Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 8, 1953 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1953
Page 17
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J wiportance A m any. nnua evence Quick Cake Frosting is seen in this delicious chocolate nut concoction pictured above. Frosting Recipes for Cake Mixes Quick cake mixing methods and easy frosting recipes. Frostings arc made by combining melted margarine and a large favorite candy bar. Any large milk chocolate, chpcolatc nut or chocolate crunch bar may be used to produce a creamy smooth, delicious frosting. Other varieties of frostings, loo, can be produced from peanut brittle candy, milk caramels, pillow mints and semi-sweet chocolate pieces. A bit of water added to the frosting and presto, you have a luscious kc cream, pudding or dessert sauce. With Die popularity of the dark chocolate flavor, the test kitchens have suggested the use of semisweet chocolate pieces for a creamy dark frosting for a layer or loaf cake or cupcakes or a tempting topping for cookies or brownies. The recipe is so simple even a youngster will enjoy making it. Simply melt the margarine in a saucepan or small skillet, add the chocolate pieces and stir until melted. Cool VA hours at room temperature or 15 minutes in the refrigerator and spread on the cake. If the fosting cools too long and cake mixes have brought a plea from homeraakcrs for quick and FRED'S FISH & POULTRY 131 S. Academy Sf. Phon* £228-8 FRESH MISSISSIPPI RIVER FISH • CARP • BUFFALO • WHITE PERCH • BONED CARP • CHAN. CATFISH FRESH DRESSED SPRING FRIES STEWING HENS becomes too hard to .spread, heat over hot water to soften or blend in a small amount of water. For variation, too, make n Chocolate- Mint frosting by adding a few drops of mint flavoring to the semi-sweet frosting. Here is the recipe for the Semisweet Chocolate Frosting and Ice Cream Sauce: SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE FROSTING Yield: Enough for filling, topping and sides of 2-layer, 8-inch round cake of topping for two dozen cupcakes. V* slick ('A cup) margarine 1 package (6 ounces) semi-sweet chocolate pieces Melt margarine in a saucepan or small skillet. Remove from heat. Add chocolate pieces and stir in as they melt. Cool frosting until it has thickened and "set" and is a good consistency for spreading. Spread on cake. SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE SAUCE Yield: 1 cup, To a recipe of uncooled Semisweet Chocolate Frosting, add 5 tablespoons water. Blend. Serve hot or cold. A pair of flexible spatulas, in two different sizes, provide the right tools for special kitchen jobs. The larger spatula makes frosting a cake a joy. The smaller spatula can be used to turn out muffins, cakes and molds; it can also level measurements of sugar, flour and spices, and it's fine to dip out that "pinch of salt" so many dishes need. It's usually best to grate, slice or cube cheese before you add it to the other ingredients in a cooked dish. This way the cheese is evenly distributed and melts and blends with the other ingredients quickly. Makes Colorful linens Bright ...WhiteTWngs ttT Now keep white and colorful linen* just like new— sanitary too! Simply use Linco in your suds or rinse water every time you wash! Sheets, towels, tablecloths and all fast-colored linens _ come brighter, fresher, hospital clean! See for ^ yourself! Try Linco, the better Bleach with Color Bright'ner today! Disinfects, deodorizes, s removes stains! to make time in the kitchen less but with the culinary results just as tasty if not more so wth the aids that the modern food industry is constantly striving to present. Research is constantly on the march, often goaded by the desires and demands of the housewife. Agricultural Research has boosted meat production, created .smaller turkeys with more white meat, scientists have produced a new meat-type hog to give leaner pork, even the hens have been speeded up to please head of the kitchen. In 1935, hens on the average laid an egg every three days — now they lay one every two days. Numerous examples of this were pointed out by Dr, Byron T. Shaw, administrator, Agricultural Research Administration, U. S. Department of Agriculture, in speaking to the food editors this week at the opening session at The Drake. Heath IJcgins at 40 Scientists arc also looking to better health along with better foods — and this in particular to older people. "Death Begins at Forty" was the topic of Dr. Clive M. McCay, professor of nutrition at Cornell University and past president of the American Institute of Nutrition, in speaking at the Kretschner Wheat Germ session. Dr. McCay stated that his life-long scientific Interest has been concerned with the interrelationships between the food we eat and the health we enjoy during the latter half of life. "As we grow older and activity diminishes, we need less pure caloric foods — as the body wears down we need more protective foods, more body replenishing material." "With every single calorie there must be a load of one or more essentials, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. This means the curtailment of sweet foods, unless every gram of sugar is found in such good company as milk, nuts, yeast and wheat germ. Dr. McCay pointed out that the health of an aging individual may be salvaged if he eats well and properly during the rest of his life—after forty or later. Dr. McCay has discovered the great body-building value of the addition of wheat germ to foods during his research work. Importance of bread in mall's diet was stressed Tuesday evening by George L. Morrison, president of General Baking Company which entertained food editors at a dinner in the Gold Coast Room of the Drake. Mr. Morrison singled out seven competing companies and praised their bread products. Betty Crocker Presents Also along the bakery line, but in the way of a home product were the double - quick coffee breads featured last night at the famous Kungsholm where Betty Crocker of Genera 1 Mills unveiled her fall collection of food fashions. Recipes for new coffee breads will be found on another page of today's edition. Luncheon in the French Room or The Drake on Tuesday introduced new frozen turkey pies created from the recipe of Sue Swanson, home economist for C. A. Swanson & Sons. Breakfast that morning in the Camellia House found Swift & Company entertaining Southern Plantation style, and then focusing attention on quick cake and ice cream toppings made with margarine combined with milk chocolate. Later that morning, Clara Gebhard Snyder, consumer director for the National Association of Margarine Manufacturers, told the editors that "Modern margarine has long since passed the 'second choice' stage and is outstandingly By ADELINE KERR Willi the public becoming increasingly nutrition minded, most of the presentations, demonstrations and talks given before the 135 food editors attending the Newspapers Food Editors Conference this week in Chicago were keyed to stressing this important point. Keeping up with (he demand of the American housewife and her busy days, new products were presented lo| good in the major qualities of a good spread—flavor, gpreadabil ity, cooking performance and food value." Turning to meats, Armour and Company featured link sausage, sausage patties, fried ham and bacon along with other breakfast items at a Lumber Camp breakfast in the Gold Coast Room Wednesday morning. Decorations for the event contfnued the theme and the logging camps' traditional call to grub, "Take h-o-r !" summoned the editors to breakfast. One of the "most fasoinating of the dinner parties was that given by the Borden Company Monday evening at the Svithiod Singing Club where a three and one-half year old miss demonstrated the simplicity of good cooking by preparing Biscuit Mock LaSagne, a streamlined American version of the famous Italian macaroni dish. The demonstration pointed up the simplicity of using a new biscuit mix developed by home economists. With tiny deft hands, pert Pat Henry spread cottage cheese over the baked biscuits, then poured spaghetti sauce over the cheese— and lastly placed sharp Cheddar cheese slices over all. The demonstration followed a lavish smorgasbord and the evening closed with the thrilling blending of the voices of the Svithiod Singers in choral selections. Ifegister-Mail THE DAILY &Alt '.P,rPG, UUNOI3, THUPSDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1953 SEC. 2, PAGE 17 Quick:,,. Kusy \lval, News for No Cook Trade Keep your muffin pans in a handy place. Besides using them for muffins and cupcakes, they're fine for rolls and tart shells. If you are buying new muffin pans, you may find it useful to acquire two pans with six cups in each, rather than one twelve-cup pan. If the real you've bought isn't quite as thin as you would like it for that famous Italian dish—Veal Scaloppine—here's a chef's trick. Place the serving-size slices of veal between two sheets of waxed paper and hammer with the flat side of a heavy-blade knife. Them's nothing to the making tains a few peas and pimientos. but the fun when you serve new There are no inexpensive filler fro/en turkey pics. Each half-! vegetables. pound pie with its flaky crust isj Turkey pies save work. No need a onerous serving for one. It lto tha w, just brown them in the contains white rich >rou one. tender, juicy slices of I (lark lurkev meat with ti gravy. J-.ach pic con- oven and serve. Each individual (Continued on page 19) this auick, lo»' cost 1 Gtr thttt FAMOUS nODUCTS AT PEERLESS MARKET Featured on Radio Station WHBF ! I .out!* 1 ***** iny° ur recipe Long COOKlNG £'>c K ad tetft 8 ^ 1 ^ ' ^Tieats- Si^<* 2 £ our sauce over I serves 4 w I . • Notice that extra-long length! That 'B real Italian-style spaghetti—the kind you and your family like best. Here's a meal you'll all look forward to—and will remember long after. Be sure to ask for Red Cross Spaghetti, the genuine eitra»long»length kind. P. S. If you prefer thin spaghetti, which cooks in 7 minutes, ask for "Red Cross Long-Thin Spaghetti " OPEN NIGHTS TILL 8 P. I. SUNDAYS TILL NOON H Quality | Price ^aj I LO Groceteria No. 1 — 909 South Seminary Street No. 2 - 312 North Henderson Street Round, Sirloin, Short, Swiss ^^^A ^^^^ Steak 09 G lb FRESH GROUND BEEF SKINLESS WIENERS HICKORY SMOKED PICNIC HAMS Swift's Premium SLICED BACON lb. Hickory Smoked SLAB BACON lb. HICKORY SMOKED Hams Whole Shank Half Pickle and Pimento LOAF Sliced or Piece lb. LEAN CENTER CUT ^Bk ^Bw Pork Chops 69 lb. Fresh Lean Lean Meaty PORK STEAK SPARE RIBS 49' 47* MRS. TUCKER'S SHORTENING 3-LB. .CAN FOLGER'S COFFEE $179 ...2-LB. CAN FAB VEL Large Box AJAX CLEANERS .2 CANS HUNT'S, In Heavy Syrup £^ QQ PEACHES ..No. 2',2 Cans ' „ HOT CONNECTED WITH THE AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 5-LB. BAG OAKLEAF . BUTTER LI. 42E4D THE WAN? ADS HKAH THE WANT AIM

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