Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 28, 1963 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1963
Page 4
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4 - Friday, June 28, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts . .. HOME WRECKER — The iron hand of a Kosler Corp. grodoll stands poised above a vacant house on the city's Reservoir Canyon park site before dropping another thunderous blow which left the small dwelling in a pile of ruins within minutes. Members of the Engineering and Grading Contractors in San Bernardino-Riverside Coounties demolished the structure as part of their three-day community project to grade the nine-acre fish pond park above Highland avenue. This house, a pistol range and several trees were to be removed today so that the grading could be completed tomorrow. (Daily Focis photos by Clifford J. Kenison) But he won't be present July 4 rally is sef to skyrocket Goldwater By PETER EDSON Washington Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON — (NEA) — As of now, you can put dottn Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona as a man who would rather be grand marshaJ of a rodeo in Prescott, Ariz, on July 4 than to be present as guest of honor at the "Draft Goldwater for President Independence Day Rally" in Washington's National Guard Armory. Cynics may ask, "Who wouldn't?" The senator's advisors may argue, "This just shows how politically smart he really is." Such comments are beside the point Goldwater can plead "previous engagement" to go campaigning in his home state. But in staying away from the Washington rally the senator is sticking to his announced determination not to become a GOP presidential candidate. Not just yet, at any rate. A Goldwater rally without Goldwater may be like cold mashed potatoes without meat or hot gravy for his hungry fans. But Republican Sen. John G. Tower of Texas, Reps. John Ashbrook of Ohio and Paul Fannin of Arizona have been booked to make up for that as orators for the Draft Goldwater rally at 8 p.m. on the t A roX WEST COAST TOtAHf • la Cojoo Slint . n. 3-4331 Week Days Cant. From 7 PM. Sat. A Sun. Cent. From 2 P.M. Marlon Brando — in IheUeLY AMERiCAir Also — Ian Flemmlngs "DR. NO" James Bond (AGENT 007) STARTS WEDNESDAY m BYE BIRDIE" Continuous from 2 P. M. Doily Special July 3rd — Complete Show After 10 P.M. Fourth. A band concert at 7 and an all-star supporting cast of professional actors headed by Efrem Zimbalist Jr., will whoop things up before and between speeches. They can be counted on to ring the rafters and give Old Glory such a waving as it hasn't had since William Jennings Brj-an held forth on the Chautauqua circuit years ago. The rally \vill compete with the usual fireworks display on Washington Jlonument grounds — barring a rainstorm, in which case the crowds may seek shelter in the Armory. Most Washmgton residents who can get out of town over the Fourth do so. But the National Draft Goldwater Committee under Texas GOP State Chairman Peter O'Donnell Jr., in charge of arrangements, is taking care of that Trainloads and planeloads of Goldwater enthusiasts, he says, are preparing to descend on Washington and fill the Armory to overflowing. Meanwhile, the object of all this affection Mil be nearly 2,000 miles away. He will be photographed, probably on a horse and waving a big hat. This makes a more exciting picture than with his mouth open delivering a speech, which is an everyday occurrence. In Prescott he will be campaigning for re-election as senator from Arizona, which is the only political office he is now openly seeking. A year from now things may be different. July 4, 1964 will be just nine days before the Republican National Convention is scheduled to open in San Francisco. If Goldwater isn't an avowed candidate for the GOP presidential nomination by then, he should be. Political observers in Washington and elsewhere are beginning to believe that a race ne.xt year between President Kennedy and Senator Goldwater would l>e one of the healthiest things that could happen in America. It would settle for some time to come, maybe, the issue of conservatism versus liberalism. It would let the American people decide whether they want the United States run by the policies Kennedy stands for, or the opposite policies that Goldwater stands for. PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES SHOW AT DUSK - ALL DRIVE INS BASELINE DRIVE-IN CREST THEATRE StH & "E" Sts. San Bdno. Cont. 12:30 - TU 8-4247 "NOW PLAYING BOTH THEATRES BOB HOPE - ANITA EKBERG "CALL ME BWANA" - (Both Color) Co-HIt-MARK DAMON "BEAUTY & THE BEAST" NOW TRI CITY Guy Williams — Both Color "CAPTAIN SINDBAD" SItva Reeves "THE SLAVE" TRI-CITY DRIVE-IN It has become increasingly apparent in recent weeks that Goldwater is the only Republican presidential possibility who can rally support from the thousand or more right - wing splinter groups. They don't go for New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and they might not go for Michigan Gov. George Romney. None of the other favorite son Republicans being mentioned for the presidential nomination has enough support at this writing to be worth bothering about Many to head for mountains on holidays ENCHANTED FOREST - Confident of an unprecedented summer season of prosperity, mountain communities are bracing themselves for the onrush of more than a half million persons expected to jam the recreational areas during the four-day holiday beginning July 4. Figures compiled by the state highway department and the U.S. Forestry Service indicated that more than 180,000 persons were in the mountain areas stretching from Big Bear Lake to Crestline on Independence Day a year ago. No one community has planned any specific patriotic observance of Independence Day, but one of the major celebrations will be the four-day festival to be held at the unique Enchanted Forest on Highway 30 (City Creek road) two miles west of Running Springs which opens officially July 4. The enchanting sixteenth century village, tucked away amid mountain pines at a 5,000 foot elevation, has been revitalized and refurbished with many new attractions, concessions and novel rides, accordaig to Glen Hammond, vice president of Mountain Parks, Inc., and general manager. He said park officials confidentially expected more than 20,000 persons to visit the Enchanted Forest daring the four-day holiday and participate in the four- day long celebration. WnXLAM G. MOOBE. PubUlbcr. ' FRANK B. MOOEK. Editor. PubUsbed every evening (except Sundiyl at Facta bufldlnc. TOO Broofc- lids at Center. Sedlandi. CalUomia. Founded October 23. U90, 73rd "Entered as lecood dan matter October 23, 1890. at the Port Office at Redlands. CaUfomla. nadcr act of Marcb 3. 187S. suB!>cita >noN RATX (In Advance! Br Carrier Dellrerr OBI MMU I tJl Three Healks ______ *M Six M*sth> tJ* On* Tear IW* . Oat Heatt 'One Xemr — Br Man -J IJ» Trustees accept Donald-McKee bid on Cope woric Formal action to accept the $187,338 low bid of Donald and McKee for constriction of two additional wings of five classrooms each at Cope Junior high school was taken by Redlands High school Trustees at a short adjourned meeting yesterday evening. \Vhile this action is considered a legally binding commitment of the $217,000 in federal funds, the contract cannot actually be signed nor construction started until approval of the bid procedure is ob- tauied from the Housing and Home Finance Agency (HHFA). There is expected to be no difficulty in securing this approval, however, since the bids were advertised according to law and the bid forms used were those of the HHFA. TTie formal action of the board was to adopt a resolution declaring that the district "intends to award a contract as soon as approval is obtained from the HHFA." The resolution was framed and adopted on advice of both the county counsel's office and the regional office of the HHFA. Once federal approval of the bid is obtained and the contract signed, Donald and McKee will have seven months to complete their work. It is hoped, however, that the project can be completed by January so that the new classrooms can be used to relieve the overcrowded conditions anticipated at Cope. Officials are expecting an enrollment of some 1400 students at the school in September. A staggered day session is planned to accommodate them. The new classrooms on the Cope campus will be erected in an area to tlie west of the administration building and west of the projected site for the new Cope library which will be built if the bond election carries next October. Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES, June 28 (UPIl — Eggs: Prices to reUilerj f.o.b. distributor plants (delivered cents lilgher: AA extra large 37H-<ZK. A extra large 38H.39>!„ AA large 29ii-34>i. A large 28!i-29(i,B large 24K-2S(i. AA medium 24\i-28M,. A medium 23^-24H, AA tmzU 17'i-21'.i. A small 16^-17H. Prices to consumers: AA large 39-50, AA large 38-47, AA medium 41-44, A medium 29-41, AA smaU 28-39, A small 29-35. Poultry: Frjera at ranch 17-19, roasters 21-25. light type hens 5-5 *i wtd. avg. 5,21. hens cross 6-6li wtd. avg. «.17: turlceys: yearling hens 16- le'.i. young hens 22-23, young toms 18. foer roasters 31. ..V. ^s^^^,. LAST JET ENGINE — Maj. Gen. Clyde H. Mitchell, SBAMA commander (left), tollts with J-57 jet engine overhaul officials on the departure of the last airplane engine. The maintenance officials are (left to right) SBAMA Director of Maintenance Col. B. W. Foiling of Redlands; J. R. Healy, deputy director of Maintenance; Jack L. Doon, chief of the Engine Repair Branch. Approve funds for developing recreation areas An allocation of $470,491 in federal funds to assist the state in developing the recreation potential of the areas surrounding Cedar Springs and Perris reser\-ou:s was approved by the Housing and Home Finance Agency yesterday. These two reservoirs do not now exist but will be created when the East Branch of the Feather River aqueduct is constructed by the state. Target date is 1972. It is expected that the federal allotment will pay for almost 30 per cent of the development costs of the nearly 3,000 acres involved adjacent to the reservoirs. The Cedar Springs reservoir will be created on the north slope of the San Bemardmo mountains north of Crestline. The Perris reservoir will be east and south of March field. The State Department of Water Resources will develop the recreational facilities of the reservoirs in conjunction with work on the aqueduct itself. But it is expected that prelimuiary work on the recreation aspect may start as early as 1970. You'll Find a Ready Market Thru Fast-Acting Facts Classified Ads TIZZY By Kate Osann "Roast beef? Mother, you promised you'd have hot dogs I" Norton completes work on last jet overhaul The last of 5,714 J-57 jet engines overhauled by the San Bernardino Air Materiel Area during the past sbc and one half years left the assembly line at Norton AFB this week. \Vhen the last engine is shipped it will end jet engine overhaul work at Norton. July 1, the official transfer date of jet engine overhaul responsibilities from SBAMA, will mark the end of the aircraft era and the t)eguining of the space age for Norton Au: Force Base. As in the past, when Norton became the first Air Force base to overhaul jet engines in earlier days, the base now becomes the first all-missile logistics center. The J-57 jet engine overhaul responsibilities carried on since 1957 are behig shifted to the Okla homa Air Materiel Area at Tinker AFB, Okla. The shift is beuig made to the Oklahoma City AMA in conjunction with an Air Force Logistics Command management move to single-point overhaul Lee Kalbach dies in Yucaipa Lee Kalbach, 74. of Vucaipa, died this morning in his mobile home at 35011 Avenue E, the Coroner's Office reported. Mr. Kalbach's wife, NetUe. discovered his body on the kitchen floor about 8:30 The body was removed to Hughes Mortuary in Yucaipa. The Coroner's office said Mr. Kalbach had been ill over a long period of time and that an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. Billboard charges to be filed soon Civil abatement complamts against the owners of 44 highway billboards throughout the county will be filed in Superior Court within a week, it was disclosed yesterday. Mrs. Durlene W. Nail, deputy county counsel, informed the county Planning Commission that she is in the final stages of preparing the 44 cases involving about 20 different defendants. She explained that the cases would be lumped together as one action against all the principal billboard companies. TTic complaint will test all provisions of the county's billboard abatement ordinance. operations of the engine. Overhaul operations have been split between SBAMA and the Oklahoma AMA. SBA.MA has carried out 40 per cent of the split workload. The peak for the J-?7 jet engine, used in many of the nation's jet fighters and bombers, was during 1961 and 1962 when 1,160 engines were processed in 12 months. The average overhaul period raamtained by jet engine technicians here was 25 days. SBAMA Commander Maj. Gen. Clyde H. Mitchell, during a meeting with J-57 jet engine operations officials here Wednesday, lauded the work force for their high rate of output and the outstanding quality of workmanship during the past years. Co. B. W. Felling, 12879 Bums Lane, Redlands. heads the Directorate of JIaintenance which performed the work on the J-57 jet engine. The 5,714 J-57 jet engines overhauled here underwent-a major breakdown process equal to that of building a new engine, followed by complete testing. A large number of J-57 jet engmes were also processed for minor maintenance during the more than sbc years that the program was operational here. San Bernardino to begin burning trees San Bernardino will begin burning its tree trimmings to avert high costs of disposing of them at county-operated pay dumps, it was announced today. City officials became interested in burning tree refuse after it was learned that the county did not consider Redlands' burning of tree trimmings a violation of Air Pollution Control lau-s. A three-man committee headed by Redlands Mayor Charies C. Parker was appointed this week by the Board of Supervisors to study the best way to phase out open burning "at the earUest possible date," Tliousands at Legion conclave in San Bernardino SAN BERNARDINO (UPD-Lt Gov. Glenn Anderson and Thomas Pitts, secretary - treasurer of the California Federation of Labor, were the principal speakers sdieduled today at the 45th annual state American Legion Coo- vention. Other highlights today indnded presentation to the delegates of Congressional Medal of Honor Many Visit Rtdlandt Many of tha LagionnairM and their friends hava been accept* ing tfia hospitanty of Redlands Post W and ether local veterans' groups. Large crowds hava been on hand at the clubheusa* and special meals hava been prepared for the visitors. winners and presentation of awards and citations to legionnaires. Contests for state championships by musical teams, color guards and motorcycle drill teams were slated for this afternoon at the Orange Show Stadium. An hour-long parade through the dott-nto^ra area is set for Saturday with Maj. Gen. John Calvin Munn, commander of the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, as grand marshal, at 4 p.m. About 30,000 California legionnaires were on hand Thursday for the opening of the convention, which ends Sunday with adoption of resolutions and election of state officers. There are 8,800 official delegates. PIPELINE TULSA, Okla. (UPD — The 1.600-mile Colonial pipeline from the Texas coast to New England will cost $300 million and move as much as 600,000 barrels of petroleum products daily — the equivalent of 50 average size tankers, according to Gulf Oil Co. JACK MADDOX Because it is impossible to see all of my friends and past customers personally, I am using this method to invite them in to see me and say hello at GARNER FORD, in San Bernardino. If you are in the market for a new Ford I would consider it a privilege to assist you in any way possible to choose the proper car and equipment to serve you best. I can be reached at Gamer Ford, TU 5-3861 or at my residence in Redlands. Ph.: 792-1138. (adv.) Lanes Now Available Nightly For Open Bowling Reservations taken for all organized groups Special Mixed Bowling Classes Every Monday Night at 8 o'clock Advanced Ladies Class Every Friday Morning at 10 o'clock Ladies FREE Beginner Class Starts June 12th at 10 A,M. EMPIRE BOWL 640 W. 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