Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 8, 1953 · Page 29
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 29

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1953
Page 29
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.List Production Staff for Abingdon Senior Class Play ABINGDON — The senior class of Abingdon High School will present a three-act fnrcc "Mister Coed," in the high school gym on Wednesday evening at 8:15 o'clock. Mrs. Max Wenzclmann is directing the production. Tickets purchased from nny member of the senior class. The reserved seat board will be opened at the high school at 6:15 o'clock on Friday Oct. 0. Members of the crew include the following: IJookholders, Ola Brooks and Darlenc Coombs; managers, JoAnn Swanson, Joyce Hcimcr, Don Nilcs and Darrcl Ashley; publicity, Marelyn VanderWert, Dick Tucker, Marilyn Farr, Elaine Butts, Helen Burkhaller, Vida Talum and Ronnie Mack; stage managers, Bob Evans and Frank linger; stage crew, Don Way, Wayne Boydstun, Russell Onion, Clyde' Peterson, Kenneth Schisler, Bill Raughman, Burdette Coats, Gary Shipplctt, Bob Evans, Chuck liaison, Jerry Wilson, Frank Unger, Phyllis Martin and D a r I c n c Coombs; ushers, Wilma Hood Bctlc Havens, Donna Meadows Sharon Suydam, Ann Kcndrick and Jim Davis; programs VanderWert, Mrs. Hazel Sandra Dunlap; make Brooks, Darlenc Cook, Mary Her rin, Marilyn Wler and Pat Bond. To Meet in Music Room A meeting of parents and pupils interested in the instrumental music department at the high school will be held Monday in the music room of the school from 7 until 9 p. m. All types of instruments will be on display and parents will have an opportunity to confer with Mr. von Allman concerning the' future musical education of their children. Special arrangements have been made with a reliable music company to aid in obtaining an instrument on a llircc- month rental plan. There will be ^nH^^!^«bytoi "i Women Meet The Daily Register-Mail, Galesburg, 111. ^Thursday, October 8, 19M ,2ft Oct. 24. The program was presented by A » T- lhe S 'thom fl e of^'Lovc*" of ° S!me,\^l *VnOXVlljP Oil WpfltlOCfllir Country and God." Mrs. Phi\\ T TT CllflCSCIrtV Cramer sang "Hills of Home" and J the chapter joined in group singing. Mrs. Win-ifrcd Dougherty^ char- Four Circles Meet at Bushnell BUSHNELL — Circles of the Woman's League of the Presbyterian Church met In the following homes Monday evening. The les- Kvnvv /ir i- son m pacn circle was "Accent on ,AV,l 'i A largo grouplmainder of the day. The women'Liberty." ;''i«'n wiherod ,1. tk I'mby-jhrrraRht a fried chicken dinnei | Circle one met in the home of noon i Wednesday after-jand had all residents of the Home'Mrs. Earl Harris with 12 members m\-u Mrs. Dana Stewart ;as Iheir guests. In the afternoon present. Mrs. James Webb con- Ihey held their regular meeting, ducted the business meeting, and Knoxville Briefs I Mrs. William Rule gave the devo- Mr, and Mrs. K. B. McKay havcjtjons. ter member of Chapter M, Fergus JO/ I unceviiie tr>!i about the Bo« 8s Falls, Minn., was a guest. i..<w,l )n cc-or^e anrf )o M>( , |)jt ,. Pantnr Takes Tri» \ U ', kon " l thc school. Money Pastor Takes I rip {received during the afternoon will J. Marion Butler, R. Y. Camp-. be smi i„ n )r . «, C f,ooj, which is for bell, and the Rev. R. A. EvansjNe«,- 0 children anr | supported bylnes's were in Bloominglon Friday night; the Prr-byterian church. Thirtyl Miss F.lla Ligblner accompanied 1? i J u lC ,1 d , ^ Confc " ncc "V.r" fr ''"' "ere among Miss Helen Carr of GaSurg to Methodist Men in Memorial Cenffio:-- in Hie audience, as well HM Peoria Tuesday where they spent returned from St. Louis where they spent several days on busi no further obligation at thc end ofiter of Illinois Wesleyan Univer-jr e pre s e n tati ves from othcrithe day. ^Prairie. GRirmr Vitamin T Homogenized CHILDREN BURN UP ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY EVERY DAY .... THAT'S WHY THE RICH, WHOLESOME GOODNESS OF PRAIRIE FARMS VITAMIN D HOMOGENIZED MILK IS ESSENTIAL IN THEIR DIETS! For Body Building Energy and Vitamin Content Serve Plenty of prairie Q&rrnr MILK There Are No Finer Dairy Products than Quality Controlled" y>rairie <$&rmr PHONE 4979 this trial period if the child is not truly interested. Rental fee will go toward the purchase of thc instrument with an arrangement for monthly payments for the balance, if interested. Plan Wiener Roast Thc Crusaders Class of the Methodist Church will have a wiener roast on Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Murk at 6:30 o'clock. Members are asked to take their own buns and wieners. Take Trip On Tuesday SN and Mrs. Irby Johnson, accompanied by Miss Joan Dredge of Knoxville, deparl-jday night. sity. Bishop Charles W, Brashareslchmrhes in this city. I K , P , n iJcr F unrra | and Dr Matt Ellis were the '^\J h ^i!^ ™* J? 1 !?"* M Funeral services for Elroy P ers of, the banquet program. > rr. oyterun Woman s Asso- m| ,,,, rr , ,. nn rf. Tunsdav The Rev. and Mrs R A. Evans™"'"' and Mrs. Harry Ooff, prcs-' 1 [iprnoon from fhe Khnrk Ch^neJ idem, pre,ided. The devotionali aI .,7 /u , ,v, ,r., , P V was by Mi- VT^, —:II V J with the Rev. John II. Clarke of attended thc Chanutc Foundation Board meeting held in the First Methodist Church at Rantoul Monday. The pastor and his wife made a tour of the air training base and were served noon luncheon with the group at one of the newest cafeterias for the airmen at Chanute Field. Mr. and Mrs. Evans then went on to Brazil, Ind., to sec thc parents of Mrs. Evans, who are in failing health. They were able to return to Abingdon late Tues- cd by car for Alameda, Calif., fol lowing a two-week visit here with relatives and friends. Irby will report for active duly in the Navy upon arrival at the coast They returned by way of southern route. Faculty Party Twenty-one members and families of the junior and senior high school faculties enjoyed a wiener roast on Tuesday evening at Lake Bracken. See Fire Station Fire prevention week was made more vita) to thc children of thc War Mothers World War II Mothers Unit 76, Berwick, held their last regular meeting at the home of Myrtle Malonc. Nine members answered thejroll call. After the business meeting a social hour was enjoyed with Merrill Young and aL- • ,• r , • . • «i. vocal solo by Mr*- ffarley Andre «J f,claUng - BunaI was m the Knox ' preceded Mrs. Stewart's illustratedl v,lle ^ mc }^- J )r ^J}, T mb , er& talk. jwore played by Mrs. Floyd Peterson and pallbearers were William The lesson was given by Mrs Kenneth Seek. Nine members were present at the home of Mrs. Dale Heath for Circle two. Mrs. Itjone Drake conducted the business meeting and Mrs. Lucie Lemaster the devotions. Mrs. William Cobb gave the lesson. Mrs. Maurice White was hostess! to Circle three with nine members present. Mrs. Kenneth Reno conducted thc business, and devotions were given by Mrs. James Walton. Mrs. William Walthers gave thc lesson. Circle four met in the home of meeting,, with Mrs. Mary Black playing several musical numbers, Mrs. Edward Thomas gave the devotions. Mrs. Keith Wilson was appointed chairman to deco ^te a window in the business district for the Homecoming Friday, October 16. Prayer and self denial sendee will be held Oct. 29 at the church. Miss Kale Nance is serving as representative of the Woman 's Society on Council of Church Women. The Wesleyan Service Guild had charge of thc program and Miss Lois Dertinger read the lesson "Cyclone and Calico." Tea and cookies were served with Mrs. Wendell Fisk in charge of the tea table. Club Meets Suits Us Club met Wednesday afternoon in the home of Mrs. R. G. Heath with nine members and two guests, Mrs. C. V. Didlock, and Mrs. Dennie Reardon. The time was spent, with fancywork and the hostess served refresh- Af the conclusion of the pro -it?" arm P al,Dearers were winiamj circle tour met in me nome oir 8n.m the women were invited i 0 j Pc1 . crson ' Robert hotter, WilliamllVIrs. T. Otis Brown with 11 mem-j m . e " ts ,, Nc ^ meeting in two weeks J"m for a social hour and refresh-, Srtnck!and - Dewey A n d e r s o n,]bcrs present. The business meet-i wlth Mrs E 1,: M 11 S0 .' ments. jHarry Ooff and Clifford Gottrick jing was conducted by Mrs. Dor-i c wm « ee * Birthday Dinner Mr. Hiler was born in Knoxville,! 0 thy Newby, and Mrs. Virginia! >. p(crr f ™ m ™ mty ^'"iTl™ Sf.w.„ Tollev son of Mr -„ , !s ' ! P \f\? 893 ' the son of NichoIas,Thornton gave the devotions. The! , a L ? fhi « h , «"ool at 7:30 • V ' S ° n " f l U ..; ? nd (' nd Martha Butt Hiler. He spent Wesson was given hy Miss Ora Cox 1° ^ E«h family to take sand" ! "" Bushncll W» Bureau rnJ^^ £ Mry. Howard Tolley of Henry, ior-'his entire life in knoxville'and nieily of this vicinity, was the for the past few years was em- Wednesday at the Recreation Cen- finest of honor at a family dinner ployed at the Knox County Home Iter and had as a guest James Fos A whale doesn't actually spout Sunday at his home planned in,and Hospital. Surviving are his> ter of Macomb, who told of lhe! wa * tcr " when coming to the sur- honor of his second birthday idanghter, Mrs. Len Mensig of:, )nilcd defense fund drive, thc face aftor a dive , the whale ex„• nZ : ,. a . r n M ng P U H l u I y HV n h ]]l - and f-? 1 R ° bcrt " ilcr iwork of the U.S.O. in this country! halcs , 8nd lhe column of warm air g.dnd.Mot..ei, M.s. Retla Hoogbo.-f-.of San Bruno. Calii. |and overseas. A report on the immediately condenses to water recreation drive was given by W va p 0 r upon contact with the Hold Dinner contests. Mrs. Nuckles, finance chairman, reported the sale of Christmas cards as going well. Fourteenth District will hold the next meeting at Berwick Church Wednesday, Unit 76 to be hostess. The Missionary society will serve dinner. Next regular meeting will be of Galesburg, Mr. and Mrs. B. M Tolley of Avon Kirt Kelso of A -leak fry held recently in the Phelps. Final returns werc iC00 i cr a ir Dalmida, Mis. Roy Hilton oi Hobby Grill honored Miss Joan'gj ven the F.F.A. fair which is; Bloominglon and Miss Amy Dor-; I)rc dgc who since has left for Cal -j^ 0 ™ d " by" the"' bureau.' The~ . se> ot brooKs, Ind. ifornia. This farewell party was American cduca tion week commit- 11 Ipathc JltlH Mrs. Jolley and son returned.attended by Mr. and Mrs. Ed\" ihp Bushnell-Prairie Citv L'CdlllO dllU home with Mrs. HoogberH to soendioni^ Mrs Helen T)e P . Mrs Rer-, te ? °/ the ... Bu . Shne i 1 - ©bservaricJ i n 8 14, andirunerals ... , , ,, .... T , . ......c ^ public to v'*'' 1 Leave for Hawaii |Miss Dredge. , lhe schoo , wh| , e Jn sessIon on that; a Cha f in ^ MrS ' U t n Dnce ', Mrs -„ Bcr -! chooTs announced the ol aomi-n y & P™S er ' M / SS DRarlenc "Tr during the week of Nov. arnpd, f • , „ .. er - T ; Vlls , s Lvelyn Barman and |an invitation to the publi Leave for Hawaii Dredge. ...Jthe school while in sessio., w„ L „ aii . it , c . Mr and Mrs. hung GarceIon, Mr and Mrs Wilbur Howatc.. eek> Mrs . Edna H inman is chair- Attend Services Kindergarten this week as lhey jMond cvenj t th • homc of Station, cnicl ! left Monday for Los Angeles,'and daughter, Darlenc, visited re ,., - , n. . u «u man. Fifty dollars was voted to! , Calif., to attend a laundrymen's.cently in Bloomington where the, ' f fh HomecominaiD convention and at thc close of thcjHowatcrs' son, Harold, is a fresh .^JP ™ P *™ e J* ^ vote to the"!an convention will leave by plane forjman_ in Illinois Wesleyan Uni-jgtt. 16 andI $50 »as voted to the an visited the Fire Simms and Fireman Wilkins showed the fire trucks and various equipment to thc children and then treated them to a movie. They were driven to thc Fire Station in a school bus by Dr. Dunlap, accompanied by the teacher, Mrs. Hardy. Plan Wiener Roast Those who are or ever have been or will be a member of the Abingdon Business and Profession- Henrietta Johnson. Dorcas Circle , i Eighteen members and a guest, Re Hawaiian Islands where they[vcrsily. Mrs. K. W. Burgner, were present wl " remain eight days, at thc meeting of the Dorcas Cir-I t Knlertamcd Guests 1 - clc on Friday afternoon at the! Mrs. Dorothy Dam of Santajl ifflp Y ftr If 'Barbara, Calif., formerly of this'JLilUlC M. Ul IV home of Mrs. Antonio Faralli. Mrs Charles England served as assisting hostess. Devotions were given by Mrs. Nettie Ferrjs. The lesson on missions was taken from the World al Women's Club, are invited to a;Outlook and The Methodist Worn wiener roast at the City Park on Monday at 6:30 p. m. Take own wieners, buns and marshmallows. If it rains the roast will be postponed until a later date. Hostess to P. E. O. The first fall meeting of Chapter BB of P. E. 0. was held Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs. Phil Cramer with Mrs. Nettie Ferris assisting. The hostesses served dessert refreshments preceding the business meeting which was conducted by Mrs. R. L. Bond Jr. in WITH LEFTOVERS an and presented by Mrs. R. B. Eyre. Mrs. Charles Peck explained the ministerial pension plan. Plans were made for donations for the annual bazaar. Everyone was reminded of the birthday potluck supper on Friday evening and the mission study class beginning Oct. 15., Return Home George Trovillo and son, Alden Trovillo, who were called here by the death of Mr. Trovillo's aunt, returned to their home in Wichita, Kan. Wednesday evening. To Practice Friday RIO—The choir of the Rio Presbyterian Church will hold their re hearsal Friday night this week due to the meeting of the session to night, when the Rev. Kermit Petersen of Galesburg will serve as moderator. A special meeting has been called after the church services on Sunday morning to consider the hiring of a minister. vicinity, and Mrs. Alva Sherman of Knoxville, spent Wednesday with Mrs. Glenn McElkinney and her mother, Mrs. R. M. Morse, south of Galesburg. Rural Gathering Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Karl Lacy will be in charge of the first meeting this fall at Newman Community Center to take place Sunday evening. Residents of that community and friends are invited to be present at 6 o'clock for a potluck supper. Class Plans Outing Members of the Futurist class of the Methodist Sunday Schoo! and their families will gather at the church Sunday evening at f o'clock for an outing. They will start from there for the country where they will hold a wiener roast, if the weather is favorable, and if unfavorable they will remain at the church for supper. Each family is to furnish wieners, buns and another dish of food. Leave Knoxville Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mills have moved from Knoxville to Wichita Falls, Texas where the former will be located with the Sinclair Pipeline Co. Aledo P.E.O. Here Woman, 91, Found Dead Mrs. Pearl Sppher, Mr. and Mrs. W. Suydarh, Mrs. Cora Hurr and Mrs. F. R. Blixt of Galesburg and Mrs. F. M. Chester of Peoria Wednesday attended the funeral \f„,,„.i IT„U r ti r> .services in Chicago for Mrs. m Ji lB ' 'V 10 ™ B " r f hu jMarlha Schnitzcr who died Sun- mef Wednesday afternoon at the d Mr , Schnitzer was the wifc ^creation Center with the chair-; £ * M s h . • and ^ man, Mrs. Josephine Connor .n; and her h £ b d had vjsited in Recreation Center, Bureau Meets LITTLE YORK — Mrs. Marietta Choate, 91, was found dead in her home late Wednesday afternoon. She lived alone and had visited one of her neighbors Tuesday evening at which time she complained of pains in her chest. It is believed she died early Wednesday. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the Lugg Memorial Chapel. Burial will be in the Little York Cemetery. The family will be at the chapel from 7:30 to 9 o'clock Friday night. charge. Hostesses were Mrs. Bert Elam, Mrs. Jack Hensley, Mrs. Dale Stambaugh and Mrs. Gordon Weber. There were 17 members and three guests, Mrs. S. P. Archer, Mrs. Leland Paul and Mrs. Wayne Williamson, present. Roll call was answered by naming "A Bird I Like." Major lesson on "Sex Education of Young Children," was given by Mrs. Jack Hensley and Mrs. Glen Ridle. Minor lesson on "Family Reading" was given by Mrs. Dale Stambaugh. Recreation was in the charge of Mrs. Chester Kessler. Next meeting of the unit will be the first Wednesday in November. Gavel Club Meets Mrs. Myron Armstrong had the meeting of the Gavel Club on Monday evening. A business meet ing was conducted by Mrs. D. R Mrs. Choate was born May 6. [Daniels. Preceding the meeting 'refreshments were served by Mrs. 1862, in Ollie, Iowa. She was married to William Brooks on Aug. 1, 1882, at Red Oak, Iowa. He died in 1897 and she was married again in 1906. Her second husband was George W. Choate who died in 1936 CHEER, OXYDOl •otto JACK - rut -L or rtAV9« MERIT TOMATOES - 2-29- POLAND'S CHICKKN NOODLI ©» V««KTA »l* Mir ROUTE 41 AUNGDON CAMPBELLS SOUP 2-31- KTII MM »CMOOLT|y« rAVOAITf PEANUT BUTTER — SUPER-WAY Surviving are a son, Thomas H. Brooks of Monmouth; a brother, Eighteen"members oTJhe P.E.O. James Baker, Cameron, Mo.; a Chapter at Aledo arrived at the half brother, Jesse Moore of Ollie, Illinois P.E.O. home at 11 o'clock Iowa; six grandchildren and four Monday morning to spend the re- great-grandchildren. RENNISOK1 KNOXVILLE • ^ GROCERY and MARKET Richaliau Tomato Juice 46 Ox. Tin 27< For • Quality CoffM Sarv* lich«li«u Coffee lb. 88*, 2 lbs. $1.75 (limit 2 Ibt.) Birdseye Frozen Peas __-Pkg. 150 Blue Bonnet Oleo -lb. 29g Nont-iuch All Grttn Lima Beam tin 23c Nont-tuch 303 tin Pumpkin 2 tins 25c R|chtli«u long Grain Rice lb. pkg. 21c Budlong Whola Sweet Pickles qt. 43c Richaliau Can* and Maple Syrup 12 oz. bt. 27c With Cold Cream Camay, bath size, 2 for 19c Complexion size 3 for 19c 'SPECIAL COUPON inside Giant Tide SAVE 104 on your next Tide Giant Tide purchase Richelieu Quality FRUITS Raggedy Ann Peaches Fruit Cocktail Bartlett Pears 303 Tin — Your Choice 2 for 59c Beef Plate Boiling Meat 17* WiUen'i C«rn King Bacon, lb. layers lb. 69tf Pork Chops, rib end lb. 49$ Freshly Ground Ham Loaf, lb. 490 Rath'* Cook.d Picnics, 5-6 lb. avg., whole, lb. 490 Armour'* Chili (with beans) lb. tin 29< Brown & Serve Sausage -Pkg. 49< Armstrong, Mrs. Wayne Opp, and Mrs. Ira Barker. Canasta was played following the business session and favors went to Mrs. Sarah Brown, Mrs. G. P. Stua'rt and Mrs. Gertrude Garretson. The next meeting will be held Nov. 2 in the home of Mrs. Ruth Vail Turnbull, with Mrs. Ruth Nowers and Mrs. Ella Fultz assisting. First Baptist The Rev. Harold E. Lane, pastor. Morning Worship 10:45 a .m. Special music by senior choir, message by the pastor. B.Y.F. 6:30 p.m. Juniors and seniors meet at the church. Sunday evening service 7:30 p.m. We will have the film "You Can't Win" at our church. Everyone is cordially invited. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Midweek Prayer Meeting. Continue in study of the Book of I Peter. Thursday 7:30 p.m. Senior choir practice at the church. First Methodist The Rev. A. J. Copeland, pastor. 9:45 Sunday School. 11 Morning Worship. Sermon, "Fret Not, Trust, Do Good." 5 Intermediate Fellowship at the Methodist Church, 5 Hi Youth Fellowship at the Presbyterian Church. Choir practice Thursday at 7. Men's Chorus Thursday at 8. Christian Links Sunday School Class meeting Tuesday. First Presbyterian The Rev. William Rule, D.D., minister. Saturday at 10:30 a.m. Instruction Class for those of 11 and older. Sunday Church School at 9:45 am. Divine Worship at 11 a.m. Sermon theme, "You Are Come." At 12 noon, a regularly called Congregational Meeting to read the budget for 1954. At 5 p.m. Junior Highs at the Methodist Church, Senior Highs, the Presbyterian Church. Sunday night the minister speaks at Nauvoo at the installation of the Rev. Boyd Jordan. Monday at 3 p.m. Prayer and Bible study Thursday at 2:30 p.m. The Women 's League meets in the parlors. WSCS Meeting General meeting of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church was held Tuesday evening at the church with Mrs. Bryan Bartlett in charge. A 15 minute period of quiet meditation was held preceding the Galesburg on several occasions. MRS. DELLA INEZ CAVE Mrs. Delia Inez Cave, 56, of 512 S. Cedar St., wife of the Rev. Benjamin L. Cave, died Wednesday at 8 p. m. in her home. Death' was due to a heart condition and she had been ill four months. The former Delia Inez Dawson wis born at Appleton June 19, 1897, and she attended Wyman School in that community. Her marriage to the Rev. Mr. Cave took place at Manlius. Mrs. Cave, who was a member of the United Brethren Church at Leaf River, had been employed four years as a kitchen helper at Seymour Hall on the Knox College campus. Surviving are the husband; two daughters, Mrs. Ruth Hopping of Galesburg and Mrs. Mary Stout of Rockford; four brothers, Silas, William and Hubert Dawson of Galesburg and Fred Dawson of Oroville, Calif.; two sisters, Mrs. Olive King of Paxton and Mrs. Pansy Cherrington of Knoxville, and two grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday at 2 p. m. in the Kimber and West Chapel. The Rev. Henry A. Stamm, pastor of First Church of God, will officiate and burial will be in East Linwood Cemetery. Friends may call at the chapel Friday evening. I mOIMMEnTS LACKY fc. SONS 150* MA IN - 6M.ESBUW5 KIMBER & WEST Air-Conditioned Chape! For Over 40 Years 36 PUBLIC SQUARE Mrs. Benjamin L. Cave 512 South Cedar Funeral: 2 P.M. — SATURDAY KIMBER & WEST CHAPEL Friends call at the chapel Friday evening. Mrs. Lois Gehrig 2425 North Broad Friends may call at the Foley Mortuary Wednesday evening, 7-9, where prayers will be said at 8 p.m. Friends may call at the Caldwell-Brien Funeral Home, Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday evening. Funeral services: 9:30 A.M. — FRIDAY St. Augustine Church DesMoines. Burial in Glendale Cemetery, Please omit flowers. FOLEY4 mortuary^ m No. Broad S«> Dial 1910-6

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