The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1938
Page 4
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FOtJR fc (AUK.)' COUKIEK NEWS THE BLYTHEVJLLE COURIER NEWS '-'•- ''THE'COURIER NEWS CO." Wl w; HAINES, Publisher J. ORAHASl SUDBUBY, Editor 6 AMU EL F, NORR1S, Advertising Manager • •: Sole National Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dallies, inc., New York, Chicago, Dc- .froit; St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. • : Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday "' Entered as 5cco)id clnss mailer at the )>ost office'at' Blythcvllie, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press -.-- SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carr(er in iiic' City of Blylhovillc, 15c per week, or : 65c per month. By mall!'willihi n radius of SO miles, $3.00 per year, $! 50, fo,r?six niqnllis, 75p for three montlis; .by mall in postal /ows Uyo to six, Inclusive, tfl.60 per year; in wines seven and 'eight, $10.00 per year, payabjc In advance'. Ball Bubble Bust Wluil <i blow! Wliat :i sickening, i"i s - uniblc crumbling of (li'eum castles! One more old staml-by in (.lie wiiy <>!' classified waking visions dispelled forever like mist'on an August morniiij?! Pretty soon there won't be illusions enough left Co go urouml. Tl.i.c, Sultan of JolioTt!, soullitTiiiiiosl stale in Malaya, is coining to Amcricu this summer. He is not cuming to look <it Niagara Ka.lls or climb the St<itiii: of Liberty or sample Aniericaii ice cream His (icsUnaUuii is llol- lywoptl, and Ins purposo is a survey i>f the Hollywood beautiful girl situation. The Sult,an, U8, has been looking at moving pictures, and now he's going bride hunting. Some 10.0,0 miles for a good-looking woman! From llio Malay Peninsula! Sumatra, Java, the Island of Bali, are practically in the Sultan's back yard. Something has just vanished, leaving a sad-looking vacant area in that portion of the brain whoso function is (lay-dreaming. Whatever became of that pleasant little reverie full of the delicate sound of temple bells, tliu scent ol exotic (lowers, the music of girlish laughte'r? It was positively cluttered with anklets, ear-rings, sandals, sarongs, and queenly bearings. If memory serves. Lund of Opportunity ; Have n nice, bracing shot of today's special in the line of rejuvenating tonics: a west coast doctor got a fat "technical adviser's" fee the other day for demonstrating, before a motion picture actress (lie correct way to appear to be dying. ' H seems probable that this field of '.'technical advising" has been a kind of underground profession, or else it certainly would have been stocked with enough specialists by now to preclude the necessity of calling a nnin away from his regular work to [ill in. Golden is no word for the opportunities. \Vhal bright young man would like to step tip and show some actress suffering from insomnia how to seem to-be asleep? Or would instruction in the art of appearing (.„' i jc hiking it sun bath suit you butter? Or how about giving the illusion of thinking far-away thoughts in an easy chair? Don't think "lliu development of this Held would be of benefit only to f'o unemployed or Die square pegs in the round holes. There's a crying need among actresses for proper instruction in ;i number of stunts similar to the onra already mentioned. Many can appear to ho asleep, and slill more can appear (o l>u at least partly (load, but few can protend convincingly to be merely preloading to be asleep or dead. Hut instructors in the lust two tricks would probably be a little harder to find. They involve prolty much effort. WEDNESDAY 'APRIL 13, J938 o/ I'uljlfcutkui In (lila column o( editorials from oilier iic\vspa|)ers docs nol necessarily mean endorsement but is mi nckJiowlcdgment of Interest In the subjects discussed. One 1'or Hercules Till' Republican Niitlonul Committee announces the appointment ol :\ director of publicity — l r iiinl;lyn \V;iHiiKnt Jr.. political colmnnisi o! Ilic WiishhiKlon I'ci'iU It noes without Buying lluil ills work will be watched, mid compared. In all politically minded circles. The pliicc Hsi'lf Is nol n recent, creutiun. The nalicnnl committees n\ both major parlies liitvc for ninny yours employed publicity directors, who were unimpressively called press :incnls find iictivily w;is Unified to tlic licclli: period ol Ihc presidential ciuiipiiign. It w«s « novice in high parly coiincil.s, John J. tinskoli, «'bo, <i.s chiiiriiwii of Hie Democratic Ntitttmnl committee, followiiifj Al Smith's defeiU in 1D2S, conceived Die plnn of iicriniiiienlly publicist)!! the'opposition. Ills choice was Charlie Michcl- 1:011. It was an epochal choice. Mlchelson iiiiijjiii- iiccl the job into un ollice of (list rank. He not only analysed the n(liiilnlMrullun'.s meusiircs, bill provided keen, sciirchinu comment on acts of commission iind omission in (lie form of (interviews with Uctnournllc Sonata and Kcprc- scntiUlves. lie was, and still is, the most pro- lilic ghost writer In Wiuiliitiglon's nimnls! H is \Yiiltnian'ii assignment to turn out copy as crisp and copious as (he stream Uial pours (oiTcntlally from Michclson's tireless typewriter, feme order. -St. Louis Posl-DIsniUch. So ('sir as 1 am pei'Minnlly-concerned-1 dcprc-. cute and almost deplore a lliivrt levin for any President ou Itie ground Unit It contravenes our essential Amci'lciin spirit.—Dr. \V. ll' Fonlkcs. moderator' o[ Uic Presbyterian Church In 'l he United Slules. * * * To my mind. Hie work o[ n round Jury ranks Ilrst In the niaeiiinery of Ilic law of the land. -Supreme Court Justice Natlmn U. L,»»h;im ol Rochester, N. Y, « * * Kvcry lessuii ol modern pimoUiyy shows thai many American cilla>n.s liavc Kalnrd a whole- rale contempt of all laws, because they were (rented us criminals when arrested on motor oltensos or trivial niuuicipal iceulalions.—Com- missioner I', \V. Foolc of I'eimsylvaniH motor police, * * * Tlicre iii'c more ways (o (le.'.(n>y » navy umv Mian over Ixlcrc m Jilslory. .-Srnaloi- I loyal S. Cnue-liiml. « » • Kvcry <.oiiiiiiitnl|.y fed:: thai (lir proli'Mion Is over-crowded . . . Bs :1 lcs ,,| (i nierc Is little rncoiiragoJiiciil lur anyone except well nuatl- licd yoiinc lawyers.~i>n>l'. j um rs 1'. f.illlord, u! Columbia Univcrsily. OUT OUR WAY By \VilUauis SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Now if in.v vyifc acts hiilT.v because von blow in n-ilh ma we'll jiisl (>;iy no alU-nlioii." THIS CURIOUSWORLD I William Ferg-json BATS FLY OUT OP TH E EVERV DURING THE SUMMER.. ftJ. S. B/OiOG/CAi. BORN APRIL J3, '!, ,_, AND JOHN ADAMS, THE ONLV PRESIDENTS WHO SIGNED THE DSCtARATJQN OF DIED ON THE JULY 4-, IS2S. . .THE Of -j LIGHTS GLOWED SO VIVIDLY ON THE NIGHT OR JAN. 2B, I93B, THAT NEWSPAPER OP-RCES ALL OVER WESTERN EUROPE WERE FLOODED WITH CALLS OP JIIUKKNATION of Ihc Carlsbad Cavern bats begins about Oct. 15 each JTHI-. Around Jlny I they begin to fly out ut dusk for insect food. By midsummer llicir flights arc «. spectacle not easily forgotten. H svn.s Ihc clouds of bals swarming, above the caverns Unit led to their discovery. NKXT: What s rral sninuiiiug animal has lo l« (aiiglil ( ( i swim by Us mulhcr'.* The Family Doctor t X. *«*. T>. •. Fit. OC. PROFESSOR, OM, DICE / GOOD TO HA - CU A WMEW THEY REST THEY'LL SPELL SEVEN / APRICAM GOlf I O alu' .Heart Disease In Children IN r i>. MM) HV llli. MOHIUS HSlim;ifC ililrr. .liuirnal <tf \\\v American ,M c (I ica i Association. and of llyfirhi. thn Hr.illh tM;i<;. - mi]p As » )iart of llw tendency lo ihiMiinutic conditions in children, there appears tlic conuilion called ihciiiiiatie heart disc.'i.v'. It is responsible tcday for Ihc permanent ciipplini; of many young children anil not Infrequently il causes It s"cms to affect pm-ticularlv Hie j children ot the poor and those \vuo imr suffered for a long lime wilh cliKinie infections of the im.-.-r ami thinal, yet it is also found among wril-lo-do. Apparently exposure i ''> tl;mip Is a factor of eon.sidrr.iblc m:|wt.iiu:e, Some owes <«•<-in- In < lulfiiru who do not stem lo have any other symptoms ot rheumatic :i:ter, but these arc the rx-.-ep- ion. In Mils condition the responsible will Apparently Cillers the blood ream, perhaps from the nn:,c and threw!, and then attacks the muscle, he lining an:l the nnrring nl the heart. Occasionally Uin fnsi .,l:>ii | : . a .•.(••ddcn disturbance ol Ihr heart Itscll but In most Instance:, there arc preliminary smo throat* mid fever; during . such an attack the heart may be found enlarged. Perhaps also there arc murmurs to be heard \vllh the stethoscope, indicating that the heart Is not per formliij its work normally, in i0me cases a rapid heart Is the nrst Indication that the he;irt is find- BD> 8Y MARION WHITE r ,9pynjht, I93B, N6A Stkiict, ln<; .. .llnCI! MJI.VJvll, licMilni-i onlf im l::i>l,., CrulKr, Ulf.'IC IM.tH2/r(>A'. heroi iiiiuiim ln<i, ll,,- |UTI)|IU>. ISIIJIKI, roiniJII, irnvelcrl uU Vmlrrifafi ]imdJn«- tar (he •iliorr, j or( ., „„,! Du . k „,,„ ,JJ^ rooiird o ,, „ ,.„„( )«)„„,( s ,. Ji'iilj- Jofcc ll.hikH of (he .Icvil- ntli nnd Hbc nliigm (o keoy up'iier CHAPTER VI JJOUIIS [lassecl, and now the swirling walers readied almost to llicir waists. At 1 1 o'clock the tender returned fo the ship with passengers from shore, its red and green lights laulalizini; ns a mirage as (lie boat passed IJcyond tlic r.-itige of their voices, It was as 15 (licir last veslige of hope had vanished. Through the long hours, Dick had held out thai promise of salvation. Now lie started to pull off his shoes. "I'm going lo swim for it," he lo'd them. "We can't wait here forever." Joyci; put mil ;i restraining iiaiKl. "We'll all go logrthcr, Dicii. You can't ritk it atom'." But Dick grasped Joym's hand, clung to if for a second and then he was gone. The black waters swallowed him, and prcscudy there was no sign o[ him save the sound of his swimming. And then thai loo was intermingled with the founds of the night. It was several minutes later when suddenly Joyco heard Ihe lender again. Once more she vralchc--! ils red and green lights appear, two infinilesima! dols it: a world of blacknrw. She felt them draw closer to the reef, only lo disappear an instant an the boat swerved round the buoy. Slowly it chugged its way along; soon it would be opposite them, in midstream. "Ohadiah! We must both shout now— together!" She look a deep breath, opened her mouth — Simultaneously another call came to her cars. Sho slopped, listening. Was it only the echo of her own voice? "Ahoy! A-hoy-y!" 3ut no. It was Dick's voice! He was out there iti midstream; he was within calling distance of the tender! Again she heard it, clear and strong oti Ilic cold night breeze. Soon there were oilier sounds too, other voices answering his call, and she knew thai the lender had sighted him". She heard ila engine slop, Ihen resume at a slower pace. She saw that the red' and green lighh were .stationary now. And then she did what she had wauled to do all along. Slip, let down the barriers of forlitnde and reserve, and she cried. She loosed the hard sobs dial were choking her; she cried long and lustily, enjoying every salt tear. . . . Later, perhaps an hour, after Dick and two of (he rnen from the tender had rowed out and taken them ofT the reef, she was back on the Empress, its stout, strong decks secure beneath her feel, with lier own kindly stewardess wrapping her in a warm ship's blanket and whispering words ot cheer. Dick was beside her, wrapped m a .similar blanket, and exhausted (hough he was, his eyes were shining with a deep new tenderness. "Joyce, dear," he was saying, "you're Hie best sport a girl could be . .'." •it*. ]JK. GRAY stopped ill to see her the firsl thing next morning. Jl was after B o'clock but she was just beginning lo open her eyes. "Well, young lady, how do yon feel tliis morning?" Her eyes widened, '.slowly, and memory began to dawn in them. "J'm fine, thanks." "Clad lo hear it," lie laid a professional hand on her forehead. "You don'l look any the worse for your ouling. All you needed was a good night's sleep." "How's Dick?' Dr. Gray chuckled. "He's been up since daybreak, but I gave him strict orders not (o waken you. Now he's gone over lo Hamilton on some secret mission . . ." "To Hamilton?" Joyce shuddered. "I wouldn't cross that water again . . ." "Oh. come /iow. r " The doctor regarded her more critically. Perhaps it had been a bad" fright, more than she let on. He mustn't let il leave a scar. "Don't fell me you'd let a little midnight soak- ins frighten you." She met the challenge in his eyes. "I'd rather slay on the boat ..." He stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Well, that's loo bad, now. All Ihc ladies have gone ashore, and fin trying lo find someone to do r a little shopping for me. I promised my wife sonic doeskin gloves from Trimingham's. Bui I daren't leave Ihc ship; I have one of the crew down with acute appendicitis." Joyce hesitated. The morning sun streamed through Ihc port, and she knew that the water would be clear and blue again, lopped willi little white caps edged in pink ... "I'll go for you," she said finally. I "I guess it would be silly not to go." An hour later s-hc was ashore [wishing Dick were wilh her. Department A Store was erowded to capacity wilh passengers from Ihe. 1 Empress, shopping for English doeskins mid Scottish tweeds ami Wedgewood potleries. But Uic greatest number was at the glove counter, where doeskins that sold tor $4 in New York might be picked up for $2. Leaving Ihe slore, Joyce walked up the hill toward the center of town, idling away the hour unlil the lasl lender lefl for the ship. .She strolled through the gardens of the Bcrnmdiana Hotel again, enjoying their colorful and well- I planned beauty; she passed the ' governor's mansion ;md she visited the quaint little Porluguosf: church, And alt Ihc while she looked above the heads of passersby for a sight of Dick's turbulent brown curls. But she looked in vain, Noi' did she see him in Ihc crowd on Ihe wharf waiting for Ilic lender. Mr. Gregory was' there, standing apart from Ihc others, and he joined her. "If I'tl known you were coming ashore alone," ho remarked pleasantly, "we might have done something together." Joyce laughed. "I've been shopping, and I know you wouldn't liavc enjoyed thai." A little colored boy approached them, his arms laden with enormous bouquets of sweet peas. "Flowers f dc lady, boss?" "Why nolV" Mr. Gregory responded promptly. "How much?" 'Twenty-it' cents, boss." "Cheap enough. J think I'lU take the white ones . . . that's it." He held them out to Joyce. "Wear them for me, with that lovely while frock of yours, will you?" Joyce Ihankecl him, admiring the wax-like perfection of the (lowers. Bui her eyes clouded at tlic reminder of the lovely white frock Ihnf was no more, and .she buried her face in the soft fragrance ot the bouquet. Evidently Mr. Gregory had not heard of their little adventure ... While they were crossing tlic harbor, he asked her suddenly: "Would you care to spend the evening in Havana with me, Miss Milner? There's a great deal to do, I nm told, wilh an agreeable companion." But she begged olt ciuickly. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Gregory. I've already made an engagement . . ." Slic knew thai she was refusing the invitation solely in Ihe hope Ihnl Dick would 1 ask her. She might still he left silling on the Empress all alone, a target for Mr. Gregory's sympathy. (TO Be Continued) ' Ijivcs evidence ol damage. Sometimes it is enlarged; most ollen there are murmurs, indicating lhat Ihc valves do nol function .satii- factorily. Occasionally, also, there are signs indicating thai the pericardium (or cover of the heart) .las beon inflamed .so Unit motion if the heart gives rise to sounds of rubbing. Inflammation of this ravcring of (he heart causes (he tissues lo pour out fluid ax'a means af protection against the inflammation. Sometimes by use ol Ihc Xray as well ns by Ihc usual physical .'eats. Ihis enlargement' will become apparent. Demonstration Club News Notes Numlirr Nine Sixlccn members of tho Number Nine Home Demonstration club and one visitor met Wednesday uftcr- noon in the home of Mrs. J. U. Hornby. The meeting was called lo order by the president and the group read Ihe "Collect" and sang "Arkansas." The roll call WHS answered by a sewing hint after which a re- part on the last meeting was given by the secretary. Tlie program was fed bv Mrs. T. P. Jackson, handicraft 1 chairman. A poem, "Lots of Time' 1 was read by ivfrs. Recce Moore following which Mrs. B. M. Turner told the ten points for making rugs. Mrs, Albert Ilollingsworth gave Ihc rules for the 1938 house dress contest, and Mrs. Jackson explained "Why We Observe Memorial Day". Mrs. Hemby read the "Consumer's Alphabet". The qucric box was read by Mrs. C. C. Cork after which there was a romm labic discussion. H was decided to continue meeting cvcvy two weeks instead ot once n month. ( During tin; recreational hour this i group played a game. "Why the Hen Cockles and the Rooster Crows" and a contest was held. | Mrs. Turner, as winner, was pre- sented a pound of navy beans. Later the hostess and Mrs. c. E. Parker served ice cream and cup cakes. The next meeting will he April 20 in the home of Mrs. Lei! Styles. Half jVluoji Miss Cora Lee Coleman. county home demonstration agent, talked on the different phases of 'club work with particular emphasis on belter homes at the meeting o[ the Half Moon Demonstration chits Tuesday. April 5 at the Community kitchen presided over by Mrs Oliver Gray. Tlic meeting was opened by singing "Arkansas" ami readme Hie "Collect", following which reports were given by Ihe chairman. Mrs. R. L. Hawkins 1 , clothing chairman, gave 11 report on the Demonstration given by Miss Marshall m. Ihc Women's club house in Blvtlic^% villc. March 30. ' 7 The meeting adjourned by insisting that each member attend Ihc next meeting ID be held May :s ,u '.1:00 o'clock at the community kitchen. OUR BOARDING HOUSE lug diflk-ully In (loins it;.' work. fi child willi aclivi 1 rlicuiiKitii condition;, is usually found lo be pale, to gol tirrd easily, lo IK without npiHjdtc. and to have some shortness of brenlli. Such children are usually cxcUnblc and emotional. Occasionally Ihey Iind difficulty in sleeping and do not rest well at niglil. getting ii|> :iml walk- Ing, sometimes shrieking during sleep. Usually the temperature Is found to be slightly elevated above Ihe normal each evening and if the rheumatic, condition lends lo become more severe, Ihe temperature is found to be slightly higher each cvcnini; ;i.s tiirie goes on. The physician who nxaininrs the piitienl wilt find lhat the hc.irl Announcements •tlie Courier News ims occn authorized to mskc formal annoimce- ment of the following candidate! tor public ofticc, subject lo th« Democratic primary August 9. f For County Treasurer R. I,. <niU,Y> OA1NE9 Kor Slicrlrf aiirl Collector HALE .1ACKSON Coiiiilj- Court Clerk T. W. POTTER I'or Counly Tax Asscisijr W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART For Couniy and IVobate Judge DOYLE HENDERSON For Circuil Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS For County Ueprestiitatlves W. W. FOWLER MO, CAM'TOO I'VE COT TO PAY FEE. THAT MEW BIMr. I BOUGHT OW TIME-I'LL BE&U3Y ALL MY SPARE flM& FOE. A 1_OM<3 WHILE THIS IS A GREAT LE.SSOMT0 ME- SEEIM' TH 1 EFFECT OF A WEAK WILL POWER..' 1 MAY H6WE MOMEV IM TH' BANK. SOME PAY AW I DOJO'T WAMT TO BE A FATHEAD:.. SO I'M GONKJA S1AV AM' LET THIS SOAK IM A WHILE: With Major Hoople MOT ME— i DOKI'T LIKE TO WATCH MISERY.' WOULD MAKE A OOOO SPRIMO POEM - OH, 111' PISH ARE SPLASHING IM 1 TH' FOB- VALUE RECEIVED i' A 4-13 j

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