Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 28, 1963 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Friday, June 28, 1963
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73rd Year Phone 793-3221 REDUNDS, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1963 $1^ Per Month Sixteen Page* 10 Cants "KISSIN' COUSINS" — President Kennedy gets a big kiss from Mrs. Mary Ryan, second cousin once removed, during visit to the Kennedy Homestead at Dungonslown, Ireland. The kiss was a highlight of the most enthusiostic — ond public, family reunion in Irish history. (UPI Radio-Telephoto) Cuban bound students may ignore warning WASHINGTON (UPI) — Two groups of American students may ignore a State Department warning not to go t« Cuba by flying to Havana on a Czechoslovakian airline. The State Department said Thursday its officers had slopped one group of about 23 students at the Amsterdam Airport in Holland and another group of about 30 at the Londcn Airport and read them a formal warning which informed them they faced fines or jail for unauthorized travel to Cuba. However, a department spokesman said both groups proceeded to Paris and were expected to go to Prague to board a Czech-Cuban airliner to Havana on a junket paid by the Cuban government. U.S. officials said there appeared no way to slop them in Parts or Prague, but they could be prosecuted on returning to the United States. Photographs analyzed Russian ships harass search for Thresher Lynda Bird telis of engagement WASHINGTON (UPI) — Lynda Bird Johnson, daughter of Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, has confirmed she is engaged to Navy Ens. Bernard Rosenbach of Comfort, Tex. Miss Johnson, a freshman at the University of Texas, said no date had been set for the wedding. "I want to finish college,' she said. Weather Redlands Weather Today (2 p.m. Reading) Highest 89, Lowest 53 One Year Ago Highest P9. Lowest 55 Tomorrow's Sunrise and Sunset 5:41 a.m. — 8:04 p.m. No smog, allowable burning Saturday, Sunday, Monday San Bernardino Valley: Generally sunny Saturday. Not much change in temperatures. Low tonight 48 to 56. Five Day For«cast No precipitation but anticipated night and morning clouds in costal sections. U.S. Weather Bureau Neon Forecast Generally sunny mild to warm weather will continue over South' cm California this afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. There will be some night and early morning low cloudiness along and off the coast. Desert valleys will have gusty winds reaching 20 to 30 mph locally at times in afternoons and evenings. Afternoon temperatures will be a little cooler in mountan and interior regions today but not radical chajige in temperatures is indicated. Temperatures and precipitation for the 244our period ended at 4 a.m.: Boston Chicago Denver Fairbanks Helena Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Mmneapolis New York Oklahoma City Palm Springs Sacramento Salt Lake City .San FYancisco Seattle Washington ABOARD THE USS FORT SMELLING AT SEA (UPI)-Exports today began analyzing photographs taken of paper scraps on the ocean floor off the New England coast to determine if they came from the ill-fated nuclear submarine Thresher. The pictures were made Thursday by the Navy bathyscaph Trieste in 8.400 feet of water while U.S. Navy surface ships played a potentially dangerous game of cat and mouse with Soviet ships harassing the search for the past five days. The papers were discovered by the Trieste in a 60-by-30-foot area near the point where the $45 million sub made its last dive 220 miles from the coast last April 10. The two-man crew aboard the Trieste also reported making sonar contact with an unidentified 60-foot object in the area. Two Russian ships renewed in­ trusions into the 25-mile search area, which was posted as off- limits to non-search vessels in a "notice to mariners" on April 22. The .Navy requested ships of aU nations to stand clear. Thursday aftemowi, the fishing trawler support ship Kuprin, flying the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union, headed on a course which Would have carried it within 1,500 yards of the Trieste's diving position. Officials said the bathyscaph and its crew would have sunk if it had surfaced and collided with the Soviet ship. The Trieste was not scheduled to dive again today. Officials said the bathyscaph- probably would go down Saturday and again on Sunday. The officer in charge of search operations, Capt Frank A. .Andrews, indi cated the Sunday dive may be the last in the series if no positive results are obtained then. Pope says he prays for Russians VATICAN CITY (UPI) - Pope Paul VI has told Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in a message made public today he prays that the Russian people may make an important contribution to world progress and peace. The Pope, in a message made public today, made the statement in reply to one from Khrushchev congratulating the new pontiff on his election last Friday. The Vatican press office released the Pope's message today but said it did not know when it was sent. The Pope's message said: "We are answering with warm and sincere thanks to the felicitations and best wishes that come to us from your excellency, and while your message arouses in our spirit the image of the Russian people and the memory of their human and Christian history, we pray God that they, in prosperity and in orderly civil life, may make an important contribution to the true progress of humanity and to just peace in the world." The message was made public as Pope Paul prepared for a traditional blessing in St Peter's Basilica on tlie eve of the feast day of the apostles Peter and Paul. The pontiff was scheduled to receive the blessing of the "pal­ lium," a cu-cular band of white wool worn on the shoulders by the Pope and archbishops. It symbolizes their full episcopal power. The Vatican continued prepara tions for the Pope's coronation on Sunday as the 262nd pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church and his historic meeting on Tues day with President Kennedy— fu-st Catholic president of the United States- Message for those behind iron curtain Kennedy urges continued struggle for freedom Scandal shakes Britain Playgirls tell spicy tales of intimacies High Low Free. 95 76 97 69 .03 92 60 62 50 .01 76 S3 .13 92 76 .07 101 72 77 59 86 62 .01 35 74 93 68 105 — 70 53 95 60 62 54 59 50 93 75 LONDON (UPI) — Playgirls Christine Keeler and Marilyn Rice-Davies told a court today spicy tales of intimacy with Britain's war minister, a Soviet diplomat and Lord Astor. Miss Keeler, 21, testifying at a sensational pre-trial hearing of vice charges against society os teopath Dr. Stephen Ward, said she had sexual relations with resigned War Minister John Pro- fumo and on "one occasion" with former Soviet Naval Attache Capt. Eugene Ivanov. She said Frofumo gave her gifts and money "for my mother." Her friend, 18-year-old Marilyn, then testified she had had sexual intercourse with Lord Astor, 55 year-old son of Virginia-bom Lady Nancy Astor. The testimony of the two girls provided shocking new details of a scandal that has shaken the upper structure of British society. Miss Keeler, on the stand for two and a half hours as the opening prosecution witness, testified Ward had told her that Lord Astor once had paid her rent but "for no ulterior motive." Although she admitted she received money from some of the men with whom she was intimate, she insisted she was not a call girl or a prostitute because she bad affairs only with men she "really liked." Introduced To Girls She testified about introducing a number of girls to Ward so he could have sexttal relations with them. She said she did it because "he liked girls." But she and Ward, she insisted, were just like "brother and sister" and were not intimate although she had lived with him. Marilyn, who is known as "Mandy," said Lord Astor paid the rent on a flat she shared with Christine. "While I was living at the flat I had intercourse with Lord .Astor," she said. Miss Keeler previously had testified that she had lived with Ward both at his Wimpole Mews flat and at a cottage Ward used on Aster's Cliveden estate. The testimony of the two girls capped the prosecution's "sordid stoiy" of Ward luring young girls into prostitution, and running a luxurious London T)rothel with a peek-a-boo one-way mirror. Mandy, dropping names, said that while she knew Ward she also met such people as actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr., a frequent guest at Buckingham Palace. Miss Keeler, 21, a central figure in the Profumo scandal that has rocked the British government, was the first witness called by the prosecution in the vice trial of Dr. Stephen Ward, a society osteopath and artist. One of the eight counts charged against Ward said Miss Keeler v;as intimate with a "number of men for pay and gave half the (Continued on Page 2) Macmillan to lead his party LONDON (UPI) — Prime Minister Harold Macmillan indicated tonight that he intends to lead the Conservative party at the next general election despite demands for his resignation. Macmillan indicated this in an exclusive interview with the Independent Television News. The opposition Labor party has demanded that Macmillan resign and new elections be held. The Prime Minister must call a general election before October, 1964. Visits Santa Monica for premiere SANTA MONICA, CaUf. (UPI) —Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy, mother of the President, planned fo hold a news conference today following her arrival at this South- em Califomia beach city. Mrs. Kennedy was to fly to the West Coast to be on hand for the premiere Tuesday of the motion picture "PT-109," which depicts the President's adventures in World War IL By MERRIMAN SMITH UPI White House Reporter DUBLIN (UPI)—President Kennedy today called on the Red- dominated peoples behmd the Iron Curtain to follow Ireland's example and never cease to stmggle for freedom. The President's appeal was de livered before an historic joint session of the Irish parliament shortly after Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev arrived in East Berlin and accused Kennedy of trying to play politics with the German issue. Kennedy was in good form after his flying visit to Cork, where he was made a freeman of the city and given probably the most tumultuous welcome of his career by cheering, laughing crowds who pushed him backwards into his automobile in their rush to get close to him. "Those who suffer beyond that wall of shame I saw on Wednesday in Berlin must not despair of the future," Kennedy said. "Let them instead remember the constancy, the faith, the endurance and the ultimate success of the Irish." His appeal to the East Europeans to hold higher their faith in the eventual advent of freedom came after he had said that Ireland, although taking no sides in the cold war, "is not neutral between liberty and tyranny and I know it never will be." The President called upon the people beyond the Berlin wall to remember the boys of County Wexford, which he visited Thursday, who are fabled in song and story for having "fought with heart and hand, to burst in twain the galling chain and free our native land." Kennedy, after paying tribute to Ireland's stmggle for its own independence, said that at this time in the world "the central issue of freedom, however, is between those who beheve in self-determin- ".Anything Dublin can do, Cork can do better," one Cork resident said as the President arrived by helicopter from Dublin. At least 60,000 persons — three- fourths of the population of Ireland's "second city"—turned out to cheer and wave Irish and .American flags at a smiling, happy Kennedy. ation and those in the east whoj The President, who was would impose on others a harsh and repressive Communist system. And here your nation wisely rejects the role of go-between." The President addressed all 206 members of parliament just a few hours after a quick helicopter trip to the fabled city of Cork, where he was made a freeman of the city and repeatedly mobbed by one of the most enthusiastic crowds he has ever encountered at home or abroad. mobbed by more than 1.000 screaming teen-age girls Thursday night, decided to pass up an opportunity to kiss the Blarney Stone, a favorite tourist attraction five miles north of Cork. Riding a crest of adulation heaped on him by relatives at the old Kennedy homestead Thursday, the President took a 75-minute helicopter trip to Cork to receive the freedom of the city (Continued on Page 2) Korth reports TFX a superior combat aircraft WASHINGTON (UPI) - Navy Secretary Fred Korth told Senate investigators today the disputed TFX fighter plane design chosen by civilian Pentagon executives "clearly promised" a superior aircraft for Navy combat use. Korth said the winning design by General Dynamics Corp. was the least complex and promised the "earliest delivery to the fleet at least cost to the taxpayer.' The Navy civilian chief appeared before a closed session of the Senate permanent investiga tions subcommittee to stoutly defend award of a contract for the radical new double-purpose plane to General Dynamics over the only other bidder, the Boeing Co. The subcommittee, headed by Sen. John L. McClellan, D-Ark., is investigating why the contract for the supersonic craft, to be used by both the Navy and Air Force, was given to General Dynamics despite reconmiendations by military officials favoring the rival Boeing Co. bid. First Time Questioned It was the first time Korth was questioned on- the TFX contract as the Senate group began calling top echelon Pentagon officials for the final phases of the lengthy —often stormy—inquiry which started in February. A summary of Korth's remarks was made public as he began testimony. Other congressional news: Legislative Reform: Sen. Clifford P. Case, R-N.J., told a Senate rules subcommittee today Congress is so bogged down by "archaic procedures" it is losing power to the executive and judicial branches. Case testified in behalf of a bill he is co-sponsoring to set up a commission to study legislative reforms. Young GOP gives nod to Sen. Goldwater SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — It had all the flavor and color of a Republican presidential nominating convention. "The man who" was there. Delegates roared their approval of him. They brandished banners, buttons and books durmg repeated intemiptions of a speech by the nation's conservative standard bearer. Sen. Barry Goldwater. Goldwater, addressing the national Young Republican convention, Thursday lashed out at liberals and President Kennedy. "It is the moral bankruptcy of the liberal politicians which is causing the young people to move toward the Republican party,' the Arizona Republican senator said. "They are the reactionaries. They haven't had a new idea for 30 years." He said the liberals are obsessed with economic solutions for all problems and have entered into a "cynical, alliance" with big city political bosses. He said city machines were a "national disgrace" and any politicians who accepted their support were "phony liberals" without the ideals of tme liberals who pioneered the movement. The convention delegates, 75 per cent of whom voted support for Goldwater as the 1964 GOP presidential nominee in an informal poll, were prompted to pandemonium by the Arizona delegation which arrived here with 2,000 pounds of signs, campaign buttons and books to extol their state's senator. The 55-minute speech was hailed with demonstrations of delegates waving Goldwater banners, the Stars and Stripes and Confederate flags. Observers compared it with old- time nominating conventions with all the elements of a hotly contested fight for the coveted prize. Goldwater, taking an indirect poke at President Kennedy, said "the stem cold fact is that no ; Democrat can be elected to national office today who is not under deep and unbreakable obligation to the cormpt big-city machines." Goldwater also aimed a gibe at the President's trip to Europe. He noted that "the leader of the Frontier is in Ireland. I don't know what troubles they have there, but we have a lot of 'em here and he ought to be home taking care of them." He told the crowd between cheers that America's military chieftains should be asked for their opinions on the U. S. nuclear test ban proposals. Goldwater's speech followed a prediction by former California GOP Sen. WlUam F. Knowland that the Republicans could carry the South in the ne.xt election and did not need fo win either New York or Califomia to elect a president. Knowland, editor and assistant publisher of the Oakland (Calif.) Tribune, told the convention that "there is no Southem state we need to concede to the New Frontier." The Young Republican convention, now in its final day. was scheduled later today to elect a new national chairman to succeed Len Nadasdny of Minneapolis, Minn. The two principal candi dates were Charles McDevitt of Boise. Idaho, and Donald Lukens of Washington. D.C. Thant orders probe of Call girls in UN UNITED NATIONS (UPI)—Secretary General Thant said today he has asked U.N. officials tp investigate charges that a call-girl ring is operating inside the headquarters of the world body. The charges have been made in New York newspapers over the past three weeks. A woman accredited here as a temporary press correspondent was convicted in a city court Thursday on a charge of prostitution. Thant told a press conference today he had asked the relevant UJf. authorities to conduct an investigation mto the situation and e.xpects a report today. He declined further comment until this report has been delivered. He said he did not think the FBI had been involved in investigations, inside the U.N. itself— which is technically non-American territory. Quofe of Day CORK. Ireland — President Kennedy, addressing a crowd at the City Hall: "We are in the most cHmactic period in the most difficult and dangerous stmggle in the history of the world." Rats overrun area in Baja California MEXICO CITY (UPI) - Hundreds of thousands of rats are causing serious crop damage m Baja California and have mined 40 per cent of one area's wheat crop, the newspaper "Ultimas Noticias" said today. The newspaper said the damage was centered in coastal regions south of Ensenada. It said rats "finidied" more than lOO acres of wheat in one place. Baja Califomia planters have sent a "desperate S.O.S." for aid, the paper said. Key figures in scandal that may topple a government tAAHVii — Marilyn (Mandy) Rice-Davies, 18-year-oId friend of Christine Keeler, key figure in British scandal, today told a court that she had had intimacies with lord Astor. CHRISTINE - Playgirl Christine Keeler today admitted m court that she had had relations with resigned War Minister John Profumo and former Soviet Naval Attache Capt. Eugene Ivanov. PROFUMO — John Profumo, shown with his wife, former actress Valerie Hobson. Profumo resigned as War Minister after admitting he lied about his relations with Christin* Keeler.

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