuesday. The Big Seven winner will meet St. Louis university, the Mlssoui'l •Valley conference champion, in a playoff for the district national collegiate athletic association title. Missouri beat Nebraska here. 8-5 yesterday with Dick Atkinson striking out 16. Kansas also won, outslugging Kansas State, 19-17, at Manhattan, Kas. Must Not Erase Entries Des Moines (71=)—The Iowa liquor control commission says persons who erase entries in liquor permit books for any reason are likely to lose the book. ^ INTEFLAKEIJT •• BALLROOM* Hi» FAl RMON T, M1N NESOTA' Jolly Lumberjacks Thursday, Mtty in • • Duke Ellington's l« Piece Recording Orchestra Sunday, May 18 — LAST SHOWING TONITK — UIII.V De^VoU in "DEAR BRAT 'LUS — Ruth II Roman in II 'Lightning Strikes Twice" Enjoy your movies under the stars Hoorav! Thursday Ni^hi is "Party Pack Nite!" Load the whole family Ui the ear and see this dnuble-leatiire show lor only .Sl.OO per carload. 'Rvru^l: LION EIIOl JACK nut Jdt tfORnMCNj ' UKIACt Umt MURAO'l' •^HADMONICATS FIANKIE {ARIE > knrf Nil Oiihtitra J oiwi many olfitri A No Mullnl llirgt lnuiiiii NIghllglili litm <K0 riln Hlli —CO -IllT===---!-ss:^-! TEXAS IAN6IRS vs. RANDIT TRIGCERMIN! wllh ^RIOIARD MARTIN JOAN DIXON VIO FT,TNT WHAT0A, AAATTEI?,/^^? 5TAI7INJ& ANP ©O FLUeNTT? NEVEIS < 6ET US 50^^E fiiM&Et? SBB A -VNAM ©ETJ\ALEOUTOF TME. H0©©BI7 PEFOEE^A-iV KITCHEN, GIVES WB Tl-IE- V\ II.LS5 TME WAN THAT CZEEP LOC<$ AT WB. ALUBY OOr i BOVS, IF WE'RE TO STAY A LAW ABIDING COMMUNITY. WE CAN'T BE VSUUCHERSMW LETTIN (3 aTKAN <aER6 \ LAW. WE FIGGER COME IN HERE AN' MAKE V TC > UPHOLD IT,' AMOCKERVOFOUR OTATUTES! / THA'5 RIGHT, MAR104 ,T '6PECIALLY 1 WHEN WE A SAW 'IM BEAT XJR EAJ POWN! YEZ2UM,' ANY? THA'B TH' lAWf) HOLD ONI MAN GOOD lC'MON.BOYS,ynmRE'9 ENOUGH 10 V ue'SGO /ONETHINQ UCK VOU 16 VQEV 'IMl A MORE SOODENOUSH TO BE VOUR HUSBAND/

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