The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 19, 1947 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1947
Page 3
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The Morning Herald, Hagerslown, Md. PIVF WtMhiexdny, Mnrch 1», 1047. Entered In the postofllce at Ha K «rs town as second class matter JOSEPH M. HARP _C- & P Phonea 104-106-106.4294 Editor Audit Bureau of Circulation Subscription Hate* ID Advanc* Single copy 05; by carrier, 'in th« ^uy or tiagerstown. per week ''5 «? nn mail , UD to * th zotle - oer month J1000- ' "*O«DB ;5.50. p.r year 7th and 8th zones, tu.OD:* foreign Tiall per month 5-,00 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS The AE.HOclateQ Press ! 3 exclusive £ T'"" 1 to , th * «»* or. publ lea lor, of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in tnls isDatcbes or Publication of ° National Admiration Poll One.of the most interesting questions in Dr. George,Gallup's whole bag of quizzes is: "What person living today in any part of the world do you admire most?" And American public opinion, always unpredictable, is never more baffling than when it provides the answer. 'This is not meant as any reflection on Gen. Douglas MacArthur, 'who has been the winner in the last two'years. It 'is simply that most of us, if asked to give a guess as to America's No. 1 pin-up boy without Doctor Gallup's aid, would probably come up with a different answer. Gen. Mac-Arthur's popularity assets are not hard to find. His. role in the war was unmatched for sustained drama. The long struggle back from defeat, accomplished with consummate skill against tremendous odds, was something to fire the imagination. And certainly the general's colorful personality and handsome presence do not detract from his popular appeal. Yet General MacArthur has not set foot on. continental American soil in. many years. His present assignment is a passive one. It is safe to say that few of his ad- pikers have ever seen him. So it must be that Americans' gratitude and admiration are less fickle than we might sometimes suppose. This 'conclusion is borne out by the fact that the second straight year Gen. Dwight Eisenhower took second place in the poll. But what of the other names in the top ten on the Gallup" list? They are Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, George C. Marshall, Eleanor Roosevelt James Byrnes, Pope Pius XII, Sister Kenny and Thomas E. Dewey, in that order. Last year Mr. Churchill was in. fifth place, behind President Truman a*nd Mrs. Roosevelt. Now. a year further removed from Britain's highest office and the object of increased criticism at' home and abroad, his American popularity has increased. Last year Henry A. Wallace and Harold Stassen \vere among the top ten. Have Americans grown more conservative in the past 12 months'.' Before an answer is made it should also be noted that Herbert Hoover, who held sixth place on last year's list, is now missing. There are other items of interest. Last year Mr. Byrnes, as Secretary of State, was in tenth place. Now, retired, he is in seventh, ahead of Pope Pius, whose name did not appear in last year's first tea. All of us are hit by shadows. A of us experience days when we fee down m heart an<J spirit. No always do we find an immediat remedy—but there is one that promise will not fail anyone, t wit: Start, in some way, to lil someone else who is down—up! ] will surprise you how soon yo are not down, but up. ' I have had my downs and ups— many of each. I had them \vhe I used to run an elevator in Ch cage's Central Y. M. C. A.. 1 1 ha this down feeling before 1 starte to write this Talk. But just the the mail man brought me a lette from an old newspaper friend, wh wrote me-most encouragingly. Hi letter warmed my heart .and lifte ne right out of my "dumps." wondered why m y friend, whom had not seen for a long time ha the urge to write. Perhaps he too, was a little down, and wanle< to be lifted, as T am sure he-wa by his kind • act. 1 have known •», multitude of ( peo pie in my time, and among them have been many who were foreve doing some kind, thoughtful thin: for others. And they alway seemed happy —never themselve low or discouraged. Thank Goc it doesn't take money alone to lif up people. A kind thought and postage, stamp will do it, with th aid- of the railroad, the aeroplam and the postman. So—when you get down, think of someone to whbi.i you woulc like to give a lift. A letter, some flowers, a book, or a telegram wil uork wonders. It always has, anc always will. The bigger a persoi is the more appreciative he is. AI of us have a nostalgia to some degree. Our minds, in middle anc later life, creep back to earlier days —to simple things that gave u joy and enthusiasm for life. A re turn to those simple things, som of -them enacted anew; is in itsel a lift in spirit. You may sometimes be down— but not out! Bear that in mind We all have our troubles, but it ii so much easier to dump them—to ?et rid of them—than to carrj them. More of us ought to traye that train that might be called "Happiness. Unlimited!" Tomorrow Mr. Adams will talk on the subject: "Do Something About It!" Four Ex-Marines Join The Reserve Four ex-Marines were enlisted in .he Marine Corps inactive reserve this week, T/Sgt Vernon B. Deb nam, of the Marine Corps Recruit ng office in the post office build- ng announced, reminding that the- office will close here on March 27. The four men sworn in were- Richard E. Spidle, Fuakstown- Da vid E. Watson, -43 West Bethe street; James P. Malecki, 437 Me nioriaJ boulevard: James E. Ye'ager 715 South Potomac street. No applications for either the regulars or the inactive reserve will be accepted here after March 25. Applicants after that'date will have to go to Baltimore or Cumber land. The Pueblo Indians of the Southwestern United States have cultivated cotton for hundreds of years. Washington Merry-Go-Round (By DREW PEARSON) . Senator Vandenberg Made Statesmanlike Presenta tion of Greek Situation at Secret GOP Meeting energy, voiced the thoughts of • Washington, March IS — Forty- four o£ the 51 Republican Senators attended the very off-the-recorci session of the Republican conference, to hear Foreign Relations Chairman Arthur Vandenberg ex- • plain the Greek-Turkish situation. So anxious were they to prevent leaks from the secret session that even the' Senate employes, ordinarily on hand for GOP conferences, were locked out of the room. Senator, Vandenberg opened the blue ribbon session with a long, able explanation of the Near East emergency, making it plain that he feels the President must be supported in his request for 400 million dollars to block Commu nism in Greece and Turkey. Vandenberg was subjected to a relentless barrage of questions from GOP colleagues and handled himself well. Sometimes, however, he fell back on this stock- answer "That's an important question to be considered. If you will let me have it in writing. [ will see to it th'at it is answered during our hearings. It is information which the Senate should have/' During the entire conference, only two Senators—AVayne Morse of Oregon and Ray Baldwin of Connecticut—pledged all-out support for the. Presidential recommendations. The majority of others indicated by their questioning that they luive some doubt about the 'advisability of U. & intervention in Near East politics. In /act, there was a rumbling from 'the GOP Senators \vhen Vandenberg mentioned that in case the loan was not approved by Congress by March 31. an "advance" to Greece of 100 million might be made by (lie RFC. China Vs. Greece Much of the qHestioniiii; was aimed at finding out from V-uulcn- berg ho\v he could reconcile our proposed intervention in the Near East with administration policy elsewhere in H 10 world Why asked several Senators, should we be trying,to block Communism in the Near East when we have in effect, notified Chiang Kai-shek' he Cannot count upon our support unless he broadens his government to include Chinese Communists? Senator Bourke Hickenlooper of Towa, chairman of the vital Congressional committee on atomic some colleagues marked: when he re"I feel, and I think many of us here feel, a great fear for "the future. If we agree to provide these moneys., it seems to me we'll have to decide to go all the way. The only further step is war." * Senators William Jenner of Indiana and Bob'Taft of Ohio were highly critical- of the administration's handling of the matter. . "This is a momentous step we are asked to take," said Jenner an ex-Air Force officer. "Information that has come to me indicates tnat the administration has known since last October that the British would, have to pull out of these areas—yet w e are not told about it until early March." "I understand." Taft added, "that Foreign Minister Bevin told Secretary Byrnes last October this would happen, yet we were not told a word of it." "if that is true." replied Vanden- iJerg. "I certainly was not told of •N'o attempt was made to lay- down a formal GOP position; the meeting was . purely informative On e thing a large bloc of GOP Senators still wants to know | s where will the money come from to aid Greece and Turkey—later Korea. Palestine. India, and perhaps other countries in the battle to stop Conununjsm. There'll be end of it. they fear, and they see their hopes of budget balancing gone glimmering. Tax Czar Knutson Prussian-likc Chairman Harold Knutson bus long riled the Demo- cratsi hy his dictatorial control of the House Ways and Means Com- «mtec but now he is getting on Reiubhcan nerves. However it nok a Democrat to make Knutson neld a minor point the other day .lore Cooper of Tennessee, one M the sharpest members of the Committee, made a reference to *e previous day's testimony bv Secretary of the Treasury Snydef Knutson doubted the accuracy of Cooper's memory, and called upon he committee clerk to give him a copy of the transcript of Snyder's " *t the previous day's Uncle Shylock" Up To Date THE ONCE OVER By H. I. PHILLIPS (Released by The Associated Newspapers) Von Papen's Goose Gets Cooked It looks as if justice had a last caught up with Franz Von Papeu, the Oilcan That Walked Like a Man. * * * His own people have tossed hin into the hoosegow for eight years confiscated his property, strippec him of civil rights and ordered that for fifteen years after he gets put he may work only as a daj laborer. * + * Not only that but the court -ex eluded him from all political ot civic activities for life and billed aim for the cost of the trial. This looks like an answer at last to the question whether a greaseball can be degreased. * * « Von Papen was the world's N um her One pussyfooter, gumshoe boy "inioothy and all around fox. * * « He minced across the world's stage through two world wars slick, debonnair and smiling," as he hit Jelow the belt, played cards under :lie table, slipped gimmicks into the international slot machines and double crossed anybody not completely protected by full anti doiiblecrossing equipment. * * » He was a traveling refutation of the belief a snake has no hips. He was doing his dirty work in America in the first World Wai and he was following the old line all through the second. He was Herr Polecat any way you looked at him, and Von Stinkeroo in spades at any distance. * * ' * He was a-Prince of Skullduggery and a Baron of Dirty Work. His escutcheon showed a cluster of wet planks against a field of de- As Knutson started to turn the (Continued on Page S) Help Get Food Digeited to Relieve Yourself of This Nervous Distress Do you Teel all pufted-up and miserable liter every meal, taste sour, bitter food? I so, here Is fcow you may get blessed cllef in helping your stomach do the ob—It should be doing—in the dlges- lon of Its food. Everytlme food enters the stomach a ital gastric Juice must flow normally to reak-up certain food particles; else the ood may ferment. Sour food, acid Indl- estlon and gas frequently cause a mor- a touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous onditlon, loss of appetite, underweight estless sleep, weakness. To get real relief you must increase he flow of this vital gastric juice. Medt- :al authorities. 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ALUM-NUM COMBINATION STORM WINDOWS and SCREENS Weather Stripping Caulking - Awnings Venetian Blinds Prompt Delivery THOMAS & SONS, Inc. Boonsboro. Md. Phone 22-F-4 KeedysvHIe -—•—---—«•. PATRONIZE YOUR Municipal Electric Light Plant Maintained for the Sole Benefit of the Citizens and Taxpayer* of Haflerstown. Office hours 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Daily Phones 765-766 composed toadstools. * * * ; it is hard to tell what any diplomat is doiug at time, but you always knew that what Franz was doing was strictly rodent. * * * . He was Brother Rat in techni- color. He was so slippery he even escaped punishment in the famous German War trials on the ground that Political crimes are not criminal offenses. The judges must have felt that the trial needed one amusing note. " next the level with anybody, even" the Croups he pretended to serve. an official diagnosis that his wriggle has been removed. Supplemented by an expert opinion that he can be held permanently between two rubber gloves. It is estimated that it cost $144 more per year to operate an average motor vehicle over dirt roads than the cost would have been had the roads been paved. Selection of CABINET BASES and UTILITY CABINETS JACOBSON'S Furniture Store 15-18 West Franklin St. Vest Pocket Essays By COL. STOOPNAGLE Polo Polo consists of rich athletes trying to sit on.horses while hold ing the reins hi one hand, a flexi ble mallet in the other, taking nasty swipes at an elusive bal and missing it entirely most of the time, sometimes. The game is Ulayed on a field, or ground, which must not exceed 300 yards by 160 yards if there are boards around it, and the goals may not be less than 250 yards apart, each goa, being S yards wide. Players can not be more than l yard wide and must weigh less than the pon> they're riding. Ponies must have front and back legs, must like to play games and be at least as in telligent as their owners. There are four players on eacl side while the game is on> althoug] oodles of other players are avail able at all times for substitution The side getting thr most goals wins. The side getting the few est goals wins, too, sometimes provided they have a big enough handicap. If there's a third side there's something screwy some where. Two umpires are required foi first-class matches, and, in addi tion, a referee, who decides what the umpires can't decide. The word "polo" is derived from the Tibetan word "pulu," a ball Why Thousands of Doctors Have Prescribed must be good when tho*- or Docton have prescribed it for *o m»ny years, rarussnr acts at onc« to relieve Buch coughing. It actually loosens phlegm and makes It easier to raise. Safe and effective for both oM wad young. Pleasant tasting, tool ELECTRIC WIRING and REPAIRS Protect your properly and self. Avoid nres, serious accidents by havintr your electric wiring placed in a safe condition by expert electricians. Call us for quick and efficient servic*. A. G. Crunkleton Elec. Co., Inc. I'hurie "M Ifaxcrstoivn I'lionc 2'^ Grccncniitle NEW & UNREDEEMED Diamonds — Jewelry Military W«tche» Luggage —. Binocular* Silver - Sporting Goods Musical Instruments TYPEWRITERS FOR RENT Harry s Loan Office 55 North Jonathan Street Ralph Fiery Has More Than 400 Beautiful Patterns IN STOCK For You To Select From! IP ~7{4f vy Vk?»=rf ^*3feW^ • -£&' ^rg* «#V'3fW^% THE YORKSHIRE very practical patt«rn to companion with « wide variety of iconics or Colonials for adjoining roomi. Eight superb ttylei from which to select We Have Our Own Paper Hangers - Paper Removers Painters and Plasterers J. Ralph Fiery 66 W. Franklin St. Phone 3871 Polo became popular when the Ti- betaus got tibetau on it. The game is divided into chuk- kers, or periods. At half time the Players relax for a spot of tiffin and the horses for a spot of oats, laen the onlookers dance to the POLOnaise. At three-quarter time of course. Polo has kept its skirts clean aud no stigma of professional "fixing" has ever besmirched its fair mime. A polo player couldn't throw a game if he wanted to; his pony wouldn't let him. The only thing a pony would throw would be a polo player. Dried snake venom retains its poisonous qualities unaltered. AUTOIST FINED Joseph L Rafter, 19, 131 Ray street, was fined $10 and costs ou a reckless driving charge and $5 and costs for driving without a registration card in his possession when he was convicted by Magistate Ma*tin V. B. Bostetter yesterday. Rafter was arrested by city police Monday after the auto he was driving collided with a parked SPECIAL L LACE TABLE CLOTHS 72x90 $2.98 Kaybee Peoples Store 15 W. Washington St. Ph. 667 truck oa Hammond avenue, causing a total damage of $750. Rafter was traveling east on Hammond avenue when he struck the truck owned by the B. & G. Implement Co. WOOLEN, RUGS FIBER RUGS CONGOLEUM RUGS 'AM Reasonably Priced At Meyers & Berkson 41-43 W. 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Door Closer 1.98 •cylinder ctoiei hea*y doors 89c fcp q«o**y 64** gross sboocs. BoB artfiog Punfap Nozzfe broti. Adf»j4i wom flrw ipr ay hvhe<nry of jfcvt am. 6 N. POTOMAC ST. PHONE 2825

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