Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 27, 1963 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1963
Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts Thurs., June 27, 1963 — 11 SENSATIONAL '6,396,748 SALE OF VAST OVERSTOCKS! ALL BRANDS ALL FULLY GUARANTEED! FULL SERVICE! NO DOWN PAYMENT ~ ELECTRIC APPLIANCES iNATIONAL DELUXE IFOOD SLIGER i W chremid hlidi. Cnti hirdest or soft^ tst foods Stiird/ Sue' tion cup left. i CLEAMNCE PRICE 8.88 ;FAMOUS DELUXE iWAFFLE BAKER ' Temp. Indicator, nmoviblo rl's. Chromt 'llnlth wlA brtellti ' handlit. cLEARuicE rmcE 6.88 WEST BEND 9 GUP GOFFEEMAKER Ccppirtoni bodr. UfJ povhic spont. AutonuUc collttnik- •r at a savinit. JP J§ Q CIEARMCE PRICE h#.*VO SPORTS DEPT. ITALIAN 10-SPEEO RAGER BIGYGLES Uthtweliht frame, racer typt Iiindlt- bin. Leather seat. 27" tires. Flambor- ant red. ClURtNCE PRICE 49JB8 ALUMTNTM F"O"LD FABRIG GOT tgtlnr Green 6.88 1" polished alumlnnm tablni. Green plaid ear an fabric Sals locMn{ device. ClURANCE PRICE AUBURN DELUXE SWIM-AIDS FINS Flexible swim fins, fully adjustable. Hen- skid heel t open toe, ^ ^ ^ White or oraflie red. OllV CLEARANCE PRICE JT %9 BROTHER® ZIG ZAG SEWING MAGHINE Sews forward t reverse. Automatic bobbin winder. BulIMn darner and man/ other features. OQ , CLEARANCE PRICE O O. O O ErECTRirHTrR PIIRI *3 DIFFERENT UUnLCn SIZECURIERS ;urlers In 3 diff. 1.88 Safe. For all hair styles. Curlers In 3 dIff. aires. Lowest price In town. CLEARANCE PRICE SHETLAND FLOOR DELUXE POLISHER Scrubs, buffs t. waxes! 3S" lonr detachable handle. 9" brush. Complete acces- lories. CLURANCE PRICE 14.88 QUIET ELEGTRIG 8 INe TABLE FAN Powerful. . . offering the maximum In air delirery. Sturdy base, safe dependable. CLURANCE PRICE GE'DELUXE AIR Deluxe PURIFIER Fresh air esntrol. blowerl Filters out pollen t dast. CE motor. CLEARANCE PRICE 3.88 19.88 FAMOUS COMPACT DELUXE AIR COOLER Portable air cooler replaces hot, dusty pollen air with 100% fresh clean air. Very quiet. CLURANCE PRICE 16.88 UDIGO GAN OPENER & KNIFE SHARPENER a units HI 1! Can openlnt in one motion: lid held In place. Also sharpens knives •utomaUcally. 0^ ^ CLEARANCE PRICE 9.00 Oversized seft bonnet for any kalr style. Soft stretch hosel Fully porUhle. CLURANCE PRICE ROTO-BROILktSIt HAIR DRYER & GASE or any kalr style. 6.88 FAMOUS f-lWi AUTOMATIC TOASTER with toast color control. Easy care gleaming finish. 4 slices m m ^ at one toasting. 00 CLURANCE PRICE • • .O O POWER TOOLS SUNBEAM SANDER or SUNBEAM JIG SAW Model 74B Sander er Model H 29 JIi Saw at closeout pricci. Tour choice. CLURANCE PRICE YOUR CHOICE 18.88 EX. AUBURN WIDE ANGLE SWIM-AIDS MASK Professional wide angle er oval curved shatterproof lens. Fully adjustable sUap. White or orange red. O O C CLEARANCE PRICE OO ATBTRTTUIMOR FROGMAN SETS Makes learning easy t fan. Floating air tank plus fint t mask. Adlustable. CLURANCE PRICE 3.88 QUALITY 1 GALLON PIGNIG JUG, SAVE inuf fitting 98* sturdy construction. With cover. Carry handle. Big savings. CLEARANCE PRICE MacGREGORfl?fR°= PERSONAL GOLF SETS 5 Irons 4 MRU * l^'ht i; AM 2 woods 3t 3 Woods 5y" CUSTOM eOLF BALLS. 5.88 DOZEN DAISY 850 SHOT BB LEVER SGOPE GUN Rul 2 power crosshair seops for windan t, elevation. Pistol M MM ""TPRICE 7.88 GARGIA ROD AND MITGHELL REEL 39.95 Total Value! Mitchell Box Real & #2501 Rod. Free V4 spool of line. CLURANCE PRICE SPALDING ?^,^LY BASEBALL GLOVE 9.88 CLURANCE NICE SPALDING OR ROLL-KING GOLF GARTfficE teel eonitmctlM 9.88 Top quality. Easy fold. Steel eonitmctlM Free rolling. Hifi savings. CLEAJiANCE FRICE HOUSEWARES PLASTIC ICE BUCKET • SAVE Ice cube ea 98< sturdy Ice bucket far larga Ice cube capacity. Lowest price. Hurry. CLEARANCE PRICE 10 PLASTIC DRESS & SUIT HANGERS 10 In a box. Keep your elotket neat & wrinkle-free. Sturdy hangin ^ ^« at a savings, A8 CLURANCE PRICE ^ PRICE SLASHING ZoTs BRAND APPLIANCES • TV . STEREOS ALL INCLUDE FREE DELIVERY • NORMAL HOOK-UP • WARRANTY & I YEAR FREE SERVICE ON MAJOR APPLIANCES • TV, l-YEAR PICTURE TUBE WARRANTY • STEREO, 90-DAY FREE SERVICE I CUSTOM IICu. Ft. ADMIRAL REFRIGERATOR AND FREEZER Cross-top freezer. Slide out shelves plus door shelves Clear view crisper. CLEARANCE PRICED G.E. FIITER-FIO Deluxe WASHER FULLY AUTOMATIC 2 wash temp. Water saver se< lectori Flush to wall Installation. Spiral icUvator ^washing action. Ail aorcelaln (Id cover t wash basket Detergent dls- penserl CLEARANCE PRICED $ 158 NORGE 2 DOOR TOP FREEZER REFRIGERATOR Deluxe thru-out Full width crisper and dairy bar door. Huge savings. CLEARANCE PRICE n94 NORGE UPRIGHT 15.7 GU. FT. DELUXE FAMILY FREEZER Deluxe thru-out Large glide out basket Huge 590 lb. frozen food capacity. CLEARANCE PRICE $224 NORGE 2 CYCLE Gompletely Automatic WASHER Wittl FILTER 12 lb. load capacity. Completely aulomatic washer with other deluxe features. CLEARANCE PRICE ^158 G.E. FULL SIZE Deluxe ELEGTRIG DRYER FANTASTIC SAVINGS Operates on standard household current Many deluxe features. Lowest price in tovrn, ^ _ CLEARANCE ^QS PRICE 70 GAFFERS & SATTLER DELUXE 30" RANGE 17" Expandable OVEN With signal clock t timer. Avlalable In white and coppertone. Deluxe thru-out! CLEARANCE • PRICE n38 WESTINGHOUSE DELUXE 2 CYCLE LAUNDROMAT Deluxe model thruout! Self cleaning interior. All safety fabric washing. Hurry..k savel CLEARANCE FRICE ^48 EMERSON 2 H.P. AIR CONDITIONER Deluxe 16,000 BTU Top quatlly air condltlaner at a fantastic price. Heavy doty operational unit CLEARANCE PRICE ^238 PHILGO 30,000 BTU Deluxe GAS DRYER 1 KNOB CONTROL Deluxe thru-out! One knob control for easy drying operation. 30,000 BTU power. CLURANCE PRICE FAMOUS 16 INCH Portable Deluxe TV Bullt-ln antenna Up front sound. Carry handle. Light weight CLEARANCE PRICEDI • FAMOUS GERMAN STEREO AM-FM-SW Deluxe RADIO 4 speed changer. Deluxe 3 way ra- _ dio. Built-in an- m tenna. Beautiful ^ hardwood cabinet PHILGO 19" Deluxe PORTABLE TV ULTRA SLIM CASE Weighs less than 35 ibs.Sharp clear 19" picture. Easy-reach controls. Umlted quantlUes. CLURANCE FRICE no7 WESTINGHOUSE 19" PORTABLE TV UP-FRONT SPEAKER 19" portable TV with sturdy cany handle. Up-fi great futuri front controls plus oUier es. CLURANCE PRICE ni3 WESTINGHOUSE 23" WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL DELUXE TV anges channels, turns set off i, plus 3 controlled audio levels. «I87 Cham on, CLURANCE PRICE PACKARD BELL 23" GONSOLEHE DELUXE TV* Up Front Speaker Smart cabinet dsslgn. Powerful transformer. Easy to reach controls. Deluxe thruout ClURANCE PRICE FAMOUS BRAND 21" DELUXE COLOR TV GONSOLETTE • SAVE Fantastic Savings! Easy color controls ... as easy as black k white. Powerful transformer. CLURANCE PRICE $383 WESTINGHOUSE 23"' j ALL CHANNEL UHF ! DELUXE CONSOLE TV I See It on Channel 22 ft 34 for ex- I citing Mexican bull fights. Hard• wood cabinet ^ ! ?^fcr" '187 G.E. DELUXE SWIVEL 23" TV LO-BOY MAPLE CABINET I Front mounted speaker ft lighted J channel selector. Power transformer | «I97! chassis. CUARANCE PRICE WEBGOR STEREO With t'rack stereo Recorder- AM/FM/FM MuHlpIex Complete! 4 track stereo tapi recorder—records ft plays back pins dIx.AH-FM/FM stereo radla.4 speed store, phono. $^|||| CLEARANCE PRICE «P77 sp£cm ctosmrs! DEMONSTRATORS ONE of a KINDS CHOOSE FROM ALL FAMOUS BRAND REFRIGERATORS RANGES, WASHERS DRYERS, STEREOS COLOR TELEVISION REGULAR TV SETS DISHWASHERS LAWN MOWERS Air CONDITIONERS • FLOOR SAMPLES • FREIGHT DAMAGED • DISCONTINUED MODELS * And ETC. THURS. • FRI. • SAT. • SUN. ONLY E V E N WIT H T H E — , FANTASTIC PRICE EAST LA. PARKING LOT SLASHING ALL 5555 E. OLYMPIC BLVD. cSfR^ImT DDirCC ADE LIVERY, NORMAL r KlvE9 AKE HOOKUP, SERVICE, S I A C II E n WARRANTY! LAiHEU EASY CREDIT WAY BELOW OUR ALREADY ma |nau,jj LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! on approved credit B-27-30 BABY DEPT. WELSH WINKIE STROLLER & SLEEPER Plastle play tray ft padded seat Folds easily for storage. Sturdy metal coastrac- CIEARANCE PRICE 12.88 WELSH STURDY FOLD CAR SEAT Ughtwelght firm ft safe! Plastic padded seat Plastle covered ^ _ seat hooks. ^ Avt CLEARANCE PRICE .A«"VO COMFORT 3 POSITION HI CHAIR & TRAY High-Impact plastle tray. Xitg-typ* seat belt Chrome plated ^ steel tuhnlar legs. VS •> WB CLURANCE PRICE 0*00 RECORD DEPT. YOUR CHOICE OF STEREO RECORD LP'S Nop selections tf ttcardlng artlstx. Ted Weens, Mel Tonne, Latins, Bossa Nora, etc A A ^ ClURANCE PRICE O O ** RECORDS FOR THE KIDDIES • 1.00 VAL. VouMI find Hncklebeny Hound • Yogi Bear . Felix The Cat Hovla wheel ft record, etc SPECIAL CLEARANCE PRICE 28' BRASS RECORD RACK • HOLDS 60 LP'S Larti sin leautlfol hnu ten recartf rack at bun savings. Largs raeord 1.88 capacity. 3.9S VAL. CLEARANCE PRICE OVERSTOCKED SALE ON ALL FAMOUS AIR CONDITIONERS DUE TO LATE ARRIVAL OF HOT SUMMER WEATHER BIG OVERSTOCK OF AIR CONDITIONERS MUST BE CLEARED OUT! EMERSON I RCA WHIRLPOOL 1963 DELUXE 18500 BTU Deluxe AIR rONDITIONFR I AIR CONDITIONER MirV Will/ 1 1 IWlltl\ • vvlIH SLIDE EAST WINDOW MOUNT KIT 'US''! 'IBS TOILETRIES MIGRIN ORAL 20 OZ. ANTISEPTIC, 1.29 VAL. Keeps your mouth and breath sweet ft clean. Large 2a -oz. bottle. A A ( CUARANCE PRICE OO - rFmrwHrnE" GROSS RANOAGES Special! 2 packs of 31 plastle bandages at a fantastfe price. 2 for 69c val. 2 Mcxs CLURANCE PRICE 1 LB. JAR FAMOUS VASELINE K?P^ haffing, etc 49* For soothing bun», Itcli, chaffing, etc Largs 1 pound Jar ClURANCE PRICE CAMAY BATH SIZE" BAR SOAP. SAVE stock up now. Famous Camar batA sirs bar soap at huge savings. i^Ki"" 3iS52 33* T&T"To"fT"o"N BALLS • 130 COUNT <9e value! Perfect for featllraoo ft nrsciy auallty ill cotton bails. ^ Af CLEARANCE PRICE ^9 JUST WONDERFUL HAIR SPRAY • SAVE Top quality hair spray. Ketps It soft ft yonnjc looking. CLURANCE PRICE soAKY mTATri BY COLGATE • SAVE Great for the kiddies, also nom ft dad. Keepi your tub clean. mm^ CLEARWCEniCE 5# MAATOTDRGTITOZ" ANTACID • 1.49 VAL. Croat ftt nset stomaehcs from orercat- Ing or acid food. Urgt. AA( CLEAMNCE PRICE 90 plTPHYTATm TOOTHBRUSHES 1—49e Chi 49; MODESS SANITARY NAPKINS « 48's Liwtst prlct !• tfWBl HBIT . . . tay todaytaafit . CIEABAHCE MICE I •! # speelel! 1—«9e Adolt <bt, 1—49e Chll- dren size. Both at 1 price. CLEARANCE PRICE RADIO DEPT. CALROD STEREO HEAD SPEAKERS Includes adaptor prate. For all sterea hook-un lacks.Big savings. • • ^ ^ CLEARANCE PRICE | ••OO pToTrTTiT INTERCOM SYSTEM Battery operated, 1 master unit ft 2 separate speakers. Off « on £ ^ ^ switch. Horty, don't miss J*» this. CLEARAIICE PRICE JSlTW FAMOUS 5 TUBE CLOCK RADIO Full featur* clocit radio with wake-up alarm. Deluaa thru- mm^ OO ClURANCE PRICE iy«00 PENTRON 2 SPEED TRANSISTOR RECORDER 2 speed quality transistorized tape rt* center. Portable unit Big savings. 48.88 CLURANCE PRICE STEIIEO'PHONTWITH STAND & 5 STEREO LP'S complete deluM ttereo wifli free stwd ft 5 LP'*. Swing-flot speakers. PortabU for travot CLURANCE FRICE 58.88 RECQRDIO 2 SPEED TAPE RECORDER Z mins ft ust OBE. 38.88 Deluit portable tap* recorder for S-'-S" ft 7" reels. WItli 2 raikesj. Ust^taqe. ClURANCE PRICE GLOBAL AM-FM 10 TRANS STOR RADIO Complete with battery, carry asnft earphones for prfvatt optional listenint. Room six* sneaker for crowib. A A A A CLEARANCE 77 XX PRICE ^.iEraOO "GAVrNTETUXrUHF CONVERTER • SAVE Easy hook-on for all channel UHF TV viewing. SCI channel 22 ft 34 for your bull- figkts. • CLEARANCE PRICE 14.88 POWER MOWER ROTARY 21/2 HP POWER MOWER 4 cycle Briggs ft Stratton engine lowest price for this delnuW^ power mower.- 3 VaOO CLEARANCE PRICE W^.WW DICHONDRA LAWN SEED quality fai 99< lowest price li town! Best quality far lett deep carpet lawns. ^ Af LOS ANGELES 7551 SO CENTRAL AVE. lUSI so or FlORtNCE VAN NUYS IB040 SHERMAN WAY ONE MIIE wrsi OF StPUlVEDt BlVD ANAHEIM HARBOR & WIIK[N WAY ONt Mill SOUTH Of DlSNinfiSD EAST LOS ANGELES 5555 EAST OUMPIC BlVD 3 B10C«S tASI 01 lIltNIIC CUT OF COMMIBCI- COVINA 1151 NORTH AZUSA AVE BETWEEN SAN BERNARDINO FRtEWAT L ARROW HWT. LOS ANGELES SAN BERNARDINO JEEERSON BIVO 3l HAUSER 499 ORANGE SHOW ROAD BEIWUN LA BRU AVE AND Ct, CliNlCA BlJO 499 ORANGE SHOW ROAD JU^r Off SAN 8(»NAR0IN0 FRKWAT Al OHANCE SHOW ROAD TORRANCE TORRANCE BlVD AT HAWTHORNE BIVO CLEARANCE PRICE CANOGA PARK CANOW AVE at ROSCOE BlVD TURN NORTH OFT VENTURA FWT

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