Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 16, 1926 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1926
Page 1
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)LIJMK X'XIX. N'O. 191. CHIEF DODD DROPS A COP Tho Wc.>kly Rriflnri-r. ICntHblUhMl nil. Thr I..l<t Ual»>'U.•Kl^^•'r. Ki^aWUhrtl IHS7. JOLA, KAN., WEDNESDAXi EVENING, JUNE 16,-1926. , 8uce«uK>r to The lola DmOy Resiiter. Th« IoI« Dalljr .RwLord »nd lola Dally Index. SIX PAGES ^Uttt iU KtlSII IS IMS. AILUREiTO OBEY" nifADQr AKTEHS HINT rOIJCK- MA.V WAS -IVt:KKI( IKNT." ['iiliiilni.iii Kiifsh. In Sleiipd Slato- nipnl, Miikos Chiinte'* Acninst ~ THE WE.\THiER K()l{ KANSAS • lirnmtlj' fair to- iiljrht and Tliurwl«r fxctpi |HI»H|.. Wjr' tliunilPr >ti>rDi<« fhh «Hli'ni<»<>n or puilj toniifht In wi*t portion; roolrr'^tonlirht iji xoutltcnot iKirtlAn. KOIl IOI,A AM> VKI.MTV I'oHsIhly thnn«lor,stormft this rtfter- nWn or tonI-.:ht: r*t4>ler tonisht. TemiitTaturt' -lliKlK'st y<-sterrtay M. at .') p. HI.; lowest last night 69; :il .'. a. m.: f6r today. 74; fxci'ss ypstprilay 1; vxces.s sincn January l.^t. l'"s flcgrcp.s; this date last year—hii!li"-st ' J.'J : lowest 70. ' Prccijiiiafion fur the -i hours (»niline at 7 _a_m. loilay. .00; total jtor this year io dati'. 12.:!.',; defi- i cieniy siuce, January 1-st. l .'iS inch- [Patrolman D. A. (Al Raish) R • R(dalivejhuniidity • lit 12 noon aii <h has been dikharRed;;;:;:;^^';:!^''-/"^ ''"V^'w" ' ^• .., , . < ^, I day. 1)2 p^r cent: h.-iromf! in. Ii>- er r'.- ilnr^d to sea level. 2'J.7'J incho.q. Sun rirtt-s 4:.>s a. rti.. sets 7:47 p. Clear, roads jjood. Kin ;>orja, Hu(- fity. frjnm the poi<:fe departmenthy ElurP. Dodd, chief. Ira Ander .srin, 814 .'-treet, an employee of the ^ United Inin Wol'k$iCOmpany, ;< hin.«on. Salina. was appointed a iiatrolmanpV*''''''^- ''l'^""- T"»*«;>'' today by, chief Dodfl to take; Hutwbur^. Kansas city,. . tlie place on thehig'ht patrol, — —===^-==—- - n4de.acant bv.the dismissal McPHERSON HANGS ON of Officer Raisn. , At head(luar!ter^i this morn- DKCLARES HE HAS LOST ' .VO in <i,( no .statement accom-1 PrTRONS IX JtttVY. panied the annouiicrement oflprhatp Patrol'Will BP Continued. the apliointment of ;Ander.<oni '."."'^•l'!'''' I'«-''>i-ed T , , e T> • u 1 T.hls Attonioon. and. the di.%-harg-e of Kai.<h. j _! It wa.s hinted however that; f ^liarles C. McPh -^rson. ^:<)u^^table Raish was -'inefficient" aiid-/"''' •"••f'l''"'t -s- "iRi't wateh.nat,. • , , , -.l , , ' J :;ioday aiinDiMue .i that,' tlie recent that he faile.l ti> ohoy orders.;.,^,,„ ...^..^ „j ^^.^^ In a .si^'ncd statement i-s-! i- uodd vuidihiiii^.if un,iM hav<-no sued this afternoon patrol-' "i"? 'Pi-ratioit <.f li-, i,r.- . -11 :,u I vale nishi pafrid. I( Ji.-sd !"•< n re­ man Kaish ass ,ailed;the, pre.s -.,;„r,..,i ,i,at Con.^.iabie M . I'aersmi onr r>^)lice administration as r. iiivjiii-ii.-.i tii> iiaooi if,i!o»-, • r -1 r i-' -I .1 ''<ni^ \U<! (i.nflirt wir!i (he iiolici- (|. - JiavuiR failed to raid a place j,,^ • whkh had been reixirted to n . fhief Dodd aiirl declared that Vl'^'r-'f •7'"'' """moon ho had been ,>.;ivi;n no rea.son, i. uii ot ihe . ..nir/.v. and YARE IS UNDER EXAMINATION CAMPAI(;.\ THKASfBEB IS IX- TEltHOIiATEH BY SENATE; MACKEY IS "QUESTIONED HEI.I> .M.tTtSHAI, OF OBiaXi- ZATIOX IS tJlKSTIOXtll. Senate Comniittee Proliine to De- terijilnr How Vare Uot M lib Votes. ' • for hi .-i dismissal. :Mr. Rafsh's si>,'iied t-tate- ment follows: Kai-ti l'•^uek Stalenienl. Inl,(. Kau.s,.-Jiini.' ]•). r.ij'i. T" ifi'i I'iiblle': 1 Maw th( still'::;ent lli.ii. CijW-r>ixji,' drnfed ti )a; UiiiiiU • ti.i'i b^'tji di.>;inl^>^iil but t^aid i -tfj.ii Slaisii'.s (•'would hi; 1 on- g yfrl' rcil later. ' Here is what CJliel' Dodd .said U to me: i j-an't use you 4- aiurr the ilBih for I havb another man foir.yuur place." . I sjid all- right -so turned in .!!;}• star aiiit k-ns Co Ira Morgan at 12 oViotk niiduight vn June ' l.^th. • ' ; • = I will iijk Chief Dodd why iie O.d not raid a eiTtain hoii-^f tiuiT w:i^ repi)ncd to have booze i;i It an:<l :-:nnie hiiit that Ram- i)iiiig poirrg on in there. • This -Aas rej)oTtv.<l. Juiie !tli. 1 he man who re['<'rte<l it na.s real ;inxiou.~ to raid it at ouee and so ua.-- Morgan and If bu! the Chiei' rnaile excuses aiid ^aid "this man wa.i pokins hi.s no.-^e aniund uyo niu'li." Tli»- reason, tlie Iliail wanted it raided at onife was that it had b..-.n reported to tlie Sid bunch. fis_h^ stated.;and he wanted in I .'-.ij-nv that lit'" new poiiee d"- partniem wa.s aitivo. 1 don't .->e thii! il i.s any better uiid^jr till: eon^'ition. ;<.SiRiiedi D. A. R.\ISiI. it hit'i I»odd Heplles. , : Chief-of Police liodd saw the. i t.Kemeni of oifirer t!ii>f af-' i'Tnoon and d>eiaretl that tlie eon- jT '-nts oftlie siaienient were "finch ti- niich? be <-.\pectert of a man Iwlio i .-jiad been 'li.-iii'.i.ssed from hi.s Aosi- litii) ;in 'the ii>oIice departlneni." ••'1 do not'iare to enj-'a^o in .'i! •'•III rovi r-y with .Mr. I{als;h."' Cliief :inr| 111,It he *Miiilil ••|M ; oil till' iob, .i .i> oil II, aii.l ilo lii.-i work hoji- ali ;l Well ai I'lijt; a-^lli- liiisi ii .-ss 111" 11 ol lola u anted huii to do ^M." ! l .i'Kal ai|l!i<>! iii>,>< have advt.ied Cousi.iide \l( piiiT 'oi) that Uih ri'.;lit to, cf.tiidjirt a pi'iv .ile poliee patrol i'i iini|ii '-N 'toti.ild'- .ind ' linf.niKhly lawful iiiid baal tri ••very way. The patrolti 'aii l)« • 11 tol.| tli.i' tli.. city uniboiitle-i have no lepal rii;lif to interfere with the conditit of his husines.s and ihal the con.slable'.': <-omrai.s."iio.i n :ider wfiieh he serves his client is .uuply suffiiinni. Spokesmen for the city p.jlice administration hay they .^iinply want the r^'unlarly l-onstitiit.-d police force to I '.o Jlie iwork. that thi- ot'ffi 'ers were ^etnpl^iyed with the nnclerstandinj; that tliey' would ?:iv.- n>er< ii/ru.'-' .service and that any officer *; HI will not di) so mast look f for another jidi. ; ll'.y the .\.ss,» i.ited I're .s.-)- W-i.-hrngton, .fiine 16.^-Political lieutecaiits of Wiii. S. Vare in his successful campaign for the Republican .senatofial nomination in I'etinsylvania were jolted afong a nerve wrackinK road of cross ex- aniinati»)n ttiday as the senate cam- pa ipn fifnii committee iKirsueil its (|!ie...t tor the inside .-.tory of 4he Key.-tone state'f! :^2,oy0.00t) primary. In prime forin. Senator Reed, of Missouri, the coiiimiltee chairman conducted the questioning. Almost without a letup (lurint; the two- hour se.s.sjon he prodded toward the inner woc{>ings of the Vare organ' ization, itjs sources of revenue and its methods of battle, and in par-; ti( lilar .its oiieraiions in-the Vare stronghold in 'the first twenty wards of Philadelphia.' \ • Harry A. .Mac^ey. lield marshal if ;h<--orgHnizHtfon in i- the recent primary campaign, was taken step l >y >;.|i ihrouRh these' ward."!. •.\here in some precincts Vare polled more than luo votes to 1 over tho\ combineil .strenj;th* of his two opponents. Uovcrnoi- Pinchot and .si.-naior J'epper. The witnyss .-;iid 111- could not attempt to ac- iroiiiit for the variations in compar- aiivf strenmh KIIOWII in some of tile:-.- w.irds but he ntaintalneU (hat >lii' H 'lini; had been .M 'eiirdinK to f(i'' rule.s of iln' K.inie.aiid protesf- i:l III. It ti,. luffinK of ballot iKItesi Holiid hav< bi 'eii iiiipo;-sible even! if someoiii- nail. w :iiiiil to do it. WHITHER AWAY, OLD THING? lOl XTKY (LI B PARTY Mfrnhfrs Will plajr Bridge and Dance Thin Fridajr XlRht. The second strictly social gath- f rinK at the Country Clnb of this .season TCJII tic next Friday, night when all -of the n>emt)ers will be invited tt) take part In a. combination card . e ^ty and dance. At eight ^o'clock cards vrill start and at about ten o'clock a light lanchr eon will be served. After the luncheon dancing will continue until twelve. Members who expect ;to attend should call Jfrs. Mel Fronk,. 443. . W^heat Carnival. fBy the A.<!.«'v,-late<l Pres.^y. Dodge City, Kansas June 16.— Dodge City will hold a b»g wheat carnival to celebrate the coinple- tion of the wheat harvest.during the week of July 19, it has been decided. It willbe held on the same day which the Sante Fe-Kansas Agricultural college wheat special arrives. The wheat chwn- pion of Ford county will be selected on that day, it—has been announced. FIRE IN PULLMAN CAR V.a.-hia-ton. June IC. • Drastic lai 111 , vviie adopiid today by tin- si!ii.iti.' i.ani-paiftn fiiiids ^•iimiiiiiUee to' Kvl' I4i<j tiolium of th>' .sitii.i- jtioii V.liieii (O.Milted iiiati expendi- itlire of milw $2,l)o<Mlii<i in the Ue- llinblicaii priiiiar.v cuiiipai(;ii in ) I'.nii.<yli3i.ia. U'ayJinK a.-ide Harry .\. Mackey, I 111- Villi' viimpaiun iiiana;;or yuyi a.i hew,!., about to re.,iiine liis le.'^ti- mony. Cliainiian Heed Huninioii>'d to^ the Hlaiid iinotbir Vare siiii-, . ... porter, Jo.seph .v. Mackrell o£ Pitta-IfaxBht fire at .1 :15 oclock this hurjih. . morning at Cr.vstal Sidlmr W<»a .U"Who were you talking to on the and t^ person, believed to •onii; .Ivsrance phoiie in the adjoin- jit^ J. O. King of najfimond. intj room jtisi now?' demanded ;,,„„, _. „ . . . j .u 1^^,^,, j ..Iont., wa.q burned to .death. ••.Mil. rt Cooper at llarri.sbitrg," OXE WtJ.MAX .MISSIXi; BEMET- >:i» BIRXEI) TO HEATH.. 'Ofj'IrlaU Ha»«' >ot Ite^'ermln^d the ( iiu>p oif Ih*" Confln^. tlon. (By tb- A-S't-litoil I'r<>.i'') f.os Angeles. Juno !<;.—fnion Pacific offices here an- iiotineed today that a tourist ."leep- t.T on - th" Coijtinental Limited Woninu IVace Hel«'irati>». Ir.y 111.- .A .-'M fc 'sti Duidon. Jun>- 10.- Women peace pilRiims Iiom nil parts of the country iire convfru'lng iiiJon London for tlii-ir, cr.-tit demon-,!r;ition in Ibde Piirk ti'X- Saturday. Weary jind-wirn th'-y nevertheless ar>- etilliui-iastic over the lank to have all aone-n in C.reat Bril;>in join wi'fi them In •making w'ar .igjilnst war through conciliation and arbitration. U. S. HOT CONNECTED RI'.M<>RS.Of A.HERirAX IXSTIG- ATIOX PREVALEXT, CARL KEEN IS LOCATED BIGGEST DAY YET AT COUNTRY CLUB Seienty-slv Jook Piirf hi Tourney Ves^jerday—S«»^*ehty Atteniled the B^ni|uet. Seventy-six golfers took part in the all-cliib toiirn.iment at the lolji Cotiuiry Club yesterday—thr-larg- e.:t number of. [dayers evi-r to tak'- part in a single country clnb evi nt. The trjjirnament took Iho form,!, wliereiin M,i'-krell r.jidied. ••.V iiolitieal matter." ••Wiiat |)i.liiiial matter?"' Mai ki-"ll wa.-' hesitant, but Reed was in'si.-l. :it. "Will. 1 s'.ipiiorted Reidelman iihe iinsiiicessl'nl Vare 'randi<iare ffir govrrr.ori and 1 undi'r.'4taud 1 uas to 111- (^-n.-iiized in niy county jfor \\ii'A." tlie .vitiies.s finally said. •'.\!r. iieidel'iian was to arrange to keep me fioin being penalized." •Ttiar a;P.'" "Viritially.^' •"What els<'".''' Miii-krell^aKaiii hesitated. "Wliat did yo'i mean by saying. I "I iindirstand nolliini; from no; bo;.V j ••Il Villi will uive me a little more jtini>' fieriia'ps -I could |<'ll you." •••rjiat;s all Itii gcing to ^ive you rill- "jireseut. What did Cooper The Continental Limited, out of Los Anfeelea for Salt Lake City, left here last night. Officials of thcv company said that they had' not been informed how the fire .started in the sleeper .Han AVho Taught l.t Year Brother Banditry Is Inder Arrest. Old I>;ploniattc OiftrlaU .Vake Snji't And Emphatic Dratal of In* Tohement In Leagae War.' -half or • Scotch fiiursomes.'l''"' J"'-seiit. What did Coi n pardners pla.ved only one'i-^> >•""•'" . iking turns hitting it. The,'. ^*'.'"'' liail. t „ ^ i.omiiejiiion was only for nine holf-s i and » lib- t.'iere xvere a few who''','''"" talking to the were gbid it wasirt for eicht.-eii ''f^^fs IJeidelmati." be.-lid he had governor— i holeii. <'veryonf' e.v/»resse/I himself as having enjoyed the nine rre- iiiendously. Wi;)i .ionie of the best ' •Wli'-ie's the sentence, '1 under- .KtiMid nothing, from no ^vody'.'"' Reed 'leiiiandi-d as he:chc*ed impatient- !!i -..!d said i •litrmeiit.:. att'-r —txanilniag The /iicc that' I the ! dis- : ; players p.i)r.'il wiMi souie of the j !>' "1 bis ci^ar. worst, some v-ry amu.-'ing and in- 1 di int pay much attention to : teresting situiitions , , , , -whicii ,addvd .irid f:;ii-e,i Ml. itt.ish rrom the depan-|,„ afternoon. ' - It ,,ntina-.! on Pa.ce 8. Cid. In xhe pl;iy was by teams. .S-w- ' , —! aril Bixbyliaving Hioseii one lialf .ARGUES WITH MELLONf -.lli^.'^'r;;:/';!;,:;';:-^;'.^- U 1 evidently thi- belter "•picker.'• bi- IticWiTiMiii. lowH Representathi', cause his side won by a very com- Ilenounce- Secr^ary JleUon j tortable niarain and the otiiers iiad For IIi >i Policy.' '''K "l> for 'b- dinner which ^ j followed, , ii;v it'i- -\ T i'lt- .1 Pr---^! I Tlia^.dini'er Wiis .'i delicious one NSa-ljinmon.'Jwno Pi^i—Secretary ; prepared iiy the hirli'-s of tiie I!ap- '.I'l: T;'S ni.ini'ju on the ei|i;allia-i list church and was nio.<ir fliorou;;/!- r-A for farTn relii-f brought; ly tujoyed. After tJie dinner. .Mr. • =.-!.;irp i-»^>ii)rt. today from Kepre- i'' .'>• Hpllinger conitiienfod briefly -iiviiiv. Diciiinrfon. Republican.! iip"ntli<: spliMidld way in which 'he •tnurnamen' had gom- off and then adjourned the m»etinc for the benefit of tjipse who *anied'fo go on around\ H few more holes in the cool of the evening just before suD- .set. Another nll-i-Iub tournament will be develi" . tiicM 1,11V. r.-at ion. It wasn't impor- merrimeut ' lanf." 'Voii didn't pay miich altentlon to vliitf you siiid'?" • Wi-U. tile iiiilin tenor was that H. ijelman would protc'ct us from Iio!iti.-;[.l reprisals." •Reprisals from wlioni?" "1 il -n't knov.-. It's just street '.aik. .My ifrm ;is registrar of wills ex.'iir.-s iil-.a year." i. administration.; is' • ill.' told a reprc- .-Vssociated Press. ••v;i. - .\' . last the .:: the open ' • n'liivi' ot thi — V.'h.n that bt.'i'emeaf of.Secretary i.'i- i!on i.s .stripped of all specious .i.-ri.-ri-icrs, it means that; the' in- ••ri-is f,,r whohi he speaks are n'lt «i;!!n;.' that the proteclire .^yp- t -i:i s!;.ui iti.-iin anything for the .•\ni' an farmer.' ' LAUDS CHIEF DODD FOR WORi^ IN CROWD V. r. T. DiunrJI (iratei'nl for Excellent ismico Performed bjr Police Jtcimrtment. .\ letter to Earl P. Dodd, chief of the lola police department, today -.lauded tlie chief and tlie members arrangi-d by the tournament ' of his iiolii-e patrol for the "excel- commicteo in about a month. 1 p.nt manner in which the depart- handled STOLEN GAR FROM CHICAGO HELD HERE Chief of Police Ejiri Pi.Dodd Picks Ip' 1956 Elkhjirt Straight Eight (nupe. • model, belonging tp a Chicago owner, is being held jiere by Earl P. k Dodd. chief of police. Chief Dodd'a 'interest in tiie car was aroifsed when he saw the machine on the itreet here with no license tag. • Investigation revealed the fact that the car had been stolen in Chicago. A jeiegram from Morgan A. Collins. Chicago chief of police, io Chli5f Dodd-advised the Ida officer to send details regarding the . re <^reiy of th^ macbise. , * Action PoMtiponed. niy- ihi- .v.--i...-::i|..,l IT .-O iiient , handled state convention crowds" and- for ".splendid coopera- 1 tion in many agreeable ways." The said that there wa.<? one body. .'=tiM unrecovereil. in tlie burned, car. .Mrs. King was reported missing by her htisband who escaped from tJie flaming car by jumping through a window and it Is believed that it is her body which Js in the wreckage. King- is an employe of the Northern Pacific Railway at Hammond. Mont. Forty other passengers in the burned sleeper escaped unhurt, railway officials said. Crystal Siding is twenty miles northeast of Las 'Vegas. .Nevada. NOTABLES ON CRUISE Ex.f ;oT. Henry Allen lo Be Edltor- In.Chief of X'ewspaper on (ioml Ship "I'nUer^Hj." (By the ,\?<.<n .-!;it>,i rr.-«-> New York. June 16.—Senor Doii Pedro Salinas Serrano, of the Unj- IP.y th'n .\.-^.-.M i ,f.1 I'r.Sif Kansas City . June lii. -While other school boys are takins jobs .Ts bank messengers, office boys or (k-livery boys for sunwner. Junior Keen. l.l. has apprenticed himself . . , . las a "stick uji" man and has been which had to l«? cut out of the tra .ni,,,,.,,. ,p;,rning his tr.ide. police here and was destroyed. Train h.inds ' learned today. Arretted today for parlicip;Ttlng in a f2'» holdup of .a grocery Jiin or told proudly of Iii.s exploits andfof tiio prowess of^ his brot!i'>r Carl. 'SI. arrested today while visiting at the lieavenworth Penitentiary. Carl, according to Junior .was t-aching him the trade. An he .strutted I e- t»een two liin-s of dete< live.s at the daily "show up" :it huadqtrirters | this niorning he was iiski-d wljetJier he wanted to loarn the tr:'.dfl. "Sure."* he answered impatiently. "I was glad that Carl IhougUt I could do it." .\cting upon instructions from K.'tnsas City authbrifies. Hand kept an all day vigil yesterday nt. th6 prison' but Keen di<l not appear. , Brother Arre -trd. f.rf'avenworth, K:ins.. June IS.— Ciirl Keen. 2", wanted in connection with the case f>f Ceorge'Keen .Ir.. i:!-year-old child bandit of Kiinsas City aiid brother rif Carl, was arrested here this morning by I By tho A.-'sneliU'd Pr »-SKi Washington. Jiine 16.—American diplomatic officials made swift and emphatic denial today , that they had been involved even indirectly In the League of Nations controversy which- resulted recently in Brazil 's withdrawal as 3 league member. ; Rumors of American involvement has been in circulation both in Geneva, the seat ot the league and Rio l)e Jatidro. the Brazilian capital. Even before the report had reached Washington in news dispatches. K, V. .Morgan, the American ambassador at Rio had cabled the atatfe department a <;ategorical denial of a story that lie bad congratulated President Demardez upon Brizil's resigna- I'on from the league. SHORTAGE IN ACCOUNTS IIIXES COJIMITTED SnCIDE TO . AYOID DISGRACE. IS FORMING A NEW CABINET FREXai PRE.HIEB HAS jns.siox n* A(T. PER- DIFFICULTIES ARISING BBIAXD HAS niKFICI'LTY MAKING SELECTIOX.S. IX Atteropf.s To Form a ••.National Union" Cabinet Are .Heeflnif With Small Snccess. Former Cashier of LeaTeimorth Bank Had A Shortace of Le^s Than T*800. For Lieutenant Governor. I By the .A.ssociaterl Pr>-.-s> ' Topeka! Kans.. June 16.—C. C. Wilson, mayor of .Meade and former county attorney of .Meade county, announced here today he would oppose the renominatibn of Lieutenant Governior D. A. S. Chase, ot Pleasanton at the Republican primary. <Hy the A.-.s-rn-jated Pre.«.i) - Leavenworth'. Kans. June .16.— Glenwooil O. Tlincs, yoiiing teller of the Wulfokuhler State Bank here who commitf.eed suicide last Friday morning was short in his accounts to the extent of,$736. according to a statemfnf issued to- f'ay by K. Rice Phelps, vice' president and cashier of the bank, Phelps, in hi.s .statement says: "In the letter addrej<sed to me and found on a desk in the bank the morning dlen Mines committed huicide. was a statement that -he was taking his life liecause of a s.^orlaije In his account. He also stated th" amount.- .No definite proof could he reached unttl tn- i !ay wo find a shortage of $796 in his ac(,-ounts. "Formal -notice must ,be given the surety company who will pay the In«» and though we deeply r(«- gret it. it is impossible to keep the secret longer. "C;ien stated in his letter that ho could not- bear to have us find nul he had violated our and that he was taking his life to avoid the disi$race of being discorered which he knew would be certain to come.'* Because of the manner in which Hines covered his shortage there was no immediate danger of an exposure, but the youthful teller realized that sooner or later the fact would become known to bank officials. nines' fiancer. Mis.=; l.fluise Van. fCon'inued on Page 3. Col. 4) POP" PROGRAM IS Ki NEXT BY THE BAND <By the A.s.^oci.ntefl Pr.^.=--) Paris. June 16.—.\risti'de Briand, who resigned as premier yesterday, late today agreed to enrleavor to form a new cabinet after he had , received a formal mandate' from • President Doumergue. s M. Brinad on leaving the Klysco palace, said that his intention was to invite the leaders of all parties to forget their political quarrels and to join him in an effort to find an early and final solution oi the difficulties-besetting France. "National Uhion" Cabinet. Paris. June 16.—Premier Briand is .seeking to form a "national union" cabinet, to replace the ministry which resigned yesterday, but is finding the task more di/t'icult than he anticipated. The premier was given the mati- date by President Doiimerguo this- morning after most of .those called into consultation at the Elysee palace had urged the need of. such, a cabinet. The ministry would incliido groups as far to the right as, the union Republican, or the old "bloc national" headed by. Louis .Marin, a.s far left as the groups wbo.s.j leaders are willing to participate, Edouard Herrii>t, radii-al leader, is -understood to have refuseii ta enter a "national union'' ministry; and It. is expec -ferl th:ir his Trarty will'formally decide ag;iinst entering a "national union" combination. The socialists have excluded themselves from such :i combina- - tion by the decision of their congress at Clermont-Ferrand not to join any other than a jmrely socialist ministry. - ; Former Premier Poini are has in- . dicated, that he prefers to -remain outside, but is w^illing to waive hi.s personal preference jf it is possible to form a "sacred union." auch-as was maintained during the war. M. Berenger. ambassador ta. thfr United States approached with' the suggestion that he might accept the finance ministry in the new government, replied: "No. I will not .-iccept any other post than f hold now until the debt settlement (with the United States* is ratified. I propose to concentrate all my efforts to that end." lola .HnnirliKil Onranlzatlon. DI- re<-ted By JSr. Roberts In Third Concert* . DOTY TRIAL POSTPONED Conrt'Hartial of .Vmerlcan on Groand.« of Desertion is Post- ' poned. . '11 .1 : ' ' MMny iiii> uioriiing -Keen ap- ^^ni i^ Al -•'i'"''^"'/' P -arcd at the prison. After his many rastitut.ons throughout thi- arrest he refus.-d to disciss the country on an IS months cruiseUnarge against him. but said he (By ili.^ .Viwofl.-it.^il Press) Dama-scus. Syria, June IS.—The court, martial of Bennett J. Doty ot .Memphis. Tenn.. for desertion from the French Fcreign Legion in which had been set for to- was postponed until the first in July; around the world, will have a number of prominent foreign educators aboard, Senor Serrano was the first to accept. Invitations were issued through various amb.tssa- dora. During the voyage a daily paper will be published ahoa'd the t'nlversity. Former Governor Heury J. Allen of Kansas will be editor- in-chief. ' , Lemrlen rs. -Browne.. (By the .VBs<>rUle.i Pr."s..) London. Juno ,:16.T-Thc luck of the draw In tne Wimbledon jubilee tennis tournament, which bepins Monday,- finds Suzanne Lenglen". the French ace, and Mary Browne ! was ready to return to Kansas City without exiriidition papers. Fire At Nortoiu (Hy III. .\- l -r. .Nortonvilb-. K.-ms. June 16.—Fire of undeferiiiinf-d origin de.stroyed five business buildings here early t<.»day and diiniag» d two others. The loss was estimated -at $40,000 to $50,000. . : . • Drrg Win ¥lght. (••By the As»o<-iat»-r) Pre-!i) Newark. .N. J. Juno 16.—Although this state has two wet senators and a wet governor, today's . return's ^rom yesterday's ' primary election gave advantage to the drys in two cf the three prohibition claabea. Tfie program for the band concert to be given in court house park tomorrow night by the lola concert band, directed by J. V. Roberts, is a popular program, containing many favorite selections. It will include the "Mill In the Forest" and a medley ot popular selections arranged by Sciacci. It wTll be the third concert ot th6+ season and the complete program follows: Tenth Regiment. .March Hall Selection. The Daughter of the Regiment" Donizetti Pal Of My Cradle Days, waltz... Piantadosi The .Mill In the Forest—Eilenberg . Con«rre''»'ionaI Representative. ; (By th - .\s-<iK .1 pp-s«> ' "Fopeka. Kans.. June 16.—Thur- mah Hill of Indept-ndence. Demo­ cratic.nominee for attorney gcner- . . al in 1924. filed toilay as a candi- of the United States pitted against j daici for the nomination for repre- each other in the first round of the women's singles. sentative in congress Third district. from the EMPIRE GAS & OIL COMPANY IN lOLA Dlstribatlnir Plan I'nder Constmc. Uon In BaHSeU To Serre This Fleld- -Wa.hington.Jiin., l.;.-Action on l,,^ e:terutive corn- ail coal legLslatton was postponed today by the hoilse commerce committee until December. I .«st^ By One Vote. iBytli" .\s<.«-i:,|.>,) r-rr..-^) Washington. Jm,,. 16.—The senate toilay.rcfiised b.v-'a margin of one vote to reconsider pa.s,^agc of the , X . I I'i'tnian bill directing the treas- An iilkhart straight eight. l»3«fin-y'to pufchase ' 14..=iw.000 ounces of silver at" one dollar an ounce for coining. •• r Farist Leader Killed rKv ttle .^.'s-o.,t I'r. -il Naples. Italy. June 16.—Captain Aureiio Padovani, long prominent in the fascist movement, and four of,his friends were killed today, whan a balcony from which he was addressing a group of admirers, collapsed. Jhirty Pfrsons were injured. .. _:;:_J.^ " niiitee which had charge of the g.mi ral arrangemcnjs for the convention. Engiiw>ert Swimmer. \. S. M<-Do-A-eU. expert .swimmer, has b."en encaged to serve at? swimming instriK-tor and life giiard »t Horville Beach. . - An' announcement today stated that the management is highly gratified lo bo able to secure Mr. .McDoweir.s services. Mr. .McDowell acquired his ai]ua- (ic feaiis and his swimming prowess in the %^-aters- of Hawaii where he -was ranlted as one of. the best swimmers along the beach. Charlie 'Welnert. 'the veteran Newark heavyweight, is the lastest recruit to the flstic colony on the Pacific coast. 1 Officer Wires Sheriff Davis To Arrest William H. Smith If Appeal Bond Is Filed in lola UWillam Henry Smith, convicted J by a" jury in the Allen county dis- forger. succeeds in filing his appeal bond of $2,500 it will be of little avaiL Sheriff McCrabb. of Independ- «Uice. today wired Sheriff J. Custer Davis instructions to arrest Sinith at the jail door and hold him-for an officer fijom Montgomery county la the event the prisoner. secured his freedom ihere. Smith was found guflty ot tonrtb degree forgerjH in connection with the cashing of an Anierican £x- presa company travelier's cbeqno trict court. The cheque was for tTtO and the money was returned by Smith upon demand of cashier C. IL Schaffner who detained Smith in the HumT)oIdi -National baflk with t'he declaration that the bank wanted both the money and Smith. Smith recently filed a motion for a new trial which was overruled by Judge Robert E. Cullison and a sentence of five years in the penitential? imposed. Jndge Cnllison filed the supreme court appeal bond at $2,500. ' ' The £mpire Gas & Oil company, a Henry Doherty company, is building a gas and oil distributing plant in Bassett. The plant will furnish service for this territory for the Empire company whose head offices are at Tulsa. Arthur Shelton. of Tulsa, is here superintending constrnction. ^ Huge oil tanks for storage have arrived. • .My.Grandfathers Clock, (Para­ ph (reque-st) Amsden Feists .Medley, .No. 2, arr.' by Sciacci Popular selections. Overture ."Morning. Noon and Night in Vieniia" Suppe 1>hmis<^d Coatiest. rBr I he Aaai^iatod Pre.«»> Washington. June 16.:—The election contest brought by .Magnus Johnson, farmer-labor, against Senator. SchaU. Republican. Minnesota- was dismissed today by the senate without a record vote and without opposition. • * A Democrat for Jadee. . • (By the A .HSOciqtefl Pn-ji.s) Topeka. Kans^ June 16.—B. J. Carver of Paola. Democrat, filed today as a Candidate for judge of the 10th district; E. N. Boatman of Norton. RepabUcan,,.Ior Judge of the 17 th. \ wnUam Trine Open.<< Shop. William Trine, who has been employed a.s mechanic by the T. B. Shannon Co. for the past eight years, has opened an automobile, tractor and gas ehgine repair shop in the building occupied by the A. U. Davis Eloctric Service. 202 N. Washington. Mr. Trine is well known in lola ';as an expert mechanic and has'been employed in this capacity by a number of firms. In addition to the hattery and electric service which -Mr. Davis has niaintained for a number of years motorists', will find a well equipped engine repair_shop in the saiiie building. Babies Ai-e Not PenVct. (By the .•t.-si.^ei.ire^l rre,s«) . Wichita. June 16.—Approximately one-t!iird 'of the 680 • babies examined during a contest; here -recently were found to have- minor physical defects which heed to be corrected. These defects ranged from diseased tonsils to crooked hones. Detailed reports of the pTiysical conditions of the babies entered in the contest have bwn mailed to parents. Today fit Washington. Farm relief continues before the senate. 'Investigation of Pennsylvania piHmary proceeds. SALT WORKER KILLED C. T. Fenton. B7. Was Killed Near Hutchinson by A Pa.s- . senger Train. tBv th'^' .V.=sr«-i,,f..j rr"ss) • HutchinKon. Kans." Jime 16.—•. Clarence T. Fenton. 67. fir<-man at a Hutchin-son salt plant, wa.-* instantly killed today when a Ttrvafc- Island passenger tniih stnic-k the car in which he was driving "fr* work at an outlying crosV^ing, <=a;y Fenton had pl'-nty- of time to got" out of his car ?fter it stalled on the tracks but fried fdo long to get the car started. ; Prairie Pipe Line Dividend. . (By the A.ssnci.-ifiJ. Pr «.ss> . Independence. Kans. June 16.—A dividend of two dollars per share today was declared by the directr ors of the Prairie Pipe Line Company, payable July .31. to stockholders of record June 30. I : Harvested Barley Crop. (By th<» A'six-iat'd Press! Pratt. Kans. June 16.—Roy Owston; farmer near here, has threshed his barley crop which averaged 43 bushels to the acre. He has sold the crop at $1 a bushel.. Janeji W. "WilCTis Dead. James W. Wilgus died at!2:20 this afternoon at his home, pne and one-half miles sonth of lola. The funeral arrangements will be announced in tomorrow's Register. "Red Speciar Lpaves. • 'Bv-th-' .^-^--'-.-rir -vl i-rf^:<> New York. June The "Red Special" bearing cardin .Tl Ronzario. papal legale, and a group of otljer cardinals to the eiicharistrc congress at Chicago left the Grand Central Station shortly after ten o'clock this morning, eastern standard time.. NEW CITY ENGINEER NAMED BY THE BOARD A. William Younir, Now a F.-irmeC ' W'e^t 01 the River. Accepts the'.4p|>olntment. " A. William Young, reputed .-to be one ot the most capable engineers in this section of the country and regarded here_as the most available man for the place, yesterday was" named by the commissioners engineer 'for the city of. lola. succeeding C. W. (Jack* Boui.son; who resigned some time ago. TTie. engineer's office is vacant and has' been since .Mr. Boulson. resigned to take other work. The city comipission increased the salary of, A. Or'Tomer, septic tank operator to $160 a month. For this amount Groomer is to take care of the Vine slreetn pumping station and the hew sewage disposal plant and is to furnish the labor of ja son to meet whatever demand may* coma for extra work. ^

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