Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 16, 1926 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1926
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Bn^ered > 1 n 'I THE lOI^ DAILY REGIgrER. WEDNESDAY EVEJ^ING; -CHA8. F. 6CeTT , at Uie lola. Foatotflca .as Second Claw Matter. Offtctal Paper City of Tola. - OfTiclaLPat)^ Clty-of Biraactt. Offlcral- Pap^ Alleiv County. Telephone i.^ij (I'rlvi.te BrhBch Ejccliange ConnectlnB . ' All JJepartments) Member of -f • .. . National Editorial AaaOelatlon. . Kansas Presi Aasoclation. The Kansas' Jallf League. „ Audit Bureau of Circulation. Pi(ets Ce^ndrejt of the World. Inland-Dally Press Association. because of the .feelbig on. the p^rt of .the Vjorkiog Repabllcans who always control a national conven- tiOTi that lie cannot be elected.' ' Coolidge is not "slliJi^ing" now, but the ground may slide*out from under him two years-frim now. SUBSCRIPTION ftATES.„ By CiiiTlTlii inla. <Jas City, l^Harp* . niiJ li »«s «tt. One Wof* ; ..16 Cents • One Month .........^Jl"!; One Yjiar .~ ^.%1M BY MAIL In AMen County i.. Onw Ypnr ..: ; ..I^.OO - ~Tliri<- .M inths Jll26 . Ono Month BOc Outsid* Allen County - „ Onn. T'-ar »5.0D Plx Months ••••ffSX Throp M^inTfi^ • *>'60 . MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. Th.! UfKlHli* cuMlfS tjie Assoolatf. Pr<-''.'! i (|K >rt ^^>• «i>(-rl.Tl: 1 P.-I.IWI wlr</. Th<- AsKdolaffHl Prfss l.i (rxclunlvcly en-, titli'il to tli<! iisf! for rfpnbllcitlon iif nil n«wM'i]i<i|>nt<-li<-s iTfilUi-d: to It or not OIIKTWISI - rreillt<i) In this pai>er. nnd niso Ihc local n<-ivs pulilishcil herein. All rlKlits or reraiWIcatlon of niiecial ;<1ispatoh(!S'herein are also; reserved. BibleThought for Today. Honor the Lord with your sub- .staiK.-o.-and jrivo Iilm of the of tliy fruits. Prav:_3:9. (<»OLn»r.F. IX .1928. - "Is CooIidRe sliitpinK?" |• Xj-arly nil tlie Washington cor- rcvpondi'iils who have "commented iliiijn rocont .Senatorial iirimarie.s liiivc .-i.sitod that question. Those who. are friendly tb the President Iiave'answered it in. the negative .-Hid those unfriendly naturally in tlie ,-iffirniative. The latter argue that; the succe.ssive defeats of Mc- l\in4oy, in Illinois. Pepper in Pennsylvania. Stanfield in Oregon and C'limiiiins in low^,, all stalwart ad- minfetralion supporter.s, can only lie acfountod for -upon the theory tlnit tin; 'people have lost their •ta.sto for (.'alvin'Coolidgeand did hdt w.-inl't(>. hiave-the adniinistra- liiin supported. , - Tire Repister is of the opinion Mint this judgment is ill founded. nothing has drifted OPTIXISM JUSTIFIED.- Clews ilcTlcw: More significant and more encouraging "In a way even than the Improvement In.sen­ timent in the stock market itself has bfeen the markedly greater optimism about bnsines^ generally that has spread llseff throughont the general community daring the past week or two. It ha^ been a very short time since many were wearing long faces anfl making confident priedlctiohs tb&t yie stood on the threshold of a major business depression; that the vol- ijmc of trade and industry and the margin ^of Iprofit quite" generally would in the near tutur? show distinct diminutlpn. In the event, noUiing of theisort. or at the most vqiiy little of the sort, hate been in .evidence, and Instead of th4 gloom iof yesterday: we iioy find fbankers and others much more inclined to optimistic vjJews. As has been regularly pointed out in these ad-' vices, there never was much real ground for uneasiness aboiit the Industrial and trade situation in this country, and what little indications there were thijt we were in -for a period'of hard times have now disappeared, and former pessimists are saying that we have "turned ^he corner." This in many ways is about the most constructive turn affairs have taken for some time past. It means that confidence 'is in a large measure restored, and ttiat buf^Iness will'continue to keep j^itself biisy at a profit Instead of moping about more or less imaginary evils. ('(irf.iinly tlii-ouuh this office in the w-ay of local wentiinent which would in- ilic-.ite any li'ssening of confidence iti Coolidne. on the part.of tlie gcn- „i.'rai [tulilii! in this locality, and iliere woiild not seem to he any reason 'itouchinK . the President's IKipiil.d-ity which would not he effective in. Kan.^as as well as In . Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oregon or Irrwa. In.'order to attribute thede- fe.-it of tlie Senators in these last nanveil States lo revolt against the . adniinistratjon it would have-to be siiow.n that the neimhlicans •were so bill or against-Coolidge that they I\ T|IE T)AY'S NEWS. I Mrs. Margiiret Cjorbett Ashby, of tknglgnd, iim has just been reflected presilent of the International Woniaii Suffrage .Alliance at its congress. Sn Paris; lias been in the public! iirena since she left cbllege, anid her record of work, pplltical, sl^( ial, and feminist, is liirge. She tomes of a polftical family, her father having been. a Liberal member of Parliament. As soon as she was of an. age to do refu.'-ed to vr had sujiportei Senators weri . ;,sati!»fac-tory. te for Senators wlio him although fliese otherwise entirely Probably nobody ibe- lieves this is true; 'In every State whPpB primaries have been Held there have I)een abundant reasons for the defeat of the sitting sena- • tor entirely outside of his.relation "to '('oolidse or to any measure . wliicli the administration is i thouKlit to have favored.- not tliiisiastic river Calvin CoolidRei It helievesjR has niad4 a good president. lni,t if believes also there are plenty of jncn in the country who \yould have done just as , well. N'everUieloss it believes that, he is the loRical candidaip.of the party in IMS. , nut it has often happened in the .and it may happen again that tlie ioKical cahilidste is not the • noiMJiiee.- In- the case of Coolidge tlu^ cvenf mTist Ukijjf to unseat hini_will he.the loss of a Ilcipubli- can majority^in the Senate; after March -1 w\(. . Tlie loss of this majority, in lie judgment pf the Ki'Hister. unfortunately is all but ceijiain. Thirty-two senators are to 'lie elected. Practically all :Of tliat nuinlier who are now Democrats come from certain Uemoci'a- lic Slates and will he fc-elucted. Considerably more than' halt of tho Ki'Piib|i<ans in this list come from cloiilyftil States and are likely not to IlepublicanH were swi*|it into tlie Senate on the Hard. iiii; wave six years agb from Stjitea that normally are Democratic and from other Slates that always are closely contested. Fairthei-morc in some of the [States that might be regarded as! safely Republican, bitter primary contests have left their'scars and in the stormy political conditions nayi cxiEjing Deniocrat>s are likely to be chosen where they really have no right to he.';: • ! There is a strong possibility IJBl 1926. r' Little Benny's Note Book :(By Lea^Pape) LAHARPE NEWS NOTES MISS J08EPHI.\E WEITH I>' THE CIIANtTE HOSPITAL. A Jfaraber ftt)m Here'Attend l.he •District Conrentlon at the Christian Church. so she jolnfd the Women's Liberal Federation md the'National.Union of Societies' for Woman Suffrage. Previous to her election as president of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance she had served as the fecording secretary of the orgahl/.atlon. She' has twice been a candidate for Parliament, ^nd though she was not elected on cither occasion she succeeded in gaining a large number of votes. The sight of the Chief of Police, whose primary duty it i.s to preserve the peace, getting Into fist fights with two citizens in both of which according to his own statement he struck the first blow, is not a particularly delectable spectacle, whatever the provocation may have been^ vif a citizen is violating the law the chief of police;has the right to arrest him. This pajper is not widely: en4i^ violating the law he has no more right to strike him than "a private citizen would have. Indeed he ^has less right, for his office imposes upoh him a duty to obey the law even heavier than that wh'ich rests upon the private citizen. The general feeling In lola is that men should not settle their personal difficulties by fisticuffs on the street, but sh'obld take them into court. It would be a queer town if the opposite Idea prevailed, &^ it seenin to do in the office of the chief of police. i ' itherefore jthat Mr. Cbolidgo will . 'face tUe-lasttwo j;ears;of his present term with, a Congress adverse atJeast in ojie house, i if this happens ft will mean that nothing constructive can be aC" coniplishcd and the. I'rcsident is likely to suffer wj^ether he de- .srryes it or not Without losing any i>opularity "aiipiB the people be' may yet fail. ot.the nomination I . , •E*5*.- • Newbury of Michigan was expelled from the Senate, on the ftcore that he had spent top mnch money in the primjiry at which he was ndmifiatcd. Out the r-evelatlon of the sums spent in the late Pinchot- Pepper-Vnre contest In Pennsylvania makes Newbury look like a piker. So fai" is the expenditure of money is concerned the - convention system ^during the more than, hut dred.years it was in operation never gave rise to anything approaching the scandals that have developed under the primary system the last ten "years. • Senator Capper, speaking In the senate for, the Haugen bill declared its opponlints "hae^ failed utterly" lo shoAv atay weakness in the proposal. A retort might have been made that its friends had made an equally dismal failure in showiiPg any. strength In the bill. Even the Senator himself admitted it was an experiment the result of which could not be known until it was tried. The failure of Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen to get herdeU nominated for Congress in Florida:bears out the family tradition that so far as the Bryans ar^ Concerned > the people "cheer fur' ("em but TOU ag'infl'em." (Mrs. Opal Mitchell.) LAHARPE. Kans.. June 14.—The many friends of Misg Josephine Weiih will be sorry to learn she is in the hospital at Chanute. About a year ago she took serum treatment for hay feVer and was quite ill at the time. She now is broken out with a rash which the physicians diagnose as being caused from an overdose of the seruni. Sh^ is at the hospital for treatment. The Children's Day program given at the Methodist church Sunday evening, was quite a su.cces^ :ind was well attended. ; ! ' The liorton drilling rig .spudded l^n a good gas well on the'Wilcox eighty just northwest of town. , A number from here went to lola lo attend the convention being held at the Christian church; Tliose going included, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Aten and sons Paul and Frank; Mr. and.Mrs. W. R. iMit< hell..Mrs. Penland, Miss Laura Penland, Mrs. Lewis Richardson, Mr. OttoiOhlfest. Mr. .L W. Jones and Rev. A. T. Shermain.. ^ Mrs. L. C. Adam.son of Wichita, is visiting at the homo of her daughter, .Mrs. Oscar Johnson and Mr. Johnson and with her .son, Mr. O. W. Adamson and family of southwest bf 'town. Mrs. Mary P.rinjm .of Moran spent Saturday night and Sunday visiting Mrs; Lula Flack and family. Mr. ' and Mrs. Lorcrt Meek of Mapleton and little daughter. Naydene are visiting at the home of the former's mother, Mrs. E.rnest Meyers and family. They expected to leave this afternoon for their home. Miss Ada Meeb; expected to return with them.- ' Grandmiv Kollenborhe has suffered a stroke of paralysis; —Compare our prices. They are as low as any, considering quality, on shoes, men's work clothes and harness supplies. Roach-Elliott. Sunday was the seVenty-ninth birthday, anniversary of .Mrs. Anna Jaro of Xenia and' in honor of and to help celebrate the event as .many of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as could be present gathered at her home and iiad a wonderful, dinner and good time. Those attending from this direction inclitded her children, Mr. and Mrs. Wiii. Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly, Mrs. John Freel of I.4iHarpe, Mr. nnd Mrs. C* O. Stevenson nnd .Mr. and .Mrs; Charlie Penderson of Broijson, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Fasemeyer oj; Kansas City, Kansas. Thd grandchildren were. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Maudlin and Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Newman of lola; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Turner, and Mrs. Stanley Seilman, Mr. Walter Freel of LaMarpe, Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Rogers of Bronson and Miss Ida Riggs of Kansas ^ty, Kansas. The gredt grandchildren Included Carol Beth Newman, Earl and Walter Maudlin of lola, and Omet" Turner of LaHarpc. There were thirty-five present to wish her many,-more birthdays. The members of the Y. M. club were dellgihtfully entertained Wednesday of last week in the home of Mrs.'Leona Morrison by Mrs. Ethel Yancy, ;Mrs. Lettie Oxender, Mrs. Bertha Jones and Mrs. Nettie FOwI-. er as hostesses. At noon a delicious luncheon was served f61lowed in the afternoon with Ice cream and cake. "This being the last regular meetlng-nf -the year a picnic to be held at tho HorviUe grove was planned for next week, but is not sure of being carried out. Num-^ hers were drawn for.the meetings for next year;as therei is to be no more meetings except the picnic lentil the second Wednesday in September.' The members present were Mrs. Edith Johnson, Mrs. Lutie Livingston, Mrs. Alice Richardson, Mrs. 'V'lfia G^een, Mrs. Stella Green, Mrs. Effle Pettit, Mrs. Mable Lewman and Mrs. Delia Maudlin of lola. ) Mr. and Mrs, Will Lanlbn of Humboldt were dinner guests of Mr. dnd Mrs. F. N. Hartzog Snni- day. Mrs. Lanion is a granddaughter of Mr. Hartzog. Mr. Fred Heatbman has bought iho building where the One-Price feed stdre is located and will remodel and make an up-to-date filling station of it. It is reported work will begin on it Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pennington and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smith. Harry Pennington and Charlie Wagoner went yesterday to the Horton farm south of Gas, and spent the day picnicking. Mr. Henry Brock is at home from Mildred, where he has been working. Mrs. Hudson is staying at- the Charley Limes home while in town. She is selling Bibles. Eldrcd Wlx and Fred Dryden leave tomorrow for the harvest fielflff. They expect to go'to Jetmore, Kansas where they have work. .Mr. Lee Grover has returned to Kansas City after a visit with his parents "and bis brother Harold (Jrover. ' Mrs. Wm. Stlth and family of Leavenworth are here for an extended visit with .Mr. Stith's sister, .Mrs. J. W. Becannon and -Mr. Becannon and mother, Mrs. Mary E. Burrls. . .Mtinday night is Odd FeJloWs night and Mr. Ben Pennington is to take the third degree In the I. b. O. F. Mrs. Susie Goodwin of Kansas City and Mrs. A. W. Payne of have returned home after a visit here with their sister, Mrs.. Jesst Chase and family. Mr. Purcell and Miss Alvis of Chanute visited with the latter's brother, Mr. Cecil Alvis and family, at the Mitchell Hotel Saturday afternoon. In the evening they returned home, Mr. and Mrs., Alvis and children accompanying' them for a visit over night at The home of Mr. Alvls's parents. They re-, turned home this morning. jMr. and Mrs. E. W. DunkcVton are spending the day at their farm near Bronson. ' i . JVlr. Charlie Pepnington is sliip- ping a car of hogs today. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Spradley and daughter, Edna, went to Lone Elm yesterday to spend,the day with the former's sister, Mrs. Bob Sanders and Mr. Sanders. Mr.- and Mrs. Sanders have' sbid their farm, and are to have a st le of livestock Saturday, June 19, and are moving to Eldorado, Mo., where they have imrchased. a stiburban place and expect to retire from the activities of farm life. Mr. and Mrs: Leonard Donald and family of Indeptindence are expected here for a visit with relatives and frieniU afttr whlcli they are going on to OkUhoma. Mrs. Troxell will accompany them. Mrs. Roy Wray of Bronson visit- eil Friday at the E. W. Dunkerton home. Grandma West and daughter, Mrs. Miller, went to Xenia today to visit Mrs. Grover West and family. The Rebekabs expect to have Initiation Friday night and th«? men's committee, with Mr. Holde- hian as chairman, is to serve refreshments. Mr. David Poe died yesterday af 5 o'clock at the home of his son. C. E. Poe, south of town. He was seventy years old. The funeral services will be held tomorrow. Mrs. Geo. Sallee and son, William, and- daughter, Mrs. Gertrude ZInk, Mrs. Russell Henderson and Mrs. Tom. Green mottu-ed to Neosho Palls today to picnic. Mr. Buster Barnett of Kansas City was calling on Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Dunkerton Saturday. Mr. Herbert- Martin received word from Mrs. Martin that she is in Colorado Springs. Mrs. Martin is on her way to California, but is stopping off at interesting places enroute. Mr. and Mrs. Ed McVey spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Evans of Xenia. Mr. West has returned home from a visit with hia son In Tulsa, j The M. W. A. ball team of lola and the LaHarpe ball team had a game here Sunday. The score was 28 to 1 In favoi: of LaHarpe. Mrs. Kate. McKinley. who has been here visiting at the'home of her nephew, Mr. Charlie Denton and her niece, Mrs. Dan Dillman of lola. expects to leave tomorrow morning for Liberty, Mo., where she resides at the Rebekah home. •«MIss Mildred Tr^dway spent Sunday visiting with Aliss EInor Reeves. . • Mrs. Henderson Mitchell and sons, Jatk and Fred, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Correll of lola, visited and look, dinner with Mr. and Mrs. P, E.. f Jodown of lola. Sunday. Mrs. W. C.Johnson and family of Marion, Kansas stopped at the Mitchell Hotel over night on their way to the Ozarks. Mrs. Frank Talman, Mrs. Frank Peuniman. .Mrs. (!. R. Hughes and Mrs. Leslie GJuntz ail of Ft. Scott, stopped at tho (). D. Hartley home today enroMte to Argoni i. Mrs. Hartley i^companied tliem on their trip to visit with .Mr. Hart ey's sister, Mrs. Ruse^ and Miss L6u Hartley, of that plac^e.. Mr. and .Mrs. -Gharlii? Paddock bf Paddock's Cafe are going to move their place of business this \veek to the building just south of/tlie Garvey dry goods store and owned by Mrs. .Mao,Love. The building .they have been occupying has been sold to Mr. J. T. Tredway. Mr. Ralph Barker left this morning for Wichita after a visit over the week end with his family and other relatives. —With each .lOx.'JU 'ire purchased, we will sell a tube for $1.98. Kerr Hardware. Mr. ami Mrs. John Busloy and little son left today for their home at Pratt, Kansas, after a visit of a couple of weeks with Mr. Btis- ley's mother. Mrs. Sarah Busley, aii.d Mrs. Busley's parents, Mr. and- Mrs. Grow and other relatives and. friends. .Tho Rev. J. H. Soworby of lola will conduct the Bible study meeting at the Baptist church of La­ Harpe Thursday evening of this week. Everybody is invited to come for he has a message for all. Mr. Earl. Knight and -Miss Hudson of Moran were Sunday visitors at the J. G.. Isenberg home.- Miss Hudson is remaining for a few days visit dn the interest of tho Bible study work..Mr. -Earl Maudlin of Tola is working for his grandfather, Wra. .Vewman in the produce hoiise. Me and Sid- Hunt and Puds Simkins and Lerb? Shoost'er was sitting on my frunt steps after dinnir watching it-get darker, and Sids mother came: out to their frunt door and waved for Sid to coine in, Sid saying. Aw O, I haff to go in agen. holoj smokes it donl seem I hardly ge^out before I haff to go In agen. | ; Giving me,. a . idecr dfnd I sed, Well hay, I |got a Ideer, lets call n genrel strike like they did in London;_Icts call a genrel strike agenst 'having to go in so eriy every nite, G Iwizz -we're •old cnnff to stay ojut till 9 o'clock at leest, holey smokes we got our ritM^havent we? . Sure; G wizz, thats .. a grate Idecr, lets go- on a genrel- strike, t-ure, berray, lets make it half pass 9 lets make it a quarter of 10, the fellows all sed, and Sid Hunt sed. Gosh, we're-_ going on this strike jest in time jtor me, I was jest going in and now I dont haff to. Wlch Jest then his mother came out to the frjint door agen and started to wave some more and make fearse faces at the same time, Sid saying. Well, I guess I belter go dow^n and tell her about the strike, I guess 111 come back in a cupple minnit.s. AVich he dident, not coming back at all, me' and Puds and Leroy saying, G wizz, he's a heck of a genrel striker. Wlch jest then somebody opened our frnnt door, being ma saying. Benny, its time to come in. And she quick shut the door agen like somebody,. Wats you going to do, your not going in, are you? I should say not. I sed. And pritty-soon I herd pop inside saying to ma, I thawt I herd you tell that boy to come In, if I haff to tell him myself I wont haff to toll him twice, bleeve me. Me thinking,.G, gosh. And I sed. Ill be rite out; I forgot something And I quick rtpi in the house, and after a wile I looked out ma's window and. nobody wasont on the frunt steps proving the genrel strike was over. 2J0RTH FAIR TTEW^- . (.Mrs. J. E. Reynolds.) . Mr.'and Mrs. Earl Newman and daughter spent Wednesday evening wjtH Howard McCloud and "fam- Mrs. Hesther Gillhara spent last week with herl daughter, Mrs. Emma Cardimer, nev. Devon. Mr. J. E. Reynolds and family and Mrs. Olver Jackson anil daughter, Biemice, spent last Sltnday at Mr. Jim Gregg's,' north of. Blue Mound. • Several from this neighborhood attended the commencement exercise at Xenia Tuesjday night- Jlr. and Jlrs. C. A.. Horner and rianghtor) Mildred and Mr.'!. Walter Stewart :and son. Russell, spent Sunday at J. J. Upton^s. Mr. 4. E Reynolds and family, AUhur Jackson and family. Mrs. Oliver Jackson and daughter, Ber- pice, Mr. Arthur Znizler and family, Franklin ZelzJ,er, Mrs. Effie Verner and MriT .'Mollle Jacob, Epent; Sunday in Jola visiting Mr. J. E. Reynold's nephew of Medford, Ore., and other frie'hds. Mr. and Mrs. : ,ntiier 'Gillian .sjient Sunday even ng .wth his sister; Mrs. J. J. I'pto 1. and family. Edith and Roy U >ton spent Snn- (i.-iy with Kora and Scott and Kveret Morris. . | Slary Iteynold's visited Monday with her sister, Mis's Ella Rcynoltls at the KusseirHotel at Bronson. JE.SS TOOK LAST CHAXCE. —"After three years of doctoring for my stomach I became discouraged and swore I wouldn't take anything else. I was bloateil wHh gas all the time. Someone praised MAYR'S so highly that I decided to take a chance. I am now feeling like a new man." It is a simple, .harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal i mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which cianses practically all stomach, liver and intes- tlnjrt- ailments, including appendi- citi.s. One dose will] convince or money refunded.—Fry's J3rug Store and druggists everywhere. Salmon, pike and goldfish are supposed never to sleep. MLWOOD. (Mrs. Ed Eastwood.) June 1 i.—Mr. and Mrs. Joe Griffitts and daughter. Myrtle were visitors at M. M. Cubbison's Sunday afternoon. . Tom McBeehas been helping Ed Ea.stwbod. .Mr.' and Mrs. Bill Kennior and family were at Fred Smith's Wednesday grinding corn. Mrs. M. J. Hioleman, Nancy, Bolo and .iessio .McGlathin are visitors at .Mrs. Lawrence Schalk'.s. Mr. and IMrs. Elmer, -Miller and family spent Sunday evening at Mrrt. Vanetla's.-^ .Mr. and .Mrs. Mi .M.. Culibjson and' da^iighter. Olive, spent Saturday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Ed Young's. Miss Mary Creel was visiting .It Mr. and .Mrs. Eil Eastwood's Sunday. ' Ed IS.istwood and Tom McBee "went down south oi Bronson Friday, to plow corn. ' Esther Holeman is sfa.ving with Affs. Ed l-^astwood for iLjvJiile. '.Mrs. Lawrenci,' Sc-lilack w-as In Bronson Saturday. .Visitors at Ed East.wood's Sun- ilay were .Mr. and .Mrs. Robert Eastwood and family, .Mrs. M. J. ilolcmah. Nani-y IJolo, Jessie .McGlathin, Mr. ahil .Mrs. Lawrence Schlack and Mary Creel. .Mrs. Franzol Gilmore in Bronson Saturday. thartce of a LiiVtiine. , tV.y th<' Asso.-i.-it. il Tr. ..:s) St. ."ilarys. Kansas. June lii.— Leonard Schawe. of ^Spenrville. catcher on the St, ..Marys College liasehall team, received today an offer of tryout with the Boston Red Sox. . '. If money talks, that still, small voice you sometimes hear about probably comes from the French franc, - • • • . We know a "man who left Ijis wife for a vacation and promised ; to write Ber nothing but the truth about what he was doing; The first card she got from him read: "Having a fine'time. Glad you aren't here." • * • An: lola housewife giving'a very .spiffy party for a large num- ~ ber oif guests and jellied chlcien y consUiuted a part of the menu. When she came to take the' broth from the stove, she discovered, to her horror, that a small rhodent— in fact a mouse—had met a watery death in the kettle! What-could she do? It was too late to.pur- more chicken and perpare it and the whole dinner depended upon that particular piece de resistance. She did the only thing she couid do; she removed the corpse^ from, the pot, boiled the broth a* few minutes longer for protection's sake,—and served the jellied chick- . en. The affair was a great success, everyone commented upon the, delicious food and knew or ever will know of the accident. -— . - - % . • « • . The reason : no one ever will know is because they won't even he able to guess after reading this paragraph. Tlie story came to us throiigh those obscure channels that only a newspaper man knows . —and like the Pope's mule., that •w.-iited seven years for revenge, we have waited four years to tell this story! " Napoleon required his soldiers to bathe every day. STOP Penetrating, Antiseptic Zemb WiU Help You Never mind how often yoa have tried and failed, you can stop burning, itching Eczema quickly by applying Zemo. In a short time usually every trace of Eczema, Tetter, Pimples, Rash, Blackheads and similar'skin dis-. eases will be removed. For clearing-the skin and makingit vigorously healthy, always useiZemo, the penetrating, antiseptic liquid. It is . the one dependable treatment (ac dSn V troublesof all kinds. Ask your drugpsf 7 for a small size 60c or large bottle $1.00. PRAIRIE CHAPEI>. ^ (L. b. -.Mattocks) Jlne 15.—Miss Evadean. Harclerode is visiting, with Mrs. Harley Robb and family. Miss Laura LaRue, who has been going to school in Horton, Kans., came home^'Iast week for the summer. Mrs. Swan Yocum visited Sunday afternoon with .Mrs. C. F. .Maxwell. .Mrs. Frank Stuteville, .Mrs. Jim .Mattocks and Clara spent .Monday afternoon with'Mrs. L. D. Maltoi-ks. ~Mr. and Mrs! Neal Ford and .Mabel called on Mr. and- .Mrs. Ralph LaRue Sunday afternoon. .Mr. T. E. HallSnir family visited Sunday afternoon at Mr. Wni. Davis's. .Mr. Ralph LaRue was painting his buildings last week. Mrs. Jim .Mattocks and Clara and Mrs. Ra|ph LaRue visited Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Lou .Mattocks. Charles Maxwell ^pent Friday with Dale Jones. Mrs. Frank Stuteville is visiting a few days with her daughter, Mrs. J. iA. Mattocks and family. The children of the Prairie Chapel Sunday schobl had a picnic on the creek last Friday. A nice] time was reported. as the mmmm On Sale at SkeHey SfaUons and Dealers In buyiag a Used Car you are forced to depend upon the reputation of the dealer who sells it He alQne is in a position to know the history and present condition of the cars he sells; Dodge Brothers Dealers are business men, operating permanent establishments under valuable franchises. They look upon every Used Car purchaser as the ultimate buyer of a ?New Car, and they value his good will accordingly. Buy a Used Car of any Dodge Brothers Dealer and you will receive honest value for your money. And right now is a particularly good time to buy. Increasing sales pf new Dodge Brothers cars^following'radical iinprdyements in beauty and performance—have everywhere brought in 3^ exceptional selection from which to choose. 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