The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1930
Page 7
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15, 1930_ CLASSIFIED M •i-wo cents a word for Orel Insertion and one cent a word lor each mbsequtnt Insertion, wo «dv«rtt«itient uken fur lea than Me. Count the words ind send the £Mh. Phone 306 FOR SALE l-'OU SALE-Praclically new Singer sewing machine, cheap for cash. 215 Wi'it Davis Ave. xx I'OH SALE—Hold about thirty miles from Blyihcvillc 20 bod- rcoms, kitchen, dining and wall- hnj rooms, completely furnished. Coed lucatlon. SS500, $1000 cash, balance $100 monthly, P. Stein, 1157 Auburt Ave., St. Louis, Mo. llpklT I'OK KENT furnished aiiarment for rent See Jimmie l/jilbctter :it Saunder's Stori;. 29c-tt FOR RENT—four room furnished , or unfurnished apartment, bath Vtarajje. McBiidc Ap'.s. 13pkl8. fOR RENT—furnished '2 room apartment, steam healed. 201 So. Lake . Call 443. 12jklU FOR RENT- -Two story house, nine rooms, two baths. Main st. Phone 050 and 008. L. !.. Ward. Tile GOI-T IIOTKL wishes to announce a few vacancies available to immanent guests fcr Full ami winter oci-u[viuc.y. Special rates have been arranged, with the assurance of the linest accommodations and service In the city. NOTICE Wilh our recent partnership with Mr. Gcc\ Carney, we now have the best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE rickwiek Building "We know we knowl how" —Auto Parts— We sell used parts at one-half price and less. JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21bl Call Cfi Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income-Tax, Bookkeeping Systems I'hone 52 Ingram Bldg. BlyBievllle. Ark NEA SERVICE//zc: 4 ERNEST'LYNN PAGE SEVEN Ho looked up at Sloan and shook his head. Having rcmoreti most of the b'ood from hh face, Sloan now plucked at his chin and sazcd thoughtfully at llio distracted girl. "There's nothing I believe," ho ; CHAPTEH XI.II TT fiuiiid Us mark on Carj-y •* .Sloan's 110.10 aiid Hie biK director slasgcrcd. And then ho camo on like a ulaiit fury, snarling, and | H [her, ami AUIIO'B conviilblva ivi a moment llorlraer went to ihe Continued, lavement beneath a snnshin;; h!o\v, with an agonized cry from Anne Winter ringing in his cars as he fell. He scrambled up again, brushing Anne aside us the sought lo Inler- fere, lint Sloan was too bit; for him. The director was on him at once, eyes Hazing, swinging'mistily lifts, nnd one of tliem connected solidly with Dan's chin and the lights went out. AVhcn ho, oponcd his eyes a^aln Sloan was bending over him with a worried look on his face, lilood v:is lluv.-jns from his nose. It ran down in a dark rivulet over Ills moulli and chin. Ilo said anxiously, "Arc you all right, Horlincr 1 ;" Dan nodded and managed a fee- hie smile. An anvil claimed in bis head and Sloan was a lia/y vision lo him. kneeling there with nne arm around a girl who slumped beside him and shook wilh violent He could'feel the man's other mured Into her ear wliilo Iho ill-1 Just kidding.' Don't throw any rector wiped his face with his !iand-1punches at me." Ho said, "What kerchief: he rubbed her wrist ami .did Sloan doT What did Anne do?" d her shoulder, and talked to | "Just what I'm ullliii; you. ilo hand beneath liiu ;:p. bis neck,, propping Sban'a Klralncd' foatiirca relaxed at the other's smile. "Sure you're all right?" lie repealed, and Dan as- tu red linn lie was. To prove It lie got up unatilcd. and stood on his teet. "I'm sorry. liorlmer." the director laid; "sorry as hell. 1 went off my Ji'.it." He turned his attention to Anne then and pressed bin month lo her ear nnd told her not to worry. "It's oil right, Anna; every, thing's all right again. Duck lip now." Things slowly became clear lo norimer atain, as though lie were emerging from a foe. He put Ills lingers against his jaw and they touched a lender spot where Sloan had hit him nnd knocked him unconscious, and be suddenly fell that never before iii his life had be been as ridiculous as this; for there was Sloan with his arms around the trembling Anne Winter—llio Lord only knew what had happened to Anne—ami here ho was rubbing a sore chin after a bad licking. All because he had stuck his nose luto Eomrbody else's affairs. Sloan had been decent, loo—very (it-cent—more so than he had right to expect. Ilo ought to be fore. Dan went over to him and he said. "I'm sorry—terribly sorry. H was my fault., the whole thins. I made an awful sap of myself." "It's all right," the oilier assured him with a bloody grin, and be held out bis hand for norimer to shake. lo wurry iilnmt, Koriiuer. "She's just a bit hysterical, that's all," "It's all my fault, loo," Dan murmured In self-reproach, but (Jatry Sloan sajiled and said he wa suro of that. "I conti'lbnlud my bil." he re- narked, ami ho looked tliougliHul And then ho took hold of \nno and pulled her gently to her ett and held her time, lie cpokc sh:ir[ily lo her. "We're Koine back, Aline. Conic Hong, tt'e'ro twins hack on the set and you'ro yoh;;; lliroii|;h lhal se-tiie. Understand?" Itorhner heard voices not very Nil- off, coming nearer to ihrni — :bo crew, most likely, coining buck for MIC "shooting." heart! them i]o. I!c raised Anne's chin, compelled her lo look it him and listen to what he said. 'Come on, Anne, we're gohiK back." And he nodded to Dan Knrlmcr Lo cotno along. "You and 1 have a little cleaning up to c!o," he smiled. "What ihe others don't ki:o-,v won't hurl them. . Anne?" reeling better, Anne nodded. With Sloan on one side of her and Dan on the oilier, she walked back lo the studio. • * « pAUL COLUEIt lliat night a strange story. Dan csiae home, \vild of eye, with marked face and dirty clotlies, and Collier took one look at him and his mputh fell open in amazement. alkctl lo her for a while. Sat ill her dressing room with her nnd old lier E!IO simply had to go Lliroutili with It. Ami I'm lelling I'ou shu did, too. I Bluek around to iiear part of the playback and then I heal it. She's absolutely going to steal the picture." "DIdn'l yuii lake her home?" ".Me lake her home? IJo you think I was Kolng to slick around after what happened? Nothing do- Ing; I ducked out. What n soot she must think I am—cwlugiug on Sloan Unit, way." ' "They eat that up, my hoy." Til never say another word auainst him," llorlmer promised. "I know when I'm licked." 1'relty Ihoronshly licked, ho (bought—in more ways tlnin one. UTA1T1NG lor Sloan to appear the •* next morning, bo felt a few mibRivinf:u. They had parted friend:-:, but he hud not ceased to rctircach himself for his foolish 1 ness; Sloan, ho feared, mlplit not lio so pleasant abuut It now Ibal 1m had had n night In which 10 think matters over. I! uL (lie director wan cordial when ho came, ami bo tuok Dan to ono side and told him to forget what had happened. "Xo one litui to know a word alxiut it. No one was there but the Ihrco ot us. It doesn't h»vo lo go any farlhc-r." "One of Hie camera men gave me a funny look last night," Dan (old him with a smile. "Ilo must have llioughl something.", "That's all explained. I lold bin yon Blumbkd over a step in ihe dark." "I'm just a sap." "Sure yon are," Sloan cheer "Great, Anne. Absolutely greai!" Sloan's iniiuner said; "foil IIK\ now, Hint i was right." And Anno (old him. From iho window of his oftico lait Uurimcr saw them walking crosa the couit In the bright HUH- ght. Kloan had hl» arm around er and Anne's favo was smlliiiRly Htuvned to lilt Sho looked vory appy, and, with a queer Htllo mile, ;umod ludt lo his work. I.nter on In (ho day, ns lie was assing UiroiiBh (ho hull down- talrs, Anne's volco c.illeil lo him i-oin one of llio iiubllclly offices nnd ho came out lo him. Ho laid abruiitly, "I want lo poloslxo for wluit hapiicncd Iho (her nlgbl." "Yoii ncedn'l." Anno mulled at ilm. She did not loak tired now. Icr cyi-a were bright nuil gay. "I IOM my head, that's all. I'm orry. 1 guess you think I'm in iwlnl roughneck." "Why. Dan! Vou don't bellero lial." .S!io sbouk her head. And ihe nddcil :oflly, with a direct look nto lils eyes: . "You couldn't bo i roughneck If you tried, Dan. You —you':,; lou nnicli of ft gentleman." Dun said, "Thank you, Anne," mil lie k-ft her then and went up- itiiira to his oll-ce. Anne stood thcro In llio hallway nnd Wiilcbcd him go. Sho stooil .here and watched Ills back disappear around llio slnlr comer, utnl 'or some slrango reason then sho :honght of Hie lines ot ft sons Hint nan had asked her lo sing for him. I'ho last linio sbo had suns for him. . . . And she knew Unit she had icon rpilto blind not. to have renl- izcd lliat slio loved htm very Jearly. So :-ho wont lo him. Dan was bending over Ills typo- writer when she came. In. Ilia elbows wcro propped on tlio leilgo OUR BOARDING HOUSE IP 355 MR wax I HEARD -Van OF YaUR EXPERIENCES (A AFRICA ,' VtSARS A ""EM ELSE- WEAR A CATCHER'S MASK • VlCrflM I 1 * S f-Tele CAMMiBAL V MAP& HIM A ( W ^ BOOTS .AM) HER BUDDIES JUST IN T1MK By Martin V. R. WASHAM— Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-03 We offer the best aulo repair service in town A. H. JENKINS I'honc 279—818 In Tickwlck llus llulldiiie WERT He Makes 'Em See I Don't Put Off i -cHiling us for an c.sli- unite on those lone iicijlcetcd repairs for your home. They gut every day and Ilic longer yon wait, the ' more the cost will )^e. , f ' KKEI' THK VAIAJhMN i YOUR INVESTMENT By Keeping Your Home in Good Kepair 1 Pay Out of Income i | liy the Month. \Ve give prompt al- U'Mlion to even the sinalk,<l joljs. Phone 100 I E, C. Robinson Lumber Co. Cy oft' tho handle once in a wiiilc 1 guess," Sloan smiled. "Forget i! Forget it and say something to her will you? I can't get a rlso out o iiiir. S,ie'3 scarp/! out of her head. Sloan himsslf spoke soo'.hingly t Anne again, lint his words had n effect. So Daii held b*r aud inur FOR RENT— One of Shane apjiri- menls-on West Main slreet. Telephone 1ST and 571. loll. FOR REKT—HoiJsckecping roams cheap. 914 Hearn. 15i>k22. FOR RENT— Sleeping room adioin- \ns batli. Steam healed ho:nc. Garage is desired. 1100 West -Main Phone 114. 15ckl3. WANTED WANTED — Housekeeper, apply Frisco Rcoms, opiMslto Frisco station. llpklT Check This List ; Sec if your home needs any ; of Hirst- repairs or .- improvements More closet space Siiclvin^ Clipboards Dcors • Garapc ', N'civ walks or driveways New floors over old Konlinj Taint Kc[Kiir or recover side ', Willis \nv frcJit cnfr^Ticc ! AVindun>j Or frames j \c\v trim 1'iirtilions Knrlosc porch >•< • — % * f -s, o» w-^/^rf^y^- }-'--• HBPPEM- to, OPAV' 1 WctRtVJ TO. V> fully, "but you'll havo credit for one of the blygest scenes What all Jin llio picture." liind her and he looked around at t/Oilf" "You'd be surprised." Dan milled lie ran his ilngera through his 'Why. Anne!" He rose at once. She smiled at his astonishment. "Aren't yon going to usk mo to sit down 1 .'" she "Why. ot course. Sit down, wilh a grin, and he sat down and great acliess yet, llorlmer. related what had happened. mis pretty lough 01 "You mean lo tell me you took her last night," he admitted, "bu punch at Garry Sloan?" 1'aul ouce some-limes you have lo bo In CLWTtR. Of VEtV nterrnpted unbslieviiiEly. And Dan laughed. He could .augb nov,-, although he was not any less Hie fool. "You should have business today?" "1 haven't seen her." Anne did not appear at all tha . . Ilassbc been around Wl:at she had lo tell him sho was already telling him wilh her eyes, hut he Inched very uncomprehending. Dan should havo known, she Ihonslit, but In many ways ho \vtn a sijaiige young in;m. Under Iho day. There was nothing mure to her In Ihe plclnro now. There re knocked me colder llian You could have counted a hundred imaincd only (ho which she did not appear a circuinslLinces Ihcre was o Ho \s-cnt on with his were lo bo made on location. Uan- was- relieved that ho ilid not nt him steadily bcr heart wna make her go back nnd no tall: between them naming, ami bke said, "Dan, do you Tie that one," he finished. wliilo Sloan brought her around to remember Ihe night you. asked mo doing what he cipectcd ot her. lo marry you?" Dan's moulh Remember it! '•I hope you still mean It, Dan," sho told him, "because I'm 119 longer uncertain." The door was shut, but It would saw her. Tlic publicity department It's ilic best yarn (hat's cracked i had arranged a luncheon appoint- Hollywood in a year." Ho grinned. for Her wriler. Anno Garry- Sloan wilh a new. came early, discovered her Collier Ihrew an arm up over his havo made no difference to Dau If loot her lo tiio projection forthwith lo look at the last rushes all tl-p jrorM had seen. and hear his praise. WANTED — Family Washed and ironed hy lent white woman. Mrs. Must be a bargain. Address Box isli hoi-'ses. uot'.on above average. Will iurnish U-ams to mov.? a compc- Brown, 17ck-tt Wilson! TO S S. Lake St. lOckw! WAN-TED—Second Mrs. L. M. Burnc-tic announces the BOARDERS—Owing opening of her classes in Cre shorthand, bookkee]>ina and fryers, veal and i»rk tile farm can give special to couples. 112 East Cherry sireel,'. WANTED to buy Ford coach Phone 602. 3pkl7 ; touring car 1320 or 1030 •— j Address X Courier News Head Courier News want ads. FRKCKLIOS AND HIS KKIENDS PROBABLY Lost "BJAT Box o= GRUB ROM YOU D.O DlOOES B'H \MAS SOLLY! <3i\j£ A N'.C6 BIS PLATE POLL, CF FRIED CHU-. wo use vJisHiu 1 ... .\jj.e OOGHTA BE BA04 OM ..W6AHS SOW6BODYS OP STOLE IT.-.- 6B08 AHD REV GONE'.! UHUH-. WELL, LLL Bb A COVJO'S ECOMO COOSIVl IP IMS' FAR8AW Because CM6R.1H£ FALLS.... E IT WAS A BEAR..... HOARIER. THAVl one.Too i! JUST EAT THAT ^tJE GET BA04 TO Tug COWS OM, \-J£'LL. TAkLS Off:',' SUPPER ... .E ~K> SET A SSCONO TASuS OME... F /OU H6UE \IJOUT FACH V GUESS -TOO C.OT : BUTTONS ON TOO 1 . CH? '(OU V-OCjv^ TO r 1ULWS1 VltRE. IS THC COTTON 1 TOLB TO CjtT IO TOVv'CLS IN THE. BP>TH- YOU GOT IHTO THE Tm"b woost JT VOUP VNM4TS 1 .

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