The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 22, 1947 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 22, 1947
Page 2
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Pitching, Reserve Strength Will Prove Factors In Battle Manager Dyer Figures Boston and Brooklyn Have Both Improved— Left Field Is Only Question Mark In Lineup of Team 21 (^-Manager Eddie hpt v, 11 u.F ardinaIs faces the 1947 season with a better baseball club than the one which last year won the -National League pennant and then took the World Series . It doesn t necessarily follow that the Red Birds should wm the pennant. However, the consensus is that the Red Kirds should repeat Other Clubs Improved Gulf stream Entries and Results Dyer thinks his club is a little ir stronger but he insists BrookVyn £ m '° wskls *»>ow. Both under- and Boston also are better than I nt °P eratlons m the "winter and they were in 1946 He savfhPhP have been slow recovering but Jrt> e OB " Dyer thinks both men will be ready "We should have a little better pitching protection," Dyer acknowl- a fel- if he there's his first full season. He wasn't with us down last season—jojned us in have as many injuries. "Brooklyn is the club to fear," Dyer says. "Branch Rickey came up with Carl Purillo and Bruce this season." The Cardinal skipper does have nis real worries in the condition of Terry Moore's knee .and Whitey NEW SPINET PIANOS Immediate Delivery SHOCKEY'S PHONE 1203 INSURANCE ALL KINDS Save with the Benjamin F. Moss Agency , Howard J. Rohrcr, Jr., As»oc. Colonial Theatre Bldq. Ph. 538 TEST NES at MQLLER'S MUSIC STORE 41 S. Potomac Street Easter Parade B. Crosby Anniversary Song .. A. Russell Uncle^Remus Said G. Lombardo Always G. Lombardo He's Just My Kind P. Lee Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed F. Martin Brazil C. Cavallaro My Love for You .. T. Dorsey As You Desire Me '.. V. Monroe Old Devil Moon G. Krupa You'll Never Know .. H. James Young Girl's Blues J. Lee It Might Have Been A Different stor y '.. H. Derwin It Takes Time B. Coodman Sooner or Later .. B. Butterfield You Can Take My Word for ft, Bafa y ! ".-.. C. Spivak Lovin' Time B. Hutton Hoodie Addle .... Modernaires Far Away Island .. C. Thornhill Sonata Three Suns Frasquita Serenade . D. Jurgens Cecilia H. Cool El Botellero x. Cugat Smoke Gets in Your Eyes G. Carter This Time C. Thornhill You Can't See the Sun When You're Crying Red Caps 'HILLBILLY Litti* You Cared W. Tuttle It's Dark Outside S. Cooley Jole Blon ; R % Acuff The Letter That Broke My N ftart Texas Ruby My Pretty Girl C. Stone One Little Tear Drop Too Late T. Ritt'er You Better Change Your Ways . , . , • T. Daffan Lrttfe Hula Shack in Hawaii C. Campbell I d Trade All of My Tomorrows E. Britt Eaiter Sunday on the Prairte Denver Darling here May. . .MusfaL Looks Good "Stan (Musial) should show improvement around first base. Also last spring we didn't know for sure where we were going to play Red Schoendienst. Now he's our second baseman." Dyer didn't mention it but, of course, he is missing a pretty fair ball player in Mav Lanier. The chunky lefthander was THE pitching staff "for the first month of last season. With Harry Brecheen, Howie Pollet and Murry Dickson to form the front line with Munger Dyer is well set. Ted Wilks, who never? lost a game all year, figures as a possible starter as do Al Brazie and Ken Burkhart. Johnny Qeazley Johnny Grodzicki and Fred Schmidt have yet to regain their pre-war form. Left Field Doubtful Among the young pitchers, Jim Hearn of the Columbus, Ohio, farm club, Ken Johnson of the Rochester Red Wings and Al Papai of the Lynchburg, Va., Cardinals have shown, enough to merit another look from Dyer. With Musial on first base, the infield is set. Schoendienst on second is flanked by Marty Marion, and Kurowski on third. Ted Glaviano, a rookie from Fresno, Calif has been showing to advantage at third. Other probable reserves are Bernie Creger, shortstop, and Joff Cross. • Actually, the only question mark on the club is right field, with Moore in center and Enos Slaughter iu right. Of course if Terry- has trouble with bis knee, the lineup would be shifted and Dyer has available, a center fielder from Rochester. Church Diering Erv Dusak, Dick Sisler and Harry Walker are in the left field battle with in the lead. Cambodia .is about the size of the" state of Washington, The Potomac cu»v>. Co Hillside Coal Co. OFFERS ' IN SMOKELESS COALS Best Penna. Run of Mine ....... % g.rjo ton Best Penna. 80% Lump 9.75 ton Pocahontas Stove ____ 11.00 ton Pocahontas Nut ..... 10.35 ton Pocahontas Pea Stoker 10.00 ton SEMUSMOKELESS COALS W. Va. Tgg or Stove siz « ---.--. ....... $ 9.50 ton Penna. Crushed Stoker Top size 2 inches . . 9.30 ton Recommended for large stokers only. Hillside Coal Co. Tel. 39 S. Foundry St. Extd. I I.. •••••• •Mill I r•••••• • Your HEADQUARTERS for Complete Body Service from simple dents and touch-up to wreck- jobs and repainting. Experienced men using latest tools and service methods assure the best job in minimum time and lowest price. * * 237 FREDERICK ST. FIRST — J2,50< year and up; six Chrys-Doll us African Sun 112 xXite Cries 114 Caeright 120 xW H. Kelly 107 xOver Ice 114 Float Away 118 Crazy Whirl'112 Valdina Phao 112 SECOND—$2,500; year and up; six Sun clad 115 xLinwood Blue 109 Stride Well 114 0. K. Ruby 110 Tasayll H6 Sweetena no Victory Blue 117 '; claiming; four- furlongs. xBarbara's Girl 106 Plucky Boy 118 Indian Giver 112 xWhlmsieal Lady •Hem John 107 116 xKarenette 104 Smooth Gallop 107 claiming; four- 115 117 104 Noonday Sun Russian Valor xlpso Pound Little Sandy 117 THIRD — $3.000; allowances; three-year; the Legislature; seven lurlong-s. 109 11 Atomic Power Precessions 112 Sir Monte 112 Mir ad 112 Slower xFleet West 10B aEmjaybee 112 Little Ben 109 aRarco Stable entry. FOURTH — ?2,500; allowances; nines and mares; four-years and un- seven furlongs. Princess Rena Edified 1)2 m Enchanting- 117 Broom Ride 10S Sun Moss 110 108 , 1-raganti __ 109 Diva Florencia 112 . „_„, four-year and ' up; Grade D; seven furlongs. Fenty O 112 xCrack Br '? Il ?, t . Reward 112 Willie 1H xCash Gregalach 112 Reward 107 xWar Page 112 Gay Moonbeam 112 SIXTH—$25,000 added; the Gulf- stream Park Handicap; three-year and up; one and one-fourth miles. aArmed Concordian bTalon Eternal Reward Frere Jacques KSngaryie J29 116 120 aMiss Grillo 120 Firmer 112 115 Party Stateman 120 aPot O'Luck 117 117 Tel —-•=—T->- H4 O'Sullivan 115 aCalumet Farm entry. bR N Kyan and Mill River Stable entry'. - $3,000; the Capital; three-year; one and miles. 112 Duchess Argyle Counter- shock Bull Head Villa Nova Surlfcachi Vernoa Sands xHelene 116 112 109 109 112 104 107 112 104 10i 112 107 114 104 102 SEVENTH- allowances; one-sixteenth The Bagel Trenton Rappahannock Harsam Balsamar Lolling xWater- proof Caliper Hair Tonic EIGHTH — 53,000; allowances- four-year and up; mile an<T70 yards xBoat Man 117 Honeytown 110 Land n' Sea 119 The Heydey 122 Problem 116 Santa, s Cold Blast IDS Vixen ill Rate Case 110 Azure Bonnie wings 117 Andrew 110 Tidbit 112 EaSt L '* ht 1?2 xFive pounds apprentice allowance claimed. First post, 2 p. m. —Ace Skipper. S. Luce, 14 90 11.30, 6.40; Mend. M. Mafale, 6 30' o-lCU Sir Gerald, J. Humphreys'. c ft2 —High Ego. B. James, 23.50. 9.00 fc.OO; Copywright, C. Mullins. 660 D.30; High Spirits. E. Gonzalez. 10.40. Dully Double—Ace and Ego paid 427.40 for2. -l 1 '- W ' E - Snyder, 8.70, ., .; Lookinmellow, M. C Caffarella, 5.20. 3.80; Flagstaff B James. 3.50. 4—Deserc Ruler. D. Bodson, 44.50, '-A- 'rl^' Pie Lady - F - Pannel! .oO, 6.60; Pompeian, M. Buston. *1. o 0 » 53.70, 2.70: 6— 2.50, 6.00. 4.30. -Leavemvorth, R. Watson. 10.90 3.00: Bug: Juice. A. Snider 2 90' Sunny; J. Richar, 4.10. -War Watch, D. Dodson 310 2.30; Jousting: Match, J. Stout,' o.90; Hi Neighbor. A. Snider, 1S.30 19.30 5.50. S—.1 .80; 4.90; •Quatre. Blanc,. L. Olah. 31.50 '9.60: Hemlock. C. Rogers 9.70; Crow's Bill, D. Dodson, Creole Babe. H. Mora, 6.50. 4.SO Florida Jack, J. Stout 7 70 Katerina, R. McPhee 4.SO. MARKETEERS WIN The Marketeers of this city nos- ed'out the State Reformatory-for Males combination team on the Reformatory court last night by a score of 38-37. Recher, of the Markets, was high point man for that team with 13, while Goleman had seven for the Reformatory. At half time the Markets were out front by a score of 26-17. Rattlesnakes are useful to farmers because they live mostly on destructive gophers., prairie dogs and other rodents. Stone and Cinder BLOCKS Bird Baths and Flower Boxes Supreme Concrete Block & Products, Inc. Phone 3369 Mi. E. O r city on Dn*l Hijhwuj Martin Storage Co. 705 Penna. Ave. LOCAL MOVING Phonei 62—1677-J—4188 Storage space available for Household Goods *« far 16.00 * 115.00 Bowling Scores PAXGBCRN GIRLS' LEAGUE Nancy Pawver rolled high single game score this week with a oin- fall of 103, followed closely by Beverly Pope with a score of 101. Others rolling- 90 or over are as follows- Lorraine Weaver 100, 90; Roberta Spangler 100, 90; Bina Sampsell 100; "Summer 99; Laura Michael Warner 92. Mademoiselle . 34 Charm . .! 12 8 Glamour . ....... ' "' 9 n Vogue ...!.'.". 5 15 WESTEIt.V MARYLAND \VO.MKVS , , . \Vou Luckies ........ .. ...... 20 13 Raleighs ......... .... 17 15 Camels .............. 15 18 £?°l s •. ................ 15 IS High single game for this week oT rolled by Stout with a score of Others rolling 90 and over were as follows: C. Martin 100; Stout 99- Shuman 97, 93; Hill 96; Schildt 96 ] Potut* 77 5S BLUE RIDGE MAJOR . . American Legion (Fred.) High St. Market (Hag-.) Peoples Cleaners (Win.) Spillway (Mar.) •Coliseum (Hag.) Palace (Mar.) . . ..... ..... 4 •Sherwood Bros ....... : ' 44 Charles Towu .......... \\\ 39 '" . of lam Weck'» Mntcheu American Legion and Sherwood Bros, each took two games and pin- fall from the Palace and Charles Town, respectively, as the Spilhvav also won two and pinfall over High fat. Market. Peoples Cleaners took tea..i honors for the week with their high game of 680 and set of I860 in ™ t from the Coliseum .... of the Cleaners had high single game of 159, while Powell of trie region bowled high set of 40S 30A ^ h o«Sh rolling a "bad" set 'of Legion still leads 'the VaguV^vith an average of 123.6, followed bv teammate Beaeht with 12231 Wol- Cord, Palace 122.5: Palladino at Pflh, y> at Palace. Thl* Weekend h 22nd: 'Coliseum St. Market at wai ' at "he?Sunday, March 23rd: American Legion aUPeoples Cleaners * MAJOR LEAGUE Grocer - v an Cafe - h *<* high of Hi-i *' . e with Brenner or Hi-h Street Market, for hiirh sing Je with 160. Drcnner had £ f h total marks with 16. and also a tri- Pie strike. Double strikes were y B£ £ er u° f Alhamb" Cafe' V Hornbraker - Smith Oil Cr ° m er f s Grocery. Kllck went ' ° N ° rth Am *rican Ce- N'orth American Cement with games .of 634. 60S. 1807. hid higlv team single and total. Other h&h ^F*'- Alhl »»bra Cafe 629- s Grocery 619. Scores dler 129. 1 134. ISO. < 35S: Fid ' * 337; Rock ' ' Mi{ler 128. : Jennings ' ' e ; Drenner 160, 132 393 . Alhambra Cafe: Price 140 35S- 160. 402: Black 138 355. raker 13T - 363: „ Cromer's Grocery: Kephart 146. 363, Frush 125. 348; Hoffman 130i TT T rei i ch Barbers: French 131, 337- Eckard 132. 361; Barnhart 149 372* .0 °^« Ame rican Cement: Nagy M' -en * ,\ ?- Iick 347: McDonald >1, o60; Palladino 144. 133. 393. Potomac Diner ^6°° 9""* Cromer'5 Grocery ..'' 44 37 Economy Market' ! 44 35 ' X. Amer. Cement ...'. 4'? '•?•? High St. Market K 40 Corner Tavern -5-, 40 Alhambra Cafe 34 IV French Barbers "3-5 4? Smith Oil " r> ' 4- Fairchiw ;;; 35 ^ ES BOWLIXC LEAGUE ' High sing-le g-ame: Kershner 155 '? u- lr f e game total: Kershner 2 High team single: Doves 576. „„„• ~-~; --• ~."0ive 153. 337; Mertz 323; Smith 12S. 32S; Lewis 33S- Ro- mfne 120. 334; C. Burner 131 V6- T% S -, E o liiott 326: Bors t 137.' 331; King 338; C. .Tudd 140. 354; T Hendrickson. 139. 121. 343; L. kendle in», ,i(o. D. Kephart 137. 335- Vaughn 124; D. Smith 122; Ed "Weaver 326: Xicodemus 134. 333; Cun'" " 52'. P>70; L. Mas- Cook 132. 137. Rocco 122; Ed 164; S. Shaffer 332; Burger 128. 33S. Thrushes Doves Swallows Starlings Cranes . Owls Pheasants ', Sparrows Flickers Falcons Orioles Quails Larks Wrens . ........ Buzzards Hawks Crows Canaries Robins Cardinals .. 23 ,. 23 ,. 22 ^2 .. 20 .. 19 .. IS .. 17 . 17 .. 16 .. 14 .. 14 Lost 7 7 S S 10 n 12 is U 14 IB Ifi IS 19 IS 20 20 21 23 24 Legion Will Hold Horse Show June 1 "Further plans for holding the annual horse show, sponsored by Potomac Post, American Legion of Williainsport, were made Thursday evening at a meeting held in Williamsport. It was decided to hold the show this year on Sunday, June 1, at the Marl Rock Farm oh the Kemp's Mill road where last year's successful show was held early in September. Eutry blanks will be prepared within a short time and should be ready for distribution in a few weeks, according to Harry Bowman, Jr., chairman of the show committee. The show will have various classes and prizes will be given. The committee decided to hold the show on June 1 instead of on Memorial Day due to a number of events taking place on the latter date. To Resume Games On Monday Night Play in the Community Basketball League will resume at the Y.M.C.A. next Monday evening March 24, at 7:3D7~bfficials announced yesterday. The playing was postponed this Monday due to the tournament in Martinsburg. The games Monday will have a large bearing on the final outcome of the loop. If the Cabineers win they will be- in a tie with the Saddle Pals for the second half and another game will be necessary to decide winner of the second half. If the Saddle Pals win they will be winners of the second half and will meet the Cabineers in a playoff, the latter being winners of the first half. The schedule for Monday night' is: Jaycees vs. High Street Markets; Saddle Pals vs. Cabineers and Victor Products vs. Diners. Jockey Club Buys OldJHilltop Site Baltimore, March 21 (/pj— The Maryland Jockey Club, operator of Pimlico, announced today the purchase of its famed Old Hilltop site at the outskirts of Baltimore. Harry A. Parr, 111, president of the club, did not disclose the price involved in the transaction with the estate of William R. Hammond. Thomas B. Butler, president of the Safe Deposit and Trust Company and executor of the estate, said ten days ago that the S5-acre tract owned by the estate had been offered to the Jockey Club for $1,300,000. The club, he added, initially offered to pay 5700,000. , WOMAN GETS BIRDIE Playing her first game of golf for the season on Thursday on the Fountain Head course, Mrs. Roy Mowen got a birdie on the ninth hole. Mrs. Mowen felt quite proud of her unusual feat. She was playing with Mrs. Fridinger and Mrs. Harner. The focal point of an earthquake is normally between one and 31 miles beneath the surface. WATCH REPAIRING We Service All Makes ROBERT K. SAUM "Watch K«p&lrinr Sine* 1»14" 128 E. Baltimore St. Phon« ZSZS-J open BTM. Second National Bank The Oldeit Bank in Hagerstown WILL PAY the top price far your car. Don't hesitate H you have a balance on your car. We trill pay off the finance company and Rive you the cash difference. GET CASH IN 5 MINUTES 895 Penna. Ave. Ph. 4593 Washington Merry-Go-Round By DREW PEARSON POLICE Mardi Gras BALL Friday Nite April 11th • A Gala Dancing * Festival For Ail At Th* State Armory (Continued from Page 4) ambulance drivers during the war, lias taken on, a peace-time job— sending American students to study abroad with a reciprocal arrangement for foreign students to study in the USA.,.Upon the death of Harold D. Smith, ex-budget director and a great public servant, his family asked that friends not send flowers, but donate the money to cancer research. There are now 180,000 deaths annually in the USA from cancer, yet its origin and cure are still unknown...The • Bronx Veterans Hospital is building a swimming pool dedicated to the four chaplains—Protestant, Jewish Catholic—who gave their lifebelts to soldiers on the sinking transport Dorchester and went down praying that there might be more goodwill among men. The four chaplains were Father John P. Washington of Newark, N. J., Rabbi Alexander Goode of York, Pa. r Reverend George~.L;..Fox of Cambridge, Vt and Reverend Clark V. Poling of Schenectady, N. Y. Scientific Bedfellows It's not making the front pages, but significant hearings are now being held before the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee for the establishment of a National Scientific Foundation. In view of frantic atomic experiments abroad, these are important. Originator of the science-foundation idea (providing Federal funds for research) was West Virginia's able Senator Harley Kilgore. His bill, which set up a board of nine men appointed by the President and 'confirmed by the Senate, was backed by the White House and many scientists. Key to the Kilgore bill was the provision that all discoveries made through the use of Federal funds be made available to the, public. However, the bill now before the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, introduced by reactionary Congressman Wilbur Mills of Arkansas, is carefully angled in another direction. It provides that a board of 48 $l-a- year men from private business shall administer the funds allocated to the National Science Foundation. And most significant is the fact that the Mills bill provides no safeguards to prevent assigning patents and processes to :he big business groups -which these $l-a-year men represent. Kilgore's bill was passed by the 7-UP Likes You 7-UP BOTTLING CO. ••••••••• EFFECTIVE AT ONCE Our rate* will be 30c and 40c in City Limit*. For Prompt and Courteous Service call 3626. SERVICE CAB The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Md. Mam-k M, 1MT. THREE Senate last year, despite the open opposition of the National Association of Manufacturers, which, wanted its members to profit from Government-endowed- research. However, the NAM did succeed in bottling up the Kilgore bill in the House and is now trying to substitute the big business-authored Mills bill in its stead. Mote—Extremely significant is the fact that the chief buttonholer in the fight against the Kilgore bill is Dr. John Teeter, for many years connected with the brokerage house of Drexel and Company, Philadelphia affiliate of J. P. Morgan. Dr. Teeter, although now employed by the Senate Republican Policy Committee, has been devoting his time to pushing the Mills scientific bill through the House, despite the fact that it is introduced by an Arkansas Democrat. The lustre of scientific patents makes strange bedfellows. Gasoline Prices Increased Again The price of gasoline, kerosene and fuel oil was upped again in Wahiugton County yesterday, local distributors announced.' In this area gasoline went up one cent per gallon; kerosene seven tenths of a cent and fuel oil eight tenths of a cent This is the second increase in the price of gasoline within the INVENTORIES COMPUTED and other business figure work WINN OFFICE SERVICE 113 W.Washington St. Ph. 2600 ROLLAWAY COTS with innersprings $26.95 Metal Cabinet Bases with porcelain tops and drawers $12.95 CONGOWALL .... sq. ft. 12c Cotton Felt MATTRESSES ....... $16.95 Smith Furniture Co. 63 W. Franklin St. past month, as the price to the consumer was boosted one cent per gallon on March 5. One company reported Friday's increase will make gasoline 25 *A cents to the consumer, while another company said that effectiv* Friday their price for regular gasoline will be 23 cents per gallon and the price for high test twenty-five" cents. The oil distributors added the boosts reflected recent general increases in the price of crude oil. Electric WATER HEATERS WOLF and SON Authorized PhHco Dealtr 29 W. Franklin St -Men's und Boys' Oiibkiniine. Covert Cloth & Worsted SUITS, TOPCOATS and PANTS Xew sprint' shades. Rudisill & Wolber 19 W. Franklin St. Ph. 3650-M PATRONIZE YOUR Maintained for the Sole Benefit of the Citizens and Taxpayers of Hagerstown. Office hours 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Daily Phones 765-766 SEAT COVERS $14-50 up ReichardV Garage 24 W. Antietam St. SPECIALS SPECIALS Tailored Seat Coyer* $20 up Convertible Top* \ $60 up Pamt Jobs $45 up Steam Clean and Paint Chassis $9,50 up Wheel Aligning and Balancing Frame Straightening • Fender and Body Repair* Fendix. Underrating and Sound Deadener These are not cut-rate prices, but are the results of planned efficiency through use of the latest in tools and equipment in the hands of skilled mechanics working in the ' most modern auto shop in the East. QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED HESS.AUTO BODY WORKS 500 Frederick Street You'll Find Plenty of ft Smart Easter Clothes .•XvvX? 1 '*''' J% W For Men and Boys at M Ingram's Men's Shop Spring Sweaters (Pastel Shades) | :$|j Spring Jackets (A1! Shade s Light and Medium Weight) JUI Sport Shirts (Pastel Shades) .•- ""vjv'A ' «... ,...,., '"" <•'•> 3 4v 5 v<P Van Heusen S P° rt Shirts (Light Shades Corduroy) Gabardine Slacks (Tan, Blue and Brown) All Wool Sport Coats ( Rc S u ^r or Leisure Style) All Wool Suits ( Cov fts — Gabardines — Worsteds) Chesterfield Hats (Spring Shades) Wool Hats (All Shades) Gabardine and Covert Top Coats Dress Shirts (White and Colored) Boys Spring Suits (Regular and Leisure Style) 2.98 to 8.95 4.98 to 17.95 2.98 to 5.98 9.95 6.98 to 12.95 8.98 to 18.95 24.95 to 45.00 6.45 to 7.45 2.98 34.95 & 37,50 . 3.45 & 3.95 14.95 to 19.95 J N ' vX V:-»K' •:$£:& .Jackets (Light and Medium Weight) 4.98 to 14.95 Boys' Sport Shirts (Pastel Shades) Boys' Sport Hose Boys' Brown and White Saddle Oxfords Freeman Shoes 2.98 to .25 to 4.45 .49 4.95 Chesterfield Hats LJI WE CARRY FULL LI NE WORK CLOTHES IN REGULAR ||f1 Hi AND EXTRA LARGE SIZES **^ Grice Bldg. All Alteration! Free 30-32 North Jonathan Street

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