Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 14, 1948 · Page 1
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Tuesday, December 14, 1948
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The Weal £ier Fair and colder tonight. Clouc and colder tomorrow. City Weather. — Temperatures High, .65; low, 50;. noon,. 52. River— 4.68 1eet. VOL: LXXIX.— NO. 344 Associated Prew Service— AP W/>op/ioto CUMBERLAIND, MARYLAND, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1948 International News- Seme*' 24Page»- 5 CENTS: Fall Feared As Red Sisters Give Away Their Dogs For Christmas Pets Key Cities Periled By Red Drives Rumors Of Peace Movement Spread Peiping Isolated And Air Fields Closed As Gunfire Is Audible By SPENCER MOOSA In Red PEIPING—(<P)—Peiping- was isolated today, with Communist armies almost knocking at her walls. Authorities closed the south air field, last air link with the outside world,. Peiping's west field was closed yesterday. Nationalist ground troops 'were- reported looting the west field today. Passenger traflic was halted on the Peiping-Tientsin Railway, on'.y land link with the outside the Communists do not control. This action was taken because of troop movements. Closing Not Explained Closing of Peiping's two air.fields was not so simply -explained. Well placed quarters said Gen. Chow Jih Jou; head of the Chinese air force, ordered the Air- Force to withdraw without consulting Gen; Fu Tso-Yi, Nationalist commander, on the northern Ironts. (Associated Press correspondents elsewhere reported 105 Nationalist planes from Peiping arrived at Barbara Ann and Marilyn Naomi' Nace,- sisters, walked '.into 'the ;city ''toy mission at Harrisbure, Fa., and | Ts i llg t ao , u, S. Marines base in Students Have Front Seat For Traffic Collision turned over their three pet dogs."so'some.btber.Uttle;boy. or.girl 1 could -riave-'a pet for •Christmas;" Recording Ban Ends As Union Wins New Pact . Welfare Fund Clause . Gels Approval Xbng . Fight- By PetrUlo : : : By 1VAYNE OLIVER. •••NEW YORK— (/PJ— Members. ' of James C. -Fetrillp's' American. Federation of- Musicians will -.end -.their ' month recording 'ban 'this. "af- oon. . .... . . '..' The signing: of a new live-year •ontract between the union and.the phonograph record- companies • will By ;DeWITT MACKENZIE 'AF 'Foreijm Affairs;Analyst The wag .who fathered the expression "talk Is cheap", hadn't seen ;he -Assembly of. the;- United-Nations in action. •• .'••' •'•'" ."-' .," '- ; .'.,-.' be . .followed ..ijim^.diat first 1 for the AFL instrumentalists. The formality will -put. into effect »n agreement 'Teached. last- October but held in abeyance pending a •government okay on the legality of a -union 1 .welfare fund financed by royalties on records. Gets Federal Approval . The government gave "its blessings last night. Attorney General Tom C. Clark and Solicitor .William S. Tyson. of the Labor . Department said the welfare fund, . to be administered by an impartial trustee, was legal .under the. Taft-Hartley Act. ' ' The $25,000 a year trustee will ,'oe Samuel R. Rosenbaum. The fund ii expected to produce $2,000,000 a year and will be used to hire jobless musicians to give free public concerts and for other union wel- 'of the four big fare purposes. At least two Peace Costs Prove High, Still Cheap "Too Many Words" At General Assembly Of United Nations Hit By London Times As Propoganda Battle the Assembly meeting just.conclud- ed- totaled 1 " 10,000,000 : 'words. Since the'' expenses: of--'the session-' -were 1,700,000,000 francs; 'the. 1 newspaper draws .the conclusion 1 , that each word cost 170 -francs, ;which is 53 cents UJB^A. I wish France Soir Ttadn't • worked-that out; Such .--a. shock- . ing. cost per word leaves your •c o.rr e s p on-d cut •, practically- speechless; for through, his veins runs a-heavy- strain of Scots' blood. And we Highlanders are frugal. ..'..• Of course"'there..-are exceptional circumstances which, warrant, such- expenditure.. For .example, : Soviet Delegate Andrei T.. Vishinsky' must feel that he has secured' a rare. ( bargain when he can divest.himself j Labor Leaders Push Moves To Void T-H Law CIO and AFL Chiefs Call Sessions, Open Legislative :Drive By HAROLD W. WARI> WASHINGTON —W —The -AFL and CIO called .separate strategy meetings tc<ia y -with two immediate goals: Repeal of the Taft-Hartley; Act .and a. bigger political role for organized labor, v .-.The CIO's .nine vice-presidents were summoned into conference by the. . decision of organization's . . recent convention in. Portland, '.Ore.; to '"demand • outright repeal' -of the Taft-Hartley -Law. ,. . . Call On Tobin ' Three CIO leaders .officially advised Secretary o'. Labor Tobin of .that"decisiori yesterday: They are•Secretary-Treasurer James B. Carey, General Counsel Arthur Goldberg, and David J. McDonald, secretary- treasurer 'of the CIO Steelworkers. They planned to report to the • . • i _i»__j._'i. „*]„,• nY\ •rrfViof' Tflf"iin China, and an equally large number at the crowded airfields around Nanking, Chinese National capital). . The withdrawal deprived Fu -of. air support 'at a most critical time. All signs indicated the days of Nationalist rule of Peiping are about ended. Claims Victory Nevertheless Fu issued a special communique claiming he won his first "real battle" against forces of Gen. Lin Piao, top Red Manchurian commander. Fu said his troops trounced Lin's fourth column yesterday in a battle seven miles north of Peiping. The communique said,the 15,000 Communist troops were beaten back with heavy losses. 'Fu said his men captured 200 Reds. During the night, sporadic gunfire was audible in Peiping. It appeared-to-become more distant early this morning-, (In the. battle'for'Nanking, pro- Group from " its - Communist . trap lira Evidence Ten Years auto High school students had.a front Wt in Los; Angeles, when a bus they were-riding .collided with an driven by Raymond Flags, 20, (above); who was.badly injured, when his car went out of control and swerved in front of the bus. ,One student suffered a bruised leg. Reds Reported Giving Aid To ' west of. Kuchen, 30-miles northwest of Pengpu; ' . • • •' ' • ' •' (The Chinese .Central News Agency said tank units under per- erai sonal command of Shek's second son, Chiang Chiang Kai- Wei- Kuo, spearheaded Sixth Army Group attacks which captured Pao- chiarii, southwest 'ol Kuchen.) , : Maneuvers Puzzling Gen. Fu's military strategy has been so puzzling that most people - , . vice-presidents'today on w.iat loom nave on]y one explanation—political told them. The secretary- was »ignc-; motives s , e behirld j t . lipped to newsmen about his two- Rumors nave linked Gen. Fu with hour parley with the CIO ofacers. j negot j ations for a proposed coalition He said he was merely collecting | . ernment Latest talk says per- l President Tru-, CIO of record companies—RCA—Victor and Columbia—lined up artists to start recording the moment the contract was signed. A third, Capitol, also planned a quick start, but • dals of Decca said they were in no rush. Cite 1944 Coso There was doubt whether many of the post-ban recordings'.would llnd their way to store shelves in time for the Christmas trade. However RCA-Victor officials pointec out that when the previous record tan by the 'Musicians Union was ended in late 1944 they had two records in the hands of eastern deal- -«rs within 43 hours. . Petrillo's union called a halt to recording activities Dec. .31 of last year when its old contract with the f Continued on Page 10, Col. 4) Frail Woman, 63, Fails To Rescue Her Aged Brother CHICAGO—</P)—A frail. 63-year- oW woman failed in an attempt to- rescue her aged,, invalid brother from their burning home today and both perished In the fire which attacked the two-story frame structure: A sister who lived with them .escaped. The dead were Miss Calista Pratt nnd her brother, Richard, about 80; who had been confined to his bed lor a month. .Their sister, Jennette Pratt, 62, who discovered the fire in her brother's second floor room, summoned'firemen and was forced to flee because of heavy smoke. Miss Pratt'told firemen her sister who was about five feet tall and weighed about 100 pounds, ran 'to their brother's room when the -language as this: 'The cause of the Second World War-is not so much Hitler,, but-the leaders of France and Britain, supported by the IT.S.A ; " When you cat) hand former allies such »n insult »s that at (Continued on Page 10, Col. 3) Jap Admirals Sentenced. To Terms In Prison YOKOHAMA—W —Four, former admirals of the Japanese navy today were prison terms ranging from eight to 20 years for responsibility in the deaths of more than 800 persons. . :. • . They commanded Japans submarine forces, in the Indian Ocean and southwestern Pacific.' Those slain were • passengers and crew members of Allied ships. Many were-ma- chinegunned after surviving.the torpedoing of their ships.' • ' Convicted were Vice Admirals Te- rushla Komatsu, Hisashi- lichioka, Hisashl Mito and Rear Admiral Noburu Ishizaki. Eleven, lesser navy personnel received terms of from one-to 10 years. Twenty-three defendants were acquitted- previously. information to help President me his "State of the Union to Congress next month. spokesmen said today's u! action for tiie next few when the drive for repca oT'tiie" WT labor law will be at its heicht The CIO wants imme- dfa! restoration of the Wagner Act which went-unchanged for 12 years until' it was supplanted by the Taft-Hartley mensurc Amendments Possible -"We'll work from there," one CIO leader said meaning that some amendments to the old Wagner Act will be agreed upon. That is the same position the AFL took at its Cincinnati convention last month, although at a meetmg with Tobin ten days ago, a com- rContinued on Page JOi 1 Col. 6J B&O Loadings Drop BALTIMOR%-(^-The Baltimore bargaining for Fu wanted him e allowed to •hold on to his troops; but the Reds.balked, declar- (Continued on P age ie,_Col. 2) Young Miner Shot, Robbed Of $1,700 WAYNESBURG, Pa.— (IP)— Joseph Orban, 23-year-old con] miner, left his home in Bobtown, Pa., with 51,700 last night to hitchhike to nearby Carmlchaels to buy his girl a new car for Christmas. A half mile from his home, Orban told police, he was given a ride. The young coal miner said-he told the motorist of .the surprise he was planning for his girl and of the money lie was carrying. •I must have turned or something," Orban. said, "the first thing I knew I found myself on .the road, reeling around. I-had been shot." SecretForce B.eing Organized, Socialist Newspaper Asserts BERLESF — ' (IP) — The Socialist newspaper Telegraf said today the "People's Police" in eastern Germany are being rearmed secretly by Russia on the style of the "Black Reichswehr" after World War One. The British-licensed paper, which continually attacks Soviet policies; claimed the real strength- of the force was hidden by distributing its men in factories in groups of five to 50. The newspaper said even women are undergoing military training. The "People's - Police," it said, really is an army designed to fight for CommunLini. Denied By fluils Russian officials . and German Communists have denied any dia- Ruised army is being organized m the Soviet occupation zone. They countered by accusing Hie western allies of remilitarizing western dispatch, datelincd - - - -• ..... ' Wallet Gobbled By Farmer's Pig AideToPeron Faces ..Charges- cause one of his pigs made a hog of.-itself.'.•-'.•:V.i''...- r - 1 ••' .--y^-" '•;.-:•-.'..' Smud.-'dropped 1 .; his billfold in-, the pigpen. The. pi'g' chewed it before he could retrieve it. When he took the tattered money to the bank he was told it was of no value because' the pig had. eaten too much. , .He sold the -hog 'to help offset the loss. Mayors' Group Launches Move For Home Rule WASHINGTON— (IP}— The American Municipal Association train.ed its sights today on "home rule" for city governments. Mayor cieLesseps S. Morrison of New Orleans told delegates to- the association's 25th annual meeting his-city's treatment .by "irresponsible legislators" showed the. need for such a national policy. The 34-yenr-o!d formt;r Army colonel who is slated to become (Continued on Page r°. Col. 5) Gladys Gkul Weds OTTAWA, Ont.—(/P)—Gladys Glad, widow of Mark Hellinger, and -Arthur F. Gottlieb, Canadian film-executive, announced shortly after midnight'they had just been mar- Pumpkin Papers Put-, On Tap By; ProberV'r;.: • For Jury And FBI >' NEW YORKM/P)—Adolf A.--Berle r:;'; former Assistant - Secretary', .of . tate, was summoned .to appear-be—,-. ore the espioha'ge-probing-.federaX. rand jury, today,, a Justice Depart-' ment spokesman said.' . '" ' ..-'.. -;... 'Berle testified'.several months;ago-- : the same Investigation before-». ubcommitte'e .-'of --the';--House •;tto- merican Activities Committee..'.. •*-.-.. .Whittaker'.Chambers. a Ocey -figure; . i the Inquiry, lias''statcd .that-.he.- old Eerie in 1939 about alleged lommunist Infiltration of the- State. Department. . -. • ".',''•'''; Jury Examint*. Paper* *' v The ."pumpkin "papers", 'disclosed": y Chambers were, pul on. tap-=yes-.' erday for examination' Sy the ."jury r the FBI in Washington whenever.- ceded after a day of-legal;skirrn-,. shes and angry- disputes- at-, the- - 'ederal Building.'. > .~r,: ^.IT' The compromise was reachecMate esterday with the aid of a Federal;' udge after' 'hours of controversy, etween representatives of the'.'De-; artment of- Justice 'and 1 the^House*.-•• 3ommittce 'on Un-American','Activl^ 1 ; ies. .. ' : ..-.-->• -.-•• The films- of.' government^ dqcu-; 1 merits; allegedly: stolen .for Russian. agents a decade, ago, were. jjrarked. in- evidence-;'Ior'.thc-' spy-hunting . grand 1 -jury and. were "to be-made:. Railroad reported today, Ano ther motorist found Orban! The couple was located in the - revenue | and took - nim to . a hos pital where ,hoine of friends in Ottawa but did loaded'39,041 and received 19,991 car?, for a total handle of 50,032. In the corresponding week of 1947, it loaded 43,316.'and received 25,389 for a total of 68,705. since 1946," Orban said. Navy Officers Discover Clues In Rape-Slaying Of U. S. Girl • out. Daniel Lyons, Fifth Division Marshal, said the -woman apparently died trying to carry or drag to the stnirs'her ill brother, who weighed more than 200 pounds and was more than six feet tall. Firemen found their bodies in the room. Stage Producer Dies " NEW YOR^—W)—Rowland Stebbins, 66; stock broker and producer . of "The Green Pastures," a tremendous stage success, died last night. ' Btebbins started with n Wall Street stock broker firm in 1907. and later became R partner. He turned his Stock Exchange seat over to a young aoDdn in 1929, and. went into, the theatrical business, producing about 15 plays. GUAM — (IP) — Attractive Ruth Farnsworth (at left) died today of shock and a beating administered, by a sex maniac. Search for the killer—or killers— who kidnaped and raped the-.-27- year-old San Francisco woman was intensified with discovery of a pair of paratrobp boots in the jungle.near the . spot where she had been lett r to die. Naval officials said the boots bore possible blood stains, and the .name of the-owner, The boots and other evidence are being sent to the FBI in Washington for study, the Navy said. A missing sandal, which authorities hoped would help track down th'e killer, was found near the scene. Her other sandal earlier had been found near an Oriental curio shop where she worked nights. • Several men were questioned .by Investigators, but no one was held. Rewards for information leading to identification.-of. the girl's attackers were offered by the government and the proprietor of the shop. .Miss Farnsworth wac kidnaped (Continued on Page 10, Col. 6) -Inot say where the ceremony took place. They obtained a marriage license here last Thursday. Miss Glad' once was judged the most beautiful showgirl in America. "Assignment: America (Rtj. 0. S. Pat. Off.) Yowig Mayor Of New Orleans Gets "Once-Over" By Old Politicians By KENNETH L, BIXON WASHINGTON — (INS) — G e o- ; this correspondent was Chief Of Named In Probe By Buenos -Aires Judge BUENOS.' AIRES—W—A federa judge's.' report lists- the-'-chief o President - Juari D. -Person's polk bodyguard as. receiving a S92:00' bribe'for backing an Italian-Argen tine aluminum factory . deal, which fell through. . The -chief is. Herminio Antoni Fassio. a-federal 'police ' inspecto who was. awarded the. No. l.-Per sor.ita Medal of .-Loyalty a few months ago. The $92,000 is th' largest amount reported-paid-to an; of the 14 persons'under arrest in th case. . .. Judjfc Continues Probe- Federal Judge Oscar Palma Bel tran continued today his- probe o the deal, the.first major scandal in Pero'n's 2V4 years in office. Peron himself ordered the investigate after Argentine diplomats in Ital; snid the matter appeared at lent unusual. (Continued on P:IRC 10, Col, S) uon'of a policy draft which de'-jWoman In Labor '"The people of.-an incorporated SllOO tS JtlCrSCll • city should have the right to handle their own affairs-.under a constitutional grant of power from the state. "Home rule would permit cities to amend .their own charters by action of the local electors, to choose the activities' they wish to perform, and to raise their 1 revenue as. they They should be free to choose their own form of goyernmnet, not merely - to operate a government given them' by the state." Morrison said In a prepared address that-such .was not the case in Louisiana. (Continued on Page 10. Col, i) TRENTON, WJ.— (f)— A 22-year old . mother today • was . recoverin from gunshot-wounds police said sh inflicted on herself 'after endurin 33 hours of labor pains. The , woman, .Mrs. • Eleanor Cun ningham,. shot,herself: in the shod; der yesterday with a 12-gauge shot gun-, while awaiting the birth of he fourth child, State Police Troope Al W. Geran.said. A few:hours latei after emergency treatment, she ga-v birth to an eight-pound, 13-ounc boy 'nt'Mcrcer" Hospital;' Her condition today was reports as : good, while the-boy.'s was liste as "only fair." .. . Blonde Actress Shoots Suitor And Ends Own Life With Gun fnphically speaking-, -It's a long 'imp- hack frorn Yucatan. Mexico, Lo the District of Columbia—even though. yO'J can make Is in a matter of hours these days, what with the airlines and everything. Even so'.'you don't expect. in< these- rimes.'to find the'people in Washington talking- about the, same character who was. the subject of discussion in Yucatan. That sort- of situation - could .lead you to believe that the hemispheric needle was stuck, or something like that. •Nevertheless, that's what happened' .' . .' ' Down in Merlda, the capital of Yucatan, they seem to like this boy Delesseps S. (Cliep) Morrison, the 313-year-old mayor of New Orleans. Maybe it's because he's taken the time to come'down and spend time with -them. Lots o£ Norte-Amerl- canos don't take the trouble. Or, maybe it's because when the veteran of -World War Two- was -kicking around in .their baliwick, they just about Chop Morrison Yucatan, before returnin ington—that he was a guy watching. rc 1 I.M worth LOS ANGELES—W—Bullets ended the life and', unhappy romance in Me-idi'or Patricia Styles. -25, (nt righ ) tn Wish- beautiful b'.onde radio and film act- to was.ii reM ^ d daugn , ed . oj Radio Entel . tainer Hal Styles, and left her- es- Then,- after passing 'rapidly through New Orleans oiv the return .trip :md landing in,, Washington, suddenly I discovered 'that people in this capital city 9f the United States were saying the same thing. Chep Morrison-was here,..and the old-line politicians were giving him a quick once-over to see what-gave with this boy with' 1 the. golden touch. Morrison was in town as a speaker- before the American Municipal •'Association. But ' he hadn't been here half a day' before- the old-time capital politicos were : around, buttering him "up and.-trying to find out where he thought he was going and how he get there. • -And those who-didn't drop around to his hotel' suit.' were talking him over, elsewhere, just the same . . . '-.'Looking at them'logically, their reasons are fairly understanbablc. ..UUUllLL i.U .Ulltili Kjcwj'viv.*, v..-j j—--,--• - TL:,,^ ;.-, decided he was a pretty good Joe. jln the: realm ..of national-pol tics. ; n It could be for a lot of reasons. | general, and . southern politics. >n But whatever the cause, that's what! (Continued on Page zj, Col. t>) tranged suitor seriously wounded Nathan N. Sugarman. 43. head of ;m auctione'ering and business-liquidating- concern, suffered wounds in his legs and head. . .-. . - Detective LI. E. W. Smith said Miss Styles did the shooting, which started as the couple sat talking- in an automobile and ended when she collapsed beside the car, still firing at the fleeing- Sugarman. She was dead when police arrived. Hospital attendants said' Sugarman's condition -was good. Lt.' Smith pieced together tnis Miss Styles, and- Sugarman.- had- been in love for some'time, but quarrele'd and broke up several months ago. Recently he announced his engagement to another woman. . . Yesterday Miss Styles asked him to drive her to a .friend's home. They paused to' talk in North Holly(Continued on Page 10, Col..4) . ' oday lor examination.; .. •'."'. - .-. -Kept By,'NUoni .;'.'•.'•..The - fllins,-' jneanwhile, TemaJn«d.r - •fixon! (R-Calii r 7;i» ; .m.ember:'of'the: Congressional , c o mmit t e e,.,who. -.-. brought',ihe'm-,'.irp' J frpm/Washington- . 'esterday ..and showed them'to,-.the' ;rand jury. .. • • ' - ' ., *'"''-".."'. ' The microfilms- were' surrendered .• ;o the-committee, almost, two; weeks '•-' igo by ex-Communist.courier-Whit- ;aker Chambers, who- had hidden, them in a scooped-out pumpkin on is Maryland farm. '.-,'"'."-L- Justice; Detpartment • officials': bad considered-seeking; a'. court':\ order. ;orcing. Nixon'to turn over'the mi--, crbfilms, but a'50-minute conference-.-' yesterday in the chambers of-Federal District- Court Judge John'. W. Clancy produced; the compromise. A joint statement issued to newsmen said.. Nixon declined to leave the films with- the' grand- jury or federal attorneys because 'the rules of -the 3ouse require that exhibits ir£com- mittee hearings remain in the-custody : of the House until, released by it. -. Woman Witness Mum — ;HINGTON^-v<P>—A-.. surprise .woman witness* refused 1 to tell-Congressional . spy . investigators Tto'day whether she,in or has been-a Communist or knows any of theXwlt- neascfi who. ihny'e" testified, at -previous hearings...' - - ":.— •She is Morion Bachrach, 50,-who said-she.- lives, 'at' 214 ' WesOlth Street, New' York City.- and' identified .herself ; as -a writer in -.the^nA- (Continued on Page 10, Cok'j) .. American Woman Goes On Trial Iw Stifdi^r MARBURG, Germany— VPh^A. .23- year-old • New. England"' housewife went on trial for her life .todayr^? 1 •' Mrs:-,.W!lma "BilHeV'.TrbarboV.'of.; Maiden, Mass:, is -accused of'ldllina: •-. her IT. S. soldier husband. SgC'John.-, Ybarbo:•' He died"Oct;-;.l-.-Of-gunshot: wounds .- suffered;-during a'.~quarrel' in ; their- bedroom'after "«,-, party-oil- sept. ; 2o.- -, -• •-...... , :::,:.'.'-r:.T Murder charges, under both^^jer^ man'.and American! militajyl.-.'gov- ernment law; have . been- lodged- against-Mrs. Ybarbo. ; She-.wlll..,bc tried by an American. Military-Government court -of three judges.;;.; ; ' There had -been protests- among?. occupation forces'. because. German, law. .prescribes.-'beheading,' iot..con- victed-. • murderers?',but 'the '.protests were 1 quieted. .-b"y.: Mi,.assurance-'that in the event-Mrs." Ybarbo' is convicted the ax. method;,of. execution Trill not be used.>,-: , .' """' Tlie assurance- ca'me,,from, presiding, ^udge DeWitt White 'of Mprfran- town, W. Va. The prosecutor; Hugh L. 'Hiricticliffe -of' Palm. Beach, -.Pla, '. and' : -..Cleveland, -Ohio,, will "demand the .death -penalty.;-" : .- •: ' " -;--, MrsijYbirbO; -motner of. r a,,"six- year-bld--'.son-, will plead .innocent arid'-'-claim .'self-defense, her : '«ttbr- iTeys-'said..'"- • - ••,.:'" Will;':-..„ LONDON — W.— Princess:--Elizabeth^ 1 , four-weeks-old baby boy,.who m.a.y'.one-day...;rale. the British-Em_ bishopJ.'ot.TCariterbOry in Buckingham -Palace 'Wednesday at 3.:'30 p'."m. ;aO:30-.a.-m. EST.) . . .. -..--• — — •• .n- anriounc 1 ement--frpm the'.'^al- iice-said the'. service, will-be in-one-ol the- state. rooms; on 'the; first-floor. There. has-.been-,no.'hint as to what ! the child's-:name.-will.-be. ' '•".''.':','.+-,. I

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