The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 20, 1947 · Page 6
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 6

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1947
Page 6
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Market Continues Recovery Trend Last-Hour Selioff Listed Wednesday Industrials Lead Way in Extending Recovery Movement New York. March 19 (fP)— The slock market survived a last-hour sell-off today to finish with a net average gain for the third successive sefBion. Industrials led the way in extending the recovery move in early dealings and gains ranging to more than a point were well maintained until late in the day when steels softened. High-priced "bl.ue chips" stood firm and a majority of other issues stayed on the upside. Volume of dealings picked up to its best level of the week, trans fers totaling.760.000 shares against 1560.000 Tuesday. Nickel Plate preferred jumped 3 1 ,! to 88Vi while Philip Morris common was up % at 34V->. Better performers included Santa Fe up 1% at SSV--; Standard Oil (N.-h) I at C5 1 /:; Allied Chemical 3 at 176, and Goodrich, 1% at 64. Also ahead were General Motors, Good- i year, Dow-Chemical. Texas Co.. Union Carbide, Eastman Kodak, U. S. Gypsum, Chesapeake & Ohio, New York Central, North American and American Water Works. U. S. Steel closed off Vs at 72%; Youngstown Sheet was down % at 62 J /2- Other losers were Consolidated Edison, Kennecott, Sears Roebuck, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, American Can and Air Reduction. Closing Prices Stock Market New York. March 19 (AP)— Stock '-ist — Today's Close: 4.merlcan Can ................ 94 >/{. American Tel. and Tel ....... 166% American Tob B .............. 74Vi Avia.' icm Coru ................ 6% Baltimore and Ohio ........... 14 Vi Bethlehem Steel ........ . ..... 91V£ LOCAL QUOTATIONS Chrysler ...................... 95% ~;urt *s Yv' right ............. . 5% Douglas Aircraft ............. (57*4 DuPont ....................... 183 General Foods ................ 43 General Motors .............. "^ 59% Goodrich Rubber ..... ....... 64 Goodyear Rubber .......... '• • 55% Greyhound ................... 31 Kennecott Copper ............. 45 28% 57*i Copp Glenn L. Martin ••• Montgomery Ward National Biscuit 30% National Distillers 19V : New York Central 17"-s Norfolk and Western 244 v /i North American Aviation 10 Vi Packard Motors --6 % Pan American Airways 1'P/i Paramount -& Pennsylvania Railroad 22 Pullman 57 -^ Radio Corp s ^ Republic Steel 28 Vi Reynolds Tol> B 40% Lears Roebuck 35^ Soconv Vacuum 14 Southern Pacific 40% Standard Brands 35 Standard Oil NJ L"'udehaker Twentieth" Century ... Union Carbide United Aircraft United Carbon United Corp L". S. Rubber U. S. Steel Warner Bros Electric Local i'rl<je» I'll 111 I'rodui'cra HAGEHVl'OWN UUAI.N * (Puri>[«h«'«i by Kline Hrnthrri) Wheut (at barn) ......... ... $•>. J'nce« I'nld fc*nrm*r» LOCAL I'llUIlL'CE (Prices vary slightly every fmv days) Country Butter ............ Ib. Shoulder ................... Ib Eggs ................... doz. Country Ham (old) ......... Ib Guinea? ......... . ........ Ib. Lard ......................... Ib. Honey ---- .......... .' . section Onions ................ per bu 51.25 Apples ................... b. $3.50 Potatoes .............. 100 Ibs. $2.25 Country Bj.ccn ............. Ib. 35c DAILY CROSSWORD 60c 40c 37c- '75c 20c 25c ACROSS 1. Noise of the surf 5. Throw 9. God of love 10. Leather flask for oil 11. Island in New York harbor 12. Warning of danger 14. Place of confinement 19. Sack 15. Pigpen 21. Short 3. Laborious 4. S-shaped worm 5. Garments 6. Unite by • treaty 7. Resort 8. White ant 11. Incite 13. Comrades 15. Dry, as wine 18. Anger UALTIMOUU LIVESTOCK 32% NEW YORK I3GGS New York. March 19 (AB)—Eggs 43.135. steady. New York spot quotations follow: (Based on wholesale sales by receivers to jobbers and large retailers.) Whites: ex. fancy heavy weights 50-50.5: ex?. 1 ami 2 large 4Sr49; exs. 1 and 2 medium 47-47.5. Baltimore, Mar. ID (AP) —(United States Department of Agriculture.) Cattle—150. Odd head choice steers late Tuesday and today 25.00: several lots low good to high good :»iiO-t025 Ibs. steers today 22.10- 23.C5; medium grades salable down to 17.00 or below; good cows extremely scarce; common and me/li- urn cows 11. Of) -13.50; canners and cutters S.50-11.00; light c-anners down to S.OO or below; bulls very scarce; medium and good weighty sausage bulls 15.00-16.00; good feeder steers held above 20.00. Calves—225. Good and choice 150220 Ibs. vealers 20.00-25.00; common and medium S.00-15.00. Hogs—1100. Mostly steady with Tuesday on all classes: practical top 27.00; good and choice 120-140 Ibs. 2S.75-24.00; 140-160 Ibs. 24.7525.00; 160-180 Ibs. 25.75-26.00; ISO- 220 Ibs. 26.75-27.00; 220-250 Ibs. 26.25-50; 250-300 Ibs. 25.25-50; 300"10 Ibs. 24.25-50; 350 Ibs. up 23.2550; sows 21.25-50. Sheep—25. Choice woolert lambs salable upVard to 25.50 or above; good and choice slaughter ewes S.00-9.00. CHICAGO GRAIN Chicago. March 19 (AP)— Closing future's: Wheat: Mar. 2.77 1 X ! : May 2.U5 1 /-:; July 2.10-u; Sept. 2.0&%. Corn: Mar. 1.65-1.65U ; May 1.62- IG'Vi' July 1.56-1.57; Sept. 1.53 W-%. Oats: Mar. 92'A" May 84-84^-: July 7-iVi-y-: Sep. 69% -Vs. Barley: Mar. 1.56; May 1.42. Lard: July 29.00; Sept. 2S.30; Oct. 27.25; Nov. 24.25. BALTIMORE WHEAT Baltimore, March 19 (AP) — Wheat No. 2 Red Garlicky spot domestic BALTIMORE PR01JUCE 2.92. spot Wheat No. 2 Bed Garlicky domestic March 2.92. Loans Made On Homes Since 1898 A Natural Source For Home * Financing is the Home Builders Savings & Loan Assn. 128 W. Washington St. Phone 3233 Baltimore. March 19 (AP)—Produce. Potatoes: 100 Ib. sacks Usis. (unless otherwise stated) Pa. Katahdins 2.50-65, 15 Ib. paper sacks R.ussets 47 cents. N. Y. 50 Ib. paper sacks Katahdins 1.35. Poultry: Market firm. fryers springers and broilers- and colored fowl, weak Leghorn fowl, about steady others. Receipts moderate. Demand light. E.oasters: 4% Ibs. and up. including- pullets 3S-40 cents. Fryers, springers and broilers: 3335 cents, few lower. Fowl: Colored 35-37 cents, mostly .36 cents; Leghorns few 23-25 cents, some lower, many carried. Ducks: Supplies insufficient to quote. Eggs: Market about steady. Re- j ceipts moderate. Demand light. Wholesale selling prices: A, extra large 50-52 cents, few 54 cents, large 45-50 cents, few 52 cents, mediums 40-^5 cents, few 47 cents: B. large 3S-42 cents, current receipts, ungraded. 40-42 cents. 16. Masurium (sym.) 17. Romanies 19. Morsel 20. Grampus 21. Tardy 22. Blaze 25. Wise men 26. A cord for shoes 27. Storage crib 28.Insect 29. Melodious 33. Neuter pronoun 34. Offer 35. Dancing girl (Egypt.) 36.Insurgent 38. Food 39. Talk wildly 40. Poems 41. Negative votes 42. Questions DOWN 1. Type of race 2. Lowest deck of a ship ropes tvar.) 22. Bent 23. A lamp 24. Play division 25. Little girl 27. Undeveloped flower 29. Measures of distance 30.Iron- headed golf club 31. Accumulate 32.'Guided 34. Flock 37. Cry of a sheep 38. Crushing snake in Winchester on Saturday. The many friends ot the Rev. J. Moulton Thomas', of West Virginia, are greeting him while he is heru assisting the Rev. Kearney Jones on a Lenten mission. He is a former minister of St. Thomas' Episcopal Church, Hancock, and with his mother, Mrs. George Thomas, arranged the erection of the parish hall near the church as a memorial to his f-.ther, George Thomas, Baltimore. HIKE ON SUNDAY The Maryland Appalachian Trail Club will leave the Y.M.G.A. at 1:30 p.m. promptly Sunday afternoon, March 23 for a hike from Elk Ridge to Harpers Ferry. Driving distance will be approximately 75 miles. * It is requested that all reservations be made by Friday evening. The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Md. NINE Thursday. Mnrc-h '^0, J»47. ' March 2L at 5:00 p.m. by contacting Mrs. Lowe, phone 2278. The leaders, Almeda Lowe and Doris Smith, have planned an interesting hike in this historic section and all members are urged to be present for it. Any visitor desiring to join the group may also contact Mrs. Lowe. The evening meal at Charles;town will be optional. If a mold plant were magnified to the size of a tree, many bacteria would be comparatively about the size of a cow and a virus might be about the size of a small flea. How Dr.Edwards Helps Constipated Folks! For years Dr. Edwards relieved patients bothered by constipation with his famous Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—now sold by all drugstores. Olive Tablets are mild, senile but oh —so tliorough! Olive Tablets act on BOTH upper and lower bowels to produce more natural-like movements. No griping. Just complete satisfaction. Follow label directions. 15£, 30jf. Guaranteed TRUSS FITTING by an Experienced Fitter RUDY'S Hotel Hamilton Building 16 N. Jonathan St. J-20 HANCOCK LETTER Hancock, March IS. . H. N. Rosen, local merchant, is under observation in a Baltimore hospital. Mrs. Rosen left on Thursday to visit her husband. Mrs. Edna Leighty, of New York, N. Y., and daughter of Washington, D. C-, Mrs. Amelia Hahn, I visited, here recently. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ellis Grove and LOANS TO SALARIED PEOPLE Autt - Furniture - Signature. For Quick Confidential Service Phone Hag- 250. AUTOMOBILE A BROKERAGE D TOMPANY Mrs. Grove's mother, Mrs. Nettie Zimmerman, and Mrs. Pearl Roberts drove to Hagerstown on Thursday.. The Potomac River is still rising and is very muddy here, Mrs. Henry L. Zimmerman and son, Paul, Cacapon, W. Va., were business, callers in Hancock on Saturday morning. Miss Merle Cleavenger was a shopper in Hagerstown on Saturday. Miss Lorraine Heller was a caller B U Y Y O U R COAL Enjoy th« sun at charming Col Jon Manor by the sea, while relaxing Wint«r-weory nerves. 250 fine roomi, sea-water baths, Ship's Sun-Deck, delicious food. .FROM— CUSHWA'S Phone 2200 and get IN BOTTLES AND AT FOUNTAINS . . . when you discover how much difference correctly fiHed glasses can make in your vision. If you need glasses, have your eyes examined NOW—then let Kay's fit you with first quality eyewear. You can purchase the smart-looking glasses you need from Kay's on easy credit terms. WILL PAY the top price for your car. Don't hesitate I' you have a balance on your car. AVc will pay of! the finance company and give you the cash difference. General Acceptance Corp. 49 Jonathan Street EYES EXAMINED GLASSES ON CREDIT 5 MINUTES Ph. 4593 GET CASH 895 Penna. Ave. HOW ABOUT THIS DANCE 1 HERE'S MY DME FNE- FRO3SSCIM NOTE.? A FIVE-DOLLAR BILL? COME NEED 1TY WE'RE LFAVirOG- LIGHTS DOWN, SO HE WON ' KNOW THESE SLUGS FROM SURE YOU C/V4 SPARE ALL THIS CHANGE? I DON'T WANT ID CUT: YOU SHOCET/ E'VE SOT CHANGE/ TILL THE PIGEONS COME A LOAD \Vfc 'EM Orf ON GLAMOUfa BQYFORTHJS D1ME-A- DANCE.' Pepti-Cola Company, Long Island Ciiy, N. Y. FrancMsei tattler: Cloverfoe Spring Company, Kewvil'e, Pa. THE SHIP FIRE.' I PULLED A TRICK TO MAKE THE CRIMSON ORCHID AND THE CREW THINK WHEN SHE SWIPED THAT U.S. ARMY AMMO. SHE PROBABLY DIDN'T'KNOW THAT ONE OF THE CRATES CONTAINED SMOKESCREEN EQUIPMENT. THANKS TO CHEMICAL WARFARE TRAINING, I RECOGNIZED THE ARMY MARKINGS. SO I JUST OPENED A CYLINDER OF THE GAS-AND WE GOT SMOKE. . HOW RE WE QONNA RUN THIS THING?! AIN'T NO SAILOR. ANDYA POOLED EM INTO LEAVIN' US TH r SHIP/ WELL, YOU'RE GOING TO LEARN FAST, FROM THE LOOK OF THAT STORM COMING UP/ THAT WON'T BE NECESSARY- HERE'S THE GIRL YOU WANT/ MASK? DOESN'T SEEN LIKE ONE. I'LL GET SOME SANDPAPER. IT'S PRETTY TIGHT. I'M NOT THE BRASS MON- KtY~!'M~ NARDA-I- SHE SWEARING A MASK AMD WIG, MATRON. TAKE 'EM OFF. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THAT VA'Y—I V/AS BORN UNDER A LUC W STAR T NOTH1N' BAD CAH HAPPEN YOU'RE: THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE! . r EVERY HORSE YOU BET ON COMES NUMBER YOU PLAY COMES OUT-EVERY SHOW YOU BACK IS ASMASH I'VE DRIVEN THIS CARTOR4-O YEARS WITHOUT AN ACCIDENT. r I TELL YOU, LAD, THIS CAR'S GOT A CHARMED LIFE. TT OH, BOY r WHAT A HONEY. r . r —YOU SAY DOLL, HUH ?... AMP SHE WANTS A, JOB AS A STAUD-IU f — SHE MUST BE A HUT/ SIVE H£5£ A GEU.TLE SHOO/ YOU WAUT TO _ AS A STAND-IKS ? ... BUT STAND RARELY EVER SET TO ANOTHER STUDIO/ WELL, OKAY ... I'LL ASK.MP. BE FAMOU9 .„ THEY DOtST ITS JOE BTFSPLK THE WORLD'S WORST WELL, LITTLE WIDQET WILL JUST BE OUT OF THE PAPERS FOR A WHILE-" NO ONE ELSE CAN DRAW IT CAN LOSE A FEW THOUSAND-' HM-M-IM AFRAID, TiK. HOW6NT PEAO MANY OH, THE SYNDICATE WILL GET SOME OTHER ARTIST TO CARRY ON'-TWgr WONT LOSE A DIME-IN FACT. TMPYLL MIGHT #5 WELL MAKE UP MY MIND TO FT-»l\JL JUST HAVE TO STOP DRAWING FOP. WEEKS OR "30-TILL NT/ HAND IS O. K. AGAIN. fl PEEL LJK€A COUVrRYJAKe- uoopee - me nesr ' I'M GOtUCr TO DO /// New yoax & SUYA ... ANP IF VOJ£ B£!6HT IPEA , IT'S 55 A LE^ON TO i MIGHT MANAGE A CAKE FOQ HIM,) | BUT I'LL HAVE TO SCRAPE! AS IT IS, WE'LL HAVE TO SCRAPE TO EAT, TILL WE HEAR FROM DAD/ BUDDY'S BIRTHDAY MOT THREE vv= CJ.EAEAVCK, =v AND NOT, TO C£T CLEA5 TO THE OTHEe Or TOWN... WEEKS OFF. I HAD PLANNED A iVHY DiDIEVEQ LET SPECK BRING HIS SUQPQ1SE FOR HIM . MOW I GWT -R1END STUPE INTO THIS HOUSE? OF ALL TIMES TO HAVE OUR MONEY > BUY HIM THE TIMIE5T PRESENT. -^~

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