Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 12, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1952
Page 4
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Hal Bpyle's Notebook Mom Celebrates Mother's Day Evashevski Says Iowa Line Too Slow liy MAI. Kunsiis Cify - Mnny an Aiucfif.iii iiKitlici In- dny is rrsUriK iirirr tin' cirdi'nl ot licin^; iriotlK'r on MotlvT'o day. Thnt is til.' Hitii.-ilum in uiii Inmily. Por yonrs \vr linvi' liic-d to niotlK'i- Mcmi cm Mi>t!i el's dny. Bu- Morn is linrd to iiiotlni. Sli • is SH nsrd to pnmpoi'lng hc-r five chiidicn and two ^im'^'li'' dn'.n Hint it is luiid fm licr t lax and l.i tluin I 'nnipcr liei. Somehow Mill' iias lllr wlioli' iilr 1 111' .M.'tll.'l'-^ day confusjnd. To tu'i it is a land of ti'st ul In-: nn'ttlo ns a paii'iit. Ycnr nftcr yi'ai tlir liids li\ tc fn;uii' out a to do sonicilnnv. special to idvas" lui liut ii aiwavs ends n[> with mama dninu sonn'ihni'.; fiu 1 »()M,K da>. Hill slir ha;, rcli Iniit od il in the way shi' liki's lust. Shr h IS had tin- family toRi'llu'i- in tlii- lioni-', and Intic s-iiii.'tliinf: for thrni •i i. s AIOST MOrilliUS an liappv to lovaiM- MiftM if >and\ and flowers fi uni tinir i-ltildri'n .N'ot ou'.- Mi'iii Shi L;.'IS arij;i\ Sli.' Ihinlvs thi.t is wasteful. The enl\- tiiini; \\ e ean ^ive liei is sonie inones". an<i all she di'es wit. I the nuine\" is lo stew it a\\'a\' in an .'M se.U or .-.innethinj; to le .iM' (o liej f;rainl- I ell, Mi 'in iias i-p.-i.; hei lite d.'UiL: things for her ehil- di.n and sh.- his neve; i;i)l around to tlie thout;ht tell m:.. I., the .(u)<iii-n .'KL'h! to st,iit lnothi'rin>. "NOW THIS \t:.\n v, to dinner and e. lelirat.. j;ot out o.' kitelien,' "Well, thafll he 1. il I slu' begins to hedi:.'. She ('(• it is to 1,1. out sill all be toti ciewi'.ei'. on M ••ril tell yon ul al, ' si; cf ebickL'iis, and let s s. i berry shon;ake ua ih Axn Mli: AI.W S 1 d.ay and sh.i slaves hai.i.i hot stove. The kuis si; ir. : themsoives like r,-. IMS ; i in platter .ifi.i J:;!-.!.'! i-.olp she ;.e's -.vei;;.: • later in d:yi;-.^ !!-e dish.s Everytiod> iher. M;S ar.. ins the ,cov,-: r.;v.. r.t ""Xow isr. : l.*.".-. : : She 15 r-:.] , u: :i . :v. 111.: I.i l:ln> IK'liiIs M'lt e IS -111 • ih^ i >,os 11: 1 .11. ^^ HD .i .\:;.i t:.. i.u niiaii t'.'i i t s '.:t a;. 11* > N\ : •Till A Sli. .. r.l \ .•.ll^ ol.i. and tune and er «.•:.<!•.. She has no bitter f.'.Is si'i ry for yomii; wives 11 \\ 1-; .\ l,l>T nioie i;.uii;e;s to h. Ij. theiii .i.~.'u,ek sh.e said -Hut M 'liielovv 1 don't •, i.:iv, til. I. . lini; ol see-jritv I h.ail win n 1 ai.iii.. d A> lle^lll v.k th.i- .i.,d >t.i'. ti.i hou.-, k. . I'll-.'; .'O <l.a : i\ is )-:ua f.'i n-.i to aeeep; Bo: sh,.- ii,.:ked h.irdi; :ind felt m..r,. s.evir.- an til. ' do today. And pro!)abIy I, a lie x; ; . r. 1. k. r. T^^^•:k:ns ^ni In res ., t. :-. 1 1.1;! s;;< IS ilsM M..r.i i> the piu:.i>. i>!.. i ii; th.e fanuK' ; e. I'ie nvas! lead then own lives, and that it doesn't ';o ar.-. .CO.; to t:> to their lives for them. Sh.. -jiv,..^ Iv. adv.00 in an oblique way I still carry ,,- ...^ .,x..r.'. .i la.ied newspaper olippini: that mom Slie thinks She had underlined in ink thi-: er.i' , I! knew •11 be anothei 1 l^tt^fxWlU ^atlf K'to^. 0.'mt:r.:r.c C.f \';nd;c*:.'.r Aad K^publlcAn. PuMi^^^.J Kver>' K\ iCxcepl j^undAj' f i»30 i'. u-.» p.-v .j ::.ct j: >.s -ji- m-.-.t. I.iwi, uBdtr uVs s;t c: i:a.-ra S :s79. 4 Mon.. May 12. 1952 S.VCKKI) FK'Kl) 1 »..\.S.SKS down .a eoiu ey. r belt to a new warehouse just east of th.' older huild- ili,i;s It jirevlously has been sacked at a central location in the plant an.d dropp.'d on a branch conveyer belt to the main bolt in the picturi'. How- I Daily News photo ami enpri'avinp) eVei- Several Itind.s of pelleteil and orunibli'd feeds are keiu in bulk form in the plant for delivery directly to the fai-m. Two extra hin.s also have been built for finished scratch K'^ihis. Wolves To Play Eagle Grove Tomorrow the Wolves play Ea- f'le Orove at Estlicrvlllo at 3:30 n'. Jaycee park. The Wolvv.'s have not met Ennle Grove before this year, Cotioh Jiick Knicy probably will Htiirt the snmo lineup that went ag- Port Dodge last Thursday. Kiiley has placed Fogarty at shortstop and moved Duffy over to second base. Kenny Hartman did the pltchlnfi. The tentative batting order is Canhan, lb; Duffy, 2b; Fogarty, .ts: Rccd, If; Peterson, cf; Iverson, rf; Burger, c; Pcmble, 3b, nnd HaHniiin, pitcher. On Thursday the Wolves travel to Mankatu to piny a return game with Beth" any which holds an 8-8 decision over the Wolves In the opening f_'am<' of the season. Running Attack Is Weak S. y. I. Tennis Team LoHe.s Second Match South Bend. Ind, im~Th€ University of low.i tennis team lost its .second matcli in two days here .Sunday as Notre Dame nctmen down the Hawkoyes, 6-3. Indiana ended an Iowa two-year string ot 17 victories with n 9-0 shutout at Bloomlngton Saturday. "l«::. :o iSe u»e (^r rfpuCIiCition of «.'! •Jx * K <-A.: nr» 5 pnn'.isj 13 UuJ nrwa- r.k?<r «.< wc:: u »u xP Bt »8 <us Permanenl Tctnptation SUBSCRIPTION TEP.^IS Bv =».: :n i:m33?: iorFi-i, PaJD Alto. 'c.s^, r>;.-it :n5'Sn. JucA>.>a lad Mamn c-^uciiff, .ir.e ytii }«: Kx nijoths TTV.-.f-j ••> SI. By ns&y. cj' cc mties ooc year '»10 »;i iTjJEttu f',: Ihnt montlu $2 't oze inv.ntii »1.00. Bv uxi'.t Meraani -j^.ar: per j 'soc: ' >«.r JH. f.x monliu JT.Ii.^ Mra&rr t.! ion Pr»t! AssocaUtM. j Ion Pii:-. Prcu As-cnitj-c. .vuejcij , £<:;t!.ri»j A .«.-JC .a;.-;>3 anl Ia:»D<J P.tu I AESJClM.-T. I PXPP-ESX-'-TATri'ES j EiLChaBre. 0-..--a a---^ AUas'j sod . oentra; tj^rtr-s.^^ rfrr-Mt:;a-.;Tf!: In- wrjotv Sir Ci::azi r;!ii A« . , E.i--_=_-rt. Kaj^aj e.-.T. O.-ain j Enjoy your movies imtler the stars. LAST SHOWING TONITE Transferred from Hobson Aib.on -JP-P .CL- U Pa:ks. navy p<t;y officer ''^I '.o (-•-;•:iv-d h:s transf'ir •-: another ship or.Iy i" day .5 t"f_r' the r.s.\y d.;--!:roye.- JU-^i^in . w :;5. i'cr.k, is ."pvndir.? . J h-iir.'.:- -v::'r. parents. Th,P.-v ,ir.d Mr? H. -S P.irk3. Showing Tuesday and Wednesday More Fun%2n'Dm R^/JHand'DEAR Wm »-:'..t':..,.^s,r.,^, A Paramount Picture* -C '0-IUT — RUTH ROMAN IS AIL WOMAN IN uQHmMc smiKesrma} pMiscNTco av WARNER Bftos. Daily News Classified Ads Are Low in Cost, High in Results Stuff and Guff .More and .Mower By -.SALT V .a,- ch.t-<hal!ir. '.viir. Pr '.s j-.- : :-.• Co;.'?'--'.o-C<-..;t-rt th-- othii a .y . I.TJ h- '^.T.':- up '.'.ith th.,i .-:o:jr .'J.::;.' r--.-l .i -io.'-, that th.- [•ov. • r ::.ov. .-r rr.plaee th'- o!.i pj.-h-r.-puj! cutn-r, H. h!!'! .T..: ;h:rikir. .s..riou.s!y ;;r/.j'j' ^^^y.r. or.'- thoi-.- ro-w P'j::-p'-*:- for ilr.'^ V.•:.:^ fot Moth.-r's D ;. -.'.-OUld'v.- b.-.-n nil-- for her bu! r .o :n ;n but th..- b.,-,,t for th- HI worn -ir. I 'm sjonna •.vftit ur.til they put •s. ..j'-a? and umbrella on ' n-. 'n'-v .:-r can '.. v.h-.-. :-.Y..'\\ make mi- run •ht- d ;»r .'-..-'l thini,'. C'-rthir.'.y .'ippreoiat.- the sug- ;;-:^tion. VTIK- Nov.- I C 'ln ^'iv.- you ladje-s a f'.-..- hot tipa lor Fathers Day ijuni 11; OK for graduation, loo . t!(K, Ti.-.-* and TIES. l\ iind up . T-Hhjrt.s. all prices '.'orn.- jirn-dandk,« at «,&5) . •.Skipf.i r" .shon and long .sleeve ^port .--hirt" -52 0 ."i and '.'.ay on up In rrii n .H ji -Aelry "Hickok" is th' kin« and we got it. Belth? "Hickok" or "Mun.s- field- . . . $1.50 and $2 or if ya really wanta butter up to the ok- man ya can spend a load of cabbage and gel a ".Mny- fn Id ' or "Capp»" suit. "Hub- b.-ird' dresH Klack», J.'i.S.'j . . , and for a HUre hit anysummer- tinii, a Wil«or. •'Shawta Cloth" dre.SK hhirt <$3 .'j.'j) they're ri .-lily eoo-riol and easy to wear and to men that do their own laundry, th'-y're the easiest darn thingx to iron I know (eauiji- my wife told me). .She alho told ine Chapman's CiolhingH bi-Ht ails aren't writ - they're worn. AIJKIVINt; I-N THK W .AKKHOl .SK, the .^aeks of fi-.d ar.- lifted from -ih.j chut-- vliieh eoniu ei.-; with the eoriveyi-r and loaileil on pallot.s by Du ;ini H--!-.-uii 'l.fti and Klm.-r Ro.-fin. After 2,'200 to 2.400 pouml.s of f .-i -d i- -st:icki li on the pallei. Leland Kolpin haul.s it a'.va'.- on th.- tow-moto! 'in th'- biickgrounti i and stacks it for fu- t Daily News photo and engraving) ture delivery. The warehouse can noid up to '10 or 50 carloads when filled to capacity, Jensen .said. For delivery, a dock ha.s boon built in front of the wanliouse at which 10 trucks may be spotted at one time. The dock also .serves a.s a gaiage for trucks overnight. got (iome classy jobs at- Missouri in ShoMcloMu for Bitr 7 Title City. May 12 :iV> A showdown for the Big Seven conference baseball championship begins on two different diamonds today. "The leading Missouri Tigers (9-1) open a two game seiics with thl- Nebraska Cornhuskcrs (6-31 at Columbia Kansas' Jay hawks (6-2i who moved into second place as Iowa Sta^e won a doublolieadcr from Nebiaska last Saturday, go against place Kansas State (2-13- nt Manhattan today and tomorrow. Friday and Saturday, Kansas will bo at Iowa State and Colorado at Nebraska. Mi.ssouri and Nebra.ska have four games remaining. Kansas, the other contender, has to play si.K. The Jayhawkft and Missouri wil lend their seasons at Columbia May 19-20. The first Missourl- Kansaa series was rained out. Coach John (Hii Sinmions' Missourians won their ninth victory in league play Saturday, 5-4 over Oklahoma. Iowa State hacked pil- chera Jack Luhring and Don Burgess with timely hitting to deflate Nebranka'H pennant liopes 2-1 and 2-0 at Ames. Colorado brought its league record to .500 by whipping Kansas State 12-6 and 7-t at Boulder. Standings: W. 1.. I'ct. Missouri 9 1 .900 Kansas 6 2 .750 Xi -braska Colorado Iowa Slate Oklahoma Stati (i :', 1 1 3 4 :'. (i 2 13 .f)67 .500 .429 .333 .1 .33 Prison Warden Ignores Hunjjjei* Work Strike Angola. Lit.. May 12 (/!'> A 1..0U- islana prison hearf* ignored today a hunger and work strike by 120 convicts and accusations trfat he threatened to kill a radio newsman who questioned prisoners. The white convicts in the camp for first offenders at the stale penitentiary went 'on strike five days ago protesting long working hours in the prison farm's cane fields. James Van .Sickle, radio news director for station KWKH at Shro- vcport, La., sough.t to obtain interviews yesterday from a group of tho striking convicts. Van Sickle said Superintendent D. D. Bazer found him talking to prisoners, tlion drew his pistol and said, "I'm going to kill you." Tho newsman said he had been invited to tlie prison by Deputy Warden L. H. Mulina. "I don't care notiiing about what Van Sickle says," Bazer said. "I'm not going to admit anytidng, it lie wants to go to court with it, that's all right." Tho hunger strike went unreported until a New Orleans newspaper received an anonymous phone call. Tr>' a Ually News Want Ad. To I''if:;hl Measles in Eskimo Community St. John's, Newfoundland, May J2 IP —A U. S. air force plane from Pepperell aii- base near here flew medical supplies to Goose Bay. Lalirador, yesterday to combat a measles epidemic in an isolated Eskimo community. The mercy fiiglit was made after a missionary radioed a request for help In fighting the disease outbreak ut Nain, 250 miles north of Goose Bay. Boy, 2, Drives His Car into Door Knoxvilie. Tenn.. May 12 (71^)-Paul Geoffi'oy Carlisle, 2, was ho -i- pitnil'/cd today with 14 stitches in his head after the car lie was guiding crashed into a door. Paul lan his toy car into a French door at his home yesterday, Tho door cimte down and Paul wound up o:i the floor with hi.s head through a glass pone. Quad Cities Carpenters Strike Mollne, 111., May 12 ff>~AFL. carpenter.s in the Quad cities went on strike early today. Tho 1,800 carpenters joined 220 iron workers already striking under a no contract-no work policy. Otis Pai-k chairman of the arbitration hoard for the Tri-Citles carpenters district council, said the strike, which began at 12:01 a. ni., halted all carpenter work in Moline, East Mollne, Rock Island and Davenport. The union has demanded an 18'/j cents hourly wage increase. Tho carpenters now receive an average $2.44 hourly. A union spokesman said employers offered an 8-cent Increase during negotiations which began Doc. 20. Tho contract expired May 1. It is believed that whales do not have a sense of smell. ANDERSON -SCHENCK , 105 S0.6TH I } Ttl.?65 I ESTHERVILLE IOWA Now Showing 1 FRAHK SINATRA SHELLEY WINTERS ALEX NICOL Iowa City, May 12 (/P)—After 20 practice sessions capped by a free- scoring intra-squad game, whal docs Iowa's grid coach, Forest Evashevski, think of his HawkcycB.' Here arc his retictlona as expressed following Saturday's spring game scrlmmnge whicl the Black won 47-26 over the Gold: The passing looked better than he expected. The ruiining attack was disappointing. The line Is far too slow and needs a lot of work. The 1962 edition of the Hawk- eyes may hav<s as , many as si'; sophomore starters. Several conclusions scorned indicated as the Iowa squad stowed away Its football togs until fall: «• * * FIRST, THE T-formatlon will still piny a part in the Hawkcye offense this coming fall. Evashevski said When he. caniu to Iowa this sparing that ho would play approximately 70 per cent single wing and 30 per ^ont T-formation. After Saturday's game, the coach admitted that if the running game docs not pick up next faJt, "I'll have to up the percentage of T plays." Second, tho line, both oftenaively and defensively, is much too alow, as It was much of 'the time last year. Evashevski said he was most disappointed by the offensive line not getting ahead of the ball carriers. * * * "\VIIAT GOOD does it do to have a good backflcld if tho line Is too slow to provide the • necessary downfield blocking for them?" he asked. Defensively, the line was not rushing the passer very oftisn. Third, the defensive secondar>'. both on passes - and breakaway running, was leaky. Seven of the 11 touchdowns scored came on long pass plays through the secondary. The shortest of these was 1 yards, a pass from halfback Don Inman to quarterback Paul Kemp; tho longest was 86 yards from halfback Bob Stea^rnes to end Dan McBride. / But in addition to these and three other long passes, there were a spot pass and a screen play In which the pass catchers simply outran, and outfakcd the secondary. * • * PROBABLY TliK brightest spot in the 47-26 scoring spree was the performance of the passers and pass receivers. Evashevski has come up with' at least four good passers, two of them lefthanders. Burt Britzmann, last year's regular T formation quarterback and passer, and his understudy Kemp threw accurately and long from the T iilays, while lefties StearnC!' and Inman did their antics from the single wing halfback spot. The best receivers promise to be Bill Fenton, Dan McBride, Pre-1 Schwengel, and John Hall, all.ends and all new except Penton. 'These men plus several others amused il total of 664 yards in 27 pass plaj's or nearly 25 yards.jper completion. Evashevski chuckled when reporters remarked thnt it seemed nearly everyone in both backflclda could pass * * « "I hlKK MY TKAMS to be able to pass throe ways," he said, "running to the left, running to tho right, and from' straight down the middle." Inman and Stcarnos may well be the answer to wags Who have said that Evtishevski will be trying to run a single wing next year vrlth- out a capable tailback. And Ev>' saj's Dusty Rice, who didn't see action Saturday because of an injured knee, is oven bettor tiian these two. In tho other spot considered, essential for a good alngio wing team, the comment has h^enth^t Iowa won't have a spinning tujl- back. Evashevski says he's got three of tho best specialists around; the problem is to get them to peir^orm the other two'functions of a'full­ back well. Bernie Bennett sbcms TurntopMceCeoiaiuiB. - ' • MiFny- Ii. t m VIO FIJNT (2 M AN- TOWN)... IP TI-IAT TV CmV>B\ POMT WOlfKV. COUUMM15T AMUV /ffiS At PACiPIC KNOWS VVWO Vt3U f A lUISje ARE, WONEV, WE y Ol? TWO A50UT V'KNOW, FOOZY, I'M^WEU, I'M QUAD VOU'R& aORRY I U06T /COMiN' TMCXIR. SENSES MY HEAD AN' (AT LA6T.,'y0U'P 8E MISTER KNOCKED OU V MARION IF I HADN'T MARION r -'^^ACTED FA6T,' KICKIN'/ y^.'^te*--, OH.IDUNNO WORSE THINGS THAN THAT COULDA HAPPENED.,. .1.,. EH? WHAT'S THie? l -OOKY ME QUICK! ARE ySUKE YOU 'RE ALL RIGHT, \OU ^ ARENOraiCK?/

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