Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 26, 1963 · Page 18
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 18

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1963
Page 18
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KEN CASEY By NEAL ADA3IS SIIOKT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL BULLWINKLE ! TWAr sives FOR UAU6H5' By AL KILGORE KO.NOiOUSHieHSSTHONOeiS , •mg 'POUBLE.POUBl.S CROSS!* comsTB Youe NEXT AVSSIOM , MO I'll 6ES ^Oa £>ST \T! BUT" BUT-A 7WI5 IS , ^ WHAT A KICK IN THE ICE WASOM THIS l« TUKNINS OUT TO BE;, MORTY JIEEKIJ; By DICK CAVALLI WHAT HAPFENH?, ANC? r CANTGDTA WOED V ^ra?i7AV I GOTA oca. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAIHLIN HERE ! PONT \ MAU.ET ??/...7HANKS ,LinLE FORGET \OUR / 0»,\0U I CHUM.' TAKE CARE MAaET/ /MEAN MVI OP MyCROWN-I'U. AX._ V BESEEIN'YOU PRISCELI^'S POP By AL VER&IEEB I'M BIS I'M J k GOING- TO BE ) FAMOUS / . BALLERINA^ CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TOKNEE OUB BOARDEVU HOUSE with MAJOB HOOPLK OUT CUB WAY J. B. WILLIAMS \\'i-lV FEAR,,W;5.HC0PLE,WAT Vr-,-.;f .^-^ MNLE5S VCO CAM EVFLAlM i HOW VCD CA\IB 6V Twii^ AND MAVc KNOWM TKEV WEPTE PKOMY < Hc-'0PL£5 1 ki;\vH5,viTK=y TO HOLD VOO A5 WELL T^AT , &V>iKKOLL.' 18 - Wed., June 26, 1963 Recf/ands Dai7y Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW By KICK DD BROW HOLLWOOD (LTD — Keefe Brasselle, -Aho Tuesday night began an hour varietj- show replac- she is without question the most impressive stylist of modem songs that this viewer has ever seen on ing Gar>- Moore this summer on! television — so far the superior CBS-TV, had a 1962 special in which we were privileged to see Liberace dance. Ah. that was a sight. This job has its une.xpected rewards. Tuesday night Brasselle, who is hoping for a year-round spot on CBS, helped initiate his premiere by bringing on 3Iiss Zsa Zsa Gabor for some musical banter, some costumed strutting and some of her remarks about finance. And while we wish to be remembered for our gallantrj-, it must be admitted that Liberace suddenly seemed an almost ami able memorj'. So much for gallantrj-. What is important is that Jliss Gabor was followed by Miss Barbra Streis and, whose appearance is sufficient reason to justify the exist cnce of any show. Not long ago. on Dinah Shore's final program of the season. Miss Streisand's talents e.NpIoded through the home screen, with her astounding singing style in which her acting ability and satiric power amount to relevant commentaries. She did it again Tuesday night, though mostly she merely sang beautifully, chillingly, bringing unrestrained cheers from those on hand. In short, she was a one-woman recovery operation. And in song. of any of her competitors that there is really no one even in her league. As for the show, the parlay of Miss Gabor and then Miss Strei­ sand was a tipoff to the imbalance of the evenmg. It must be rated a so-so first outing, but not without promise. Though Brasselle is no powerhouse singer, dancer or actor, the background of his parents in vaudeville and his feel for this t >T3e of entertainment give indication of a good pinwheel host. But the visiting talent and the material, also up and dowTi. must be pruned and cut specifically to his directions. Among his regulars is Ann B. Davis, formerly Bob Cummings' television sidekick, and she is solid support as a comic singer and actress, though Tuesday night's material gave her only a part chance. With Fred Gwjnnc. late of the "Car W'here .Are You?" series, she did a short laughing song that was a gasscr. .Xnother regular is c.x-boxer Rocky Gra- Eiano, who also had some sad jokes at first but wound up with a soulful version of the song "When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cr>-." which left this viewer in a state of total collapse. It was marvelous. "What, Cap'n? You want some 30-inch worms and a T-foot hook?" Jocfc Warner in demand OS offer dinner speaker m HOLLYWOOD New Miss Tokyo most revealing By ErsMne Johnson TOKYO — (NEA) — It is no longer nape time in Japan. "Nape" like in the back of the neck, I mean. Except for the back of the neck, that's all a Japanese geisha costume reveals. 'But that is enough," Miyoshi Umeki of "Sayonora" fame ex plained to us a few years ago. "In Japan," she explained, "the nape of the neck is considered to be sexy. You know, like what American girls reveal in the front and Chinese girls reveal in the leg with slit dresses." Well, I've got news for Miyoshi from her old home town. The geisha girls of the traditional cultural school in Kyoto may be revealing only the back of the neck, but their modem, dancing, jazz-happy sisters in Tokyo are not. Smce discarding flowered kimonos for short skirts, Brigitte Bardot hairdos and pink lipstick. Miss Tokjo is revealing even more than Miss New York, Miss Hong Kong, Miss Paris and even Miss Jayne Mansfield. I've never seen more daring plunging necklines or tighter and shorter skirts than those worn in public by young Japanese women. Their lingo is becoming as westernized as their clothes, too. In a night club I heard a young lady introduce herself with: "I'm Baby San, honey baby. What a babe she was. too, obviously trying to become Jayne Alansfield East. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 3260-1 Superior Court of the State of Call- fomfa. for the County of San Bernardino. Estate of CAM, E. HOUGH. Deceased. Notice I« hereby given to the creditors of the above named decedent that aU persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouchers. In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the law office of Paul B. Wilson. 306 E. State Street. Rcdlands. California, which is the place of business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, within six months after the first publication of this notice. Dated June 3. 19S3. ELLWOOD N. HOUGH. Executor of the Win of the above named decedent PAtn, B. WILSON. 306 E. SUte Street. Redlandj, CaUfomia, Tel.: -82-3373, Attorney for Executor. (First publication June 5, 1963) The Japanese Tourist Bureau must be worried. The western influence has come to the cultural geisha school in Kyoto, which is maintained by the Tourist Bureau to give the world a peek at the "old classical Japan." When the world isn't peeking, I'm told, the tea house in bamboo Kyoto practically splits to records blaring out twist music and rock 'n' roll. Now read this: "Several former movie stars have made a comeback via television and are enjoying greater popularity than ever. Television has also boosted to stardom many little known film players, some of whom have retumed in triumph to work at movie studios where they once played bit roles." From a HoUjivood news report? Nope, from a Japanese newspaper. The "stars" in question had names like Junko Ikeuchi, Tetsuro Tamba, Ken Utsui and Kyosuke Machida. Television competition, you see, has decreased Japanese film pro duction in figures matching those of HoU >T »-ood. Almost 550 films were made and released here in 1960. Last year the total was down to 375, with an even lower figure predicted for '63. Seeks housing for farm workers VENTURA (UPD-The Ventura County Board of Supervisors has been asked to create a county housing authority to help provide housing for American farm workers with families. Jesse F r y e, manager of the Ventura County Farm Labor Association, made the request Tuesday. The association proposed a $I3-milIion dollar project to provide 13,000 units for farm labor families. The married American workers would be those replacing Mexican nationals if the Mexican bracero program should be allowed to expire by Congress. Fryc said housing for braceros was limited to dormitorj' - type structures that would not be adequate for the American families. We offer NEW ISSUE Priced at 101 •72% TAX FREE By VERNON SCOTT UPl Hollywood Correspondenf HOLLYWOOD {UPD - Jack L. Warner is president of Warner Bros, studio and possibly one of the funniest speakers to come along since Robert Benchley. Invariably one of his publicity staff is assigned to write a glowing speech, usually about Warner Bros, and just as unswervingly, J.L. (as he is known at the studio) sets the prepared message aside and begins talking off the cuff. Anybody's cuff. Warner's free-wheeling extemporaneous talks make him one of the most colorful moguls of them all. He has been described as Holly wood's answer to Casey Stengel. This week he gathered together Alfdrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Gladys Cooper and Stanley Holloway for a press conference luncheon to introduce the cast of 'My Fair hady" to scores of persons they already knew. But it was an excellent opportunity for J.L. to ramble into one of his disjointed speeches. After introducing his stars and director George Cukor, J.L. looked toward some of his subordinates and asked, "Does anyone mind if I say a few words? Hell, who's going to fire me if I do?" He went on to say, "I've been here since 1912 and I say Hollywood is far from being washed up. Hollywood is just beginning. And I don't like to hear the motion picture business called an industry. It isn't right. "Motion pictures are a creative business. And we will continue making good pictures." He rapped llollywoods critics with some sally obser\-ations. quickly adding. "T hope notiody's making a recording of my remarks. "But I say the sooner we quit aping French and Italian pictures and their offensive subjects on the screen, the better. We should use film for what it was created- entertainment and education. And we should keep it clean. ".Vot too clean, mind you, with stuff like 'Jack and The Beanstalk' or everj-body would end up without a bean." J. L. interjected a few pungent remarks about the press before throwing the meeting open to questions. In answer to one query he admitted that the studio would spend $12 million on ".My Fair Lady." including the ?5 million already blown for screen rights. SILVER SHORT NEW YORK (UPI) — At one time it was necessary for Congress to put a 90-cent floor under the price of silver to assist producers. Now silver is in such short supply that its price is at a record high of over Sl.25 an ounce. Four main reasons, according to J. Kaplan, president of Spiral -Metal Co. of South Amboy, N. J., custom refiners of silver, are: hoarding by banks as a hedge against inflation, silver's use of newer nations to back their currencies, new industrial demand and speculation. Travel Answer to Previous Puzzto ACROSS 1 Danger signal 4 Ocean movement 8 Ccean veUcIe 12Gol£ejtpert J3Dirt 14 Verdi opera 15 Small shield 16 Brew expert 18 Certain flowers 20 Tightwad 21 Her Majesty's Ship (ab.) 22 Level 24 Unless (LaUn) 26 Fold (var.) 27 Angry 30 Think 32 Radio tnbe 34 Seeper 35 Expiate (archaic) 36 Worm 37l4tUe 39 Poker stake ^Oilandle 41 Chum 42 Yogi 45 Levelling furrows •49 Girl's name 51 Former Portuguese India 52 Am not (dial.) 53 Indigo source 54Prince 55 Helen of 56 Wander 57 Article DOWN IRan 2 Killer whale SDown Bali way (2 words) 4 Autocrats SKansas dty 6- • engine 7 Tree 8 Black bock 9 Strikes 10 fixe II Young salmon 17 Afghan nobles 19 Eskimo boat 23 Essential 24 Cleopatra's river 25 of March 26 Fathers (Fr.) 38 Spanish-Hebrew 46 Amazon river 27 and Roses dialect 28 Mine entrance 40 Friendship 29 Omit 41 Hymn • 31 Game 42 Begone! 33 Jacob's father 43 Buzzing sound (Bib.) 44 Italian river cetacean 47 First recorded skipper 43 Storm SO Paving substance TIZZY By Kate Osaim MUNICIPAL BONDS cpiiabi.«. io4 Municipal Bonds pay inferesf semi-annually, which is enfiraly EXEMPT from INCOME TAX according to^ha Federal Internal Rivtnua Code. These bonds may be issued by State, Ciifei and Districts for public purposes such as highways, bridges, sewar and wafer, etc. We are presently offering bonds bearing a S'/J % interest rata priced at 101 and in $1,000 denominations. S» below what equivalent rate of return an individual in these tax braeWts would have to receive from taxeble investments (dividends and interest) to equal this S'/, % TAX EXEMPT INCOME. S •,000>S10.000 t3A':o $20,000.$22,000 12.4»^i> 14.000- 16,000 10,37 °.'e 32,000. 38,000 I5.72r<> SEND FOR INFORMATION, without cbli^alise, on TAX EXEMPT MUNI- ClfAL SONOS and how fhiy can radtrea faras and incraaia lacom: Name Aadral ai».. Stale .. GRANDE^CO. HOGE BLOG.. 2nd and CHERRV * SEATTLE -*. WASH.. MAin 2-«a30 •• SAMC LQCATION SINCE 1933 M "He Just looked at ine and said, 'Are you lost, Little Ciri?'"

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