The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on March 9, 1974 · Page 8
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 8

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1974
Page 8
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, Mafth «.1W4 filttt ffiffttt m ««'» twniwHeMi ffjM t? do* B*t*ti* *t la* MM W ftMfe* ** Mim» »rittfc aftnf hi* a ftli : Humboldt County Board Proceedings ffftm Quick Supply CO. All tdtiflf aye. Moved By Sk«y«r anil IWdnded by Day to ipp'rtiW Hurftbolo't County cooperating with the towa American Revolution Blcetennlal Cofflmltslon la that the CommfstlOA can mKfofilm old County fecordi. All votiflg ly«. Moved by Haft Ind seconded by RollsAd th<* Boird «djouffl. All voting ay*. Lawrence J. Lerdsl Auditor Marvin Chrlttenien Chairman ........ ...J ttttt of ttrttttt fef «!«« »{ Mff Wltm mllutlnf IK lti» fesMrttlVl tmotmti III the rtlBfc(f«f ftm, lit M f6f)o»H ViKrof Pfffietpll thUf ell Rite MraftiTuy Afirdtilftt Pift* AitAtifff 1«J MUtt 4W% «5,0t» 4.W% «s.ow 4.70% 128,000 4.78% 1«?» mm 4.70% 1976 128,000 4,W% ISID |86,6Uo" LttN* 1981 190,000 4.70% 4.70% 4 Vi% finrfntt CoHrttr, 1 1 . fOf At-ftuMI B1«. CttftN BELT ATIVE. R-51-11-36-1 SupWllofl Room 5 !'••'• Couflnouse bakou City, towa, jf he Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, towa, met this 8th day 'of January, 1974, In a January iesttfn, with the following member' present; .Day, Hart. Holland, siwy«r ind Cnrlstenseni Moved by Holland and seconded by Hlrt lhat the bonds of Jean Peddlcsfd ind Don Gates, Field Assessors, be ind hereby are approved as filed. All voting aye. Moved by Sawyer and seconded by Holland that the suspension of taxes on the South '/i of Lot 6, Block 8, Original Town, Town of Humboldt, be and hereby la discontinued. All voting lye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Sawyer that the following Quarterly reports for the quarter ending December 31,1973, be and hereby ire approved: of the Sheriff, showing fees collected In the amount of $418.70; of the Clerk of Court, showing fees collected in the amount of $8,894.67; of the County Recorder, showing fees collected In the amount of il,788.85; also the annual report of the Sheriff. All voting aye. Moved by Holland and seconded by Hart that the following be approved: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the following described real estate, to-wlt: Lois 7, 8, 9, and 10, In Block 94, In the Incorporated Town of Dakota City, Humboldt County, towa, was acquired by Humboldt County, Iowa, under a tax deed: and WHEREAS, said real estate Is not needed by Humboldt County, Iowa; and WHEREAS, Donald D. Marcellus has offered and bid the sum of (2,025.00, said sum being the highest bid received al the auction sale of said property held on the 20th day of July, 1972, for said real estate: and WHEREAS, said sum of $2,025.00 Is determined to be a fair value for said real estate; and WHEREAS, the total amount stated in the tax sale certificate, including all endorsements of subsequent general taxes, interest and costs, amounts to $728.30, and as a result said a sale price of $2,025.00 is In excess thereof, IT IS, THEREFORE, RESOLVED that the above described real estate should be sold according to the above stated terms, and that Marvin Christensen, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, Iowa, and Lawrence J. Lerdal, Auditor of Humboldt County, Iowa, are authorized, directed and appointed to execute a quit claim deed to the above real estate on behalf of Humboldt County, Iowa, and the Board of Supervisors thereof, to Donald D. Marcellus as grantee, ami upon receipt of said sum of $2,025.00 to deliver said deed to said grantee. All voting aye. and WHEttfeAS, by previous resolution ofjiJfl^ Board of Supervisor!, of; .^solution providing for the equip. ^irUBibo/dt County, Iowa, Marvin ?„,„„• , n i.;i lB . *, A ,„„.£,„;, Christensen, Chairman of Supervisor's Room Courthouse Dakota City, towa The Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, tows, met thll 22nd day of Januai-y, 1974, in i Jinuary JCUIon, with the following members present: Day, Hart, Holland, Sawyer and Christensen. Moved by Sawyer and seconded by Day the following-Ire approved: ADDITIONAL COUNTY POOR FUND LEVY January 1,1974-June 30,1976 WHEREAS the maximum computed poor fund levy for the extended fiscal year Is inadequate and It is necelsafy to levy additional poor fund tax In accordance with S. F. 570, Section 4.3b or S. F. 870. Section 8 (.760 mills); BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, towa that the State Appeal Board be asked to approve an additional poor fund tax of $64.110.00 and required millage to raise that amount tot the following reasons: formula won't raise enough money for fiscal year. The foregoing action was duly adopted by the Board of Supervisors and appears in the Board minutes for Jan. 22, 1974. At the County Budget Hearing held August 27. 1973 there were 0 citizens present of whom none objected to the proposed budget and tax levies. ' /s/Marvin Christensen, Board Chairman /s/Lawrence J. Lerdal, County Auditor All voting aye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Holland that the annual report filed by the Humboldt County Agricultural Extension Education Fund be and hereby is approved. All voting aye. Moved by Day and seconded, by Hart the following be approved: "Resolution amending a resolution; 'Resolution providing for the equipping, enlarging and Improving, operation and maintenance of the county public hospital by Humboldt County, Iowa, and the acquisition of the necessary lands, rights of way, and other property, and providing for the issuance and sale of $450,000 Revenue Bonds for the purpose of paying the cost of such equipment, enlargement and improvement and acquisition, and pledging the revenues from said hospital for the payment of Inerest on and principal of said bonds and the costs of such operation and maintenance', and providing for the interest on such bonds as determined by public sale." All voting aye. Moved by Sawyer and seconded by- Holland the following be approved: - RESOLUTION... ... Amending a resolution entitled: f said Board of Supervisors, and Lawrence J, Lerdal, Auditor of Humboldt County, Iowa, have been authorized, directed and appointed to execute a quit claim deed Conveying the following described real estate, to-wlt: Lots 7,8.9 and 10, in Block 94, in the Incorporated Town of Dakota City, Humboldt County, Iowa, to Donald D. Marcellus; and WHEREAS, JJie foregoing quit claim deed has been executed by said persons, the said quit claim is hereby approved by the Board of Supervisors of, Humboldt County. Iowa, All voting aye. and QUIT CLAIM DEED KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That Humboldt County, State of Iowa, by its Board of Supervisors, under authority vested in them by Chapter S89 of the Code of Iowa, In consideration of the sum of $2,025.00 in hand paid, does hereby QUIT CLAIM AND CONVEY unto DONALD D. MARCELLUS, of Humboldt County, State of Iowa, all oitherlghl, litle and Interest in and to the following tRRribed real estate, situated and lying in Humboldt County, State of Iowa, to-wit: . Lots 7,8,9 and 10, In Block 94, in the Incorporated Town of Dakota City, Humboldt County, Iowa. No revenue stamps are atlached to this deed for the reason that the conveyance is made by a political subdivison of the State of Iowa. And the said Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, State of Iowa, releases all Its claim in and to the above described premises. Signed this 8th day otjanuary, 1974. Moved by Sawyer and seconded by Holland that beings the trusteeship of Drainage District »13-A has been transferred to the City of Humboldt, the balance of-the—Drainage District »13-A account, $5,884.89 as of this dale, be and hereby is also transferred to the City of Humboldt. All voting aye. Moved by Day and seconded by Sawyer to cancel Warrent No. 847 in the amount of $6.28, dated 7/3/62 and Warrant No. 1356 in the amount of $7.60, dated 7/2/65, both drawn on the Drainage Fund. All voting aye. Moved by Holland and seconded by- Sawyer to award the bid for the Hospital Revenue bonds in the amount of $450,000.00 to the First National Bank and the Humboldt Trust and Savings Bank, both of Humboldt, with the Cai'lton D. Beh Company as account man*gac—and the County Auditor be and hereoy is authorized lo return the checks of the unsuccessful bidders. All voting aye. Moved by Holland and seconded by Day that January 22, 1974 at 10:00 A.M. be and hereby is set as the date and time for amending the resolution on the hospital bonds. All voting aye. Moved by Sawyer and seconded by Day the Board adjourn. All voting aye. Lawrence J. Lerdal Auditor Marvin Chriitenien ' Chairman R-51-11-36 1 Supervisor's Room Courthouse Dakota City, Iowa The Board of Supervisor! of Humboldt County, low*, met this 16th day of January, 1974, in * January session, with the following members present: Day, Hart. Holland, Sawyer and Cbriiteoiea. Moved by Holland and seconded by Hirt to purchase weed spray M M«4sd for ye«d eradication io 1974 ping, enlarging and Improving, operation and maintenance of the county public hospital by Humboldt County, Iowa, and the acqulslton of the necessary lands, rights of way, and other property, and providing for the issuance and sale of $450,000 Revenue Bonds for the purpose of paying the cost of such equipment, enlargement and improvement and acquisition, and pledging the revenues from said hospilal for Ihe payment of Interest on and principal of said bonds and the costs of such operation and maintenance," and providing for Ihe interest on such bonds as determined by public sale WHEREAS, this Board of Supervisors did, on the 15th day of October, 1973. adopt a resolution entitled: "Resolution providing for the equipping, enlarging and improving, operation and maintenance of the counly public hospital by Humboldl Counly, Iowa, and Ihe acquisition and providing for the issuance and sale of $450,000 Revenue Bonds for the purpose of paying the cost of such equipment, en'argement and Improvement and acquisition, and pledging the "revenues from said hospital for the payment of interest on and principal of said bonds and the costs of such operation and maintenance" Ihereinafter sometimes referred to as the "Resolution"), and thereafler published notice of the adoption of such resolution: and WHEREAS, no petition responsive lo the provisions of Section 347.27 of the 1973 Code of Iowa, as amended, was filed within the time provided therefore, and Ihis Board Ihereupon proceeded wilh the equipmenl, enlargement and improvemenl of Ihe counly public hospilal referred lo in Ihe Hesolution: and WHEREAS, thereafter Ihis Board of Supervisors sera dale of sale of Ihe bonds referred lo in Ihe resolution and received bids for the sale of such bonds ontheSlhday of January, 1974, and by resolution adopted by this Board of Supervisors on thai dale, awarded the bonds to Carleton, D. Beh Co., al the interest rates hereinafter referred to: and V< HEHHAS, the resolution, in Section 1 thereof, provided thai Ihe bonds would bear interesl al Ihe rate of Seven Per Ceni i7<to| per annum, provided that, if al the lime of sale and award of any or all of Ihe bonds il be determined thai they bear inerest al a rate less lhan Seven Per Ceni |7°*I per annum, that any or all of the bonda shall bear sudrtesser rate or rales as may be lixed and determined by resolution; and WHEREAS, the succesful bid for, such bonds was al a rate of inierest less lhat Seven Per Cent (7%l per annum, this resolution should now be adopted fixing and determining such lesser rates for the bonds; NOW, THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of the Counly of Humboldt, in the Stale of Iowa: Section 1. That in order to fix and determine the rates of inieresl of Ihe bonds referred lo in Ihe aforementioned resolution. Section 1 of such resolution is hereby amended by adding the following paragraph: "The public sale of the bonds having been held, and the successful bid (or such bonds being at rates of inieresl less than Seven Per Cenl (7%) per tnnuni, therefore, pursuant lo Ihe provision* of the firsi paragraph of Ihis Section, it il hereby determined, and the rates of Interest lo be borne by lUcb bond* «ff hereby fixed lo be the 1888 I3S.6M 1484 $88,060 1988 $36,000 4.80% 1988 $40,000 4.70% 1987 140,600 4.80% 1988 $40,000 4.90% .Section 2. Thit ill resolutions or pif ti of resolutions in conflict with the provisions hereof be ind the same ife hereby repelled to the extend oflueh conflict ind that the resolution referred to In the preamble hereof, as amended hereby, be ind the same I* hereby ratified ind confirmed. All voting aye. Moved by Holland ind seconded by • Sawyer that the mileage ind valuation certified by the State Tax Commission for Railroads. Telegraph, Express, Transmission, Telephone Companies, Pipe-Lines ind Natural On Companies .in the varioui taxing districts of Humboldt County for the extended Tax period of 1973, payable January 1, 1974 thru June 30,1976, be ind hereby are accepted u follows: IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Bode Corporation, Electric Utility 21,308 Bfldgate Corporation, Electric Utility 7,304 Dakota City Corporation, Electric Utility 39,103 Gas Utility 22,935 Common \ 4.104 Gilmore City Corporation. Electric Utility 11,568 Hardy Corporation, Electric Utility .. 7,014 Humboldt Corporation, Electric Utility 218,732 Gas Utility 140,487 Common 79,263 Llvermore Corporation, Electric Utility 1,664 LuVerne Corporation, Electric Utility...: 5,868 Ottosen Corporation, Electric Utility 10,702 Pioneer Corporation, Electric Utility 8,468 Rutland Corporation, Electric Utility 9,897 Thor Corporation, Electric Utility 19,207 Gas Utility 7,936 Beaver Townshlp-Humboldt Comm., Electric Utility 337 Gas Utility 1,604 Corinth Township-Humboldt Comm,, Gas Utility 10,019 Norway Township-Eagle Grove Comm., Gaa Utility 515 Rutland Townshlp-Humboldt Comm., Gas Utility 1,625 ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION LINES Mills Assessment Avery-Gllmore-Brad- gate Comm 6.60 23,542 Avery-Humboldt Comm 1.50 5,433 Beaver-Humboldt Comm 23.60 85.478 Corinth-Humboldt Comm 15.05 54,510 Delana-Twin Rivers . Comm 23.95 86,746 Grove-HumboldT" Comm 5.00 18,110 Humboldt-LuVerne Comm.. , il .. .9.90 35,887 Humboldl-Twin Rivers Comm 9.45 34,227 Lake-Boone Valley Comm 9.40 34,046 Lake-GoldfleldComm. 2.60 9,056 Norway-Eagle Grove Comm 19.00 68,817 Norway-Goldfleld Comm 2.50 9,055 Norway-Humboldt Comm 4.75 17,204 Rutland-Hum bold I Comm 13.40 48,534 Rutland-Twin Rivers Comro 1.95 7,063 Vernon-Boone Valley Comm 2.00 7,244 Vernon-LuVerne Comm 6.90 24,991 Wacousta-Twin Rivers Comm 3.95 14,307 Weaver-Gilmore-Brad- gale Comm 9.30 33,884 TOTAL Electric Utility 356,144 Electric. Trans. Lines 617,903 Gas Utility 185,121 Common 83,357 TOTAL 1,242,525 IOWA-ILLINOIS GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY: Assess- Miles ment Beaver-Humboldt Comm 25.5 156,479 Corinth-Humboldt Comm 0.7 4,295 Weaver-Humboldt Comm 0.4 2.455 Weaver Bradgale Comm 0.2 1,227 Norway-Eagle Grove Comm. 1.1 8,750 TOTAL-Electric Transmission Lines HUMBOLDT COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE: 171,206 RURAL Assess- menl 321 796 392 Township Miles City of Humboldl 54 Avery-Humboldt Comm 5.38 Avery Twin Rivers 2.64 Avery Gilmore City Bradgate Comm 31.65 4,898 Beaver Humboldt Comm. 9.03 1,341 Corinth Humboldt Comm 31.88 4.730 Delana-Humboldt Comm 2.60 388 Delana-Twin Rivers Comm 35.29 5,239 Grove-HumboldlComm 37.47 5,582 Grove Boone Valley Comm. 1.16 171 Grove-Twin Rivers Comm : 4.14 814 Humboldt-Twin Rivers Comm.. ~ 39.23 5.824 Humboldt-LuVerne Comm 6.50 965 Lake Humboldl Comm. 10.10 1,499 Lake-Boone Valley Comm 22.33 3.315 Norway-Humboldt Comm 3.59 533 Norway Eagle Grove Comm 24.18 3,590 Norway Goldfield Comm. .63 79 Rutland-Humboldt Comm 47.54 7.057 Rutland-Twin Rivers Comm 2.89 4.29 Vernon Boone Valley Comm 36.73 5.453 Vernon LuVerne Comm 2.10 312 Wacousla-Twin Rivers Comm 36.76 ' 5,309 Wacousla-Gilmore Cily Bradgale Comm. ... 7.98 1,185 Wacousta-West Bend Comm 3.94 666 Weaver Humboldt Comm 18.98 2,818 Weaver-Gilmore City R.SS J . ^ • *•«* POweft COOPER. AJtetlment «$Tift lWl , w lectric tMfly. . . I,W7,*W oty-ffuWBc-tdTl ^ ' Comm., ElecWIc Utility. . . *8»,«4 Wel»W TtfpVHuajoSlett Comm.v Eltttfle- Utility. . . 81 ElECt fttc tSANSMtSsiON LWE8 Asset! Township Miles- ment Humboldi.fwin Rivers Cam* ........... 8.50 29,98* Gfovc-fwltt Rlvefs C'ofnffl ............ Z.Sfl 11,828 Grove-Htimboldt Comm........ ...... 4,00 18,442 Beavef.Humboldt Comm.. ......... ..24.61 118.464 Carlnth-fturtboldt " Comm .......... ...12.00 86,328 Weivef-Humboldt Comm.. ..... . ..... 8.80 89,184 IWHff, Flit, ....;...,.. MltlfllW,- fSM -PA Altotlfl* Cltl MetJC, TwfoRf«i«»j*m w tm beltnd r "" 06711%* , i, ,\ ttufflbttldl HtrmJSoWt • pHtt-sotti! tortrty 1 . sherffft Notlrtl, lm 11,446 TwlnRI*eM< Vernoti f«* Comm.... LuVrtM66*1,'... ...... lilM Rutland fownlnlft-Humboldt Valley ......... 8,784 TOTAL-PlffeLlfie Utility. . . 162,156 Humboldt fruit A Sivlnn Bifik.sue«lfti-fr«inr«>. tnief nittonil Allot. At Chle 100.98 Mileflall, NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY) ,„,,.., Assessed Value ..•--.•- M H«,per Mile Avery-Humbc-ldtComm..... I.M 4,351.57 Beiver-HumBAldt Comm. M,?*, Corlnth-Humboldt Comm 44,<(f Dslina-Humboldt Comm. ..:..,.... 2,81 dfove-Humbotdt Comm. 44.J8 Lake-HnmbdldtiComm,... '.Id Rutland-Hufflbaldt Comm 44.81 Weav«f.fiiiHib«ldtComm. .' ....'.:... li,M Vernon-BOBfte Valley ComnV. 89,12 Humboldt-Boone Valley Comm ,70 Lake-Boon* Valley (!«mm ,.':.... 17.74 Gfove-Boone Valley Comm ',-.:. 4,07 Humboldl-f win Rivera Comm 88,17 ' Dflana-Twln Rivera Comm.. i......... 49,16 Wacousla-Twln Rivers Comm 83,18 Rutland-Twin Rivers Comm 8,24 Grove-Twin Rivers Comm 8,42 Avery-Twln Rivers : : 2.08 Norway-Eagle Grove Comm 9,16 Avery-Gilmore-Bradgale Comm .'.. 81,88 Wacousta-Gllmore.Bradgate Comm 18.66 Weaver-Gllmore-Bradgate Comm.. 28.51 Humboldt-LuVerne Comm 6.49 Vernon-Lu Verne Comm '.' ' jj.4^ Wacousta-West Bend Comm 2,M Bode Corporation 8,44 Bradgate Corporation .'.'.... 8.85 Dakota City Corporation g.4t Gilmore City Corporation ' 4.84 Hardy Corporation 1,77 Humboldt Corporation 38,52 Llvermore Corporation. 6i80 LuVerne Corporation 2.06 Ottosen Corporation J.J8 Pioneer Corporation • ,«Q Renwick Corporation 5.44 Rutland Corporation 1,90 Thor Corporation .80 TOTAL..... M1.4T ' Z.44M78 NORTH CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMPANY) Assessed Value Per Mile 857.00 Mllea Beaver-Humboldt Comm 16.40 Lake-Humboldt Comm (.87 Norway-Humboldt Comm 2.15 Lake-Boone Valley Comm 1,20 Thor Corporation 3,21 Norway-Eagle Grove Comm 40.66 TOTAL 70 19 GOLDFIELD TELEPHONE COMPANY; Lake-Boone Valley Comm 7,5g 779.00 Lake Goldfield Comm .' 10.24 Norway-Gold field Comm 1.08 Norway-Eagle Grove Comm 1.78 TOTAL 20.68 WRIGHT COUNTY RURAL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE! Norway-Eagle Grove Comm 9,88 Nbrway-Goldfleld Comm. 15 TOTAL ; ; »'» BOONE VALLEY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE! '«'.-> Vernon-Boone Valley Comm 1.80 TOTAL FARMERS COOPERATIVE LIGHT A POWER COMPANY! Lake-Boone Valley Comm 9.5 Lake-Goldfield Comm g.s Norway-Goldfleld Comm 20 TOTAL " jo',, WEST BEND MUNICIPAL LIGHT PLANT: Wacousta-West Bend Comm 50 TOTAL M CHICAGO i NORTH WESTERN RAILROAD: Total Value 60,188 16,071 1.217 19 1.236 222 S22 962 861 202 2,028 186 1M CHICAGO. ROCK ISLAND A PACIFIC RAILROAD: 84.93 8,768.07 569.116 TOJAL _ NORTHERN NATURAL GAS COMPANY: Beaver-Humboldt Comm Norway Eagle Grove Comm TOTAL All voting sye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Day the Board adjourn. All voting aye. Lawrence J. Lerdal Auditor Mirvin Chriitensen Chairman 25.08 89.9S 7.382.86 188,541 752.657 38.376 7.569 40.945 R 51-11-86-1 Supervisor's Room Courthouse Dakota City, Iowa The Board of Supervisors of Humboldl County, Iowa, met his 29th day of January. 1974 in i January session with the following members present: Day. Hart. Holland. Sawyer and Christensen. Moved by Sawyer snd seconded by Day that the annual report of the Clerk of Courl »nd the Quarterly Report for the quarler ending December 31. 1973, of the Judicial Magistrate be snd hereby are approved as filed. All voting aye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Day that the County purchase one used Victor safe from the Diebold Banklock Service in the amount of $875.00, said safe lo be used by the Social Welfare Department. All voting aye. Moved by Holland the seconded by Sawyer to transfer 1875.00 from the Revenue Sharing Fund to the County Fund. All voting aye. Moved by Sawyer and seconded by Day the Board adjourn. All voting aye. Lawrence J. Lerdal Auditor Marvin Christensen Chairman R-51 1 I 36 1 Supervisor's Room Courthouse Dakota City. Iowa The Board of Superviaors of Humboldl County, Iowa, met this 1st day of February in a February aesslon, with the following members present: Day, Hart, Holland. Sawyer and Christensen. Moved by Hart snd seconded by Holland lo set 2:00 P.M. on February 28 as the lime and date to hold a letting on remodeling the Assembly Room to accomodate the Magistrate Court. Ayes? Hart, Sawyer and Holland. Nay: Day. Moved by Sawyer and seconded by Hart'that the following people be and herby are appointed si security guarda at Crest P,k in Humboldt: Deloria Helm, Douglas Wilson snd Jerry L. Blomberg. All voting aye. Moved by Sawyer snd seconded by Day that all cliima be allowed •• per attached schedule including mileage for this board for thla session and ill intervening leuioni since the last regular session and the County Auditor be and hereby la Instructed lo issue warrants on the several fundi as allowed in the imountl si specified In payment of same. COUNTY FUND Advanced Systema, Inc.. Maintenance Agreements "Microfilm Equipment Adersen. Marvin J. County Sheriff, January Care of Prisoners Auio Specialiiti Co.. Supplies-Sheriff Blue Cross. Insurance Bob Mickey Motori, Car Expense-Sheriff Boone Blank Book Co.. Supplies Recorder and Auditor Burroughi Corporation, if Police, tn«.i Book-Attorney Intefnitlonil Builftiti Mich- Intl. Equlpment-Treuuref Munt. Agreem»nt*-Audi. t6r ind Treilurer , lowi Public Service Co., Gil ind Electflclty-Courthouie Social Welfaf and Bd, of .. ft,. 50.60 80.00 10.48 Dllii'l Welding ft' DikotiClty, Town of, Water MewWRIfltit,,...;.... Del Chemical Corporator SuppHii.. Pukehlfl-Hughet Trletor / l^Ulflft*" 6e,< M. §9.49 9.06 6.80 Jerry's Conoco/Car Expense Sheriff,..,,.,,...... 4.00 Johnson, M. E., Feb. Rint- Bd. of Education......... 278,04 Koch Bfdthefl, Supplies:- Audltof.;.......,.....,. S4A7 Lent, Connie, Extfi Help- Auditor.........,;...... 146.44 Madison Chemical, Supplies- Courthouse.. ,.i.. t ...,;, Miller Office Equipment Co. ..,... Edge SrothtM, Inc., Road 168.8S SS.OO 144.20 : 20.00 449.88 Moeneh. Shirley, Extra Help, Treasurer 260.78 Munlchem Corporation, Supplies-Courthouse 187.51 National Cash Register Co., Mllnt. Agreement-Auditor 84.66 Northwestern Belt Telephone Co., Service-Auditor, . Treas., Recorder, Sheriff Soc. Welfare, Attorney, Sheriff's R*.. ft Rldlo,..; 828,08 OK Tire Store, Cir Expense Sheriff,.. 861.44 R ft C Office Supply ft Print- Ing Inc., Supplles-Court- •"""e 120.80 Sande Construction ft Co., Repairs-Courthouse 88.28 Saul Studio, Phot Expense, Sheriff 18 . 82 Schneider TV, Dishwasher- Sheriff Apt.. S06.00 Secondary Hold Fund. Snow Removal-Courthouse 97.48 Sun Oil Co., Gasoline-Sheriff. 148.48 Team Electronics, Supplies. Sheriff 20.00 Tom'* Standard Service, Car v- Expense-Sheriff 2.00 Ulrlch, Herbert L.-Poit- muter, Envelopes-Auditor 48.55 Ulrlch, Herbert L.-Poat- masler, Postage-Treasurer Envelopes-Sheriff 72.20 Ulrlch, Herbert L.-Poat- muter, Envelopes-Treaa- MW 175.50 Ulrlch, Herbert L.-Postmaster, Postage-Recorder ft Sheriff 24.00 Wlchtendahl. Bernard J., Repalra-Soclal Services... 6.37 Williams, Richard A.-County Attorney, Rent, Telephone ftMlse. 88.92 Xerox Corporation, November and December Rental ft Installation 296.06 CLERK -AND TRUSTEES OF NORWAY TOWNSHIP John A; Morgan, Clerk 16,00 LeRoyn Stensland, Trustee 18.00 Thomas Nervlg, Trustee.. .16.00 Johan Olaon, Truatee ,18.00 CLERK AND TRUSTEES OF WEAVER TOWNSHIP D uro Oberhelman, Clerk.. 12.00 Roy E. McColley. Truatee. 12.00' Francis Hart, Truite*.... 12.00 Zola PIsel, Trustee 12.00 BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Christensen, Marvin, Mlg. ft Mtg. Exp 41.40 Day, Carl, Mlg. ft Mtg. Exp.. 41.60 Hart. Wlllard, Mlg. ft Mtg. Exp 16.99' Holland Marcua. Mlg. ft Mtg. Exp 70.60 Sawyer, Marvin, Mlg. ft Mtg-. Exp 40.60 POORFUND Anthony's, Clothing 10.00 ArenUDr. Asa S., Medical.. 18,00 Bagon. Dr. Ben M., Medical.. 70.00 Bellinger, Barbara-Homemaker Health Aide, December ft January Mileage. 101.60 Blue Cross, Insurance 40.95 Coddlngton, Northup ft ., Messlngham, Drs., Medical 74.00 Corner Drug Store, Drugs... 19.24 D ft H Building. February Rent-Homemaker Health Service 100.00 Dallas County Hospital, Hospitaliiatlon 299.20 Darland, Jeanette, Nursing Care 82.50 Palrcblld. Dennla L., January Car* ft Clothing 117.23 Farmers Co-op Elevator, Fuel 180.00 Food Stamp Cashier, Food Sumps 64.00 Food Stamp Cashier. Food Stampa 107,00 Handicap Village. January Care 208.40 Hoberer, Richard, January Rent 40.00 Hollenbeck, Marilyn L.-Food Stamp Cashier, Mileage... 5.00 Homemaker Service, De- Member Coil of Service 84.67 Honsbruch Drugs, Drugs 34.14 {lope Haven, Care, Medical ft Mlsc 378.75' Hoyt, Dr. David W., Medical. 24.00 Humboldt County Memorial Hospital, Hospitaliiatlon.. 262.20 Humboldt Pharmacy, Drugs 91.80 Humboldt Reminder, Ad t Supplies-Homemaker Services 18,71 Hy-Vee Food Store, Non- Food Provisions 53.08 Iowa Public Service Co., Gaa ft Electricity 81.16 Kossuth County Auditor, 4th Quarter Care 528.00 Larson Drug Store, Drugs 15.64 418.75 8.68 28.52 3.75 32.74 31,25 Farm A,Home Distributing, Suppllel.......;;....... 70.74 0 ft H Motor Parts, Supplies. 188.98 Olbbs-Cook fi(juipme»t (Jo., Piftlft Rtplln.......... 815.78 Qrebner, Mafvln, Expenses Attending Asphalt School eV District Mtg....,....;. 8.88 Hanson Tin Service, Tires, Tubes ft Repairs. .... 62.68 Hardy, Town of, Witer Rent- Hardy Shed 1/1/74 to 7/1/74 18.60 Humboldt Implement, Inc. . Pirti., 194.66 Humboldt Printing Co., Supplies........... 5.98 Hunt Truck Line*, Inc., Height.. 19.01 Iowa-Illinois Gal A Electric Service.. 7.80, lowi Public Service Co., Service 125.92 Iowa Public Service Co., Service 278.24 tow* State Highway Commission, Inspection Costs., Jensen, Everett, Expenses Attending Asphalt School ft District Mtg Johnston Automotive, Perls ft Repair* Josephson Radiator Shop, Rep«lr» 48.00 Klevoi, Piul K., Expeniei Attending District Mtg.... Lalng Auto Supply, Inc., Part* Llvermore, Town of, Light* Water ft Sewer Rental.... Mason City Blueprint, Supplies..' 160.68 McGlure Engineering Co,, Bridge Inspection 18,900,00 Minnesota Mining ft Mfg. Co. Sign Faces 170.00 Mlsco International Chemical*. Inc., Supplies 153.90 Munichem Corporation, Supplies 174.10 North Central Telephone Co. Service g;47 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Service 127.43 Olson Repslr, Parts A Repairs iao.07 Ottosen, Town of, Water Rent-4th Quarter 1973 10.50 Pft M Stone Co., Inc., Stone. 610.40 Premier Autoware Co., Bolt* ' ft' NutiV.. I! 1 .", t - 179.04" RatMie Electfhr ft Machine ' Works, In(£j Parts ft Re- \ti . < P«lr« 6.96 St. Regis Paper Co., Sign Blanks 188.00 Spencer, L. C., Iron 196.65 Standard Oil, Oil ft Grease.. 211.65 Slow-Skew, Inc.. Parta 68.35 Sun Oil Co.. Gasoline & Oil.. 696.85 Swaney Equip, Co., Parts... 248.84 Thor Water Work* Fund, Water Rent-4th Quarter, 1973 7.50 Zeldler*. Inc., Sand 38.40 Secondary Road Payroll 17,350.80 SECONDARY ROAD EXTRA HELP AND OVERTIME Bakken, F. L.. Area Foreman 40.81 Blackman, Eunice, Office Help 180.00 Knutaon, Sanford, Labor Malo, Fred T., Labor Olson, Carl E., Patrolman... Stockdale, Raymond, Labor. Telford, Gary, Labor Tubbs, Leonard, Labor Veaterby, Joy,Area Foreman Weatberg, Wayne, Patrol- 22.71 16.45 46.64 63,89 169.96 32.00 31.00 17.87 6.64 ' 15.45 66.70 42.29 117.80 ROAD CLEARING FUND 7.00 52.50 3.50 28.00 51,48 6.56 37.10 17.50 88.39 21.80 273.00 24.30 Main! enance Agreement*Auditor and Treasurer . I.81Z.40 Churchill Chemical Co.. Sup- » plies Courthouse 73.98 Credit Bureau of Humboldt County. Bulletin Service- Sheriff Dakota City, Town «f, Dee- ember Water and Sewer- Courthouse snd Social Welfare D «l Chemical Corporation, Supplies Courthou»e 110.90 fcxcel Priming Co., Supplies „ Farner Bocken Co.. Suppttf* 1.458.28— Naeve, Mrs. Robert. February Rent-Social Service! Building 125.00 280.00 Newsome, Nancy, December Care 110.00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Service Homemaker Service 27.53 Pomeroy, Dr. Howard C., Medical 131.13 Smith, Sharon, Transportation 64.64 State Department of Social Welfare, January Emergency Relief 149.91 Stale Department of Social Welfare, January Aid to Disabled 382.31 State Department of Social Welfare. January Aid to Dependent Children 1,410.71 State Department of Social Welfare, January Aid to the Blind 46.53 Torgeraon, Marie, Transportation 95.00 Trinity East Hospital, Hoi- pitaltMtUui 898.08 36.00 26.68 Goodrich, W. H., Hepalra COURT FUND Andersen, Marvin J. -County Sheriff, Feel; Transportation-Steven Mark Hageman .................... 96.07 Baber, Dr. Wm. E., Orthodontic Treatment-Leslie Schwlerklng ............. 35.26 Blue Cross, Insurance ....... 40.96 Burroughs Corporation, Maintenance Agreement- Clerk of Court ........... 35.10 Caray, Thomas D., January Care A Clothing-Linda Goettsch ................ 118.96 Clerk of Diatrict Court, Mileage-State va Altman; Fees- State vs Brauer .......... 36.28 Coddlngton, Northup A Messingham, Drs., Medical Leslie Schwierking ....... 37.00 Community Memorial Hospital, Medical-Andrew Fortune ................. 26.00 County Line, Clothing- Rhonda Fedkenheuer ..... 8.90 Cowles, Ronald, January Care A Clothing-Donald & DuWayne Fedkenheuer. 195.16 Cross, Ron L., December A January Care, Clothing A Misc.-Barry Flurer ..... 161.64 Des Moines Rubber Stamp Co., Supplies-Magistrate Court .................. 24.20 Farnham, K. G. -Hamilton County Sheriff, Service- Arthur Clark ............ 3.00 Hacker, Mrs. Richard, January Care, Mlg. A Clothing Leslie Schwierking ....... 95.66 Hafner, A. William, January Care A Medical-Diann Peterson ............... 110.00 Hodges, Dr. John E., Medical Linda Goettach .......... 27.00 Hum bold I Pharmacy, Drugs- Rhonda A Dale Fedkenheuer ................... 7.04 Humboldt Printing Co, Sup- pliei-Maglitrate Court A Clerk of Court .......... 15.52 Hy-Vee Food Store, Supplies- Jury ............... 22.49 Jerry Rabiner Boya Ranch, January Care-David Fedkenheuer ............... 614.80 Jurors, Fees-Petit A Magistrate Jury ............. 1,246.70 Kamp, Merrllyn, January Care-Rhonda A Dale Fedkenheuer ............... 170.00 Koop, Karen-Court Reporter, November A December Expenaes ............... 188.55 Lee Hardware, Coffee Pot- Judicial MagllWate..,.,.. BS.78 Kenneth, Print- dolt Officer, DStemner E*pewr«.,..":,: ..... ,.i,. Sifaub, Joseph J,.K6ssuth County AUotftty, Attorney F««l-8indfa Wsslrldge. , . ttrwinigur, Leonard, Bailiff. f hofiip, Al, Probation Officer DeMffibefEjipenlei ...... Van Cafe, Mtlll-JuroM .... Vert Alstlnl, Mfl. Oil), 6ct- ober Cafe-Jerome Cosb£ , Ulrtih, HefWft LvPqsV (HtiUfS PoaUgR-Clerlt Of Court ...... . ...... ..... . Waly, Dr. f., Medlcal-Dale * A Rhonda F<fdkenheuef.., Weflener, SiVerly A,, January Cafe A Clothing- Dahhy FcdkeHheuer. ..... 12*6.66 Wilt Publishing Co., Books- Law Library ...... .. ..... 69.00 Wllllami, Richard-County Attorney, Srtvlc* of Proeeil..,,... i :.'-.-; ..... 7.60 MENTAL HEALTH A INSTITUTION Blue Cross, Insurance. ...... 40.95 Clark Arlene-OC Teacher Aide, Mileage .............. 23,60 Claytons, Materials-Opportunity Center. .. ......... Corner Drug Store, Drugs- Susan Janssen A Donald Bordwell ................ Fareway Store, Grocerles-OC Gary's Clover Farm, Gro- cerles-OC ............... Great Plains Oas, Gas-OC . . . Hidden, Constance J.-OC Director, Mileage ........ Hamilton County Auditor, 4th Quarter Care-Helene Halgrlm ................ 625.00 Handicap Village, January Care-Susan Janssen, Donald Bordwell, Larry Place A Tom Caryl...... ...... ,1,660.92 Hendricks, Borgman A Moeller, Drs.. Medlcal-SunA Jaissen A Donald Bordwell .................... Humboldt Printing Co., Supplies-DC ................ Jasper County Auditor, 7/1 thru 12/31 Care-Byron Cartwrlght .............. 1,200.00 Jorgenson's Hobby Craft, Materlals-OC ..... ' ....... K. 0. Hardware, Supplies-DC Kelllng, Lols-OC Assist. Director, Mileage ........ Kossuth County Auditor, 4th Quarter Care-Ruth Shipley A Paul Miller ............ 1,062.80 Larson Rexall Drug Store, Supplies-DC ............. 2.78 Latta. J. S. A Son, Supplies OC ..................... 344.20 Lee Hardware, Supplies-DC. 3.14 Legan, Mrs. Wayne, January Care A Clothing-Gary Bordwell ................ 168.00 Llvermore, Town of, December Llghts-OC ........... Morse, Raymond, February Refund-Orland Bordwell.. Murphy's Custodial Home, February Refund-Wayne Bordwell ................ 117.80 North Central Alcoholism ,.. Research, Foundation, Inc.. December Servtce-b'onald, J.K|lnger. .'. ..... ... . .'. . '352.00 Norilf Central towa'- Mental • Health Center, December A January Care-Virginia Larson .................. Northwestern Belt Telephone Co., Servlce-OC .......... Olson Plumbing A Heating, February Rent-DC ....... 100.00 Story County Auditor, 4th Quarter Care-DuaneRlley. 525.00 Tommy Dale Memorial Hospital. January Care-Faith Truelson ................ Webster County Home. December Care-Alfred Chartton, Lester Rummens A Gerald Wadsley .......... 1,813.20 VETERAN AFFAIRS FUND Joiner. Charles, Commissioner, Fees ............. Markman, George F.-Com- mlssloner, Fees A Mileage. 133.60 Telford. Dean-Commissioner, Fees A Mileage .......... Coddlngton, Northup A Measingham. Drs., Medical 117.00 Colllna. Mra. Myron. Nursing •Care .................... 150.00 First Miss, Inc.. Fuel ....... 287.32 Food Stsmp Caahier, Food Stamps ................. Gamble Store, Misc ......... Glmer, Tom, December A January Rent*. ........... Humboldt, City of, Water, Sewer A Garbage ........ Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. Care ........... HyVee Food Store, Groceries Iowa Public Service Co., Service ................. Knutson Realty. January A February Rent ........... Cash Award .............. Larson Rexall Drug, Drugs . . Livermore, Town of, Service Nelson. Russell C., Rent A Lights .................. Cash Award ............... Renwick Savings Bank, October, November A December Lights ........... Sulton, SaraE., Medical. ... Cash Award ............... ELECTION FUND Boone Blank Book Co., Sup- P'i" .................... Humboldl Printing Co., Notice of Election ........ Torgeraon, Lucille-Bode City Clerk. Refund of Overpayment .................. LOCAL HEALTH FUND Humboldt Printing Co., Supplies-Local Health ........ MeCormick, Madonna-County Nurse, Mileage .......... Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Service-Nurse ....... Whittlesey, Marilyn-Nurse, Mileage ................. Ulrlch, Herbert L.-Poat- maaler. Postsge-Nurse. . MENTAL HEALTH CENTER FUND North Central Iowa Mental Health Center, December 1973 Services ............ 1,145.96 WEED ERADICATION FUND Bode. Town of, Water for Spraying ................ 3.90 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND Jensen. Harold L., Sheep killed by Doga ........... 310.00 BANG'S DISEASE FUND Hagedorn A Ahreni, Drs., Drawing Blood Samples. . Harmon, Dr. D. C., Vaccinations .................. Lemley, L. K. A Howland. R. A.- Drs.. Drawing Blood Samples ................ Linn, Dr. 8. D., Vaccinations . Owen, Jo Anne, Drawing Blood Sanplei ........... 17.40 Stoakea, Dr. Jack D.. Vaccinations ................ 68.60 en . DC Jf, HflmB.vRMfc «,,, 2,*M.Ol OTOTln- Coufl'ty, fftlrtfff of • fumfi-DB J 288,25 184' 396.87 14.93 480.60 80.00 9.20 248.50 57.10 150.00 32.12 364.48 4.44 529.42 270.00 40.00 55.35 26.29* 252.68 100.00 84.44 81.25 50.00 22.78 28.73 19.00 10.34 97.00 23.23 60.40 16.00 .80 85.50 11.00 20.00 McCldfe EnWnnrlfig 00., • «**.' '', '.V..,.'. U4f,M McClufe Engineering- C&, Peei'bDW .,— 1,248,8* McCIuf6 Engineering lk, , frti-fiOW...- :-.... McCtof* Engineering* Co., Replacement af Warfint- DDJt.Humb.-K6M.W-47. P AM Stole Co., Ific.i Rip Rie-DO Kt, Humb.-Wf. Secondary'Roid PundV Libof A Equipment; RenUls-DD. , Moved by Holland lad leconded by Oay thefioafd adjaiifn, All voting aye. Lawrence J. Lsrdll • > Auditor , v. MlfVlil Christefiten Chairman H-8M 1.88-1 sufjirviiofi Room Courthous* Dakota City, towi The Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, fo#a, met thli 6th dly of February, 1974, In' I February session, with the following member* present: Day, Hirt, Sawyer ind "Christensen. Absent: Holland, Moved by ply ind seconded by Hart that permission be ind hereby I* given to Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. to bury telephone cable on the Courthouse grounds. All voting aye. - Moved by Sawyer and seconded by Oay to cancel Drainage Warrant No. 1814 in the amount of $1.86, dlted 12/28/61. All voting aye. Moved by Sawyer and leconded by Hart to authorize the County Treasurer and the County Auditor to attend a Revenue Sharing Meeting In Ankeny on February 16, 1974, and have their expense* reimbursed. All voting aye. Moved by Hart and leconded by Sawyer to transfer $1,701,36 from Revenue Sharing to the County Fund. All voting aye. Moved by Day and seconded by Hart the following be approved: RESOLUTION BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, Iowa, do adopt the following policy on the Installation of new entrances, relocation and or widening of existing entrances to the existing road system of Humboldt County, Iowa. 1. Persons requesting a new entrance, relocation and or widening of an existing entrance to the County road system shall apply for a permit at the County Engineer's Office. 2. Entrance culverti (15" dll. mln.) will be delivered and Installed by the County. Applicant will reimburse the County for the coat of the pipe prior to Installation. 3. Entrance culvert size, type and location, if needed, shall be determined by the County. (15" dla, mln.) 4. The applicant w III have option to furnlah and place the neceaaary fill material to construct the entrance or have the entrance constructed by the County. 5. If constructed by th« County, the fill material required will "be estimated by the County and the colt computed, baaed on a charge of five (5) dollars per truck load of fill. The applicant shall pay thl* eoit to the County before the entrance will be constructed. Any overpayment will be reimbursed to the applicant. 8. The fill material to be uaed for an entrance ahall be dirt only. No broken concrete, stone, brick, tile, wood or other rubble will be allowed. 7. The above policy will not apply on new construction (grading) projects, except for added entrance*. 8. The County will furnish and. place surfacing material (at no cost to the applicant) If the entrance Is for • residence. Surfacing of othera will be at the County's option. • 9. Any entrance constructed that does not comply with this policy may (Continued on Page 9) Wanted Homes in Need of Painting Homeowners in Humboldt will be given the opportunity to have their homes restyled and rebeautlfied with the all-new, wood-grained, vydel vinyl siding. Vydel vinyl siding can be applied to your home with optional decorative work at a very low cost. This amazing new product has captured the tntereat of homeowners throughout the United States who are fed up with conatant painting and other maintenance costs. It is maintenance free, virtually Indestructible. carries a 20-year pro-rated guarantee, providea full Insulation summer and winter aa well as fire protection, and la highly hiil-reslstant. Our new product can be applied to every type of home Including frame, concrete block and stucco with imaiing rebeautifying results. It comet In leveral colors and is now going to be introduced in the Humboldt market. Your home can be outstanding in your vicinity and you will be offered a substantial diacount off the regular retail price If you are Interested in Ihis special introductory offer. Homeowners who act now will be offered a FREE Inslallatlon for helping us introduce this quality product in their are*. Easy financing available. Vinyl la final. WE COVER THE STATEI Fer InformaUei write: CAMPBELL BUILDING PRODUCTS, INC. P-O.RMSTII DesMolne*,I«**M!15 IFer uonedltte nrvlte >ke»t wllect 515-I85-I1M.)

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