The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 20, 1996 · Page 35
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 35

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1996
Page 35
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY, JANUARY 2O, 1996 II SATURDAY January 27 AFTERNOON 2:00CD Movie **x The World's Greatest Lover" (1977) Gene Wilder, Dom DeLuise. (2:00) EB Loch Ness Discovered EB Homotlme EE) Oh Brother EB Movie ** "Nightmares" (1983) Cristina Raines, Emllio Estevez. (2:00) EB Caribbean Rhythms 89 Callente TCM Movie *** Till the Clouds Roll By" (1946) Robert Walker, Judy Garland. (2:20) 2:30 B Tracks Ahead Hometlme Movie * *K 'One Little Indian" (1973) James Gamer, Vera Miles. 'G' (1:30) O (2:45) Making of I'll Do Anything B Moneyweek (CC) 89 Pet Department B Rifleman 89 Sex In the'90s Part III IB Women's College Basketball UCLA at Southern California. 89 NFL All-Pro Team BB' NCAA Final Four Highlights EB Beetlejulce 03 Control 3:00 B Cabin Country O O 8(10) College Basketball Kansas State at Missouri. Q Ghostwriter (CC) IB (3(5) College Basketball Louisville at UCLA. 89(27) Skiing Downhill Relays. From Telluride, Colo. (Taped) IB Movie ** "Naked Gun 331/3: The Final Insult" (1994) Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley. 'PG-13' (CC) (1:22) 03 Movie **» The Shadow" (1994) Alec Baldwin, John Lone. (2:00) 89 Inside Business 89 Batman B9 Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast 69 High Chaparral 89 Shadetree Mechanic 83 Sex In the'90s IV: Then & Now Bl Absolutely Fabulous 69 College Basketball Wake Forest at North Carolina. EB Thunder In Paradise (CC) EB (3:05) Movie *+ "Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even" (1992) Hillary Wolf, David Strathaim. (2:00) EB Movie *** "Good Night Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston* (1990) Ken Olin, Margaret Colin. (2:00) 89 Popular Mechanics 89 This Century EB Legends of the Hidden Temple EB Benson BD Pellcula "Ya Nunca Mas' Luis Miguel, Gonzalo Vega. (2:00) TMC (3:20),Movle *** "Hawaii" (1966) Julie Andrews, Max Von Sydow. (3:01) 3:30 B Inspiration of Painting O Newton's Apple (CC) . HI Movie **x "Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog" (1995) Mimi Rogers, Bruce Davison. 'PG' (CC) (1:20) 89 Movie **« "Nadine" (1987) Kim Baslnger, Jeff Bridges. 'PG' (1:23) 89 Managing 83 Green Hornet 89 Highway 89 Shadetree Mechanic 89 Sex In the'90s Part V 89 French and Saunders 89 PGA Golf Phoenix Open — Final Round. From Tournament Players Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. 89 Global G.U.T.S. EB Sanford 4:00 89 Movie *x 'Randy Rides Alone" (1934) John Wayne, Alberta Vaughn. (1:00) 89 Best Game on Earth B Sneak Previews OBDQD Wide World of Sports Scheduled:. European Figure Skating Championships men's and ladies' competitions, plus ice dancing and pairs highlights, from Sofia, Bulgaria. (Taped) 09(27) Behind the Scenes: Super Bowl XXX IB Movie **» The Drowning Pool" (1975) Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward. (2:00) 89 Mickey and the Beanstalk (CC) 89 Early Prime m VegaS 89 Homeland Harmony 69 Bonanza: The Lost Episodes 89 (4:15) Movie +** "Shepherd of the Hills" (1941) John Wayne. Betty Reid. (1:45) 89 Inside NASCAR 83 Sex In the'90s Part VI 63 Mystery Science Theater 3000 EB Movie ** "Problem Child" (1990) John Ritter, Michael Oliver. (CC) (2:00) CD Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rah! Rahl Rahl EQ Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (CC) EB Beyond 2000 EB New Land of the Lost EB America's Castles EB BET Shop TCM (4:20) Movie * "Always a Bride" (1940) Rosemary Lane, George Reeves. (1:10) 4:30 B Coach Jerry Jones B Magic School Bus (CC) 89 Movie ** "Beanstalk" (1994) J.D. Daniels, Amy Stock-Poynton. 'PG' (1:20) B Movie +** The Pelican Brief (1993) Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington. 'PG-13' (CC) (2:21) 'B Evans & Novak (CC) 89 Country Crossroads 83 Sex In the'90s Part VII B Pro Football Insider B Scooby Doo'by Doo EB Clarissa Explains It All (CC) 5:00 B Wild America (CC) B Land's End (CC) B Emergency Call (CC) B Historic Kansas: Prairie Ramblers- tithe Wild West Show B Flambards B Rescue 911 B ABC World News Saturday (CC) IB CD Coach Roy Williams 09(27) News 03 Movie ** "Dumb and Dumber" (1994) Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels. (2:00) 89 Movie*** "Major League II" (1994) Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger.'PG' (1:44) 89 Movie * * * "Blue Sky" (1994) Jessica Lange, Tommy Lee Jones. 'PG-13' (CC) (1:41) 89 World Today (CC) 83 Mission: Impossible 89 Release Backstage 89 Snowy River: The McGregor Saga 89 Mark Collie Celebrity Race "' 83 Week In Rock 83 College Basketball California at Washington. 89 Super Bowl Llvel CB Fllntstones EB (5:05) WCW Saturday Night (CC) EQ Highlander: The Series EB Movie **K "Nightmare in Columbia County" (1991) William Devane, Jeri Lynn Ryan. (2:00) ED Showcase EB .Invention EB Eye on History EB Doug EB Home Again EB Lo Mejor de Camara Infragantl 5:30 B Newton's Apple (CC) B B O(27) NBC Nightly News (CC) OIBE(5)(10) CBS Evening News BB News(CC) BOD ABC World News Saturday 03 (5:50) Disney Channel Salutes the American Teacher (CC) 89 Pinnacle 89 Center Street 89 Real World B Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rahl Rahl Rahl EB Next Step EB Rocko's Modern Life EB Home Again EB Notlciero Univlslon 6:00 B Club Connect BIB(3(10) News B Home Improvement (CC) BB(5)News(CC) B Saint Francis Academy 50th Anniversary B 09 Entertainment Tonight (CC) B On the Waterways 89 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (CC) ID Movie *** "Educating Rita" (1983) Michael Calne, Julie Walters. (2:00) O9 Movie ** Thumbelina" (1994) Voices of Jodi Benson, Carol Charming. 'G' (1:34) 83 Capital Gang 89 Picket Fences 89 Peaceable Kingdom 89 Christy (CC) B Movie *** "In Harm's Way" (1965) John Wayne, Kirk Douglas. (3:00) 69 Talent Roundup 83 Road Rules 63 Offsides 60 Sportscenter 89 NFL Man of the Year EB Movie * * "Problem Child 2" (1991) John Ritter, Michael Oliver. (2:00) ED In the Heat of the Night (CC) E0 Family Matters (CC) EB On Trial EB Movie Magic EB Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest EB Aaahhlll Real Monsters EB Ancient Mysteries EB De Buen Humor con Sabado Gigante TCM Movie **x "Count Your Blessings" (1959) Deborah Kerr, Rosanno Brazzi. (2:00) TMC (6:20) Movie ** "Princess Cara- boo" (1994) Phoebe Gates, Jim Broadbent.'PG'(CC) (1:36) 6:30 B In the Mix B Siskel ft Ebert B Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (CC) Q(5M10) Wheel of Fortune (CC) B Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre: 1995 Performance B Inside Edition Weekend (CC) 09 CB Andy Griffith 89 (6:40) Extras: Jessica Lange 89 Inside Politics Weekend 63 Sandblast 63 Offsides 69 NFL Match-Up 89 Super Bowl XXI Highlights ED Illinois Instant Riches EB Know Zone EB Rugrats(CC) TUNE IN TOMORROW ALL MY CHILDREN Charlie and Cecily moved to Silicon Valley after their wedding. After talking to Noah, Vivian realized Taylor lied when she said Louie was unarmed when Noah killed him. Julia read Mateo the riot act when she caught him and Taylor kissing. Julia fumed that Mateo believed Taylor's story that the gun she had in her apartment was illegally purchased by Noah. After hearing Trevor defend him to Enid, Michael agreed to let Trevor handle his legal case with the school board despite Trevor's homophobic attitude toward Michael's' sexual persuasion. Tad lied to Dixie that Liza kissed him first, and later Liza played on Dixie's insecurities-by insinuating Dixie is unable to keep Tad happy at home. Opal caught Jonathan and Erica in a clinch. Brooke and Pierce left for an art show in Vermont without Janet, who sneaked into the hospital to see an ailing Amanda. Anita balked at Bobby's lovemaking. ANOTHER WORLD To get revenge against Cecils for hiring Rafael to kidnap her, Maggie forced Rafael to call Cecile, then, made her think he killed Maggie because Cecile did not deliver the ransom money. Later, Maggie secretly attended her memorial service, and took Rafael hostage, forcing him to help with her next plot against Cecile. Cecile was thrilled to learn she will inherit all of Maggie's estate. While Joe and Paulina heard their baby's heartbeat for the first time, Jake was upset his and Paulina's divorce was final. Cart agreed to Vicky's plan to go to the Cory cabin with Grant in an effort to get him to confess to Ryan's murder. Grant told Gabe that he still loves Vicky. A scheming Andrew begged Courtney to come back to him. Blair kept tabs on Gary and Josie, and later arranged to introduce herself to Josie. Felicia was there for John after Shariene refused to forgive his affair with Felicia. re Syndicate AS THE WORLD TURNS Kirk was relieved when Samantha, the second survivor of the plane crash, came out of her coma. Lily collapsed when the search for Damian was called off and it was determined that he could not have survived the crash. A memorial service was later held for Damian. A relieved Kirk learned Damian never revealed the contents of the computer disc to Margo or Samantha before his death. Margo had a tender reunion with her family, but Tom is worried that she has been acting strange ever since the plane crash. Nikki and Barbara fight constantly. Hal pulled away when Barbara embraced him. Mike admitted to Mark that he recently slept with Carly. Rosanna misses Mike. Carly's pregnancy test was positive. Scott kept mum abouUCart/s pregnancy, while Carly vowed never to reveal Mike is the baby's father. Rosanna and Mark talked about their friendship. Mike realized Mark still loves Lily. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Brooke denied knowing anything about the letter Ridge found which stated Brooke bribed Dr. Peters to make sure tests to prove Bridget's paternity showed Ridge to be the child's father. Ridge vowed to get to the truth about Bridget's parentage. Macy insisted Thome go to New York City without her after learning he landed the lead In "Grease" on Broadway. In front of Michael and Dylan, Sly kept talking about Jessica's money. In defiance, Jessica agreed to many Sly after Dylan and Michael tried to tell her that Sly is no good. Sheila Jumed when Lauren hired someone to tail her. THE CITY Angie was upset and Kayla threw a tantrum when the social worker arranged for a white couple to interview Kayla about adopting her. Because of the negative racial publicity against Angle's clinic, some punks wrote racial slurs on the walls, then knocked Angie out cold during their escape when she caught them. Sydney hired Alex to find out who sent her cryptic computer messages about Jared on the Internet. Malcolm told a mystery person their plot is going as planned. Buck warned Tess to stay away from Malcolm, who was once convicted of manslaughter. Malcolm threatened to reveal Jocelyn was a hooker. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Celeste found Stefano after he was struck by lightening. Mike found nothing physically wrong with Stefano, who kept mum that the jolt of electricity caused him to regain his memory. Still determined to have Mariena for himself, Stefano threatened the judge hearing John's case and insisted that John be found guilty of murdering Tony. Mariena nixed going away with Stefano because she wants to be close to John even if they are only friends. Kristen still has doubts about John's innocence in Tony's death. Bo, Hope and Shawn-D, who went to the mountains on a ski trip, were unaware that Jude was waiting for them to get revenge against Hope. The Woman In White hid Tony's diary in Blake house. Peter is desperate to get rid of any evidence linking him to Jude. Vivian panicked when Victor said he intends to speed up their divorce. Victor gave Carrie and Austin a faint project at work. GENERAL HOSPITAL Everyone was shocked when Justus found Mary Mae, who had died in her home. Edward remembered the past he shared with Mary Mae, and the Quar- termaine clan attended her memorial, service. On her birthday, Monica gave Emily a letter her mother, Page, had written her before her death, expressing her hope that Emily and Monica were . getting along. Lois, who had phoned to tell Ned that she survived the plane crash, arrived in time for Mary Mae's memorial service. Brenda accidently burned up Lily's wedding dress. Robin talked to Jason, who came but of his coma. Justus agreed to help Katherine, who said she did not kill Damian. Forensics expert Chip Napoli agreed Katherine had been set up. After returning from Paris,-Lucy realized she is the only one who saw Katherine the night of the supposed murder. GUIDING LIGHT A stunned Frank recognized Nadine's jewelry, and realized that the body pulled from the lake was his mother's. Buzz was devastated when Frank told him Brent had murdered Nadine and dumped her body in the lake. Eleni told Buzz and Frank that she saw Nadine in a lightning storm and she said she is watching over Lucy. Brent let Lucy talk to Alan-Michael on the computer, but cut her off when she tried to warn him of a trap. Cassie failed to get Brent to give himself up. Dinah believed Roger, who denied Hart's accusation he framed Marcus for Cutter's murder. Nola was shocked to see her son, J, who refuses to live with his father and his girlfriend any longer. J came on to Dinah, and Bill was upset by Michelle's interest in J. Rick was pleased when Abigail borrowed clothes from Michelle, and asked him to teach her all about dating. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Nora and Hank realized Rachel is addicted to drugs. RJ threatened Rachel's drug dealer, who admitted the "cocaine" Rachel stole from him was really heroin, which almost killed her. Later, RJ called Nora and Susannah to Rachel's side and they urged her to get into rehab. Bass fumed when Bo said Patrick's extradition had been delayed again. Bo gave a CIA contact the sheet music to decode after Marty wrote it down from memory. Patrick told Bo that Siobhan said the name "Poseidon" before she died. Patrick told Marty that he loves her, but after Paloma's death, Dylan asked Marty to marry him again. Alex went to Poseidon's hotel room, where he watched her through a two- way mirror. Maggie comforted Kelly, who had seen Joey and Dorian in bed together. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Fearing Keesha was about to tell Olivia about their affair, Nathan confronted Keesha, who admitted she is HIV positive. To get away after realizing he might have gotten the HIV virus from Keesha, Nathan told Olivia that he had to go out of town. A shocked Olivia realized the consequences after Dru told her about Nathan's affair with Keesha. Nick and Sharon made love. Nikki told Victoria that she will never accept Sharon even if she marries Nick. Brad told Nikki that he loves her and wants to marry her. Jill lied it was a business meeting when John saw her on a date with a man, Ellis, which would break the agreement she made with John not to date. Danny, who still wants Chris back, was undaunted when she said she and Paul will marry in a month.

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