The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 1, 1997 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
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Wednesday, October 1, 1997
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Cfl WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 1, 1997 CLASSIFIED THE SALINA JOURNAL LEGALS determination of descent; and you art hereby required to file your Written defenses thereto on or before October 27, 1997, at 11:00 a.m. of said day, In said Court, In the City of Sallna, In Saline Coun' ty. Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fan therein, Judgment and de" cree wlfl be entered In due course I upon said Petition. ESTHER V. ISAACSON, Petitioner HAMPTON, ROYCE, ENQLEMAN ft. NELSON, L.C. '•119 West Iron Avenue f P.O. Box 1247 _ Sallna, Kansas 67402-1247 - (785) 827-7251 Telephone (785) 827-2815 Facsimile Attorneys for Petitioner (Stop) (First Published In The Sallna Journal October 1,1997) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Ufa Estate of HENRY C. SHUTE, Deceased. NOTICE OP HIARINQ CaseNo.97-CVP-117 * THE STATE OF KANSAS TO .' ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: , You are hereby notified that a pe- . tltlon has been tiled In this Court by ; Esther V. Isaacson, who has an Ind terest In the property ol Henry C. '. Shuts, deceased, praying for de- j termination of descent; and you r are hereby required to file your '" written defenses thereto on or be . fore October 27, 1997, at 11:00 r a.m. of said day, In said Court, In i the City of Sallna, In Saline Coun•. ty, Kansas, at which time and place '• said cause will be heard. Should j you fall therein, judgment and de' cree will be entered In due course . upon said Petition. i ESTHER V. ISAACSON, Petitioner ' HAMPTON, ROYCE, ENOLEMAN : & NELSON, L.C. i 119 West Iron Avenue ' P.O. Box 1247 ; Sallna, Kansas 67402-1247 ,, (785) 827-7251 Telephone (785) 827-2815 Facsimile £ Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp) (First Published In The - Sallna Journal October 1,1997) " IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF '„ SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS • In the Matter of the Life Estate of r> BILLY J. ISAACSON, £a/Wa Bill J. Isaacson, Deceased. . NOTICE OF HKARINQ ,- CaseNO. 97-CVP-119 J"THE STATE OF KANSAS TO -.ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: i. You are hereby notified that a pe- ,-Utlon has been filed In this court by i"Marolyn Isaacson, as surviving '.spouse and one of the heirs of 811- ;-ly J. Isaacson, deceased, praying t'for determination of descent; and * you are hereby required to file your i. written defenses thereto on or be-fore October 27, 1997 at 11:00 •a.m. of said day, In said Court, In 'the City of Sallna, In Saline Coun> ty, Kansas, at which time and place Ssald cause will be heard. Should £ you fall therein, judgment and de Ccree will be entered In due course *i upon said Petition. h MAROLYN ISAACSON, •" Petitioner 5 HAMPTON, ROYCE, ENQLEMAN H i NELSON, LC. r 119 West Iron Avenue C'P.O. Box 1247 '-Sallna, Kansas67402-1247 h (785) 827-7251 Telephone 7(785) 827-2815 Facsimile i. Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp) - (First Published In The Sallna Journal October 1,1997) i- IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF r SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS ' In the Matter of the Life Estate of . ROLAND H. BROWN, Deceased. NOTICK OP HKARINQ ' CaseNo.97-CVr*r116 .THE STATE OF KANSAS TO > ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: £ You are hereby notified that ape • J tltlon has been filed In this Court by >. Esther V. Isaacson, who has an In> terest In property which was subject to the life estate of Roland H. •^ Brown, deceased, praying for ten ,- mlnatlon ql life estate and determl- .'• nation of remainderman; and you •..are hereby required to file your '-.written defenses thereto on or be- Store October 27, 1997, at 11:00 * a.m. of said day, In said Court, In - the City of Sallna, In Saline Coun- i- ty, Kansas, at which time and place Qsald cause will be heard. Should Cyou fall therein, judgment and de- Ccree will be entered In due course hupon said Petition. P ESTHER V.ISAACSON, C Petitioner '•I HAMPTON, ROYCE, ENQLEMAN ;-•& NELSON, L.C. r 119 West Iron Avenue 2P.O. Box 1247 dSallna, Kansas 67402-1247 r-(785) 827-7251 Telephone 2(785) 827-2815 Facsimile >,'Attorneys lor Petitioner (Step) r- (First published In The £ Sallna Journal October 1,1997) ft IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF H 8AUNE COUNTY, KANSAS gin the Matter ol the Estate ol C MAURICE T.BAER, Sa/K/a M.T. BAER, Deceased fi NOTICI OF HIAHINQ 5 ON MTITION FOR £ INFORMAL •ft ADMINISTRATION AND TO i* ADMIT WILL TO PROMT! '" CASE NO 97-CVP-121 UTHE STATE OF KANSAS TO HALL PERSONS CONCERNED: j You are hereby notified that a .Petition has been (lied In this Court i by Larry A. Farmer, as the executor "named In the Last Will and Testa 'merit ol Maurice T. Baer, de Sceased, dated September 26, r 1996, praying (or Informal Admlnls- f (ration and to Admit Will to Prophet*. ^ You are required to file your writ. **tan defenses thereto on or before ^October 27, 1997, at 9:00 A.M. of SMld day, In said court, In the City of faSallna, In Saline County, Kansas, Hat which time and place the'cause '"will be heard. Should you fall there;. In, judgment and decree will be en i*t«red In due course upon the Pell felton. Sj lit Eric N. Anderson E ' Eric N. Anderson #13637 ..CLARK, MIZE & LINVILLE, SCHTD. ;-t129 S. Eighth • P.O. Box 380 ^Sallna, Kansas 67402-0380 2(786)823-6325 M Attorneys for |ii Larry A. Farmer (3tsp) LEGALS (First Published In The Sallna Journal, October 1,1997) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of FERN CONLEY WALKER a/k/a DOLLY FERN WALKER a/Ml FERN M. WALKER, deceased NOTICI OP HKAHINO AND NOTICI TO CREDITORS Case No. 97 CVP 130 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that on September 26, 1997, a petition was filed In this Court by Robert D. Conley, Executor named In the Last Will and Testament of Fern Conley Walker, deceased, dated February 16,1970, praying that the Win filed with the Petition be admitted to probate and record; that Petitioner be appointed as Executor, without bond; and the Petitioner be granted Letters Testamentary. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before October 27,1997, at 10:30 a.m. in the District Court, In Saline, Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fall therein, judgment and decree will be entered In due course upon the Petition. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the Estate within four months from the date of the first publication of this notice, as provided by law, and If their demands are not thus exhibited, they shall be forever barred. Robert D. Conley, Petitioner HAMPTON, ROYCE, ENQLEMAN & NELSON, L.C. 119 West Iron Avenue P.O. Box 1247 Sallna, Kansas 67402-1247 (785) 827-7251 Telephone (785) 827-2815 Facsimile Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp) 35 SPECIAL NOTICES 249 HFLP WANTED • I GENERAL ARTS & CRAFTS JUBILEE October 4th & 5th at BICentar, Sal- Ina, KS. Exhibitor space available. Contact John Phillips at (316) 634-0323. •LF • A- QRAM Special personalized message from Santa's helpers to your little ones. Guaranteed Christmas Delivery. Send $5.00, Child's name & address to. K. L. R. Communications. PO Box 861., Newton, KS 67114. 45 LOST-FOUND FOUND) Short haired black dog with brown feet & legs, approximately 6 months old, blue collar, no tags. Found on East Cloud, 825-1216. (Published In The Sallna Journal October 1; 1997) RESOLUTION NUMBER 97-51B8 A RESOLUTION FIXING A TIME AND PLACE TO APPEAR AND SHOW CAUSE WHY CER TAIN STRUCTURES SHOULD NOT BE CONDEMNED AND ORDERED REPAIRED OR DEMOLISHED. WHEREAS, the Building Official has filed with the Governing Body a written statement that certain structures located upon the following described parcels of real estate are unsafe or dangerous: TRACT ID ADDRESS AND LEGAL DESCRIPTION TYPE OF BUILDING 081-12-0-20-15-011.000-01 1.700 North Third Street Garage Lota 19 & 21 Block, Woodland Addition 081-12-0-20-03012.00-0-01 2.821 North Third Street Garage & Outbuilding Lot 10 Block 4 Woodland Addition 081-01 -0-30-02-001.00-0-01 3.1339 North Third Street House & Outbuildings Lot 32 Block 26 EMI Add 081-12-0-20-13-012.00-0-01 4.713 North Fourth Street Garage Lots 14 & 16 Block 2 Woodland Addition 081-01 -0-30-23-009.00-0-01 5.1033 North Fourth Street Garage North ' Lot 14 & All Lots 16 & 18 Block 9 EMI Addition 086-13-0-30-11-008.00-0-01 6.619 South Fourth Street House Lot 6 Fourth Street Lunkenhelmer Addition 081-01-0-30-23-004.00-0-01 7.1018 North Fifth Street House Lots 9,11 &13 Block 9 EMI Addition 086-13-0-30-15-002.00-0-01 8. 517 South Fifth Street House & Garage West 175'Lot 1 Block 2 Beebe's Second Addition 086-23-0-10-10-002.00-0-01 9.807 West Crawford Avenue Garage West 62.5'of Lots 1 & 2 Block 3 Southern Heights Addition 086-14-0-10-02-015.00-0-01 10. 526 West Iron Avenue Garage Lot 12 & West 48' Lot 11 Surveyors Plat B 086-14-0-1OO2-014.00-0-01 11.532 West Iron Avenue House Lot 13 Surveyors Plat B 086-14-0-10-02-013.00-0-01 12.538 West Iron Avenue 2 Houses Lot 14 Surveyors Plat B 086-14-0-10-03-026.00-0-01 13.626 West Iron Avenue Garage Lot 7 Derrlngton Addition 086-24-0-20-21-005.00-0-01 14.300 E. Wilson Street Oarage North 106'Lot 1& 10'of Accreted Street Plus Strip on West Side Hutchlneons Addition All in the City of Sallna, Sallna County, Kansas. SO NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Governing Body of the City of Sallna, Kansas: Section I.That pursuant to K.S.A. 12-1752, the owner, the owner's agent, any llenholders ol record and any occupant of the structure described above may appear and show cause why such structure should not be condemned and ordered repaired or demolished at 4:00 p.m. on October 22, 1997 in the City Commission Meeting Room, Room 107, City-County Building, 300 West Ash Street, Sallna, Kansas. Section 2. This resolution shall be In lull force and effect from and after Its adoption by the Governing Body and the City Clerk shall cause It to be published once each week for two consecutive weeks on the same day of each week as required by K.S.A. 12-1752. Adopted by the Board ol Commissioners and signed by the Mayor this 22nd day of September, 1997. /s/Krlstln M. Seaton, Mayor [SEAL] ATTEST: /a/Judy D. Long, CMC, City Clerk (2tsp) 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL AUTO TECHNICIAN with formal training. Send resume to PO Box 175, Russell, KS 67665. Phone (785) 483-5648. AVON Now hiring for full or part- time position. Insurance available. 1-800-367-2866 BABYSITTER In my home. 3 kids, 3 days a week. Own transportation a must. 823-8976 BECKER TIRE OF BALINA accepting applications for full time employment. Tire repair experience a plus. Will train right person. Must have ability to work In fast- paced environment, be a team player and meet the public well. Competitive wages and benefits. Apply In person at 432 N. Broadway, Sallna. BUS DRIVER For Heartland Head Start tor 2025 hours/ week. $6.44/ hour. Apply: 700 Jupiter. Closing 10-6-97. CARLOS 0 KELLY S Now accepting applications for Kitchen personnel. Wages vary depending on experience. Apply In person at Central Mall, Sallna. CHILD CARE AIDE Sallna Child Care Center Is taking applications for full time Infant Aide position. Previous group child care experience helpful. Apply In person, 8am-4pm Monday-Friday, 308 S. 8th, EOE. CHILD CARE WORKER It you enjoy working with youth and participating In activities like biking, horseback riding, ropes course activities, Softball, basketball, fishing, arts and crafts and numerous other activities, you may be Interested In a position at St. Francis at Sallna, We have an Immediate full-time opening offer Ing a competitive wage plus bane, fits Including health and dental Insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, holidays and pension plan. Hours will Include some evening and weekend time. If you would like to apply for this rewarding position, send your resume to: St. Francis at Sallna, 5097 West Cloud, Salina, Kansas 67401. CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT Front office receptionist with posl live personality and willingness to work hard needed. Chance for advancement Is possible In this busy clinic. Send resume to SJ 909 P.O. Box 740, Sallna. DlRtCTOR Of Budget and Accounting Services: USD #383 Manhattan/ Ogden Public Schools. Bachelors degree In accounting or business administration wtth an emphasis In accounting or combination of education, and professional training. Masters degree or CPA desired bul not required. Minimum of 3-5 years administrative or fiscal experience In a mid to large scale environment. Current knowledge of budget development and planning; QAAP, computerized business systems and electronic processes. Must have excellent leadership, communication and organizational skills. Competitive salary dependent on quallflca lions and experience, benefits In eluding KPERS. Job description available upon request. Applications must be received by October 15, 1997 to be considered. Apply to Personnel Office USD 383, 2031 Poyntz A vs., Manhattan, Ks. 66502,, (785) 587-2000. EOE. IH.MLINIUSDM7 Ell- Saline USD 307 Is needing aubaHut* toaahwa In grades K-12. salary rate Is $66.50 per day. Must hold current Kansas teaching certificate. Also needed are •ubatltirl* •ehool bua drlvora. CDL preferred but not needed to apply. Dlstrid will pay to obtain CDL, First Aid, Defensive Driving. Salary rates Is $7.35 per hour for substitutes with a 2- hour per route guarantee. Persons Interested should contact the district office at (785) 827-1121 or 1767 N. Halstead Road, Sallna, KS 67401 EOE EVER TRAVEL THE USA? Now you can with unique sales force. No experience necessary, 2 weeks paid training. Call Brett 825-7265, Ext. 60 •XPIRIBNCBD LABORIRS and Cement Workers Needed. Must have driver's license. EOE. (913)627-3009. •XPBRIBNCID MECHANIC Must have own tools. 7am - 3pm or 3pm -11 pm. Some weekends. Benefits Include health Insurance, 401 K. Please apply In person at East Crawford Amoco, 707 S. Ohio. BXPBRIBNCID ROOFING crews needed, top wages. Call (701)252-3200. FLOWER AVIATION Is now hiring a full time fueler. Applications at 2500 Beechcraft Rd. No Phone Calls Please. FULL-TIME RECEPTIONIST Need someone dependable and who enjoys working with the public. Start out above minimum wage. Must be able to work weekends, days & evenings. Apply at Flower Aviation 8am-4pm at 2500 Beechcraft Rd., Sallna. No phone calls please. HOUSEKEEPERS Apply In person only to Rama* Inn. Starting wage $5.50 per hour. Past 30 days eligible for review. Position dlatoly. ?<W HELP WANTED GENERAL L«gal Sscrstary Needed for Sallna law firm. Strong computer/ word processing skills required. Prior legal experience preferred. Compensation from $8.00 to $10.00 per hour, depending upon qualifications and experience. Applications will remain confidential. Send resume to . D^fWtlnt| 104 1 1041. Iron •Mum, K*. S740SM671. MAMAOIMINT TRAIN!! Bllmples Sub & Salad Restaurant. Base wage plus commission, year end bonus, medical Insurance, 401 K, life Insurance. Apply In person at Amoco Travel Plaza, 871 Weetport Blvd. MOBIL! HOMI Court Manager, Maintenance skills. Apply at 1826 Dover Drive. (913) 827-7020. MOTELGENERAL MANAGER Motel located In Northwest Kansas Is seeking the services of a General Manager/ Couple for a 33 unit motel. Accommodation la provided together with food and car allowances. For appointment please call (785) 462-3943. MYSTIRY SHOPPBRS needed for occasional visit to video store. For Information, please write: P.O. Box 608, Norwell, MA 02061. NIID A gnat paying part* tltiM position!! Little Caesars Is looking tor Delivery Drivers! Earn up to $9.00 per hour! If you are a safe, courteous driver, wtth an Insured car, and are at least 18, apply today at: LITTLICAISARS PIZZA BS3 S. Ohio, Sallna, KS NOW HIRINO maids & laundry help to start Immediately. Apply In person only at Mid America Inn, 1846 N. 9th Street. NOW HIRING Part-time & full-time Walt Staff, Banquet, Cooks, Host/ Hostess. Above minimum wage, benefits offered. Apply In person. No phone calls please. Hod Coaeh Ritataurantt 911OW. Crawford OPERATOR Operator needed to run front end loader In rock quarry. Good pay and benefits. Call Brad at (785) 697-5111, EOE. PART TIM! 1-6pm, Secretary/ Receptionist, good phone skills, computer skills. Apply In person Service Master, 622 Reynolds, 6am-5pm. PART- TIM! harvest help wanted. 18 or older. Call (785) 283-4247. PARTS COUNTIR PMSON, Ag-Co Allls dealership. Needs to be self motivated and been around farm machinery. Good salary with paid holidays, vacation. Contact: Jeff Lott, (786) 392-3110. ?<19 HELP WANTED GENERAL P!NRIDIMS, IXPtRI!NOI and reliability a must. Must sup- pry own horse* and tack. We supply good working conditions, competitive wages and benefits. Stop by Smoky Hill Feeders (26 miles southwest of Sallna, Ks.) or can (785) 668-2615. POSITIONS OP1N Seeking Individuals to fin full- time positions In our Abilene and Talmage locations. Ag Chemical A Fertilizer Operator experience preferred. CDL required. Full benefit program. Salary commensurate with exp4rlence. Contact Dean Sparks, General Manager, Farmers Cooperative Association, Box 868, Talmaga, Kansas 67842, (785) 388-2714. PROQRISSIVI, QROWINO manufacturing company located, KS has Immediate openings lor general labor positions. Company-offers competitive wages and an excellent benefit package, which Includes health, life, and disability Insurance, as well as, a 401K plan, paid vacation and holidays. If you are hard working, dependable, seH-motl vated and Interested In working In the Foundry Industry, Interviews will be given on Thursday and Friday, October 2nd and 3rd, between the hours of 3:00pm and 5:00pm both days. II needed, special times can be arranged. To set-up an appointment, contact Lyons Iron Cast- Ings, 1404 East Iron Street, Lyons, KS 67654 or call (316) 267-3701. E.O.E. R.N. St. Francis at Sallna has an Immediate opening for Part-time Registered Nurse for evening and night shift. We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits Including health/ dental Insurance, paid vacation, holidays and sick leave. Please apply by calling Bev at 825-0563 or send resume to: St. Francla at Sallna 5097 W»t Cloud Sallna, KS S74O1 RANGER'S STEAKHOUSE Now taking applications for the following part-time positions: SUSSIR/DISHWASHIR, part time evenings, Tuesday thru Saturday, must be 16 years old. HOST/HOSTISS, part-time Friday & Saturday nights. •AM SACK, Friday & Saturday nights, must be 21 years old. WAIT STAFF, part-time, experience serving food and cocktails preferred. Must be 18 years old. Applicants must be neat, dependable and ready to work. References required. Apply In person only after 5:30pm, 12th & North Broadway. RUSSELL'S RESTAURANT Now hiring part-time Cashier, flexible hours. Apply In person, Russell's Restaurant, 649 Westport Blvd. ?40 HELP WANTED GENERAL RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT Pizza Hut francMMe operating 27 restaurant* In Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri hat management career opportunities. We offer a compensation package that Includes competitive salary, profh sharing and 401K programs, bonus program, medical and dental Insurance IH« Insurance and working schedules that allow you to enjoy your family. You must be willing to relocate. For Information, contact Ron Sorrels In Olathe (788) 764-4227 or Joe Crawford 1-800-992-2648. RN and/or LPN, part-time and PRN. Interested persons should be team players and committed to resident care. K Interested apply at Highland Manor, 1601 N. Main. McPherson, (318) 241-5360 ask for Ronda. •ALMS ASSISTANT needed for financial advisors. Send resume to Dept. C, P.O. Box 285, Sallna, Ks. 67402-0286. Sales Assistant/ Graphic Artist The Sallna Journal has an open- Ing for a Sales Assistant/ Graphic Artist In the Advertising Department. Duties Include: assisting the Sales staff and sales manager In all aspects of servicing advertising customers. Performs support tasks In creating and designing advertisements and spec advertisements, generating reports, maintaining files, ordering tear- sheets, writing Insertion orders, assembling marketing presentations, making copies, faxing client material, handling account mall- Ings and phone calls, etc. The Ideal candidate will possess strong communication, customer service, organization and time- management skills. Layout artist skills preferred. Must be able to prioritize and work well under pressure and deadlines. Needs to understand use of Macintosh end IBM computers, be creative, know basic math and have a professional manner. Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Salary commensurate with experience. Fringe benefits Include health Insurance, profit sharing, 401 (k), paid vacation and sick leave. Application deadline: October 10, 1997. Please send resume and salary requirements to: the Salina Journal J«wmy Sharp Advertising Director, P.O. B)OM 740 Sallna, KS«)740a (No phone calls, please.) SICRITARY/ RICIPTION- 1ST needed Immediately. Computer knowledge and office experience a must. Send resume to: SJ 905, P.O. Box 740, Sallna. 240 HELP WANTED GENERAL SHINOLINS AND LA •OHMS, fun-time, year around work. Must be dependable and have vehicle, 822-8475 8am-12noon. LICINSID PLUMMR, hospH- allzatlon, paid vacation, home cooked lunch, $14.00 per hour. Call (316) 241-3633 or apply In, person at 210 Mulberry, McPher son, Ks. 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL COORDINATOR for life skills program. Full- time position working with homeless families In the Sallna area. Please apply in person at Ashby House, 150 S. 8th, Sallna, KS 67401. 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL COUNSELOR - A growing, car- Ing, private agency specializing In residential work with male adolescents Is seeking a full-time counselor with a bachelor degree In the human service field and two years experience. Excellent benefits. Apply by sending resume to the Administrative Director of Operations, P.O. Box 127, Ellsworth, KS 67439, or phone (785) 472-4453. EOE. CREDIT MANAOBR - BOOK. KEEPER Profit sharing, Insurance, paid holiday & vacation, sick leave. Apply Sam - 11am and 3pm - 5pm, Monday - Friday. Morgan Supply 333 N. Front Sallna, DIESEL MECHANIC Quality Movers Express is looking for diesel technicians to work on OTR trucks & trailers. Some overnights & travel Involved. Competitive wages & benefits available. Contact Kevin at 825-1181. DOCTORS OFFICE needs Receptionist with friendly personality and nice appearance. Experience helpful, but not necessary. Computer skills preferred. SJ 899, P.O. Box 740, Sallna. DUE TO RECBNT expansion, Sallna Charier Coach, Inc. Is seeking part-time,/ full time drivers with CDL & passenger. Apply In person. 804 N. 9th. Sallna, KS. Now Hiring a Technician forBeloitand Surrounding Areas Competitive Salary and Bonus Plan Experience a Plus Full Insurance Plan 401k Program Send resume to: »» HEARTLAND 111) WIHKLBSS OP MANHATTAN 1S62 Hayes Dr. Manhattan, KS 66502 776-3512 HEARTLAND WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS INC. IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL You'll be surprised! Class!' fled ads sell old things. SHEET METAL INSTALLER Residential & Commercial Excellent pay & benefits. Reply to SJ897 PO BOX 740 Sallna, KS 67401 Administrative Emcutlv* Officer • • • • Full-time position available December 1. Skills required: • Ability to direct and coordinate all staff and programs. • Computer technology • Budget and basic accounting. • Communication and Leadership. • Some travel required. Send resume with cover letter to SJ 898 P.O. Box 740 Sallna, Kansas 67402 by October 11,1997. Equal Opportunity Employer KELLY SERVICES 1114 E. Crawford 785-823-1661 Office Personnel Wanted Receptionist & Secretaries Part-time & Full-time KeUySelect* positions available. Call today for an appointment. Resumes required Industrial Workers Needed Welding, Fabrication, Shipping & Receiving. KellySelect* positions available. No appointment necessary. Resumes Required Temporary positions in Office and Industrial areas are also available. Gall Today! 785-823-1661 Staff Development CoonUnofor Looking for RN to coordinate & administrate all employee education, orientation, & training; has great communication & organization skills; and is familiar with safety standards, infection control, & other issues of resident care in LTC environment. If interested contact Holly at 786-726-3101. EOE sauna GENERAL SERVICES DIRECTOR Requires Bachelor's degree In public/business administration, engineering or related field plus significant supervisory experience In public works, local government or comparable private sector experience. Responsible for managing a staff In excess of 60; organizing, directing and coordinating activities Including central garage, flood works, sanitation, street maintenance and traffic control. Pay range Is $40,000 to $53,000 DOQ. D««dllnei! City of Sallna application form must be completed and received In the Personnel Office no later than 5:00 P.M., Monday, November 3, 1997. Resume may be Included with the completed City application form. Apply it: The City of Sallna Personnel Department, 300 West Ash, Room 105, P.O. Box 736, Sallna, KS 67402-0736. (913) 826-7400. An Equal Opportunity Employer ' Salon Manager We offer benefits, teamwork and busy atmosphere for someone that Is personable, can work Evenings and Saturdays up to 26 hours per week. Licensed cosmetologist not necessary but helpful. Apply In person Mon.-Sat. 8-6 Hair Loft 1830 W. Crawford, 3'j SPECIAL NOTICES I 35 SPECIAL NOTICES (\ Classified Line Ad Deadlines \«'V\ VlK < .1 lit I'll, 11 Kills \ ( 11,111^1" 1*1 .*! (Excludes photos, borders & artwork) I puBHc#tion Pay Deadline day.,,.., IsOO put Friday Monday 10:00 am Saturday Tuesday. 1:00 pm Monday Wednead»y l;QO pm Tuesday Thursday, 1:00 pm Wednesday Friday,... ...1:00 pm Thursday I Saturday..,. 10:00 am Friday Subject to change for holidays. DDQKBEKCEHPEEDPE AUTO TECHNICIAN We're looking lor an auto technl- and a variety of skills In automotive repair. We oiler an excellent guarantee and a commission plan starting at $16 per hour. (Up to fIB per hour tor the riaht OM-tralned technician.) This Is a unique opportunity that oilers an excellent pay plan, a Irlendly team-style work environment, and a dealership that truly cares about the quality ol everyjliln; we do. Send your resume or call lor an appointment lor an Interview. All replies held In the elrlctett confidence. IN MINNEAPOLIS 1-800-750-8282 OTINT1N ICHTUCTIU The Community Development Department has four (4) houses to rehabilitate. Interested contractors may pick up bid packet after 8:00 a.m., October 6, 1897, at room 205, City County Building, 300 W. Ash St., Sallna, KS. Each bid contains Instructions for submitting bid proposals. Sealed bids will be accepted until the formal bid opening date on October 20, 1997, 8:15 a.m. The City of Sallna provides fair housing assistance and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or family status. This program Is funded In part by a Federal Home Grant through the Kansas Department of commerce ana Housing. SAVE TIME! Fax your Classified ad by dialing 788*823-3207. Please Include your name, address & phone number. To Start | Now Hiring UpTo Advancement Opporturtty Vacation Slek Leave Full-time* Employee Earn After training you set your schedule to earn the maximum hourly wage. We currently have openings lor: Day or Evening Teleservlces Representative Parj-tlrne Evening/Weekend Teleservlces Representative Casual dress and benefits for full and part-time: •(30 hit/wk tor «w*v/wMlw*j) CALL; 027-2700 Walk-Ins Welcome: 1808 8. 9th, Sallna m EomlOctiortolty Endow WANTED Production WeldersQUALIFICATION: • Pass basic Mlg Welding test • Able to lift 76 Ibs. • Weld mild steel • Read shop drawings WAGES: • $8.50 - $12.40 (depending on experience and abilities) BENEFITS: • Possible Qtly Increases • Health/Dental/Life Ins. • Profit Sharing • Incentive Bonuses • Vacation If you are highly motivated and quality conscious we have a place for you in our business. Full time, day and night time positions are available at our Belolt plant. TO APPLY COME TO OUR MAIN OFFICE IN BELOIT, KS, APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL POSITIONS ARE FILLED, SUNFLOWER MFG, CO,, INC. BOB N*td • ntw Job? Chicking CltMlfUdt can mikt your •««rch tatyl If you're looking for a company where dedication and respect are rewarded, you've found the place. Rent-A-Center has immediate openings for: DELIVERY SPECIALISTS We prefer delivery experience, good communication skills, college students or a high school degree/equivalent, and a valid driver's license to operate motor vehicles. We offer a competitive hourly wage of $5.25 to $6.00 plus monthly incentives. For consideratipn, submit your application at:. , Rent-A-Center 1123 W. Crawford Salina, KS 07401 785-8234160 EOE 249 HELP WANT'- GENERAL •OMIONB WITH weldfeg *>x- perlenco to work In sign srfcp, electrical experience helpful. ?ply In person at Qleason » a Signs, 2440 N. 9th, Sallna. , ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS Mi* RIPPfG ATTENDANTS NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED INSTRUCTOR TRAINING PROVIDED FREE Including CDL license training BENEFITS: •8IGN-W BONUS • ATTENDANCE* SAFETY BONUS • COMPANY PAID LIFE INSURANCE • 40IK SAVINGS PLAN/COMPANY PARTICIPATION • CREDIT UNION • MEDICAL INSURANCE!'" ; AVAILABLE , •ADJUSTABLE HOURS « • DRIVE SAFE, LATE MODEM itrmuiTrn nftDPfi > AUTOMATIC BUSES PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON: SCHOOL SERVICES at LEASING, INC. 1510 WEST STATE STREET SALINA, KANSAS 825-9241 HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM BOB sauna FIREFIGHTER/EMT City of Sallna j Work Includes fire suppression, fire prevention actlvltlej, emergency medical service and maintenance of Fire Department property and equipment. Previous experlencfc and training in fire service and emergency medical service preferred but not required. The 1996 annual salary range will be $23,849 to $31,100. Applicants must be certified emergency medical technician (EMT). ;' Deadline! City of Sallna application form must be completed and received in the Personnel Office no later than 5:00 P.M., Friday, October 24, 1997. Resume may be Included with completed application form, ( Apply at: The City of Salina Personnel Department, 3(J) West Ash, Room 105, P.O. Box 736, Sallna, KS 67402-0731. (785)826-7400. '"• \ An Equal Opportunity Employer •- •— AUTO ; TECHNICIAN Are you tired of poor dispatch? Are you tired" of poor parts support? Are you tired of a lack? of work? Are you tired of uncaring ; management? Then why not join a progressive growing organization. We offer a consistent; workload, career opportunities, a strong ••; f; commitment to the individual and a stable;, •; work environment. Contact Joe King for an;] interview. Thm OrMn Tmmm tm Your frfend. Green Ford Chrysler 2104 N. Buckeye Abilene, Ks. 67410 (785) 263-3015 Design tooling and machinery for the production of PVC pipe, Job entails engineering and designing tooling $ machinery to meet customer's requests,. Interaction with customer as well as sales & man-; ufacturing personnel. Applicant should be com-; puter literate, proficient in CAD, self-motivated' and have a knowledge of machining practices. A BS degree in engineering or engineering technology and 3 to 5 years experience required. ; WELDER/PTA OPERATOR (2ND SHIFT); Weld screw cores and run PTA machine. Applicant should know the basic processes for' welding and PTA operations. Previous experience should include MIG and TIG welding. High School graduate preferred. , , POLISHER; Must be able to learn to polish new and rebuilt screws. Job entails polishing screws to our specifications without taking off excessive amounts of material. Applicant must have the ability to handle air tools and belt sanders, load and unload parts with a hoist. Good work ethicq and good attitude required. A high school education is preferred, but not required. ; Benefit package includes Health Care, major medical and dental coverage, vacation, ten holidays, S & P leave and 401-K plan. Send resume with salary requirements to: Personal Administrator, American Maplan Corporation, PO' Box 832, McPherson, KS, 67460. E.O.E. Career Opportunity! General Manager for Leading Restaurant If you have a successful record of achievement! In food service management, an outstanding opportunity Is now available for the person with top credentials, • Excellent starting salary «Bonus Incentive Program • Paid vacation lime i Advancement opportunities Supervise all areas of operation: »24-hour family style restaurant • All new facility, 240 seats • Full-time staff of 7090 associates • Banquet dining facilities • High volume, constant traffic Send resumd 10: Grandma Max's » ATT: sieve v^Kf P.O.BOX 1567 i Grand Island, NE 68802-1567

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