Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 27, 1963 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1963
Page 14
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REN CASEl' By NEAL ADAIVIS SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL I a'ST RECEIVED AW C0A5T no CAST 9Ja'£V KC'A A .'.\£<a, m =ZZ REPORTS ARE FROM PLACES CALLED, SINS SING, LEAVEKVJOCTH, A\XA~!if<l. SAN QUEOJTIN O 'NaLl BULLWINKLE ' DOWN INTO -tV,£ 1 MOKTH AMP uer VlHEM CU5£ US! By AL KILGORE '-mey HAVE 6UCH A eoop •n.we WITH •mg roi?a<Es AMP tvie ooesa AS lone AS THEV HAVE 50METHIN& TO WOaPST THEV S= HAPPIES WITHOUT THE FEAP?? MORTY MEEKIJ; By DICK CAVAIXI e )(PsamG>^ BACK HAPPENEC? TO MAKE VOJ CHANGS VOJiZ MIND? L7 TOP M^THe/DON'T HAVeANVTBLeVfaoM •INIHeFDEglCN Ce2 (C3N. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAAILIN SURELY VOUR HIGHMESS IS NOT GOING TO PLAY WITM THAT SILLY- LOOKING THING? ra HAVE 10U KNOW, MY PRINCESS, THIS , IS NO JUSTORPINAKY/ SILLY-LOOKING THINC ...ITS AN INSIRUMEKIT ' OF WAR, A WEAPON OF DESTINY... ...WHOSE HISTOfCr GOES BACH SO FAR, ITS BEGINNING IS LOST IN TH' HAZE OF FDR- GOTTEN CENTURIES.' PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VEBMEEB LOOK. HAZEL! , ^ JUST WHAT' frVE ALWAYS f WANTED!. OLIT60AI2D MOTORS SLIGHTLY USED A USED ) I SHOULD^ SAY NOT.'/ CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TtiRNEB 5PEU60U«t> By LUMATl'S sroaB& Of BUBEO INCA GOLP .U THIS NARRArWE, & A CAPTAIM JOW, WA* RJOUP IM SPADJ RECEUaV! WHILE BOUNP FOR HOME WITH IMCA Gap, HI5 5WP m9 lOST W A 57DRM OFF^ TNEFLORIPA COASTl WITH TWO CREWMEN HE MAP& IT ASHORE IN A SWALL BOAT AND BURIEP l<60U0a0U>UIM, IIFE5I2E. SAVEP FROM HIS LOOTi HIS MEM WERE SOON KILLED g/ WPIANSi BUT ZOIUO ESCAPEPi CUB BOABDINti HOUSE with MAdOB HOflPLR OUT OUR WAY J. B. WILLIAMS 14 - Thurs., June 27, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW OUR ANCESTORS mm tyQuincy By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD lUPI) - Two young men destined for popularity have emerged in recent days in events of surpassing trivia. Over JD Britain, it came to liglit that tionnie Prince Charles, 14, bought and downed a cherry brandy in a bar. Over here, another good- time Charlie, one Jerry Van Dyke, bowed in with a regular show on CBS-TV. Both of these young men have good family connections, Jerry being the kid brother of Dick Van Dyke, whose weekly CBS-TV series last month won Emmys for best comedy program, writing and direction. And the last two nights have seen the brothers Van Dyke inaugurate a one-two punch on CBS that will continue through the summer and accelerate in the fall. On Tuesday, Jerry offered the premiere of a half-hour game series called "Picture This." which he will host during the summer as a replacement for the vaca^ tioning Jack Benny. Wednesday night, Dick offered his usual situa tion comedy episode—this time a repeat about whether his sneezing had a psychological basis, and once again it was only his personal style that made liearable some pretty piddling fluff. And in the utumn, Jerry will take his giant step into the big time when he shows up each week as a key regular on CBS- TV's new Judy Garland musical- variety show. It was this week, in fact, that the premiere Garland telecast was taped in Hollywood, with Jlickey Rooney—her old costar in the Andy Hardy movies—as her first guest. Ajid in the celebrity-studded audience were Dick Van Dyke, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Glynis Johns, Van Heflin, Natalie Wood and Sheldon Leonard. Jerrj- has been carefully groomed for stardom. Last year, he made a notable debut, appropriately on his brother's series, in a two-part episode in which he played a fellow who was shy in his normal life, but who was a party-loving, banjo-plunking fun- raiser when sleep-walking. He and Dick were very funny together, bearing a striking resemblance to each other. And after that, CBS tested Jerry here and there —on the Ed Sullivan show and in a comedy on Jack Webb's "True" series, for instance. The Channel Swim: rfext Thursday. July 4, NBC-TV's "Today" show devotes all of its two hours to the story of the American Revolution—and originates from Boston...Friday, cartoonist Jules Feiffer appears on "Today" to talk about his first novel, "Harry, The Rat With Women." CBS-TV's early-morning "Col lege of the Air'' will be replaced by another educational series, "Sunrise Semester," in the fall. Jackie Gleason is telling people that next season will be the last for his variety show, which is telecast by the same network. Arthur Godfrey, who did a laudable job recently sitting in for Johnny Carson for a week as host of NBC-TV's "Tonight" program drops a note saying: "Sure would love to do a similar thing—but much earlier in the evening".. Both CBS-TV and NBC-TV will offer half-hour specials Sunday on the coronation of Pope Paul. The Sonora Desert of Arizona as viewed by American naturalist and philosopher Joseph Wood Krutch, is the subject of a one-hour NBC-TV color special Aug. 22...Krutch settled near Tuc' son about IS years ago. "Suh,.you're .ruining this town's reputation for southern hospitality!" IN HOLLYWOOD Making movies same worid over By Erskine Johnson TOKYO — It was like Holly, wood — only it needed English sub-titles. "Shizuka," the assistant director yelled. "Yoi yo," the director said. "Honban," he added. With the ending of the scene the director said "Yoshi." Paul Mizukami of 20th Century- Fox (Far East) provided me ^vith the English subtitles, although I could have guessed them. Movie making around the world demands the same words in any language. In Japan "shizuka" was "quiet." "Yoi yo" was the signal for "action," "honban" meant, "this is a take." "Yoshi" was the director's cue for "Cut." Moviemaking is universally the same, and studios around t h e world hold no surprises for a Hoi- lywoodsman. What was surprising for me came in the person of Paul Mizu kami, a handsome, wispy man But first let me say that we were standing behind the camera on the set of a new Japanese film at the Daiei studio a few miles outside of Tokyo. About this "new" film, Paul chuckled. Japanese moviemakers emulate Hollywood in other ways he said. The film was a remake, for the fourth time, of an old Japa nese legend about a Kyoto danc er and her lover. The plot sounded like Japanese movies are becoming more "adult" too. 'Premarital romance prob- NOnCE TO CREDITOKS No. 3260S Superior Court of the State cf CaU- rornla. for the County of San Ber> naraino. Estate of HARRIE LAWRENCE BENJAMIN, Deceased. Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the cleric of the at>ove entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the law office of Charles A. Bierschbach, JZ% West State Street. RedUnds, CalUomla. which Is the place of business of the undersigned in aU matters perUin- Ing to the estate of said decedent, within six months after the first publication of this noUce. Dated May 31, 1963. VIOLA MAE BENJAMIN, Executrix of the Will of the above named decedent. CHARLES A. BIERSCHBACH. Attorney at Law. 12 V4 West SUte Street, Redlands. California, Telephone: 792-2172, Attorney for Executrix. •First publication June 13. 1963) NOTICE OF SALE OF STOCK IN BULK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pur- stiant to the provisions of Section 3440.1 of the Civil Code of the SUte of CallfomU. that Julia K. Field. Myrtle T. Field. Donald E. Field and Guy V. Field, intend to seU to John A. Jacinto aU that certain personal property consisting generally of fixtures, equipment, and stock of merchandise of a Uquor business, known as Wagner's Central Liquors belonging to said Julia K. Field. Myrtle T. Field, Donald E. Field and Guy V. Field and located at 12S £. Redlands Blvd., City of Redlands, County of San Bernardino. SUte of California, and that the porefaase price thereof wUl be paid, on or after the advice liquor license has been transferred at the otlieea of The American National Co.. in The American NaUonal Bank BIdg.. 298 W. Highland. City of San Ber- nartlino. Cotmty of San Bernardino. SUte of CalUomU, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. That the address of said vendor is 128 E. RedUnds Blvd.. City of Redlands. County of San Bernardino. SUte of CallfomU. and the address of said vendee is lllS Cajon SL. City of Redlands, County of San Benurdino. SUte of CaUfomia. Dated June 18. 1963. MYRTLE T. FIELD. Vendor. and/or JOHN A. JACINTO. Vendee. lems?" I wondered about the Story. "Never premarital problems in Japanese movies," Paul laughed. "Always extra romance problems AFTER marriage." The studio was much like those in Hollywood —13 big white sound stages, cutting rooms and a back- lot with a two-block reproduction of Tokyo's Ginza (including its "Club Las Vegas"). Except for a Shinto shrine beside the main entrance gate, and bamboo poles for microphone booms, it could have been BIGM or Warner Bros, or 20th Century Fox. It was Paul Mizukami. as we said, who provided the most surprising note of all for me in Japan. He came to my hotel, intro duced himself, and we lunched together before visiting the slu dio. He is Japanese, the managing director of 20th Century Fox in the Far East. But he speaks perfect English. "Bom in California — Los An geles,' he explained. That's when the luncheon table became our private small world. In the late '30s, Paul and I had lived only a few miles apart in Los Angeles. We both had attended the same junior and senior high schools, 12 years apart. We had memories of the same teachers and of the same little cafe where students gathered for chili and beans after football games. Then he told me his story. On Dec. 7, 1941 — the day of Pearl Harbor — he was a student at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles. Although an American, the son of a Baptist minister, he was evacuated from the Pacific Coast to a "relocation camp" in Colorado. From there he joined relatives in Chicago and eventually was drafted into the U. S. Army. When the war in the Pacific ended, he became a member of the U. S. occupation army in Japan. Later, in Uie military government, he worked in the Department of Economic Reparations for eight years. He met and mar ried a Japanese girl and settled down in Tokyo. With the ending of the military government, he became associat ed with an American film company, in sales. For two years now he has held the title of managmg director of 20th Century-Fox in the Far East. As a Los Angeles high school art major, he wen a city-wide contest designing a poster for "Boys* Day" in the city government. His prize in that year of 1941 was a silver cup which, after 22 years, he has yet to see. "By the time the cup was to be delivered." he laughs, "I was in the Colorado relocation camp. Later, when I was in the army, I received my high school diploma. But I've always wondered about how my name looked on that silver cup." THE ALMANAC Today is Thursday, June 27. the 178th day of 1963 with 187 to follow. The moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning stars are Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. The evening star is JIars. Those bom today include Helen Keller, in 1880 at Tuscumbia, Ala. On this day in history: In 1844, a mob murdered Mormon leader Joseph Smith and Brigham Young became head of the Mormon Church. In 1893, a major economic depression began as prices on the New York Stock E.xchange collapsed. In 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was renominated for a second term in office by the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. In 1950, President Harry Truman ordered the U.S. Navy and Air Force to help repel the Communist invasion of South Korea. A thought for the day—American philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said: "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Volcano still erupting JAKARTA. Indonesia (UPI) — j\ntara, the official Indonesian news agency, said today that Mount Buntu Karawa in the central Celebes empted nolently on June 6 and has been spewing lava ever since. Four people were killed and six injured in a lava- destroyed village sLx miles away. Earlier this year Gunung Agung erupted, killing more than 1,500 people. Rains bring more floods in India CALCUTTA. India (CPU Heavy rains continued today in the Kamrup district of .Assam stale, where the Brahmaputra River already has covered seven villages, leaving three persons dead and 15,000 homeless. State authorities ordered emergency relief measures for the area and sought to prevent further flooding by the famed "River of Sorrows." HOME STUDY WASHIXGTO.\ (UPI) - Based on a recently completed correspondence school survey, an estimated 3.5 million Americans were home study students in 1962. For the first lime, the number of students engaged in home study is Rearing the total college and university enrollment of the United States, according to the National Home Study Council here. CEBTincATE OF USE OF FICTITIOUS FIR.M .NAME It Is hereby certified that the undersigned is conducting at Redlands. County of San Bernardino. Slate of California, a Real Estate business, under the fictitious firm name of Citrus Investments. Ellis Leslie Bennett, II .V. 5th St.. Redlands. Calif, state of California. ) County of San Bernardino > ss. On this 12th day of June. 1963. before me. a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared Ellis Leslie Bennett, known to me to be the person whose name s\ib- scrll>ed to the above instrument, and acknowledged to me that he executed the same. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seaL ELIZABETH T. ULLERY. Notary Public in and for the County of San Bernardino. SUte of CalifomU. Commission expires Jan. 6, 1967. People of Note Answer to Previous Puiila ACROSS 1 Apostle 5 Holy Roman emperor 9 Actor Duiyea 8 Academy award 9 Swelled 10 Nautical term 11 Approach 16 Humbler 20 Noise 12 British princess r"t:<'!f=.. .. . 13 Vehicles'^ 22 GuU-Iike birds 14 ChevaUer's island 13 Repulsive 17 Body of water 18 Caterpillar hairs 40 Bicycle parts 43 Plural of this 43 Glutted 46 Coin 24 Masculine nickname (pL) 23 Musical instrument 26 Curt allusion (coll.) 19B«ad browner ^r,tr«» 21 Tardv ^ "Ho' 23FisheBBs 31 Chances 24 Distreffi! sisnal 33 Greek populace 47 Mountahl i7FS &350neo £'u .e girls (comb, form) 29I.oosen 32Dwener 34 Speckled 36 Up to date 37 Verily 38 Appear 59 Hastened: 41 Physicians (ab.) 42 Drunkard 44 Strays 46 Farm bunding 49 Noblemen 53 Assam sJUcwonn 54 Efflux 56 Fiber knots 57 Fodder pit 58Theow 59 Pedal digit 60 Formerly 61 From himself DOWN IGoby 2 Poker stake 3 Distinct part 4 Lawful 5 South American wood sorrel 6 Rag 7 Singing group 43 Prince so Get up 513(r. Chaney and others 52 Dirk 55 Negative won! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 il 24 25 26 27 30 31 32~ 33 35 36 H37 38 • 43 1, 46 « 51 52 53 S>4 5a 56 57 59 60 51 TIZZY By Kate Osann COSTLY TOSSING BOSTON (UPI) - To replace windows in passenger cars shattered by stone-tossing boys costs the New Haven railroad around $150,000 yearly. "My blind date is a real nothing! He came as a sultan and brought three other girls!"

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