Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 25, 1956 · Page 34
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 34

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1956
Page 34
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE I1AKOU) K |,tJ?.V, .Jr. AHoti Bowling Assn. Srrrofary. Association A Dewey Murphy was President of the Alton Bowling As ' snciation unopposed at I lie animal niiinn \Oih ;;nS.i MIII] Elmer Maki with :in,S1. .'Junior Warren holds fourth snnl totaling ,'iOfif). This Saturday thn remaining Ifi bowlers, moding Sunrlay. Tom Parp ami i inr | iulini! ).,,,, strifcrr nnrl K>miy , Rallnrd. will Kill jtl :, ..'clock all I lull full! <\ ill In- pliniinaii-'il. Tlip Jack Grissorn wrro elected direr- tors and will serve a two year term. Vice-presidents are Sonny 1 |,, n f, )lir wi n n ,, M , shl , ()t ,, Jshl Oclen, Joe Losh. Bill Pace, .loc: BKmf . s s,,nday al eleven o'clock Lcady. Roy Shake and One Dy- ,.„„) riu ] l( „, flx( , ,„ f ,,.,,, i( |,, ,,„, u . in . cus still have a year lo serve as ,„-.,-. n, u |, Kilim , so ( ., r W;1S ,. 0 | lGt ] directors. , |, y Uu-,,),, hanginc tip a 2IS. Most important business discuss- '• Hi-nniinns TUSH in .Spmijjp rd was the present team sanction' ,\fler twi my fivn Kirn ions yeais. fee. It was decided that dun tf; HIP llrrinann riidnrlaUer.'i no Imiu'- rising costs the lee would be rais-',,,- rt>,\<\ a team in SI. Louis, dine rd in cents per man. This year) ||,., ,„;,„„, ,„„, (lf n,, ; ,. f . ; ,| K| . HM ,J (or the first time a lan;e trophy i „„-.„ ,, f bowlim;. , s broken hearted will be presented to the sponsor j ; ,| vm( j, ]„,, s;11(1 ,„, na \ im of the team winning Ihe cily tour-.(he ii, m - lo conipetp on the same nament. Trophies will also be j |,i.;h IIAV!. Tlio HITIIMTII^ hold HIP awarded too for HIP highest indi-; aliiimp IcM-nip record of .'!7!I7, \ idual series and siiiRle. Rain«? in ,.,i .] Hn . -r;_ ]$•>-, Their l.TJ.'v s nd leayue piny. A commiltee was ap|>u''M< d plan a pud of season nu'Hint banquet al vhirh limp Av-.-iriHtinn awards will bp prt-sentpd. The same conitniltpc will srl up a lour namcnt of champions lo IIP rolled a! the end of Ihe ;, ear. in*; lipfon Ihis niPf.'lint;, with rill Icnnuc chain- pkms Kami. 1 on (hat dale Mill is sennit lirst on iTcurrt. They hold Hie national maich same chninpinii- ship. I'l.'lS. Id. and cashed in I'O of Ihe 2\ ABC' toiintainentji since !9-'.:i. ' J'til I.iirk The (Jreai.T Ahi>n Ladies Howl- iii!; ii.s.-.irialifin will combine tin-it 1 " (11 •<! meeting nf Hie. season uilh ! .'i pf.'ihii'k. Tlip ineetiiis; will bp Tournnincnt TulaN ' lu-ld in Hie pi-osidpnts room «t Hie Frank Lucido Icjid.s the hov. iio^ Ont/.fA Ciub. Tuesday NoiTmber prfiprif-turs In'.iin.'iinnnl al Brmt.Rth at 6:SO. Xew rules %vil! bp dis- Inn wild a siMecn ^ainc "f : rusjf d »nd city tmirnam^nt dales .1037. Closr brh'iid aip Art llwit- >v,il be sf. All Udios san<~!;r>npd through the Association can attend. City Association officers are: Stella Parish, president, Rose Bohart, vice president, .Florence Austin, secretary, Isola Stephens, treasur er, Dorothy Dams, sergeant at Arms. Wldlt.v in \«niP* The lineup of our Lilly Drug Service team in the Downtown Classic league, is Lilly. .Top Losch, Dewey Murphy. Harold Beattie f,nd Rill Laushlin. in that order Mdlidny night Harold Beat lie noticed lhal the letlers in HIP last names of the howlers increased by OIIP from Ipadoff to anchor man. 1, :>. (i. 7, R. Anotlier SinillipiMV riinmp The 195G ABC singles championship was won by a lefthander for the second time in a row. He is f'tporgp Wade. .13 of Sienbeliville. Ohio, who rolled 71-) MI Ram^s of :'.'iS, L'lT and '.''9. \Vadn who man- ayes a IxnvIiiiK eslahlishmonl. had !M strikes and nine spates. K\f>ry hall he threw was: on Ihe 1-2 side hut. he left 7 pins, all 'if which he coliveited. phis Ihe --7 b;ih.\ split and the fi-9, bolli of which he also made. The 7-11 was the fnur- ^penlh h'mhesl in sinRles history and if he had carried just two of tliosp seven pins for .strikes it would have brought him an aU- lirne record surpassing: the 77."i j howled by Lee .loualard of Detioit ] ;n the l!i."il lounmnienl at Si. I'.iul. ! Lri>l ;.e;iis. singles winner was ', southpaw Kddie der/ine of Alii- wankee. with 73S. The only other led handed singles champ was .Marshall I/ovy of Indianapolis, svho won with G'_M hi 1W7. Bruised^ Battered Illinois Set For Unbeaten Spartans CHAMPAIGN" — A bruised and i Minor and Jefferson, included: haltered Illinois football team con-• Quarterbacks — Tom Haller. ; • i 225; 240: ; V. The f.S. produces 1G!) kinds of hwiey from JS stales. Oi'ixin is i from clover, orange blossom, al! falfa. tulip trres and hundreds of '' other plant"; and blossoms. WOOD mvKti no\vi. Senior Mr-l-chnntf Parkway won 2 from Hotjjren (Jro. Italian Hnnse «on 3 from K. (it C. Skngtjs wiin 3 (mm Charlies Mkt. Hollrmay.f. won 2 from Uoliert.son's Doc. Kelly's won 3 from VFW Post. 204 Seniors won 'i Irnm Mary's. 2UII Bowlers ,T. Koehan J1H: I, and re Ih 201: Killi/im Moore 203. 21fi, 224: Pace (Jrissom 200; Kchols 200 Rnrnhart. 220. t.iiilIeK l,:ile I.eagne Bernieec's B. Shop won 2 from Hartman's. Connor's won 2 from Phoebe's. Mails Mkt. won 2 from VI '\V Rusty 's \vrrn 3 from Danny's. \V. II. Bowl \\nii 2 from Carroll's. 200 r,n\vlers . O. Pabhs- 220; M. MeAndrew 210: J. Kumpf 201. nott'i, i.\\ I'riMililim Shell Control Lab. No. 2 won 3 from T.ulk Depot. Machinists won 2 from Inspectors. Reformer* won 2 from Kxlraetion Plant. Klecf. & Alneh. won 2 from Kng-r. Insp. 200 Games Tan! 204: Rriskey 20:: ; Crover 200; MeConnell 203. 21 Kl, Shell X-lfin Plant Tech. umi 2 from Research. Control l.ab No. .". \\tin 2 fiom Tech. Dept. Cat Cracker- won 2 from Whi/ Kids. Craek- er rto.v won 2 from Pkp. Office. 200 C.amcs - Van 'Doren 210. .\ll-\V<>»d l<e;iune \V( -t Knd \\-im 3 fmiii Apple- ^atf Masonry. Phil's won 3 from Sid Drake Tires. Falstalf uon 2 frc/m 7 Crown k V. O. Khineer P^adio \von 2 from Bill Johnson Agency. 200 Games - 1/>wi« 215: Kck- hoiisr 202: Allison 222: Pedone 2(12; MUKKP 211; Pinla 111; Oik-n •J(I9. tt'i'ilncsilnj Ijitllfx Fa 1st;iIf won 2 from Sfhwart/. Furniiurp. Bindlor's Dept. Store won .'( from Ala son Root BPPT. Bro'wn Sanihv iclics MIUI P, from Fifd Ma\ Doeiiralo] s. Harris' won n from (>IIK|\ Tiill. His;h (innic Harrison 100. tTI'KIt ALTON I,\.M.S AC.MS Nn. 2 \Min".'i II-IHII Ma- (hinr Repair. Mainleiiance won '.\ from KlfHrie Shop No. 1. Iron Biilrhris uon 3 Irom Dernralnrs. :'li() (lames Yosl :M.".. AC.MK ALLt;VS \Vctliie«.iliiy Niglil. >li'r<-liiiiil« F.'iKlaff \\oti '.' from Blark Ilaulc A. C. Nolls Kakery won 2 li'uni r'arlinirs. \Vfdse \\oii 2 from TTnnlon &• Ilnt-irelf. Siinerept Oranc' \von '2 from "Mis-'is^ippi Lime. Schaffner's ^In-'ic \\nii 2 from kite's Seal f'ovpi . I'l'in flames 1'ironkv '.'1)11: Lrim- portrr L'nl: I .yon- L'fKi; Maekay 'W: Tnrhalski 2P,: MeCormirk 'JO I. M'cdiicsiliiv \ii;lit T.snlif>« Shinpaiiuh's won '.', Irom Try- finer? C'leancis. Srliaffnor Music \\nri .'! Irom \Vhite Si Retl. Lincoln Mereiiry won 2 from (lalel\''<. '..'nil l'Hiv,-lei•« - • Franklin 24ft: Gninn 21)0: Fl^flirr 201. KiieBalis \von .'', [nun Boar- f'au. f'doncreokors \\on ?, from Slilt<. J(a\\ks won 2 from Crows. Pa Iron Kafirs won 2 from Crips. I 'iiilerlnkers won 'i from Buss. Siinkf-re won 1' from Fools. Past Pi-p-iitlcnts uon 2 Irom Hi-Xolos. Fightin Irish \\on 2 Irom Beavers. 200 Games — Sec or 202. 219. Cfil'i; L. Sti-om«ke 212: F. Losch JL:: Middlecoff 200: F'ultz 221; Harp 207: Farmer 200. 216: nl_ i bruised rigiit kner; shoulder injury. Smith, bruised shotil- tinned preparations today for Si urday's invasion by powerful, nn defeated Michigan Stale. The Big i Halfbacks -- Boh Mitchell, knee Ten conies!. which marks 4Rlh annual honiccnminsj for Illini. will he played before: a ca|iacil\ croud of 71.H9. Illinois Coach Ray Khol aulici- piites relinn for the game of Capl. Jim Minor, first-team center, anil left halfback Harry Jefferson, bnih of whom missed lasi week end's trip to Minnesota. Offs^liing Ilv gain is question-mark status of •ifveral olher varsity pla>er«. Illinois' injury list as prai-ticc Ibis week, in addition to injury: Dal rii'r. Fnllb.ieks — Ray Nilseliki; binispd riahl foot; .lack iJeKeSux bniised riKlit Ihiuh: Cienc Cherney knee injur\; Dirk Hcndrickson brill.-ed back. Tackles — f.'iek Miller, bniiset 1 led knee; Bruer Dollahan. shonl • ili r injury; Ail Krumrri, leg in jury. (liiards — Bob Allen, sprained led Ibumb; P'-rcx Oliver, sprained left ankle. \\'hile many of Hit- injuries are i niisiflpred minor, some may be •ievi'ir enough lo action Saturday, and all will reduce ef- ! ficiency of the squad in practice ! sessions. Payne 201.; V. Parker 20.".. 1 P. M. \Ved. Kiiiliix Beginners won 2 from Toppers. Bon-Air won 2 from Dom's. Tru- Value won 2 from Tonics. Sand Bar won 2 from Sad Sacks. High Games- H. Carrigan 181; ; '' :lint indicated that he will con- exception of the errors which have contributed directly to losses. "Michigan Stale is as good & i football team as we will play all I year: in fact, as good a team as i I have ever .seen." reported Illi; i-ois bark-field coach Chuck Pnr- i vis. who scoutpd the. Spartans in ! Ilieir viclories over Michifian. Indiana, and Noire Dame. "\\hal impresses- anyone ahoul this Michigan State team is tremendous tleplb." Purvis continued. : "They literally have worn down their foes, (ben walked away from 1 them in the seeond half." "An illustration of what t mean is provided by Blanche Martin. 'A fourlh-leam halfback \vlio had a Ijrirat run against Node flame iaM Saturday." "Huffy (Coach Danahrrty <-M\ use any one of three fjuurteihaeks without effect on hi* o'fen.-e. He slarls senior Pat Wilson, a fine all-around performei. and < an counter with .lini Ninowski. probably Slate's best passer, and Mike Panileli, the best runner of the trio.' 1 Purvis reports that Michigan i one position lo another without «{• j feet . | "I understand Walt. Kowalczyk (Michigan State star halfback) is ! completely recovered. He played I against Notre Dame and looked } O.K. If he doesn't start, they have j a capable replacement in Jim I Wullf, And on the other side they ' have Clarence Peaks, a fine rnn- I ner." I Purvis says that the Spartan line < is fast and of good size. He w-as j particularly impressed by tackles j .'tool .tones and Pat Burke. He also j feels Ihat end Jirn Hincsly a a : standout. | Shoot? Drcr: Delivers ' IMF To His Truck Oshorno ISO. 3 I'. M. Wed. .Mereliunls .Tcrseyville won 3 ; tinue to pinphasi/.e drills designed State often substitutes entire units and can go to the third and fourth 2 trnm Acme. to prevent mistakes which have .i from Mel- piqued Illini through opening four' teams without s.uffeiing greatly. i'\ uon i from ,, arT1PS _ j.( r \ rf ,\^ that the squad has' In addition, ho says, they have the ! shown constant improvement, with' type of talent that can shift from SUN VALLKY. Idaho . Don Anderson, head of the sports department at this deluxe resort goes hunting, he docs it in deluxe style. . • He reported he shot a four- point buck deer on a ridge above nearby Trail Crock. The doer lurched forward ailfl rolled down the hill—stopping within three feel of UIR tail gat* of hi.s truck. 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