Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 9, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1952
Page 3
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Pergonal JVIciUioti Dean Poyzer Receives Discharge Dean Poyzer. son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Poyzer. Is home after receiving a medical discharge from the army. Mr. Poyzer was inducted Jan. 23 and all but three -weeks of that time was spent In hospitals. He is now working lot the SolV Conservation service' and he and his wife are living in one of the Anllker apartments. Bomord Jan!u>n of MUford was a visitor in the Prank Smith home yesterday. Mr. »nd Jlrs. Har\oy Solmonson and Donald and Owen Wlckens will drive to Ida Grove Sunday where they will visit with old friends of the family. Mrs. Darwin RofimuAscn of Cedar Palls arrived today to spend the week end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Mc- Wllllams. Mr. and Mrs. JLoyol Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Prank Smith will leave tomorrow for Iowa City to spend the week end at the C. P. Smith home. They went to' visit with their brother and son before ho and his family leave for Salt Lake City where ho will teach summer school. Mr. and Mn». tl. B. Danielnon will Ro lo Sac City Sunday to visit Mrs. Emmii Dnniclson, who is ill at the hospital In Sao City. They will then drive to Lytton where they will spend some time at the home of Mrs. Henry Danlel.son. Rain To Euxl In Iowa Today Dcs Moinci, May 9 i.,T'i--A cold rain u-as fallinj; ovor much of Iowa thUs niorning but it was expected to end In wostern Iowa about noon and in eastern Iowa some time tonight The showers began In western Iowa late yesterday aflornoon and spread over the southern and central sections during the night. Burlington reported the heaviest rainfall with .63 of an Inch up to 6:30 a. ni. today. Ottumwn reported .52 of an Inch, Lament .37 and Dos Moines and Spencer a quarter of an inch. Today's temperatures arc expected to be about the same as yesterday when highs ranged from 50 degrees at Mason City to 59 at Council Bluffs. Last night's low was 46 degrees at Spencer, Dubuque and Mason City. Send um heap big smoke signal bout heap big Sale at Estherville Hardware, starting Thursday, May la. Tell um they save much wampum. Free prizes, too. Watchiun for Salo ad Wednesday, May 14 At Holy Family Hospital sir. and Mm. Walter P«uL-»on of Alpha. Minn., are parentu of a son born yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Kd^vln Gothler of Graeltlngcr arc parents of a son born yesterday. Ii^rl Pattoraon of I^ljunl WIM admitted yesterday for medical care. Mrs. Melvln Bratrud of lUng- sted entered the hospital yesterday for medical care. Dale Raiihan .<»pr of Esthervlllo was admitted yesterday for medical care. Sirs. Glad}-!! Falrman of Esther- vlUp entered the hospital yesterday for medical care. Ra.smus Madison of RinKKtod was admitted yesterday for medical care. Mrs. Ben T. Roach of E.sthpr\111o entered the hospital yesterday for surgery. Mnt. Otis Opiml of Armstrong was admitted to the hospital yesterday for surgery. DlNmlssalH ycstenlay were Mr*. Edward Westfall and baby boy of Graettlngor;' Mrs. Arnold Jensen and baby girl of RIngsted; Mrs. Victor Hempstead and baby boy of Esthervllle; Richard Sharar of DoHiver, surgery; Wayne Haukoos of Esthervllle. surgical treatment. To Hold Short Course In Photography Iowa City. la.. Stay 9 Off") —A short course in photography will be held by the state University of Iowa school of journalism on this SUI campus. Friday and Saturday, July 26 and 26. Open to news photographers, advanced amateurs, professionnli< and any other persons Interested, the sessions will mark the resumption of a series of photography short courses started in 1938 and continued until 1941. An advisory committee from the Iowa Press Photographers association is iissisting in plans. Sciinlor Taft Almost Through Canipai^iiiig New York, May 9 /P-Sen. Robert A. Taft said today he had almost completed pre-convenllon campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination. Ho told newsmen he oxpcctfd to spend three or four dAy in South Dakota prior to Ita Jun« S primar)' and one or two daj-s in Indiana but that he is "fairly well through with most of the campaigning." Taft noted that the half-wa.v point had born reached between the first primary, in Now Hampshire March 7, and the opening of the Republican national convention in Chicago on July 7, and said tl»c situation looked very favorable to his candidacy. He reltornted that eatimates he had received indicated the convention would open with half of the 1,206 dolegatca supporting htm. A simple majority, or 601 votes. Is required for nomination. Taft said he had been Informed by John D. M. Hamilton, eastern states campaign manager of the Taft-for-Presldent committee, that 17 of New York's 96 Republican delegates are "friendly to me." Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, a supporter of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower for the GOP nomination, has contended that only one of the New York delegates la lined up with Taft. KvenlM Calendar Synthetic Tobacco Is Developed Washington, May 8 ff>--Thc sugar research foundation said today a new synthetic product has been developed that looks, tastes and smells like tobacco—but it's made from sugar cane. The process has been patented by Dr. Jean U. Korce of New York City, the foundation said. Here's how it works: Bagasse, the product left over after all the sugar is removed from the cane, is beaten, cut and abms- ed. Then It's washed and tho fl- bei -8 screened. There Is some more beating and then the fibers are put through a paper-making machine. At that point, the product looks like tobacco. Chemicals are then added to give It the tobacco taste and smell. When that's done, the material can be used In. cigars, cigarettes or pipes. Saturday, May 10 Enjoy Our Delicious • HamburfKers • Coney's • Hot Dofis • Malted Milks • Root Reer • Pop • Confections • French Fries • WhirMVhip Cones Open Sundays from 2:00 p. m. Weekdays from 5:00 p. m. Try Our Delicious CONEYS and HAMBURGERS RIVERSIDE DRIVE-IN Just West of River Bridge on Highway 9 Tomahi Or«ce rhiireJt .Monthit Family Mchi. 6:30 p. n>. At thf ehiirfli Hrine j-our own supper ("..ffr. wltl provided. Paul rrrwidenf.* vil I><<lfrt-e of Honor. 7:30 p. m. At the home of Mrs. George Klbljoe. Co-hoxli -M. Mrn Ed MelniMs Pli> notlfv' hostess if unaMc to nUcml Ser%1c<» J ^lar Logion. 7:30 p. m. Oleo clul>, star jHilnts, flag bearers will practlc for state convention. Family Night I'rogram of WalUngford Churrh. 8 p. m. At thf church parlors. Program honoring niotlnrs will be sponsnred by l» D Ft Tho public is Invited. IlAWkeye Trail lUdrr*. 8 p, ni. .Meet In tho city hull. Anyone Inti'i f.sii'd Invited. Klr<'- tlon of offloorn. Iniportnnl l>ll^l- ness. Bring ymir lunch Coffi-c provided, Saturtlnv Woman 's Chib Anniul May Breakfast. 8:30 a. m. At tho Margnri't M»- nlcco school. Guest day with members responsible for their guests' breakfast tlokvt-H. Mrs. Omn Huff Mangold of Armstrong win install officers for next year. Mrs. Walter Schlld- knecht Jr., program rhalrmNn. Mrs. B. B. .Shreck and Mb«, Verle Stono, breakfast chairmen. Country Club Rummage Salo. 9 a. m. In the north meeting room of the city hall. Children 's Story Hour. 10:30 tt, m. In the city library. For all children of kindergarten through 4th grade. Visitors welcome. There will be only three more story hours. ' Okonuuipiulo Clutpler, D. A. II. 2:30 p. m. Postponed until May 17. Will meet at the homo of Mrs. John Orelg. Monday Post I 'roNldcnts of the American l.oglon AuxlUarj'. At the home of Mrs. Waldo Brink, Mrs. Jack rrami'r ssslst- and hostess. B. U F. nnd K. 8 p. m. At the city ball moellni, room for regular nieollnc. Mrs. Gerald Lee and Mrs. Ulchanl Uyman, hostessi's. Wetdeyan S«wloo OuUd. 8 p. m. At the home of Mm. G ^-o^fee Klbbeo. assisted by Mis. M. Gronstal and Miss Mnude Hamilton. Program topic "Choose Y« This Diiy." Lesson lender. Ivadell Ross. Dcvotloniil li-adiM. Mrs. Hattle Osmundwcn, Night Group of tho ChrlHtian Church. 8 p. m. Yakima group, with Mrs. Wayne Andre; liazi'l Green group with Mrs. Audn-y IlocU- ett; Child Saving group with Mrs. Ijnrs Anderson. Tuesday Adult Degree of Honor Drill Team and Glee CliUi. 7:16 p. m. At the city hall iiiidi torlum. Everyone is urucd id l >i' present. a 1', o. K. 8 p. m. Regular nii'ctint! Lunch afterwards. Water pressure Increases at the rate of 18 pounds per square Inch for every 33>,i feet of depth. soriFTY— OanUoucd from pa«T. I home the night Wfoi -e nnd lUdn"! i :rt lo h<%\ ut'tll :M\ i -iirl\ inouiitii; hour Tlw (!irl.-> wi -nl liomr (rom HI I LXI I Ttirsdnv ntchi witti .M>inii nn.l .n jovfd n lHninltr\il Bupp<-r i>i.|-ii.,l lor thi-ni by In'r mothoi Mrs H .ii IV .!i '«j>.'i son Tin' i-v.'iuni; 'tu riithrr the niKhl i was .^pctit in vaiious grimes ami jionxf on.' rr vcnlrd tliiit then' «<i<- iliiniin^' Irssons being jtivvn l>v s loui'le of ixporiencod t .M .h.rn. who--- ii.iini« «<• nil- not (iitmitli.! lo ilivtilj;. All In nil. t( "UK it v.i> ful pnrtv lis tho k-lrls «ho patod. llotty Jiini s. ('i\iol Hii;t;lns ' M AT I VS ltr>'wn. Miiiilva Koii-o. IJo snlio <'>rl»;or. .Inn.i gii.«ln.l .lov.o Wist nnd MNrnii cmi will ii>lifv « r. K. <>. t'hnpl.r To Knlor»«li> High S<thn<il Sonlor (ilrls rhii|>tor AY .if Ihf 1" K O will ontortnin nt !i tii .Sntuiil.iv i aflonioon (roii^ 7. to o'olooK ut tho hum, I of Mrs .I .-lin liril,-. f.n Idyh sohool sonior yiM\n (lom !•> tliorvillo luiil noi^:t^tM^I im: t,l^vtl^ i tVuixntittiM- ui»*n>t,crf^ (or ni t iin ^ii^t; i I In- ton mo .\lis Ki.uiiis Slwiiil. \ I tinlrmiin. .M I-H John Os(;o<>tl. .Mis ' 11 Hnifo, Mrs HuKli MoTnM-li ; iinil Mi's Pooinoi L IM- i • ! SI. (Alhorlne tlnlo .Moils « Ith .Mr». LoKoy Sohnohrror .\Irnilior -s of St. Cnthorifii-'s <u olo of tho AltJH and |{.>sai\ sooii I . woro ontortninod yostorihiy .ifto: iwion nt tho hlnii- of .Mis l.oltn'; Sohnohoior of WalhnKfonl witii Mrs_ WiUinni Solinrhoroi ns assist nnt hostess. Thoio wore Ifi tin m liors nnd 11 KUOS I S imsiiit for tti. niootinK. Hoeitntlon of tho Hosniy vvns by Mrs. G. A MeGunn Members nnd guests (ilsynl ft<») during the nftiirnr.on with .Mis .liieob ViWk, Mrs W F Kltnijornl.l and M(«. CInrence Moffltl ns Ih • throe prUo winners. Uefroshnients wori' servod nt ih<- close of the Hfli'rMoon liy the hoiil rssoH (Juosts of tlio rlrolo wen- Mis fi'ornld Honslond. .Nfrs Kdwin Osli or. .Mrs Hnv Kupport. Mrs Stni: Uirhoy,"Mi» K H Hurg. Mrs 11 .) WInsehIn, Mis. C'hot Toin'soij, Mrs. K. L. Hturkoy, Mrs. Kinm.i l.ove, Mrs. Klinoi Htiiini nnd Mr< .lohn lliill>io(!lse. Members prosi-ni other than those monlianod nhovo WITO Mr' Hay Slnnwoll. Mis. J 11 OHrloii M IS . Lloyd llousoninii, Mis. 1. II IlkUo, Mrs. William Woods, Mrs Orvllle rinrk, Mrs All.oit wcwjd. Mrs nintim Swnli- nnd Mis Sntn Wootl. * W»-Tan-\o Votes In Six Now .MemlM-rs Six now moniliors woro voti'd into tho Wn-TnnYo oignniintion lit Ms logulfir dinner mooting hol<l liist iii^ht in tho illuo loom of tin (jarilston liolil. Tho six nio Juio Mnrrls, .M IH _ Gono Uilr. Mrs Gpiil .MnstoiH, Mis Uutli Kllh'nwurth. .Shirloy Vnlon nnd Arlono Whlto- hlll. Ijist nlcht's roll cnll wns nnswor- orl liy n dosciiption of nionihoi's liohhioH. Donnn I'niilson nolod n<< Hocrolnry in tho nlisonro of Mi • Melon Dean. It wns nnnoiintod durinn tho t'-nt tho Ustli oivlUo Wii-Tiin-Vnns would ().• hostesses on Juno J to the other throe towns In this district nt n district inoollng. Tho Ihren an- Cherokoe, Rock Valley nnd MItcli oil. Cmnnilltecs fur the nioolInK were appointed nnd II wns nlsO an novincod that Helen Hillings of Al tXtiiT^iUr, tn«-«, l>uil) .Nrw"^ KriUny. May 9. lOTi^ 3 hot: Minn. n <'tiot>Al rtiitftn I>.utnM M i*(»ri'*^k .Kti\l (h insult* \\ W ill N.vrr Tiikr Plat 'i' itf Mu\ii"<, .Srx HolU -> I M IV • T< T. 1. N 1- lon S !»st uiu\ >\-. ii*i\ • {'..!.' i» :M \ o- \ \\ i\) t I W. M-I ; ;i. •• of lnii\ lit .iTol \ A,Ml ••*'.nu ! o . i uo! ; t ro . IIOI\ I'l. 1 M < .1 K-iltU? iT l .'O.* \.',t .l .-.luil..- - .1.1 *1 ili .n t III li.\o llifti .ilin;ini; 1 r-rn n-..i, laH .J.!!/ •'how.* :*nit -*i>\ 1.1,1 |,.nl. iH «iU I ik. |iio (.lilt • •I 11i..\i.i ^411.1 .ilh,-l li.-.-lllliV illV, ' SI. -on 111, Ui.Ulli, RUPTURE i SIIIKl .n FAPKRT HERE II M NAN. wKlety lin«w« expert "f <hl<-*»<». wilt p««sMMuUI]i hr »» thf Txn(nr> lllolel. HpeiM^r. Ti<rs<l4> r>nt>. ^Iitt II fr«m I \ M to I I' »r M I ."^ti.vnsn Th.- Zo^lo Shi.'.l If I t roni. n.loiis Improv* ; iti, III tiv .^r ,»U fioni 'i ni«*lho«l«. *t :..(in< inini'iluio niulls ft wlU i n.if finU t.oM 111,* rxij.fur* p«rf<et^ i Iv no m.tlt.-r tt^o tii or io<a(lKMi till It vMll mor>'«so tho vtreulatlon. . ttii-niftlii-n thi^ ^irrtkonofl p«rtj«. 111. I (h.r.l'V . I .vs^ tho opening In l-n .ll\s on Ih.* A\'T;»||«* CAJM). f*- if h. »vv lifting, strain- iOh' «n -lo^ (Mwituin tho tHKly may is«.in\.- A n..!umally known Kl«n- ;iiri. m''hi>.l Xo undT «<nip« or . .iml*'! ".\oi.- -inci m'-nt s i%nd UK..I '.oi. U n.. lU.-.IU in. « or m'dlci*] , »n-*itn.>nli« i \lr Hhe\nan wtti be gbMl la 4 *m- •mstmle Mllhmil charga. (•>"s»t N All..ton Av.>, Chlcajro l.iiiH. inrl»;on;il hornia or ruptur* rivlii,\\ tni; sottflof%) <ip<*r«llon ; ,«p, ,-it*llv «oll.'ll»«l Sale of Household Goods As I nm movliiK fmm tin* .stnti>, I will sell n rumplcte \Uw of hoii.s«*hol(l ctXKl -s on Uif pivml8 «>?t looatwl nt 221 N. 2nd St., Estherville, Iowa Tuesday, May 13 1:30 p. m. I'Vijiitlaln-. UM«M I .'i vrnrH, nilh 2 y«'ar»« rf- niainiii^ on giiarantrr. Maytag \\ aHliiiifj; Marltiiic Paranioiint (ian Stnvr I.iviiifj; Udoiti Suite Stiiall Table: Ka<lio ItiMlrttoin Siiit<% extra pood Diiiiiif; Kooni .Suite lliplirhair, good Desk: Kitelien Step .Stool (]|otli<>H llainper •> X 12 St.fl Hug and Mat (loronado Wanhing !Marliine Ued; Oil llurner Knd Table. MII I I liiiilt -in lamp Mnny D U KT urtlHi'H liwi niin *niiHiH to mrntluD. TKK.M.S: CASH Mrs. John Dalen KoHliIrr & Hiirnn, Atictlonerm lowu TniNt & MuvtnKH llonk, Clrrk law«itpHecd in Ht fl«MI Tbli bMnlllgl n«w Sirl.lls* 0« iu» luwi MdM llili (of Itu linn wiy usipwablt modal In lb fUld. fCMlisuallen <tl ilandiud oqulp. istlll and Irim IllutuaUd It dtfnndio on «>«llaW «llr of malfial. Wkilt inffoll liV.i •I »Mtn Mil wliM orallaUm.l All these Big-Car Extzas with the Lowest-Priced Line in its Field I IXTIA WlOf CHCICi •( Slyltni and Colm ariA ilAUTY ANO OUAllTT IXflA SMOOfM MtfOIMANCI IxriA IIOINO C0M»OtT IXTtA SIMNOtM AM> COMIOtT W l»p.M ,4 KIW ..A.M*, •! flOM, tMJ,h^ C«i...«li«n urriA SMOortoon IXTRA ttomNO POWEI IXTIA iTIIUNO lAU IXT«A niSTIM •( AaMttM'i ll«M< fc^kw C» Mom MOPii Mnr CHIVROUTS THAN ANY OTHM CAXI A r<Mn;i<«f« foiv<r (ram with •lira powerful Valveio- Hckd cojiM, ud AtiioauMk; Chokc. OpUonai on D« U M« modeb at ««tra coo. RHODES MOTOR CO. 714 Central Phontt 302 F .Mtherville, Iowa I

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