The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on March 9, 1974 · Page 5
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 5

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1974
Page 5
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.This was another long week at the legislature with debate OH the collective bargaining tot public employees bill taking up Almost all of pur floor time, which pre-empted most committee meetings. • ••• Three major amendments took up a majority of the time. fh«f first amendment was by Representative David Stanley of Muscatine. This amendment strengthened the no-strike provisions of the bill in a manner to insure that it was a really workable provision. I supported it, and it passed. , The next major amendment was offered by Representative Lowell Norland ; of Kensett. This amendment narrowed the negotiation scope of the bill somewhat. t did not support the amendment because I felt that by limiting the scope of negotiation we eliminate some of the give and take that is part of any bargaining situation. I fear that this amendment will be bad for some school boards in that by having a variety of things-to barter with in their negoliations they Would have been able to reach agreements with their teachers which might not have cost as much money in the long run. Under the amendment, which passed, they won't have that flexibility. The third major amendment, which was defeated, was by Ray Fisher from Greene County. This amendment which took all state employees out of the bill was probably the most debated amendment. The amendment was'defeated on the floor and will be up for re-consideration on Monday. After its defeat Richard Turner gave probably the most politically oriented Attorney General's ruling in the history of the slate. After going Ihrough a bunch of legalistic mumbo jumbo, throwing out Lalin lerminology al every lurn lo obfuscate the issue: he said lhal our slate Merit Employment system was in conflict with the bill, and Ihen, in essence denied il in Ihe last paragraph of ruling. The only problem wilh Ihe ruling was lhal Ihe final paragraph was righl and Ihe resl of Ihe ruling was dead wrong. Because of Ihe way Ihe bill is worded il is not in conflicl. I just Wish thai he would read the bills before he offers his opinions. We will probably finish up Ihe colleclive bargaining bill on Monday or Tuesday. Debale on this will be broadcast over WOI Radio which is 640 on the dial. ., The only important commitlee action Ihis week was in Ihe Agricullure commitlee where we passed oul a bill lo require corporalion farms lo regisler wilh Ihe Secrelary of Stale. This bill is a weak version of Ihe bill we should have. However, ils betlcr lhan nolhing. I jusl hope il doesn'l die on the calendar. l~ | Cochran's Comments ft*=S-*=v-£^-' Rep. Dale Cochran The House spent, the entire week discussing collective bargaining for public employees. A tolal of eight days had been given to Ihis bill through Friday of last week. Some time was taken out on a number of occasions to hold commitlee meelings •and public-hearings, however. . . .......... ..,,-._, .,,,,, More than 400 amendments'were filed to the billv'It-Ms anticipated that it will be at least Wednesday before a final vote can be taken. The bill provides procedures and conditions by which public employees can organize an.d bargain colleclively through a process of negotialions, mediation, and binding arbitration. Several amendments have been adopled to change Ihe version lhat passed the Senate last spring, and now is being debated in the House. One amendment provides for an imparlial fact-finder lo be called in lo conduct hearings, study issues, and make recommendations regarding a resolution of the dispute between the employer and employee. This step would be taken after mediation, but before binding arbitration could be asked for. An other amendment of significance would definitely limit the scope of negotialions. It would limit negotiations to economic matters and other considerations directly affecting the employee. The bill would now only include negotiations on wages, hours, vacations, insurance, holidays, leaves of absence, shift differentials, overtime compensation, supplemental pay, seniority, Iransfer procedures, job Hassificalion, heallh and safely mailers, evaluation procedures, procedures for staff reduction, dues checkoffs, in-service training, and other matters only if mutually agreed upon. In other action, the House adopted amendments providing for tougher anti-strike provisions than were in the Senate passed bill. Strikes are not only prohibited by the amendments, but it is also unlawful for memers of employee organizations to induce, instigale, encourage, authorize, ratify or participate in a strike. The antistrike penalties include fines of up to $40Q per day for public employees on strike, and up to $10,000 per day for the employee organizations. The bill now calls for immediate discharge of the striking employee and the loss of the right to re-employment for one year. The Senate version allowed an employee charged with striking to remain on the job until proven guilty through a hearing procedure. The organization representing public employees thai went on strike could lose its right to represent employees for one year. Once the House completes action, the bill will be sent back to the Senate for consideration of Ihe House amendments. Hold Bode rites for Cop Harris March 5 Services for Harland (Cap) Harris, 47, Bode, were held Tuesday in St. Olaf Lutheran Church with burial in the parish cemetery. Schellhammer Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Mr. Harris died of an apparent heart attack Saturday morning. Among survivors are the widow, Audrey; children: John, East Meadow, N.Y.; Steven, Hayward, Calif.; Brett and Patty, at home; his mother, Mrs. Guy Lansing, Bode; a granddaughter; and sisters: Mrs. Geraldine Blair, Humboldt; and Mrs. Beverly Thompson, Forest City. Cap Harris was born at Hardy and in 1949 married Audrey Pederson at Bode. In 1959 they moved to Bode where he had been a truck driver for Abbas Livestock Trucking, Dakota City. He "was a veteran of World War II and a member of Bode Volunteer Fire Department and the American Legion. Marriage Licenses 7247 Mark L. Nelson, 19, Rritt, and Lee Ann Chrislen- sen. 19, Rode. 7248 Randy M. Berka. 19. Humboldt, and Rhonda S. Hansen, 18, Humboldl. 7249 Philip N. Carlson, 19, Humboldt, and Julie D. Thorson, 18, Humboldt. Hold World Day of Prayer at Renwick RENWICK-Members of St. Pauls Lutheran, United Methodist, and First Baptist Churches observed World Day of Prayer Friday afternoon, March 1, in Lake Lutheran Church. Welcome was given by Mrs. Olaf Kleveland of Lake Church. Readers were: Mrs. Louis Sampson, Lake Lutheran Church, Baptist Church, Mrs. Glen Earl Martin, St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Mrs. Cledis, United Methodist Church, Mrs. Ray Mills and Mrs. Dean Kitley. MrsTtlobert Pindell gave the message. Special music was presented by Mrs. Ron Klasse and Carolyn Hanson. Rev. Robert Pindell gave benediction. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Wall?, were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schnetzer, Humboldt. Ellis Macha met Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Macha and Mrs. Barbara Washa at the airport in Des Moines Monday evening. They were returning to their home at Renwick after a vacation of five weeks in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Green received word Sunday morning that Mrs. Doris Gilmore, Clear Lake, a sister of Mrs. Green had died. Funeral services were held Tuesday in Patterson Funeral Home in Mason City. Members of St. Pauls Lutheran ALCW met in the parish house Monday for a day of sewing for Lutheran World Relief. Mrs. Lolly Womack, Waterloo, was a guest Sunday until Monday afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Palmer. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dasler were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Zigrang, Eagle Grove, and in the afternoon they visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pohlmann. Tuesday evening supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Siemens were Mr. and Mrs. Barlan'Hanspn and ram'i1y;'Gbldfie'laV :i l: ' ' : " ; > Steve Rasmussen was a Friday overnight guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Siemens as a guest of their son, Ron. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Oberhelman and Ronnie were Sunday evening supper guests in th«j home of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Davis, Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schnei- der and Mrs. Freda Schneider visijed in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Derwood Helmke, Geneva, Sunday afternoon; Derwood Helmke had returned home Feb. 27 from Iowa Lutheran Hospital, Des Moines, where he had been for injuries suffered ' in a snowmobile accident Feb. 22. Mr. and' Mrs. Larry Cameron and boys, Nevada, were weekend visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thompson. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thompson and family "and Mr,, and Mrs. Larry Cameron and boys were dinner guests in the home of. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Thompson, Hardy. Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kitley and family were visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thompson. Mrs. Robert fiutcher and Jason and Mrs. Don Will were at Algona Tuesday to help Mrs. Clark Godden, grandmother of Mrs. Will, celebrate her 91st birthday. Colleen Schnetzer, Fort Dodge, spent the weekend in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schnetzer. Sunday dinner and supper guests were 'Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mortimer, Fort Dodge, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Merkle and family, Lu Verne. Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Kleveland were dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gronbach, Lu Verne, Sunday. Mrs. Amelia Hoffman, Livermore, and Ross Clark, Livermore. Casket bearers were Kenneth Sandy, Keith Sandy, Roger Clark and Dennis Clark. Mrs. Ed Nessen, West Bend, ana 1 Mrs. Ed Skow, Rutland, were guests of Mrs. Gladys Rolland Thursday afternoon. Pastor and Mrs. Corirad Rolland, Belmond, spent Monday, March 4, with his mother, Mrs. Gladys Rolland. . Mr. and Mrs. Orville Olson, Mrs. Lucille Torgerson and Mrs. Viola Thompson attended the historical association meeting Monday evening. Mrs. Fay Davenport gave a report from the quilters and to date 165 quilts have been finished. Court Record Brother of Thor Selvig dies Feb. 21 in Norway 13983 Lynn Leonard Lindley, plaintiff, vs. Iowa Department of Public Safety, defendant, on an appeal of license revocalion. Petition filed Feb. 25. BODE-Alfred Selvig, 73, brother of Thor Selvig died Fob. 21 and was buried Feb. 23. Funeral services were held in Hole Church in Hogsfjord, near Stavanger, Norway. He had passed the 73 year mark only, a few days before his death. Thor Selvig is now the only member living from a family 'of seven children. He had not seen this brother since he left for America in 1914. • Mr. and Mrs. George Usken Rose Creek, Minn., visiled Mr. and Mrs. Thor Selvig Monday and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Selvig, Osage, came, Sunday. They are daughler and son of Oscar Selvig, Thor Selvig's deceased brolher. Rev. Craig Ause, Spencer, visiled Paslor and Mrs. Loken at the parsonage Monday. Miss Stacey Dee Clark, 2 Vz, of Humboldt, S.D., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Clark, died in a Sioux Falls, S.D., hospital March 1. She was baptized in St. Olaf Lutheran Church, Bode. Prayer services were held al 6:30 p.m.'Sunday, March 1, in 'First Lutheran Church, Colton, S.D./ with Rev. Gerald Koehler officiating. Funeral services were held in St. Olaf Lulheran Church, Bode, al 2 p.m. Monday, March 4, Rev. Palmer Loken officialing. Inlerment was in Union Cemelery, Livernvore. She is survived by her parenls, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Clark, Humboldl, S.D., and onp * * m Lunch Special Every week Monday through Friday, from 11:00 A.M. to 3 P.M. HOT, LIGHT, THRIFTY AND FUN we're your Lunch Bucket Kentucky Fried Chicken is great for lunch. Make a date to try this money-saving special soon and have a barrel of fun. Here's what you get— • 2 pieces of chicken * slaw • roll Our Lunch Special is another reason why "Humboldl loves what the Colonel cooks." Have a barrel of fun Hwy 3 East Humboldt fried brolher, Daniel, at home. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Don Clark, Livermore, and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Johnson, Bode. Greal-grandparents are Mrs. Angie Johnson, Pocahontas, Clarence Carlson, Pocahonlas, Small Claims Court Pending: 326-0274 Mr. and Mrs. Roberl F. Tale, Emmetsburg, vs. Hilding L. Lindley, Humboldt, on demand of $85. ANNUAL MUSIC BOOSTER SMORGASBORD Saturday, March 16th Serving From 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Roast Beef, Ham, Chicken, Homemade Salads, Desserts Adults - $2 Children Under 11. - $1.50 Pre-schoolers FREE / High School Gym It only takes one catastrophe. Protect yourself. Call us for a descriptive brochure — before you plant. .First Investors , insurance Inc. 10 N. Taft [formerly Hotel Humboldt] Phone 332-1954 Dick Barnes Dave Do dgei , Box 218, Humboldt, Iowa 50548 " y You are invited to our OPENING Swizzle Stick Lounge Dakota City A place to go for that after work relaxation or a night out for fun and dancing. Music by Royal Coachmen Fri. & Sat., March 8 and 9 Be sure to stop in Jim and Marlene Hamilton Petition filed Feb. 27. Completed: 194-1273 Dr. E. P. Hansen vs. Dennis Wood. Case dismissed Feb. 28. 294 0274 H. F. Schuchmann, n.n.S., vs. Kurt Paeper. Case dismissed Feb. 26. 301-0274 Dr. K, 0. Pride, vs, Jack and Virginia Wood. Case Himissed Feb. 28. Court Record 2-19-Ernest W. Graham, speeding, finod $20 and costs. 2-11-Allan G. Pedersen, no brakes on trailer, gross weight over 3,000, fined $16,50 and costs. 2-11-Allan G. Pedersen, no safety chain, fined $25 and costs. 2-20-Rernard Kacmarynski, speeding, fined $20 and costs. 2-23 Paul F. Willey, speeding, fined $20 and costs. 2-20-Daniel J. Roote, speeding, fined $20 and costs. 3-1-Jim StruUenberg, larceny, dismissed. 3-1-Larry Loftus, larceny, dismissed. 3-1 -Gary Jensen, larceny, dismissed. 3-1-Terry Ruby, larceny, dismissed. 3-1 -Tom Sherwood, larceny, dismissed. 3-1-Denny Smothers, larceny,'dismissed. 2-26-Arlene M. Oslram, speeding, fined $30 and costs. l-2G-Rodney L. Friesth, purchase and give beer or minor, dismissed. 1-26-Rodney L. Frieslh, contribut ing to delinquenl of a minor, not guilty". 3-2-Adam A. Artzer, public intoxication, fined $15 and Protect your farm investment Farm Bureau's Country Squire policy can be tailored exactly to you, whether you're an owner, an operator or both. You net only the coverage you need, and no more. Call us for details. Farm Bureau insurance Farm Bureau Life & Farm Bureau Mutual Des Moines. Iowa Mike Smith Agency Manager Humboldt,Iowa Phone 332-1121 , The Humboidl Independent^ Sfttufdjty, jfafftfeH 9,19t4' costs. 2-22-Alviti J. er change' of lanes, fined flS and costs. 2-20 Sieve J, Kock, speeding, fined $20 and costs. 2-26-Denise M. Ly'oh, speeding, fined $25 and costs. 2-24-Dorothy V. Armstrong, OMVUI, transferred to dislricl courl. 2-23-Gail Rosendahl, public intoxicalion, fined $20 and cosls. Club program on nutrition Ruiland Women's Club mel Tuesday evening, March 5, with Mary Ann Pedersen, Fort Dodge. Evelyn Zanders, direclor, opened the meeling wilh Ihe Pledge of Allegiance and Ihe Women's Club Prayer Collect. Emma Lewis gave a lenlen MfftuteS of the prlvio'u* Reeling were read by MJIdffed Blomker and the treasurer's report was given by Marjofie Davenport, the pfofffam w,as nutrition was given by ftuth Hanson and Freida Rapple. Poof eating habits were brought to attention. "As a rule these bad habits are formed as a child atid carry thrdUgh adulthood," said Mrs. Rapple. Television has become the nation's educator of foods. Life expectancy age has gone down in recent years and 10 other countries now have a higher life expectancy than the United States. She also touched on organic foods and chemicals in foods. Junk foods or snacks were also mentioned. , During the business meeting a guest evening meeting was planned and a coffee, plant and food sale will be held at a later date. Attend Our Thursday, March 14 8:30 a.m. • 9:00 p.m. * Free Coffee and Cookies * Register for Door Prize * See all of our new spring styles Terrill-Rickless Draperies 4 blks west of Powers Funeral Home Pocahontas 1100 5th Ave. NW H UMOTA The Big Fun Show For All Starts SUNDAY Step up to Home Ownership It looks like a long climb to home ownership but the way is made, smooth with our popular home purchase plan. Come in today and learn how a modest down payment will starl you on your way, followed by monlhly, rent-like payments which move you steadily forward, slep-by-- slep, lo debl-free home ownership as the ultimate goal. When you are ready to take your first big step forward, come in and talk it over. You will appreciate all the practical features of our home loans—the sensible rates, the generous terms, the personal attention to your particular needs. Most of all you'll like the feeling thai we are wilh you every slep of the way. SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 611 FIRST AVENUE NORTH HUMBOLDT, IOWA 50548 Phone 515 332-1840

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