Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 16, 1926 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1926
Page 5
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j . I. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 16, 1926. PAGE FIVE THEIJARKETS BY WM Slock Pricps SwTinii Tpward Twlay Inder SUmiilns of Easier .Money Hafes. (Ry the AssiK -Liti'il PrpsF> New York. JiiDc IC—Stock pricts rwiniE; iiinvard agawi- today under ih^J^tinnilitw of easier money rate's -iini reports of improvement In the r !<pl trade. The rally, which giol oiider way arpiind noon, followed dii earlier period ,of irreRuIarlty. Jiie to IhiB ca.shinc; in j)t quick /irofits by professiouaTtradcrs and experimental sliorr pellifig. The .'losinK-was; .strong. Prices .'hot folrw'ard at rapid pace as trading dxpanded toward the,close. 1 iiited States Cast Iron Pipe" soared S points and General Electric, UU' l^mt; Otjs 'Elevator, Pau-llandle Producing preferred Slos.s-Shef- fiold Steel, Mat-inc ' preferred, luid Atlantic 'Coast Line wore ainbng Ihe many issues to sell two to f|ive points higher. Total ^les jipprpx- I mated 1,800,000 shares. . " .' •l ^c: No. .1 _ . Kniisa>i IHy (JRila. Kansas City, Juife ic— Cash ..•heat; recepitH 49-cars;.! to 2c _;io'Vcr; No. 2 dark hard Sl.COS/ Nt». 2 red Sf 1.4.5; _No. ;! dark l:ard *1.."IS r,i l.fil; No. ;! hard $1.5S (: l.i.-ii; .\o. :5 red l .>2. • Corn: unchanged to '.ic lower, i -N'q. 2 whitP 71'i fi 72c: N". 2 yciliiw 7.'! 'fr 7.'!'-jc; .N'o. 2 nii.\ed 71 'i* 72c,: No. :! while 7fH.ji5i7]c: No. .1 y.-Ilow 71Vj li I2^i.r; No. 3 -- ;iui.\<'d 1(1-61 71c. •Oats unchanged: So: 2 wliiic 4:!. (f/ Ahite 42 ifi 42'..c. — Rye !iOc. . - ^Barlfv f.O fi r,2c.: •Kafir n.21'iii±K .Milo •mai/.e .$1.:!1 W 1.32. Hay steaily; Ti""cars. • Kansas fCitv, . .Itine Ifi—Cl^se: " .Vheat: .Itily $l .:!r )i:::: S.^pt. J1 .27'- H: l)(Venihf-r'$1;:!i)Tse: Coni: .luly Vmc; Sept. 7:!-''ic: Ijcremht-r 7;!'<ic. - • i ' Kansas (Ky; l-hestoekj Cit.y •Juno 1G.--»1'. S. Deijt. of Agrictiltufei.—t'attle. receipts 0.rj )(l: c'alv.'s I.d'iii; all killing;, sleady tovluc low• op; stop niedlum \V".'ights $!i.!tO; y|;irlings Sg .r .'i; hulk fed offerings ?.i.7.'.i;i .'i.CO: shi- slock steady w loc lower: hulls sleady; calves ' fully si«-ady: tup veal-s *Iii.'iii: stockers and feeders .scarce.'s:.'ady; hulk . S7.«0(ri S,2S. . - ' Ho »H. afliMi; ifi to 20c higher than TiiesdUy'4 average; fjood plackers going ; sfow; top $14..".0 on Ifill ponndB;'Uulk of sales i^M(rini.?,-,: ISO :fo 240 pound.s $14 .2r .ifi;i4.4.".; liuht lights, up to $14.."iO; 2.*.0-lo :t25 poun(l.s $i:i.7.">'J7 I4.2t): packing sov.s S12.2.")!?; l:?.O0; slock piga.- steady. $14.Ci">Sil."i.r(l). • . ' ; - Sheep. ."i.fMlfl; lamhs generally 2.'i to lower; loj) ualivt> lainhs i .«l!."iO; otliers lar;;ely %V\.'ii)(iii ; J4Ji:'>; sheep steady: two year old ' T. xa.f' wethers $S.7Xit /i1 *.dO; olhers piirlly; 2 year old.s',$Sl40. j Closing i;i(tle (luotathjns: Texas gr:isseis nioslly steady; hulk $"j.r>0 Oi 7. cffoicf ye.irlings late at £lii.i"i. averaging iMTi ti(iunils. IJog-!: dosill;.; sales ITMiStly 10 to l .'ic higher-ihan yesiendny's aver- 'a»;c; j ^ .No change in sheep market. Chli-utro (iraln. Chicago,. .lune Ifi- Close: AVheal: July Jl.lO'.j- Sept. Jl.:'.r.-li: Decem- 'Corii: July 71':;c; Sept. 7fi"-;c; December 77'/ic. - Oais: July/41%c: Sept. 42'^c; Deeembor UMi''- . Jiilv ItlTic; Sept. fli^ic; December !l^'4c. (hir Chicago. J iV'iiarlmeu;- • iiro-|.lveslock. I me 1«, (Cniled States , )f Agriculture)—Hogs I4.iiit0, slow. H I to l.'ic higher flian Tuesday's average; big packers Jnactive: goodiand <hoice 210 pouijils (hrrCTii largely S14 .r>,if( 14.70; top S14.7ri; majority- 325 pound butchers Sia .Sfiff i4 .'ui: bulk packing sow:s $12.7i)i5i 12.!tO: desirable killing pigs $14ifiuf/14.S."); heavyweight liog.< Jl.'l."!?*; M.3.">: medium $14.10 T J 14.70: light $i:!.!m'ri 14.75; light flights $14-'fi 14.75; packing sows .$12.r.Ufil3> slaughter pigs ?14.2.5.ffi 14.S.5. j' Cattle 13.000; ft^l steers, trade slow; heavies in biirciensonie sup' idy; mostly l.V to^25c ;iowor j yearlings weak-to 1.5c_off; only a few liglil weil^ht specialties steady; bc!jt medium weight sold at $10.50; some fteavies held higher; fat cows ;uid hejifer.s uneven, weak to;25c lower; cStnners nn<l cutters mostly^ . stondy: bulls strong; vealers'25 to'; 5f»c lower: mostly IM.nO.downv;ird • lo packers. " ' Sheep 1.5.000; fatSTamb.s genferal- • ly .'(PC lower; market slow at dpwn- lUiii; no'early sales of range lambs few natives Jlf.(ft. 15.50; bidding $1 • off cTills: few, sales of fat cvftTs j $".((; I;; .-jjtyaijy; . feeding lambs •iii.5o. -v . : • i V Otf Re "tbO f OOM© TO UMOtRSTAND/AMM— 8aT.*W» \S ATtSMTT B£fVlEeN LOM^ AND oo-rv—xvove. JOE V>VW ALL Sttoe wo yhu THRO«M IT t ?fiP<H IT YllUt PiND vr '6 VAN TO X6UR MORAN'NEWS NOTES IIE.WT WI.NDSTORM . TISITS • ViriMTYiSlNDAY. i (•'ruhilnia Fprteu <J, Over Mnefy, Is Pair Visit by Kanielt and OJatlip KelaillTos. i .MORAX. June 14.—A heavy wind .=torm'visited this coniinunity Sunday aftornopn but aside from broken Hrees no ilamage of any conse- riuenco • has been reported. However, we wore-all very glad the ,storm lasted but a few niinutes for it was a mighty \inpleasant experience. '.Mrs. Tf>m Bbriii.g, "a former resident here,, but liow of Emporia, visited here Sunday afternoorf. the guest of .Mrs. Margaret Wright aiid the \V. \V. Wright family. .Mr. and Mrs. E. X. ".McCormack, -Mr. and. Mrs. Floyd .McCormack .Mr ,i. Herbert Ford and .Marjorie vi-sited their sister, .Mr .s. Fred Hio.uii in lol.-i Sunday afternoon anil' found her, doing, nicely since leaving the hospital. She is now able to sit up Just a little and it is I bought, will not be long until she' canjbe uji mu'ch of her time. All of which is very gratifying to her family and friends. t;randma;Kurgas enjoyed a most plrasant visit from .Mr. and .Mrs. .vlalccdm Furgus of fJurnett and Mr. and Mr^. S. L. Daniels of Olaihe the last-,<)f the week. In spite of her more th.iu !tl years yUr .H. Furgus yet enjoys all the pleasures of those many years younger, especially the' visits of relatives and friends. .Miss Mary .McKitrick has gone to Tiilsa u)r a visit with friends aild from there will go to ^'owala for~a week 's stay with a cousiii before ri-lurui;ig home. .Mr. and :Mrs. W. E. North drove to Olaihe Suuilay and remained over night the guests of..Mr.;and .MrsPS. L. Daniels and would then go on to Kansas City on a short busiiiesH trip. •; , .Mr. .iml .Mrs., "Hank" Smith had a pleasant visit last week from (heir danghler, Mrs. W.ule Smith, who went from here to 'i'ates Cen- IIT for a visit with relatives before returning home. • I More tlian a week ago oeonrred !lh* marriage of Mildred. Dow. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I* W. Dow, and .Mr. French Hall, tjivo of uiir very young iHMiple, who-are held In high esteem; by a large circle of young friends.; Tlje young iH 'iipIe slipped away from their friends and were married In Erie by the Rev. Mr. McMillan, pastor ^ifUhe Christian church at that place. The pMents of the bride. .Mr. and .Mr.s. Dow and Mrs. H. M. Ctine were In Kansas City to attend the graduation from the Western Dental College of their son and grandson. .Mj"- Aubrey Dow. so the family as well' as frifnds-were surprised. Mr. and .Mrs. il. ^I. Cline and Miss-.Mabel Dow. the twin sister of the bride, gave a reception dinner in honor or Mr: and .Mrs. Hall and the bride's parents and others of the Jnmily when they all re(,grned h^nic. .Mr. and .Mre. Mall have 4he .best of good wishes fo.r a prosper­ ous-marn'ed life. The'groom, who has a; responsible position with the Prairie Pipeline Co., ha.s been located at;Iola, but for the'present the yourtg people will maRe their home here. , •' lOLA HIDE, FUR * TTOOL CO. Ill S. Ohio i Phone 1307 Eggs 21c No. 1 Hens . ... No. 2 Hens . i— 18c •focks 9c •No. 1 Springs 27c Xo. 2 Springs 23c TTni Come After Ponllry. Wfl Will Appreciate Toar Batlnefla. I B. A. JOXES, Prop. COGHILl'SHA^ it t irbni 1 ens r^—-^- I chs —- « ;: on 7i DO NOT RETAIL. o« )ind 'Elm. Fhom 878. e foIlewInE ifrlces iodar: off ..22c .• ^21c 17c - 27c Ms and Black BroUers__22c 8c J,- -—;—i<?c *dea ^Bc Hides -IMS must B« Xnptr Cn^wed. OLD ELSMOHE. ;3unc 15.—Mr. and Mrs. Dave Alderman and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Alderman were dinner giiesLs at .L W. Aldormap's Sunday and attended the Children's Day In the ufternooir. .Mr. Fred Stanley and Miss Edith Heckenliable were married last Saturday. Their many friends wish them il long and happy life. Mrs. Alvis J)ick and Miss Floy Caldwell was are attending summer school at Pittsburg, spent the week end I 'H 'ith home folk.s. Mr: and Mrs. Wlll-,Mmer of .Moran spent Sunday with their daiigh- ter. airs. CIa|-a Tho^npson," This vicinity was visited with quite a slorm Sunday evening with rain and hard wind. TrePs were broken down antl-chickens drowned. - i. . Minneopolis has just completed and opened its fourth munici|)al feolf course. •> ~ • I tLASSIKlED ADVEKTIS- I IMi IM'OK.WATIOX. ... ^ J.. tisiiii: I .ir- I'ditive C.nsli A(lv«ili.>j|n:T oril^ieil for irrogular In- j'ertioiis t:tk--» the one time nil>-. No a<i is taken fur loss th;iii .i l ):isi5< of tlir.-e HiKS. piKi.\'K mvn rr.As.siFiKD AU TO IX An Taker will (jlailly ns.<ist you if (icsired. .s (i the eupy f.^r^nur art is |iJ-e 'iKir <il in siieh a • m;iiiiier :is tci liiins uniitest results f->r yon S|»-i-l:il r;ili-s for yeml.v :llIv^l-ti^:Illl: I 'Mfeflll :lll<-lltioll K'.\>II III u^iil or- iLris wliliji iniHt lie cash Willi (;i.AS.SIl-li:i) HATKS Dnily rale pi r line for con .i- Jn.wrtii)n.«: Cli.irgii Sir il.iys ~i: Three <l:ij •! !'c 7e Ode (lay iL'ir lue Miiiinium eluirce. "Kc on any ml. -MliTlmiim cTxIi. "IK: • 'oUIlt five Wiil'lls lo .1 line. The iniliiiiloal ailverti.seinents im- der the followlni? el:ls.*.-Ifie;ltions Jtre arraMK .iMl in AM'lIAHKTKrAl- rtnli'r for ilUiek Ii -fili'liee. All a<Is :ir«' ristrleteil to their iiroji- iT i'lii.s.-ilfii;itiiiii anil to the reCMl ir Uiily UeBiMt.-r slyl.i of type. Tin- piili- llsliirs res-rve the rlKht to ••(lit or reject any i lassiflcd- adverllshiu copy. ICrrors in ailvertisenii*nis .vhoiilil l,c reiioii'd iniiiiediatil.v. The l!iKi<tir Will not 1 M - reiiiHiii.silile for more than oiie liH -orreit iieiei'lloii. Ads onliTiil for six limes and stopped liefiiie explralioii uilj 1 harmed for onl\' the NioiiiiiT of tlinei the ad :iIi |M -.nrJ<l. and adjustment mad- at Mie rale ea>.!i (Hl. The )ol;i IteKister officii 1 M open to receive adveltiNi-rneiit.i from s ;i, ni. to <i p. m. daily. 4II ads r .Vi -lviil up nir- <ll 1 p. rn. will iippear In all clly idl- llons Ihe same (ln.v. ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed, Lost, Foand 10 illLT., FOLD—Lost, conlainhig $22. '$5 reward. Return to Register. POCKETBOOK-^Small, ^Hlvn con talning bills and chanlw leave at Register office. Reward. AUCTIONS Auctions lOA PUBLIC SALE—As I am leaving the city I will sell at public sale Friday, June IS. ati535 S. Foiirth, 1:30 p. m., all my furniture of a five room house; ! player piano, with 50 rolls music: dining room table. G leather bottom chairs to matcli; 4 rocking chairs; 2 Vernis- Martin beds complete;' dressers; buffet; commodes; davenport; .=tands; 3 9x12 rugs; linoleum; dishes; tubs; garden tools, and many other articles. L. G. McHaley, owner. C. S. Bishop, Auct; I>DEPE>»E^CE. June li).—Mr. "W.-A. Brown is visiting his niece, Mrs. Foster Punk. 1 is granddaughter^ Florence Davis, 1.^ visiting. Alberta Brown'. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Larson spent J^unday with LoVis Larson, and mily. ' Anna Beth Larsoni came l>me from a week's visit with leni. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Stewart and ..mily spent Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stew- ait of Chantite. * I. N. S. Club met wiOi Mrs. E. R. Stewart June 10. Mrs. Willis Walker and Arlinc were guests. Paul Aycrs, who attended Kansas State Agricultural College last year, is home to spend the summer vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Ler^y Ayers. Matide -i-^tewart • Is visiting her cousin, PJiulinc Birdsong otvCha- pule." I • Mr. W,j A. Brown tind granddaughter visited Sunday and Mon- tlay with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Brown and family. Myrtle Larson is risitiniT Mr. and Mrs.- Elmer Larson. I Mr. and ^Irs. Fred-Cook spent |.Sunday with Mr. atui .Mrs. John Nelso;n aiid family. Mr. and Mrs. George Ford called in the afternoon. J j ' . ifissf Lillian layers expects to leave Wednesday morning for Kan- .sas Cilj' to visit a few days with her sister. Mr.s. J. K. Muse and Mr. Muse. From there: she will go to Boulder,; Colo., where she will at- tiend summer school. \ The N. N: S. met with ^<y^tle GaniiAeU Jun» ^0. Next mMttnt will be a buslneas] meeting. j. PUBLIC SALE—I will'sell at op's Sales Pavilion, Saturday, June 19, at 1 p. m., 1 pair horses, wt. ?100 ^b's.; 3 other •^hofses; niilk cows;, calves; hogs;: chickens; 2 autombbiles; 1 wide- tire wagon; 2. sets farm harness; farm machinery: lots of householtl goods; log chain; boomers; garage outfit c-onsisting of lathes, blacksmith tools, drill press, pounued cmory jyheel, forge, set of plumbing tools, gasoline engine, air compressor, oil tanks and- equipment, battery charger, ^ord magneto chargfer, automobile accessories of all, kinds; auto trailer; light tractor: roll top desk. C. S. Bishop, Ai5ctloneer. Ads That Fit Your Needs You might have a whole .storeifull of clothing at your fli.sposal, but if it weren't your size—it wouldn't do you any good at all. And you might read a hundred pages of interesting, colorful adverti.scmcnts, I)ut if they weren't about [things you wanted—what, advantage would.there be in it for you? The beauty of the A-B-C Cl.i-ssified Ad.s is that you read only the one.s in which you're interested— and let the others alone. You can do this Ijecause the Register's .system of "1-2-3" and "A-B-C" arrangement of every ad make.s it easy for you to find the one.s that just fit your need.s—in a minute's time. If you wore buying clothes you'd for them in your size. And when you're readihg the A-B-C ads, you tiirn rigiit lo the Classification that interests you. -Get this sensible .service regulfirlyl The A-n.C Classified Ads Always ihe Sani^—ia .Service ' Always Different—In ()pportnnity SUrtOBRY— Medicine. X-ray. Dr, F. Lenski. Phontjs:- office, 886; residence. 1126W. - ' HAY PRESS-^Ann A bor, with engine. T. K. Davis, > miles south of Moran. Kans.. phAne i:il5. ERIPLOYMENT, Help Wantcd^Female I 8a KITCHEN HELP — Wanted at's Cafe." Call in person. Help Wanted—Male 3S AUTOMOTIVE Aulemohile Ayrencies A CRA.N'n MdTOR CO.—Hupmobile- Willys-Knight-Overland sales and service. Dependable used cars. .\ASH. MOTOR S.Vl.ES CO.—Sales and seVvico. See our line of used cars, open and dosed models. Auloniobiics for Sale 11 FORbs—Several extra good Ford sedans at low prices. Tippio Motor Co.. used car dealers since I'llS. FORD CAUS —192.'. Fonr touring; 11)21 Fordor sedan: l!i21 (-passenger coupe; 102:! Fovil coupe; l!t2» Ford sedan: 1021 Ford touring: i;t2J Ford ton truck; Ford Kpeedslcr: one Ford roadster: l>o.rd loiiting with traveling top. J. C. Hiilcher. FORI} IJOIRINO — 1921 model, starter, ilemoiintHlde rinu-. original p:iint. looks like new, iip- liolsti.'riiig, top ami nioior good as new; seciiad f;<tl of tires, which am new oversize curds: new spare tire; curtains open with iloors. .See Ibis car. It is a real Jiargain. and is guaranteed. .Mc- Ciirlhy .Motor Co.. 212 Simlh W .ish- inglriii. I'h'ilie SOt'i. SAVE MONEY ON OUR GUARANTEED USED CAPiS — DODGE 1921 TOURJ.VG. ESSEX, 1921 COACH. ESSEX, 1921 SEDA.N. FORD. 192G FORDOR SEDA.N. FORD. 192C TUDOR SEDAN. FORD,.1921 TOURI.N'GI FOnn. 1923 COUPR FORD. 1920 ROADSTER. HUDSON, 1925 COACH. HUDSON, 1925 SEDA.N. HUDSO.N. 1919 TOrRl.NG. MAXWELL. 1923 ROADSTER. OVERLAND, 1924 sport touring. OVERL.\ND, 3 1921. TOURl.N'GS. BUD AnilTE MOTOR CO. Hudson-Essex, Chrysler Dealers" 219 S. WASH. PHONE ISO AUTOMOTIVE .Viitoiiioltiles for Kale 11 GOOB trSED CARS—Thousands of unu^etl miles, in open and closed models. Cash, terms, trade. Marr Auto Supply Co. HIGH GRADE USED CAR.S—At ailrhcilve prices; terms to suit. Used Car Exchange. 212 S. Jeff. ,\JtiW STAR CARS—Also good used cars; 1 Chevrolet coupe; 1 Elcar touring: 1 Chalmers roadster; 1 Ford touring. IJeckes Garage. OAKLAND SIX—1921 sport touring, duco finish, like new, 4 wheel brakes, etc.; 192G Ford coupe, like new; 1921 Oldsmobile touring, cheap: 1919()akland touring, good con'lition: Hulck six touring, ihe.ip. .New Miller 30x.'> "cord tir6, heavy duly. Ilobart-Sleelo Motor "Co. rSEI) CAR P.AIIGAINS -r- Ford coupe; Overland sedan: Citovrolct sedan. U. T. Itarber Gar.n^e. Anto AcressorlcH, Tires, Farts 1.1 WRECKING—192!! Chevrolet touring, used parLs reasonalile. iola Auto Wrecking Co.. 3(l7 South St. Ilcpalring—Senloe Sfalfons 16 AUTO REPAIRING—Welding and storage. City Garage. F. B. Goodale. 214 N. Jeff. Phone 172. Wanted—.Witoinollve 17 TRUCKS-Allen county can use three or four trucks to haul gravel west of Iola; 26c yard mile. Inquire A. R. Stronp Co. Engineer. BUSINESS SERVICE Lnnnderlni; SI WASHINGS—Wanted. Phone 1222W or 701 South Walnut street. WASHl.NGS—Wanted; work guaranteed. S<i6 South street. WASHLVGS—Wanted. .Mrs. Mitchell.; Will call for and deliver. 702 South Sycamore street.' WASHINGS—Wanted: work guaranteed, 'lis South street. Phone 1380W. • . 3Iovln«r, TrnckJnfr. Storage " 2S- CORR TRANSFER CO.—Packing, •storage, long distance hauling. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. Frofessional Senrlces 28 SURGERY—And consultaUon- Dr. G. S. Lambeth. Office phone 256; residence phone 615J. Hours. 1:30 to 5:30. » FARM HAND—Wanted. Four miles- west at foot Piqua Hill, south side road. W. F. Kennedy,'Iola R. 3. SAf.ESMAN WANTED—Local territory. Must have auto and qualifications for buildin'g year round repeat trade on luiiricating oils and roofing cement from farmers and industrial users in 25 mile radius. We handle credits, collections, shirjments. from nearby ^branches. Age limits 2S-50. In' terview arr.niTged. The Atlas Oil Conipany," Kansas City. Mo. DON'T FORGET—The big sale at • 535 S. Fourth June IS. Nearly liev; player piano some real furniture. ,SituaVlons Wanfed—Female 36 GENERAL HOl?SEWORK — Wanted, town prefeired, permanent place. Phone 925W. .MIDDLE AGED 'LADY — Wants work by day or hour. Phone 139G. 210 E.nst street. FINANCIAL 3Ianey to Loan—Morfgaffes 40 FAR5I LOANS—Quick service and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne. 213 S. Washington. FARM LOANS—5% tase rate. 5, 7 /)r 10 years. Prepayment option. Stewart & Funk. FAR .M AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms 5%, city 6%. Long or short time. R. M; Cnnningtam. MONEV—To loan on farm and -city property. Jackson Realty- Co., over Brown's Drug Store. PRIVATE MONEY—To loan on city property, low rate. long or short time. Stewart & Funk. LIVE STOCK. llnnies, faltle. Vehicles 4S CO \Vs— 1 Jersey, been fresh six week.s; 1 Guernsey, freshen in July: good ones, 80C South street. Poultry and .SnppHes 49 BABY CHICKS—Several breeds, .eummer prices. Sturdy Chlclf Hatchery. Phone 446. MERCHANDISE Articles for Sale A.MERIC.\N FE.\CE—-And farm g.ites. We again have a complete stock of fence, farm gates and barb wire, at the.most reasonable prices. Allen County Implement Co. 207 South Jefferson. BINDING TWINE—Genuine Plymouth binding twine. Hobart- SteeleiMotor Co. • CA.MP SUPPLIES—Auto covers, canvas covers, trunks, .suitca&es^ and bags. Henninger's Furniture Co:. ll .S West Madison. Barter and Exchange i>lA GROCERY—And general merchandise stock to exchange for Iola property. First class stock and fixtures. See M. A. Schlick. " Farm Equipment . 55A FARM MACHl.VERY—6rain binder, mowing machine, disc harrow, all in running condition, priced right. Ellis-Swonger Motor Co. MOWING MACHIN'E—New Emerson-Brantingham standard machine. 6 ft. cut. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. . ' HARVESTER AND THRESHER— International combinatioh harvester and thresher, good condition. Lehigh Portland Cement Co., Iola, Kansas. Good ThlBRs to Eat CHERRIES—For sale. Pho. 994-13. Mrs. Paul Nigh. . , . Household Goods 59 OIL COOK STOVE — Threc-hple Nesco; gas heat, almost neiv^ Phone 952-13. Wanted To Buy «4; BO.AT-iWanted. -good* boat. Call 817 N. Wa.shington. otpjione 11S3J. DESK—Good roll top; also tnidiiig machine; must be pricil rigjit. Address Box 107. Iola. Kans. FURNITURE—AVanted. Bird's new and second hand store. Humboldt phone 1~Z or Iola 113.SW. FURNITURE—Of all kinds for vCash. We sell on payments. See us ibefore you buy or sell. We also do draying and plumWng. Phone 903; Chimney Sweep Store. WANTED TO BUY—Furniture of all kinds. We will-pay hi.ghest cash price. See us before selling. Bishop Sales Pavilion. Plion^ 3fi7. itOOMS AND BOARD Rooms Without Board ' 6S WALNUT. N. 302—A \scll ventilat- , ed .sleeping room in modern home, for rent.. • Rooms for Ilonsekeeping 6ft Business rroperty_fnr Sale 82 HAMBURGER INN^And cafe for sale; selling.on account ;of sickness: will safTifice; best location in town; gopd business. Address -Cafe," care Register. Tnnn<! and I>and for .Sale -8S I.MPROVED 324 ACRES—Relinquishment, for sale or trade, grain and stock proposition near Sugar Cifyj Colorado. Will sacrifice on account of ill health. See me at onqe. E. W. Curtis. LaHarpe, Kas.. 160 ACRE—Farm on cement road, clear of incuini)rances,'^p.'iving thx paiii: priced to sell. John Reuther.' Hou.ies' for Sale S4 FIRST. N. 2fl9-^Five room, water and electricity;' or will t;-ade. See John Reuther. HOUSE—Good five room, small, payment "^dow-n balance like rent. See Grocsbeck ,at Economy Shoe . Store. • To Exchange—Real Estate 88 COTTAGE—For sate or exchange; dandy modern, basement and garage; also partial riiodern cottage; tprms. Dr. Mitchell.^ • LEGALS Lettal >»Hfes 9t FURNISHED ROOMS—For housekeeping? Phono 120.'! or MT.".. 228 -North*- Third. FURNISHFJi ROOMS — Kitchen privileges, modern, hoiisc, close in. double g.irage. 301 N. W^sJiing- ton. Phone 793. ' REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Houses for Rent HU.N'GALOW -.\i w modern 4 room bungalow., good loc.-ition, p,-.*-ed street. Stewart fi Kiink. HOUSE-4i room rent, sell on Irade for livestock, nice garden spot. I»hone il.'.fi.I. iHOUSfi—Seven room modern, with garage, east front, largo Idwij. Inqnire A. W. Ander.=ioii, ' 50»i .V. Second street. W.\LNUT. S.' 215—Eight room modern residence, for rent. • iniiuire Kelley Hotel. Wanfed—To Rent 81 PI.ANO—Wanted to rent piano. Phone 1142. (First Published in The Iola Daily: Register. May 26. 1926) >OTI('K or J-^INAI, .SErTLEHEXT ^tate .of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the lYoliatc Court in and for .said county. I. T ithe matter of the' Estate of V.' .M. Brownfield: deceased. , ' « Credifhrs aiitl all other persons interested in the aforesaid imitate are hereby notified tliat' I stall apply to tjie Probate Court in-and for -said County, sittin.g at the Court I-friuse in Iola, County- of Allen. State of Kansa.s. on the 26th day of Jur.e. .\. D.. 1926, for a lull and final settlement of said Estate, and for an order finding and ad- jinrging who are the heirs, devisees and le.gatpcs of said deceased. MARO n. P.ROWNFIELD, Administrator- of the Estate of V. • .M. llrownfielil. deceased-"' (51 20 (Gl 2-9416. (First I'liidishod in The Iola Daiily Register .Mnv 26. 1926) NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLE-^fEXT State of Kansas. Allen County, -sa. " In the Probate Court in and for said county. In Hie matter of Vni Estate of Joseph .M.' Page, deceased. Creditors and all other persons interested in the afor.esaid Estate^ are' hereby notified that f r^liall apply to the I'r .ihate Court in and for said County, sitting at the f ^onrtl House in Iola. County of Allen.iState of Kansas, on the 26th Vlay of .^lne:!A.'D. 1928, for affXUl and final sittleipenf of said Estate, and for an onleF findin,!? antl adjudging who an? the heirs, devisees aiijl legatees of said deceased. ; NANCY E. PAGE. .\iIniinistr :rtor of the Estate of .h)sepli .M. I'li'-je, deceased. (.">):' 26 ffi) 2-9-H;. .N(»TI( E (»F APPOlNT .nEXT, Aiiininistralrix. State of, Allen Cminty, ss. In the matter 'of the estate' of J Samuel K. W;ilter. late- of Allen Connry. Kansris. > , .MriiCH OK APPonf .HEXT, Notice is 'hereby given, that on the 2Sth d :iy of-.May, A. D., .1926, the iK ^dersigned was by the Probate' court; of .-Mien Coiinty. Kansas, duly ^ippointed and qualified as Ad -r niihisitratri:< of the estate of, Samuel E.; Walter, late of Allen County. d «eoasod. All parties interest-' ed in' said estate will take notice and govern themselvps accordingly. I LILLIE H, WALTER, j " Administratrix. «;)-2-;ij-ii;. CLASSIFIEt) DISPLAY A Used Car Is as Dependable as the Dealer Who Sells It 1925 DODGE COUPE , 1924 DODGE COUPE, a real buy. ' T 1921 DODGE SEDAN, a guaranteed ear. 1925 DODGE ROADSTEIt. an e.xlra good buy. 1924 OLDSWOBTI.E COI'PE. looks and mr.s like new. 1923 HI.'P.«0B1LE TOURING, a family car. 1924 .^TPDEBAKER LKJIIT SIX, a keen car. ISM FORi) TOU.BIX^;, new. . 192 .7 FORD TOURING, practicallyTiew. 2 192.% FORD ROADSTERS, like new. 3 1925 HOHD TOIUINGS. fine shape. 1924 CHEVROLET COUPE, reflnished and re<'ondifioried. 1985 FORD TRUCir, si.x months o!d. 3| «^ood ased'DODGE TOURING CARS, that will give the- best »f service. ' - . > ^ 'Jftf 10 other good used ears from ^ up. ' ' l.!.* Ellis-Swonger Motor Co, . - Dodite Brothers Cars—Graham Brothers Trucks 214 Xorth Washington Phone 301 ."(Ohen Evenings and Sunday) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS gjECHTie 'TltD'

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