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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 1

Estherville, Iowa
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Monday, May 12, 1952
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Weather Forecast Fair and \varmpr Tuesday. Low last night 38, noon today 60. Full Weather Infonnation Page 3 BY FAB THE LAROKST CITY, RVBAL, .TOTAL CtRCCLATION I ^f K M M K T COUNTY 84th Year; No. 185 Combining the Vindicator & Republican EstherviDe, Emmet County, Iowa, Monday, May 12, 1952 An Independent NcTmpapcr DEf*AKTVl£M OF HI SI Ota MO I Ties lA. Week ao^t Oopj 8# Dodd Says Life Was Threatened Gen. Clark Calls Act "Blackmail" A TRAFFIC PROBLKSI has been solved at the Golden Sun Milling company with the addition of a system of chutes, conveyor belts, tow motor, and loading docks, along with new bins to move ,an average 2,500 to 3,000 tons of feed through the plant daily. The now traffic system was begun last summer and Is being completed now. Much of the lifting and carrying formerly done by em- pWyes now is clone by rnachlne "to handle move feed faster with the same amount of help," says (JL-iaiiy News photo and engraving) Lawrence Jensen, partner in the mill with his brother Herman. Two freight cars can be spotted at dump sinks in the plant at one time to deliver incoming Ingredients in bulk form. The meal, meat scraps or wheal shorts pass down Iho chute (see lower foreground of the picture). Rudolph Holmgren can be seen operating the controls to the six hulk storage bins for Ingrodlcnta. The controls also take carq of the six storage bins for finished products. FROM THK STORAOE BIN. the ingredients pass to the scale where it is weighed before it goes into a mixing tnachlno. Six feeders fit into the bottom of the' bins, three of them operating by gravity and three by a screw conveyer, to the scale. A little less than a carload of Ingredients i...iim-vi (Daily News photo and engraving) can bo stored in each of the bins. From the mixing machine, comes the Ilfiish^id product, pel­ leted and crumbled feeds. Albert Era! can bo aeon operating the hopper scale for weighing out ingredients from bulk storage to the mixing machine (In the background). Arrest Six at Spencer On Charge of Assault Seoul. Korea. May 12 WP»—Brig Gen. Francis T. Dodd aald tonight communist prisoners of war who held him hosta«rc on Koje -ialand four days last week threatened to kill him If the U. S. elgrhth anny tilled to rescue him by force. Oen. Mark W. Clark, new supreme U. N. commander, said In Tokyo the Red POWS were granted some minor concessions. Ho termed their original demands for Dodd's release "unadultotatod blackmail." Ho seemed to hint they would not bo honored. Clark said the raply to the prisoners "Vitis made under duress ut o time when the life of Genera) Dodd was at stake. "Any commltmonta made x x x as a result of such demands shodtd be interpreted accordingly." 4> « * DODD READ a statement to correspondents saying he was convinced the United Nations command threats to use force "hod a decided effect" In obtaining his release Saturday night. The correspondents were not permitted to question the general. It was the first time they hod been allowed to see him. Dodd said he was well treated by the Reds while a captive in compound No. 76 on the lsland'«» the U. N. No. 1 camp for tough prisoners. Ho seemed healthy. The general said demands mad<i by the prisoners in exchange for his release were "Inconsequential" and that concessions granted by the camp authorities wore "of mln' or importance." • • • NKW8MKN WK&E permitted to visit Kojc island today for the flrat time since the Wednesday seisure of Dodd, then prison camp com monder there. Stockade officers said the prla« oners apparently had planned the capture at Icost a week In advance. Within minutes after thoy selxad Dodd, the Reds broke out banners saying: "We captured Dodd. If our problems are resolved his sccyrlty i^i >mD.ekond delegate gathering shap- guaranteed. tt there Is any Unftatp4lfi..up: Busy Week Politically Gets Underway By TWK .\SMH -t .\TKD Mir.lM Both Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio snd Qrn. Dwlght D. Elnenhowcr expect to win new national convention delegate votes today a^i Wyoming and Rhode Island rouulv licans meet in stale ronvrntlons to select 20. W>*ominK democrats also nrr meeting to elect 10 delegates. Son. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee attended a pre-convenlion raurus last night twfore leaving for Denver today, later Oregon. Taft counted on picking up t majority of Wyoming's 12 OOI' votes, t)Ut Eisenhower liockers In Casper said "there'll be a h-oU uf .-i fight" it OOP .^tatc leaders don t agree to a split giving at least five to the general. « • * EISENHOWER forces in Rhode Island were confident they would get most, if not all, of Rhode Is land's eight delegates votes to tho Chicago nominating convention. As the busy political week got underwa>'—13 conventions with 1B6 delegate voles at stake—Taft had 843 votes and Eisenhower 290, according to an Associated Press tally on delegates pledged, conceded. Instructed, favorable, or willing to state a first ballot choice. Both GOP contenders picked up now votes Saturday. Taft added 11 and Elsenhower four as M delegates were selected in party meetings In Nevada, Utah, Michigan, Missouri and Virginia. Kepubltcani chose 24, Democrats, 62, moat of whom were uncommitted and unin- structcd. • • • BRIEI'XV, HERE'S how thi If-:VI I^WW GO, UX» trafi flnlshod the con' _ mti wjvumms which faciii- U)t1« s^Onige binii for tngrodlonU. . pd |BcrM.ob grains on tho right, >UiH •cr9M the Golden Sun drive- iRCrravIng) way moves sacked feed from H»i plant to the warehouse and protects groQnd oMntions b<^ tween tho two bulldJag. fromV* ®he?r (CoiitlnHad on page 4) Charge^|i|io8t Mother^ "DJig^igaf d New York. May - M> .(a>)~M«gi»- rate Joseph A. MM-Unia, looked at tbe 41 women eUntJinir before bto yesterday, and remembered that U was Mother's da^^The women, -treated .§aturday< - <ijj:ht in the, tiree Brow gambftiur ndda. aW aid they were^mqi*** 8o M»t? jtinta dismissed dlatirclerly conduct "pbai^e^ atiialnat th(^,il| Dad Cot the Gift On Mother*8 Day Akron. 0.. May 12 tff»—It waa )(iother's day, but dad $[ot the gift \tt thlctfantily. Mra. Margaret Waip kf r. Sl% > i pt-etfiPtAd hubbj^ |{arry. a^d 'fif boy," They- )}av« ooa c^lld, a tVQ-yei(r<«ld fJ^U • ' i Authorize^ J|i^ap of Six Acres ojl' Land pea Molnea( MP» Iq?»» executive <,eo^luU ioday »utti<' miwion to awiip^elbiE'^a^ «f .tract net or shooting, his life is In dagger." Clark said a full Investigation of "the violent and treacherous kid­ naping of General Dodd and the circumstances surrounding the negotiations and his ultimate release" is under way. Brig. Gen. Charles Colson, Charleston, 8. C.,' was placed In command of the Kojo camp on Thursday, the day after Dodd was seized. * « 4> DODD READ IU8 statement to the press after being held behind a wall of secrecy for 48 hours. Ho wore a pistol on his hip, strapped into a holster with a gaudy silver buckle. In the statement Dodd said he had been well treated In compound 76. where 6,000 die-hard North Korean communist soldiers are POWs. He sold the Reds gave hini medical attention and attended to my personal needs." The general described a preliminary mooting at which the prisoners explained their grievances about "food, clothing, medical supplies" and several alleged "Injuries to tho prisoners." They gave him a chance to reply, then voted on tho answer. 4> « « HE SAID THE meeting was presided over by Col. Lee Bak Koc, "elected loader" df a prisoner association inside the compound. "It appeared that in all coses <of dispute) Colonel Lee ruled In my favor." said Dodd. The general said he was housed In a blanket-covered room In a "previously prepared tent." Thcro wore "rice mats on tho floor, a built-in bunk, a table with flowers, ond a rack on which to hang my clothes," said Dodd. He also said the communists hod planned to release him during a flower-decked ceremony on May 11. They planned to garland tho general with wreaths and march him between rows of POWs when they turned him over to Gen. Charles 8. Colson, who was named camp commander when Dodd was seized. Celebrates Mother^s Day with TripleUi Buffalo, N. Y„ May 12 l/P(— Mrs. Henry L. Goston celebrated Moth er's day yesterday by giving birth to triplets. A boy and two girls were born to the Buffalo woman, who exclaimed' "I was really surprised- Someone better tell my huatMod " The trio weighed'fn at four pounds 214 ounces; three pounda, W\ ounces and three pounda. lOH ounces. Tbe Oostoos have three other otilldran. ISX'A4verti8Uig Head IHcs Sea Molaoa, May U un-<!, A. aMintart, n, advartiaiRt^ mana- ff at BiMoaaafnl Wvm\9a maga- •la* at tlia tima ot Ma remnant a yaar acj^ 4M SuBdagr «fc Iwna of •^^ij^ Lssi est Missouri—Taft and Elsenhower picked up two dolcgutes npleec and four wore uncommitted in district meetings. Virginia—two delegates for Taft were elected and two not yet tied dow^n wore said to bo leaning lo- word Elsenhower. Nevada—republicans chose 12 uninstructcd delogates. A poll of the delegates by the Associated Press showed seven for Taft, two for Eisenhower and three undecid ad. Tho democrats picked a 10 vote dciegatlon of 20 men and a poll of 16 of them showed seven for Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia, on each for Gov. Adial Stevenson of Illinois and Sen. Rolwrt H. Kerr of Oklahoma and seven undecided. * * • AnOinCAN—« 40-vote democrat ic delegation was pledged to Guv. O. Mcnnen Williams, as a favorlt" son candldato. Utah—a 12-voto Democratic delegation was chosen but none would express a preference to newsmen. Favorable opinion wiui expressed for Kefauvcr, Kerr and mulu/il security administrator Avercll Ilarrl man. Seek To Tighten Oil Strike ConfcriMico l» Calh'd by WS» Denver, May I'i fl' - Union Irnd- ers called today for • llghtonlng of s natton-wldc strike of about DO.OOO oil workers as union and Industry officials headed for n Wnshlugton conference tomorrow. The eonierenee wiui i-nlleil by Iho wage Mtabiilxatlon hoard to talk over ways and means of ending the walkout, now In Its 1.1th day. The eualitlon of striking unions turned down a retiuesl by the lK>i>rd to send Its men back to work, pending the ronferenee. CIO oil workers Internnllonnl union officials of eight mldwentrrn states met at Toledo. Ohio, yesterday and agreed to "tighten up picketing nt all points where It may lie legal to do so." * « * OFFIt'IAI..S OF western slates which rely heavily u|t<)n moturUtH for iheir tourist trade expressed fe.xrs that tho oil strike. If prolonged, would cut sharply Into luera- tlva summer business. Joseph B. Brand, president of the Motor Hotel association of New Mexico, said he was writing tho state's congressional delegation urging them to aid In settling the strike. In California, the Independent union of petroleum workers signed an agreement for wage Ineroases with the Standard Oil Co. of California. However, this union has not been Involved In the strike called April 30. • • • AT UOKDOS. British European airways cut passongpr servlro to the continent and aald there will bn further cuts if the Oil strike In the United HIatrs continues. Tho British Overseas Airways Corp. said It had sufficient «u|>- plles of gasoline outside Britain to rontlnue normal flights for son>e time. O A. Knight, president of the CIO's oil workers International union, said In Washington that the walkout will continue until the 22 unions striking for higher wages win new contracts. Knight said he still hadn't obtained details of the Standard of California agreement but It seemed "to be getting close to our fig urc." Armed Rohher Forces Woman To Disrobe Chicago, May 12 C/Pi—An arm<<l robber forced an atomic physicist's attractive wife to get out of tx-d yesterday, then took her on an auto ride and made her disrobe. Tho woman, Mrs. Joan Unter- moyor, 80, told police the kidnaper did not otherwise harm her. His loot was $7,035 In cash and jewels. Mrs. Untermoyer's husband, Samuel, 37, is an atomic physicist at the Argonno national laboratory. « « « FOLICK SAID the roblx r entered the south sidii home through a basement window and awoki- ihe sleeping couple in a second floor bedroom. Mrii. Unteraicyer, niolher of four children who slept through the incident, gave this account, i>o- licft said: Tho robber forced Untcrmcyer at gunpoint to permit his wife to get out of bed, go to an adjoining room, and give him jewelr>- worth about t7,030 and ll( In cash. • » » m IIK TtlKN OBDERKO Mrs. Untermeyer, wearing nightgown and housecoat, to drive away with him la the Unterroeycr auto. Some distance from the home be parked the auto in a lot and told Mrs, Untormoyer to "get In the back seat and take your clolbea off." Tbe woman protested; then dls- rotwd and was order «d into (he front acat She obeyed and the fuamaa c<^ p^t ot tbe car and walked (iS/t*Y- Mre. Vfitannayer tlten bailed a ^•Hiaf matoriat who took tier to IJ^J^J^J^^^ ^^^fcll^^ "^ttA ^i )}^^^UR Jll4Wr ^p ^^i i ^^l^ bar bwtNUMt. Had Trouble PaKsing His Bar ExaniK Wanltlngton, May 12 A' r>rpuly Attorney Ovneral A. Devltl Vsnech has Informed house Investigators that he failed bar examinations two or three limes In the Dlslrlil of Columbia and at lesst onre In Virginia before getting a low 11 cense from Tennessee In 11*40. Now Ihe No. 2 man In the government's big k'gal department, Vanerh has testified also that a statement In "Who's Who' that ho holds a bachelor's degree from I'ecksklll (N. Y.) military academy Is Incorrect. He said he waji taking steps to correct It. The academy Is a secondary sehiHii that grants only diplomas. Vanech was questioned behind closed doors several weeks ago by a house committee which Is Investigating operations of the justice department. The group made public today a transcript of his testimony. (Dally NeHTi engraving) .\.N OltDI.NATION sorvUe will 111- hild Tuesdny night at the i:»H|)<'l Mlnnlon riiurrh for t>^rt II Hrownr, who U enlirlOK Into full tlmi- ministry, hnvlng iiri-i-|iii-d the |u(slornl.- of Ihe iSoxpi'l Tiihernnrle at HhrUlon Mr I K t\ n\i'n<ti< r of thr (!oi>p.'l Mlsnton church and has Iteen nrtlv.- itn rliliT. choir director, nod 111 otlur chunh aellvltlf-i, .Mr IliDwne Is well known In thli romitiunlty, hnvlnu llv.-.l here for Ihe |>a*t 17 yenm. and has liei<n engaged In thi- grocery liuslnewt and as salesman The pulille Is extended an invitation to Btten<l this service. Gh-l, 19, Identifies Assailants Mm McmlMsni of i^Iagaxlnc Crew Spenor. U.. May IJ Uf^—A !»• ye* I old Mouth DakoU gtrt ptOt** six mm from a Clay eouaty MM lineup lost night and ladJcaM four she claimed had asMUlte4 h«r ypstrrtlay afttmoon. Ttie aO>- «r two men w«r« prsesnt at UM time of the ssuiuli, she sakL The girl was brought la Rp«M«r from Cunton. B D. t« Idenllfy hmr KMalUnts by Lincoln county tflk n.) Rhcrtft C U. Hammaratraoi and three other offletala. The six men. ell In lh*lr teena or early twenties, gave their to police as: see Condition of Dr, Sharp Is ''Improving^^ Des Moines, May 13 OP) - An R«th»r\'ille man. Dr. Lloyd L. Sharp, chlropraclor, and a woman wero In serious condition In a Dos Moinea honpitat today from Injuries received In a head-on auto collision two miles north of hers on highway 69 yesterday nflernoon. Two children. pajiKnngr <ra In one of the ears. |>scat><<d with minor cuts and bruises. The two Injured persona wero driving the ears which collided. • * • HHXHV, SI, suffere<j a compound fracture of a leg and multiple gashes on hia chin, nerk and arms; and Mrs. Jac^k Torrence, M, of Carney, suffered posalhln <-h<-st Injuries ami cuts on twth legs and her head. Sharp was reported as "Improving" by his Des Moinea physician shortly before noon today. Thi- iiirldrnl occurred altout noon yi-sti-rday and tmlh Mrs. Torronce snd Sharp remBlne<l In u stall- of shock for almost seven hours, hospital attendants r.'iiort- i-fl • • • JACQIIJ.VN l)KltU;HKON, B, iind CnlhiUni' Torrenei-. 10, |iaS' sengi-rs In Ihi- Tortence auto, Win- tr<-(iti<l for minor ruin and liriiU<<ii nt tli<- hiMpltal and then r*'l*»rt«ed Hhirlfl'n il« putlen snid Ihf ar ililf-nl offurr''! wtvn HUnr^'. tr«v. ellng soiilti toward t>'-H Moines. |iulli-(l out of his Isni- of imffle to pass Hniith,-r <nr and ri.-|||dr<l hi-ml on with I In- northlHjuml Tor renr,' ear Till- 2liil tinnunl eonvi-nflon of the <)liro|>r)irllr noilety of lown In IH-Ing h'Id In ri>s .Moln"-«. lliiiiiaiH' Socit'lv JMirs corrMAN of City, Mo,; P»tsr Lilly of Riv«r> side, Cslir.; Jack Wirt. Muntlng- (on. Ind.; Jim Dougherty of Kaa- sas City, Mo.; Hank Hchearer of Kansax City. Kane., and Don Bonine or Buffalo Lahs. Mian. All six sro magaaln* aalMmen who last week flalsb«d a sal«i eant|>algn In Bloua Falls. B. D. Tba girl said her pleas stopped Os<f- niaa and Bonlns froen joialag la the alleged asaaull. .The sU were arrested by Spet»> cer police and a Clay eounty deputy sheriff at 8 p m. yeelerday at a Hp«nc«r motdl on a lip fte«a Sheriff ffafflmarstrom. • a e ACCORDINa to tlanHnertMreai. the prMty, dark-haired girt aaM •he was to marry one «l tbo «a«a» sine crew's 14 men. Her laleadad, hofwever, ordcmd her to ride froaa Bloux FalU with lb* eU aMa named. Somewhere twtiraan Btotti rate and Canton, aha aald. lb« BM« stopped the ear aad taok bar lata a rield where Ihe feur aaaaulted her. They then drov» her to Canton and abandoned her. e e • CARL K. ANDKMON, staUK attorney (or Lincoln couaiy. said chafges of rape would be filed against Ully, Wirt. Dougherty aad Schrarer. The four were nuuia«ie4 and all Bis taken back to Canton at 19 p. m. last night by ttammerelrtwi and Andereon with the aasiataae* of South Dakota staU Palrohnaa Jim Breen of lloux Falls. Tho girt aald Ihe sU men bad t>een drinking heaWly. Sheriff Hammerstrom said today at Canton that the girl toM him her home was In Omaha. She was plac«d under ear* of a dectoe and was held as a wttnesa Anderson was not In Caalon U»day and lh« ahsrtff Mki. aceoni- Ingty, there probably would t»e n« rhnrgr« filed ajralnst any of lite men before tomorrow. Kcceivc Bids on County Home Honds West Union, la.. May 12 iJl-i Sealed bids on »-T76.0OO worth of county home bonds will ^^e ofwned by Fayette county officials tomorrow. The money will b<j used to juty for an addition to thi* prrs^nt county home. Work already l» In progress. The enlarged home will house 300 persons, an Increase of 95 over present cap«cily. The work was made nec«s«ary as a result of a storm damage to tho home In 19S0, Russians IJkc "Tarzan" Picture's Moscow, May 12 6r> -Big crowds lined up at movie thi'atvrs here today to see Johnny Welsemuller In tbe first showing of the third sequel of his 'Tantan" picture*. The pictures are Ute moet successful foreign moviea ever shown la tbe Soviet (;nion. ^'(looii-oii-a-I yOfi MeniphiN, May 12 IJ\1 HowN B(if).-I<» from liounds, bumsns and ratroonn eeho.-d over I jik j Miguel and brought the MemphU humane society up In atrns^ The uproiir v<-sterdiiy came from B "coo-on a loK" eonlisl m eontro- wrslnl «iHirt whi'h the soclrly calls vicious and tithuiitune. George H Bates, sixlety president, said he would seek a court Injunction tu prevent any similar compctltlonii In the future. The i-ontt'st wsm for lh<- "southern champlonjihlp" Forty hounda were entered. At»<iUt 600 spi,ettttor< attended it works like this. The coon, with a handler nearby holding a trthrr, Is placed on a lo^ floating about 00 f«r( from lh« bank. Th eager huuod Is sent to drag him off. If the swimming dog succeeds In Setting a grip on the spitting, scr etching coon, the liuigl« Is broken up by the handier, who pulls the coon out of danger by the tclbcr. Injuml lo AvKidirnt NrHtun t/l'>U«^verly tK^tiir. IS. Of Newton, suffered a head cut and shoulder brubivs whrn tbe ea.- she Was drtving left the highway near here and landed In a ditch. Patrolmen said the girl lu«t control of Ihe car whno a (roal tire blew out. UuHMia May Slep Up Cold War in Germany Bonn, Oermany. May 13 West Germany's Impending peace ronlract brought a bloody w«»k «o4 (•atlle to Industrial IC«««n end reports today that Kast Germany's (onimunlst rulers are readying a drastic step-up In the cold war against Ihe West and tighter Rue- •lan.Kast German U«e. One young communist was killed In the Easen riot. In which poUce gunfire broke up a clash between anti-Reds and tO.OOQ commualet* led youths demonstrating against plans to rearm West Oermany lor WeaUrn defenee. Scorea of deervoa- slrators were injured and 10 young Beds were lield by police as mf- peeled rtnglaadere of the riot. Here la tbe capital, meanwhile. Chancellor Konrad Adeaau«r met with rebeliloua leaders from hie government coaiitton foteee. Tkeir oppoeltlea to the peace pact Uireat- ffne He ehancee of rauntatioa by ih" Weet German parliament. Despite Adenauer's urging, thi opponents were reported eUll adamant that the United SUtes. Britain and France concede more before Weet Oerman Iroope are furnished for the projected European army. The aUtee already have said they have gone as far a* they will 31 Killed lo Argentine Accident BcU Vllle, Argentine. May 1) ~-Tblrty-«aa paraona were tUUed and at iaaat IM iajured. by a wmjl which topptad on a crowd at a priaelight here Saturday night. The waisbt •( rain water on a ca»< vaa.rooi pttUad o>v«r the support* Ing It^foot masonry wan at the outdoor arana. Pajri of tbe crowd of l,MO waa aaugbt la the crush. Otben wan tmuptad in a paBl<Ay elampa4«. • If

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