Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 14, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 5
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Calendar of Events Tonight Pan Hellenic. 7 p. m. BridRe dos .-ii -rt at the home of Mrs. H. L, MoMillan at Okobojl. V.F.W. Auxiliary. 8 p. m. City hnll club room, icg- ulAr meetlnR. Hostesaos, Mrs. F. G. Weir, Mrs. Oliver Ljingmo, Mrs. W. W. Weber, Mis. J. M. Foley, Mrs. Ruth Ellis, Mrs. John Amuhdson, Mrs. Paul Gustaf, Mrs. RoyHuntlpy, Mrs. Dennis Knudscn. OJB.& 8 p. m. TnHiation and roRular meeting. Thursday Country Club Women's Breukfa .st. 9:15 a. m. At the Country club. Good Cheer Country Club. 2 p. ni. At the home of Mrs. • ' Atttdk ElUs, Mrs. Fr.-ink Hutchinson, assisting hostess. Woman's Society of the Baptlflt Church. 2 p. m. At the home of Mrs. Charles Rost. Mrs. John Bush, Mrs, Herman Wicsp and Mrs. Joe Ringham assisting. B. Of R. T. Auxiliary. 2 p. m. At the city hall. Hostesses, Mrs. George Pullen and Mrs. Gilbert Amdahl. Ladles League of Oruver Presbyterian Church. .2:30 p. m. At the church. Program, Mrs. John Goldsborry, "VVi' Americans." Devotions, Mrs. William Harvey Jr. Hostesses. Mrs. Soren Sorenson iind Mrs, Ray Smith. MoKlnlcy VTA. 2:30 p. m. At the school. A.A.U.W. 6:45 p. m. Picnic at stale park. Bring own service and 50 rent.s. Korth Star Lodg^e No. 447. A.F. A AM. 7 p. m. Third degree. W.M-S, of Free Methodist Church 7:30 p. m. At the church parlors. St Rita's Ctrclpw 8 p. rh. Meet with Mrs. Anna Bn- gan, Mrs. Roy Hood and Mrs. E. H. McNally, assisting hostesses. Friday C, W. F. of Christian Church. 2 p. m. At the church. Program by the All People's group; ten by tho Dale Hallow group. Slides entitled "Seeing Is Believing" will be shown by the Rev. Clyde Leeds. W. S. C. S. Circles of Methodist church. 2:3Q p. m. Mitchell No. 1 with Mrs. Marvin Grebe; Morton No. 2, with Mrs. Owen Morton; Demoney No. 3, ^^ith Mrs. William S, Johnston; Reed No. 4, with, Mrs. Dennis Knutsen; Wlttneben No. 5, will nii'cl at 1 o'cliick for a picnic at Fort Doflance; Blaes No. 6, with Mrs, Robert Hi\rt- n>an; Koss No, 7. with Mr.s. Lyle KlingiM-; Paniclson Nu, .><, with Mrs, Orvlllc Boynton, Luke Shore Country Club. 2:,'?0 p. m. At the home »f Mr .'j, Will Hnrvey Sr. and Ida. Brin;; a separate picture of a mother and her child; also a household question to be answered. Presbyterian Church Circles. 2:30 p. m, Partello-Wee, at the home of Mrs, Harry Bauman Jr.. with Mrs. IJoyd Allen and Mrs. G. H. Raife assisting; Heidko- Hanspn, at the home of Mrs. Henry Schroder, Mrs. Mary Soeth, Mrs. Ira Swartz, assisting; Story- Schoonovcr, at the home of Mrs. Norwood Zehner, Mrs. S. G. Ewen and Mrs. Tl^om.ns Nivison a;s^iating;; SheHren-Ashburn, at the home of Mrs. Neil Brown, Mrs. Tom Juhl and Mrs. Lawrence Goodwin as.qisting. Past Noble Grands. 8 p. m. Meet with Mrs. Dennis Knudscn. Mrs. George Tumhave and Grace McOlure, assistant hostesses. Roll call to be answered by vacation plans. Saturday (>irl Scout Rummage Sale. 9:00 a. m. On the band stand north of the Hot dogs and pop for sale too. Anyone may call 15.'52J or 1421 for pickup of articles. Women of the Moose Kiunmuge and Bake Sale. 9:00 a. m.-l p. m. In the hall lobby L.C.R. of the KstherWIle Lutheran Cliurch. 2 p. m. At tho church. Mother's day program. All mothers Invited. Okumanpadn Chapter of D.A.R. 2:30 p. m. At the home of Mrs. John Greig. Business meeting and election of officers. Guest speaker, Arvli W. Parks. Assisting hostesses, Mrs, W. W. Wilson, Mrs. F. R. Everds and Miss Amney Wood. Ohil uat \ Iowa Draft Quota For June Is 600 Des Moines, May 14 /P- Iowa's selective service quota for July is about 600 men, nearly three times the number for June, state headquarters of the agency said today. This brings to about 20,373 the number of lowans called into the armed forces by selective service since It resumed inductions In September of 1950. GRIM SALl'TK FUO.M TIIK PAST. Unllorme.t member of the "FDJ," East Gernianf's eonimunist youth orKanization, >;tves the old Nazi salute to East Germany's president, Wllhelni Pleek, A grim reminder of the past, the Ineltlent occurred during n youth festival in Soviet sector of Berlin, 11 el or (rjii'dr. IVl. Was Nalivr Of N()r>wiv II. 1-.- II (Jjci.l,- ^:. ^en ot II. 1 tZ'- ar ,l M ,in:in-et (;je!df \\ ,'ts t^,»i n ' .\vil : '.StiO, !\n(i jms .stHl awav at [ h.- luitut- in *)iaelt Intel. Ma\ I' at fi p in V)h:. nft.'i a lennlhy 111 , n >'nn n*\)i- Hervren. N\>rwrt>, i h. lanic to Norway. I.i , in l?-!'! ami made his home there until j wli.n he caTue to the ijiait tiiiser vicinity. Me was rn \plo \ed iiilhi" area until ht» nixrrliiee ti> Mi,-N Synneva 1,"-son In HKW They matl. thi'ii home on a farm In Emm. t (Oiii '.ly whieh he ha.l imrcb,i.« ed thi' >"e.'ir previously. Kor the nevl ."evin yenr.'< they lived lluTe In i;>tO tli.\ moved to ('.raelllnRer to e .Tn fill Mr and Mi< (He T I.i»rson. parents of Mrs. t .Jerde. h-r fatluM hi 'ihc In poox health anil this ha'i t»een their hniiit' .iine*- that time Koi the past .to years Mr f.Jirde has l.een an Invalid and .Mrs (",)IT de lias e:ued for him until his death on Friday. Survlvinj; his death uie h .ls widow, a sister and family livinc In Norway, a brother's familv in I'an- ada and a nephew in St Paul Funeral «erviei-« wvri' held Tuesday afternoon a1 the GJerde home anil at 2 p. m. at the Methodist ehureh. The Ilev A T Hld- well of Speneer. pastor of the SiV- enth Day Advent eburehes In this area, assisted hv the ft.verend Raamus»en in eliarpe. ,S(>ll|.:ii\ I>riiikiii<.: FroMiircl oil Kvrii for !kibi<'^ M S- .'il 11 \ >!: i '.k It., id on .»t :ltl ttm< ;tn < VI' it ,11 e'al wi 'iK s-lid >,-'.trnl.i\ l-;\ . n u tlir lippi. : is a tc>-ii'.;.i -uul :<:•' I. ,:ui.l 1 • .ihnii'nt !•< mill. Ml •• 11.1. n i:\iv 1 of 1)1- I , 1 ,'it\ ii( l!ii!,»h I'oluml'li •! !!...•! .' v.M lal \> K ^Ml.i :i luolh.i .in \\iiip 11. r ' hsUt 1 I . r.*.ili.-illt \ I lu.ppllij; 111.' Iit.y ti.'ttl.' 111.I !. 11 ir.u th. infant t.. riifxi. h\ iiim^.-!t ."^lie I I . 11 nt \ I 'Dth . > lUi-i .'tlf.* llli.[hiM> ^^l.Ml ^l ..p .'T I I Ml ip.!:-.tu<n fe.,lini; \ini.- > • . int.. •thi^ IH Ihi' r,i I . vp. 1 1. Ill . I!;, iliild I TIS in il.nni: siiiiiithlni: ^^ ii .sLini-iiiir , l ...r MlM F.MliI r ;ll ,l slUill .'S -^•iiii thai bat'ie^ in insiitiitlitiiM iil'...-- lollies III.' pri.pp.'.l 11)1 and "I;.' r.»t iivt indix at : lilt 1.111 d.i noi ilevi-liip siielalli •• And nhe ad.I.-il "Thi V have li.niMe iLiUIIni: jobs'" m.aklni: a .^ueei-nsfiil nuii. ai ;i- .md ".IviPi; with uthei* KMlu-nUU. loWH. I>ail.v Ni>«-« Ui .l., Maj M. IJJ .-.1 Kfiin 'nilM 'r* KnlhiT \\ lirn RHII> U Horn \! ..I.Ii. •. li .V \ M • : I 1 ,\ 1,., ,! . ; .l:!'^ .: . I ! • 1 - ,^ V I • •• ' M, I.!, ! 1:, , , ' . . . • .lit >i h, ij .. ! .»! , I. ! In f . Ill t: - * ^ 1 1 ' 11. in « 1' ' „ • > •• •.•••.fl.-.t:.: \ :i< ,S,i t 11, -I. . .,, r.N . > I ! ill It'.'- 1'1 A tin r •. K' • -I • U s . Hi , t • I- . 1 t... • ^. > tl,. .1 ell I fi I 'll' .\?,.- it ; «. I, n , !., . n ,|. I •• •!•. I -• ' ».-..t !• . I • I , ..!• \\ It T--. 111. tCHKUch^n I'rv n l>i«U> Nrn- Ail Orange mi rint ,Mie mnUen a dellr \ ions fioslin^ fi-.i an oraitjir eaki- Til make lliis ti.ppinu add a dash' lit Slit 111 I wii I kiii whltrs ,ind heal ! iinlil slifr, now Kiadiiiilly brat in, lour tablespoons o( siiKiir Pile tills , inetlnKUe lIKhtU' on n eake baketl | In n seven by eleven Ineh pan nnd | j sprinkle with a tablespoon or hhreddeil oriinKe ilnd. Hrown tli.* iiierlncue litrhllv iindei lhi. l.rniler. HIee Is the |M >orest of all eereals In food value. HOUSIHOID HOW-TO-DO-ITS \ llrd tnfyi ew^naxiro on an clJ fullientvi'-t «r« stvcl. Cover fnnvp on, /' keeps senlnj? liaeKct, ^ tnrf lf>-fr««. \ ...and to v!rt«n(;l« nhcpplri<J, orpcdiMon.n, first check mho rella what In tha TELEPHONE DIRECTORY YiLLOW PAGiS O. K. Horsemcat For Sausa^P Washington. May 14 i.p>-^he government today told sausage makers they can resume mixing horsemcat with their product effective May 19. The office of price ataliilizatlon (OPS) stipulated that the processors must clearly maik their product as containing liorsemeat. OPS banned tho inclusion of horsemcat in sausage in a regiiln- tion Issued last Mnicli 14. This sef ceilings on fresh, frozen and cured liorsemeat at wholesale and retail levels. OPS said it finds tho two-montlv old ban is working a hardship on processors who have special machinery for making sausage containing horsemcat. •y G R E V U N D with .$efViC£. like this... Mart /Ada 90,000 ntilrs of dirtd toiiltif.jMcbmt all 411 DoumouH de /iolt, moJtru Sulirr-Cojcbri, friemtlr ateriH irh'th »ll the unf! rr<t-VPS"O'afiliou Plan- ttittg SfTt'lct) Mrrangft boltl rtsetiatloMi, iltbittiiutl at ^(m^i like these ... Just l«ok at , Grcylwund's low .ffar*s f«r highway travel at its best.. 'And you'll save 20% more on the return pbrtiou when you buy round trip tickets! Ask today for friendly travel information and free literature describing many vacations. Spokane, Washington $33.70 Memphis, Tenn. $17.55 Bangor, Maine . $29.75 Phoenix, Arizona $32.00 New Orleans, La. $23.45 , .AM Tax) GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT Garitetoq Hotel Phon« 8U. KaUiervUl« Qo e R E Y M t^^.. RED RASPBERRY PRE5ERVESii ;:27c DEVILS FOOD CookiES — 39. MCE" DONt FORfrET 1 No WW Ann Braadj' FANCY WHITE 2-11). BUR 32c; DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE WITH SUCED IZ^O^'l i CHEESE ?>"r^l:W?l1iS.3ic* PUMPKIN 21c Fresh Cr«'ann«ry Butter 65c LI). Frozen VVhoh* Sun €(»n(H>ntrat«'(l m Doz. 6 -oz. Can Orange Juice 10c .Morninp; LIRIII —Ciolden Cream Hiyh' —No. SOS Cans CORN 2 o, 29c Hed PHted—No 2 Cans Cherries 2 ro. 45c Won-lJp GRAPEFRUIT JUICE '"'•'==c„''„''-°''- 21c Nancy Ann—20-oz. Loaf BREAD 2 or 3Tc Seedless RAISINS V/'" 31c Giiarant(*ed Whito ,Loaf FLOUR i 10-lb. I 'reiiitiim IV(>| MT<-I I LOAF Tolrin'ft Square LOAF , h 49c Fresh Dressed SPRING CHICKENS Purilan Ready-To-Kal PICNICS WI( KI.OU SLICED BACON SPARE RIBS RING BALOGNA HAM Bum SHANK ENDS CENTER CUTS POT ROAST SIRLOIN STEAK ROUND STEAK ROUND STEAK SLICED BACON ENDS (iiior.Ni) PORK SAUSAGE Sliced Luiichcott Mvatu 39c SAUSAGE,! 43c Sllr.|.l SOUSE .> 43c |i@glieil^^^gTORESl YOUR FRIENDS^^AT MEALTIME H^^^^ AT MEALTIME .1 . ..r ^^32\7 ^..^..1 I .> .•'?.r„.fe..,..i . ,1'.' '

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