The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 20, 1996 · Page 26
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 26

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1996
Page 26
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2. SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 1996 THE SALINA JOURNAL SUNDAY January 21 MORNING 5:00 B Nick News Q Community-Bulletin Board O Entertainment Tonight (CO) 13 Music Box 3D Moneyweek (CC) SD Personal fX: The Collectibles EQ James Roblson EQ Top 20 Video Countdown EB Prime Cuts BD Scholastic Sports America B3 Flex Appeal GQ It's Your Business CD Our Gang 03 Key of David SB Mr. Wizard's World S3 Wildlife Mysteries £B Mount Carmel Baptist Church SD Noticiero Unlvlslon (5) Headline News TCM Movie ** "Espionage" (1937) Edmund Lowe, Madge Evans. (1:30) 5:30 O Reality Check IB Phantom 2040 13 Dumbo's Circus (CC) IB Movie **« "Viva Las Vegas" (1964) Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret. (1:26) BD (5:45) Movie *** 'The Endless Summer II" (1994) Patrick O'Connell, Robert "Wingnut" Weaver. (2:00) £D Movie * * x "Countdown to Looking Glass" (1984) Scott Glenn, Michael'Mur- phy. (1:30) 00 Your Money ED Zola Levitt EB Futbol Mundlal EQ Sportscenter §3 Outdoors 03 C-Net Central CD Rudy and GoGo's World Famous Cartoon EB (5:35) It Is Written (CC) GQ Rock Church 0jJ Lassie EB Creflo A. Dollar Jr. . SD Tres Generaciones (S) Wall Street Journal Report 6:00 B Home Again (CC) Q Working Woman 19 Pastor's Study IB Speak Out IB Welcome to Pooh Corner (CC) EB (6:05) Bedtime Stories (CC) EB Sunday Morning 0D Swiss Family Robinson EQ Sunday Sampler S3 Ben Haden ID (6:15) Movie ***x "Anna and the King of Slam" (1946) Irene Dunne, Rex Harrison. (2:15) EQ Mystery Science Theater 3000 EB Club Golf GQ Superman Batman Adventures CB (6:05) Bugs Bunny GQ Oral Roberts 33 Arcade S3 Movie ** "Comfort and Joy" (1984) Bill Paterson, Eleanor David. (2:00) EB T.D. Jakes SD Nuestra Familia OH Sesame Street (CC) 01 U.S. Farm Report (5) Jesus In the Inner City (10) Home Shopping Spree TMC Movie *** "Renaissance Man" (1994) Danny DeVito, Gregory Hines. 'PG-13 1 (CC) (2:09) 6:30 B Martha Stewart Living (CC) Q Creepy Crawlers B Key of David B Life Worth Living ED (5) In Touch (CC) 19 Lighter Side of Sports IB Mass for Shut-Ins fQ Movie *** "Cry Freedom" (1987) Kevin Kline, Denzel Washington. (CC) (2:45) fQ Secret Life of Toys (CC) EB Mrs. Plggle-Wlggle (CC) EQ Old Country Church Songbook EQ James Kennedy CB Talking Baseball SD Ski World ED Itsy Bltsy Spider (CC) CD FllnUtones EB (6:35) Jetsons EQ Garner Ted Armstrong EB Family Double Dare Q3 Greater St. Stephens Baptist Church SO La Santa Mlsa ® Gadget Boy & Heather 09 Sing Me a Story (CC) CHANNEL INFORMATION Channel SALINA CABLE CHANNELS VCR+ Station SALINA CABLE CHANNELS NOT LISTED Channel Station I a 09 03 18 13 06 23 08 26 10 12 40 92 53 45 KOOD, Bunker Hill, PBS KSNW, Wichita, NBC KAAS, Salina/Wlchita (UHF 18), Fox WIBW, Topeka, CBS ACCESS 6, Salina, Community Access WDAF, Kansas City, Fox KPTS, Wichita, PBS KMBC, Kansas City, ABC KAKE, Wichita (UHF 22). ABC KWCH, Wichita/Hutchinson, CBS KSHB, Kansas City, NBC Encore! Disney Cinemax 75 Starz 33 HBO-(Home Box Office) P revue Weather Channel Education Access - Salina Government Access - Salina Headline News (CNN) C-Span Home Shopping Network QVC Country Music TV VH1 Cable Health Club C-Span 2- Court TV America's Talking Mind Extension University a a u ) •i 41 42 89 82 47 35 49 48 77 56 34. • 76 Showtime CNN (Cable News Network) f/X F&V (Faith & Values) FAM (Family Channel) AMC (American Movie Classics) TNN (The Nashville Network) MTV (Music Television) Comedy Central Prime Sports Network. ESPN ESPN2 FYI - The Information Station Spree! Food Channel Newsport BaPaHaiZlBa . Request (pay-per-view) Channel CB . Playboy NON-SALINA CHANNELS VCR+ ' , Station OS KHAS, Hastings, Neb., NBC CZJ 07 KBSH. Hays. CBS m- 22 KPNE, North Platte, Neb., PBS 11 44 USA Network 04 KTWU, Topeka. PBS <l !3 i] •3 13 ID il • 3 ffl i 3 • D • i 03 52 43 83 55. 46 74 65 37 51 38 39 57 30 63 78 TNT (Turner Network Television) WTBS, Atlanta, Independent Prime Sports Showcase WGN. Chicago. Independent/WB Lifetime CNBC (Consumer News & Business TVI Discovery Channel TLC (The Learning Channel) Nickelodeon A&E (Arts & Entertainment) BET (Black Entertainment TV) Unlvlslon (en Espanol) E! (Entertainment TV) TOON (Cartoon Network) 73 KHGI, Hastings, Neb., ABC Trinity, Santa Ana. Calif. (UHF 15) 15L 20 10 KCTV, Kansas Clly t CBS (27) KOLN. Lincoln. Neb., CBS. 27 KSNT, Topeka. ABC TMC.. Turner Classic Movies 58 The Movie Channel SATELLITE STATIONS Satellite stations and their originating stations: For PBS Lexington, Neb.,.see Q] For ABC Superior and Hayes Center, Neb., see QD For NBC Great Bend and Oberlin, see B For CBS Dodge City and Goodland, see B , . For ABC Colby, see fQ ' .CC = Close Captioned PA = Parental Advisory • NOTE TO READERS: Networks and stations reserve the right to change programming without notice. .. VCR PLUS+ INSTANT PROGRAMMER: The numbers that appear above next to each channel, as well as the PlusCode numbers on ' the prime time grids, sports log and some daytime listings, are for the convenience of viewers who own V.CR Plus* devices forVCR taping. The guide channel numbers above must be programmed into the VCR. Then, to tape a program, Center the PlusCode number ' printed with the program listing and the program will be automatically recorded. For general Information or technical assistance call 1-800-4321-VCR or 1-800-2584-VCR. PlusCode numbers © 1995 by Gemstar Development Corp. . ;• " Movie ratings **** Outstanding ***•« Excellent *** Very good ***Good ** Not bad *» Fair * Poor (10) Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat (CC) (27) Home Again (CC) TCM Movie *** "Espionage Agent" (1939) Joel McCrga, Brenda Marshall. (1:30) 7:00 BOD Sesame Street (CC) BIB(27) Today (CC) O Iron Man B Culturally Speaking B Headline News B Star-athon IB Little Mermaid (CC) IB Movie ** "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989) Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo. 'PG-13' (CC)' (1:37) ED Neverendlng Story (CC) EB Movie *** "Danny" (1979) Rebecca Page, George Luce. 'G' (1:30) EQ Okavango EQ The Word With Father Manning EQ In Touch (CC) ED Sports EB Scoreboard Central gQ Golf Hawaii ; QD Problem Child (CC) CD Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Rah! Rah! Rahl EB (7:05) Scooby Doo Where Are You! GQ Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries IB Muppet Babies EB James Kennedy EJD Johnny Canales CD Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders ® Sociological Imagination OS) Gladiators 2000 QD Cornerstone . 7:30 B Fantastic Four B Feed the Children B Headline News ID Coral Ridge Ministry IB CD It Is Written S Ducktales (CC) (7:45) Movie **x "Five Days One Summer- (1982) Sean Connery, Betsy Brantley. (2:00) : ' ED Wizard of Oz (CC) EQ Okavango EB Teaching of Christ EQ Sandblast EB Italian League Soccer Highlights EQ Inside the PGA Tour ' EQ Outdoors .... GQ Teenage Mutant Nlnja Turtles (CC) CD Scooby Dooby Doo GB (7:3~5) New Adventures of Captain Planet (CC) r • GQ Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries v EB Beetlelulce EB Bountiful Blessings GD Double Dragon CD Sociological Imagination m News for Kids (5) Urban Affairs 8:00 BO Sesame Street (CC) B OJ(27) Meet the Press (CC) B Lord's Way B Day of Discovery (CC) B Community Bulletin Board B News(CC) B Cabin Country 69 Kenneth Copeland ia(Z)(5)(10) Sunday Morning (CC) IB Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (CC) ED Movie **K "RadioFlyer"(1992) Elijah Wood, Joseph Mazzello. 'PG-13' (CC) (1:53) EQ Grizzly Adams EQ Catholic Mass Effl Popeye EB Shadetree Mechanic EQ Oddities; The Head B Politically Incorrect EQ Super Bowl XXI Highlights ED Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (CC) EB (8:05) FllnUtones EQ Bozo Super Sunday QD Strictly Business B Home Matters 01 Body Atlas 03 Looney Tunes. , EB Breakfast With the Arts • . EB Bobby Jones Gospel 03 Temas y Debates CD Skysurfer Strike Force '. , OH Mister Rogers (CC) QD Ultraforce . • ' •; •OS EarlPaulk TCM Movie *** The Mask'of FM Manchu" (1932) Boris Kartoff, Myma Loy. •(1:30) -. TMC (8:10) Movie **'* "Adventures of ''• Don Juan'. (J948),Error Flynn, Viveca. Lindfprs. (1:50) • , •' 8:30 B Garner Ted Armstrong B Search B News(CC) B Trallslde: Make Your Own Adventure IB Darkwlng Duck (CC) (B (8:45) Movie *** "Maverick" (1994) Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster. 'PG' (CC) (2:09) EB Movie ** "Princess Caraboo" (1994) Phoebe Gates, Jim Broadbent 'PG'(CC) (1;36) EB Worship: Marble Collegiate, N.Y.C. B Masters of the Maze ED Movie ** "Blondie Takes a Vacation" 0939) Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake. (1:30) EB Shadetree Mechanic EQ Singled Out E3 Politically Incorrect EQ Super Bowl XXVI Highlights EB Highlander: The Animated Series (CC) Bi Gllllgan's Island (CC) EB (8:35) Garfleld and Friends EB Weekly Business 89 Start to Finish EB Scientific American World QD AIDerechoyAIDerbez d) Jack Van Unpe ' QD Barney & Friends (CC) 01) Street Sharks 9:00 B National Issues Convention (CC) - • •'*< . . B News BB Jack Van Impe B News.(CC) B Naturesce'ne fQ Hour of Power (CC) IB Save Our Streets d (9:15) Movie * * "Just You and Me, Kid" (1979) George Burns, Brooke Shields. (1:45) IB Jack Frost EB Evans & Novak (CC) EQ Breakfast Time EQ Baptist Hour EQ Wild Animal Games EB Inside NASCAR . , EQ Week In Rock v . EQ Politically Incorrect EQ Sportsweekly GQ WlldC.A.T.S. (CC) CD In the Heat of the Night (CC) GB (9:05) Movie *** Thunderbolt ant) Lightfoof (1974) Clint Eastwood, Jeff • ^Bridges. (2:30) •' ' EQ Anlmanlacs GQ Moonlighting (CC) . EQ How to Succeed In Business : EB Housesmartl EB Quantum EB Rugrats (CC) EB Video Gospel EQ Onda Max (T) Radio Bible Class - E) Kldsongs dD Magic School Bus (CC) QD Animal Adventures QD Reinhard Bonnke 9:30 B Jpmes Roblson B Steps to Life B Sunday Morning (CC) B(5) News (CC) B Rod and Reel Streamslde GO (9:45) Movie * "Hall Caesar" (1994) Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr. (1:45) EB Inside Politics Weekend , EQ Family Challenge EQ News: Unflltered ... EQ Politically Incorrect EQ Sports Reporters EB Auto .Racing Barber Pro Series. -• From Dallas. (R) EQ Exosquad(CC) GQ Pinky & the Brain EQ Management Today EB ConnectlonsZ • S3 AaahhIM Real Monsters EB Lead Story ' O Catholic Mass ID Magic School Bus (CC) ' (HI Pappyland 09. Good Morhlng America/Sunday (CC)" ;"'•'• ' *• QD Winning Walk (1p)Hour6fPbw>r(CC) ' ' .TCM Movie * "Rh&raoh's Curse" (1957) Mark Dana,.Ziva Rod,ann. (.1:30) 10:00 B Know Your Bible B Cheers (CC) : , B New Yankee Workshop (CC) • B Star-athon Continues This Week With David Brlnkley '' ' - • . . v .... . BCD Viewpoint' h S WKRpln Cincinnati Jack and the Beanstalk B Movie **» "Blue Chips" (1994) Nick Nolle, Maty McDonnell. 'PG-13' (CC)-i(1:48) .'•'*.'> .; ..-.EB (10:15) (Movie *» "Brain Smasher... A Love Story* (1993) Andrew Dice Clay, Teri Hatcher. PG-13' (1:28) EB NFL Preview EB Voice of Peachtree ED Movie *** "Young Mr. Lincoln" (1939) Henry Fonda, Alice Brady. (2:00) EB NHRA Today EQ At Home With George Clooney ES Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist EQ Sportscenter GB Street Fighter (CC) B Movie *** "A Fistful of Dollars" (1964) Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volonte. (2:10) EQ Freakazoldl EB Commlsh(CC) EB World Class Cuisine EB History's Turning Points EB Ren&Stlmpy EB Movie ** "The Last Day" (1975) Richard Widmark, Robert Conrad. (2:00) EB OurVqlces EB Callente d] Renegade CB Acorn: The Nature Nut (3D Heading Rainbow (CC) 09 James Kennedy (5) News (CC) TMC (10:05) Movie * "Hall Caesai* (1994) Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Downey Jr. 'PG' (1:37)

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