Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 25, 1956 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1956
Page 15
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THtffiSDAY, 6CfOBER 25, ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH JPAGE Thespians Stage Play at High School An Old-fashioncti melodrama j was presented during n Wrrlnes-1 day assembly period at Alton j High School. Carol Brewster. a i member of the Student Council, j led a pledge of allegiance. Principal Q. C. Davis spoke briefly. The Thespian club, sponsored by Miss Mildred Rutledge. then presented the play. Alice Waterhouse was narrator for the piny. Members of the cast were Carl Finish Outside Work On Blackburn's Olin Buildin Foster, Gnry Reed, Mary Lynn Campbell, Carol Crawford, Sam Schmidt. Boh Bailey and Don Chudwifk. | This was one of two yearly plays which arc presented by the club lor the students^ j CARLINVILLK — The laying! •j'iilrk Hottniii ] of (ho last brick this week mark-j NORFOLK. Va. ff — The truck Jed Ihc completion of the outside j was empty but the thickness of j work of the new $275.000 F. W.' the bed interested R. A. Hart. Olin Science Building being erocl- Special investigator for the Alcohol Tax Division. Investigation showed a hatch which lifted out. Inside, were 210 gallons of moonshine whisky in fruit jars. If you're short of cash, just stop in at our friendly Credit Office. Without a down payment get $50, $100 or more on W. T. Grant's "Charge- It" Plan. SAVINGS for WOMEN while quantities la&t Values to 5.98. Nylon Slips first quality; 40 dcr.lf-r. Luxury trim, 32-40. 3.98 No-Iron Gorton Dresses Wash 'n wear prints; 12-20 and ' 1-5 ; -s-24'i. 2.98 Cozy Flannel Pajamas Man-tailored, mandarin, butcher hoy. 34-50. 2.69 Cotton Flannel Gowns •Mother Hubbard' stjle; full-cut. 34 to 52. 59e Nylo Wisp Briefs Full comfort-cut. 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'3 2" 2" 5 77 each HOME SAVINGS First Qualify Percale Sheets Our own famous 186-count percales . . . 3.59 to 2,89 under other labels. 72" or 81" x 108". 2.98 Docron Tailored Curtains 84" overall, decorator lengths. White, pr. 49" Drapery Prints, $l-yd. Value Gold-eparkud florals, scenics, moderns,.yd. $A 4 for L 7.88 2" 77« W. T. GRANT CO. 205 W. THIRD ST. — ALTON, ILL ed on Blackburn College campus. The last brick was set into place by Don Wallen of St. Louis while Wallace S. Morrison, a member of Hie board of trustees from Rockford, Dr. Robert P. l-udlum. president of Blackburn, and Fred Redmore of Waucon- d« looked on. The building, which will contain a lecture room and spcHratc laboratories for physics, organic, general and ana- lyiical chemistry, is expected to )>c ready (or use by Feb. 1, and will be dedicated sometime i next spring. i The building, begun in 19.">n, is being constructed by student , work alone under (he supcn^s- i sion of Howard Lcmaster, sup- ci.Mtcndent ol now construction. Tne science hall workers ilke all ! resirlcnt students of the college work 15 hours a week as their contribution to Blackburn's self- help program. The funds lor the building wen: given to the college by the F. \\. Olin Foundation of New Votk. and the building is named iiftcr the foundation founder who died in 1951. Eirllis Mr. and Mrs. Loren June of. J18 Hickory St.. tJdwanl.sville, are parents of H daughter, born at 'I'.'-il a. ni. loday in St. Joseph's Hospital. Thr bab\ weighs .seven pounds and lour '! hr- name of Carol Ann IIR* been cho-en by Air. and Airs. Gene J. Pcrolio of KC4 College Ave.. for a daughter, their third i-Jiiid. The baby, \u-igliing si.\ pound? and 13 ounces, wav born at fi:27 a. m. Wednesday in ,St. Joseph's Hospital. : A son. weighing five pounds j and six ounces, was born to j .Mr. and Mrs. Ward Kewoome ! of :i()")0 Alby St.. at 4:15 a. m. : today in St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Postun of 17J-J BO/./.H St., have announced, the birth of a daughter, whom ! they ha\e named Pamela Sue. i The baby, weighing lour pound? and nine ounces, was born at 3:04 p. ni. Wednesday in Alion Memorial Hospital. They have another child, Albert Lee, 14- months-old. 10 at County Seat Take CollegeExams EJJWARDSVILLK — Ton local high school seniors participated in a nationwide test administered to 160.000 students to determine whether they will benefit from a college education. The exam was conducted under the auspices of the National Merit Scholarship Corp. and the ten who took the tests here Wednesday v ere among the top ten per cent in their class. Piirlicipiitinjr were: Rolland Bruninvorth. Bryan Madison, Jean Nunnally, Sue Van Winkle. Mir.a Voylcs, Etta Le\vis, Gail Hayes, .Marijean Mclcalfe, Adelaide Hinke and Marlene Dctt- mer. Miss J-Jlsie Sloan, guidance director at. the local high school. was in charge ot giving the exam. Of the J60.0UU participating in test. 7.500 with the highest scores will be allowed to take a semifinal exam in January and final selection of candidates for scholarships which will be awarded, will be determined after a final exam scheduled to be gi\en in Titty. i Council Hrroivcs 3 Traffic Petitions Referred to the traffic committee by Alton Cily Council Wednesday night were three petitions, one t,y Citizens Coach Co. to resume its regular Middletown bus route by way of Market and K. Fifth Streets: a second by Carl B. Wendle of La.sailc Hotel for removal of a parking meter to provide a bus stop in fiont of the hotel: and a third by Jack Reed of Alton Secretarial Service for a parking space in front of the firm's office at 108 Alby Street so handicapped employees may morj easily reach and leave the office by automobile. A petition of adjacent property OM'nei s fpr vacation of unopened \Vit1nwn Street, extending south from Sanboin. east of Slate Street, was approved. Referred to the rerl fslaie committee was a petition of owners of abutting property for vacation of 198 feet of Hazel Street, immediately south of Powhafan, also ot a nearby alley. Would Bern Prirking In Two Sections An ordinance projiosing two more parking bans on sections of I:). Broadway was gi\en first reading in City Council, Wednesday night, then laid over for disposition at the next meeting. The proposed ordinance Mould | ban parking on I he south side I of \-J. Broadway between Langi don. the Clark bridge entrance, i and Ridge Street. It also would eliminate parking on the northerly side of K. Broaduay between Felclwisch Avenue and the Olin-Mjsthicson office driveway. The measure aims at facilitating exit from tlir highway bridge by minimi/ing a traffic "bottle-neck" between Henry and Ridge. It also aims at facilitating westbound iraffii: on Broadway near the Indiana traffic lights, with easier ogress from the Olin-Mathieson parking lot. Included in the proposed ordinance is 'iUlhori/ation for a stop sign at the northeast of K. llth Strec 1 at fjaston; also a "no parking" rule on the south side of Mather S.'reet between Slate and Tibbitt Street. Alderman Slobbs :-aid h e would seek to .-.dd to the ordinance provision for "Yield" signs at northwest and southeast corners of Langclon at K. llth St. Iraq will open a bank in Baghdad to make Jouns to cooperative societies. Minor Injuries Treated At Alton Hospitals In the emergency room of Alton Memorial Hospital Wednesday for a toe injury, a fracture. Following reduction of the fractuie suffered a laceration to bis fore- I heart in a fall against a shelf, and Kdward L. Keefer, 5, 5.11 , ; Brookside, who incurred an arm Everett Bell, 32, an employe, of Alton Brick Co., was treated i future in a fall from a swmg. Kdward is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Keefer. At St. Joseph's Hospital, •James L, Ballingnr, 13, of 2387 he returned home. j Lincoln Ave.. received treatment Also treated at the hospital I for a laceration of his left eye- The Dominican Republic en-! Portuguese India will *f>«id lertained 24.443 tourists in the $1.000,000. to improve tts atf- 195fi first half. i fields, Goa reports. and then dismissed were Allen F. Weese, 6, of Brighton, who brow, incurred in a bicycle accident. CLEARANCE SALE . .. REMNANTS « ODDS & ENDS (\Ve Need thp llonni) I2-F1, Wide 9-Ft. Wide LINOLEUMS 6-Ft, Wide At Reduced Prices. All T>pe« Tilr* INLAIDS RUBBER TILE Odd* and Ends P\n. End I.oU — !j" ti Ideal for Television Rooms All colors. While they last Steps, Landing, Halls, Pantry, Closets Open Friday Till 9—Saturday Till 5 ECONOMY LINOLEUM & Rug Co. 559 E. Broadway ALTON, ILL Dial 2-9411 for TRICK or TRf AT tellers KRESGE'S CANDY Milk Chocolate Gold Coins 5 ur 5< Halloween Candy Packs 108 ctllt tnati . . . . 98< Safe-stick Lollipops 120 '» package .... 98* Butter Cream Candy Corn /* ™c OQ|» Halloween Butter Creams /* Orange and Black Taffy Kisses .-.../* 29* Small Baby Ruths-Butterfingers . .' 5/^1Q< PIASA AT WEST THIRD STREET CHROME ALLOY And TOOL 15-INCH FLEX HANDLE . TEN Vz'. DRIVE, CHROME ALLOY SOCKETS 5-PIECE SOLDERING KIT Included. TT, *- Linda Lee has been selected by • Mr. and Mrs. John 1. Petroko-j vich. 422 Orchard St.. Wood Riv-: er, as the name of their eight pound, eight ounce daughter. ,^ born at 9:42 \\Icdnesday at Wood Funeral Services River Township Hospital. They are parents of three other children Brenda Sue 4. Ricky Lee, 2. and Nellie Anne, IS months. SOCKETSET For Mr*. Seliallenberg C'lub Speaker i WOOD RIVKR -Mrs. Wil- ! liam L. Klippo. 2.V1 S.-. .-nilv St. was a guest speaker at the Wednesday afternoon meeting of the O'Fallon Senior Woman's Club . on the topic "Charm for the; Home Maker and Club Woman". ! Mrs. Henry A. Schwartz a former Wood River resident, was program chairman. Funeral services for Mrs. Anna j Schnllenberg. 81, of SOS Alton St.. j were conducted Wednesday at 2! p.m. in Morrow-Quinii Mortuary] by the Rov. Paul S. Krcbs. pastor j of Twelfth Strppt Hresbyterian i Church. Burial was in Upper Al-; ion Cemetery. I 5" DOUBLE EXTENSION Mis. Alfred Cla.iton was organist and accompanist for Lee \Verts, who siing two hymns. Pallbearers were Lloyd Smith, f Mrs. Klippo is currently en-i Walter Smith, G. L. McCoy, Joseph Drexrlius, Kuilon Calame, and Harry Rose. gaged as instructor of a charm': dass at Alton YWCA. Read Telojjraph Want Ads Daily ' Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" INI IKOI WIIH IHI IIAUriFUl 'II , especially for you . , . ihe firif choice of millions of women who love the newest in«tyle .., the finest in quality ... and heaven, ly, comfortable fit. Instant Thumb. /Control REVERSIBLE RATCHET CHROME ALLOY SPARK PLUG SOCKETS I '16 FLEX HANDLE CRRSOH'S LOT WEEKtY ALL 8-Pt. HEX KEY SET EXTENSION ADAPTER 9-PIECE SCREW DRIVER SET PRY BAR i 1 Si* 5-PIECE OPEN END WRENCH SET i! Whether yoo're a prolessional mechanic ... a garage or farm worker... or just do an occasional job around the house or on your car, you'll find the COMPLETE 105-PIECE Socket Wrench and Tool Set a tremendous work and time saver. 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NAME—. AOMIU- -STATt IT BEftllENCEi OSU&- JTIFUt '-SHOf 215 W. Third St. - Alton, 111 OR PHONE; TODAY ISimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 2*3912 AN (DEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR THE HAN OF YOUR HOUSE Lay Aside Your Set Now 11?W. THIRD 5T»

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