Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 25, 1956 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1956
Page 6
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SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, OCTOBEfc 25,1&56 Editorial Not «fnst a Luxury t A !N>ri*sslty City Engineer Guy Fail-field described his stricth for more localized purposes. Cmainlv it ftUn«.for *'south bchline along the riverfront td sll " lild P rovidc a R rMt amount of rclief for E ' M In the south bcltlinc, too, can be seen tlic need David LnnT finer Demos Mav »•' Face Charge Heard in >52 »°r «" fhe Cl "' k expedite traffic in and exit of the city, this -neck. He tvas talking to thc Greater Alton Association of Commerce's roads and streets committee. Thc road would extend back of the east end ^ ^ M consider serious- industrial nUnts then cast across country to a ,' ,; . . , , -i ,; somewhat, from msistem.e on a industrial pl*nt», tncn ca.t ac . ' • ly a direct connection between the bridge and-, , H . bomh tpsts , 0 „ new contieetion with U. S. 67 bypass at \vood RIVCI. Side (fiances »u «ti n«inn south bcltlinc will be , through mad for -cnic . WAS'"^TOX -- Adlai Stve. enson has switched his strategy ^ ^ ^ )p cffci , ( This is not 3 new .announcement, Mr. Ktirficld . ^ j m( . , nc , lt i onc( l i before, tlic propoul for no\\ that all he wants to do is has described it before. Rut it is pood news ih.u he mnmng t)lc ., F p, (MC |,cs from the bridge down to to lest the sincerity of the Com- believe, progr« i* bring -de with the sutc in „,, rivcrfront ,. whc , mp!c spjc < wouU be ,v«l- j «- ^^ %££ securing it. ,,blc for a system of merging and separating ir*t-| cr promlncn t Democrats. For- Thc bypass would provide not only an cMcn- fj c . I tuimlely. the results of tests of sion of the McAdams Highway, which will gen | t j s dubious in the extreme whether die com- thai kind arc open to detection crate ever-incrcating traffic as the Mississippi Riv- , mm jty could j;ct even tlic State of Illinois to dojby the whole world. cr Scenic Highway is extended, but will perform Anything like this to the bridge with public funds,' For many years the United perhaps an even more important local service. ; , mlch less the State of Missouri if ii assumed title 'Stales has beenjesting the sin- Mundrcds of industrial workers, for instance,, to Clark We'd be "stuck." •who live in the south area of Alton will not have direct benefit of the north bcltlinc in Godfrey. This is one very strong reason for the advis- lility of continuing tolls on the span until fu- ccreity of the Communists and; has found it wanting. The idea! Their benefit will be indirect and Very definite, ture traffic developments in the area demonstrate it's true, because it will drain considerable traffic • what changes arc needed. off the existing highways these people must travel. New approaches to the bridge should leave The south behlinc, however, will help these people motorists the option of taking the lower road or even more, and leave our streets downtown almost continuing on to Broadway, if possible. Easy Docs It on Home Trek Chief of Police Hcafncr has been suggesting! breeds exasperation and anger. And anger is often that motorists be a bit more careful and observant j ^ direct cause of accidents. driving in heavy traffic. Police have reported numerous cases lateU Doubtless many of the accidents of which the chief complaints grow out of this very type of where cars bump each other in heavy industrial homcgoing traffic. This is the period of thc day when capacity of thc police department i, taxed ^X speeding, but i rust,-ated beyond the limit merely regulating traffic. Thenis little chance to spare patrolmen for settling dif " We trust those who arc holding up the belt- of risking the security of America iio>v, while calling il merely a test of sincerity of the Communist government, is something that can only bring down on the Democrats again lhe charge heard in 1952 that they arc "soft on communism." This is a course that can lead to political suicide in a campaign in which the electorate has certainly no {sympathy for communism in any form. Thc voters have learned painfully thc lessons of Conmiunisl aggression in Korea and infiltration elsewhere. Stevenson had been going up and down thp country denouncing Vice President Nixon as "the darling of the reaUionaires." Now the tables are turned, and mishaps of line' highway in their endless dickering over right- lever since the Bulganin letter of-way will read this and realize their delay can! to President Eisenhower, braz- 1 -' =~ ; —- -' between drivers involve this kind. . Psychologists and traffic experts tell us, too,;«uic a death, or at least much property damage to avoid being over-anxious to get ahead. 1 or this! on our overcrowded city streets. * * * * » Self-Help Program in Hospitals The individuals and groups who were awarded j they help speed the patients' recovery and reduce citations at Alton State Hospital Tuesday night i cost of hospital operations. deserve thc community's praise. i In a state which Democrat candidate for gov- For most part their activities arc unseen amTcrnor Austin .says is lagging in its treatment of unsung, for they perform them largely behind the,; thc mentally ill, they go a long way toward taking walls of the.mental hospital buildings. up the slack of impaired staffing. The people not only help the state mental Our hospitals need more of them, and the rolls hospitals to give their patients better care. They j arc open to all. The program is one more of those actually are serving the rest of us. By assisting,! where citi/.cns can help themselves if they will. '• * » » * » Welcome Hack lo the Mayor It should be good news to the city to hear that Mayor Struif is about ready to leave the hospital. with greater vim than before. Certainly the community cannot afford to ,. - •• • g! 15M br WtA »»f*». tm. 25 and 50 Years Ago Oct. 25,1931 Lucian ^agcn of W. 16th St., and Emil Rausch- enback, of Kimmswick, Mo., were killed, and Miss Alone in her home at Johnson and Fremont streets, Mrs. . T . T. Waggoner out-smarted a burg- Hilda Murphy, 32, Wood River, seriously injured , Iar by f c j gn j ng n violent attack of coughing after injured in weekend crashes. Hagen and Miss i gh(j ^^ R sound ()f footsleps on the RtairSi Murphy were believed to have been en roule home | . . , . . „, , .„ ... ( i Despite extreme fright, she managed to repeat from a socia event in Edwardsv He, at lime of ' * " FCOt the fatal mishap, but the coupe, which had' run through a shallow ditch at the side of the road and crashed against the Shell Petroleum Corp. fence, was not found until 3 a. m. Rauschcnback the coughing at discreet intervals over a period of almost a ha.i-hour until she heard the front door close, indicating the intruder's departure, Meantime, the burglar apparently waited on the was a passenger in a sedan driven by Kenneth j staircase, expecting her to return to sleep. The Kahney when it crashed into a cattle truck on I burglar was believed the same man who earlier Alton-Jerseyville road. The truck was driven by '» the night was frightened from the home of Wayne Stevenson. < Jon " Werts °" Slmin1on street, and who later- was Mrs. Eliza A. White, widow of Dr. D. C. White.! routed from the home of David Spurgeon on Salu died in St. Joseph's Hospital as a result of in-i street. The burglary at Sptirgeon's was 1 juries sustained a week before in her home on ' eel when Pat pelnney, a i-oomer. walked in short- JBcllcview avenue. Her only immediate survivor' 1.V after midnight. The men fled at Dclaiiey's i was a daughter, Mrs. H. G. Ollwrson. i approach, then out-distanced him in a 2-block i Two children suffered broken hours in auto- ! footrace. A Inle night caller who rapped loudly i mobile accidents. Nornui Jean, 5, daughter of < on Ihr front doors, then fished for old clothes Mr. and Mrs. Fayette Pivodn of Kast Alton, suf-; roused members of the L. J. Hnrtmann and J. T. fercd a broken collar bone \\hen she ran directly I McClure families on Alby street about 11:30 p.m. "It's a darling pin and it matches my earrings perfectly Mother would adore it for her birthday!" Header's Forum Community and Youth Thc mayor underwent an extremely serious j spare its mayor at the present time, with many operation. This interrupted at an unfortunate; highly essential projects and questions enly praising-Stevenson's propos- lort is heard that Stevenson has become the "darling of the Communists." It was a foolish thing for Stevenson to allow himself to get into the position of supporting thc Communist side of the argument in the midst of a presidential campaign. The record shows the Communists made their proposal several times before Stevenson took it up. All the facts were available to him in the newspaper files. The President stated the whole j case in a single paragraph: "In this cause of world peace, one trutn must never be lost' from sight. It is this: The criii-1 cal issue is not a matter of lest-] inc; nuclear weapons — Uit of preventing their use in nuclear Editor, the Telegraph: The one trouble with youth today is that they arc seeking something to believe in and too often, due to unconcerned parents, they miss the mark. I work with votith and can ' i front of an automobile, Bernard Rettinghaus, 7, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry llettinghiius of West Elm street, suffered a fractured left leg as lie was struck by an automobile while crossing Rl. 3. The brick-masonry cistern ;it the James Smith home at Hardin. which raised six feet out of the ground during a rain shortly after its completion, had settled buck into place, without damage, The First Christian Church Endeavor Society : on being half filled with water. Men with ropes won a silver loving cup at the 15th annual con- •, attached to the curl) guided it to vertical descent. vention of the Christian Endeavor societies of the Southwestern District of Illinois, in HHIsboro. Harry Zoclzer, 70, former highway commissioner of Moro Township, died in a Lituhfield hos- Misfortunos of thc William Swift family climaxed in the death oi Swift's brother at Nilwood. Two months crfrlicr. Swift's dwelling on Alby street burned with loss of all family possessions. pital from injuries sustained in an automobile, | j!t | ( >r a child in thc family took ill and died. Third, Sniffs 10-year-old daughter suffered « accident. Two Kdwardsvillc girls. Miss Kathryn Wisher skull fracture in n fall from a buggy, and hadn't ^ in your paper said, most boys j dcp ^. rl]me " l \. and Miss Edna Dell Smith, students at William ! j, pt f u ])y 1 . c . 1 .yvered. Woods College, had been selected as assistants wj(h t)]c opt , ninK of a ( . a| .| O ad of wheat at the in conducting a commercial home economics SpHrks . mm an ( , kier | v mitn who had be «n without water for almost four dayr, was found within. orj girls get their first taste of alcohol at home. Mothers who work when they could be at home let their children shift for themselves. God scc they arc hungry for a close | did not intend for this to hap- fellowship with God and for deep j pcn . These wayward children spiritual values. The of parents love their children and desire the best in life for them. But too often even lhe bcsl of parcnls confuse good things with lhe bad. Too many times we send out- children to church and stay at home ourselves. They expect us to set the example. As an article Richard Sparks, speaker before youth of thc Unitarian Church, told ol his,lite study ol gorillas and kindred families. He told of Ben Bui-bridge. ] . (?fuspd (() gh( , |)a , e bu( to , d h(m , tramp companion assisted him into the car when former -Altonian, lhe only person alive who had ]wkcrf (h( , (j(K)i . J()( , T(H) ' |O , )nnkled wal ,, ri then gone into the jungle;: of Africa and caught apes with his bare hands. Waller Siglock was elected president of the Married Men's Branch of Holy Name Society at . Old Cathedral. To serve with him were C. ,,.! following their marnagc, for Hilmorc, Mo. where money lor food. l>r. (jcorgc H. Pcnnington of West Alton and i>s Grace Hundley of St. Charles. Mo., left, Acker, secretary and Henry Lippoldt, treasurer. "* was to praotiro his profess.on are not only the result of careless parcnls but of community influences, with a tavern on every block, dishonesty in govern-; =-.•-••- , i ,.„>.,„ uillskntirr ment. dancing in schools rather! Charles A. Comiskcy. owner of thc Chicago Judge i White Sox, with a 47-year baseball career, died Repairs were started on the buckled steel , , . . Officers for the unmarried group were Dr. K. T. j August K. Surges and M.-s.s Josic Cooper of Gallagher, James Dooley Jr.. and John Mullen Jr. | *«<>•« were united in marriage at fcdwa.-dsv.lle by ! Reader's Forum He Says Stratton 'Alert Editor, the Telegraph: than prayer. How can God bless a nation with these things ever before us including filthy literature sold for a profit. Someone will say, "Freedom of the press." But when horror, murder, indecent magazines corrupt the morals of our youth, how can it be called fair. I beg you mothers and fathers of thc community, bring your children to God. Teach them at his summe? home in Kagle River, Wis. He was grain tank at Sparks mill alter cause of the dam- one of the founders of thc American League. I age was traced to a fault in the foundation. Referring to your Stratlon ed-! His ways. " "'•!'> | war. America has repeatedly j itorlal who undor , his Rcpub . i ONE WHO LOVKS CHILDREN Hanging i slal . C( j its readiness, indeed its Iipnn .,._,. in snrinefinlrt ha* ihn! time a program of advancement for the commun-.j fire. ity which.he was attempting to carry out i lican mess in Springfield has thc j anxiety, to put all nuclear weap-j riKht ^ de termine whether He has announced he soon will return to hisi smicting progressive undertakings to offer him duties, we hope refreshed and able to carry on j their greater cooperation on his return to duty. Perhaps his absence will prompt those ob- ons permanently aside — to stop man has out )ivcd his "alertness Drew Pearsoji's Merry-Go-Round Probe of Humphrey Contract WASHINGTON — On Jan, 13, | then desperately short as a result 1353, just seven days before the' Eisenhower administration took office, tliis column, in appraising ' the new cabinet, wrote ot new Secretary of the Treasury George M. /Humphrey: "He has built up one of the holding corporations of the of lhe Korean War. Nickel was needed for JP! planes, nnd the Hanna Co. had acquired important low-grade nickel deposits in Douglas County, Oregon, on the development of which it had been given a lax write-off of S5 per cent on $'_';>,000.000 just tlu-en weeks before of Generous Terms ^^'K^'^.^""^. b «" me « Cre ' aPy te heads, controls tho biggest coal ",e J roasMry. company in the world, steamship companies, steel mills, rayon factories, vast ore deposits, a sugar company, and one of the biggesl banks in Cleveland. This background has lhe advanlage'of bringing great ability to government, but it also puts a cabinet member under constant fire for possible lavors to his own far-flung corn- panies. the full bill both at mine and smelter. In other words, the taxpayer took all the risks, thc Humphrey company got a guaranteed profit no mailer what. ,less Larson Defends The contract was signed by Humphrey's son wilh lhe General Services Administration, and congressional investigators have been try- te?ls of such weapons — lo in officr " and why wouldn't this some of our huge cxpen- ,. casonin g app ]y to lhe governor's office as well? Governor diturcs for armament to Ihe greater cause of mankind's \vel- fare — to do all these things Header's Forum Those Tricky Stratton is a poor example alertness in office when he per- oi\Blue Ballots whenever, and as soon as, one i mi(s olher slate offit .j a!s 10 put basic requirement is met. This; on a . three-ring circus iealuring requa-ement is that we, as a na-| Hodge in -j Once Wa? a Mil . tion. and all peoples, know safe-; jjonaire" supported by "Put Anty from attack." ' ! other j^ickell in the School Kids' But most sweeping of all was | Lunch" and last but not least the official revelation by thc President that the preparation of H-bomb tests sometimes takes "Insurance Is a Good Invest- Victor Riesel Says History-Making Letter Some of Harry Truman's let-, ticket for the presidential elec-, "At thp same time I mosl sinters made more headlines than lion. • ] cerelp hope- ami believe-that history. Some of President Ei- "1 am a union member of the your determination io e\pn!<i senhower's letters are making AFL-CIO International Union of vour oun p,,]|(j,.,-,| decision in more history than headlines. K|fi:trii-al Workers, District -4, There is one such letter in Ihe Newark, N. J., employed at the pocket of a union member in a General Kloctrie Co. air condi- small New Jersey i'aciory to\\n. tioning dcpt., Blooinfieki. X. J., This fellow has been carrying as an electric powered truck it amnnri for weeks- nrizinc it driver. I also represent the union it aiouna 101 \\CCKS puling u. «,,,.,.;•«: as a slion - vou vvi11 m?v ^ r find it nei.-ewarv. of course-but at the same tune m mis plain sei\mt, a.s H SMUJJ sitting on one of the good stories steward of this campaign. your nun way is shm-rd by the great bulk of Americans, including those who lorm our trad* unions. "I also express tlie hope !hat Eciitor, the Telegraph: For a The note won't electrify the "Now in this matter is this: in your support of your elected your pledge which says, 'I will "1 respect my district union S° hungry as I did many times.' a SWI1S ln » lp 'hat this country change of pace, I do not want ; world This concerns the Blue Bal- 'tors. It will disclose lhal lhe: p-^ 11 ,"'",!; ™* l the • 8 r >'— evcn if h(> should find it ,„,„„„,., . —- , ment but See Me, Bub, for your | lot. Voters of thc Alton area' President long ago decided to ^ huncrv as I did "P°" rare ^-casion necessary to Illinois Ppl'7T»i1 " < ... rt ..1^ .:-._ :^ <e . , , : crnt illfi-i thi« camnnifn fnt* llie * ' " fo ._ ' .. ot^lL-n | would appreciate it if you would ; set into this strikc : strike. IOI 141VJ . I'll Now you loll us that Stratton j explain "ii, because I hese ballots! labor vote by going over Ihe ^0^*!^ "s'av^But" this v "Wuh renewed could : ,s the man to ••lean up tins mess. , are ticky. I beads of the labor leaders - per- ^ ncm . ^ a ^ of { ^ my ^^ fm . A lot of people I know are or even reversed." j wo should re-elect bin, .so hcj 0^00^11^ think TV voU i This was just hours alter the Ins to asm-lain some of Ihe facts U ' 10 " "HI those sensible, fan-1 can correct these errors made j ^ ,.' No ., jt mi ^ t lnpnn ,'.,.„., ; AFL-CTO high, command came .. ., , . . . , . ,, I minded leaders in (lip Demo-ibv surrounding the deal which (Ion t ! SLnally. It all began on Aug. 29. The final agreement signed with Ihn government by Humphrey's son provided: 1. Humphrey's company would sell IL'S.OOO.OOt) pounds of nickel content of ore lo Uncle Sam for '.!0 cents a pound. This meant a profit of around Ifi rents a pound or about $19,000,000. 2. The government agreed to When Humphrey becomes sec- "loan" Humphrey's company $25,- relary of the Treasury and I "00,000 lo build'a nickel smelting when his many companies and I plant alongside Iho mine. Later, their subsidiaries conn? up for ! according lo thr contract, the ROV- j government benefits, as is inevila-j eminent was lo pay bad; the loan ble the situation may prove cm-: to il.sdf, including iiiteres'i. Thus, barrassing." • lhn $-5,000.000 was advanced to This column, however, did not j Humphrey lo build a plant, then give lhe enlire story, and invosti- Ibis money is paid back lo Humphrey and lhe Humphrey company keeps the plant. This meant the appear on paper. ' • I11UI u riliu IlaL, IL \\ (. : ...,., %r „... . ^.. .„., ,, Jv ., »,,, ,*, Lul . j t; A |jj t [ m n _ ut'rHiisf? i IK";,* nn i mis: ;*"••'»-' l • «.*- •-•., r»~---r» ~-. -. - , t u T?. .» «i,;,. T > -• i\ ,, i, »-,-»,*«,, *.,* a CCM 1*3 nc-/i nt a part ol. there- m.v rr.spori lor your position, tore I want to slate very clearly and wiih best wishes. Sincerely, Uial I am not and will not be a . Dw ight D." part of their political views. The<p urrr the Rresident'l , , -,. .. -o "No" it might mean "yes",: AFL-C1O high, command came ,. As ,.,,. as , .,„, ,, om . ( > lm , d . s,ix>eie siaieinrnK made Drivat* ,. -n , , , , . pe ° PC wno ., h . avc «"«'«*; or vice vcrsa . No doubt u . f out of its closed conference room (hc . v . aro 1hinki , ml kj , v ' ,, , tto i'2 ." * cralic Party who may have some i their "alertness m office. | , nw , laxes> , f tho votc ,. g u , anl ; in Unily House, PH., and told lol / lhomso , VC s and nobody else.- temied quicth" to! think . un/M more taxes, let them have ii,< newsmen that it had voted to A U( , 0 | c o| . S() lnler B U( L; US ,-,... u , lf , r stopped the tests, "we find our 'present commanding i You say he is the closest man I load in nuclear weapons erased , to il and understands it all andj I wo should re-elect him so . . „, . influence with Stevenson tell him j I say pitch him out and elect Joss Larson, a Iruman anpom-1 , o ( , ^ jssue Q[ H . bQmb ft new govc ,. |101 , a|K , vou know ec, was head of General Semccs | lcs(s flnd Kt ))ui|di , he (h(? of A|)on • \\'h/in t'nm'/i^/inicitM'ni? n i incrf ifinnri • . _ . . . bul if they don't, lei them know endorse Stevenson and Kefauver. ecivcd a White House reply. Not > When representatives questioned prestige of Bulganin and the will do just that. Larson bn explained that the gov- Communisl lci|dors a| a tin]n was desperately in ncedj when lhe - pcop | cs of Polan(1 anr , of nickel and there was no oilier i Hungary are striving to free nickel available in the tinted, themselves from the yoke of the Stales, except Humphrey's. Nickel NELSON S. CAMPBKLL 2'H .Maurice SI. was bring imported from abroad, and in case of an expanded war Communist dictators? If one issue above all others should have been left out of this campaign, it j gators for Congressman Jade Brooks, the lough Texan now proh- ing Chairman Lfn Hull, have dug'P'ant is a free up the rest of it. It may hear out j .",. The the prediction of embarrassment. | phrey's company a SIOO.OOO yearly Humphrey's Son Sinus '• fee lo manage the .smi'lting opcr- i ations. It also permit tod the cum- mighl be difficult to get. "Humphrey drove a hard bar- America lo ban | gain," Larson said, "But it was i unconditionally. Ihe onlv nickel on a large scale in! icopyright. i95fi the Umled States and we fell the I _ Naw Vork ..? erald l ri ! bune ' lnc ^ deal was justified." Tbuugli thc contract was signed' with the Democrats, it lias been | amended three times by the Republicans, while Humphrey has I was the Soviet scheme to get H-bomb tesls India recently celebrated ils tenth year of freedom. vu ' in "y; how to vote against it. j On hearing this over the radio, . /rom lhl , p| . p , s secretary but JOHN BUTKOVJCH, ! a "'orker by thc name of John ,,.„,„ tho p,. osi(1( , nt ),i rns clf. For Wood River J - Buiktis. an electric powered on Sop! 5 Mr K i.s Pnh owpr dic- | truck drvcr in General Klectne's , a , rri , h( , i o || ouinR l)0(r . r conditioning department in 'Copyright. 1BS6. Thr Hall Syndicmr.. Inr.» Fortiin Writers, Note Letters to the Headers Forum should be as brief as possible, and writers should be completely identified. The Telegraph will withhold writer's name on request. The Telegraph reserves the right to condense letters where necessary. as many consultants and! For, on Jan. Hi. three, days a!- icr the above-mentioned column was written and four days before j technicians as il wanted, with their he became Eisenhower's No. 1 fis- i salaries charged lo I lie government cal cabinet member, Humphrey! as "cost." concluded an important agree-! .j Thp ,,, n iVaris contained, an ment with the government. Dis-1 rsi?alatri| . ,. laUM , Ml n , Hl „ Mljl , m ,, erectly, Humpbrey kept out of tlie | p| . 0(iuc|iun ( . ()f . |s uf ,, )( , ()1 . p we|1| negotiations and let bis been in office. The amendments l are long, technical, and deal with oveninient paid Hum-1 mat |,, rs l)f |,nce and time. Note: Secretary Humphrey is now carried on lhe rolls of thc M.A. Hanna Co. as "on leave of absence." He draws no salary, bul his status permits him to gel j group insurance and, retirement ] benefits. As a stockholder be ' (Iraus dividends from the company. id>p.. rlglil. HIM, Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Farm Life Answer to Previou^ Puzzle ACROSS I Voting cow J Swm« S Young hon* r/! Verbal 13 All lean woi m 14 Toward Ihe 1 i up, the government bad to pay George- W. Humphrey, sign for| nim . ( ,_ A.iulber dfuise U u\e llinn- the Hanna intertsls. j phrey's company tlie right lo claim Three days later, Jan. 19, Sen. i ll)e smcl ti n ,, p| . ot;c ,. ss is llol .., PC .|,. Humphrey testified before the Sen-1 nlcally f ( . asi |,|p," i,, which cusc ate Finance Committee regarding j lhe gov( , rnmr . m K ,,, s slu ,. k his slock holdings. Sen. Harry i Byrd of Virginia was worried about conflicts of interest on the part of (he new Eisenhower cabinet with their ramified stock interests. Byrd was friendly to Humphrey, to Harold Talbott and other cabinet members, bul was afraid they did not understand it could be a criminal offense to handle certain: types of business while in the gtn'- Prayer for T®DAY 15 A farmer mu.M Ije weather 16 Blackbird of ruckoo family |7 Pel use 18 Cotton fabric 4 Run away 5 What « farmer dw» 6 Electrified particle 7 Spat • 8 Solicilude 9 Oll\e genus 10 Conduct 11 Senders, »• hay 29 Formerly 44(. 19 Compas* point 30 Bark o( riecn 45 Shield Forum War Not Fault Of Government Editor, the Telegraph: Bloomfield, N. J., sat down and wrote a letter lo the While House, j "Dear Mr. Butkvis: Mr. Hns>er- \iinilicrs Help l.APKKI!. .Mich. .'V-Xumhers are holpins retarded children ty has allowed me to read your f'"d their place in society. , very forthright Jcuer concerning ; It's done with'Ihe help of th« He addressed himself not lo the: VOU1 . ro r usa ] , 0 al | ow anv0 ne else abacus, aneicnt Oriental count President but to Jim'Ha S crty, con-; to spcak (or you in lho ox(M . ( . isc , ing dcvk>e and the modern d veyor of presidential tidings to the Ol your indestructible American adding machine nation's press. This is the letter i right of political freedom. I re- Some 'm children at Die La- Butkus wrote: ; spect you for your pronounce- peer Slate Home and Training Mr. Bailey: War has nothing "Dear Mr. James C. Hagerty: ment of union loyalty and all Sehoo 1 use the abacus and add- to do with hungry babies. I did;' anl t!lkin « ll)is S'' eat oppor- those tilings fur whicli unions ing machine in primary arithrne- nol say that I like to sec dead! Iun1ty as a common working are orj;ani/ed—the betterment of tic classes. Officials sav t h e fathers and sons and sweel- man to express my personal opin- the individual \\ irkcr's Jot, program teaches retarded MIRROR OF YOUR MIND Faiher, we thunk Thee for an- A reader can Bet the answer to any question of Jai'tx by writing The Tclegrapli Information Bureau. iai(J Eye St.. NW, Washington A, D. C, Pleonc enclose three W rents for return postage. Q. \Vho made the first non-, .slop trunsutlantic airplane flight, i and when? —H.G. . \ A. On Juno 14-15, 1!I19, John Alcock and Arthur \V. Brown captured this honor for Great j 2V Western fa nun i piodui'i 24 Huinblr 28 Oi piment 3.1 Hurl •1<t Ratio 35 Assam ' nlkwonn 3A Raced 37 Horse birni H l Cubic meler *'i Papal cap* ^4 a I i iHiiposiimn 41! Make po.'Mble 53 Journey *4. Tree fluid 56 Milk — 21 Raiboadt (ab ) 23 Babylonian deity 24 High ratrit 25 Diminutive of Bartholomew 26 Continent 27 Pierce with a knite 31 i-'a.ssage in Ihe bialn 32 Surrender 38 Land pairel 39 Expunge: 40 Symbol lor samarium 41 Oriental coin 43 Victim of leprosy hearing 46 Rivei in Africa 47 Three-banded ai rnadillo 49 Mimlc-5 50 Farm bollrtlng 51 Row * 52 Olherwi» 55 Hail 1 .hcarls. When we, the United 1 ' 011 '" rc sards to my high rank- ih-ouRh Ihe right and power of < youngsters Ijow to take care'of States, base a war, it is ,iot the ing Afr L- CI0 '-inion officials who organization and collective bar-: themselves and their finances so U.S.' fault regardless of whether, navc endorsed the Democratic . gaining. i they can step into society. the country is run by Demo-i ~ — crats or Republicans. when we have a depression, it is the fault of our government, not some other nation. Our country will always be a Christian nation. "How could FDR know of Ihe j Pearl Harbor attack three days ! before it happened. He was and | still is one of ou>- greatest men, | and Pearl Harbor has nothing to do with hungry babies. There ' were no children going hungry ' then Don't mix up what I say. please. MRS. S. \V. PARTRIDGE Shipman errunenl if they retained a finan- j worltl aml l()r tl>s '-ountless bless- [ Britain by flying from SI. Johns, ciaJ Slake to their companies. ; ln « s - Uf ' 'i' 1 "'^' at Ihe rich re- j Newfoundland, lo Clifden, Ire- ....... The new secretary of the Trea.v j ««J''< : es «">> which Thou hast j | an( l .-l.HliO miles -in a little ovnr „ BulK.nfi Jar «ry told the senators in brief that entrusted us. Grant us the grace : lti hours . The(r p | ane \ va s a \ sg Night bel..r he was not selling his stock inl to Ulie '">•.«'"" Wlsel >' and un- Vickcr.s-Vimy biplane, il wu.s 59 Sea eaglei the MA Hanna Co and its vari- i st!ll)slll >'' lhiit «»•' " ia y K'^e good • somewhat damaged in landing, 60 £qu»l „„«: «ihkMi»riPi. H P s«id he had I *"•'*«»•«• * ">"' ««icwu«l»hip is HS i( WHS brought down in an «I Weight of pus subsidiaries. He said be bad consulted and had been advised there would be no conflict with bib work as secretary of the Treasury, j Three days before, on Jan. 1C. }9j3, Humphrey'* sun had signed three contracts with the govern lot « n "!! ls "' Alfml chrBl - A "' en ' Sil >" (<S ' Pa., |)iole.s,sor of pradieal the- t,lujo, Tlieologica 1 Seminary, Kvangt?ii(;d & Jtei<.>'med Ohurcii. ot nickelj 5' lU.ili. by llir DlilbU.l' ol bog. Q. What is an open syllabic? -T.M.H. A. II is a syllable which ends will! a vowel or diphthong. A closed syllable is one which ends I India 62 Dirk DO UN 1 Bin me 2 Operatic tulo 3 Sliui'inakei t Alton Evening Telcj Published by Alton Telegraph Printing Company P. B. COUSLEY, Publisher and Editor Published Dally. SuUburiptlon Prh-e 30 cents weekly by carrier: by mail ?10.00 a year within 100 miles: beyond loo nillen. By JOSEPH in under-privileged homes generally have below-average l.Q. rating's, bul when placed in better homes at an early age, their mental development almost always improves. Studies indicale that even mentally-retarded children of feeble»minded parents, when j moved from sucli parents in early life, often achieve average, and in some case* iu- perior, intelligence. Mall •uiljaiTlptlunt, not accepted town where carrier delivery I a available in Entered a* second clai>» matter at the pout office at Alton, III, Act of Congress March J, 1870 MEMBER OF Till; ASSOCIATED PRESS The Asaoclulecl Prcan t' exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dtspcttchcti credited to thii paper and to tho local new* published herein. Local Advertising Ilatea and Contract Information on application »t the Telegraph Qroti tmslnem office. Ill Eaul Alton ill Ntit lotml Ad- g Rcprescniaiivc. Wei.t. Holllday Co., New Vprk, C h 1 o a « o, CetroU. AllbUOI'i Uo most people No, although many mnrry too young? young people marry before they are emotionally mature. Physiological, sexual and vocational age are all important, but lhe degree of emotional maturity achieved by newlyweds is (he most important factor in the success or failure of their marriage. Maturity is a by-product of confronting adult problems, and young married couples svith no e,\perlv'ii -o in making their Can ba.sie IptelliKence bo im|il(J\eu? Does it help to talk about your worries? Answer: Not always, although talking about them honestly to a wise and interested person usually helps. Too often, however, troubled individuals tend to use talk as a mere safety valve, exaggerating or distorting both thc facts and their emotions, so that they become more confused as lo whut their real..trouble is, Still worse, if they meet with an un,.„ „ ..„ Tests have proven sympathetic response from then- own way often become 'disillu- fairly conclusive that Ihe l.Q. listener, they add self-pity and a ifioited when llirir happiness runs ratings of children improve in feeling of bciny misunderstood afoul oi iUe's tjrii.u realities. favorable environn>cnt. Children to their burden ol frustration, lUab Kiiif tc«iui-ei s>iidiv«l» Inc.) * ' \

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