The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 19, 1947 · Page 6
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 6

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1947
Page 6
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EIGHT The Morning Herald, By JIMMY HATLO W<M]tii>*<ln.v. J!), 11117. Radio Highlights H.v O. I:;. BL'TTltllFlKM) New York. March IS—IJrotlior ami sister from the concert world arc to be the twin guests of Information Please when next it cinuew 10 OBS at 10:30 Wednesday night. They are Yuhudi and Hi'phzihah Menu- hin, the arists of violin and i>lan<.«. In the place; of thi: regular Did Justice Triumph, M US at I'' oVIork is lo saluu- tho Camp Kirt- girl.s in connection willi ilu-ir thirty- fifth anniversary. The l>ru;tii<':i.-u is lo include Latiritj: Mi-lcluM-, Mi.scha Auer and Ezr* Stone, the !iv>: Do- Marco sister.s, Ted Maloru- and J.?lu»; Baron's orchestra. Of the hot't of Wednesday night guestings, there's the recor'ded :ij>- pearance of Danny Kayo with Ming Crosby on ABC at 10 . . . Ralph Edwards, plugging hi.s own Truth or Consequences of NBC, is to go on CBS at 9:30 ... Hela Lugosi. portrayer of eerie roles in movies and on with Dinah Shore ami her .show- on stago, is i.o try the armchair in the Ellery Queen mystery on CHS at 7:30. The Paul Whiieman biind. now listed as the Assembly, continues its series on he-half of the Nation a Guard on ABi: at 9, with Olori; Agostini as feature soloist. Slu plays harp in thti White-man hand Leopold Stokowski l>a.s the gues as-signmeni to conduct the Invita tion to Music on CBS at 11:30. Ther. will be an announced radio premier of Richard Strauss' "Metamor phosen." For the second of its current re vival the Whistler program on CR at 10 will have "Miracle on -ISt Street." DevrlojHiH'nls Defined NBC—10:30 a. m. On this Road of Life; 2:15 p. in. Woman in White; 4:45 Young Widder Brown: 7 Radio Supper clul>; S Dennis Diiy's day al night; '8:30 Cildersleeve the <:re;U: 9:30 District Attorney; 10 Frank Morgan skit; 10:30 Kay Kyser show. CBS — 9:15 n. m. Oklahoma"* roundup: 3:30 p. m. Winner Taking all; 5:30 Blue Baron band; S^Jack Carson comedy: 8:30 Dr. Christian";; "The Ghost-Ridden Doctor;" 9 Sinatra and Song; 12:05 Dance hour. ABC—11 a. m. Tom Breneman; 3 p. m. Ladies Be Seated: !>:15 (repeat 6:lf>) Sky King; 7:30 Lone Rang'er; S:30 Willie Piper skit; 9:30 Pot 0' This Gold; 10:30 Henry Morgan. MBS—11:30 a. m. Easy Does It; 12:30 p. m. II. S. Marlne'barul; 2:30 Queen for a Day; 4:15 Johnson Family; S Crime book drama; S:30 It's Up to Youth; 9:30 Name of Song quiz; 10:30 Author Meets the Critics. WJEJ — Hagerstown 1240 on your dint WEDNESDAY'S 6:30 Dixie Serenaders. 6:45 Farm _ Program. 6:55 News." 7:00 Gene and His Gang. 7:15 Rise and Shtn«. S:00 News. 8:05 Rise and Shine. S:15 Happy Birthday Club. . 8:30 Little Record Show. 8:45 Family Altar. 9:00 News. 9:05 Melodies by Malcolm. 0:30 Novelty Time. 9:45 Music in the Letter Vein. 9:55 Musical Interlude. 10:00 Arthur Gaeth. 10:15 Morning Devotions. 10:30 Say It With Music. 10:45 Art Baker Show 11:00 Friendly Philosopher. 11:15 Tell Your Neighbor. 11:30 Chat with Roma. 11:45 Shopper's News. 12:00 Civic Newp. 12:15 Luncheon Melodies. 12:30 U. S. Marine Band. 1:00 Jackie Hill Show, The Potomrt umu». Co. CyjCotooysei: OH, DEAR—YOU WOULD BE HUN6RV- JUST WHEN IT HAPPENS I HAVE NOTHING HOUSE- LOOK, HERES A RECIPE -CRE/MEP LIVER-OR HOW ABOUT CHEESE-AND- POTATO PANCAKE? I JUST FEEL LIKE COOKIMS, TONKaHT- V/ELL,CHE6 15 OVER HIS DIET PAVSASO SO LET$ SEE WHAT£ WHAT- WHEN CHESTER HAP ID 60 ON A P1ET, WIFEV WAS ALWAYS TEMPTING HIM WITH NEW, LUSCIOUS PISHES HERALD-MAIL ! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES Cash R*U Per Line 6 Times lOo 3 Times .- ~-........... 12o 1 Times 15c Six and three time- insertions mu«t b& consecutive. Line rates include both daily papers. Special rates for yearly and six months advertising upon request All Lost and Found ...ds are CASH-IN-ADVANCE No ads taken for less than a basis of three lines. Count sl> average words to tho line. The average word contains five lettera. Ads ordered for three or mor« times and stopped before expiration will be charged for only the number of times the ad appears and adjustments made at tho rate earn'ed. rrors In advertisements must b reported immediately The Herald- Mail will not bo responsible for more than tho first incorrect insertion. All ads are restricted to their p-oper classification and to tho regular Herald-Mail style of type. WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACE, YOUR AD The Classified Advertising Depart nenc is situated at tho Herald-Mai nflice. :l;i Afternoon Dance Tune» 1:30 Merv Gritl'ni Show. 1:43 Bobby Norris 2:00 CYdrii i''oster 2:1. Smile Time 2:31 Quec-n For a Day 3:01) Heart's Desire 3:30 Tic Toe Tunes •1:00 Turn Table Time. 4:1 \> Johnson Family •1:30 Turntable Time. 1:45 Buck Rogers In the 2jth Century 5:00 On the Bandstand 5:l. r > Superman 5:30 Maryland News 5:35 Interlude 5:45 Tom Mix 6:0 News 5:05 Sports Parade t>:15 Evening Melodies 6:30 Victorious Living G:3J Candlelight and Silver 7:00 Fulton Lewis 7:lf> Dance Orchestra :30 Cecil Brown. 7:45 Inside of Sports. S:00 Crime Club S:30 Know Your Merchandise. 9:00 Gabriel Heatter !):15 Lielu Classics 9:30 What's the Name of That Song? 10:00 Did Justice Triumph? 10:30 Dance Orchestra 11:00 Natlona Moondia.1 llrlfi Griff William's Orcli. 11:30 Joe Sudy's Orchestra 11:55 Mutual Reports tho News 12:00 Si^n Off WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19 Changes in yroijrams aa Hii •' arc due to corrections by networks made too tfit<s to incorporate. $15,000 Damage Suit Is Docketed __ Automobile* for JSale _ 11 A. II. (T 3-DAY SPECIAL ONLY •LYMOUTH— 193!) 4 -door Trunk Sedan. Kadio and heater. Only $25!) down. Your car may make the full down payment. AUTOMOBILE BROKERAGE CO. S3» Ponna. Aye. __ Phone 45'ja.. .JUICK — 19:52. In good condition. Apply 313 Jefferson St.. after 4 VILL PAY the top price for your car. Don't hesitate it you have a balance on your car. Wo will pay off the finance company and give you the cash difference. GET CASH IN 5 MINUTES AUTOMOBILE BROKERAGE CO. 81)5 Ponna.Ayo. _ RU1CK — convertible 1939 coupe. Good condition. Radio and heaier. Apply Paul Green, Mapleyill_e.__Md. 1JU1CK—1041 Sedanette. CHEVROLET—1935 l v » ton truck. FORD 1935 Sedan. PACKARD 1936 Sedan. FORD 1931 Model A. Apply rear 500 Frederick St. from 9 a. m. to (5 p. m. Easy terms. Will take trade. Phone 2042. ('H E V RO LET—1 <> 3 7 So da n. CHEVKOLET—193U Sedan. PLYMOUTH—1937 Sedan. CHEVROLET—I935 Sedan. FORD—1.930 Sedan. CHEVROLET— 193f> 1'i-ton Truck Also transmission and rear end fo '33 and '34 Chevrolet. Transmissloi for 85 Ford and '32 Plymouth. Schroyer's Garage, 'jmith.sburg, 2-door Masfe CHEVROLET—1941 Deluxe. CHEVROLET—1937 Sedan Deliverv $495. CHEVROLET—1D34 2-door, $250. CHEVROLET—19-11 Cab & Chassis U-. ton, Stjyu. INTERNATIONAL—1939 1 ton pick ATTENTION SPORTSMEN — "Forl up with cov.jnu your convenience we issue Fishing KNOX—2-1 ton trailers with covei and Hunting licenses. Open until 1 ed tops, $1G() eueh. p.m. DELPHEY'S. 31 E. Fr'nklin S.t FORD—1942 (i cylinder 4-door. CHEVROLET—1942 2-door S] Notice* W« n t_ed—A u t omo_t lv*^ A. ir~c" " JTA ^ ____ USED Care Wanted Highest prices oaid. AMSLEY BODY SHOP First & Guilford. _ Phon- 454T. VE WILL BUY AH Model Cars and Trucks 1930 and up. Pay Top Price. Bring your car to the Hoffman Chevrolet Sales. 313 W Washington St.. llagcrstown. Md Ph 453 Service Offered _ 18 VLI TYPES of electric clocks cleaned and repaired. $1.00 plus part Applv 530 Frederick St. CABINET MAKER—Household wal cabinets and sinks made to order Phone 1753-M. 10 A. M. to 4 P. M and building. Appls CARPENTER i. ^ilE.UL u 'lL 0 _ l .-.- CKSSPOOL iind"sliid~Ke pumping o all kinds. Reasonable rates. Esii males given. Phono Kayetteville Pa.. 5C. Reverse chargc. ELECTRICAL Annliance Repairing House wiring. HOLZAPFEL & FIRE? After 5 p. m call 4231M. or 272YT 45 E. Washington St. Phono 41Qt W«H<ed—Fcmnle OPERATORS EXPERIENCED single needle on cotton dresses. Also HEV.nER Potomac Motor Bus to location CLASSIC UNIFORM CORP. Cascade. Md., opposite Camp Ritchie MAIDS WANTED Apply Housekeeper ->AGMAR HOTEL FLOOR SANDING, polishing Phone 907-J-2. finishing and D .1 Gossert NURSE for Old People's Home. Apply Quiucy U B. Orphanage and Home, Quiucy Pa. Ph. Waynca- boro 93G-R-3L TWO registered Nurses, hours 3 to 11—G days week, top salary. Phone »n. u> K p. m. TYPIST— To do general oJliep. work in department store. Give age. education, experience, and references when writing to Box 66 o/o Herald-Mail. DO YOU plan to build or remodel your kitchen? Sink and wall cabinets made to order. Phone 1753-M. 10 A. M. to 4 P M. Deluxe. CHEVROLET—I93S 2-door. Apply rjyrd's Auto Exchange Wilson Blvd.-S... Poto. Ph. 2HS-W. 4-door GENERAL motor ovcrhaulinr. Clutches springs, brakes and knee action. Phone 4276-W Carbaugrh's- Garage. Fiddleraburg 1 \V1LL not b do Ms contracted other than myself. Paul jKMiKC'r, S0:i Woodland Way LAST call for overcoats. W forty or fifty left. Browns, greys, blacks, etc. All sixt-s. But only oiu of a kind. S3.75 to 8.50. "NIFTY." t>2 W. AiiUetam St. Sedan. Apply 210 Liiuvood Rd., 3::iO to 7:3Op. m. CHEVROLET—194 1 responsible for any 1 Good condition. Price $950. fo bv anyone GENERATORS. Springs Clutch. \g- nition, brakes, general repairing. MACE'S AUTO SERVICE 90S Rose Hilt Ave. Phono; 2211-J^ CARPENTER work. Nothing too Funk- (CHEVROLET—1941 Deluxe. 2-door Master Washington Merry-Go-Round Bv DREW PEARSON (Continued from Page 5) A GOLF FIEMD AND A RADIO BUG- w GET TOGETHER. GOOD MIGHT/ Everyone has his own favorites . . . but we're favorites with everyone. f (NANCE SERV<C€,iN(. pages, Democrat Walter Lynch ol New York asked: "May the rest of us have copies of the record, Mr. Chairman?" "I have just this one copy," replied Knutson, obviously annoyed "Can't the rest o[ us get copies?' Lynch persisted. "All 1 have is just this one printer's copy," Knutson repeated "But i suppose the Speaker has one, too—or does he share yours?" returned Lynch sarcastically. Testily, Knutson snarled at the clerk, -"Oh give him a copy—if we don't give him one he's going to pass out." "I'm sure of one thing," countered Lynch, who is about 40 years younger than the aging Knutson, "I'm not likely to pass out before the chairman of this committee!" Note—One thing irking both Re[publican and Democratic members j of the Ways and Means Committee I is that Knutson will not permit any tax bill to be considered except his ovrn. Republican members know that his 20 percent straight reduction has no chance of passing and would like to introduce a modi tied bill that has. Senator McKetlar's Car Republican Senate Leaders Van denberg and Taft emerged from the White House the other da> after a conference with President Truman. As they walked througl the corridors. Vandenberg askec Taft whether the Ohio Senator had transportation back to the Hill Taft replied that he hadn't. "How about, riding back with me?" invited Vandenberg. "Delighted," replied Taft. "That's fine. We'll both rid back to the Hill in Senator McKellar's car." Note — Vandenberg, who hasn't had a government car before, never refers to it as his own, but as McKellar's. He recalls, perhaps, the great joy which the gentleman from Tennessee took in riding round in the big black limousine formerly reserved for Vice President Wallace and Vice President Truman. Now Vandenberg. as president pro tern of the Senate, has inherited the limousine. Navy Irks Small Business You can write it down that the House Armed Services Committee will crack down on the Navy's new procurement system, whereby All times PM eastern standard. T; change to central standard subtrao. one hour; to mountain standard sub tract two hours. Times listed are those supplied by networks. Relay times by local stations, may vary in some instances. 5:45—Front Page Farrell. Serial—nbc Treasury Bandstand, Continued—cbs Tennessee Jed (Repeat at 6:45)—abc Dick Tracy with Repeat—abc-west Tom Mix (Repeated at 6:45)—mbs Buck Rogers with Repeat—mbs-west 6:00—News Report for 15 Mins.—nbc Eric Sevareld & News Period—cbs N*o Network Shows (1 Hr.)—abc-eaat Terry Serial in a Repeat—abc-west Hop Harrigan in Repeat—mbs-west 6:15—America Serenade: Sports—nbc Word from the Country, Talk—cbs The Sky King In Repeat—abc-west Repeat of the Superman—mbs-west 6:30—Red Barber & Sports Time—cbs Jack Armstrong in Repeat—abc-west Capt. Midnight In Repeat—mbs-west 6:45—Lowell Thomas t Newscast—nbc World News with Commentary—cbs 7:00—Radio's Supper Club—nbc-basic Mystery Drama for the Week—cbs News Commentary 5: Overseas—abc Fulton Lewis, Jr., In Comment—mbs 7:15—News & Comment of World—nbc Jack Smith and Series for Song—cbs Elmer Davis and Commentary—abc Dancing: Music 15 Mins.—mbs-basic 7:30—Songs from Carolyn Gilbert—nbc Ellery Queen Detects as Usual—cbs Lone Ranger's Drama of West—abc Cecil Brown in Comment—mbs-baslc 7:45—Kaltenborn and Comment—nbc Bill Brandt In Sports Comment—mbs 8:00—Dennis Day and His'Day—nbc Jack Carson and Comedy Show—cbs Lum and Abner Comedy Skit—abc Crime Book Mystery, a Drama—mbs 8:15—Skip Farrell Music Show—abc 8:30—Great Glldersleeve. Comedy—nbc Jean Hersholt as Dr. Christian—cbs Willie Piper, a Family Comedy—abc It's Up to Touth, Teenagers—mbs 8:55—Five Minutes News Period—cbs 9:00—Duffy Tavern, Ed Gardner—nbc The Sinatra Song and Variety—cbs Paul Whltetnan & Hla Mualo—abc Gabriel Heatter and Comment—mbs 9:15—Real Life Drama Series—mbs 9:30—District Attorney's Drama—nbc Dinah Shore Show with Variety—cbs Pot O' Gold Telephone Stunt—abc What's Name of Song Quiz—mbs 10:00—The Frank Morgan Comedy—nbc The Whistler, Mystery Dramatic—cbs Blng Crosby's Recorded Show—abc Did Justice Triumph, Dramatic—mbs 10:30—Kay Kyser Music & Quiz—nbc Information Please with a Quiz—cbs Henry Morgan Doing His Stuff—abc The Author Meets the Critics—mbs 11:00—News for 15 Minutes—nbc-bastr The Supper Club Repeat—other nbc Nows, Variety, Dancing 2 hrs.—cbs News and Dance Band Hour—tube News, Dance Bsjid Show, 2 h.—mbs 11:15—Variety & New's to 1 a_m.—nbc 12:00—Dance Band Hr.—abc-w«3t on!y A suit for $15,000 was docketed in court yesterday as the ont- ro\vth of an automobile accident on the road leading from Hagerstown to Hoonsboro on July 1. The suit was filed by Josephine E. .loser, through Attorneys Wag- amau and Wagaman, against Donald E. Moss. The statement of the plaintiff alleges that she was a passenger in an auto owned and driven by Moss when the crash occurred. According to the plaintiff, Moss was proceeding in a westerly direction, about two miles east of Hagerstown. when he attempted to pass another car, proceeding in the same direction, near the top of a hill. Shb further alleges that Moss crossed a white line in passing the other auto and that traffic was coming in the opposite direction and as a result the defendants auto crashed into a telephone pole on the north side of the highway. As a result of the crash, the plaintiff stated that she suffered permanent injuries. t. Strnv^d :mil Fouml 10 CHILD'S BKOVYN drawstring ba containing glasses, bus tickets, probably lost in Henry's Theatre. •Reward if returned to Jim Ray's Tav>.-rti, 139 N. .Mulberry St zipper CHEVROLET—1937 Sedan Delivery. CHEVROLET—1934 2-tloor. $250. CHEVROLET—1941 Cab & Chassis. IV- ton, $t>95 IXTERNATIONAL—1939 1 ton pickup with covered bed. J695. K.NOX—2-1 ton trailers with covered tops, SluO each. ,»!)!>' Byrd's Auto Exchange Wilson Blvd.-S. Poto. Ph. 214SW. LOST MAR. Downtown: heavy identification bracelet. "Wil- liarn E. Butler" on front. "Louise" on back. Return 703 Sunset Ave. CHEVROLET 1941 2 door, icy case, in-I CHEVROLET 1940 2 door. I FORD 1940 coupe. FORD 1937 OST—ftrown -., f .~ ., ... ... ilentificfition inside. Notify Hazel FORD 1940 2 door. Mouldi-n. 23 High Sc. or phone 9S6. i% " npn 1114n f niirip S LOST OR Strayed—Male beadle dog, black back, brown ears with white feet and legs, in vicinity of West End. Reward. Call 3-47S-R. 20S S. Mont Valla Ave. LOST—35 door. i r MOL'TH 1935 coupe. INTERNATIONAL 1939 ^ ton truck Mechanical work done at the right price. Car washing. S MITH A UTO EXC HANG E 206 E. Wash. St. Ph. 2S72-.M CHRYSLER 1941 4 door trunk se' dan. Heater, defroster and radio mm 2A. Argus Camera in Q ' ood Ures _ ' This car ' 5s c i ean an d ca ^: , J 5_ tu : e , e :" ? ra ^ 1 ;tH h beautiful and is in exceptional^ and lltVi. Finder please call Hagerstown 79S. g-ood condition. Apply Parker Tir Co.. 335 W. Franklin. Automobile Loan* IDA small. 73-i Virginia 6ti5-R aftcr (> p. m. Ave, Phone GLASS—Sold and replaced in automobiles, mirrors, window glass. Glass She- .UN. Locust. Ph. aC93 PAINTING — Papering — Cabinet Work—Cust •. Built Furnitutre— Furniture Repairing - Upholster ing and Finishing — Floor Sanding — Floor Finishing. W T. LOCKE ' Interior Decorator, 332 N. Locust St Ph. 1326-W, REFRIGERATORS, Washers. Vacuum Cleaners repaired. Service 01 all makes. E. R. Dodd. 4-10 Guilford Ave. Phone 153S-R. V'AITRESS—Apply Chinese Restau- raii t, WAITRESSES WANTED Heasant working conditions. Delightful surroundings. Apply to Manager's office HOTEL ALEXANDER WAITRESSES wanted. Apply Unclt John's Cabin. Frederick street WAITRESSES WANTED — Apply MARYLAM RESTAURANT. 123 W. Franklin Si. WAITRESS Wanted, zel's. 44 Summit Ave. Apply Bent- REFRIGERATORS. Washers. Va cuum cleaners repaired service for all makes. Phone 4296-J. DENTLER BROS., 42 Summit Ave. WAITRESSES—wanted. Good .salary. 5 day week. Apply Fred Stahl, Shangri-La Restaurant, Greencastle Pike, north of Middleburg. ROOFING INSULATED BRICK SIDING ASBESTOS SHINGLES ROLL BRICK SIDING Avoid the spring RUSH Get our LOW prices today NO MONEY DOWN FOR FREE ESTIMATE ' Phone Keertvsville 7F31 VANTED—Cashier, good hours and good pay. Apply Budget Dress Shop and' ask for Mrs. Keeffer. Radio 18C ATTENTION. NEED MONEY? BORROW on Your SIGNATURE Only. One Hour Service. Try CONSUMERS CREDIT SERV. INC Phone 519 DODGE Coach — 1935. Whippe Sedan 192S—Good tires and battery. 1630 Sherman Ave. Phone 4316-1. Automobile* for Smlc 11 DODGE—1935. IVj Ton Truck with high body. Apply BETTER HOMES. INC. 434 W. 'Washington St A 1S40 PLYMOUTH 4 door deluxe sedan, with a large heater. Try it first, then you will buy it. Apply after G p. m. to the North Apt. on the 1st floor of 7 Cypress St. A COMPLETE stock or parts on hand to repair your radio. Lincoln Electric Co.. Halfwav Phone 1680. A BON A FIDE REPAIR JOB—CALL RENN RADIO SERVICE 504 Ridge Ave. Ph..._ 1619-ML SUIT REMOVED A damage suit, involving an automobile sedan and a jeep, has been removed from this county to Allegany for trial at Cumberland during next month's term of court. Lewis J. Ruth, ttiis city, entered the suit for $500 damages, alleging his sedan was struck and badly damaged by a jeep owned and oper a'ted by James H. Huss, last Dec ember 8 at the corner of McPher son and Franklin streets. Mules were extensively used in ancient Rome. DIAMONDS WATCHES LUGGAGE — GUNS Joe's Loan Office 42 N. Jonathan St. Building is "booming" and used naterials sell auickly here. he brass hats are squeezing out mall dealers and jobbers, by buy- ng supplies for ship service stores direct from manufacturers.. Hearings conducted by Rep. Jack Anderson of California last veek revealed that hundreds of dealers and jobbers who normally lo business with ship stores are being excluded from the Navy market. The hearings also revealed that Navy procurement officials have threatened certain manufacturers that they must sell direct to the Navy at factory prices, or their products won't be carried in ship stores. Congressman Anderson and his committee colleagues will demand that the brass hats cease this system which excludes small businessmen. FORD—193C LV> ton short wheel base chassis and cab. $300. VALUE CENTER 633 Summit Ave. Phone 420. LATE MODEL USED CARS USED CAR MARKET 224 Frederick St. Phone 2206 The Thumma Motor Co. Buick T>ealer WE BUT USED CARS FOR GASP 11N T E RN AT I ON AL D. ST Tractor, 900x20 tires. Vacuum and air brakes. Heater. 3 gas tanks—75 gallon. Fifth wheel—with 24 ft. ALL KINDS ot Electnca! Wiring Radio Safes & Service. r:OWELL ELECTRICAL OO.. INC 30 Wayside ^e. Phone 7S7-J. FOR COMPLETE radio service, parts or tubes call DENTLER BROS. 42 Summu Ave. Ph. no 4296-J. PAUL L. KEPLINGER . Radio & Electric Service S22 Maryl-n- Ave. Phone 3SQO-J. RADIO & MOVIE SERVICE Tubes, parts, lamos. hardware, pro jectors. screens, film for sale o rent. Used records, door chimes. New and used radios So up. SOUND LABORATORIES 5S E. Washington St. Ph. 371G. VANTED—elderly lady in exchange for home. Small wages and good home to religious lady. Apply 6 Potomac St., Willia.msport.JMd. WANTED — Typist. Small office. Simple filing. Age 25 to 50 and able to travel part time. Write fully giving phone to Box 7o c/o Herald-Mail. WOMA'" dishwasher wanted. Apply Uncla John's Cabin Frederick street. WOMEN — Earnings unlimited. No investment. Show nation's leading dress line. Experience unnecessary. Children's dresses, hosiery, lingerie. Full or part time. Write Box 36. c/o Herald-Mail. YOUNG ladies (3). under 25. Travel, assist lady manager. Publishers contract wqrk business firms. Average earnings $50 wk. to start. Expenses advanced. Mr. Davenjay. Colonial Hotel 6 to 9 p. m. Help Wnnted—Male Trucking. Storage V> BOYS or Veterans. 1S-25. travel, assist manager nationally known company, covering entire U. S. A. Average earnings S50 wk. to start. All expenses advanced. Mr. Davenjay. Colonial Hotel 6 to 9 p. m. . van type Fruehaui trailer 10:00x20 | baugh tires. Phone Chambersburg, Pa. 5 2S5-W. Ask for Fogelsonger Bros. KINDS of hauline—ashes rubbish, small raovlngs. C L- Har- Reas. prices. Phone 4193. HAULING OF all kinds, also out- NASH—1942 2-door Sedan. Good con- of-town. Phone 1605. dition. Extra equipment Williams- LOCA]L AND out-of-town haulm*, port Motor Co. Phone Williams- Quick D ick-up and'delivery Phone port 200G. OLDSMOBILE 1935 sedan. Also 16 foot boat. Cheap. Apply 544 Washington St. ...._ PACKARD—1939 sedan. Excellent condition. Good rubber. Priced reasonably., Apply 15 E. Lee St. after 5 p. rn. . PLYMOUTH—1940 4-door Sedan. 31,000 miles. A-l shape. May be seen 127 N. Mulberry St. after 4:30 p. m. PLYMOUTH—1941 deluxe 2-door 4254-J. PHON" 24S2-J for crating to go anywhere. > Moving in the State of Maryland. 25 yrs. experience. H. Basil Martin Funkstown Pointing, Papering. Decornting JO HAVE YOUR interior painting done now before the Spring rush. Lloyd M. Obitt.s. phone 239. Repairing anil ReftnlsMng sedan. Excellent condition through- F. M.~GACK— Reupholstering and re- •aiunmiiiniiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiniiHiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiHiiiiins w^ «•* | Income Tax Service j Federal Returns | • State Returns | Estimated Returns | Winn Office Service | 113 W. Washington St. | Phone 2500 | = For your convealenc9 our office § ! will ba open from 9 a,m. to 9 U.m. 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SCOTTS TURF BUILDER—Complete food for lawns. 25 Ibs-$2.25 feeds 2,500 sq ft.; 100 Ibs-$6.50 feeds 10,000 sq ft. SCpTTS WEED CONTRpL — Quick death to weeds without harm to the grass, $1.25, $3.85. R. D. McKEE 42 N. Potomac St. Phone 2525 FOLLOW THIS PLAMI ia GROW A BidI : RUGGED HEIFER Start With FOL-O-PEP CALF STARTER Build faig, rugged calves by fe eding vitamin-rich Ful-0 -Pep Calf Starter. One pound of Ful-0-Pep replaces up to 10 pounds of whole milk in feeding calves. At the same time, you may raise even better calves on ?ul-O-Pep than you could raise on whole milk. Save milk the Ful-0-Pep way.. Then Feed FUL-O-PEP FITTING RAT/ON This vitamin-rich feed provides growing heifers with many of the healthful benefits of fresh green pasture. Begin feeding it as a grain ration when calves are 3 to 4 weeks old and continue right up to freshening. See us fofyour supply. out. New tires. Heater and defroster. Will finance. Phone 4153-R. PLYMOUTH—1946 convertible club coupe. Plenty of extras. OLDSMOBILE—1040 4-door sedan. In beautiful condition. CHEVROLET—T341 2-door special deluxe sedan. Radio, heater, plenty of extras. PLYMOUTH — 1040 2-door sedan. Radio and Heater.\ BUICK—1939 4-door sedan. Radio and heater. CHEVROLET — 193S coupe v,-ith heater. Easy A. B. C. terms or trade AUTOMOBILE BROKERAGE CO. S95 Penna. Ave. Phone 4513 pairing turniture. 2S E. rranklin Sc._ Phone 3056 FURNITURE REPAIRING - REFINISHING "Custom and Antioue Finishes" ROBERT E. A.RTZ 161 SUMMIT AVE. PH. 139S-J. FURNITURE repaired and refln- Ished. Antique custom finishes. ROBERT H. BELL 136 S. Pot. St. Phone 4254_-J. FURNITURE Reupholstered Fin lino of FABRICS. W L K.ARN Rear 58 Randolph AV. Ph. 12S3.-M Hcl» Wontcfl—Female PLYMOUTH—1942 2-Door. Perfect condition. Very clean. Priced for quick sale. Apply 921 Rose Hill Ave. or 34 N. Locust St. after 4 p. m. PLYMOUTH—1935 Sedan. PACKARD—1937 Sedan. DODGE—1937 Sedan. PLYMOUTH—193?. Coupe. DODGE—1930 Sedan. LaSALLE—1S37 Sedan. CHEVROLET—1939 Dump Truck. AMSLEY BODY SHOP First & Guilford. Phone 4547. AMAZING OFFER—We pay you 52 for selling 50 boxes greeting cards Sells for SI—your profit up to 50c- Also gift d.nd every-day cards wrappings and stationery. Cost nothing'to try- Write for sample on approval today. MERIT, William St.. Depc. ISO. Newark 3. N. J. . CARRIEKS For Morning or evening Routes Wanted Apply Circulation Dept. HERALD-MAIL CO. JLERK. FOR manufacturing business. Give experience, education, and reference., Write Box 63 c/c Herald-Mail. • • DEALER WANTED Leading nationally advertised oi ; burner manufacturer with com plete line of industrial eauipmen.. for light and heavy oils. Inquire by mail to: Wilcox & Ziegler. Inc.. 1532 Maryland Ave.. Baltimore 1. Marvland. DRIVERS—wanted. Over 25 years of age. Apply Bell Cab. Inc., 37 E. Ba'timorc St. • EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY for aggressive man with car to supply farmers with Watkins Mineral Feeds. DDT Insecticides and other products' recognized for SO No slack season or lay-offs. No investment. Write Dept. FDI. Box 367. Newark. N. J. EXPERIENCED installment cpllec- tor with car. Established territory. Liberal commission and expense. Call at 54^ E. Franklin St. or phone 1575-W. FARM HAND—Good wages to right man. Apply at Cherry Lane Farm. Downsville Pike. TERRAPLANE 1936 coach. A-l con-, dition. Good tires. J335. New paint job. 7 miles east of' Hancock at Millstone. Chester Mills. WILLYS—1946 Universal Jeep. Fully equipped. Low mileage. Terms if desired. Phone 4021-F-4. . i«. TON TRUCK cheap. Apply Staley Esso Station, corner of Wilson Blvd. and S. Potomac St. BOOKKEEPER-CASHIER tVe' need a 'youjag lady that is experienced in this line of work. She must be able to take dictation and type. Personality, reliable references and neat appearance are essential qualifications. Apply to Manager between 9:30 and 10:30 a. m. R. M. HAYS & BROS. 1937 STUDEBAKER DICTATOR —' New paint and tires. Radio and Heater. No dealers. S-*75.00. 619 W. Franklin SL. Automobile Trailers 11A HOUSE ^RAILER—Fine for hunting, fishing and vacationing. Applv 325 Central Ave. Auto» for Hire £H MYGOODNESS, DOTT)E,YOUT HOME LOOKS BEAUTIFUL/ WHERE DtD YOU GET SUCH LOVELY ^ WHY AT FRANKLIN FURNITURE STORF. OF COURSE/YOU KNOW THEY HAVE iCH SPLENDID VALUES/; "*> »/ :> &( f/r* IL o r. Inc.. Everybody's talking about the unusual values we're offering now. Our low prices on quality furniture will mean a large saving for you if you come in NOW! Easy Terms, Too. 13 West Antietam Street HOWARD'S OF HAGERSTOWN 5-7-9 E. Baltimore St. Phone 806 - 807 NEW DAS TAXI never did hurtcha. Paul H. Johnson's Adv. RENT A CAR QJ TRUCK Business or Pleasure Phone 4419 CITY DRIV-UR-SELF SERVICE *Rear Washington County Library \Vnntcil—Antomotivc ITA HIGHEST PRICES paid for any make or model car. SE-DAN VALUE CENTER f>n?, Summit. Ave. Phone 420 CHAMBERMAIDS VCANTED Apply to ' MISS BARGELLOS Housekeeper HOTEL ALEXANDER EXPERIENCED woman to keep house in country. Between 30 and 40 years, old. Live in. Write Box 70 c/o Herald-Mail. EXPERIENCED salesladies for ful time, steady positions. Application and interviews daily from 10 a in. until 5 p. m. Apply Flelsher On The Square. SELL YOUR car or truck to SEDAN. CASH on the Barrel-Head. VALUE CENTER 6ns Summit Ave. Phone 420 SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By JU SCOTT \\ I r <ORPEDO \ OR OEPfH-BOMB EXPLODES tf £E* KILLS FISH 'fo FEED FoRMOHfrtS -To HOLD ABouf 3,700 of WA-ER OR. IS5.0OO EXPERIENCED SALES GIRLS WANTED Salary and Commission Age 19-33. \pply EARLBS.DEPT. STORE Phone 2S99 FURNITURE FACTORY SUPERINTENDENT AND FOREMEN FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS for Plant in Portsmouth. Va. Manufacturing 1 Solid Mahogany Tables Wonderful opportunity for aggressive men wjth a thorough knowledge of manufacturing solid mahogany novelties. Tables our spe- •ialty. Very good salary. A growing concern with a wonderful future for the right men. Attractive living conditions and warm weath- or all the year round. Give full details ns to experience, availability, etc.. ir. first lette r . Will interview in Hagerstown. Md. CAPELL FURNITURE. Inc. Write "Box r>',. care Herald-Mail MAN "'VITIT high school education, for newspaper circulation work in Hagerstown for metropolitan newspaper. Must be ambitious and able to furnish best of references. For interview see Harry R. Monninger, Tifi N. Jonathan St. . MAN lor general References. Y. M. janitor C. A. work. Tj—between 20 and 33 with experience or training in interior decoration to act as sales person local .iome furnishings store: Write Box 62. c/o Herald-Mail stating qualifications and refer- nces. MANUFACTURER of Nationally known Gravely power, equipment has opening in Hagerstown area for exclusive dealer.- Must have executive ability along with mechanical back ground. We are interested in only those who can spend one hundred percent of their time and are not afraid of hard work. If you have the above qualifications answer giving in detail, qualifications and references in first letter. S. N. Lee. 3706 Mt. Vprnon Ave.. Alexandria. Virgina. MAN WANTED Large organization has a position open for a young ambitious man with an automobile. Salary above ?200 per month guaranteed to those who quallfv. Sales ability necessary. LADY TO HELP with light housework and care of elderly woman. Call 3320-M^ . TENOGRAPHER Wanted. Must know shorthand. Write Charlton . Bros. Transportation Co. P.O. Box i SKC:.UETAI:Y For Old Established Manufacturing Concern TYriN'G AND SHORTHAND ESSENTIAL Write for interview, giving entire background to BOX 71 C/O HERALD-MAIL CO. Give experience when writing to Box 72 c/o Herald-Mail Co. All replies strictly confidential. TlDDI.K AGED man with family", experienced. To work on fruit farm. A comfortable house to live in. Writ'; Box 67 c/o Herald-Mail. SALESMEN free to travel. Experienc^d in direct sales work. Transportation furnished. No age limit. Permanent for one willing to make ?20 per day. Apply Mr. Parsons. Dagmar Hotel 6-.9 p. m. No ph. calls. WANTED — Experienced Farmer. Due to the rapid expansion of our operation we require the services of additional help. Good salary. pins usual extras. S room house available with running water and electricity Ph. Keedysville 90F21. R. E. CANTED Boiler makers Cor retubing boiler* and pressure vessel work. Only reliable and qualified men need apply. Permanent work. BESTER-LONG, INC 435 S. Potomac St.

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