Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 8, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1952
Page 3
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Personal Mention Will Spend Mother's Day With Sons at University Mr. and Mrs. Sell>y Bioms and Mrs. Joseph Hoyc expect to leave Saturday morning to spend the Mother's Day week end with their sons, Jack Broms and Donald Hoyc. Mother's Day observances are being held all over the campus but the one In which Mr. and Mrs. Broms and Mrs. Hoye are particu- lary Interested la at , the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house. Both boys are mcrobers of the fraternity and Jack Is president of the chapter. Wayne K UHMC U left tWs monilnR for Sioux Falls on a business trip. Ho expects to return home tomorrow, Vernon Brousc, Hon of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brouse, attended the atom exhibit in the armory at Minneapolis last week ycnd. Mr. and Mn. Lester Ilonnon left this morninK for Rochester, Minn., where Mrs. Hanson will have a medical check-up at the Mayo clinic. . I^rene Uoywood. who Is takliif; training at the St. Mary's school of nursing In Rochester, will arrive tonight to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hcywood. Mr. and Mrs. "Ernest,Chrl»tfn.sen and Mr. dnd Mrs. Raymond Chria- tenaen of Ringstcd visited yesterday at the home of their brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Chrlstcnsen. Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Brubaker and Mrs. John Lilley left this morning to spend a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Peterson of Peoria, III. Mrs. Peterson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brubaker. Mrs. I« N. Boono Sr., has n-ceiv- cd word of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. .Warren Boone of St. Paul. The baby was born May 2 and has been named Warren Stephen. The Boones also are parents of a daughter, age 6. Mr. and-Mrs. A. T. Brlngln, Mr. and Mrs. Claire Brlngle and Arlenc Bringle went to Sipiix Falls, S. D., today to attend a meeting of State Automobile Insurance association representatives from Iowa and South Dakota. A quarter cup of butter creamed with a tablespoon of minced chives is delicioua served over Ircshly boiled potatoes. LION BRAND HOUSE PAINT f0R mRS AMP yURS YOUR BtST ISSsiBl IN PAIN1 HALL'S At Holy Family Rospital Mrs. Wejtley Cronk of Kmmetn- burg was admitted yesterday for medical care. Mm. Ardls .MiHoner o( K<ither- ville entered the hospital yesterday for medical care. JUI<?h«<ll of KsthervlUe wan admitted yesterday for medical coi-e, Kdwurd of EsthoMlle entered the hospital yesterday for surgery. Carol Hoainholdcr of Lone Rock entered the hospital yesterday for surgery, Richard Sliarcr of DolUvcr was admitted yesterday for surgery. Dismissals yesterday wcro Kathleen O'Donncll of Lone Rock, lon- sillectomy; Ann Mario Walsh of Lone Rock, tonsllleccomy; Mrs. George Meyer and baby girl of Spirit Lake; Mrs. Rex Anderson and baby boy of Bstherville; Mrs. Earl Rasmusscn and baby girl of Spirit Lake. Legal Notice Eric Janssens Surprised on 25th Anniversary By MRS. E. G. SWANSON Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jnnssen wore given a surprise party Sunday evening, April 27, at the DunncU Community hall to observe thoir 23 years of married life. Marian Janssen and Mrs. Arnold jansscn had planned the event. There was varied entertainment during the evening and the honored couple were the recipients of many silver dollars, gifts of silverware and many cards. At the close of the evening refreshments were served at a buffet table made lovely with flowers and a three-tiered decorated wedding cake baked by Mrs. Vergil Wallerstedt. Sandwiches and coffee were served with the cake. Offering the Janssens hearty congratulations were the families or William Plath Jr., of Butterfield, Lewis Plath, Springfield; Lorraine Plath, Armstrong; Herman Lemke,, Welcome; Carol Higgins, Esthcrvillc; Theodore Plath. Armstrong; Gordon Salsbury, Ceylon and the local families of R. I. Appelquist, Ezra Intelkfer, C. W. Appelquist, Marvin Jansscn, Bob Miller, Algot Johnson, Martin Hall, Ben Newville, Ellsworth Ziomor, John Markus, Don Miller, Alvin Conltn, Bert Conlin, Ray Deling, John Janssen, Frank Jorgenson, A. M. Peterson, John Deling, Henry Paulson, L. A. Peterson, Lawrence Marquart, Fern Mathwlg, Glen Miller, Bernard Jansscn, Vergil Wallerstcdt, Harold Janssen, Mrs. Hugo Jacobsen, Jeff Hall, Bernard Andreson, Charles, Lotta and Fingal Larson. Messages of congratulation had been sent from Mr. and Mrs. Henry Plath, Dawson, N. D, and from Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Swanson, St. Paul. Birthdays at the Parsonage. Mrs. T. C. Peterson had a birthday May 1 and had many women come In for the afternoon for coffee. Mrs. Peterson's mother, Mrs. O. A. Johnson, had a birthday May 3 and two-year-old Timothy Peterson shared his grandmother's birthday so there was an occasion of much celebrating at the homo of the Rev. and Mrs. Peterson Saturday ai>d Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Johnson and Mrs. Amelia Johnson of Stoux City drove bore for the two-day visit. Adding pleasure to this group is the visit of one- year-old Dennis Goodrich whoso mother is at a hospital where a little sister was born May 2. Dennis is a nephew of Mrs. Peterson and will stay indefinitely. NOTICK TO CONTRACTOKS AND NOTICE OF PUBUC HEARING Notice of Public Hearing on Plans and Specifications and Proposed Form of Contract for the furnishing of labor, equipment and materials for the Improvement of streets in E:stherville, Emmet County. Iowa, and the taking of bids thcron. Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Eather- vllle. Emmet County, Iowa, win meet in the Council Chambers in the City Hall In EstherviUo, Emmet County, Iowa, on the 19th day of May. 1962, at the hour of 7:30 P. M., thereof, at which time and place the Council does and intend to adopt plans and specifications and proposed form of contract and receive bids tor the furnishing of all raatorials, labor and equipment as follows: Item I. 24,000 gallons of RC—5 Asphalt. 6,000 gallons of MC—4 Asphalt. 16.000 gallons of MC—1 Asphalt. 24,000 gallons of SC—4 Asphalt. Contractors shall bid both according to the unit price and total bid and the bid price shall Include the material delivered, heated and spread with modern jifessure machinery on such streets in the City of Estherville, Iowa, and in such manner aa may bo directed and designated by the Superintendent of Public Works of the City of Estherville, Iowa. All material shall meet the specifications and standards fixed and set for Iowa State Highways. Item II. To load, spread upon such streets with truck operated spreaders, to bo followed with two broom dragglngs, and two rollings with steel and/or a pneumatic roller, approximately 1,800 tons of aggregate to cover. The City of Estherville will furnish said aggregate in a stock pile or piles within the city limits. Contractors shall bid unit price per ton and also the total amount bid. As an alternative, contractor shall bid unit price per ton and total bid price In the event the city loads trucks at stock piles. Gravel spread with truck attached spreader boxes may bo bid separately. Item Iin. Contractors shall also bid on road mixing, laying, rolling and sweeping approximately 450 tons of aggregate on such streets as may be designated by the city. City will deliver aggregate In windrows on the streets to be improved. Item IV. Contractors shall also bid for the delivering and renting to the City of Estherville, Iowa, of one (1) Soman mixer, or equal, for the city's use in preparing the sub- base and contractor shall specify the said rental In an hourly basis. Said Soman mixer shall be delivered to the City of Eathervillp within five (5) days after signing of the contract. All proposals and bids in connection therewith must be submlt- tell to the City Clerji at or before the time set for said hearing and shall be accompanied by a certified check or approved bidder's bond, payable to the City Treasurer of Estherville, Iowa, In an amount not less than 6% of the bid. Said check or bond shall be forfeited If the bidder neglects or refuses to enter into contract and furnish performance bond after its proposal shall have been accepted. The successful bidder shall furnish a satisfactory performance bojid In the full amount of contract price. At said hearing said City Council will consider the adoption of plans and specifications and proposed form of contract, the same now being on file in the office of the City Clerk, reference to which is made for more detailed and complete description for the materials, labor and equipment for which bids are requested herein. At said time and place said City Council will also receive and consider any objections to said plans and specification, proposed form of contract, and bids or proposals, thereon, and any other objections made by any interested party. Payment for said materials, labor and equipment shall be made in cash. By virtue of statutory authority preference will bo given to products and provisions grown and coal produced In the State of lo- Good WE A THER can't he saved up., i but good MONEY can be! Mark Twain said, "Everybody talits about the weathar, but nobody does anything about it." Anyone wn do something about money, however. It has excellent keeping qualities. Start a savings account here, continue building it up< and rainy days won't ever bothtr yoi4 t% Intercwt, PaynMe S«nU-Aimu«Uy Iowa Trust &. Savings Bank Membar of the Federal Renerve Syetcm Your depoiUU In Uiltt bank liuured up to «10,MW.M Legal Notice wa. and profcrpnee will be given to Iowa domestic labor for the construction of the improvements and repairs herein contemplated. The City Council reserves the right to reject any and all bids and enter Into such contract as may be In the best interests of the municipality. Plans and specifications are now on file In the 'office of the City Clerk of Estherville, Iowa, from whom prospective bidders may obtain a copy. Approved and Ordered publl.^h- od by the City Council of Estherville. Emmet County, Iowa, on the 6th day of Mav, 1952. CITY OF ESTHERVILLE. IOWA By Dan S. Howard, Mayor. Attest: Glenn L. Story, City Clerk. (May 8) Legal Notice I.EOAI, NOTICE NOTICE OK rBniARV ELECTION State of Iowa County of Emmet, ss!. Notice Is hereby given to the qualified voters of Emmet County, Iowa, that a Primary Election will be held at the regular polling places In the sixteen election precincts of Emmet County, Iowa, on Monday, June 2, 1952. The polls will he open at all voting precincts from eight o'clock a. m. to eight o'clock p. m.. At this Primary Election, candidates are lo be nominated by the Republican and Democratic Puit- ies for the following offices: STATE TICKET Governor Lieutenant Governor Secretary of.State Auditor of State Treaaurer of State Secretary of Agriculture Attorney General Commerce Commissioner (1) Commerce Commissioner (to fill vacancy) (11 Representative In Congress—Sixth District Stale Senator—Forty-Ninth District State Representative — Ninety- Sixth District COUNTY TICKET County Auditor County Treaauror Clerk of the District Court Sheriff County Recorder County Attorney County Coroner Member of the Board of Super- N-iaors from the First District of Emmet County, Inwn, comprialng the Townships of Emmet and Estherville for a term of three years beginning January, 1964. Member of the Board of Supervisors from the Third District of Emmet County, Iowa, comprising the Townships of Iowa Lake and Armstrong Grove for a term of two years beginning January. 106.1. Member of the Board of Supervisors from the Fourth District of Emmot County, Iowa, comprising the Townships of Denmark, and Jack Creek for a term of thrfl^, yoara beginning January, 195.1. Member of the Board of Supervisors from the Fifth District of Emmet County, Iowa, comprising the Townships of Swan Lake, High Lake and Twelve Mile Lake for a term of three years beginning January, 195.1. TOWNSHIP TICKET Justice of the Peace (21 Constable (2) Township Trustee, for a term of Three years beginning January, 1963. Township Trustee, for a term of Three years beginning January, 1964. Township Clerk Commltteman Commlttocwoman Dt-Iogntes ti) tho County Convention to be hvM In Fjithorvlll.-. Friday. June 27, 1952, at 10:00 o'clock a. m. rOLLlNn PLArKS Ai;m,»tn)ng Urove Township. Pump House. Armstrong, lown Center Tow-nshtp. School H OIIKO. Gruvrr lown. Denmark Township. Ix'gion Hall Rlngsted Iowa. Ellsworth Township. School House. Hunllnnlon. lown Emmet Township. Kmiixt I'on- Kolldatrd Sohool Kstherville Township. I'ourt Room. Estherville. Iowa F.sthervlllo Lit Wnnl. OrU-nns Hotel Ball Room. F>thcrvllle. Iowa. Kstherville 2nd Ward, Court Room. Eslhrr\11lo, Iowa. E.ithervllle .Inl Ward, City M.ill EsthorvlUr. lown. High iJike Township - No. 5 Spring Grove School. lown Luke Township. Askrlnnil School. Jack Creek Township No 5 llo- sold School. Lincoln Township. I, V. .Stillman's Office, DolUvor, Iowa. Swan Lake TownHhljv, School House, Maple Hill. Iowa. Twelve Mile Lake Township, No. 5 Center School. Walllngford Precinct, Town HftU, Wallingford, Iowa. In Testimony Whereof. I have hereby set my hand and the Seal of the County of Emmei nt Ksther- vlllc. Iowa, thl.'' 6th day of Mav A. D., 196:. CORWIN B. KEITH. County Auditor of Kmnu'l County, lown. (May 8> Legal Notice RESOLUTION FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF NOXIOUS WEEDS TO ALL PROPERTY OWNERS: Be It Resolved, that the Hoard of Supervisors of Emmet County, Iowa: That pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 317, Codi' of Iowa, 1946, as amended by Chapter 16.S, Acts 52nd General Assembly, It Is hereby ordered: 1. That each owner and each person in the possession or control of any lands In Emmet County, shall cut, burn, or otherwise destroy ail noxious weeds thereon, ns defined In this chapter, nt such times In each year and In such manner .•i.'s shall prevent salil weeds from blooming or coming to maturity, and shall keep said lands free from such growth of any other weeds as shall render the streets or highways adjoining said land unsafe for i)Ublie travel. Noxious weeds shall be cut or otherwise destroyed on or before the following dates and as often thereafter ns is necessary to prevent seed production: Group 1. June 15, 195'J, for Leafy Spurge, Perennial Peppergrass, Sour Dock, Smooth Dock, Sheep Sorrel. Group 2. June 20, 1952, for Cn-i- nda Thistle, Russian Knapweiil, Buckhorn, Wild Mustard. Group 3. July 15. 1952, for f'-l.l 1 Bindweed. Wild Carrot. Group 4. July 30. \m2. for Iloi BO Nettle. Perennial How 'rhlMili. Quack Grass, Buller-l'rInI, I'uiv- ture Vine, Cocklebur. Bull Thlstb- ". That each owner and cacli person in the possession or control of any Innds in Emmet County Infested with any noxious weeds In eluding quack gross, perennial sow thistle, Canada thistle, field bindweed, horse nettle, leafy spurge, perennial peppcrgrass, Russian knapweed, shall adopt n program of weed destruction, described by tho Weed Commissioner, which In five years may be expected lo destroy and will immediately keep under control such Infentntiotn of a.-xid noxiou* wec<ls That If the owi>.is ,,i p.-, sons in p<».sscsslon or t-onrol of i\x\\ land In Emmet County l-nll lo com ply with the foTrgolng orvlrrv th.' Weed Commissioner shnll cnos.' this to be *lonc and ibc expense of saki «-ork. InctudInK ,<>»ts of serving notice und other co.its If any. to he assessed iiKainsI tlie rei%J ,s tnte 4 TbiU the lounlv Aiulitor I., and IS hi'i-el»y diiectetl to cause nt> tice of the ninklnK and enl.iln^; of the foregoing older bv oni' pob llcntlon in cnch of the offul'il newspapers of the ,ovioi\ HOAUn OK sfi 'K .uvisons OK EMMKT COl'NTY IOWA C R. Conrnd I'' I Rllerslon Nelll L. Finn. Attest (X1HWIN H KEITH County Auditor (May .<ii FLOOD- ('t)aohin^ School iit I. S. ()ainpii<4 Boone. In, .May 7 <T The \J\h annual siiinnier coaching si-bool sponsored by the lowii IU K I I .School Athletic niuiocintlon will be held nt Iowa State Colb-ge. Ames. Aug IS- 22. exi'cullve secretary l.yle ijiiinii. said today Lectures of the course will l>e given In the lown Slut'' gymnasium. The stuff for the school will be nnnoiineed soon, ljuinn said. OinlinnMi tram |»«tr I .\to.l.lle . otl«.>!iil.ltr,l He! .i.-i t-l ;>">>' * • « .(111.11 Khifr. $;.-4.i: i;.^. \t,-H inilep.ndent Hi !''[!v w-itt.niiile rt'iii',t\ ll.'>nil'\iri;. IliVili** MiiU . .lui! . distrl.t ». h>M.l» $.MiW H.itll.'t f.'h.'.il JtJ,4H) li,H.U I >n.l 11 lo r .'t! .«.ill:imi,- .ouii'i $; »'«l!ei l .iK. $4 !lr.^ Am.'111111 .1,, !.u . .1 . likiM.- r • . .11111 % 1II 1(1 » .1 k V SlOiilO M.> ?»• iiiiiiH,.ii ji-i >r.' r -iLiivi- t.'imle. $4:41*' I'l :ii'hi .Mills, J.v* Thr . 'Illlui' U • 1.1. ,1 l,\ lit;, Oi.n h'l..! I' •^^n.l^ |. « i (•••Oetll 1111,1 I . |.! . .. n( ll IN • II(.•del .il .ii:.-n. ;, , .,t,, , : e,. ,1 (lelil ..iiiv,%-< ;,n.| t '\ih I... .1 K.ix- 1 1-1111. Ill il ..ffl, 1 lU I., (or . K - 't\f. I.Ml (he npI.11,,-1 „ f. , (,,1 .ml .'..r,,!- Ttil< men. \ it liiiui..! Ill ii« t,. re,iliii in^ I,*. iliti,„ ..r til, .1 nnu' -.iil.<li\ i..i..n« K^tlirnUlf. lowti, IhiH) N The Arctic oceiin has a low sail content compared with other sens because of the many American and Asian rivers flowing Into II HARDWARE HANK IS AT HrCH PRICES ~»nd It qoing le knock thtm down. Look lor Mt wtokly ip««l«li BROOM RAKE SALE 138 D*lux«. fl«|.leelli—floiSbU ipris| tUol. Kessd Tselh llok* lilooll 7t« SPADING FORK .Vnliiriix DiMrtivrnMl In Jrffrrstm <.oiinl\ K:lll(l.l.l 11 M i\ « .1- I'l 1' (' Sle.le lll;.tll.l \ . 1,-1 Ul-ll l.ui. Mllll l.nll»\ 'llllhllV l.-l.* (,.n dll't'OV rl evi In ((,!«..11 ,.il(l'\ IM Sl,.|.- mil.l 11.- Iiiiil ii' tinetl I ftiini \\ h. 1thi-t- ..I .-I II In I.I of riilll. all- ,1. 1.1 ..( !l, illsi'ime The v.-terlnai 1 10 i|. . ii'u .1 ' • lilenlilv 111.- f.uiu .ir --lal. u« 1.. I atloii HOT OK NOT I'hfik >iuir ('.u's ^•o•^li^^^; ,">>s»fni now' lli-n-s >iiui' rh.uir»> lu >;.•( (iiir ((H)|IN(. S^.STKM SIM (I A I. • lieio.i^e \ntt Ir^tr • Iteftll »|lh < lean U nler • < lie< k ll»%e 4 otinee4 |.m« • 4 heek y»n IU.ll • ( herk 4 (Mtl • For Onl) 98c Ins s»»(eni I'or I •.i «k« » \d.l / ( Hl«.4 Iiihlti4«>,r \\.- M--.":i',.1. I filKlUO^ ...1-1 MlH k TlIK 7. I U.AY KOI.I..\S('II SI.Nti.XIK SKItVICK m (Vnlml Phone U! DFUVK IN NO BUTTONS! NO UVERS! 100:'. AUTOMATIC! SUPREME WATER SOFTENER NO NO REGENERATES BUTTONSf lEVERS! WHILE VOU SLEEP! rUll.AUrOMATIC WArift sofTiNtm SALE ^88 A qvtllly fork. C«rr*el hong »nd btUnco. Forfod iltol kotdi—roln- fercod li*ndl*. Estherville Hardware FRANK RODGER Plumbing and Heating 10M/, OnCrul Pli«in4> II Take the Key ...Take the Wheel JOHNNT AND lUCIlU. ()l.l .m „l,.l.'. singiiiK •teeeilirsrlK, iiitiir VIM, I,, irr lli.l llirdliiit 'llmket Ilide'I TAKE OFF [M-WiJEf SHOW CAB! 1, , k,. ^ i «... ' 4.. -.'^ . fit »-1 Vou lieur it evcrywber. ; j; |K «ple r«vin( •bout Oldunobile's m*w "Hotkct"! Now you can learn for yourwU what all liie psijusnent ia about. Now you can drivo Oldwnobik*. •pe<jia| "Roeket" tluu lur! T M I the aaahittg 16U.burt<>|MMrr"Rocket"i Try tbe awift, amcxilb reapooae of Uydrf M»tlc Super Drire'l To gel U M», get beblnd (he whrrl of OldtmobiU'a Super "Sa"! 'IV itft »rn waiiJog for youl 0 L D S M 0 BI L E «»r '»"»*""-'>'•«•• MONTH ... IM TOUH OLDSMOtlll DIAll. MOTOR INN. 114 S. Sixth St. THI KIYS ARI WAITING f Efiitlverville, Iowa DRIVf OUR SPECIAL "ROCKIT SHOW CAR TOOAYI

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