Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 25, 1956 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1956
Page 36
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN' News of Grains Wheat Firms Toward Close By WILLIAM FERRIS CHICAGO W) — Wheat firmed toward the close on the Board o! IVadc today and carried (he rest or the grain market along with it. I,ate buying in wheat followed report? the Agriculture Department next week will predict exports in the current season will go above 400 million bushels for the first time in five years. Wheat also received some support from mills following purchase uJ considerable quantities of hard wheat flour late Wednesday by a large eastern chain baker. Kstlmated carlot receipts at Chic;i£,'o: wheat 4, corn 243, oats 6, rye none, barley 18 and soybeans CHICAGO m — No wheat. Corn No 1 yellow 1.3214, No 2 1.32%; No 3 1.47-31; No 4 1.21U-25V4. Oats No 2 heavy mixed 78%; No 1 heavy while 81; sample grade heavy white 78%-79. No soybeans. Soybean oil: 12%-T4. Soybean Meal: 4i>.50-16.00. Barley nominal: malting choice 1.30-15; feed 98-1.08. High. I/ovv. Close. Prev.olose Wheat Doc 2.3'Hi 2.32% 2.34>,fi-l4 2.33V t Mar 2.3!) 2.37',-i 2.38%-39 2.37% Jiy 2.2!) 7 i 2.28',4 2.20%-% 2.38% Sop 2.31% 2.30 3 ii 2.31% 2.30% Late Trading Eases Losses NEW YOftK R — losses in today's declining stock market were moderated in late trading. But leading issues still showed prices lower by fractions to around 2 points. The lowering of copper prices continued to depress stocks of that industry, lower earnings by Ford and General Motors and mixed reports on third quarter income lent no encouragement to investors. Among the coppers, Magma was off 2 while Anaconda, Phelps Dodge and International Nickel took losses of a point or so. Bethlehem Steel was down around a point. Jones & Laughlin gained a bit as a stock dividend was voted, Youngstown was up '.a. LEGAL NOTICES Com NOTICE OF CLAIM JATE Notice is hereby given to nil persons that the first Monday In December, 19.1(1, Is the Claim Date in the estate of Lillle A. Patslnk, Deceased pending in th« Probate Court o( Madison Cour.ty, Illinois, and that claim* may be tiled against the said t.tote on" or before said date without Issuance of summons. Dated this 2nd day of October, 1858. ESTHER BOCKSTHUCK, Executrix. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. Bruce Quackenbush, Attorney. Oct. 11-18-25. NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to nil prr- sons that the first Mnndny In December. IBM, Is the Claim' Date in thr estate of A. DON STOCKER. On. censed pending in the Probate Court ANNOUNCEMENTS II NOTICES TTrETTE:—CANCEL ANY ENGAGEMENTS YOU HAVE MADE FOR TUESDAY, OCT. 30, AS I HAVE MADE ARRANGEMENTS FOR US TO GO TO ROBERTS MOTORS, INC., 200 W. FERGUSON AVE., WOOD RIVER, TO SEE THE NEW lf)S7 DESOTO AND PLYMOUTH, THE NEWKST NEW CARS IN 20 YEARS.—LEROY. IM RIDRRB to McDonnell, 4 m., dally. Phone RIDE WANTED p. m. to 12 p. _2-34flR. RIDE" WANTED—To McDonnell. "4:1 S to 12:45. 4-8600. BlTjERS WANTElif-Lindberg road to Clayton, R to 4:30. 2-5347. RIDE WANTEt>"to~'Jnion & Blrcher, straight evening shift. Ph. j-9179. I2A INSTRUCTION* SALES JOBS TO $5000 After short low cost salesmanship training, not disturbing your present job and income. No experience Is required. If you have yearned to earn top salary and make your sales ability pay off through the power of salesmanship. Call Alton 2-7MM. ACCORDIAN*" Hawaliim or Spanish Guitar Instruction. Beginners Instruments loaned. Royal School of Music. 5-5342. 14 MDHIC, DANCING. OR4MA A TRUE STORY — Your child can learn music, easily and quickly, the Sunny Shields Way 16A East Bdwy. EMPLOYMENT HELP WANTKB— _MAt,_E _ CAHPENTER, mnn- nKer trainee, plant supervisor. PERSONAL SERVICE a» rmEssMAKiNO—TAHLOBINO ALTERATIONS" -n^esimaking-Coati rellned. 960 Lorena, Wood River. 4-6758. ' CUSTOM~MADE SLIP COVBHS""^ Work guaranteed. Mf«. Hal*. Phone 4-6008. LADNtlFHINO SI __ WASHTNGS~lt IRONINGS — ¥es- sonoblc and experienced. Dial 4-9471 WANTErJ—ironings, do _• In my home. References given. 4-2991, BUSINESS SERVICE «tr« ANNOI1NCRMFVTP GUTTERING Spouting. Furnace Repairs. Free F.stl- _mates. _ WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1424. ELECTH 1C AIT APPLIANCES repaired. Reasonable. 3 Rosa street. Ph. 2-5358 ALTON AREA Sewer and Septic Tank Cleaning Service Call STAMP'S SEWER SERVICE 2-4420. 824 Henry Modern electric and vacuum equipment for cleaning clocj- ged sewers and septic tank. Fully insured. '' ~** HEMOVED, TOPPED OB TRIMMED; REASONABLE HATES. FULLY INSURED. PHONE 3-8100 OB 4-6539. TUCKPOINTING—Chimneys, porches, foundations, buildings, caulking, basements waterproofed. Guaranteed workmanship. Financed with no down payment. Call Alton Waterproofing, 5-5622 for free estimate. Insured union men. , ELF.CTRICAI. WORK WANTED — chemist, bank trainee. Journeyman i Experienced electrician. r.-9380. machinist, lathe nnd drill press opcr- ' —— eralttr. Others to $4.10 mo .. AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT Yvr/AHE"'lNTERESTEO IrTtaiking to •2 men who can <|unlify for a lop notch sales position. Full coinp.-iny benefits, We will interview applicants Monday. Oct. 2H, P - S, at our offices. No. 7 Whltelatt-, Room 6, BART & PHIL'S TREE SERVICE IM 1 ti<*> 1 i-t/ ,,.„_, I "' M»dl»on County, Illinois, and thnt | Wood River, ni. Ask for Mr. Camp- l\z 1.36% l.Si'i-ls 1.37'i claims mar be filed against the said ! bell. Mar M;iy Jl.v l.W» S»-p 1.4H4 Oats Pfc. .SO Mar .81- 1 ; May .81', Jiy ."filii £<>p .76»i 1.42'i 1.41>4 1.42 1.45'i l.-ll^ 1.45-44*4 1.45 l.'Ifi'S, l.'lfi 1.46* 8 1.46% .81 ,SO% .80 .81 li .79'' s j estate on or before said date without Issuance of summons Dated this 10th day of October, 1956. DONNA ICE STOCKER, Executrix Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. G1LSON BROWN. Attorney. Oct. 18. 25. Nov. 1 .75^ .7. r i% .7CU .76>i Rye Dec 1.57% 1.56 REQUEST FOR BIDS ,76'i Notice is hereby given that sealed j bids will be received by the Village ( of Brighton for the purchase nnd In- Mar May 1 57'i 1 47 1 « i stallatlon of Individual gas heaters to 1 £•»• i cni- i en M i'cii' ' °* u§cd ln heat i<>S 'he Village Hall. 1.B2U l.HH-s 1.61%-fi2 1.611 x i Units to be operated on bottle gas ].fi3 1.61 l.B2*i- l ,j 1 62'.j ' ""- have capacity of heating the < -- , --,, . r~ . ... '• ho" to 70 degrees when outside tcm- Jly 1.57 l.»'i 1.57 1.56U pcrature is icro. Soybeans j Bi j, wi]1 ^ „,.„,.„, by tb<! un . 2,4-Ui 2.42 1 i 2.44-4.1% 2.43H ! dersfened until 7rtW o'clock P. M.. Nov Jan Mar May Jl.v 2.49U 2.47'i 2.4S%-49 2.4SU 2.53'i 2.51H 2.53 1 i-?J 2.52!J 2.56 1 i 2.54U 2.55% 2.54% 2.55',i 2.54 2.55K-& 2.55 on November 5, 195& GORDErf LAMPERT, Village Clerk. ANNOUNCEMENTS HOKIIMKNTS — CKM. LOTS 6-GRAVE LOT in original lection, Valhalln. 2-0171. PERSONALS HUSBANDS! WIVES! WANT PEP7-- Ostrex Tonic Tableta pep up weak bodies lacking iron; aUo contain vitamin B-l. calcium^ 7-day "get acquainted" Biz* cost* little. In Alton, Thrifty Drugs; also drugfrUitf everywhere. Livestock Prices East St.. Louis NATIONAL STOCK YARDS, 111. (Jv-(USDA) — Hogs 13.300; bulk 1 to 3 grade 180-260 Jb barrows and gilts 15.10-25; few lots mostly No 4 grades 15.00: few mostly 1 and 2 j^^^g DETEC Tr,TE"7iGENCY With Some NO i, grade 15.&>; most I Confid-nlUl investigations. All types, 1 and 2 grade 190-240 IbbarrcAvsj -^w^.^n^.^bondc.L c p .u and gilts la.35-50; limited number \ jrriangie 7-3530. to 15.60; about 400 head mostly' No 1 to 15.75;' mixed grade 1-50 170 ib 112545.25; 120-140 Ib 12.7514.00; sows 1 to 3 grade 400 Ib down 14.25-15.00; heavier sows mostly No 3 grade 13.75-14.00; boars over 230 Ib 10.00-12.00; lighter weights 12.50-13.00. Cattle 2,500, calves 800; few Rood steers, mostly small lots, 19.0023.00; utility and standard steers 13.00-18.50; standard and good heifers and mixed yearlings 14.0011.00; few utility down to 10.00; utility and commercial cows 10.0012.50; largely 10.50 up; few 13.00; canner and cutler cows 7.00-10.00; few strong weights to 10.50; utility nnd commercial bulls 11.00-13.00. Produce Prices At St. Louis p ST. LOUIS (ft — Produce and live poultry: Eggs, wholesale grades, medium extras 24-25, unclassified 21-22, undergrades 17 • 19; consumer grades, A mediums -24-25, A large 39-41. Fowl, hea\7 breeds 13-14; fryers end broilers, commercial whites 17-18: turkeys, hens 26H-27. Processed poultry, full drawn iced 28!4-28',4. Other prices unchanged. J 1 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1 :30 p.m. quotations on eleven New York Stock Exchange issues research has Indicated are widely held in the Alton area, as*supplied to the Alton Evening Telegraph by Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton branch office. (The New York Exchange closes daily at 2:30 p m. (Alton time), so these are not the closing quotations) : AT&T .................... 167% Gen. Motors ............... 146 • Granite dry Stl ........... 5214 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Newcomer Group 75 Lindenwood Drive East Alton, III. Phone 2-0880 RUMMAGE A PA8TBT SALES RUMMAGE SALE—Sat., Oft. 27, 9 a. m. Bcthalto Methodist Church, at _H?? *• Broadway. A, G. Elliott. RUMMAGE SALE—Friday-, dctTssThT 6 p.m., 4th and Alby. Given by First Presbyterian Church. PART TIME SALESMAN F.arn $5000 per >'*af working part time. Our men make more with us than on their full time job. Amco Steel Fence Co. is largest Independent fence supply house in the U.S. Amco Fence Is sold with no money down and low monthly payment*. We train you. Men needed In ALTON Wood River Jerseyville East Alton Edwardsville Write Qualifications to AMCO STEEL FENCE CO. 1030 No Lindbergh Blvd. St. Louis 14, Mo. WANTED—"Salesmen to sell most exciting car In the world, W57 Plymouth and DeSoto." Cars that are years ahead In styling and performance. Model to cover every price range from the lowest to the highest. Selling experience In some field essential. Attractive compensation p'.an. For further details call in person at Les Craig Motors, 1300 E. Broadway, Alton, Illinois. ATTRACTIVE POSITION FOR AN INTELLIGENT MAN OR WOMAN 25-60. Must have good personality and appearance and be ready to accept position If selected. Guaranteed income with opportunity for advancement, insurance program and n retirement plan. A National Organization, number one in its field. For Interview write fully to D. E. Roberts, Box 640. Care Telegraph. ' PHOTOGRAPHERS and proofmen. Good pay, steady work. Apply 10 to II a.m.. Footer's Studio. 200A E Broadway. See Mrs. Reed. SEE OUR SALESMANSHIP TRAINING OFFER under, Instructions. 12A, Call Alton 2-7583. SUNSHINE CIRCLE CLASS of Cherry Street Baptist Church, rummage isle, 517 Belle St.. S*t., Oct. 27, 8-.30 a.m. HU*Ml^UGE"~SALE at 517 Belle, for" Friday, Oct. 26 at 9 a.m. postponed until Monday. Oct. 29. 9 a.m. at 517 Belle. First Baptist Church. CREDIT INVESTIGATOR— To train for management potiUOD In national finance organization. Ate 24-35. Hlfth school graduate or better, Must have car. Salary, expense allowance. Paid vacation. Other em- ploye tvenefits. Contact Mr. Hamilton. 421 W St. Louis Ave., East Allon. Phone 4-3B64. REMOVED. topped or Hrasonable rates. Fully Ph. 3-B100 or 4-U5:m BLOCK tt perlenced trimmed, insured. CONCRETE WORK. Ex- Phonir 4-5205. WATER WELLS DRILLED — Experienced service. Pumps Installed. Financing nrranKed. John E. Reynolds. Phone Alton 2-2016. FLAGSTONE Building rock for walls. Glllenwater, BUSINESS SERVICE REPAIRING — HOOFING ROOFING Now Is the time to replace that old and worn roof on your home. Add beauty and fire protection. Let ui show you the new patented JOHNS- MANVILLE Shingle thnt can't blow off. Careful application hy drained, Insured workmen. No down payment. Low monthly terms. Call today. GE3SMAN AND COMPANY 9th & Belle 3-B.711 40 STORAOR — MOVING H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE COUNTRY LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1628 Washington 'Ave.. Dial 2-OB53 PI?ES BELCHER MOVERS 10)8 ELLIOT! ST. LOCAL 4 LONG DISTANCE Vie Sell Barrels and Cartons tor Packing Dial 3-7K10 or 2-8240 RENTALS BLEEPING ROOMS _ NICE """"ROOM— AdJoYnin*g""bathr"*nea"f restaurant and buses. 1709 Main. 2-23B4. for rent, 4oAby NICE LARGE sleepng rmm, twin beds. Private entrance Near downtown. Gentleman preferred. 3-9473. _ _____ __ _ "UPPER" A'LTON—Slee'pinirTooms" "at H«! Washington. Clean. Refurnished. Phone 2-2351. CLEAN SLEEPING ROOM—On Unes. Plenty hot water. 4-5737. bus UPPER ALTON — Sleeping room: Block and half from business district, private entrance. Call after 4:30:_2-2+44; if no answer, 2-6025 NEAR TOWN—Attractive room, excellent location. Private entrance. Home privileges. 2-793H. SLEEPING "~ ROOM"" "private"" entrance. Apply 401 Wood River _Avrnup. Wood River. SLEEPlNG~R6bM for rent. Gentle""" mnn. Must be seen to be appreciated. Private entrance. 3-89HG. RENTALS APARTMENTS 4« FURNISHED COTTAGE and 2 room furnished apt. 108 E. Lorena, Wood River. 2 ROOM — Everything furnished. Couple only. Walking dlstnncc to steel mlll.^ $10 week. J;l"17j 3 ROOMS — Heat and water fur- nlohed. No objection to baby. Walking distance of steel mill. On bus^ line, $12.50 week. S-1817. S ROOM BRICK — Over garage. Electric range and refrigerator, gns hnat, hot water, wltli garage. 47C Hamilton, Wood _Rlver. _ YOU CAN BE ail to yourself In this nicply furnished 3-ronm house. C!ns heat, tile floors. Reasonable. J)-g6B9. WOOD RIVER — 5 room furnished, clpnn. modern. GnR bent. Apply 17rt2_Seminary, _AUon._ 2 ROOMS"suitable for working girl or couple. Private entrance, washing facilities. Near glass compan? 1 2 ROOM furriFsned npt. Private b;tth and entrance. Single room furnhhrd apt. .'113 Oak. 3 ROOMS—First floor. Private bath nnd entrance, utilities. Adult couple. Apply afler 7 p.m. 714_E. Sth. 4 ROOM basement apt. for rent, furnished. $15 week. 1 or 2 children. No pets. 2-4U27. UPPER ALTON — 3 room furnished apt., upstairs. All utilities furnished. 4-5047 after _.">. _ 31 FURNisHED""ROOM.S—237~Mad'iscmi Wood River. __ 609 MATHER"^ 3 !i room furnished upstairs apt. Phone 2-SOfll a/!er 5 p.m. UPPER ALTON — Tlirce furnished rooms. Newly decorated. At bus stop. 2-2351. 2 ROOM furnished apt., modern, C!OKC to town, on bus line. 5-5870. Utilities furnished, trance. 307 Prairie, 4-5741 after 5 p.m. Outside Bcthalto. en- Du. S4 WANTED TO RENt FAMILY OF FOUR would like three- bedroom modern unfurnished home with basement. Phone 4-7311, exchange 43H. WANTED TO RENT or BUY, reasonable, trailer fo accommodate family of six. Phone Brighton 101-R. REAL ESTATE SALE LAND [4~ACRES on Clifton Yoa'cT Close to McAdams Highway, 4-5152. 2(io ACRE 'STOCK" FARM~--~~New fence, water, pnml and creek. Goorl improvements, electricity, water in barnyard, h'iR lf>t and barn, s milp-i from Carllnville nnd hulf mile Cnr- linvllle Lake. fJood hunting and fishing. Land tins been \\ell fertil- i/.cfl. Approxlmntelv acres in cultivation. Priced very cheap. CJnsn enriugh to Alton to comtnute Bob Firth, 17S, Greenfield. FARM >OR SAf.K or TRADE "for' B rruirn house with large yard VVonri River. Farm is 11 arrrs. 2 hnusrs, fi raomp and bath, 3 roonv. Deep well, fruit trees. On Highway On. School bun nnd mnil route. 5 miles west of Holla, Mo. Phone Wooii River 4-3,102. 10t) ACRE FARM—60 t illobleT i', acre lakr. 5 ronm house, modern conveniences. 10 miles from Alton. Good road, $12,000. 5-0073. REAL ESTATE SALE nou«rs FOR SAI.K 4 MILES OUT — Off Rt. 100. 4-rrn. modern. s'« acres, Plasa Creek frontage M400 OUT SEMINARY — 4 rooms, fruil trees, 2'<i acres $4500 WYSs ST — 0-room, 3-room house In rear SfiOO down Contract. $6900 HAWI.EY ST. — B-room modern. Excellent location. Terms . . . $7500 3 ROOMS OFF ELM — »500 down. $1200 LIBERTY ST. — 5 rooms, low taxes, stoker. Clnse in $6000 ROUTE 100—.'i miles out: 6-roonn: carpeting, storm and screens, "ii-acre lot PIElfL AGENCY 2-7722, 5-5777. 2-5522. 2-9227 GROCERY STORE Here Is your chanre to own one of thc nicest store* in AHon Located m Mlddletown area, excellent bus inej-v Large stock Included tn sale Dfice, pint all fixture* and equipment which are in good condition F'or additional Information olfinse contact us. Reduced for quick snip. t $790(1 ALLEN i NIMMONS CO. REALTOR — 2-J249 6» LOTS FOR SAIR WILSHIRE VILLAGE AREA—Large lot 70x140. Sewer, water, gas. $2250. Frank Yrjdnr, Realtor. 4-9113 or 4-4027. BEAUTIFUL residential lot, ft. Fxcollcnl for split level buildlnR. Most desirable section Rosewood Heights. Buyer must build suitable home for this restricted area. Price S2500. WOOD RIVER— 2 room modern. Util- Uieafurnished.3-(i979 trance, private bath, all utilities paid In Wood River. 4-6594. WOOD RIVER—Sleeping room, f vale entrance. Bath. One block ! 4 ROOMS FURNISHED in Alton, one strlctnd to brick homes Oak Drive JCast_ Alton. Phone 4-B556 or 4-50H1. EAST" WOOD SUBDIVISION i City of Wood River. City Sewer. City Police and Fire protection. Electricity and gas. Close to schools. Terms. EMMET HOWARD, Realtor Ph. 4-9532 WOOD RIVER'S BEST LOCATION ! TIPTON AVE.-Large living room with fircplnce;2 bedroom; tiled bath, tub nnd shower combination: tiled kitchen with lots of cabinets and dishwasher; dinette: large heated and sir con'lllioned, all purpose room can be used ns play room, TV room or third bedroom; basement with new gas furnace and water heater: at. tached gnroge: price . , $12.000 R. H. HESSENFLOW, REALTOR Dial 4-3893, Evenings downtown. 4-6847. 3-B308. WEAVERS TREE SERVICE TOPPED. trimmed and removed. Free estimates. Fxillr insured. Phone 4-84B4. SEWERS CLOGGED? CALL HAMPSEY'S SEWER SERVICE; 2-9727 OR 4-0513. MODERN EQUIPMENT, 24- HOUR SERVICE. FULLY INSURED. WORK GUARANTEED. NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL. SEWER TROUBLE Dial 4-8921 or 4-3181 JIM'S SEWER SERVICE 52 West Penning, Wood River Alton Area Also. 24-hour service. Work guaranteed. Sink drains, toilet stools cleaned. Installation of septic tanks & s«wen. CALJ, LO MAC. 2-6487—Free landscape -drawings nurserymen. by experienced FLOOR SANDING and finishing. Old and new. Call A. C, '.and Floor Co. Refer to Telephone Directory. 2-9913 PLASTERING or patch plastering. Chimneys repaired. Reasonable rates. Work guaranteed. Free estimates. Phone 2-542S. TRKK SERVICE — Trees removed, trimmed or topped. Free estimate*. Fireplace wood and kindling for sale. Light hauling. Pbont 3-0811 or 3-8587. TAILORING Suits made to order. Double breasted made into single breasted. Expert alteration work for men and women. ,416 East Seventh. Pbone 2-1618, SS BUILDING — CONTRACTING V. BUCHANAN CONSTRUCTION CO, Cement work of nil kinds. Free estimates. 4-2593. RUMMAGE SALE — Congregational Church. «tb «nd Henry, Friday, Oct. 26th, noon. RUMMAGE SALE — First Methodist Church, 6th and Market, Friday, Oct. I6th. starting at 2 p.m. SOCIETIES — LODGES I.O.OJ-". OCTOBER MEETING of District No, 79, IOOF. at Wood' River Lodge No. 1024, Saturday, Oct. 27, 8.00 p m. Joseph E. Grapet, N'. G. Roy W. Slddens, Sec'y. WANTE&*"-Student o office work., Mornings, Temporary, 4 to S months. Wood River »rea. Typing and handle phone calls. Answer in own handwriting giving background and character reference. Write Box 610, care Telegraph. __ 2ND COOrT7'*l'"~Wnit"i^ exerjenced. Steady work, new kitchen. Ph. 3-8863 HOUTE MAN—60 stops daily. *87 SO guarantee. Write Box 000, care Telegraph. ALUMINUM WEATHERBOARD SIDING With Baked Enamel Finish Modernize your home. Save painting and maintenance costs. Call for free estimate. Nothlns down and low monthly payments- GERSMAN & COMPANY 9lh & Belle _ 3-6711 C\LL LO MAC — Home improvement contractor. 2-6487. Free estimate. Three year* to pay. DRIVES SALESMAN wanted. 25 to 30. Married, neat appearance Good health. Write in own hand writing to Pox 1130, .-are Telegraph. lg HELP WANTED — FEMALE PBX. stenographer. clerk-typist, clerical work, bank beginner. Other* to $250. AMERICAN 3!MPLOyMENT 205 Piasa Olin-Math. Chem Owens-ni .................. 67% Shell Oil .................. 76 Sinclair Oil ............... 58% Socony .................... 55% Std. Oil (Ind) ............ 57% Std. Oil (NJ) .............. 53% U. S. Steel Everett Tolbert Dies at Age of 61 Everett Toljiert, 61, of 119 \Vest Penning Ave., Wood River, who has been in failing health for some time, died at 1:20 p.m. today in St. Joseph's Hospital. Prior to entering the hospital Wednesday, he had been hospitalized at various other times. Among survivors is his widow, Mrs, Florence Tolben. $AVE at MAY Furniture & Appliance* Look for NORGE SIGN Eait Alton, III, FRANKLIN LODGE—No. S5. Special meeting Thursday, Oct. 25ih, 7 p m. Work in 3rd degree. Visiting brethren welcome. Cecil A. Griesbaum, W. M. WANT HOUSEKEEPER and baby sitter. Stay. Phone 5-1079 after 6. *FIRST GLASS e"*<"iSr"ie*nce"d bakeri able to take complete charge of bake shop. Good pay. Bill's Bakery and Market, 1B19 Central, Alton. neraRalrs of all kinds; also porch enclosures, remodeling, painting, kitchen cabinets. storm windows and screens PLANNING SERVICE. No job too small. References. F. LINKOGEL. 4-4876. CARPENTER REPAIRS - Boots, porches, remodeling, Tiding, patch plastering, painting. Free estimate Phone 2-2901. PLHAf.ANT ROOM—Half hlock from bus. Private entrai.ce. 844 Danforth. 5-S252. 42 ' block from bus line. Modern 4-4489 4-1292. G. I. $600 DOWN Plus closing. $09 mo. includes taxes and insurance. ROOM AND DOARD THREE ROOM APT. — With everything furnished. $13 week. Ph. 2-BZ96 APARTMENTS — FLATS MIDDLETOWN — Attractive 3 room .modern apartment, all utilities paid, '•i block off Henry. Reference. _2-9797. THREE ROOM unfurnished apt. Heat and water furnished. Phone 2-1653. TWO ROOM APT. — Modern, clean, ! 3-bcdroom homes in Brushey Grove. 100 FIRST STREET, East Alton. 3 rooms and bath. >-, duplex, gas heat, tile bath, stove and refrigerator furnished. Rent $72 month. 4-4354 or i 2-4351. WOOD RIVER — Tw T o room modern apt. Utilities furnished. Ph. 3-8979. FOUR ROOMS—Bath, screened porch upstnirs. Automatic furnace and wa ter heater. S60. 3-7136. well furnished. Large closets. Private entrance. Utilities paid. Near glass works. $12 weekly, 560 Highland. 3 ROOM furnished apt. Refrigerator, laumlry facilities. Front and back entrance. Hartford. Phone 4-3031 after 5. 3 ROOM modern furnished house, 'i block from bus. 42, r > Monroe, East Alton. 4-8168 or 4-5139. 3 ROOM nicely furnished apt. Second floor, Upper Alton. Utilities furnished. $65 monthly. 5-5106. 2 ROOM furnished apt. Apply 632 East Sth. Son N. 13th St. Wood River. Display house opnn Sunday 2:30-4:30 p.m., 7-8 Wednesday evenings. RALPH H. LADD Phone Edwardsville 2168 "Builder of National Homes" Tradr-lns Can Usually Be Arranged. " WARREN H.~ HOWARD Phone 2-8501. Representing C. H. Auten. Call anytime after 5:30. 1(10 ACRES — .15 miles from Alton 80 tillable, BO timber, abundant water supply. New woven wire fence around entire farm Ideal catflp ranch. Good hunting and fishing. Strictly modern four room house. Full basement. Oil furnace. Wired for electric stove- Large garage, barn, new screened patio. All weather road. $20.000 cash or trade for nice home Alton vicinity. For appointment contact owner, Harry E. Seel. Route One. Box 7-B; Ficldon, Illinois. Phone Fieldon 3315. THREE ROOM unfurnished apart ment, ground floor. Private en trance, electric stove, refrigerator automatic gas heat, hot water. Tl!' floors. Adults. $50. East Alton. Cat 4-6988. WOOD RIVER—Nice 3 room modern unfurnished apt. Heat, water, garage furnished. Ample closet space AdulU only. 580 George. Wood River UPPER Al""TON—3~ro"oins. bath, "ife" firablc location. All .utilities paid. Garage. Adults. 2-0417. 3 ROOMS—Semi-modern. Adults. Col lege and Main. $27. 1711 Main. 2-2364 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. & bath All utilities paid. S60 month. Cal for appointment. 2-8614 or 2-1818. 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED — Bath- Private entrance, basement and garage. 2-8143. 3-ROOM APT. — 1420 E. Fourth St Phone 2-2349. 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS—Hot water electricity, gaa heat, private en trance. Adults. 1905 Central. 2-0301 NICE 3 ROOM APT. unfurnished. Pri vate bath. 2501 Belle. 3 ROOM APT.—Modern, automatic ga» heat 616A Spring St. 3-3250. 3-ROOM UNFURNISHED MODERN APT. — Phone 2-4128. UNFURNISHED 4-ROOM East Alton. Phone 4-5246. APT. — FOR RENT — East Alton; modern apartments. Private bath and en trance. $50 and $55 month. Gas _heat. 4-S332. 3 ROOM APT. —Stove and refrlge'r ator furnished. $75 month. 57 Ninth St., Rosewood Heights. 4-0508. 3"~UNFTJ*R"sTsi"rED~*lCo61"is—Utilities paid. 221 McCasland. East Alton, DL 3 ROOM unfurnished apt Private entrance and bath. Gas heat. Ariulti. 2-727D. UNFURNISHED APT. — Reasonable. 2-7746. 5 ROOM APT. at 607 Henry. Apply 625 Ridge. Adults only. 3-7154. CEMENT WORK—Of all kinds Union vork. Frea estimates. BOB WOOD 5-5774. CONCRETE WORK — Of all kinds. Union work. Free estimate*. LINE- BAHGER & SON. 2-2904. FOR CONCRETE PORCHES, step* small repair tobi, etc. Free estimates Call 2-7827. GIRL wants light housework or bnby sitting. Dial 5-1714. WANT LADY to care for children in my home; shift work. Godfrey vicinity. 5-90RB. 10 LOST— STRA TED — STOLEN LOST—Large yellow collie. Answers to name of "Lady." 4-8455. FOUND—2-wheel wooden hand truck on 20th at Blair. 3-6622. LOST—Overnight suitcase, checkered. Contains clothes, keys, etc. Cottage Hills are*. Reward. See Ralph Mosley, 4th street, Cottage Rills. LOST—Beagle hound, vicinity of Rosewood Height* and Cottage Hills 2 yean old. Part of left ear missing. Last wen Sunday". Had collar with chain. Phone 4-2387. LOST—Man's ..billfold, last Friday night Contact Chas. M. Ervin, 4111 Alby, Alton. SOMEONE* HAS THE WRONG COAT —On Saturday night, Oct. 12, the wrong navy blue man'a cult coat was taken out of the check room at the American Legion Barn, Bethalto, A new coat was left buUis too large for the man that owns the missing coat. Call Wood River, 4-162$. LOST — Vicinity of Memorial Hospital; blond cocker ward. Call 2-6320. female. Ro- NOTICES A GAY TOUCH will help to much. Gleaming hl-lustre Glaxo (or linoleum ends waxing. Buck's Paint Store. NOTICE—From thlt day forward I will no longer be responsible for any debt* contracted by anyone other than myself. Grace Wanick, Godfrey R. F. D, 1. Oct. 24, 1956. WE BUY OLD GOLD—WATCH CRYSTALS FITTED WHILE YOU WAIT HARRINGTON JEWELRY EAST ALTON PICTURE FRAMING — Chooie from samples. BLAND ART SHOP. 3025 College flmt house east of ShurtleH court*. 3-3715. COSTUMES lor rent. 1989 Rodger* Ave. Bertie Iibell, phone 3-8778. COLOR FILM Developed, sod printed. PHOTO.ART SHOP, 118 N. Wood River Ave. Ph. 4-«B2J. Rent a Sewing Machine CENTRAL SEWING MACHINE CO, H W Broadway Phono 2-3214 VOUR LICENSE - PauporTphotOl. r*HOTO.ART SHOP. 11« Wood. Rlv«jr Ave., Wood River. STATE LICENSE SERVICE Auto - Truck - Driven • Ctiuuffeura, etc. t Complete Notary Service t CITY SCALES OFFICE 15M K. Broadway — —— — AHpn WANTED — Someone to baby lit, do housework, stay. 2-0765 WOMAN TO DO HOUSEWORK and care for 3 small children in Brighton. C3o or stay. Phone 2-OOH. LADIES TO DO TELEPHONE SOLICITATION WORK—Calling orders from your home or at our office. Apply in person, 10 a.m. to 11 am. Foster's Studio, 200A East Broad- vray. See Mrs, Reed, ATRWAYS~l250 ATTRACTIVE single (widows or divorcees may qualify) 18-39, Will train In smart airline uniform with free flying advance to $300, fy by phone today. Call ALTON 2-7583 Quali- SALERBIEN FULL TIME and part time salesmen. Rutaell Venetian Blind Co., 811 Milton Road, Alton. SITUATION WTl> - MALE ODD JOBS WANTED—Also grcasa traps and cesspool installation. Ph. 4-6163. •it SITUATIONS WTO — FEMALt GIRL wants light housework or baby sitting. Dial 5-1714. GENERAL HOUSECLEAN1NG wanted on Saturday. 8-1039 afte 6. LADY desires cookTnF~»nd general housework 934 Tonsor Rd. 3-038S. JACK AND JILL NURSERY Godfrer will care tor children while parents work. 2-1814. FINANCIAL tl DECORATING PAPER HANGING and Dinting. Save money. Call PAUL McGUIGGAN 3-R764 or 2-5477 PAINTING OF ALL KINDS—Exterior and interior. 5-1814. ORVILLE GILLELAND INTERIOR and EXTERIOR decorating, Piaitering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Fret estimates, 2-8604. NEW FLOORS SANDED—Old floors made like new. Experienced operators. Phone 4-3676. FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN1SHING—For free estimates phone EMIL WETSTKIN. 5-1934. GREY'S — Wall washing, painting. Interior or exterior. Free estimate. No obligation. 1118 E, 4th. a-8727. GRAY'S PAINTDMG _ Interior and exterior. Plastering, patch platter- Ing, roofing. Phone 3-9727. INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PAINTING —Wallpaper cleaned, steamed. Free estimate. 2-0871 or 2-3141. PAINTING - Interior exterior, patch plastering, wall washing paper removing. Free estimate. obligation. Ph. S-2901. No PAINTING — Interior or exterior, wallpaper removed, walls washed, gutters cleaned and painted. Free estimates. Phone 2-5429. fMfllO-TV REPAIK ARCHER RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE — Evenings or weekends. Service on all makes. Dial 4-2467. 122 Bender. East Alton. TV - HOME - AUTO - B/VDT67~T»Tt dependable service. MURRAY TV, RADIO SERVICE East Delmar Road. Phone 2-7302 «8 BUSINEHH OPPORTUNITIES "I: FOR SALE— Grocery store, , tures. $1,690, Building rents with living quarters. Dow, Illinois. Win. Mano. _ SMALI/ HOTOL — Good "businesiT, newly decorated and furnished, 14 rooms, HA West Ferguson. Wood River. 4-53731 Price $1550, Lease available CONFECTIONriRY (or vale. Ternuj to J!_ r JSyj' a i t £ l Phone 3-S3B5- FOR SALE—Corner Drug"~Store~»tul restaurant business in Medora, because of, 111 health In the family. Call 65 at Medora. SMALL RESTAURANT—Doing good business. Newly decorated; Terms. Phone 8-9857 or 3-7607. FRIENDLY TAVERN for sale. UardTnT ill Phone 138, M. \ ' PERSONAL SERVICE 'it BARBER ANQ COSMETICS. FINEST""!? FDKNITUKI! WORK HORNSEY REFINISHING CO. — All types furnitun repaired .And refin- Ished. 3505 Ohio. 2-2737. 17 UKATIMO A PLUMBING DO YOU WANT TO SAVE FUEL? Then investigate the G. E. gas furnace with the exclusive pin-point heat saver. It's miserly with gas but generous With comfort. Call 2-9761 today (or a free home demonstration that will convince you. ALTON BOTTLE GAS CO. Godfrey Road. Across from Ranch House "We Sell Comfort" 38 HOME BUILDJNQ 8EBVIGB INSULATION: JOHNS-MANVILLE For new or old homes—Expertly applied in walls and ceiling). Guaranteed. Nothing down. Monthly payments, as low as |9 per month, Call GERSMAN AND COMPANY 9Ui & Bflto 34711 Want Ads "CUCK" 4 ROOM APT. — Heat furnished, AdulU only. Phone 2-5566. THREE UNFURNISHED ROOM WITH GARAGE, HEAT & WATER FURNISHED, PRIVATE BATH, ENTRANCE. ADULTS ONLY. ALSO TWO LARGE BASEMENT ROOMS WITH LIGHTS AND WATER FURNISHED. NEAB DOWNTOWN SECTION. PHONE 2-5264. 3 ROOM~APT" wlfh bath for rent Heat and water furnished. Private entrance. On bus line. Phone 3-7983. APARTMENT in downtown Wood River. Three or four rooms. Phone 4-6884. TWO ROOMS AND UTILITY ROOM —Private bath and entrance. Utilities furnished. 2-4343. THREE ROOMS — Electricity and water furnished. Call after 4 p.m $30 month. Phone 3-3953. EAST ALTON — 2-bedroom modern apt. Private bath and entrance. $50 to $55 per mo. Gas beat Call 4-9532. FIVE-ROOM DUPLEX — All modern. 38 West Woodland, Rosewood Heights. Phone 4-2000. 3 NICE HO CMS and bath, hot and cold water furnished. $50 month, 806 Center. East Alton. Call Bethalto, Dudley 4-6611. UNFURNIs"OTD~~RboMS — Private entrance, bath, reasonable. After 7, 3423 Gillham. 3413 GILLHAM—Three room all modern apt., downstairs, newly decorated. 2-2959. 3 ROOM APT.—Ground floor. Utilities furnished. Phone 4-3947 after 8. 4 ROOM modern unfurnished first floor apt. Garage. Milton area. 2-4355. DAVIS APARTMENT — Three rooms, unfurnished. Radiant heat and not water furnished. 2309 College. 5-8321. 3 ROOM unfurnished apt., upstairs. Heat and water furnished, 303 Lorena, Wood River. 3 ROOMS—With basement, refrigerator & stove, All utilities furnished, 309 Spring. ' THREE ROOMS & BATH—Upstairs, 716 Langdon St. $4S • month. Phone jl-3223. 3 ROOM APT.—Heat and water'fur- nished. Close to bus. $50 per mo. Phone 2-C335. TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS—Kit- Chen in 'basement; utilities furnished. $35 month. 85G Washington. Ph. 2-0363. FOUR ROOM modern apartment. Alt' tomntic water water. Private entrance. Phone 4-4567. MIDDLETOWN - EXCEPTIONAL, FIVE-ROOM MODERN. LARGE LIVING ROOM. 4 CLOSETS. REDECORATED. AUTOMATIC HEAT. ADULTS. GARAGE. 2-4126. 3 Mi ROOM modern apt. First floor. Private bath, entrances, porches. Adult*. 2-2800. I UNFURNISHED ROOMS In Upper Alton. Heat and water furnished Call between 8 * 4:30. 3-3231 WINKLE1! APTS. - 700 Alby. 6 195]. 5 ft 6 rooms. Heat and water. 3 ROOMS—Heat & water, stove ft refrigerator furnished. Pbont 4-1959. FOR RKNT—Modern three-room unfurnished apartment, $90 month. 628 H«nry street. Ml 1 . Crane or Mr, Beck. $-4707. , ' 4» tUBNlKHEP tibtU furnished, modern. 707 2 ROOM furnished apt. All utilities. Apply 204 Henry. Dial 3-7331. DOWNTOWN ALTON—3 room modern apt. Heat and gas furnished. $60. Real Estate Exchange. 2-9797. WOOD RIVER—Modern 3 room upstairs apt. Private entrance and bath. 249 Seventh. 2-1250. NICELY FURNISHED 3 room apt. Heat and water furnished. Adults only. 3-3712. FOUR-ROOM DUPLEX — Furnished. Laundry. 38 West Woodland, Rosewood Heights. Phone 4-2000. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS — Everything furnished. Second floor. S10 week. 336 Jefferson. 3-3993 after 12:30 p.m. Saturday after 8. 2 ROOM modern furnished apt. St. Ambrose Drive, North Alton. 4-2735 evenings. EAST ALTON—Modern 2-room furnished apt. Close to shopping center. Steam heat, lights, water included. Adults. $55. Frank Yoder, Realtor. 4-9113. CLOSE IN, MIDDLETOWN LOCA- tion. Five room apartment tastefully decorated. $100 month. Phone 2-5971. WOOD RIVER ONE ROOM EFFICIENCY APT. — With kitchenette and tile bath, completely furnished, including washer, dryer and all utilities. Call 4-9004 or 2-7278. WOOD RIVER—3 room furnished apt Private entrance, private bath, util Hies. 4-6847 47 HOUSES FOR RENT NEAT TWO ROOM HOUSE — New floor coverings, lights and water furnished. Phone 4-4503. S ROOM "HOUSE — Hunter's Court. Adults only, $40. Dial 2-9797, WOOD RIVER — 2 bedroom duplex, modern. Close In. Phone 2-8587. 4 ROOM HOUSE—Newly decorated, all modern. 5-9292. 6 ROOM modern house. 3 bedrooms, garage, full basement, Venetian blinds, on bus, close to town, industry and schools. Adults. Phone Bethalto, Dudley 4-4362. FOR RENT — Farm home. Garden, electricity, telephone and all weather road. Alvin Abischer, Brighton, Illinois. UNFURNISHED two bedroom brick. Automatic gas heat. Nice neighborhood. East Alton. $90. 4-3542. 5 ROOM all modern home, one acre ground. I', miles from North AHon on Levis Lane. Phone 5-5392. 3-HOOM HOUSE — Running water, gas furnace, no bath. $45 month. Gas furnished. 4-5741. 181 South _Oak._ rear,_Cottage _Hills. 7 HOOM HOUSE—Completely modern. Gas furnace. References required. Inquire 512 North Clay, Jer- seyviL'e. 3 UNFURNISHED HOOM HOUSE— Lights and water furnished. 3-6527. 4ft ROOM HOUSE—Couple only. Gas heat, wired for electric stove. 7th and State. Write Box 590, care Telegraph, 4 ROOM and utility. Like new frame. Stcphenson street. South Roxana. $500 cash on contract, ?7100. M. H. _Harpole. 4-5321. NEW BRICK HOME — Rosewood Heights. Three bedrooms, garage in full basement. Automatic gas heal. Consider contract for deed. Reduced. Phone 4-7647. FOR SALE by owner. Completely furnished 4 room modern brick. Gas heat, gas water heater, finished stairs to rough floored upstairs, with large cedar lined closet. Phone 2-3873. 2 ROOMS on 40x100 lot. Mclncrney. $900. 326 MIDDLETOWN LOCATION—7 room modern, 2 baths, 2-car garage, 514,000. _ 2-7119. 317 E. NINTH—5 room house, modern. 2-7119. ALTON—4'i-room frame home with full basement, wall-to-wall carpeting in living room, tile throughout. Knotty pine cabinets. $8500. Phnne 2-8812! OWNER TRANSFERRED — Large comfortable 6-room home. Gas ht j at, A-l condition. Ideal location on State street. Terms. See by appointment. Phone 2-4280. BY OWNER — Four room modern frame. In excellent condition. On Maxey in Upper Alton. $9950. Ph. 2-1224. NEAR ST. PATRICK'S SCHOOL —8 room residence which can be used as one or two family. Full basement with hot water heat. Corner lot. Large rooms. Good location. Slate roof. Immediate possession Small payment, balance like rent. Special for 58,950 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE Dial 2-9797 NORTH ALTON BY OWNER — Logan street. Five- room frame. Very good condition. Oil heat and automatic water heater. S11.500. Phone 2-4590. DOUGLAS STREET Nice 3 bedroom home, excellent location. Large living room, big kitchen with built-ins and breakfast nook, full bath, one bedroom on first floor and S bedrooms up. Full basement, gas heat. Other features include attached garage, screened-in patio, HWF, plastered walls, insulated, storm windows and screens 513,600 ' ALLEN & NIMMONS CO. _REALTOR. 2-0249_ *~Milton Area $ 1000 Down * Buys this 4-room modern. Like new. A"l condition, HWF, modern kitchen and bath, aluminum storm sash and screens, cool vent awnings, iull basement, stoker heat, garage. Price for quick pale . S84QO CALL KENNETH GREER 2-9755. After 5:30 p.m. 2-9884 ELI M. GP^ER UPPER ALTON—Attractive 4 room all modern. Newly painted and redecorated. Full basement. Corner lot. near schools and industry. Will sell contract for deed. Price f6300 Call 2-4295 Anytime WM. R. NORRIS with Glazebrook Agency FUENISHED HOUSES SHARE LARGE HOME with employed woman. All conveniences and privacy. Suburbs, ten minutes from lower Alton but need car. References exchanged. Ideal for right person. Write Box 630, care Telegraph. EAST ALTON—Three room all modern furnished house on George St. $35 month. Phone 4-4770. FURNISHED 3 bedroom house in Roxana. Phony 4-4779. 5 ROOM modern furnished home. Full basement, automatic heat Call 4-2742 TWO ROOM Furnished House — All modern. Phone 4-2881. BUSINESS PLACES FOR LEASE—Business property on Elmjitreet, or trade for 'arm. 2-9953 oK^EN~¥ori^STS^OI[1if/e'or'iif>re space._1124 Milton road. Call 2-6621. FRCTFOTllENT-- Forrm>7-" ly occupied by Dr. A. Don Stocker, Grand Theater Building. Phone 3-6732. FOR RENT—Office (pace. Ideal location In progressive business district Reasonable rent, . n. 3-7931. SI OFFICDlSK BOOM "DOWNTOWN OFFICE SPACE Especially good for Professional men. Will decorate to suit. For Information call 3-6641 (Extension 49L THREE" OR~r6uiTBo6MS — DOW*"** town Wood River. Office or commercial use. 4-6884. 7 ROOM HOUSE— Water. Large lot, barn and garage. Close to school and business district, $4500. Phone Ship__ FOUR-ROOM FRAME — Two years old. Very nice. Oil furnace, storm windows and screens. Lots of cabinets end closets. Full basement. 2209 Orchard Blvd. 51SOO down. Price $10,900. Phone 4-0508 Or 4-5548. OTTERVILLE—5 room house, 2 lots, $5 000 Write Clyde Kerigan, Hettick, m.,_or call Allon_2-B622, 3-7835. JT RO6M^~HOUSE on 140 lot. 326 Mclnerny street. lf~OR~ SALE-—5 room modern house with bath, 3 bedrooms, large kitchen and living room, HWF, full painted basement, attached garage. Only three years old. Close to school and churches. Located on very edge of city limits. Price $10,500. Edwin C. Duelm,_Bu_nker_Hill,_IU.___ WOOD" RIVER—By owner, one 2-bedroom modern home, full basement, automatic heat, floor covering on ail floors, Venetian blinds, plenty cab- Jnetj, garage, concrete driveway, storm windows and screens. 4-7747. 6 ROOM all modern home. 4 rooms down, 2 up. Nice basement. Large lot. Price $7500 Phone Bunker Hill. Juniper S-4711. T ROOM FRAME on Lopnn. Ideal for couple. A-l condition. Cull Martha or Gerry Shea, 2-S20fl, TINGLEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY (19 JjlOI'SES FOIt SALE MILfON~Dist. OMEOA: 4 rooms; additional rooms in basement; stoker heat; garage: house newly painted. Price..$8900 R. H. HESSENFLOW, Realtor 4-3893. Evenings 4-7748 Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily BUSINESS SERVICE BUSINESS SERVICE S I p I N e LET GEORGE DO IT CANHAM'S HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. s i D I N & t Siding t Roofing t Storm Window! t Insulation t Awning* t Frt« Estimate*, 326 Degenhordt, Alton Di«J 2-0386 $400 Down to Qualified G. I. UPPER ALTON 4-HOOM MODERN HOME — In excellent condition. Large kitchen with lots of cabinets, nice living room, 2 bedrooms: both have clothes closets. HWF throughout Basement, gas heat and water heater. Attached garage. Close to bus. Price S10.400 Carl & Viola Tuetken 5-5095 Berkley York 4-8246 George Peterie 2-9185 Allen & Nimmons Co. 2-9249 F. E. THOMPSON AGENCY EDWARDSVILLE RD.—Large 4 room modern brick and frame, only 2 years old. 2 bedrooms, all extra large rooms, fireplace, built-ins, oil heat, hardwood and tile floors, plastered walls, combination aluminum storm doors and windows, insulated, storm sash, separate water systems on well and cistern. Heated garage attached. On 3 acres fronting highway. A real buy for suburban living. Reduced to $17,900 NORA ELLEN THOMPSON . . . 4-7415 F. E. THOMPSON AGENCY , 4-5314 BRICK HOME Beautiful Grounds with Barbecue 3 bedrooms, fireplace in living room, plastered basement with fireplace, plenty closets, automatic heat. Perfect condition. Everything complete in ever}' detail $17,800 VERNA C. RIGGS 2-3239, 2-1742 Alton Realty Co., 2-2222 REAL ESTATE SALE 69 rom FOR SALE - Flv» rwm closed-ln pdrch. On two lots own water jyirtcrti with e'. pump. »lnk, two Move*, and v«n«. tlan bllnfls. 3 room* Inlaid letim. Prlc* DOMENIC PERADOTTO Photia VE-S-6619 Eagarvlllft, trl. HARftY F. HEM PHI LL AGENCY WOOD RIVER Extra large 4 room brick. Long Hv- ing room, kitchen has plenty of cabinets and dining space. Both bedrooms large enough for 2 double beds. Divided basement suitable for apartment. Extra bedroom or playroom. Automatic oil heat. Price 513,700 R. H. HESSENFLOW, REALTOR 9 Wood River Ave. Dial 4-3893 Evenings Dial 4-4806 WOOD RIVER 4 room brick. 952 s<j. ft.'Same size as average 5 room. Extra large kitchen, divided basement with extra rooms. Oil heat. Price 513,700 R. H. HESSENFLOW REALTOR 4-3893 Eveniaes, Glenn Smith, 4-4806 SEE THIS EXTRA INCOME PROPERTY ON BROWN ST. 6 1 l:-room modern in A-l condition. 4'i rooms on first floor, HWF, large living room with fireplace, modern kitchen and bath, also 2-room modern apartment on second floor with private entrance; full basement, oil heat, garage. Only $13,700 Call Kenneth Greer, 2-9755 After 6 P.M., 2-98%4 ELI M. GREER AGENCY ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS SULLIVAN AVE. Exceptionally nice 9 bedroom brick. 26 ft. tiled kitchen and dinette. Plenty of cabinets, tiled bath with tub and shower. Basement has steel beam and posts. Automatic heat, large tiled patio in back. Landscaped lawn. Insulated, storm windows. Owner transferred. Price ..,.$15,900 R. H. HESSENFLOW REALTOR 4-3893. Evenings 4-7748 Lelan Copipnger 4-3893 Evenings 4-1959 ANNOUNCEMENTS TRAP SHOOTING Skinner's Gun Club Prizes—Hum, Poultry, Bacou lit. 1UO, 3 mi. oust of Graltou Every Sunday 1 P.M. p.m. Phone 3-3584. Affer 2-1335 MILTON AREA 3518 CORONADO—4 room moi!«« home. 2 bedrooms, cabinet* full length of kitchen, HWF. Venetian blinds, plus large glassed ft screened back porch. Full concrete basement, hot air furnace. Bargain $7.500 HENRY ST. LIKE NEW 3 bedroom modern ranch hrlrk home, Lnrge kitchen with cabinets, HWF, full b«sen,cnt. Oil hot air furnace, garage attached $18.900 MILTON AREA ABERDEEN AVE.—5 room modern brick home. HWF. cabinets, stok*r hot air furnace, garBRe In basement, barbecue pit. Landscaped lot. Sea this for 89,900 MILTON AREA LfNCOLN AVE. — 5 spnclous rooms, HWF. cabinets, Insulated, aluminum combination storm windows, »lr conditioned. Gas hot air furnace. Venetian blinds. Full basement, gat»e« ,.. $11,900 MILTON AREA ABERDEEN AVE. — Large 5 room modern home. HWF, cabinets, living room full length of home: two mas- tpr bedrooms, insulated, stoker hot air furnace. Bargain $9,950 MILTON AREA OAK DRIVE and Longfellow. Like new beautiful 3 bedroom modern home. HWF, cabinets, insulated, gas hoi air furnace. Lar?e garage attached. Largo corner lot 100'xlSO'. Owner leaving city. ..$11,800 N. UPPER ALTON BLOOMER DRIVE—Llkij new. 5 room modern brick home. Cfibinets in kitchen, fireplace, garage, oil radiant heat, electric washer and dryer. It will pal- you to sec this . .$11,600 NORTH ALTON TIBBITT ST.—5 room modern. HWF. insulated, metal combination storm sash and screens, oil hot air furnace. Garage $7,330 EAST END HARRIET ST.—6 room modern home. One floor plan. Garage, lull basement, stoker, hot air furnace $B,100 STATE ST. 6 ROOMS—Oil hot air furnace, basement. Good condition $6,900 SANFORD AVE. 6 ROOM MODERN HOME—HWF. cabinets, stoker furnace, plus 2 room modern house on rear of large lot, 75' x 175', rents for $40 per month 510,500 N. UPPER ALTON FAIRVIEW DRIVE—New beautiful 8 room modern ranch brick home. 3 spacious bedrooms with twin closets, large living room and kitchen with cabinets, 'full concrete basement with large windows and door opening on ground level. Oil hot air furnace, garage attached. Lot 150' x 100' $24,500 UPPER ALTON SANFORD AVE.—Large 6 room modern home. Stoker hot air furnace, enclosed knotty pine back porch, cabinets in kitchen, large closets. Priced to cell. DUPLEX DANFORTH AVE.—7 rooms. 3 and 4 room modern apts., glassed-in porch, gas hot air furnace. Income $140 per month. Price , .$12,600 DUPLEX CENTRAL AVE.—6 rooms. Two modern 3 room apts. upstairs, completely furnished, rents Cor $65 per monthv Oil hot air furnace, full basement.: Large porches. Today's bargain $9,900 DUPLEX McPHERSON AVE.—a rooms. Two i. room modern apts. Screened-ln porch, gas hot air furnace. Income $132 per month $11.600 DUPLEX ALBY ST.—Close in. 8 rooms. 5 and 3 room modern apts. Gas hot air furnace. Income $100 per month. See this $7,500 607 9TH ST. 8 ROOM MODERN HOME—6 rooms down, 2 up. Stoker hot air furnace $9,900 MILTON AREA CORONADO DRIVE—Close to Milton road. 6 rooms modern home. HWF, cabinets, insulated. 4 rooms and powder room down. 2 bedrooms and bath up. Glassed and screened front porch, plus 2 room house on rear of lot rents for $35 per month. Garage $12,900 NORTH ALTON GROVELIN ST.—Like new. 4 room modern home. HWF, cabinets, gas hot air furnace, Venetian blinds, awnings, double garage. Landscaped lot $11,600 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3584. After 6 2-1335 p.m. EMPLOYMENT TEACHER WANTED Qualified to teach Elemen- tary Classroom Music in School Unit 9, Piasa, 111. Contact G, W. FOUTS Brighton or J. W. GHOLSON Cottage Hills FINANCIAL FINANCIAL AUTOMOBILE LOANS NEW OR USED GARS REASONABLE BANK RATES InstaUmeat loan Department First National Hank & TRUST COMPANY in Alton Capital and *Bwplu$ 52,000.000 Xturd and Belle Streett rcrwEAi, cxpoer? omuvANO *>t«o, fi

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