Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 26, 1956 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1956
Page 7
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVEN *s Your Money *•• No Benefits Due If Husband Died Before '40 n.v n. R. (Q.I "I am a widow of 54. My husband pi.'id Sofia! Security tax for the years of 19,1s-;;?) hpfore he died. As his widow, am T eliijible to what he would have received had he lived?" MRS. S. M. iA' If your hushand died he- fore 1910. no Social Security hen- worked for the past IS months. Will I collect my full benefits <>t the age of fiL'V" MRS. E. W. (A.) The loss of Hie past 18 months work shiuldnH nffeet the amount of your benefits. Accepting benefits at 62, you will receive only 80 per cent of, the amount that would he due you cfils will ever be due you from at 65, but it will be to your fi- bis account. If he died after nanc.ial advantage to start at fi2. I .ice. 31. 1!K!fl, you should inves- 1 it/ate your slanding hy consulting with a flnitn representative at your Soeinl Security office. However, even if your husband Important poinls are explained hy D, R. Gallagher in his newly revised Social Security booklet, including the Social Security Amendments of August left a survivor credit, you will 1l^'i- Send 25 cents in coin (no not be eliRlible for benefits from his account before reaching f)2. stampsi to SS Hook, Alton Eve- riirm Telecraph. Box .'144. Grand Central SI a.. N.Y. cCopyriRht. J9i6 Party Honors <Q.) "I was fiO in August this year. I have been covered by Social Security since May, 1954. How many quarters will I need at 65 for monthly benefits?" W. A. W. (A.) You will need 21 quarters! of coverage for benefits at fin. i I \vi\ of You should have earned three! x "" rtt quarters in 1954; however, if you ! had covered earnings of $3.600, j you would have heen credited' with four. ! At the end of this year it is j possible for you to have ]1 qurir-i ters to your credit. If so. two and one-half years additional work under covered employment Now Work 17, Feature* Corp.) Sold The Harry F. Heinphill Agency today announced sale of the Alfred Miller property at 1001. Langdon St. Alfred Miller, now deceased, WHS formerly manager of Alton Wafer Co. The property was sold for 1he estate to Mr. and Mrs. Borland Paul \vlio purchased it for Oieir home and plan immediate possession. Co- executors of the estate are Mrs. I.ars Rhonds of Frontac place. Alton and Paul II. Miller of Evanston. acquire the coveted power. If clover were out of season, she could walk, unassisted, seven lengths of railroad irons without stepping off. If neither railroad irons or four-leaf clovers \veie at hand, she could eat thft raw heart of a chicken or, bettor yet. one from a duck. For those with squeamish appetites, a milder remedy could be employed. A feather from the tail of a rooster could he secreted in the glove of her hand-shaking hand If she could then contrive to shake the hand of the desired one, he became her pawn. There \\ere oiher ways. REALLY GONNA BE A BIG 'UN—Pupils at Olin vocational school what will probably bo the most elaborate and durable float to be in the Hallow rade. They are welding a steel rod framework over an old ear, then covering with mesh" to hold the final shaping of papier mache. Dwight McAfoos and Susan Gent, are shown "sewing" the hardware cloth on the frame.—Staff Photo. are building ! INSIDE JOB—Mary Bradshaw, Uonnie Scballenberg and Anita Bayley work on . These are only a few sampl- lallowen pa- a papier head for the Halloween parade. Ronnie is inside the cardboard box helping ings oi the bountiful lore rclat- co\ering it the girls fasten shaping tape on the outside.—Staff Photo. ' cd to love, courtship and mar- FIDKL1TY Mrs. F.ldnn Moor* oniprtfwieil at a turkey and ham supper, Tuesday night in honor of the birthday of her husband and Mis. Wixirtrmv I/iy. Other cm-sis wi-re Mi'vs Shirley Isrinp- haiisen of .'lerseyv'lie. Mr. and Mrs. Harry T-oy and son of Ship- Mrs. Wciullcr's Column Read Labels on Food dans, Home Adviser Suggests Hv .MRS. KI.AINK P. WKVDT.KK i the best value. would give you enough quartern..! You no doubt havo to your creel-j man. Miss Dorothy Loy of At- i >| H ,|j srm Oumtv Hump Adviser! Mr. Miid Mrs. Wood row I/iy and sons. Kvorrlt and Roger Variety In Salads ruin the appetite for the coming' meal. ; RHW vegetables, like turnips i and cauliflower, and also fresh- (ruits. are probably the quie'kest | and easiest snacks. Add graham; crackers bread or crackers with I jelly, jam or peanut butter to a ! Class of milk lor another ejuick ' snack. e> StiiicUs From Slock Answers FolkloreProvidesG uidanceln! Love, Courtship, Marriage iage. There \vere signs and say- which the aspiring maiden must! in '- s '" Kllirl( ' al nvpry 1u ™' / p . r " form no liking, washed its f ace \ lla P s th(? "'^oni embodied in and immediately afier look at! 111 " 0 l)its ° r old lore (:ould pru °" her. ail would be well. There xklc ncw "'ought r °'' those who ,vere other good signs to cheer: " oulfl advise. At. least they are irhe maid along, not so many' ltirftll ' CI11 - Somn - however, will : ::ooi,' as bad. however. ' i«"f>"'C all suggestions and later |li-rn only to the voice of ex- Mays to Power i it at this time rnemgh credits ,-,,,- i. ,,. for survivor bewliis in case of ' and daughter. IM.h. \\alter Sag. . ionblast. Mr. and Mrs. Kldon i your aeain. i } .^ .^^ ^ ^ Robb flnd , i i i When you do your grocery! Fruit?, vegetables, dairy pro-j If your youngster is over- sure to know what's'ducts and sea foods blended with, weight, his snacks should be I in a can. Your grocer has bar-i apples lend variety to fall sal- i carefully regulated. Fresh fruits At 65, your monthly benefits j will b« figurwl from your average, covered monthly earnings for the five yenrs a(t<'r 1950 in which you had the highest t-arn- ings. (Q.) "I HID a uiiii.w ami will be 62 next month. My husband was never under Social Security coveragi 1 . I have been under coicted employment for II 1 years, but due to illness, IWUMI'I Helps You Overcome (:lifl >' and Pa.t>S and .Mrs. Kverett Reed. Mr. and Mrs. ,'ohn Moore and sous, Dav- on his shelves to t<"mpt | ads. Orange sections, avocado you. Read the label on your can'slices or halves and apple slices carefully. There are certain • arranged in fan shape and topped fuels that have to be listed on 1 with your favorite dressing make the label, such as content of the an attractive salad. Sliced or | can in ounces, cups or pieces: j chopped raw turnips combine i the ingredient)! (according to| with apples for a slightly differ- wf'ru F1DF.UTY — Seven '" Pmhpr!i j pr ,, ( ] on ,j nanf . p if , nP ran ron . i ent-textured salad. Garnish with were present at a inwtmc of ! ^.^ )nm(i , hf)n - O|1P (oo(i) . anri ; some chopped parsley. Cottage th>? \V.C.T.t". Wednesday afternoon a: the home of Mrs. Franj ci« Drirr. M).-. T»air was in! ! charge of the devotional period, j Mrs. Mohrman gave the ] I . . The next meeting will ne | ! any preservatives, artificial col-i cheese mixed with chopped ap- Sonncs or flavoring* ihat may [pies and dotted with walnut have been used. Style or form j pieces makes a hcHvier salad, of pack must also be staled.! You can add a hot .bread, bev- sue-h as whole, sliced fir dice;d. i erase and dessert \o make a • at (be home of Mrs. <Jfiipla Hem- FALSE TEETH i ' Altm, \-UHor« Looseness and Worry and vegtablcs will probably fit his needs best. Spanish onions, yellow onions. Bermuda onions, Italian onions. Since many varietie: of onions are available, select the correct one for seasoning specific dishes. For general cooking and seasoning purposes, use either yellow or Spanish onions. The yellow onion has a strong flavor. It has yellow skin and white flesh, is firm and varies from a round .IOHN \V. AIJ.KN Siuillicrn Illinois I nherMty For a long time it has been arried. Despite the many that have occurred the matrimonial highway, practice remains popular; its popularity seems to Last year, acpording to a magazine article at hand, there were at. the same plate. This fork die- 1; i ">' :K C cases where siirns turn evidently originated before j had not. definitely assigned spins- thc advent of salad, pickle, oyst-1 lerhood as her lot. the question and other forks now of "just who" naturally arose. . Should Hie younc lady Could she pick and choose or decide to make coffee", she must should she be satisfied with less not look into the boiling pot. ll);m "<"' choice? Willing to meet When time comes to drink coffee,; requirements, the choice washei-s. she must not curl her little fine-; If she could, with thumbs and cr while ho'idins the cup: nor, fingers alone, split an apple in- must she sit on her foot; neith- :1 ° halves, no man could escape er must she "dunk" her bread her grasp. Lacking the physical or cake. If she drops and breaks, strength indicated, a weaker girl a^r:;;,; on; and" . h..f; ^ «», ^r fat. I, definitely seal- cou^.jou^c^^^ vVatch • Jewelry Repairing Expert Servlc* Fully (Jtuaninteed CTONE BROS. ^^ Tr.LEJ'IIO.VE 3-111S Alton. Ill — It* «V. Third 81. Wood Blicr Store at Corner *f Ir.rjuson and Wood Rive* Av«. oiai i-ur: million marriages in the United ' e " States. During the same inter- Hugged Course VH.I. however, some 400.000 coup-! Girls hoping to marry must k s were unmarried, that is, di-; noi develop a fondness for cats, vorced. Though the net gain i If they bake bread, and they was great, the divorce rate was ' crten did years ago. they must s-'-igering. there being about not let it burn. At meals they the market from now until early i Fniit must show whether it is; complete meal. i canned in heavy, light or slight- { School days u-ually sharpen 'spring and stores well for a long i ly swwtened syrup. Variety of i youngsters' appetites. Tiy to f it i time. to Mat shape. This variety is on : ••- divorces for each hundred , must not: take the last piece of j bread or cake. Some held that 1-nlapppd Sourc-ft I taking the next to last biscuit This high casualty rate came inarnages. tine tnon-»ci<i) powder, »prtnUed on ' '___"'_' Jmbir- rUSTHETH -ithat you have found satisfactory; milk products, breads and cer-ilate spring to early summer, but, v j ce to the lovelorn" columns,] On the other hand there were adding di'l (fresh or i is a good practice. With nearly j pals and meat, jish. poultry and i is not suitable for long storage, i :inc ] a host of others that might j some good signs. If a bird flew '! driiJd! to pan-fried pork chops, i 400 different fowls and lood com-i eggs. i For sandwich spreads and sa)-ih ( , grouped under the generalj into the house and the young binations offered for sale inj After school snacks should be: ads, you'll probably buy either j classification of 'do-gooders'. Ob-! lady of the house saw it first, cans, it is impossible to know', simple and quick to prepare, j Bermuda or Italian onions. Both j j. rl - V ;ng the failure of so many i she would rnarry before the them. And price is not always a i should provide quick energy and • are mild flavored. Bermudas |( 0 achieve the domestic hap-; year's end. Feeding a cat from reliable guide. Studies have! should be light so that they; are flat bulbs with shiny white! piness desired, it was decided an old shoe helped along to- shown that neither the highest i won't spoil children's appetite, i skins and don't store well. Ital-ito look about for some untapped' ward marriage. If a cat, for nor the. lowest priced brands of [Such sweets as cakes, cookies jinn onions have red skins. ; source, of guidance. ' canned food' necessarily give* and candy are filling but often! Regardless of variety, select; A neglected stockpile of pur- '" ~^t' onions that are bright, clean and j ported wisdom soon was found; shiny. This shows that they a re I in the mass of half-forgotten folk-' ALVIN H. PETITT Republican Candidate for State's Attorney of Jersey County, Illinois Election: Nov. 6,1956 IF ELECTED to the OFFICE of STATE'S ATTORNEY of JERSEY COUNTY, I PLEDGE to USE ALL MEANS POSSIBLE to IMMEDIATELY ENFORCE the LAWS in the CITY and COUNTY as sst out in the CONSTITUTION and the STATUTES of the STATE of ILLINOIS. (YOVR VOTE AND INFLUENCE WILL BE APPRECIATED) GREAT EVENT ABOUT TO PLACE IN REFORMATION SERVICE * WOOD RIVER HIGH SCHOOL OCTOBER 28 10:30 A. M. high in quality and have been j lore once in common circulation stored carefully. They should; in Southern Illinois and relat-,| also be firm, solid and well j ing to love, courtship and mar- shaped, with a slim neck. A well- riage. In fact it was then in | cured onion i.s dry and crack-! general circulation everywhere.! less; moisture at the neck signi-j The amount of lore clustering j fies decay. Store onions in a about love, courtship and mar- j cool, dry place. , riage is voluminous. As this is i wr jtj elli S31 1 signs and sayings , Are you constantly wearing | already have been found. There ! out your stockings at the heel? | may ) 3P as many more. Even if Then nibbing paraffin on the ; , :0l so helpful as they might be, J top insides of your shoes may, this new stockpile should pro- this "GOLD JAG"Special Value! ! help. ANNOUNCING THE TRIM, NEW 1951 HUDSON HORNET V-8 ... way up in power, way down in price! Hornft V-l Hoi/ywod Hsrdlop — youri In a choin el )} k»autilul tolti cembinariani Product al American Moron See your HUDSON and RAMBLER dealer for a demonstration ride Quick . . . with the world's newest V-8 engine. Smooth , . . with new Flashaway Hydr»-Matic. Light on its feet . , . with the easiest handling of any big car on the road. Solid ... with « ride that's 3 times smoother than any you've ever known! Thai's the new Hudson! It's bigger inside than any car at any price. It'i built in a double-strong single unit — promises you thousands of extra, carefree miles. U rides on bigger, safer tires - hugs tbe road, soaks up the bumps. It's the mggedesi performer of them all! And it's a bargain . . . actually priced lower than last year's models. See it now. Phone for a demonstration drivel FINLEY MOTOR SALES 321 E. Broadway, Alton, 111* Phone 2*0321 vide materials to somewhat re-, lieve trie monotony of the usual '• stock answers. )• Directed to Girls ' It: is not possible here to clas-. siiy &nd oi-ganize the signs and I sayings that have come to at-'I tendon. The best that can be \ done is to offer spot samplings. J First, ii should be known that 'J these gems of wisdom are gen-j erally offered for the guidance! of girls. Obviously, the boy al- ;| ways has been deemed the more i fortunate one, no matter what j the laits dealt out to him. After \ all, he was considered the hunt-i ed. i It might be well to use a few i of the many available bits of. guidance in a logical way. For: instance, if a girl is drlinitely, market.' to be an old maid, she could recognize that fact early, reconcile herself to the fate awaiting her and cease worrying. Such action would also pre- i vent her complicating the situation lor other girls with a kkid-, er fate in store. '. Here are sorno signs of approaching spinsierhood which ev. eiy young woman should know: The aspiring young lass must, not scorch the clothes being iron- > ed. If setting the table, she must i he careful not to place two forks I MT m mum *mr ** mt*m mm m m mm ike trie Range • FUU-WIDTH GIANT-SIZ8 OVEN with Porcelain Broiler Pan and Grid • THRIFTY-THIRTY STYLING— only 30 inches widt • COOK-MASTER OVEN CONTROL—for preparing oven meali while you're away • FULL-WIDTH COOKING-TOP LAMP • TWO BIG 8-Inch and TWO 6-inch RADIANTUBE Surface Uniti • FULL-WIDTH STORAGI DRAWER • LIFETIME PORCELAIN, Acid- Resisting Cooking-Top • AUTOMATIC ROTISSERIE available at modeit extra cost *,•;«,: MILLERS' MUTUAL has a NEW FAMILY AUTO POLICY! ' Designed to give you more protection for less money. Find out %bout this broad policy. Call • • LEWIS DREITH Dial 2-7150 DICK ECCLES Dial 2-IH45 E. H. LAMM UIul 2-7SO)i TOM MARQUIS Dial 8-0283 MILLERS' MUUMl of IUINOIS 229 .95 Los* Trade-In Allowance *40°° $ 189 95 No Down Payment if You Have Trade Open Mon, and Fri, Nights 'Til 9 P, M. Model RDS-38-34 This is a genuine 1956 Frigidaire Model —with features that make electric cooking automatic, fast, foolproof. And at our special "Gold Tag" price it's * terrific value that's fust too good to mist Come in today and see! Open Won, and Frl, Nights 'Til 9 P.M. REFRIGERHflDn $50 E. Broadway CO. "Authorized Fiigidaire Sales and Swvjce" Dial 3-7721

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