Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 10, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1952
Page 4
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Hal Boyle^s Notebook Irish Cops Rarely Use Nightstick Midgets Perform Well in District H> MII.TON MAK.MOU (lor lliil HoyU) Duljlln, Iioliind i/l'> i\n Iriuli cop im his Iliililin Iwal wriiVH his nl^htntiik ; IH soiin' n;hii >;i'ntl'nii'n would n ctinc. Nut only is il lu'd nlso feel ur.diossed uilluuit' one. In front of the tjirshnm liiil<'l cm busy O'l'iniiivll street on ii Snlurdiiy nif;ht ii imlii i>ni;ui slond II. looked nil of his C fci -t. l7r> pounds ,is l)r «,ilrli.<; mnny of his countiynn'n who IKKI C onu lo window- shop (in Dublin 's iii;iin sri'vl. oi- in r]i:it ^luliil • with the fjoMlL-foll; who soimtiinr.- |..iss llir linn in the one or inoir piildii- l,-u-.'ins. He app<^iiri'd to liav.. :i nioni. nt to l,iin.. II Ki) It came (<i ii:\ss (h:i( (in i niiTi io "ti liU henrd himself jisU. d tlii' lollow ni^ .]ii,-ti..n TUK vol N(; PATKOI.MAN lir Siiid he Could not t^ivv his n.-ime hud bi'en on the force 10 yeaiit. Ill' hail two unties who hnd heen on ;i police force in Atniiiea New York, of all pliice.s_ One of theHi. Milt', caine hen' dining the wai. "I think he's n • tiled now; I lost track of him, but I heard he was wounded in sonii' skirmish in New Yoik." 'riii'\- lately have "skirmishes" in Dublin, I^.a-'t Di nibii some aimed men stuck up the provineinl bank on T'lomas street and sliot a cashier. Th.' birr will' eajitiiied and quickly f:ut 14. 10 and >• -.lais T-uy still talk abnul that shooting affiay jl \'.,is llii- I rimiiial uunjila\- in Dublin in 11 "HOW Ol'TKN, Ml Oflicii, do MMI liiid i' Driil .l.V (Ol"^ d.m I laiiy i;uns. Most of tliei' saiy to use tlia' nit'litstn k ' I 'li unnily nie.- 1; "'uii I'TILI -- ibi.ul n.-iflii piobb'/iis .'ind on Satu' menn." d.iv ni.lits in lim,;; tlios.' who have cididirati-d too Mr. Offlei-i tlii;ii^ht .,nd tIn-u.: 1:1 iL .iin :ind ib.n; mm b tn u.-: b.o k mi tlndi feet .-ind home lo bid. In- ventured tin' reph': "Vi i y s.ldoir. ' ' '.)nl.\ disoideily oin s rind theiiisilves taken to ]iii.~- Pursui-u a.s to tlo' last tinir lu^ u,i. d II..' Mur.rln' : 'n .iiid tlirv iiscally i;i t li.l olf when tlioy sb-op ii in, the polie.'in;in sianb.d hi- in. :ii. i \ pr.l f.nallv I 'lt, Four dtutiks ,i nii;bt per rop is tlu- aviau. recnllcd: .N'' i thai Dublin has m. i i inn' •rino. is a sp.ih- "Six. or .1 niav bav.. b.-.n ij^bl Mar, :o:o,' i " l:oi'--i'i "-kiiiK now and tlen. The occasion vas some soil o! pnbtiiil ib inon-; Dm I" iii.inan. as do most of the Dublin io|i-. htration. Tin pi oplc tln-msi Iv.s ::iil\ e. 1 oui o: ; i am.' fi om tin- rounli,\- lb' said the Dublin vmiie. hnnd. it appears, becaiis.' tin IM.-l; I 'lilb i.. • . in .- s. . k a more pidfitable field of work An onl- rjuiet. law -nbniinf,' < itizens u bo d ..;ri in io«.- inai . oflie. on dut.y 2" yeais eai ns ,s pounds •'• dy activities, even on Satuulay iiii^lils. 1 w.ekly ' -sL'i A seieeant L'ets ii pounds K". I ?27 OL;' "Ho-Huni—WTioso Move Is It Now'." S ^stltjnUIlU pally V(tio^. Comb!n;nK t).e Viri(licnTi>r and Kepuhlican. Publ !.-ihP(i Kvery Kvenlnj; K .X' t-pt Sunday and Principal H-'U-laya EDttre'l a-'' second CULSF matter Oct. 6. 1930 a*, ihe p'.stoifice :.t i-.sth- ervlliC, Ivwa. un<ler thea act ul MarcO 3. Is79. 4 Sat.. May 10, 1952 OwniNl an.l p.jt>lisne<l uy: Deenlfr Fdlter anrj l-uMLshfr, Robert N. Lee, A.rvtfrllslni; Munat^cr. The A-*<i'>c!aiM ITfss i.^ cnutlird escjus- Iveiy II. the use for rei>'.iijlicati.irj of an Lhe i.XAl newrf prlnteii In Uii .s newspaper as well all AP news dis- patchM. SUBSCIUITION TKVMS By mall in Emmet, Xofieji, Palo Alto, Clay, Dicklnjon, Jii.-ki^ja ini .Manin counllefl; one year JS; six m^nltm 14.25; three monfu j:.25; 5 weuka SI. By mall out ^iMc ab-'^vt cc inltes one year JIO; »u DJjr.trj 112;,; three monltij $2.75; one iiejuth «1.00. By I.,iii:e Merchant y.rrlar; per wet.H 3'Jc; one year 114. six mootlu »7.25; thrM montlu J3.75. Member of the Iowa Presn AjjoclaUon, Iowa Dally Prew A^S'^latlon, .Nattocal Etllt .3rlal Aasoclatlon and Inland PreM AS5oclaUon. ARMSTROISG ArmHtroHB r <.-n>onuU. A recent visitor for several days In the home of Mr, and Mrs. Carroll BoRard has heen Mrs. Bonard's mother, Mrs. M. \V. Alborn of Mason City. Mrs. Lou Slaba returned .Monday from a 10 -day visit ul Menduta. Ill , with Lola Krause. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Hat old K. Hansen and family returned Monday fiom a five-day trip to Indianapolis, where they visited Mi. Hansen's jjarcnts, Mr,- and .Mrs. Richard Shake. Thev also visited relative!" at .Moline. 111.. Bradley, 111., and Luxemburg;. Mr. and .Mrs. A. N.;-'>n h.-ive returned from Falls aft-.-r aitendinK funeral s.ivices for Mrs. Hansen's hi other. Fete Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Meredith I'.i>;b'^. Judy and I'oimny hav. moveil from .-VrmstionK to a fiirni near Buckhannon, W. Va Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kenn. dy spent the week end in the H;irry Sniith home at St. .fames. .Minn. .Mr. and Mis. r:)Uane Laffey and I'aniela of Ames and -Mr. and .Mis, PJ:PRES>:.VTATiVES EnchaJiKe, Omiha: also Allanta* arxj General a4vt.fli«lnp rejirei-eolallvea; Inland NpAKimper R?pr*iifntauves, Inc, WrlKley BIdp,. Chlraso; 512 FIfft Ave . New York; Kecunly BMR .. .St. Louij; 1012 Baltimore, Kanias City. 428 Orain Dallas. Albert Nielsen of Ringslcd were quests Sunday in the Joe Laffey home. Mr. and .Mrs. .V \N' Mart spent scveial days last week with the Francis Mart family at Grand i Meadow. Minn. j T. E. Haworlh attendi.-d an area! I meetinK of the Fort Dodf;i- coun- 1 j eil of Presbyterian nvn held Sun- ! ' day at Rockwell City. i Mr. and Mrs. Ted Voldinf; and! Toinm>" of Kcdmond are spending two Weeks at the Thomas John Jr., I home wliile Mr Voldmj; is ',vorkin'f,' at thi. iJKlit company plant here. Dresses Show Versatility JVEW YORK—(NEA)—This year, the girl graduate can decide in advance just what kind of picture ihe'll make when she mounts tlic platform for her diploma. She'll find that while fashions designed for this occasion are meant to malic her look sweet, th»y also make it possible for her to be true to her type. Thus, she can look like a Gibson Girl, or be youthfully innocent ii\ a white "baby dress," or be crisp and tailored. Or she may float ^bout in,a floor-length dress with misty skirt. Both long and short lengths will be seen at gtaduations BY GAILE DIIGAS NEA Woman's EiJllor at school -s and colleges this year. But whichever length she chooses, chances arc very Rood that .shoulders and arms will have more covcr-up than Ihey did for this occasion year. This covcr-up will be expressed in a shirtwaist top, in short-puffed sleeves, in a draped fichu, or in a capelet. The lingerie look is developed for graduiilion wear thus year in little ,whilc organdies worn over pastel slips. Girl graduate (left), primping for her moment in the spotlight, wears a white dress with a future. Heavy white cotton lace Is backed with taffeta, given a V-neckline and .short, puffed sleeves. The look of the lace makes It stand out; so does the utter absence of any treatment that might detract from the line. Strict silhouette emphasizes a molded bod- Ice and a very full skirt. • Baby dress (ritht) is trimmed in fine val lace. It's used to outline the bib effect and to trim the collar and lamp shade sleeves. Full skirt is belled out over a crinoline. Spencer Wins Close Junior High Meet MEET nKSUI.T,S: Spencer W/i KNthiTVllIf 76 Kmnietsbiirs; The E.stherville and Spencer junior hlRh track teams battled it out right down to. the last event yesterday afternoon In a triangular junioi- high trtick meet held at Sundcrlin field but Spencer n.abbed a second and third in the discus throw, the last event completed, ! thus assuring a victory for the Tiger Cubs. The junior Midgets managed to i hold a narrow lead through the ' first nine events of the 12-evcnt card but fell five point.s behind in the 10th event when Spencer grabbed nine points in the football throw to three for the local boys. The EsthervlUe lads narrowed the gap to 2'- points in the high jump but needed to snare eight points while holding Spencer to five in the discus in order to emerge victor."?. <! « * THE .JLNIOK Midgets grabbed sbc first places and a tie for first to five and a tie for Spencer but the winners had more depth in the sprint.s .and relays to more than offset this advantage. Emmetsburg failed to register a single first or second in the meet and in exactly half of the events had to be content with a lone fifth spot in rankings. Frank Smith of Estherville was leading individual performer, notching two clear-cut first places in the )>road jump and 50 yard dash and a tie for first in the high jump. Gus Peters of Spencer won the 100 yard dash and tied with Smith for first in the high jump. Wendell Hill of Estherville won the shot put and finished second in the broad jump and Roy Roberts of Estherville won the pole vault and took second in the shot put- Collins of Spencer won the football throw and earned third places in the broad jump and 100 y.-vrd dash. * * * .\ POOR B.4TON pass in the 440 yard relay might well have cost the junior Midgct-s another first place. Frank Smith appeared to have the speed to bring the baton horn.' in front but he got away slow letting Billy Ridout over-run him in the exchange. Estheriille first places in addition to those garnered bv Smith. HiH and Roberts included' the m> yard relay, and Ridout in the discus. Summary of events: Broad jump, 1. Smith, E.sther- ville; 2. Hill. Estherville: 3. Collins, Sper.cer; 4. Fit, Spencer; 5. Sampson. Emmetsburg. Distance 50 yard dash. 1. Smith. Esther- j viUe; 2. Fie. Spencer; 3. Hoover, .Spen'.ei ; 4. .Sampson. Emmetsburg; 5. Haakonson. Estherville. Tim«- 6.6. S80 yard relay. 1. Estherville I Knox. Poling. Roberts. Savers); 2. Spencer: .1. Emmetsburg: 4. Emmetsburg; 5. Spencer. Time: 1:56.2. =s •:• 100 Y.\nD DASH. 1 Peters, Spencir; 2. Ellingson, Estherville; 3. Collins, Spi'ncer; 4. Murray. Estherville; 5. Cook. Emmetsburg. Time: 12.2. .Shot put. I. I-iill, E.stherville; 2, Robeits. Estheiville; 3. Petty, Spencer; 4. Robh, Spencer; 5. Carroll. Emmetsburg. Di.stance: 35.8. 100 yard low hurdles, t.^WaUord. Spencer; 2. Poling, Estherville; 3, Thayer. Spencer; 4. Ridout, Estherville; 5. Lowe, Emmetsburg. Timi^: 17.8. 220 yard dash, 1. Han.son. Spencer; 2. Knox. Estherville; 3. Blue, Spencei ; 4, Wickersheim, Estherville; 5. Bradley, Emmetsburg. Time: 27.2. Pole vault, 1. Roberts, Estherville; 2. Lyman. Estherville; Peters, Spencer: Hoffman, Spencer; tie; 5. Thompson, Emmetsburg. Height: 7-8. « « » MO V.\BD niOLAV, 1. Spencer; 2. Estherville; 3. Emmetsburg; 4. Spencer; 5. Estherville. Time; 54.4. Football throw, 1, Collins, .Spencer; 2. Hintz, Spencer; 3. Ridout, Estherville; 4. Thompson, Emmetsburg; 5. Johnson, Emmetsburg. Distance: 161.6. High jump, 1. Smith, Estherville; and Peters, Spencer, tic; 3. Sampson, Emmetsburg; and Skog, Estherville, tie; 5. Bargman, Emmetsburg. Height: 4-6. Discus, 1. Ridout, EsthervlUe; 2. Spencer, Spencer; 3. Hanson, Spencer; 4. Loners, Emmetsburg; 6. Wickersheim, Eslhcrvillo. Distance: 98-9. Indians Go Into Tirsl Place in A. I.. NATIONAL LhJAtilK W L. Pet Uiooklyn 14 4 .765 New York 14 5 .737 Cincinnati K! 619 Chicni;o 12 .600 St. Louis 10 12 455 5' Boston .S 13 .;!Si " Philad.lpbia 6 12 Pittsburgh 4 IS .1^2 11'. Weber Takes First in F.B. Throiv The Midgets have ii certain i )ual- ifier for the state high school tr.ack meet in Bob Weber, who won the football throw at yester- davs' district meet at Cherokee. Illinois Beats Ron Unke; Now Tied for First Chicago, May 10 i.Ti Illinois h.ns moved up into a three-way tie with Wisconsin and Michigan, both of whom were defeated yesterday, for the lead in the Big Ten bnsebnJI race. The mini knocked off Wisconsin I'Yidiiy's KesuK.s: Cincinnati ,< St. Louis 3. Pittsburgh at Chica.tfn postponed, cold v\(.a!hei. uinly games scheduled) Sunday's Schedule: .New Vork a; Bo.ston i2) 11:30 a m and l :-'?0 p. m.. Philadelphia .at Brooklyn 12 ;CO p. m.. Pittsburgh at Chicago rji 12:30 and 2:.'?0 p. m.. Cincinnati »; St. Louis 1 30 p. m. and two possible qualifiers in Bob j at .Madison 5-2 with a four-run Erickson. broad Jumper, and thejtirst inning on four hits, a walk mile rel.iy quartet The st ;\ti meet j and an error. One of the blow .H, off is Satunlay, May 24. at Atnes I starter Ron I'nke. was a triple by I Coach Harold Hoskins' cinder- i P'-.ialer that drove in a run. ! men gave a goo<l account of them- { I'nke \ ielded only five hits the I selves at yestertiay s disliict fin- 1 rest of the w.iv The Bndg^er.s COl- A.^IKRICAN I KA( .IK W L. Pet G.E Cleveland 15 7 .6&2 Boston 14 7 667 Washington 11 .1 .579 2 St. Louis 11 10 .524 Now 'i'ork 9 11 450 5 Chicago 12 429 5'. Philadelphia ,s 11 .421 5'. Detroit 4 15 .211 9'; licled U blows off winner CUve Fi>llmer "ho m.inagvd to space them effectivel>", .Michigan Sl.->te .«hadi>d Michignn 6-5 at East l^insing as Dick Ylr- Kew.iki foixvd in the winning run with a walk in the ninth .Miehig.nn, Wi.<<c«nsin and Illinois e .u-h hsve 5-2 rMVorits. Rain wa.shtvl out the other gain- r.s w»terdn,v. Ohio Ststo at Northwestern. Minne.ootfl at Purdue and Iowa .At Indian* Friday's Results: .New York V Bo.ston 4. Chicago S Detroit 5 '16- innings). Philadelphia 9 Washin-,-- ton 3, St. Louis at Cleveland postponed, rain. Sunday'.s .Schedule: Chic.'.go at Detroit (2) 12:30 and 2:30 p. m.. St. Louis at Cleveland i2) 11:30 a. m. and 1:30 p. m.. Washington at Philadelphia (2) 11:05 a. m. and 1:05 p. m., Boston at New Yor':< 12:05 p. m. WKSTEKN LE.\GL-E La-st .Vlghfii Results: Sioux City 5-0 Pueblo 0-10. Lincoln 8 Colorado Springs 7. Omaha 5 Denver 4. Wichita at Des Moines postponed j ishing fourth behind Sioux City : East. Sioux City Central and Spen- I cer Spencei scored ;>4 iH >ints and : E.^thervilb- .'52 1-5 Welwr copjM -vl the fiH<tb .»ll thixnw Mith a !<.x«.< of IIW feet )«nd wvn a third place in the discus. * ft KRICKSON brosd jumped 2vv-iv for third only.l^. inches ..^hy of the second place leap Dick Piep«'r took a fourth place in this ev-nt. The mile relay quartet of Wayne Brown. Dar: oil" Rodger, Bob Er- • icksor. and Don Martens finished nitntin I t>tt Dlo^ third behind E.tst and Centnvl j " l/I ^A of Sioux City, ' Other Estheiville points ^<r. I Qf HOfirt Ailmeilt Karnered in the &S0 reK-iv. fourth to three Sioux City sehooK East. ^ork. M,v 10 t.=IH-0 ^nad» Central and Heelan:fourti m two ^^^^ ^. r(vach.^d mile relay: J.m Reuland fourth in ^^^^^^ as mfn^r Thom»s in th- low hurdles. Fr.ank Mahan. tied for ^-N.-.tivv Son." di,xi fifth in pole ^•au!t. ^^^j,, ^.^^^.^^ , The Midget relay strenph was ment a mite under par as Bob Bcrryhill „ ™ _ .s>» ™w K^I w.^ dismissed from the tr^ck From an c>t^^-urx> jockey, hrok- souad for ^-.oIation of training * small-Ume actor. *'! Lec rose in sc \-t >n years to promi- ^ 1 nencc in the theater- His career * * * j ^ , ^ ,4.^ Iluiet Employe Burned Murshalltown (/P)--H. L. Kontize, B3. employe nt the Hotel Tallcorn suffered . third degree burns about; the hands and face when the hotel boiler he was lighting- exploded yesterday. His injuries were reported not serious. The blast shiil- terud two large plate gluss windows in tlie hotel. Adenauer Works For Support for Peace Contract Bonn, Germany. May 10 (,iPi Chancellor Konrad Adenauer summoned his cabinet today in an effort to win support from two critical parties in his coalition for the peace contract with the allies. Adanauor promi-sed last njght he would definitely be ready to .=ign the contract with the three v.estern occupation powers bv Mav 20 The Socialists, his chief opposition, arc strongly against the contract and two of the tlircc parties in the government have fruitlessly demanded modifications as the price of their support, Thi defection of Adenauer's supporters in the government has raised specuKa'iion whether he can g'>t the contract approved in the German parliament. His own party has too few votes to do it alone. The contract, under preparation for eight months, will restore most ol occupied West Germany's sov ereignty and align her with her West European neighbors in a joint defense setup. NEIL HAGERM-W. who qualified in the low hurdles, lost a chance to place in the finals when a Central Sioux City hurdler in advertently ran in his lane. Sibley's two track aces. Newman and Marshall, each copped two individual events. Newman taking the pole vault and broad jump and Marshall the 440 and high hurdles. Brady of Sheldon won both dash events beating Roggow of Spencer. Frecburg of Spencer won the 880 crown and Carpenter the high jump. Parsons of Spirit Lake took a third in the low sticks and Spencer placed third in the two mile relay, fourth in the mile event and had two milers finish in the money. Cherokee picked up two places in the pole vault and grabbed off several fifth places in relay races. Class B was won by Hartley and Aurelia was second. Next meet on lap for the Midgets is the conference classic to bo .staged here Friday afternoon and night. Drawings will be held Thursday night. Estate Valued at .More than $10,000,000 Detroit, May 10 iP—The late Walter O. Briggs, industrialist and owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball club, left an estate valued at more than $10,000,000. His will was admitted to probate yesterday by Judge Joseph A. Murphy. Briggs, who died last Jan. 17, left the bulk of his estate to his widow, his son, Walter O. Briggs Jr., and four daughters. Enjoy your movies under the stars. LAST SHOWING TONITE ESCAPED KILLER TURNS KIDNAPER -for mitmi tn'lin Uuf't did much to 3d\'anco the Negro in the theatrical world. He was widely acclaimed for his performance as Caliban In the Margaret Welwter production of "The Tempest" In 1943, he played in the movie, "Lifeboat." His last performance \vas in a motion picture. "Cry, The Beloved Country," about South Africa! racial tensions. Lee, a native of New York city, was born Leonard Cornelius Can- epata. His name was changed during his fight career, which ended when a blow to his eye left him nearly blind. Man, 76, Killed In Headon Crash Des Moines, May 10 JP~A 76 year old Ankeny man was killed last night in a headon collision of two car.i on the south edge of Ankeny. Killed In the crash was Perry A. Bachman, driver of one of the cars. Three other persons were injured. They were Ava Drury Snelbaker, Des Moines, who was riding with Bachman; Eugene F. Bahb, 60, Des Afoines, driver of the other car, and Mrs, Georgia Pates, Des Moines, who was riding with Babb. Key St. Louis Rookies. Fail To Look Good By RALI'll RODEN A.isnrlHtod Pres<i Sports Writer The expected prides of St. Louis rookies Jim Rivera and Wllmer (Vinegar Bend) Mlzell—have fizzled -so tar in their bids for major league stardom. Both recruits, touted during spring training ns the probable rookies of the yenr In the American and National leaguos, have fluh- ed too rarely the form that made them standouts in the minors. Uivern. 29-yeni-old outfielder of the Browns, has collected onlf 13 hits In 68 trips forn lack-lUater .197 average. Rivera has ridden the bench of late but was let out Thursday and came through with n gume-winning homer against Philadelphia. 0 »> sH MIZELL, THE gangling lefthan­ der of the Cardinals, has been tUa victim of the "big inning." The .\i ^ungstcr, hailed as a "Icftbanded Dizzy Dean," sails along In fine style, then suddenly sooms to loso his stuff. He blew up agailn last night, losing his third game as Cincinnati beat St. Loula, M. The kid had the Reds eOJting out of his hand until tho seventh inning when be blew sky high and was lagged for seven run». Adcock ruined Mlzell again, this time with a three-run homer. The rally wiped out a 3-0 St. Louis load. Ken Raffcnsbcrgcr's victory was his fourth and his second oyer Miz- elL The triumph also enabled the Reds to take over third place from Chicago. The Cubs' scheduled game with Pittsburgh was postponed because of cold weather. The remaining National league clubs were Idle. « * * THK CLEVELAND Indians took over fiwl place in the American league from the Bostort Red Sox without lifting a bat. The IndlaM. idled by rain, moved a half-game ahead as the Red Sox dropped a 7-4 decision to tho New York Yankees. The Indians had been scheduled to play St. Louis' Browns. Lefty Bill Wight, a former Yankee making his first start, and Johnny Sain, were locked in a 2-2 duel going into the sixth when errors by Johnny Pesky and Jim Pleraall handed tho Yanks three unearned runs and the game. The victory ended a three-game New York losing streak. *f * * THE CHICAGO White Sox won the longest game of the season aa they defeated the Detroit Tigers, 8-6, in 16 innings at Detroit. Minnie Minoso tripled home two runs in the 16th and scored the third on Ed Robinson's single. The three runs were unearned aa they were sot up by Johnny Lipon's error Detroit rallied in Its half of the Turn to page 6 column 1 STARTS WCHAtt O'SHEA ^ VIRCINM m . CHARLES MeCIMW SUNDAY ''rS. 00°o ^ 000 o o o o o o o I OOO 000 OOO 090 I^pMMJIIIP W BII M „ ooo ^^fSSSiSS V -^^'^y J! .aZSWWOILlTOEmfE mm mm-m\hmih Give her a wonderful day away from household chores and the kitchen . . . bring . her, here for a taste-tempting dinner. Delicious to the taste \ . . superbly served In pleasant surroundings. TURKEY irttii cnuaborry sauce VIROINtA BAKED HAM with raisin sauce ROA^T PORK with apple sauce ROAST B^EF with horseradish TWIS NATIONAULV KIsJOWM MCfffTBK I SPBAIC OP TO USS MI9 iLL-eon-TEM SAIMS TO A*OVB IM OM Le ^'TIAAATe mJ99^S56 IN OO^ CHEE, ?0&5/ CW T T C OIISICIPEMCE, 30V$.' N O V O PV , SOUMC7e 1 .IKE y<MOW& 9\<s AL PACIPIC'S J SCARED OF eUN -FIKEJ /W.MARIDN. WHO'D EVER Yv *,HV \W86ROl».|

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