Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 27, 1963 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1963
Page 4
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4 - Thurs., June 27, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts What and where is it? Landmark guessing game challenge to residents Old timers will find it a chal lenge. Newcomers will learn something of the history of this community during the next nine weeks when a "Landmarks Game' contest will be published as a weekly feature in The Facts. Arranged by Jlrs. Dorothy H. Brenan, chairman of the Redlands Diamond Jubilee historical committee and her committee work' ers, the object of the game will be for readers to try to identify old landmarks selected for this purpose, each of which will be photographed, usually in part, and the picture published with an accompanying clue. All that is necessary to enter the contest is for the participant to write his identification of the landmark on a post card, sign his name and address, and forward it to Mrs. Dorothy H. Brenan, 821 East Colton avenue. The card should be postmarked no BUDDHIST FETE NEW YORK (UPI- — BuddhisU from all parts of the world flock to the city of Kandy in Ceylon for the festival of Perahera in August, says Pan American World Airways. On this occasion a tooth, reputed to have been one of Lord Buddha's, is taken from a temple, placed in golden casket and pa^ raded through the streets on tho back of an elephant, the airline says. later than the Sunday midni^t following Monday publication of the picture and clue. Answers will be published on succeeding weeks as each new landmark is presented. Winners will be announced at the end of the contest. In case of ties, run-offs are scheduled. Prizes for correct identification of all landmarks will be two tickets to the Old Timers dinner in Novem ber for first place and two tickets to the November Historical Homes Tour for second place. L*rajw «TcoASTTHtAnr • 123 Cojon inm . rt. 3.4331 Week Days Cent. From 7 P.M. Sat. 4 Sun. Cont. From 2 P.M. Marion Brando — in llieUGLY AMERICAN Also — Ian Flemmings "DD NO" I" »K. NO Color James Bond (AGENT 007) People's Column Reader* at tbe Facti mra InTlted to ifnd their tboachti oo qncitloai of pabUc Intereit for aie io the feople'i C'oJomo PIea»e be brief, Tbe writer's true name and address must accompany each Jetter tbonJEb pen names are permitted at the editor's discretion. Those Who Would Make USA Like Russia, Godless Editor Facts: Regarding the petulant outburst of Eugene Kruszynski about your editorial on the A.C.L.U. Mr. Kruszynski is indebted to you for your generous action in publishing his opposition letter. This is in accordance witli tbe American tradition of freedom of the press. The A.C.L.U. is indebted to our Constitution for its very existence. Especially is this true when it has taken up the cause of so many traitors, appeasers and pro-Corn' munists in recent years. While Mr. Kruszynski was care ful. to state in detail the publicly announced aim of the A.C.L.U. he failed to discuss its deeds, which have repeatedly drawn fire from loyal Americans. Now as to the issue: elimination of "under God" from the pledge of allegiance. This is merely another step in the long standing struggle between those who wish to preserve the American Christian tradition and those who would destroy it in an effort to make this counto', like Russia, Godless. Ralph G. Tilton Route 2, Box 89, Redlands. Ireland — a beautiful land Mentone woman returns from trip to land of her birth "HELLO, AGAIN" - Meeting this time on the other side of the world ore Dr. Stanley I. Combs, left, of Redlands and E. R. Braithwaile, now of Paris, France, who first met one and a half years ego In Germany where both were taking part in the UNESCO sponsored Youth Institute. Now en route home from Australia where he has been on another UNESCO assignment, Mr. Braithwoite is in Redlands for a brief visit and this morning addressed Dr. Combs' class on "World Emerging Nations" at the University of Redlands, speaking on "The New Africa." They are holding Mr. Braithwaife's second book, "A Kind of Homecoming," dealing with his visits to the new countries of Africa. (Facts photo by C. J. Kenison) Follow The Crowds To The Orange Show Stadium July 4fh SAN BERNARDINO GATES OPEN 6:30 P.M. PROGRAM STARTS 8:00 P.M. Free Parking — ADMISSION ~ Adults $1.50 CHILDREN — Under 12 Tickets en Sale at all S. B. City Fire Stations. Day of show, tickets at gate. An Evening of Thrills and Enjoyment for the Entire Family — Bring tha Kids. .75 STAGE SHOW FEATURING GONZALES GONZALES - JULIE HAND SUZI CHANDLER - THE EXCELLOS PLUS THE LANCERS DRUM A BUGLE CORPS. SAN BERNARDINO CITY FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION Supervisors scan six district budgets Six special districts in the areas east and west of Redlands were among a number which submit ted budgets for approval of the Board of Supervisors. The total budgets of aU districts in th coimty amounted to nearly $3 mil Uon. While most are expected to have tax rates less than $1, sue will be higher and the Lake Arrowhead Sanitation district will have a tax rate of about $1.90, up from 71 cents. The money will be used for emergency measures to stem pollution in streams. Rxpected tax rates (the final must await actual assessed valua tion figures) for those districts which do not have self-governmg boards in this area include: Forest Home-Fallsvale Fire district, 84 cents: Calimesa lighting district, 6 cents; Mentone lighting district, 15 cents; Yucaipa lighting district, 11 cents. Yucaipa valley park and recreation district, 44 cents, and Loma Linda sanitation district, 88 cents. Freeway barrier to be installed for six miles The installation of a cable chain link median barrier along 6.1 miles of the San Bemardmo freeway between Pomona and Ontario will be the major part of a contract whidi the State Division of Highways will award after a bid opening on Aug. 1 in Los Angeles. In addition, the contract will provide for surfacing of the median area, installation of an irrigation system and roadside improvements. A total of $300,000 in state high way funds is available for the project, according to C. V. Kane, district engineer. He said the successful contractor will be allowed 100 working days from the date of contract approval to complete the work. There will be some^ changes in traffic while work is in progress. The contractor will be allowed to close up to two miles of one traffic lane on each side of the median strip between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. except weekends and holidays. Kaiser, union report on profit sharing Results of the fliinl month of operation for the Kaiser Sted- United Steel Workers of America long range profit sharing plan were announced today in a joint announcement by the United Steel Workers of America and Kaiser SteeL Cost savings under the plan for the month of May, 1963 amounted to $1,080,000. Under the formula prescribed by the plan $339,000 will be distributed in pay checks to eligible union employees. Nearly 4,400 employees will receive payments under the plan. Payments are equivalent to 19.5 per cent of standard hourly wage rates, as an average for all participants and range from 13 to 43 per cent The average hourly payments for employees participating in the plan amount to 30 cents per hour. Negro author speaks to writing classes at UR Appropriately timed to coincide with the current class on "The World's Emerging Nations" at the University of Redlands is the first visit to Redlands of an authority on this subject, E. Ricardo ("Ted") Braithwaite, author of the book on the new countries of Arica, "A Kind of Homecoming", published in 1961. The primary purpose of Jlr. Braithwaife's visit is to renew acquaintance with Dr. Stanley L. Combs of the University of Red lands faculty who also happens to be directing the class on "Emerging Nations". They first met in January 1962 when both were in Germany for the UNESCO Youth Institute. They met again in July of that year in Paris where Mr. Braithwaile maintains his permanent residence. Bom in British Guiana, Mr. Braithwaite received most of his education in the United States and in England. During Worid War n he ser\ed with the British Royal Air Force, after which he began a teaching career which lasted for nine years. In London's rough East End dis- { trict, the young teacher had his first challenging assignment, one which inspired the writing of his first book, "To Sir, With Love" published in 1959 by Prentice Hall. This book, dealing with his expe Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, June 27 (UPI) —Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: First grade...Second grade.. First grade Second grade... Sis 72s 8Ss -8.55 6.57 5.11 .-4.01 4.19 3.54 113s 138s 163s ...4.16 3.98 3.72 -.3.11 2.96 2.30 Trend: Slightly higher. NEW YORK (UPI) - Citrus report: California Valencias 15 cars, half-boxes $3.93. JACK MADDOX Because it is impossible to see all of my friends and past customers personally, I am using this method to invite them in to see me and say hello at GARNER FORD, in San Bernardino. If you are in the market for a new Ford I would consider it a privilege to assist you in any way possible to choose the proper car and equipment to serve you best. can be reached at Gamer Ford,.TU 5-3861 or at my residence in Redlands. Ph.: 792-1138. (adv.) riences while teachmg the children in this area, has been widely read and just last April appeared in condensed version as a Reader's Digest selection. In 1961, the teacher-writer visited the new African countries of Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea and Liberia, his observations vividly described in his second book, "A Kind of Homecoming". A third book, "Paid Servant", published in 1962 by Bodley Hall, was inspired by his association with the London County Council during which time he was engaged in social service work. Copies of all Braithwaite books are on the shelves at the University of Redlands book store and students in Dr. Combs' education class are famih'ar, particularly, with "To Sir, With Love" which will soon be made into a motion picture starring Sidney Poitier in the role of the author. Vihilc in Australia and New Zealand, where Mr. Braithwaite has been since March on an UNESCO assignment, he notified Dr. Combs that he would plan his return to his home in Paris via the United SUtes with a stopover in Redlands for a personal visit with the Combs family. In addition to appearing before Dr. Combs' class this morning, the visitor also agreed to speak to this afternoon's writing workshop group directed by Prof. Bess Porter Adams and Dr. Stanley Frei berg. our Diamonidscope® tells of DIAMOND VALUE (/ At our store, all diamonds are scientifically evaluated by the DiamondscopeS—available only to members of the American Gem probes into the heart of a diamond, giving the "inside story" of tbe gem's beauty-and its price. This assurance of true diamond value costs you no more. HOWARD SMITH WIIUAM JUNKIN Serving Redlandi Ovtr 30 Ynrt 110 E. State St. Phone 793-5405, Ireland is a beautifid land, so says Mrs. Sarah Adams, of 1397 Jasper avenue, Mentone, who just recently returned from a trip to tbe land of her birth. Leaving International Airport, Los Angeles, May 15, Mrs. Adams flew to New York, accompanied by a sister, Mrs. J. J. Stolinski, of Los Angeles. After a brief stop, they boarded a plane of the Irish Airlines and continued their trip to Dublin, where Mrs. Adams was iwra. In Dublin they visited a twin sister of Mrs. Adams. An older sister had died only two weeks before. The Mentone woman was away about a month. It had been 57 years since she had seen Ireland, and natiu-ally found many changes, but she was impressed with its beauty. She made side trips to Londonderr>', Wicklow, Killamey, Galway and Limerick. She kissed the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, and visited many other points of uiterest, including the bogs, which she well remembered as a young girl. As a young girl Mrs. Adams came to New York and soon settled in Denver. Here she met and married the late Dell C. Adams, at Boulder, Colo. They lived at various times in Seattle, Tacoma. Boise, Idaho, and Los Angeles. The couple came to Mentone in 1922. Mrs. Adams served a term as president of the Mentone Woman's club, and also of the Golden Age group. She is the mother of Frank Adams, who resides in Redlands. The oldest daughter, Mrs. W. J. Scherer (Pearl), is expected here today from Fairbanks, Alaska on a visit; another daughter is Mrs. J. C. Ludington (May) of Livermore. Her husband. Lt. Cmdr. Ret. J. C. Ludington is a son of Mrs. Carl A. Ludington, Mentone. He is in the employ of Sandia Corporation in Livermore as a nomen- clalor. Jlrs. Monte Wilson (Margaret) and family reside at Las Vegas. Mrs. J. C. Ludington and Sirs. Wilson were formerly librarians in diarge of the Mentone county branch library. Mrs. Adams alqO has sLx grandchildren. Scott heads AID group Richard L. ScM, director qf administrative services at Lockheed Propulsion company of Redlands, has been elected president of Associated In-Group Donors (AID) of San Bernardino county, it was reported today. AID is a special giving program through which employes of many large companies, sudi as LocHieed, make regular diarit- able contributions. AID. in turn, allots funds to Community Chests. Red Cross, health drives and others which members approve. Mr. Scott is also vice president of the Redlands Community Clhest board of directors and is assistant chairman of the 1963-64 fund campaign. In addition, he is a Bed- lands School Trustee. 1st Showing 1964 1l»u> at.... Herman 's TV BUY NOW!! 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