Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 26, 1956 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1956
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26,1956 tipper Alton Events Hare N«-tv» nr W»n» »« Clint ? Phone S-fiMfi the writing « : e call tip t!ip doi-toi | Tlionins to ohfTfc." Miss Laurent s.iid. » , Tliwsdnv Pharmacist Thinks Un- Work Ideal for Women Miss Alma Laurent, an ex- school teacher turned pharmacist, thinks that more women should enter Ihe profession. They'd find i it only a short step from the demands of the kitchen, she says. Miss Laurent, employed at thej jll( , ot ,,, c w ,,, ni , p ,, u . ( ,, in nir Thrifty Drug Co. store at 2521 | losl11 [ a j College Ave.. is one of the few) Thc ,,!,„,.,!, ;iry depai infills are women pharmacists in the Alton- } '- no | noisy St. Iwouis area. At least three of them work in Alton. The -15-year-old druc-iist says the concentration over a prescription, the mixing, selection from containers, can be compared to a Iwuscwife at work on a rrripe in her kitchen. J e f fe rson nicht. School. Asked if this ever nfd'iidrd t'nr doctors, because nobody ]ik<"? to think he csn't \M'i!r cienrly. tlie woman pharm;u' ; M s.iirl. "Tlu\ wouldn't dare. They u;mt evcr.v prec.aulion to hr taken !h;il is |>.>v siblc." <JniH T)ni5 Storr No one has ever thouciil ih:it a . dmj; store was cmnp;-ir;<lilr in j quietness to a hospital hut M.s> Laurent sa\s dial \ou are flunk- Former clibiviaster, Robeit Vail, "as forced by cii cunistan- res to resign. Members voted him thank* for ihe uork be had of tbe pmsiam \\cic tour puppet sbous and one pan- tomine i'\hiliition. Den 1 presented a pantomine on a surcieal operation. Den 2 (ifive a puppet show called Ihfc "\Vbile Man Meels the Indian." Den 3 presenter! a puppet show. "Halloween Might." Den 1 -_'a\e a demonslration of variou" lions are fixing aliiiit like ballots I,,,! :>'•< puppet s'w"' v-ifetv First." and on election dn\. They must filled accurately and rjuickly and il never hurls the pharmacists' reputation to practice resourcefulness. One time Miss Laurent was , credited by a physician with sav- Miss Laurent, who lives at 1823 j inR „ p a (i PM fs life. The physician i low; Main St., is pretty good with a j hlicj or d f , rP rt on( , (ype of meiiicine; . Hoi) Collier and William Win- skillet herself. She also was a i sllp spnt ,,,,,, a | o|1( , wi|l , ano ||, cl competent teacher until she was .16 j tv , M , w | )i( .|, s | 10 n, OU!i | lt n ,i s |,t |, r years old. more effective in Ihe emergency. ways of mukiim vmppels. Den was railed, a puppet Indian dance. Den 3 and Don 5 won the mascot, "Cubby" lor parent participation. Awards were. made. They lol- "I worked in B hospital i>art time during the war." she said, in be- )lp was stra n K |j n (t. Later the phy- tneen answering telephone calls | s j c j, ln <. f ii] n( i |, f . r with a word o and preparing prescriptions in the store Thursday, "and I decided that was what 1 wanted to do instead of teach. She had been an elementary slade ,bob cat reRister cards; Tollie Evnns. Kermit Hellrung, Jimmv Kincarlc, Dennis Bry- The man had acute asthma undi ( ],, n , i,ol> cnt pins-during candlelight cnromony . Ricky Vail, Michael Sheary, Freddy Summers, F r ankic Summers, Philip Paclt/, David thanks. He said the medicine she had .sent was the one he had used. In his haste he had momentarily school teacher in the Prairie du Roeher, '111. area when this desire j to become a pharmacist over look j her. She entered St. Louis College! cl Pharmacy and was graduated M 1950. I'"civ Women In Class "It was then 1 wondered why more women did not enter a profession to which they could adapt so easily," she said. "There were only 11 women in a graduating j class of 96." Miss Laurent joined the staff of a St. Louis hospital as a pharmacist and worked there and at one other hospital before being urged to enter the drug store field. The ex-teacher has been at the store about two weeks. In that time she has Jeamed two things: Working in a drug store is less hectic than working in a hospital pharmacy, and, second, physicians wile as badly in their private of- Iices as they do in hospitals. This bad writing habit is a joke among pharmacists. But they never let the joke go too far. "If we are ever in doubt about forRolten alwut. the use of il in j t)v such n case. He thought it saved his patient's life. Women Keep Wits Keeping her wits in such emergencies brought up the thought that Wells. Charles Haird. Karl Alos- Paul Forbes, Roy Baird, summer activity badges. David Wells, \vol( badge and Donald Hicks, \\olf. sold I maybe women would not do so | well in pharmacy. Miss Laurent was asked if she agreed with the traditional belief that women are more apt to go to pieces in emergencies than men? "Nonsense," she said, "I have seen men pharmacists and women lose stride in some hospilal emergencies but the women didn't lose their grip any more often nor completely than men." Miss Laurent thinks that her training as a school teacher also has helped her work in pharmacy. "Keeping records is a vital job of a pharmacist," she said. "Ami my training as a teacher helps in CALL DS FOR FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS AND ORCHID CORSAGES REXROAT FLOWER MART -'Mil E. Broadway Dill ?-i43tl Open Eveninm & Sunday nnd silver arrow, summer activity and community service; Steve Hosaw. summer activity and community service; Ralph Ford, bear badge, gold and silver arrow; .linimy Keith, gold arrow and summer activity; Jimmy Voyles, summer activity and community service; Harley Micks, community service. The pack will have a "Get Out the Vote" campaign Saturday, Nov. 3, 8:30 a. m. All members, parents and den mothers are urged to meet at the school that morning lor the campaign. Pack committee will meet Nov. S at the home of Gilbert SHORT STEP FROM kitchen to pharmacy says Miss Alma Laurent, an ex-teacher who took up the profession in her late 30s. She is employed in an Upper Alton drug store. (Story in Upper Alton Column)—Staff Photo this and other book work." j Mosby. But she doesn't think that teach-1 REV. H. R. JEXSEX ing helps her as much in her work in pharmacy as the mere fact that she is a woman. "Thai's the best qualification I have," she said. She added that she didn't know why more young women, socking a career, didn't reason that way, loo. PACK 17 NAMES NEW CUBIVIASTEB Luther Descern is now cub- master of Cub Pack IT, it was announced at a meeting at TRICK or TREAT CHOCOLATE MILK Serve Hoi or Cold • HARVEST PUNCH • DIXIE CUPS LOGAN'S MORNING STAR "DAIRY DRIVE-IN" ON NORTH HUMBERT ST. ROAD RESIGNS PASTORATE The Rev. II. B. Jensen has resigned as pastor of Hillcrcsl Church of the Naxarene Church, it has been announced. He has held tbe pastorate since August, 1953, coming here from the Grace Church of the Nazarene dhurch of Champaign. Mr. Jensen is retiring from full activity in the ministry. He was 73 the past Wednesday. He will be in the pulpit, for the final time Sunday, Nov. 25. The Rev. Jensen has been a minister for 44 years. YOUTH IN CHAIir.E AT TAUERNACLE TONIGHT Young people will be in charge of services at Tabernacle Baptist Church tonight, 7:30, in one of the services in a week-long observance of the sixth anniversary of the pastor, the Rev. William H. Binford. The Rev. H. H. Webster of the Church of God in Christ will be the guest speaker tonight. Saturday, 7:30 p.m., the services will see local ministers in WE ARE CONDUCTING A LEGAL STRIKE At Four Companies in Jerseyville WE ARE STILL ON STRIKE On Oct. 23, the Courts issued an injunction restraining us from "illegal picketing." This injunction was issued without notice of hearing to the Union. We do not know the charges that have been made, and have not had the opportunity to defend o\ir position. Our strike is a legal strike, but we have not had the democratic opportunity to show that it is. We have not engaged in "illegal picketing." As a law-abiding Union, however, we have temporarily withdrawn our picket lines until the meaning of the Court's ruling can be determined. We know the working people of Jerseyville will remember that we are STILL ON STRIKE AT HARRY SMITH BUICK CO. HUTTON MOTOR CO. SUNDERLAND MOTOR CO. HARRY SMITH SERVICE STATION Please observe our "invisible" picket lines until we c a n show in democratic fashion that we have a legal strike, and re-establish our picket lines in front of these four establishments. TEAMSTERS LOCAL 525 , ALTON charge. Guests will be members j of Mount Joy Baptist Church of j Edwardsville and Allen Chapel I AiMK of Alton. ] Sunday afternoon the guests i will be members of the Greater | Paradise Baptist Church and I the New Tower Grove Baptist Church, both of St. Louis. Observance will be climaxed with a banquet Monday, 7:30 p. m., at the church. Turkey with all the trimmings will he .served. Everybody is welcome. There will be no charges. In other news: Regular services will be held Sunday. !/IJti; SWEEPS t KOOMS OF MILTON HOPSK Two rooms of a live-room frame home in Milton were virtually destroyed by a gas-fed fire Thursday at 5 p.m. The blaze broke out in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carrizales, 3199 Oakwood Ave., while she, her three young grandchildren and one of her own children, were eating supper. The fire swept through the flooring of one bedroom and destroyed all the furniture and personal effects of Mrs. Carrizales. A gas pipe burned through it) the basement shot out fuel which increased the fury of the blaze, Fire Chief Ervin of the MiUon Volunteer Fire Department said. Mrs. Carrizales first noticed the fire when she glanced out a window and saw a wisp of smoke. She dashed to the outside basement entrance and was driven back by heavy smoke when she opened the door. She retraced her steps to the house, got the children out. and then dashed back to telephone the fire department, only to find the fire had already burned through the telephone wires. She sought assistance of neighbors who called the fii'e department and then made an effort to enter the basement but were driven back by flames. Firemen had the raging fire under control in about 10 minutes after two of them entered the basement to shut off the gas. 'WOMANLESS WEDDING' AT ALLEN CHAPEL SATURDAY Ladies Aid Society will spon- sor a "Womanless Wedding" Saturday, 8 p.m., at Allen Chapel AME Church. Men will take pads in Ihe ceremony. The Rev. J. \V. Wright, pastor, said everyone is welcome. Donations are 50 cents. S.\I,KM PRESBYTERIANS TO IIAVR. PARTY TONtOUT Sunday school will have a Hal-- lowee.ii pally this evening at Salem Presbyterian Church. Everyone is welcome. Pri/os will be awarded for the nicest, ugliest, bes*. character, and the hardest to identify. Mrs. Clarence Gerdt, and Mrs. Orlando Porter are in charge. Members were reminded (hat services Sunday will be hack on Central Standard Time, with morning service at 11 a.m. Sunday School is at 10 a.m. The Rev. John Yundt will have as bis sermon theme "Reformation Day." Youth Fellowship will meet al 6:30 Sunday evening and then attend the Reformation Day service al Alton High School. The Rev. Yundt will preach the Kesquicentennial sermon at the Indiana Presbyterian Church at Vincennes, Nov. 4. The minister and i Mrs. Ynndt will be away this coming week. Rev. Charles M. Miller of Bunker Hill will supply the pulpit Noy. 4 at the Salem church. DAUGHTER V1SITNG MR., MRS. AULABAUGH Mrs. Ray Trogdon*of Champaign is visiting her' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aulabaugh, i!62G San- lord Ave. She and her two baby daughters j also will spend some time with her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Trogdon of Milton. Mrs, Trogdon arrived a week ago and will remain another week. WSGS TO HAVE MEETING SUNDAY AT M. METHODIST Woman's Society ot Christian Service will have a special meeting Sunday, 4 p.m., at Main Street Methodist Church. ' Wesleyan Service Guild and Junior Guild will unite with the women for this special meeting and offering. MRS. JOHN KENNEDY MOVES 10 TEXAS Mrs. John Kennedy has moved from ;'.!!27 Mayfield Ave. to join her husband who Is in service at Ft. Bliss. Tex. Mrs. Kennedy will make her home in El Paso near the Army base. Kennedy is a private in the motor pool there. Mrs. Kennedy formerly tas employed at Bindler's Department Store in Upper Alton. Unions are pressing for wage increases in Bolivia, I>a Pus. reports. 1,ong UnH COLUMBUS, Miss. B> — John Daniels told Chancery Court recently he had given hi* wife a ch;mee to return to his home before sft4.iiiK a divorce. | "How long did you wait?" acting I Chancellor Tom Tubb asked. | "Since UVJ7," aDniels replied. S "Divorce granted," Tubb de- > I cided. Phone 2-1831 Ours is business where minutes matter. That's why we have built, a delivery service on which you can confidently rely. We'll pick up your doctor's prescriptions, compound and deliver the medicines. There is no additional charge. E.40LK STAMPS • 1MIOXK 2-IJtIH FOIt KUI'I-: DIDLIVKHY Campbell's PharmacyB^;. (acrofift from IJiicohi-lloutflns Square) fiene Fahneslock, H.1'11., !„ Homer rnnipltpll, II.I'll. REFORMATION SERVICE * WOOD RIVER HIGH SCHOOL OCTOBER 28 10:30 A. M. HERE IT IS IN BLACK AND Wl SPECIAL SERVICE! Payroll Checks Cashed At No Charge 25 T.'SOO « PERSONAL • AUTOMOBILE • FURNITURE • SIGNATURE MID-STATES LOAN CO. TOM HOWARD, Mgr, 626 E. Broadway ~ ALTON — Phone 2-V21C USE OUR FREE PARKING LOT ENTRANCE ON RIDGE ST. Paul F. Davis and Sons Will NOT Close Their Store At Brown andWashington Until 5:30 P.M. Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 1956. They Will However, Take Over Operation in Cottage Hills As Of Monday, October 29th, 1956. "Gonna Jbe Easy to Pay Your Bilk when Paul Moves to Cottage Hills!!" PAUL F. DAVIS and SONS STILL AT BROWN AND WASHINGTON!! GET IT AT L&L FURNITURE & APPLIANCE WAS rand new with brand new FEATURES at a brand new LOW PRICE with these features found only in higher priced models- • MODERN STYLING-Fun width, raised back panel usually found in top-of-line models only. • BUILT IN SUDS SAVER-Lets you reuse your hot, sudsy wash water. • SELECTIVE WATER LEVEL CONTROL- Lets you adjust water level to the size of the load. • • LID SHUT OFF SWITCH-When lid is fully opened all washer action stops. • UNBALANCE SWITCH-Autotnatically shuts off washer in case of unbalanced load. buy the thrifty HIGHLANDER for only 95 And Your Old Washer • FLEXIBLE CONTROLS-Fills, washes, rinses, spins damp dry and shuts off all automatically. You can repeat or omit any cycle phase. • EXCLUSIVE GYRAFOAM WASHING ACTION-Forces water gently through clothes—washes cleaner, quicker. • EXCLUSIVE SWIRLAWAY DRAINING RINSE-Wash basket spins while tub drains. Never lets dirty water strain through clothes. • AERATED SPRAY RINSE-Pro,vide$ more efficient flushing, and cleansing action. $3.00 PER WEEK FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE INC. CORNER 4th AND PIASA • Home Owned • Home Operated VISIT L&L's . TOYLAND Second Floor SHOP MONDAY AND FRIDAY UNTIL 9 P. M.

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