The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 19, 1935 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1935
Page 8
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BIGHT of Tfcirty-two Candi- d.ates Initiated at Meeting Thursday Night. MIAMIS HERE IN FORCE Members of the Improved Order of Red Men from many dii-| fereat tribes, invaded Tipton' WHISKY. MISSING. Truck Loud and the Driver Disappear Near Chicago. Indianapolis, IS. —State police yesterday said no trace has been found ot C. C. Bobbins, truck driver, or of a load of 325 cases of whisky, missing since Tuesday. r.obbins was following the driver of another truck load of whisky cnroutc from Luwrem'ebury to Chic-age, and was missed when i the first driver reached Cook, j Ind.. in Lake county. I'OST IX MOVIKS. Senator Opposes Lending of Money, to Foreign Nations in War. RETURNING Services for Asa A. Bryan to ;Be Held at Russmvlllc Monday. Funeral services for Asa A. and a for- Russiavllla .held at th Bryan, 73 years olc mer resident of th Noted Aviator Will Take I'ari in Ail . Thrillers. SEES WAR INEVITABLE Washington, April community, will Russiaville Baptist (church Monday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock, with burial at that! place. Mr. IJryan. for many years a farmer residing in thel Russiaville community, died at Toppenish, Wash. ! The message stated the body would reach Kokomto over the Pennsylvania railroad Sunday afternoon at 1:30 ^o'clock, and would he taken to the home of a I daughter, Mrs. Carl jKnight, near Thursday evening, staged ,,., rt |,, svi | U .. Okla.. April 19. , parade through the business dis-j WO] .^ fljer s : W iloy Tost, one-eyed round tin" | by the League of Nations demand j Russiaville. that Germany comply with the j j\sa A. Bryan wasja son of Mr. Versailles treaty. Senator William | an d Mrs. James A. Bryan, and was K. Koran yesterday denounced the ! ]> O rn in Ohio, but jmost of his council as the ••.spineless tool" ofjijfe was spon t in the Russiaville farmer ! ;i few .Kuro'pean nations and then j community. Ills fn-st wife was introduced a bill to pivvi nt Am-jKmnia Usher, and four children has trict and after a parley which : movies lasted some time, adopted a class j The formt>1 . Oklahoma of 32 palefaces. Samoset Trib.-.! ))oy anmmm . od yesterday h. ,- - -No. 9S of Tipton was host to the: ( . om])k . I( , (1 IK , K()l j a , j,,,, s w iih a erican money from gning into for- j surv ive that union. | They ar_-. visitors, who were here for the I |I()llv%voml Sl , u ij 0 , \Veiss 1'rodue- CJ '~ M war coiT-rs. |Charles I. C. Bryan! of Elwood, event, which was the last of :i j , j OI1 ' r , )niI(:l) ,y) t; , ;l p]i,.ar ina If.-! Taking the >enale Moor during j Mrs ( .. ir , i<-night near 'Russia- series of 15 district meet ings, (>pism , 0 .^.j.',, t , lt . mi .,.. ,|e' will!" 1 " afternoon. IJorah thundered held in the state. i = , !lrl wnrl , <,„„, , | of the league: The Miami tribes from Peru | were here in numbers coming in i two chartered traction cars from Peru and from the south, Indianapolis sent a big delegation, the tribe from that point giving the degree work. Marion. Kokn- nio, Noblesville and many other cities sent big delegations. Present for this big meet in;; were H. J. Patterson, great sa;-li- em of the order for Indiana and E. C. Harding, great keeper of record, both making talks at the meeting and "Freedom. Friendship and Charity," were prevalent on every hand. For the unhappy palefaces found in the hunting grounds, kind words were spoken hy dusky warriors and they became brothers. S. A. Culver, chairman of the committee on arrangements for this meeting, stated alter the meeting that he wished to thank all who assisted in making the affair one of the largest events held in Red Men .circles for several years and visitors praised the local lodge for its excellent handling of the program. One of the faithful warriors of the Tipton tribe. Warrior John Miller, was unable to attend the meeting, and out of consideration for him, the parade was rouud past his home on North Ka.-'t street, and he was given a serenade by his fellow warriors. Of the total attendance of 250. the Miami tribe was awarded the prize for the largest number present, having 67 members attending, and they also won the jjrize for the largest rlass of candidates, having twenty-nine palefaces for adoption. Included in .the class was one who was brought to the meeting by Harry Blston, great .senior sagamore, of Lapel. The local tribe is continuing its drive for membership, and for thirty days, members will be re- j stan WO] .,. Kep , l clem Duncan, now re- Great Britain and Italy Tell Reich Demilitarization Must Hold. MUST KEEP HANDS OFF V ju 0 . siding in the state of Washin "Nothing in.tlie history of thisj ton near waitsburgj and Mrs. . on near institution belt* r illustrates that i R o ], ert p a tty of Pendleton, Ore. it is .not an independent body for peace, but a spineless tool in the hands of a few nations to do wlmt those nations clr-:-t." Following the death of his first wife he,'\vas married to Blanche Hardy. Of Michigantbwn. and the widow and one son, JT. I. Bryan, A stern foe of the league from | ()f jndianapolis, survive. A sis- its inn ption. _the senior Uemibli->,,,,.^ -^.g j losa s) laWi resides at •an <m the foreign affairs miltee declared: "This institution" should no longer pretend to be an independent body seeking by independent ui'thods to advance the .cause of peace." liorah's attack echoed through the chamber at the .conclusion of a speech by Senator Lewis of Illi' nois. Demorralic whip, criticizin ' member of the league for ; Forest. PAPER ELDER J Merlin. April l!i. -- (!r. at HrK- ain and Italy, it was ivvealed last night, have warned IJt-raiany she must let the demilitarized Ithiuc- laiid alone. Ambassadors of the two pow- i-oiitinii.- to disregard "obliga-j lions they h:iv.- contracted with Hie I'niti-d Staffs." The bitterness of Borah's criticism of the league was paralleled by the language lie employed in a statement jiwomp en Over by th^ "Two Per Cent" Club. One Measure Would Make 3,000,000 Tenants Actual Farm Owners. VOTE EXPECTED.TODAY i Washington, April 19.—Three farm aid bills involving upwards of $4,000,000,000 of currency and credit expansion mo^yed through various parliamentary stages in congress yesterday with prospe-cts that only one—a billion dollar farm tenant rehabilitation measure—may become law. ; The house agriculture committee approved the: controverted Frazier-Lemke bill for $3,000.000,000 of new .currency to refinance farm mortgages and the Jones measure authorizing intermediate credit banks to issue notes and to lejid to farm land banks. But the tenant corporation bond bill struck combined Republican-Democratic opposition in the senate. • Democratic leaders thought the latter, introduced by Senator B<inkhrad (D-Ala) with administration support and : designed to make about 3.000.000 farm tenants independent farm "owners through long term easy payment loans, would be passed today. * « • -' Parker Services. ers presented -«heir joint Stresa | ', ) ,. op ,,, in , r ,„ slll: , off private loans i employed i:t I TnTTwe , „,„ .anying a hiH i JOHNS TO decision to maintain th<' status I quo in the Khineland. and Germany iin-t that with "sizzlin;;" diplomatic protest to Great Britain against League of Nations censure of the r.-ieh's n-arm.i- mi nt. Nevertheless. Nazi officials weiv inclined to look upon the action at Geneva more calmly, partly because the British and Italian ambassadors. in response to pointed questions, gave the foreign oilier assurances of their governments' iuti-nticin tn fulfill tn the full their obligations under the Locarno treaty. Nazi leaders have tlitv believed the neutralized Rhineland will be taken over by the new Germany sooner or late". The fresh warning that this part of the Versailles treaty and the Locarno pacts must not be to foreign nations. DK1TTY SHKR1KK DKAI). Killed In right With a Paroled j Omvirt. Van Wert. O.. April Indianapolis," April in.—Keith L. Johns, secretary Of the Democratic state committee, has sold his interest in the jlloosier Sun- linel, weekly newspaper published in Indianapolis as a state organ Funeral services for Mrs. Josoph Parker whose death occurred at Kokomo Thursday morning will be held at the home Saturday I afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. Burial is to take place in ' Brookside cemetery at Windfall and the casket will be opened at | the cemetery so that.old Windfall friends may view the body. In the notice of the death the i name of one brother Herbert Smith of Windfall was omitted. Qf deputy sheriff was shot and killed j and a Mansfield, O.. reformatory j parole oilicer was injured in aj short but Wilhelin Services. ' Funeral services for Mrs. Margaret Wilhelm will be heldiat the home of her son Russel,| 1325 South Washington street m Kokomo Saturday afternoon at 2:30 Rev. L. C.: Winn TRUCK] , TAKES. Peculiar Theft in Tipton Remains ! Unsolved. ' i ' j. Deputy Sheriff Virgil Carjiwen and Roy Hiirt spent most ot Thursday running down clues in the tKeft of a wheel from the Basil Shuppard truck Wednesday night, but did not secure enough evidence to warrant an arrest. The axle had been raised'by a jack taken from the automobile of Joe Kelley and the wheel removed, the thieves picking the wheel with 'the new-cst tire. One axle of the Kelley automobile had been raised with a jack taken from the Shuppard truck hut the wheel had not been taken. It is believed 'the thief or thieves her •came frightened and left before finishing the Kelley job. Heiress Married. Chicago, April 19.—Mrs. jgpw- ene McDougall Urion, heiress to a $19,000,000 fortune, was married last Friday to Eugene Murphy, formerly known to .patrons of a North side night club as he "Jean" of a female impersonating chorus, it was disclosed yesterday. Here on Visit. Mrs. R. K. Summerbell and son, Gordon Carlyle, of Evanston. Illinois, arrived Friday afternoon for a week's visit with the former's parents. Rev. and Mrs. S. A. Gordon and daughter, Lois, of North Main street. HOGS AGAIN STEADY. \o Change in Prices at Indianapolis Friday Morning. ,iPror was injured in aj Mr - Elder is treasurer of the ^^ R&v L c , wjnn o . it furious battle with a j Hoosier nemocratic ,club, known Greentown> former pastor at convict late yesterday. as the "2 Per Cent club," the or- Snndbank am , New Hope win paroled u.uiviei l*in: .»t--^i.*; i ««j • j Forrest Bood. 10. and father of panization which two children, was slain as he raised party grappled with Roy Smith. :',!, on graiHJieu \\llll ini> ..unin, » *, "•• ; a farm IS miles west of here near nonnred that Mr. Johns has pur funds from state employes. At the same time! it is an- the Ohio-Indiana line. I chased the Demo-cratic Leader of e V^llIll-llJUUllia. iiin-. . • ,,!»,-.• Coroner W. E. Beach said last Lafayette, a weekly publication, night Smith would be charged | from Rheno M. IshWwood, -now thirty days, members wi, oe re- ^ instated at an exceedingly small * lee. RetuminR Prom Florida. j der to be issued forbidding the press to mention the demilitarized zone in any manner. Gordon C. Hadley of Windfall .•••Will leave Sunday for Palm Beach, Florida, and will return with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Had- isy and Mrs. Minnie Bishop -who naVe been spending several ; months at West Palm Beach. Mr. ? ijiTd^MrB. 3. C. Hadley who reside '• In Indianapolis also have a fine iw'lnter' home at West Palm 'beach. '']•: "Mrs. Gordon C. Hadley will i " ; ;. yiall with her daughter and. hus- " ^iiJ® d ' Mr - and Mrs- Robert Bon i-Iterant, at South Bend during the "absence of her husband. •:,~,-J_ Will Sell Real F.sjate. with first degree murder. postmaster of that city. Ill HIM. IH-S'^^- lll««v.~'. ) . C T Evans of Mansfield, is in! From the time it, was first ,s- theVan Wert county hospital. *««ed as a party org ? ,> it wasjm- Physicians said it would be necessary to amputate two of his fingers, injured in the fight. He was not shot. Settling Kstate. i Russell S. Martin, commission-! er appointed by the court to sell the land "known as the Harp K<\wards farm northwest of Curti:;ville. is advertising for bids on the 80 acres, subject to the right of way of the Pennsylvania railroad, through one corner. Bids will be received at 1:00 o'clock May Kith and the r.alo continued from day to day until the tra-?t is sold. '• Bids will be received at t he- Citizens National Bank in Tipton and the land will be sold subject to the approval of the Tipton circuit court and for not less than hn full appraised value.. •» *» Xo Special Session. James L. Achenbach. residing derstood that the ''2 Per Cent club" was a financial backer of the venture. In recent weeks there have been reports in i-les that the statehouse Democratic leaders were with the "setup" in political cir- dissatisfied the operation if the paper and were demanding YOUR •NOW! aye It Delivered at Once. Little »u,u,«»« of Tipton in the Un-!» ch ™^- . ion Chapel community, was here 'Mr. Elder, who is 1 ii..i. e 1 i, « T.Irti-if-irti Thursday attending • to business matters at the courthouse. Mr. At'henbach is administrator of the estate of the late Mrs. Lucetta Achenbach. a sister-in-law, whose death occurred August 2-'>. l!)3-l, and has just filed OL schedule and affidavit for the purpose of fixing the inheritance tax if any. Slathers Sane Now. ' Indianapolis, April Ifl. — Governor Paul V. McNutt assorted yesterday that, In his opinion, there is "no great public demand" for a special session of the Indiana legislature. Lebanon, April 19.—Two Lebanon physicians appointed by the court yesterday -reported Theodore Mathers, on' trial hero for murder of the Rev. Gaylord I V. Saun'ders. is of sound mind at the present time. the new publisher of the Hoosierj Sentinel, has been a member of the inner circle of the organization! of Governor Paul V. M.oNutt. • j . ; conduct the services and burial will be in Crown Point cemetery at Kokomo. Friends may view the body at the home of , the son at any time prior to the services. 19.— May Be Conch. ' f Jeffersonville, April School board members here said last night they had arranged-a conference .for Saturday I -with Frank Barnes, Flora; Ind., to discuss closing a contract ."wltti him as Jeffersonville high school basketball coach. ICE iWe are making our .ice de* livery dally. Hang out your card (or prompt service. Bny one of our new refrigerators on »nr eatjr payment plan. Bulgarian Crisis. Sofia, Bulgaria. April 19. — A feverish day of arrests, cabinet resignations and Incipient dibor- ders was climaxed last night as Premier Petko Zlateff's entire gov- nrnment resigned, and Klne» Boris immediately commissioned Zlat- eff to continue until another cabinet can ! be ' j formed. ' Sees Infla .inn. New York, April monetary policies' 3f the Roosevelt administration , Confined to His Home. B. Dean* is confine I. to last night by an American Liberty League spolcesi lan whoj , said "we are faced witl^ an Inflation that will exceed [ anything! our country ever "expel ienced." | i ' WEATHER—-Moitly cloudy ( tonight and- Saturday;' possibl^ rain portion; ijttle in extreme south change In tempera 19. — IT he Were assailed AUTO POLISHES CLEANERS POLISHING CLOTHS TOP PUTTYj and DRESSING FARMERS OIL &TIRECO. Phone 102. Indianapolis, April 19. — Receipts on hogs, 4,000; held over, 200- cattle, GOO: calves, 500: sheep and lambs, 2.fiOO. Hog prices early today in the local live stock market were unchanged, with the top, ?9.20,-for best selections; pigs and. light weights. 100 to ICO pounds, sold at $7.00 to §9.00; 160 to ,200 pounds at $9.20; 200 to 300 pounds at $8.95 to $9.15; over 300 pounds, $8.65 to S8.S5; and sows at $7.75 to S8.35: Cattle were steady; calves held unchanged at $9.50 down, and [ the market for lambs did not de-j velop early. • | Chicago, April 19..— Receipts! on hogs, 6,000, including 3,500 : direct to packers; held over. 2.000- asking around lOc higher; no early bids; cattle. 2,500: calves. 500; sheep and lambs, 15,000. Local Grain Market Wheat, No. 2, 8Sc; No. 1 — S9c Oats 44c Corn, per 100 Ibs. $1.15 Local Produce Slarket. (Moore & Moore) . Eggs, per dozen 19c Indianapolis produce Prices. Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers offer country shippers for strictly fresh stock, 1 18c a country points; 19c delivered at Indianapolis. Poultry — Jobbers paying for heavy hens] IGc; Leghorns, 14c;. broilers, 2 Ibs. up, 20c; Leghorns, 2 Ibs., 17c; cocks and stags, 8c; geese, 6c; ducks, 9c; guineas, 15c.. Butter—Jobbers' selling prices for creamery butter, fresh firsts. No. 1, 36-37c; No. 2, 34-35e; irt quarters and halves, Ic more. , Butter Fat—Buyers paying 30c a pound delivered at Indianapolis. SKE- lla Brown at SLAUTER'S for Your Easter Permanent ' ure. Hennery Brown'UJ Hennery White LJ_j 20* First* j|— I POULTRY Hew, Jjeghorn IjJ Boosters --.__.L' wToall ^ Wayne Cunningham Chevrolet Co. Used Car Prices Slashed! Tipton's JFInest Selection , of USED CABS. AH Cars Displayed at 214 i East Jefferson 'S4 Ford Coach , . 'S4 'Ford Coupe •31 Ford Coach • . •81 Ford Truck '84 Chevrolet Master Coach '83 Chevrolet Coupe l »8 Chevrolet Sedan '88 Chevrolet Conch 'S3 Chevrolet Sedan • 'S3 Chevrolet Town Sedan, 4 with]! radio- ' , 'SO Chevrolet Sedan •81 Chevrolet Coupe 'SO Chevrolet Coupe 'SO CheV- Coacb ' neW 3"! t '29 Ch|v. Coach, new i«int '29 OheV. Coach, new paJn* '29 Chiwr. Oo*ch, new 8»M>t •29 Chfev^ Oow*, new pate* '29 Cn6v. Coach, new paint, •20 OUfa Coach I '29T0l£ Sedan, 6 w. w. '29iDo5ge DA, iew paint 'SO 1 1 I > ~ H, F j M*',^ 1 r * r'S Funeral Service Our Advisory Serv ice In- this common-sense age, many people I desire an understanding of funeral matters in- advance of need. . Such knowledge is of great value when death visits the family or friends, as it saves much confusion and embarrassment under trying circumstances. We are always ready to answer questions and explain details to anyone interested, without any obligation whatever. s% *• P. E. NICHOLS Furniture Rugs Stoves Lineleum Philco Radios Norge Electric Refrigerators Dexter Washers and Other Home Furnishings Suite 6" Barrum imiiimiiiiminiij Personals A Simple ConSidental Way to Solve Money Troubles When you deposit or Tgithdraw money in a hank no one need know a thing about it. Neither need •they when you make a money transaction with this business organization. All our business is handled in a personal and confidential manner that tells you in an instant that you are working with a reliable, ethical firm. It's a great way to iron out money troubles—the five minute answer to shortage i of funds. That's all it takes—five short minutes to make a personal loan to tide you over difficult times. By all means take advantage of this excellent money service—drop ihitoday and let us help you. i ' ' Leavell 6- Bates/ Tipton, Ind. Phone 16 ^ THE EASTER BUNNY SEEM A TOTAL L055^ BECAUSE i WANT THAT LOAF OF BREAD HURRY -COMEtfiroSS >

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