Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 13, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 13, 1952
Page 5
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—Local Marlu'lH— Corn and Soybeans in Price Gain Corn and soybeans were n penny i higher on today's locnl grain market. Produce prices wcro 'inchnn^'- rd. I (iRAlN Old corn $1.67 New corn $l.6i Soybeans $2.89 Oats (36 lbs.) 79r; Flax $3.70 Graves arain Company Oniver, Huntington. Maple Hill PllODUCE sWeot cream ; 73c No. 1 - 71c No. 2 - 8Bc', Henneries 32c No. 1 27c No. 2 _ 24= Straight run — 28c Hens, under 4% lbs 10c Hens, lbs. and over 13c Heavy nocks lOu lieghorn, leghorn cross cocks ...Sc Sioux City Livestock Sioux City, la.. May 13 (;P)—Sioux City livestock market quotations: Cattlo salable 6,000; calves 28; slaughter steers slow, mostly steady; light yearlings in best demand; heifers Uttlo changed; cows firm; high commercial active; vealers scarce; fresh stock and feeder supply small, strong; several loads choice ted steers $32-$34; mostly prime 1325 lb.' beeves 35.26; mostly prime 1160 lb. weights 36.50; commercial and good 27.50-130; few good and choice heifers and mixed yearlings' $29-$33; commercial heifers down to 25.50; bulk utility and commercial cows $22-25.60; scattered sales $26, canner and cutters $18-$21; few light canncrs below 16.60; small .showing medium to good- stock Steers $27-$31; few 650 lb. weights 34.50; 600 lb. stock steer i calves 36.50. Hogs salable 7,500; lighter weight barrows and gilts fairly active, fully steady to 15 higher; top 25 higher; heavier butchers largely steady; choice 1 to 3 barrows and gilts around 190-240 lbs. 20.25-20.50; selected lots mostly 1 and 2's 20.6020.65 to order buyers; short deck 210-220 lbs. 20.75; around 240-280 lbs. $20-20.50; 270-300 lbs. 10.25-$20; 300-360 lbs. $18-19.25; few big weights 17.60; 16 head 566 lb. butchers 15.1Si sows around 400 lbs. down 17.60-18:75; few choice light weights $19; 400-650 lbs, l'6.76-17.76. jSOCllCTY— CiMitliiiicd rrriiii pnK<* 2 { IC largo posters, the n.nmc of ' which lire "Oprratlrina Victory" to ' be displayed In accordance with Mcmoi ial day. Mrs. M. L.' WIckersheim pri- sidod at the business mctvlng held .^t thi< Servicemen's club. It was announced by her that the sprlnjr conference of the American Leginn MUxillary would be held at Carroll on May 19. Mrs. Harry Jones reported on the carnival box which was sent tc tho Soldier's Home at Knox- viUc. Mrs. WIckersheim was voted to be the county vice-president for the coming year. Plans wcr# made for Poppy day. May 24, and volunteer.'! for decorating graves for Momorinl day were discussed. A memorial service honoring Mrs. Tom Foster was held with the. following persons takihg part: Kareti Warrington and Mary Mason were junior representatives and Mrs. Robert Herum. Mrs. C. P. Mauck. Mrs. Dan Howard and Mrs. WIckersheim. Spring flowers were used for table decorations and lunch was served by a committee which included Mrs. Robert Pullen, chairman, Mrs. Harold Isemlnger, Mra. Mabic Mason, Mrs. Ed Melncra, Mrs. John Hcmmlngsen and Ruby Hemmlngsen. Mrs. Emma Paulson received tho door prize. Get Dough for Doodads-Setl What You No Longer Want Jobs Wonted WANTED—House work for summer months. Town preferred. Can start June 1. Janette Madsen. Age 17. Ph. 1P18 Ringsted. 186-3X-3 WANTED—Window washing. Ph. 1061J. • 183-4-3 Form FOR SALE -Few iHishels ot certified Blnckhnwk soybean seed. John Kllngbcil 57W8. 18«-2-7 JOB WANTED — Baby sitting. Ph. 1731L.W. 183-6X-3 Bus. Opportunity" FOR SALE—Hardware store In N. W. Iowa. Bottled gas, appliances, plumbing, heating, radio, T. v., etc. Good volume. Approximately $36,000 including fixtures and stock at Inventory. $18,000 will handle. Write Box 57KN. 185-6X-21 Chicago Livestock Chicago, May 13 ta")—Receipts of 13,000 head on the hog mark(:t today, the highest In more than two weeks, pushed prices generally 25 cents a hundredweight lower. Slaughter lambs were strong to 25 cents higher and cattle -was mixed with heifers steady to strong and steers and yearlings grading good and below active and unevenly steady to 50 cents higher. Two Escape Cherokee iail Cherokee, la., May 13 Two young men who had been held hero on statutory rape oharges were being sought by authorities today after they escaped from the Cherokee county jail. Sheriff Carl Schleef identified the escapees as Don O'Bannon, 18, ot Cherokee, and Clifford Cox, 20, pf Oregon.' " Both former employes ot tho mental health institute here. Sherift Schleef said they escaped from jail yesterday but declined to discuss tho methods they used in fleeing >from' the jail. The two youths, who had been slated to go to trial this morning, remained at large despite oi large- scale hunt through the night by sheriff's deputies and highway patrolmen, • . CHIPPEWA— Continued from page I with the range of mountains found by them and called the Black Hills." They left this area alone, bccatisc tradition handed down to them about the "great flood in the Bible," made them cautious against future "dangers." Because of this the Indians didn't sell this land to the government. Harris claims the government has no legal right to claim ownership of the Black Hills but got control of it through might of armed force. The government then transferred tho property so that it could not be repossessed by the people who "had an abstract lltle without flaw in it and to all the gold there is In the Black Hills, mine or un- mlncd, as of 1952." He says the United States is liable to the costs of the action he is instituting which, he claims, will show that the government violated the "law of equal rights for all men" and Is accountable for all the gold that has been mined. * * • CONFIDENT THAT he will win the case, Harris says that there is $100,000 ir. it for him. He has studied tndian history for 16 years and has written two books on it which he has tiled with the bureau of Indian affairs in Ottawa, Canada, and which he intends tq use as supporting evidence in his case. His attorney will bo Marshall S. Reynolds, room 412-413, Hynds building, Cheyenne, Wyo. He says .h? OV/QS, much of his progress llnT.Tnffi ^rtfgr .uff legal documents to Irene A. Sietz, deputy county clerk in Ann Arbor, Mich. He showed letters that ho Is registered with the bureau of Indian affairs in Canada and states that, being, of both Irish and Indian descent, he has a stake in both branches of tho family tree. * « « HE IS A widower and tho father of six children, four sons who have businesses of their own In Michigan and two married daughters. His interest in astronomy grow out of his interest In history and particularly the history of Egypt. He traveled to Egypt a number of years ago where ho studied the great pyramid, built for astronomical purposes. Proudly he says ho is a scientist. "There is no possible way," he says, "of arriving at mathematical precision except through a circumscribed circle," which explains his Interest In astronomy. "Science, ho adds, "is mathematical precision. If you're a scientist, you will not accept anything as the truth that mathematical precision docs not prove It to be the truth. "You've got to show me," he says. TOD^iY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Previous Puult Veteran Newscaster HdMZONTAL 1.7 Veteran neyrqcaster 13 Brcftthe out 14 Deep gorge 15 Lariats 5 Beast of burden 6 Star in constellation Scorpii 7 Barterer ieiVpeofbomb |?g7f /o^b. lorm) 17 Entomology <ab.) 18 Feminine . appellation 20 Devotee 21 Model . 23 Couple ' , 26 Pronoun. 87 Lampreys 31 Tapestry 33 He is on the 4~ • • •• 34 Chairs 35 B9ot usf d to , ihuHe pipes SHitBUonal 37Chemjc »l 10 Heroine in "La Boheme" .30 11 Blackbirds 12 Denomination ]9Shoshonean Indian Si Prattles 22 Closer 23 Go by 2'4Regon 'iZ8 Redact 29 Legal claim 1 B M 1 I. c K 1 s A e 1 B A u A 9 • M s 8 B N a R i S T B • M 9 ^ P A e s B c A R B 6 B B V \ t c M W A 1- 1 N A P Si N A vi R K M K N m O e T B R P • n. 1 1 e A s IsJ P T i* • f' ^ O T d ft* A T f 1 A P O u • e K B i N B B • e V B 8 s T V [ilbird 32 Steamship (?b.) " 33 ^mfibol for rubidium 37 Mvusteline mammals 38 Statlori (ab.) 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This In an opportunity well worth your fullest Investigation. For personal Interview, write, giving your qualifications, name, address and phone number to Mr. Wiggins, Pres., Interstate 'Vending Corporation, 508 So. Main Street Carthage, Mo. 186-4-21 FOR SALE—Grocery store within radius of 40 miles of E.itherville. $70,000 volume of business year. Building, stock and equipment. Reason for selling, poor health. Write Box 57GT. Esther- vllle, la. 182-6X-21 Events Calendar Tonight Pythian Sisters. 6:30 p. m. Mother-Daughter banquet at the K. P. hall. Biing your own table service and a covered dish. Each member may bring a daughter or a guest. Junior ChamlHir of Comniorcn. 8 p. m. Regular meeting in the Green room of the Gardston hotel. Program, Adult Dc>gr«« of Honor Drill ll'eani and Gloe Clqb, 7:16 p. m. At thfr city hall audl- torluth. Everyone is urged to be present. B. P. O. E. 8 p. m. Regular meeting. Lunch afterwards. Catholic Daughteni of America. 8 p. m. In the community meeting room In tho city hall. Committee, Mrs. Mary Bormann, chairman, Mrs. William Qulnn, Mrs> Jerome Paulson, Mrs. Donald Walz, Mrs. Mike Erpeldlng, Miss Adelaide Lloyd. Wednesday Inunanuel Lutheran Laudlea Aid. 2:15 p. m. At the church. Hostesses, Mrs. Ray Montz, Mrs. Sam Nauss, Mrs. Howard NItz. Pan HeUenlc. 7 p. m. Bridge dessert at the homo of Mrs. H. L. McMillan at Okobojl. V.I'.W. AuxUlary. 8 p. m. City hall club room, regular meeting. Hostesses, Mrs. F. G. Weir, Mrs. Oliver Langmo, Mrs. W. W. Weber, Mrs. J. M. Foley, Mrs. Ruth Ellis, Mrs. John Amundson, Mrs, Paul Gustaf, Mrs. Roy Huntley, Mrs. Dennis Knudsen. O.E.S. 8 p. m. Initiation and regular meeting. Thursday Country Club Women's Breakfast. 9:16 a. m. At the Country club. Good Cheer Country Club. 2 p. m. At the home of Mrs. Mack Ellis, Mrs. Prank Hutchinson, assisting hostess. Woman's Society of the Baptist Church. 2 p. m. At the home of Mrs. Charles Rost. Mrs. John Bush, Mrs, Herman Wleso and Mrs. Joe RIngham assisting. B. of B. T. Auxiliary. 2 p. m. At the city hall.* Hostesses, Mrs. George Pullen and Mrs. Gilbert Amdahl. McKlnley I'TA. 2:30 p. m. At the school. A.A.U.W, 6:45 p. m. Picnic at state pajk. Bring own service and 60 cents. North SUr Lodgo No. 447, A.F. Si A.M. 7 p. m. Third degree. W.M.8. of Pr<>e Methodist Church 7:30 p. m. At the church parlors. St. Blt»'« Circle. 8 p. m. Meet with Mrs. Anna Bagan, Mrs. Roy kood and Mrs, E. K. McNally, assisting hostesses. Friday C. W. F. of ChrlstUn Church. 2 p. m. At the church. Program by the All People's group; tea by the Dale Hallow group. Slides entlUed "Seeing is Believing" will bo shown by the Rev. Clyde Leeds. W. 6. C. e, CSniiM of Mothod|#.o (utfcli. 2:30 p. 19. Mitchell No. 1 with Mrs. Ks^n .Orebe; Morton No. 2, with Mrs. Owen Morton; D»- i^oneV i, with Mrs. Wltltun 9. JoJ»|ffto<|j^e4 No, 4, with MjV ^^JMft^lUiutfe^; WIttneben "OvO.'wrtMjiijt »tl o'clock for* ifl «t'jpt'p^fuuice: 9lMtg ftyf^-Mf*- Robert HJRJt' Mrs. OrytUe Bo^tVt* FOR SALE—560 Leghorn pullcU, 6 weeks old. Selling t>ccnuse ot health. Also 2 now 9'x9' outside brooder houses. They have got to go. R. P. Kirk, Superior. 186-3X-7 IF YOU need more seed corn to finish your planting, I have a limited supply of Pioneer on hand. Early or medium maturity. Strong germination. Coll or see A. B. ROSENBERGKR Esthervlllo Ph. 58W6 188-2-7 WANTED—YOUR EGGS. CREAM AND POULTRY. Highest cash prices paid. Flock culling service. Try our dependable, convenient market. Phone Bl. P. G. GRAY I88-3.7 FOR SALE — Bavengor uoybeans, cleaned, $3 a bushel. John I4. Johnson. Ph. 29W7. No Saturday calls. 182-7-7 FOR YOUR NEEDS IN New and Used Machinery VIKING MOTORS Always a square deal at 'Viking . . . your Massoy-Harrls and Oliver dealer In Esthcrville. 179-tf-7 CHICKS—1 to 3 weeks old at reasonable prices.- Feeder males on time; pay when you sell them. Bargains In Kozy brooder houses. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 173-tf-7 Personol SWISS STEAK SANDWICH with mashed potatoes, 60c. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 186-1-4 Legol Notice MnMi« p»Ui fUmt,^ For Sole NOTICK OV ArfOtNTMKNT OF .\l>MlN18TR.*TO« , No. :e5i Slate of town, Enim<«t County, Notice IK heroby given, that Ihr undersigned h«» been duly appiiln- j ted and qunlifii-d n» AdminlRtrntor of the o«tftti< of ChRrlrs HlgKlns. deeoasod, lati^ of Snlisaw County. \ Oklahoma. All p.-mons Imli-bted to said ivitate nrf requml .Hl to, mako Immediate payment; and. those hnvini; rlnlniii nKainst the name will prosint them, duly authenticated to the undersigned for allowance, and fll.' In tho office of the Clerk of the District Court EVAN HIGniNS. Admlni.Htrator, By Daniel D. Sanderson. Ills Attorney, Dated April 24, 1962. RUTH KEMIS. Clerk District Court. (April 29; May 6 and ISl For Sole 10 „ 18fi JTMPS., May IS. 1^2 5i ». l»JO •! tt>t i>,v.|.>(nc» •! K»hM , vtn*. I.iwit. <in.|«r th* trt or M>r<ca ». IST» I S« ft murA 7e p*r Automotive 11 1 or t Ttn* akrt PMir itiir* FIT* 4 »T> It« OM WW* <lr w WOM RtcA addlUoMl dMT >r t^r -ViirA Ulntmun a< SOe. KatM art p *r avMCuttr* irwtmoai .'•r MBM M. ClUtlttM «iU »r* CASH WITH ORDKR n .mkkr «|4B( chart* »t Iftc fnr crMtt 504* clurt* if r»- pllw 4r< lkh« t>|r muly Nttr% UM JSC M rbarivd If ad tamm «I|<II«M or fbim* nuiDlwr but ci *4T «tinra ClaaaittM aJ oMtt abauM enact thatr MrtKlMBimu m UM nr«i twoa Uwj apivar aod r»|»r. any arroT al oaea aa no allowaaeaa eaa ka maaa anar UM nnl tun*. For Rent FOR SALE- 1940 Buick Special. Newly ovorbnuled motor. Hotly In good ronilillon.' Sl.'SOnO Ph. 1188W. James Lni -wenberp. If>(t-,1x-n FOR SALE 19.19 Chevrolet Tudor First $100 takes It. Sec after 6 p. m. Ervin Rupe, 963 N. 12th. 18fl-.1x-ll TURN signal switch, nelf ranrol- llng, with the kit for our oar, $9.76 •WESTERN AUTO ASSOC STORE IRR-tf-ll FOR SALE 1947 4-door Pontlac Streamliner, Exeoptlonallv rleon. Glenn Welby, Call 12UJ he- atween noon and 8 p. ni. ISft-.l-ll 2 YEARS AGO May 13, 1960—Word's record! attested by Ref. A. A. Stagg. Dick Attlesey of So. Cal. ran 120 yd. high hurdles In 13.6s. SANDERS ICE CREAM CO. 186-1-4 BEAT IT GIRLS—not your rugs— to Martin Furniture for Flna Foam rug and upholstery .oleani. or. 18B-W JACK: Let's get that balky Car radio repaired right away. Stove at EsthervlUc Radio can tell you what's wrong with It. Ruth. 184-3-4 Real Estate APARTMENT HOUSE Seven 2-bedroom apartments. Each also has L. R., D. R., kitchen, bath. Spanish stucco, 3-story. Near lake. $6,160 yearly Income. Ideal for retiring farmer. 127 Lake Ave.. Storm Lake. ESTHERVILLE REALTY Ph. 1340 or 1638J 186-1-8 FOR TIRE AHLEACiE have us switch tiros and chock wheel alignment to help cut down tiro wear. THOMAS MOTORS 1R6-3-I1 CAR TROITBLES? For carefree spring driving and gas saving top performance, bring your car to us for a spring checkup. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. 18.1-e-ii I)BT US take care of your automotive needs. Dumper to bumper service—all makes. Bee us. ' I Robinson Motors "Pontlac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll Help Wanted SUBSTITUTE wanted to rarry jvnst-slde Dally News route Jim. 1 to Sept. 1 while I am away. Richard Crees, Ph. 072J or 33S. : 186-5X-3 HELP WANTED—Truck driver or drag line operator. Contact F. G. Wolr. evenings. Ph. 1398J. 186-2-2 FOR RENT C.ood .-dooplng room f *r a gontlemnn. Mra. Klmer Wogon. I'hono 1136 IM tf ."V SAt.F. OK I>l,>»<"ONTI.NTKl' lOI .Ol;.-* OK INTKIIU)H fAtST ?il |i. [ .i-nt ,ll«i-«nins on i Urc-- lot of f ;inH ^n< t','.>h« p «int4 y\%\. .TOYCP I.fMHKn CO IM K 111 Ft>K SAl.V- Fn\u riHini ou. \ hoii^r" to iK.Avtl Wlr>.l ttti iliilrlrllv I 'll .V,i :m. S |MrH FOR SAI.K Two nwim hoM «o I., b** mov .'rt. T*^^ tt.'.lrwtm tAo\i».* and lot for nalo li I. now*>n j 711 !Vi 13tb 17 »tf 10 FX)R BALE -I.l»htnln« rvxia. 27 yra . Of aAllaflotl fualomora. Call otjl j loct 1317J. 80J R. lOth St . Spoe cor. la. Qua D Bath. 1ST SOxl* RKFurGERATon .SPFCIA; Now. .Ifoot loKtlgorntoi Sjn-.l- 1 nllv prlrod nt $190 M HKinKK Kl.KCTRlC CO ITT tf 10 RAWLEIGH Baumann. PUOni'CTH Ph na. K T i ••tatfio j FOR KENT Apartment In Ui.hd.- Building. Phono 771 179 12x-5 FOR RENT -Furnished or unfiir^ nlshod npartmont. Ph. 21.1W. Clarence Oolla. 17S-tf-8 FOR RENT —Ono l .-.rgo newiy-doc- orated apt. CTlose In. Also ono two-room apt. Ph. 888. 173 tf-6 USED BlCYCt.E.M. |1 (V .-tna up 7 .V | per w .-ok Flriv^lono Stoic I IKfl ; 1(1 FOR HAI.E Two mniluni alt.-.! and ono aninll upriiiht plnnci. romplrtoly robiilU Al«<>. now Knidwtn and Wurl'lfor i<pln«-t |it unoa, priroil from ISM up KtlAFKT .MITRIC. Kjitborvtllr FOR RENT-Now front npart- monl for married couple. In- qtilre at Soronson Studio. 165-tf 8 FIXJOR SANDING Equipment for rent at Montgomery War«l. Roflnlsh your floors at low cost by renting this equipment and using Wards hlgh-tjual- Ity floor finishes. MONTGOMERY WARD 14.Vtf-8 Services JUST AnnivEi^ I'Aii!. of llonutlful now Callforiita dooor Btorx rovera. SANnOUN Fl'IlNMTl'Uti; IMl-.l 10 A «;iiT rou THE iminK Hoiiutlfully atylo.l Nulonr tloor obltnoa for kllrbon. Iiiillnny i>i living room. OLSON ELECTRIC .SKHVICE 1M-.1 to . !. ,1 ir. !..»n St il.mnn Th .ir.- I'h .Hi. Vryj r II ,irl ,».i K .t .h I'li.n.- '.rtt 1 .<1 *3 10 Jf.xr riK« KtVEli' .\fot.- n.'* .itrtAirt*!»*r<«l pi%i4 >i, .•.>tt'%j£ro !iunijaT.>^ * ^nd I'rtsiMll** KtH.Klt:* VAt .tr STOft*: 1«-? I'l SIXTY yKtrV • t <-<'rV-r tuMns Hinilh IMCl.W m In !fl SIStl'I.K.X jiortntilo mtnvio, 1.10 Tr^' r.i.I W.vl rilif *n.l (Kul .Ht .-.l t ?ix>W IMTx 1(1 RI'MMKH !«MIKT» .^ivy^lii •hulii. ivoki ahirt* nnd I..- ahlrla Will.' rnniff .-t «l»r«. --•'lof.* .>r\t! |>t tooa St STORK HI'MMAtiK ANP HAKE HAt.K SiUui.|.\\ .\fav 17 9 II m tt> t t> rii SiMin«otr.»t ti\ Womrn of th.^ M<>..»o Sal.< MTlll »>o h.-til In th* M."«i.< hall ^o^'sr.^ol.^^ i.THNt8Hir*«is for • »!.• Ilvtna riH >m iiill.-. I yifar i .'.il iK.lrjhim •iilti>. 1 yoar i»l<l. .Iin.ii.- ii.-i pi A «'(l< Ally now Nt. fixn atovo. r.-ftIffwralor. ai»- i.imiiu- w!t«hin« n\(v. hlno 9*1} niB. fnd l.^i'loa. .-offo* tAblo, plfly .T nriil othor ml»<" nitl,lt» Am nio\lnif to CaUfnr- nl.<. imi»< •ell »,> Juno I. All t»o niiot.' 10 ititotl .'onttitl«»n. 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Hopny In arnnll monthly amounta. Our aorvloo la prompt I'hono or coino In' lOWA GltAUANTEE, tn.- 1S4 3 in KISHINO .HEAHON OI'RNS THftt.HDAV Ho ptoparoit »»h a n»w oul- l «)«i .l motor from FIroaiono 4 li |> :l «lilfl Klrralono niKloard motor ..nly tl»9M $2 M A wrrk on out budgrt (dan KIUKKTONK STORKS Notices GKIANTIC SAMS prlooa Hliiahod all ovor tho ator.'- Ffoo prltoa Sain atarta Thsim- •ln> I'rUo drawtng flutunlny 'v• nlns. fro.' roglatrnllon oveiv day of the «aU Hoo aalo ad In Dally SPW» t»morraw. KHTMKIlVn>I.IC HARHWABE llti-l <l niPNT GET nt/RNED otrt SI III doing bu«lno««. Hour* S a. m to B p m, Rvorydny Jtslr- fula 78c KIKES HARBICn HHOI' IK) 4^4 FOR SALB—Cottngo on Spirit Lake. Completely furnlahn'd. Modern, Winterized. Includes all equipment—row boat with Johnson outboard motor, power lawn mower and electric boat carrier at bathhouse. Immediate possession. Terms if desired. Dr. H. L, McMillan, Ph, Arnolds Park 2-2243, I86 -S -8 FOR SALE—Two-bedroom home, garage, large lot. good location. Immediate possession. Ph. 1246W. Oscar Myhre. 186-6X-8 GOOD MnmHiSOTA FARM BUYS CAROL BROCKMAN, Realtor Ceylon, Minn. 186-3-8 FO R SALE — Four-room house and bath, garage, full basomont and lot. Good location, very good condition. , Priced to soil— $6,860, RIDOUT REAL ESTATE Ph. 1680 OR'1769 • 185-2-8 WANT TO BITY—3 or 4-bedroom home. ClosO In. 'Will pay around $15,000. Write Box 67PBY, K»- thervtlle. lM-3-8 FOR 8ALB—Small, modern 2-bedroom home, on two lots. Gas heat. Immediate possession. Phono 15. m-tf -8 FOR SAJpB^-41-room modism bouse on N. B<Ui Bt. OlOs'e In, Reason- abljr priced. B«e N. J. Lee. CntortainniMit SMOliOABBORD WANTEa>—Man to work In cabinet and mlllwork shop, steady job. Experience desirable but _not necessary. Most have some Tinoclt^nlcal ability. Apply Carlson Mlllwork, Armstrong. Iowa. J 184-3-2 WAITRESS WANTED—APPIV in person at Pantry Cafe. 17B-tf -a WANTED—Olrl or womaa to worli In Coffee Shop. No experience needed. We teach you. Good wages plus meals and unl- (ortns. Gardston Coffee Shop. 124-tf-2 WANTSD—Waitress. Palatie Cafe. lOS-tf-2 MEN WANTED Needed at once for plant work. Apply in person at plant office. Honeymead, Inc. Estherville, Iowa 186-2-2 BOTTLE OAS SALES-SERVICE Installations - Regulations lULL'S CORNER. Ph. 49J81 15t-tf -e PETERSON'S Radiator Service, just east of Vandy's, 1714 Central. Experienced In all types radiator repair. 115-tf-« EVEHVnAY PRICES Broakfnut 2 ogg« and toast 30c 2 ogga and bnron 46c Cakea and coffee 28<: Dlnnorfi 65c and 75c. Spring frlodjf ehlekon every Wednesday 80r All orders Include drink. D.S CAFE Aorosa from Honeymead lH,V2x-» SALES BOOKS RESTAURANT CHECK.S MANIFOLD BOOK.S Buiteii to any bualnoHB, tallor-iniiili' lu sour Inill vlilual n»-r<l.« F'.STOF:RVIL!-E DAILY NEW.S .N'orthweat lowu'a LargORt Printing lliinl 186-3-9 TfauiMay, 6 10 8 p. m, SKYUNB 185-3-1 JANB FROMAN STORY "With a Song In My Heart" at the Grand theater, Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursd^r. Pontieal MAC LOGAN For Sheriff Maurice Olesbn For Sui First Suoosssful t> Honest. weU>quali REPUBLICAN June 2 WIN A PRIZE Daily News Classified Ad Contest • Writ!' a l.'Uci- tHlInt; "What Daily News ClassiYied Ads Have Done for Me" In objMJi-vnnw of NATIONAL WANT AD WEEK May IH lo 21 1st P1IZ0: Ryti'x Prinl-writt' stationery. 200 HhtH 'ls, KKJ onvplop<'H printed with nnme and uddrefw. 2iul Ptiz**: Rytex Imtx»riul Monograinu. .'>0 notfH with your nionoKram. ."V) plain envelopt»K. l\vi\ Pi'Izc: Rytex Infonniil.s. HX) infonnal.s einlH>Hsed with name. JfK) enveiopcK. CONTE.ST RULF:S 1. LctterB limited to 100 vvoitl.H or lew. 2. Must 1 )0 baneil on a tiUf exjMM'lt'nf*' with Dally News claasified ndvertisInK- .'5. MiiHt Ix' Kl ^niMl with nnme. addrefw and telephone niimlxT. '1. Approximate date when ad refernxl to wa,s rvin should IKJ incliidefl if (K»S .«4 U)1I'. 5. All entries must ix* ix »stmnrkiHl Ix'fore midnlRht, Tlnii-sday, May 15. ti. De<'islon of Judges will Ix' final. 7. All letterK will Ix* the proixrty of the l>iiily News and cannot lx» rettiiTntl. H. Tlie Dally NtnvK n'wrves thr rij;ht to print any or all letters iweivetl. JOIN IN THE FUN! ENTER TODAY! t»1.7x4 "fiy&t^tt r#hir to Uftin your ip^ooh. Mr. CongrctM >; t^H iti»-do|i't pronounoo it!"

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