Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 15, 1926 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1926
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ••1 ••. - - ) i : ICH/SS. F. SCOTT Bliter<^d at the lola Fostomce Sccodd Class Matter. < OfflcUl Papir City of lolk orricfal Paper City of Bassett . Official, Paper Allen County. Telephone .v.i .". li (Prl>^to Branch GxchanKC Connectins • _. ' All Dcpartmmts) , THE IOLA; DAILY BEGISTEB.. TUESDAY • TG.JliNE !15.1926> r Member of— '• National, Editorial Atioclatlon.- Kansas Pre** Aasoelatlon. , The Kansas Daily Leaaae. " •• • ufal" Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press Cbngress'of the World. Inland Dally J >ress Association. i= SUBSCRIPTION RATES..,, By Carrier In lola. CJss City. LoHarpe and Uiissett. One Wrfik ...-15 Cents One Moiitli • i70 Cont>» One-Year -IV.SO By MAIL In Allen County One Yoar Six MoiithB Thrw MontbH , i »lf Qjiu Month i... ........Ml OutBiae Allen County t One Tear ....^ Six Months »2.60 Thne Months .11.00 MEMBER: ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Hi-Bistcr carries the Ansoclated Press report by Hpeolal lea-sed wire. .'J"he Aiwociatnd Itess in exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news nisT'atehf* credited to It or not otlierwl.Me credited in thi.<i paper, and also the local news-published herein. All riKhts or republication of npecial • dispatches herein are also reserved. Bible Thought for Today. Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure and pressed down and shaken together.—Luke 6:.3S.' LKT.S B<K».ST BISIXESS IJronson' Pilot: Let's talk prosperity luid-generuKBood times.;./ AVe are livi npinlhe best c6initry .in tlic world and we wouldn't change conditions with any other iiation under tlie sun. The sense of sattstaction wliiC |h conies to us lhn|ugh this fact s|Iioult]|' be the ' batiis of a splendid ' optimisnu _ Let'.s . boost »• our TOWN, our STATE, our NATIO.N'. There may be certain changes going on in our country in fife and industry, but the Old United Slates is basicnlty J sound. We Jtrc proud to'Iive here, - we.c'Kleem .our citizensliip, we ap- 'prt't-iate our opportunities, we rfivore our nation's Iristory, and iK -r instiiuU'ons, and stand ready to fislit for her honor and integrity. Lets bury pessimism so.deep that '-(•vcn Cabricl's trumpet cannot reKurrccl it. , Let's entlirone ^ optimism—en- tliu.«iaKlic, c.xallfd, -intrepid optimism! Let's not rock (he boat. Kveitytliing is all ripilit. We have ; blie of tbe r itthga tUs jlrlmary law was to-do, you wijl, remetnber. was tb "purifjr polities'* snd ellin-- Inate the scandal of large expei^dl- iures of money t9 control nominal ting conventloqe: Well, there 'was a - primary in jpennsylranfa i few days ago, and a; Senatori|il committee, appointed ' to inrestlgat^ It, reports that the three candidates together spent at j least $1,800:000 and perhaps a few'hundred thousand more. One of these candidates. Gov. Pinchot, Is something of a Bpeeiallst In puro politics, and-yet ho confesses to having spent upwards of $300,000 of his own money, his wife's money and his friends' money in the futile attempt to win the tioihlnation. The other two candidates, not .being so punctilious in the use of money is a compsl^n, spent more. It is only fair to these candidates to say they deny they spent money corruptly to Influence voters. They^ spent it they say In perfectly legitimate advertising, organizing, hall- hirbg, band<;playing' and the like. But looking at the huge sum each of the candidates spent'one can see how miibh show a poor man would have had In tliat tight! Whatever else the primary law has done or not done, it has put the poor man candidate for county ofticei out of business as a 1— anything more than a • trcindmlous national wealth, im•; niense natural resour.'cs, the best ;.;co£;r:iiiliical location t>n the globe, iincomparable intelligence, indomitable strengtli—every thing to make and boost business. While the rest of the world is fussing around and cutting up a bit, it makes it all tlio more essential tli;(t we should express confident optimism toward the stability ol our national prosperity. - - This paper is still waiting for some of the "farjn relief" boosters _ to e.\pl<iin what they mean when ttiey'; talk Tabout "adapting the tarifi! to thcuproticiion of the farm HurpTtis as it is adapted to the pro-, tection of the factory surplus." • These boosters talk as It the tariff on nianufactured goods in some niysicrious i way follows those goods into ' foreign- markets and protects them there as well as at home, while Iho tariff on farm products in sonie equally mysterious -• way fails to follow them away from -iKjinie. The llegister has always underlitpod that American_ factory Kuri)lusi-s when stripped abroad had to; take what the world was willing to give, just as American furnv .^surpluses do. Senator Capper amf the rest of the farm bloc insist this is liot tlie" case. Wu should like to • see a diagram. A few weeks iigo Senator Sijit- terthwalte, publisher of the Douglas Tribune, announced that he would be a -candidate for the Legislature. Later Miss Stella B. Haynes of Augusta also announced for the placcj Thereupon Senator Sattertliwaite promptly and grace fully withdrew, saying, among other nice things: | ; "If we arc ifoth asking.thc place, one is sure tojbe defeated. I would not like to ^le defeated by Miss Stella: and it|would appear SBlfish and ungallantj upon my part to go before the cljiiens of the district asking them ijo defeat her for my sake." Could anytljing bo more generous and gilllant than that! Liitile Benny's Note Book ! (By Lee Pape) Imifflt Retief Froq All kinds <^f curious accident can iliaflp'en ini this, motor car age In Ilonncr Springs recently a man was drivingV up the street on mowing machine with the lines dragging five j or six feqt on the ground behind lliim. A woman com ing-around thie corner in her car with her nephew driving ran upon the lines and stopped i the team Before the car could he stopped ran Into the j mower denting .the radiator. Thoiwoman expostulated the man on thi; mower swore back and later paid jfS.'OO and costs. The nephew was arrested for reckless driving but discharged. The moral seems to be that drivers of iniowcrs should not let their lines drag. Tltu uuioM mine workers of America recenlly w(Snt-iiito court in West Virginia deiuaiiding that nu iiijunction I)e i.ssiied torbiibHtig (iiu-owncrri of certain co:il minV.s lo opci'atc them ati a wage scale lower than the union scale for .i>iddjng employe^ jto hire othi^r .than union miners,- ^nd iirohiliitinf tlio companies from j evicting unioi , niembers not cnni)loyied by the com- •pany from compariy houses, it would be hard to imagLuc demands more restriclivc ot iiersonal liberty tlmn these and it is gratifying to knQw that tlie injunction was de- nictl. If labor leaders ol a certain type coulh have their way liberty in AmeriK^ would be as much a lost art' as it is in Russia. Whether anything comes of it or not,—and there is no reastm why great deal should not come of it—acclamation which gteeted Sfeth WellSr of Erie, in Parsons the other liight as "the,Republican candidate for .governor in 192S," was highly, flattering and could not have been otherwise than gratifying to the recipient ot It. Mr. W'ells is- one of the Old Guard of Kansas llepub- licana who lias never rocked the boat, nor failed to jjiill his full weight in it and if he is nominated and elected Kansas will have Republican Governor all right. Since the Supreme Court handed down its decision some two montlis .ago. holding that any bank de3ir- ing to withdraw from the bank guaranty fund, might do so upon giving the. six imonths notice required by the law, 125 banks have filed notice of their Intended withdrawal. The fund is^ about five million' dollars In debt.' And yet when a bank failed the other day the announcement went out that "tln! deposilors' would lose nothing b (?cauHe the bank wan a member of the Guaranty Fund!" i Archie- - Jarrell,' in the Wichita Beacon, expresses regret that some nevvspapcj;^ made a remark about the "unwritten law." Now that members of the Legislature have heard of it he feels sure that at the nc.vt session it will be put upon ;tho statiite bo4ks. Most of the Economic discontent Dt our daiy grows out ot the desire of everybody tb buy cheap and sell ' deaf. Most of -lis think we ought to buy the other fellow's product for a song, hut we want a good 'roun (J price for our own product. The movies must bo lotflng their popularity. At any rate Miss Ethel Phillips who awiuircd fame last March when .she was chosen as the most beautiful girl In Southeast Kansas, instead of going to Hollywood Is 'toeing .boosted as a Democratic candidate for, the office ot County Superintendent in Labette county. . Wm They Move to Washington? Albert Stump. .38. attorney and World War vcterany hn6 never Ix-en in politic? and liaH no organl7 ,-ition; but ho stepped out and won the IJemo- cratic 'nominhtiph for 13. Sl senator in Indiana, and will opimsc Senator Jamcd E. Watson this fall, "jrhls photo .shows him .with his familyj Left lo right"; they are siargarct. Sy Mr. .Stumi>;: Cobby, 4, .Mrs. Stump, and Tnm. « l.V THE HAY'S >EWS. Rt, Rev. Henry St. George Tucker, who has accepted election as bishop coadjutor of the Episcopal diocese ot Virginia, was formerly bishop ot Kioto, Japan, where he made a splendid record of achicvc- meht. W'hen he first went to Japan, after graduating from the University of Virginia, he was assigned to w^ork in the northern part of the empire. He had been there about four years when all northern Japan sufferetl from the failure ot crops. Largely through the efforts of the missionaries, under tiie leadership ot Bishop Tuck- cr, a vast amount ot famine relief was secured from abroad and distributed among the sufferers. For some, years the Rev. Dr. Tucker was president of St. Palil's t;ol- lege at Tokio, and in 1912 was consecrated bishop of Kioto. Bishop "Tucker is the son of the Rt. Rev. Beverly D. Tucker, of South'ern Virginia,- father and siyi sitting in the Aihericaii house of bishosp, the first case ot the kind In'the history ot the organization. C ROSS C URRENTS (A. C. S.) Talking! about P°^^^^y' The people pt. Kansas spent 45. million dollars for gasoline last year. What would they hare done with all ihdt money "if they had had it thirty years; ago when nobody bought gasoline except the clothes cleaners? . After a long deadlock tlie Coun- CommiHsloners of .M <iiitg(iiiiery county have finally maiio a very Hallsfactory fieljjrmenl? [ of their road problem by agrecliig to c<m- Htruct a concrete road from Cherryvale to Liberty where it will connect with a gravel road lo Coffcy- villCi and then to build another concrete road from the cast liiic of the county through Coffeyville to Independence. • Better not take a vacation. The Boss may fire you when he finds how easily he can get along without, you. • * Xever try to strike a match on the under side of a chair at the soda fountain because you can't strike matches on chewing gum to save your life. • » • In Los Angeles a girl watjts ?10,000 because he kissed her once. In lola they are satisfied with a llineadc. 1 » • * : Before U girl gives a man her jiand she should be sure lie doesn't want to put a scrub brush in it. I • • * ' .:ln Miami, Florida, a contest to find the most polite cop in town (ailed. So did a contest we promoted once to see who could stand oil:his"head and take off his shoes lh(i quickest. Y.\TK.SHF:.>TEI{. Juno 14.—Mr. and .Mrs. Coleman Swojie and faniilj'^lcrt' Saturday morning lor ilifferent points - in California lor o six weeks' visit with relatives. Harold Swopc will carry the mail on Route 3 wliile his father is gone. .Mr. and .Mr.s. A. B. McCullough of Neosho Kails were in Yates Center Friday cveniiig on business.. .Mr.s. Emma Darwin has returned from Kansas City after a pleasant vi:-it with relatives. . Miss Mary Ilorney of Le Roy is here, for a visit with her niece, Mrs. Leon Jarrett. Miss Homey will also visit relatives in Fredouia before she rettlrn^i home. .Mt .ss Juanila Delauglider of f .'r 'd- Ii ?y was visiting friends here Saturday. -Mr.'and Mrs. Ed ords of Law- rei)ce are lure for u visit with their daughter, .Mrs. RoIIis King and Mr. Ivlng. i Mr. and .Mrs. D. Crawford :ini} .Miss Margaret Cook wore calling on friends in .N'eosho Falls Thursday evening. .Mr. .1. L. Sox and Roy left Friday in their c^ir for Southern Texas on business. - They expect to be gone several Weeks. -Mrs. Cora Patterson of Berkley. Calif., returned to her, home Friday evening after a two weeks' visit with her parents .Mr. and .Mr.-^'. J. J. Camac. and her s<>n, Earle Patter.son and other relative«; .Mr. and .Mrs. Glenn Wiiitershido of Gridlcy spent Sunday with .Mrs. i Winter^;hide'.•^ parents. .Mr. anil .Mrs. S. R. Richards. • . A number of Woodson county R. F. 1). carriers are planning to' attend a pien!(; in Kniporia Jiinc E. L. McCullough of .N'eosho Falls siienl Saturd.ay here in tlio intcr- e.-:t of his furniture .'^tore he has hi-re. Mr. McCullough is enjoying a splendid business. The furniture is first class and prices are right-. .Mrs. Anna Donncrherg of Des .AToines. Iowa, who I '.as spent 'several months here visiting relaliviS. will return to her home one day this week. .Mrs, Dora .Merrill was called to Pittsburg, Kans., the latter part of the week. Her mother is dangerously ill. I . Mr. and -Mrs. Glenn Mitchell entertained rclatifcs from Buffalo Sunday. , Virginia Cook of Wv^t Center six'Ut the week end with her grandmother, .Mrs. Eiina Cook. Leon Jarrett is driving a Dodge sedan. ""Mr. and .Mrs. Cha's. Smith, north of town. iuireha.sed a ii<-w Dodge sedan Friday ot Opperman anil Lauber. . Me and Puds SImkins was waw^k- Ing to .skool tawking. about different subjects sulch "as how they.: get the lead in pencils and if our skin would of bin Ji diftrent color it we had of bin born in; tlie middle ot Atricka, and ^est-tlicii a aireo- planc went pass up in the air. Puds saying, O boy, I wish 1 was up there instead ot down here. Just think of sailing along tip there a tiiousand miles a minnit and not a skool in site,' O boy he sed. AireDplahcH dont go eny thou.s- and miles a minnit, Avats you tawk- ing abotjt, even a streak ot lightning dtint hardly go that fast, I sed. How -do you inowitdont, was you ever a. streek ot lightning? Puds sed. No. but how iJo you know it does, was you?' I bet a aireoplaiie could go erround the werld in about;5 days. \ ' 5 days, good nUe, your crazy,-G wizz, 5 days, how do you get that way? I sed and_ Puds sed. Yes, you herd me; 5 days. And we stopped rn the middle ^)f the payment and kepp on argew^- ing itbout it, proberly making a .good eel ot noise on account of .seme niessinger boy going pass on :> bysickel yelling. Hay, hire a hall, ami by the time we got to skool it was-late alreddy. Miss Kitty say- in .g. \yell now izzent this too bad, I hope at leest that you 2 boys have a good ixcuse. Yes mam, I sed. Yes mam. Puds sed. AVcIl wal it is, I fecr the worst. Miss Kitty sed, and I sed. We was argewing. about how fast a airco- piane can fly erround the werhl, and it made us a little' slow. My fcers are. realized, you may both remaiir~a" half 'hour after skool; Mis5 Kitty sod. • "Wich wo did. Vote On .McNary .BUI . (By the A.«sociated Pross> TVashington^^ Juhe 14.^'rhe S(^- ste expects to idispose of the &tc- Nary equalization fee farm re^' lief measure this week through limitation of the discussion'after today's debate. ' .... . —No sensible person will coii As the vote approaches, propon- tinue to gutter from thoso intense entg of the measure -ar^ increasing , agonizing; throbbing bunion paint thjjik* efforts to gkin the support of when the now powerful penetratinj Denlocrats fron^ the cotton produc- yet harmless' antiseptic Emeralt Ling states, without which the mea- Oil .can readily be obtained at anj sure will be defeated. ' well stocked drug, .store. - " .^^— _ - Apply a few drops over the in- Ite!r)enhach>DeIaner Fight Changed flamed swollen joint and see how I (By the A.'!l»oei.-%t<',i I 'rcss) speedily the pain disappears. "A Ncjw York, June 14—The Psuil few more applications and the Bcrienbach-Jack- Dclany* light swollen joint is reduced to normal, heavyweight championship match .So marvelously powerful - is will fake, place at the Polo Emerald Oil that soft corns seem Grounds about/^ the middle of July, to shrivel right uj)' and drop off. Promoter "Humbert Fug.-izy an- Cook's Drug Store guarantees It nounced today. It originally was and is dispensing it-to many foot booked for Ebbets Field, June 22. suffereirB. W N I T E D a TAT E S T 1 R r S A I R E ; C OOP T I R E a Corhct Wins Touniaiucnt (H.V til.' .\s.<.ifi:il.-,| Pr.-ss»' , Paris, June 14.—Henri CocJirt to'(iay won the hard i-ingles cliaiiipionship, defeating iiene L.nroste in straight sets at t;-2. G-4, G-n. A jjoeket pencil thr.t will write'in any one of five colors is- a new convenience to, the orfi<-e worker. It is of the self-fe'edinglype. Wheii a l<-ad of a certain cfjlor lie_ used, an indicator near ^tlie. i>oint is turned until it registers the desired color. A group of factory bnildings on the United States Rubber Company's plantation at Ki- saran, Somatra, iiiclnding four • Siirayed Rubber Producing iJnits. More of these plants for • nroducingSprayed Rubbcrare icing built throughout TEe Tar East by the United States Ilubbcr Company. Answering some Questions about the New "^Sprayed Rubber Q-r-What is Sprayed Rubber? A—It is an entirely new fo -m of crutlc rubber pro- ductxl from rubber latex vithoiit the use of ^moke— •or chemicals. Q—Who produces it? 53 -«r More vfillincreaseryour. earning abilif^ Smith Wildman Brookhart, nominated for Senator in Iowa, thinks it'would 1)0 Wi^ to limit earnings of capital to 6 per' cent and put control of Government* "entirely" 4fl the hands of labor." 'Whoever gavff that bird the- middle home he carries was a prophet all right An Iowa Republican ot purest rny^serene, visiting In lola recently came upon copies pt the. Register in which editorial comment had been made upon the recent Senatorial jirlmary in Iowa, and sent a number' of the papers back to friends at home. "It is the most accurate and truthful summing up ot the situation I, have seen," he commented, "and I wish the Iowa papers had the nervo to print it— but I don't think they have." Ruth Bryan lost out In her race for Co<igrc8s'down in Florida, and is telling the world the reason why. The wofld Isn't IntoresteiL. Today Is the anniversary of Magna Charta, Juno 15. 1215, the real beginning of Anglo-Saxon liberty. Dodge (Jily—Farmers ot ,southwest IC'insas expect ((j pay about .* I 00 :t day for harvest lalior. It is eHtini.-iled that several Counties inihis pa.-t of the alate will need as many ,is 2,000; extra hands each (lufing the rush season. The early season gossip that '.'IJabe" Ruth was slipping has now been put away in moth, balls. HiiHhfn.son—For stealing .«21.f;o wi.rfh of chitrkens Charles Kilpat- rlek must sp.iid one year in the Reno county jail. Whfit Sfciniiy Men Ongbt to Know Secretary Mellon has refused to endorse an^ of the.proposed farm relief measures. In other words bb la not a candidate for Congress. —You probably know that Cod Liver Oil is the greatest flesh producer in the world, i . Becanse it contains, more Vita- mines than any food you can get.. You'll be glad ,to know that Cod Liver Oil comes in sugar-coated tablets now,, so it you .really want to put-10 or 20 ' ijounds ot real healthy flesh on your bones and, f<iel well and strong ask The Evans Store or any druggist for a box of McCoy's Cod;Liver Oil Compound Tablets. Only fiO cents tor 60 tablets and if you don't gain five pounds in 30 days your druggist is authorized h) hand you back the money you paid for thorn. It isn't anything tinusual for a person to gain 10 pounds in days. •'Oct McCoy's, tlio original and ^euttiiio Cod Liver Oil Tablet." : One 50c Brick Bennett s Ice Cream F Ri: E!! Wednesday Only With Each Purchase of $1.00 Or Over At GOOKS T is the red blooded'people who X, win success in this world! Red blood gives men and women the vitality—-the energy — the strength and the activity^to earn what they deserveI Nobody can do justice to them- solves when they, are suffering for want of rich, red blood. It is this Impoverished.conditioii of thc_blo()d that causes so many failures in life. There's no place at the topi for tho weaicIftig -T -.tho men and . women with poor,, weak blood. . Build up your blood! • Get in the red-blooded class—^and get the rewards you deserve. S. S. S. will do It for you! S. S. S. helps Nature build millions of rcd-blood-cells! S. S. S. sends rich, red blood tingling to every fibre of your body and every pore of your skin. You aro fairly radiant with energy, vin^ and vitality. You'll look like success, too! Tho rich, red blood that S. S. S. Bclps Nature build for you Will clear your skin of any ugly blemishes — your eyes will Bparklc _wlth enthusi- jsm-~flrm, solid flesh will round out your ngiiro—strength and power will como to weak, flabby muscles. All drug stores sell S. S. S. The larger bottle is more economical, i V.,.' A—The United States Rub^)cr Company. €1—Where? A—In Java and at it's rubbc ' plantations in Sumatra and on the Malay Peninsula, by means of a sp«^cial patented id by its Icchnical staff and by means of special i)atent.ed apparatus also ; designed by United Stt tes Rubljer Company fedmicians. Q—What are its adtanta^es? A—^It is used in just the same manner as any other form of crude rubber—butjbeing produced without the use of smoke or chemicals, it is cleaner, more uniform in texture and has 4 higher tensile strength. Q—Is it used in builditigWnitefl States Tires? A— YGS. Millions of pounds (if it have been used, and more and more will be used all the time as new- plants for producing it are cpmpletcd by • !rj United States Rubber Conipany in the Ear East. Q—Does the United States Rubber Company make Sprayed Rubber only frorh rubber latex from its oicn plantation^ A—No. The Company conaders tlAt Sprayed Rubber is markedly superior i!o mbher derived from latex by the old methods. Therefore it has located factory imits for producing Sprayed Rubber in • various rubber producing areas'in the Fai* East, thus supplementing the supply made from the .. latex from its qwn trees. United States (&bber Dompany UNITED STATES CORD^ BALI^OaN For Solely * , 'EILIS^SWONGER 2M-16 North Washington CO. Phone 30 The Best- Your Last Tribute A WORTH WHILE TRIBUTE Should be a perman(int one, but ii should also be more than a block of stone. A fitting memorial ex-^' presses. artistically_the full deP|tH of your feeling. lA;t us .show you«!at variety of designs which our equipment riiakeS possible. MONUMENTAX, WORjKS 301 Sonth Washington, Phone 676

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