The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on March 2, 1974 · Page 3
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 3

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1974
Page 3
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P d JHl«S: Gllmore City cubs hold banquet Ottosen couple celebrates 52nd wedding anniversary OTTOSEN—Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hofius accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Knute Oppedahl, Humboldt, James Oppedahl, Eagle Grove, and Mrs. Alf Lee and Rex, Stratford, to the Feb. 17, 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hohenstein at Amboy, Minn. Mrs. Hofius and Mrs. Hohenstein are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Hofius celebrated their 52nd anniversary Friday. The Knute Oppedahls, Humboldt, were visitors in the Hofius home in honor of the occasion. Mr. and.Mrs. Erling Malmim ^and Mr* and"Mrs. Homer'Betz' • were Sunday visitors in the • John Kohnke home, Clare. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berninghaus, Fort, Dodge, were Sunday dinner guests of Ellen and Edwin Speich. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Johnson, Portage, Ind., and Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Donald Usher, were Tuesday morning callers in the Orlando Grefstad home, Bode. . Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Worster were Sunday dinner guests in the Byron Naeve home, Bradgate. Sunday dinner guests in the Allan Wehrspann home, in honor of Mary Lynn's 14th birthday, were Mr. and Mrs. Steve Marquardt, Cherokee, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobson and Paul, Kenny Bratland, Jeff Jacobson and Gary ; ,*,* . . „ -A-,,, „ .„. Schmidt, Storm Lake. Afternoon guests were Mr. and Mrs. Dean Telford, Nancy and Steve. Friday evening visitors of the Merril Heftys were Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Hefty and girls, Lu Verne. Friday afternoon visitors in the home of Mrs. Jennie Bratland were friends, Mrs. Norman Helleseth, Mrs. Ella Monson and Mrs. Mina Wehrspann, honoring Mrs. Bratland's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Struthers and Kelly, Joliet, 111....were houseguests,a. few• iSayVin rthe' "AlBert-Wdrseti home. Mrs. Thorsen and Struthers are brother and sister. Roy Jacobson has returned to his home following a 10-day stay in the home of his daughter, Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Nick DeFrancisco, Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Cletis Hundertmark were Friday evening visitors of Mrs. Hundertmark's sister, Adeline Tendall, a patient at Belmond Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Olvin Haug and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Anliker spent the weekend in Waterloo, where the ladies participated in the Women's State Bowling Tournament. Other Gambles team members, who regularly bowl at Lou's Lanes, West Bend, present at the tournament were Carol ; Miller, Donna Montag and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Forey, all of West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hendrixson, Plover, were Saturday afternoon visitors in the Norman Helleseth home. Monday evening Visitors in the James Jacobson home wre Charles Larson and daughters, Laurie, Lisa, Joanne, Barrington, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kinseth, Bode NCA E. Alneida attends International Days at Clear Lake (Continued from Page 1) community and is a good coordinator of the school system." Principal Del Cram and Assistant Principal Whitey Kuhlman "have sound relations with the staff. They work well together to create a democratic atmosphere in the school. The assistant also performs many of time-consuming tasks." The Humboldt High staff is "well-qualified and experienced with a number of advanced degrees," Peterson said. The Sheldon superintendent suggested the teachers develop job targets for the departments and the administrators create a more extensive description of Cram's and Kuhlman's positions. "There should be more effort in moving programs to meet objectives," Peterson said. "There needs to be' a He stall been fond theft Saturday., March 5, Hj Th« Hofflbeldt ' <> -'O , , V« ' 1.1 n ilm . 0f6 Clt , y held *h«^ •««"«! Blue program for More than six years. He is also police chief Gold Banquet in United Methodist Church at Humboldt. Prom left: Duane Wiemersfjim Day, V c niMg ;? Ue8t speaker £or the OCC88ion Wftfl SIaikeu ' ^ Gajne9 ' Bob Behrendsen and the Rev. Scout Master Perry Slaikeu, who with his Fred Pierce, Cub Master at Gilmore City.-Indepen- wife, has been active in the Humboldt Scouting dent Photo. centralcurriculUm committee With the curriculum director (Ramon Fisher) taking more responsibility." Peterson said he would like to see more citizen and student participation and dialogue with the teachers. He also suggested the administration needs to give t additional budget feedback to the teachers. "The school has a tremendous aesthetic and learning environment," he concluded. Department of Public Instruction (DPI) consultant Dave Gilliland indicated the 40-acre HHS site is "aesthetically pleasing," but also presented a list of selections to the local schoolmen. A major problem Gilliland touched was the limited one-road access from the HHS JVlarion Huntleys neighbors at farewell party RENWICK-Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Marion Huntley entertained 34 neighbors at a farewell party for Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nelson in their home. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are moving to a farm near Wesley this week. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Huntley and family are moving to the farm vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. Sunday evening supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kraft Jr. were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kraft and family, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kraft and family and Mike Dobbs. ithernsideofthe i explain'®! tne develofffi6n.t of outdOBf phyS- ical eTftfctltioTl facilities ShbtlTd be- dofUMrtth a new access kept in mm so the facilities would not stand in the way of the road* "fife school has many s'uperiof academic areas," he said. ;!ftrt» the career education facility needs expansion and the J&cXag areas are now sufferlnf' ,from inadequate floor sp^Ce and heating. The . voc-ag.'58^a expansion should be 1 the^|Hnber one priority," Giflila|fi -suggested the loading adek at the back of the building be made more accessible to semi-trailer trucks. In that same area of the building he explained the '.uncovered walkway from the voc-ag area to the main building be enclosed. He cited weather and bird problems as major reasons for the need because dirt, bird droppings and other material is tracked into the hot lunch area of the main building. the tiPl. consultant questioned the removal of stall particians in the HHS restrpoms>and also indicated the restroiim facilities are not now accessible to the hand! capped. Expansion of the conference room in the guidance office area should be considered Gilliland suggested. "An area for Student groups to meet with r counselors should ' ' be. an integral part of .the , suite." . • • ' s-> -";' Concerning the library, Gilliland told the schoolmen there should be "more area for non-book materials." He suggested closing off the little-used open courtyard across the hall for a media center... : . ' :. "Future, consideration, should be given for the construction of an auditorium to augment the outstanding fine arts, program of the school," he said. "You should also consider building a swimming pool." The final . He indicated the program was balattted and varied with Wiafiy activities allowing deffl- otratic participation and development of leadership According to his report, 1 0-80 per cent of the students participate in the activities and that the majority of students are satisfied with the offerings, , He complimented the school for its expansion of girls activities, ie. girls basketball, and the balance of athletics with fine arts. Farrar suggested an evaluation method for the activities as well as an activities council made up of teachers, sponsors and students which would meet regularly. Along with the six or seven- member council, Farrar suggested the creation of an activities handbook to make students aware of the offerings available. "You might also consider a scheduling adjustment to allow groups,to meet dlifing the school day 1 once a month dr so," he said. "The value of such an arrangement would more than compensate for the loss of classtime." Farrar was pleased with the HHS Student Senate's functions and said it "is '•'•• representative of the student body." Indicating he felt the administration was "receptive" to the senate, Farrar said, "It takes on other items than just social functions. You need to get.teachers more involved With the council's activities and pull the faculty and council together." Farrar indicated the assembly program was good and varied .but recommended the Elimination of. paid assem- ;;blies. ..• "•••• ' '• ' -.. •••'•. "Your local talent is just as good as what can be hired," he said. ;': He also' indicated Cra'm • should be allowed to .bring in controversial assembly topics without .having to consult DO YOU HAVE HBP? i 1 . • Haye you (had your blood pressure checked recently,? 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'frr: i 352-3421 RENWICK-Edwardo Alneida, the Brazilian boy staying in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Schipull attended International Days at Clear Lake over the weekend and while there was a guest in a family home. Saturday afternoon Mrs. Donald Clowes attended a district meeting of the nominating committee of United Methodist Women in the home of Miss Mildred Henry, Humboldt. Friday evening supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Erwin were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eekhoff and girls, Linn Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Eekhoff and girls were overnight guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Eekhoff, Kanawha. Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Erwin and Mrs. Henry Eekhoff and girls were supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Keith McCurry, Eagle Grove. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mrazek and family and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Soils and Meka. The supper was for the birthday of Clarence Erwin. Peter Hefty was a Wednesday morning caller in the home of Lena, Martha and Clare Elmer. Sunday noon ' Mrs. James McGow- an called at the Elmer home and Sunday afternoon visitors were Mrs. Anna Marty and Mrs. Mary Marty and Kenneth, Lu Verne, and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Marty, Hardy. They came to wish Lena Elmer a happy birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Trask were Wednesday afternoon and overnight guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Trask, Ames. They were called home Thursday because of the death of their brother, Lorenzo Trask, Humboldt. Michelle Trask. their granddaughter, returned home with them. Mr. and Mrs. David Trask, Ames, were Saturday evening supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Trask and Michelle returned to Ames with her parents. Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Trask and grandson, Roger Trask, were supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Nelson. Mrs. Bert Martin was also a supper guest. Ardain Eastman, Waverly, was a guest Thursday night to Saturday morning in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vern Harris. . Protect your family's future Nothing makes up for the loss of a wife, but should something happen to her, you're going to need help to keep the family going. So why not consider some "wife insurance" to protect your family's future. Talk it over with your wife, then call us. Farm Bureau insurance ^MHHfc farm Bureau Life & JpfPlBP Des Moines. Iowa Mike Smith Agoicy Meingtr HmboldUowQ v PhoM 332-1121 y ———— ---..^ Bcnooi P\BW»WM tiotrif, Pawlf saW, "Tftey are gdod. 1 wdttld recommend the yearbook become part of the • class sifuctufts and that the ' students be allowed to publish a school pap«ff periodically in addition to the local paper to allow for more space and experience." Farrar termed the music program "outstanding" and the administration should somehow allow the teachers to spend mftre time at HHS. Farrar was "impressed" with the quality of the drama and speech program and he said, "It is taught as a .SSS^SRI v " **"* lilt He suggested* tire afhVtie fftf IdfViCft programs be expanded to *wwiw include more leisure time activities than team-oriented. •He was complimentary about the variety of school clubs and told the officials SO per cent of the students belong to one or more. "You need to be less concerned with structure," he said. "Don't 'super-structure' them. You also need more course-related organizations." —„, Yeoman Fifst class Vincent f>. Odetbrett, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Odenbfett. Dakota City, was awarded a Letter of Commendation by the commanding officer of Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Four at the Naval Air Station here. A 1965 graduate of Humboldt High School, Humboldt, he joined the Navy in June "Relax, Bergen. When you call iongdJstancef if doesn't cost much to keep on talking." Charlie McCarthy is right. 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THE LORD'S PRAYER 29. ENERGY CRISIS 74 30. HOOKED ON A FEELING 31. ROCK ON 32. DADDY WHAT IF 33. I LOVE 34. TIME IN A BOTTLE 35. COME AND GET YOUR LOVE 36. WOLD 37. I SHALL SING 38. TEEN AGE LAMENT 74 39. SHOWDOWN 40. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL Terry Jacks Ringo Starr Cher Olivia Newton John Anne Murray Jim Stafford Barbra Streisand Tony DeFranco & Fam. Carly Simon Diana Ross John Denver Cliff DeYoung Black Oak Love Unlimited Orch. Rolling Stones Mocedades Charlie Rich Rick Derringer Paul McCartney & Wings Elvis Presley Charlie Rich Elton John Bette Midler Brownsville Station Gregg Allman Byron MacGregor Steve Miller Band Sister Janet Mead Dickie Goodman Blue Swede David Essex Bobby Bare Tom T. Hall Jim Croce Redbone Harry Chapin Garfunkel Alice Cooper Electric Light Orch. Charlie Rich Listen to KHBT 97.7 on your dial for Top 30 countdown | on Sunday, Feb. 17,1974 from 8 to 10 p,m.

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