Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 7, 1953 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1953
Page 26
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Farm Implement*— Firm Implements—' One of the Largest Selections of Farm Equipment in the State to Choose From, Yet We Need More FINANCE TERMS AVAILABLE Just arrived — Trailer load I'TO combination manure spreaders, For age wagons, Automatic cattle bunk feeders, priced from $439.00, Trailer load of double chain elevators from 32 ft., 36 ft., and 40 ft, priced from $316.00 up, 4 — Woods 1 row corn pickers $1066.00. New Ford NAA Tractors $1625.00 up. New M & M UB Tractor OR rubber $2552.00 up. New M&M2 row corn pickers $1553.00 New M ft M mounted picker for UB $1475.00. New M & M tractor manure spreader $415.00. New M & M 10-7 double disc grain drill $492.25.« New ft. power mower $244.00. New M & M 3-14 plow $320.00. New M St M 2-14 nlow $230.00. New M & M It $1500.00. New Dearborn baler $2406.00. New Ford 2-14 plow $200.00. New Ford Cultivator $219.44. New Ford 6 ft. side mower $367.13. New Ford Blade $103.24. New Ford Standard Loader $222.38. New Ford Cement Mixer $156.38. New Ford post hole digger with 10" auger $258.64. TWINE AND WIRE GUARANTEED BALER TWINE AS LOW AS $9.75 PER BUNDLE. DON'T FAIL TO GET OUR PRICES ON BALING WIRE FOR NEXT SPRING, GET THAT EXTRA PRICE FOR EARLY ORDERS. NO MONEY TILL SPRING. 8 ft. Dunham mulchcr $330.25. 10 ft. Dunham mulchcr $460.50. 0 Blade 18" Dunham wheel disc for $537.50. 8 Blade 18'' Dunham wheel disc for $502.50. New Coby Wagon gear for $141.00. New Hotchkiss flare box $124.00. New Hotchkiss 6x10 Box $164.00. New Cardinal 16 ft. elevator $159.00. New Harvey Corn Sheller with cob stacker $199.50. New Harvey 9" Hammermill $169.00. New Harvey 11" Hammermill with feed table $299.50. New G & D PTO speed jack $65.00. 18 ft. section LitClc Giant elevator. l__Tractor Cab $99.00. New Sop hydraulic loaders for $250.00 installed. New Fox Forage Harvesters base unit a slow as $1347.00. New New Holland PTO side rake $299.50. WE NEED MORE GOOD USED TRACTORS. ANYTHING WITH STARTER AND ROAD GEARS. WOULD LIKE TO TRADE FOR CAT TYPE TRACTOR WITH DOZER. AS MUCH AS 3 YEARS TO PAY ON SOME ITEMS. ASK US ABOUT IT. USED FARM EQUIPMENT —Case Baler $225.00. —1945 Case Baler, Automatic, $695.00. —Case NCM Baler $295.00. —M & M Automatic Baler, $1795.00. —M & M Automatic Baler $1095 —John Deere Blower and Pipe, $150.00. —Fox Chopper with corn head, $995.00. Skyline Chopper with motor, $795.00. —Skyline Chopper with motor, $995.00. —AC Combine $125.00. —Case Combine with motor, $595.00. —John Deere 12A Combine, $325.00. —M & M G4 Combine $2000.00. —M & M J2 Combine 9 ft. P.T.O. $750.00. —Corn Saver $65.00. M & M Cultivator $150.00. Rapid Post Hole Digger $85. Case 11' Disc $95.00. —Case 10' Disc $95.00. —M St M Disc $125.00. —Columbia 40' Elevator $175.00. —David Bradley Elevator $70. —Papec Ensilage Cutter $25.00. —John Deere Hammermill, $65.00. firm Machinery—IftA SPECIALISTS IN WELDING EQUIPMENT FOR FARM «c INDUSTRY Mii;er Are Welder* Purox Torchon & Regulators P & H Welders & Electrodes Oxygen & Acetylene Cylinders WELDERS SUPPLY COMPANY B47 Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg, 111, AVON FARM SUPPLY Oliver &. New Idea Jiolpoint — Amana Appliances Avon, III. Phone 147 FAYIIER IMPLEMENT Prairie City, 111. CO. Willy* Overland, Kalser-Franer, OMC. M & M Farm Machinery, Fox Forage and Hay Choppers and Blower*, Ford Tractors and Ford-Dearborn Farm Equipment. DRAIN TILE 4, 8, 6, 8, 10 and 12 Inch. Complete Mock of Joints. Richard Hill. Phillips Cfl Service Station. Feeds and Farm Supplies, Alexis. 111. Phone 19 YATES CITY IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere Machinery. OE Appliances Phone 181 Yates City, 111 livestock— FURKRRED Hampshire buck arid old ewe*. Kenneth three 3-ycar J on es, Ph ont 0219, G» 1 y*, RAMS. One 2 yr. old Hampshire, one 2 ,vr, old Oxford. Also 2 H.P. electric motor. Dean Loch, Avon, 111. Phone 288R. _ BOARS — 11 purebred Hampshire. Bangs tested and double treated for cholera. Kenneth Jones, Phone 9219, Oalvn. BLOCK-- T)u roc boars for sale at private treaty. Plenty of growth. 3. W. Block Ar Son, Maquon, 111., B miles east of Gllson. ARTIFICIAL BREEDING Proven Bulls Six Breeds HORNBAKER ANIMAL HOSPITAL Phone 8-1643 PEARSON PONTIAC Case & Oliver Abingdon, 111. Phone 36 NEW AND USED MACHINERY Duesterhaus Implement Co. YOUR FERGUSON DEALER Knoxvllle Road, Rt. 3 Phone 4779 Gatesburg^Ill. "LINCOLN"" FARM WELDERS Portable and Stationary Models. ZIMMER FARM STORE Abingdon TUCKER'S y 2 Mi. South Williamsfield 1~-M0 Ford 4-Door. 2—K5 Trucks. 1—KB7 Truck, 1—Fl Ford Truck. 1—KB2 Pickup Truck, 1—43 M Tractor. 2—H Farmall Tractors. 1—John Deere A Tractor. l—L Case Tractor. 1—C.C. Case Tractor. 1—D.C. Case Tractor. 1—F20 Tractor. 1—Regular Farmnll. 1—J.D. B Tractor. 2-2M IH Pickers. 1-No. 24 IH Picker. I—AC Picker. 1—51 Case P 1-Row Picker. 1-M.H. SP Corn Picker. 3— Fruehaul Stock Trailer. 2 - section harrow.l—David Bradley Tractor $125.00. 1- " Hotchkiss $65.00. —1HC Hayloadcr $25.00. —Lime Spreader $25.00. —Coats Loader $75.00. —Ford Rear End Loader $45.00. —G & D Loader $100.00. —Super Six Loader $250.00. —David Bradley 7 ft. Mower, $125.00. —Dearborn Mower $150.00. —Ford Rear Mount Mower, $125.00. —International Mower, $95. —International Mower $135.00. —GI Picker—Make us an offer. —IHC 2 row picker $200.00. —IHC 1M Picker $200.00. —IHC IP Picker $350.00. —New Idea Picker $595.00. —New Idea Picker $195.00. —IHC Model 24 Picker $250.00. WE HAVE A GOOD STORE 1—M & M RH5 Picker $150.00. 1—New Idea Picker $350.00. 1—Oliver 2-row Picker $95.00. 1—Oliver 2-row Picker $95.00. 1—IIIC Plow model 2-14 $75.00. 1—John Deere Plow Model 2-14, $195.00. 1—.John Deere 2 bottom plow, $135.00. 1—M & M plow $95.00. 1—Oliver 3-18 plow $75.00. 1—Oliver 2-14 plow $75.00. 1—IHC Power Mower $150.00. 1—Newton Power Mower for Ford $150.00. 1—Roller $25.00. 1—Dunham 7 ft. Rotary Hoc, $45.00. 1—IHC Double Roller $112.00. 1—Oliver Stover Sheller $125.00. 1—Humbolt Stalk Cutter $125.00. 1—IHC 4 blade Stalk Cutter, 850.00. 1—IHC 4 wheel Spreader $150.00. 1—Seaman Tiller $275.00. 1—Case Tractor St Cultivator CC $225.00. 1—Case Model SC Tractor and Cultivator $600.00. 1—David Bradley Tractor and Cultivator $285.00. 1—Ford Tractor and Loader, 1948, $875.00. IHC Model C Tractor, like new $895.00. 1—John Deere Tractor and Cultivator $295.00. 1—Farmall 20 Tractor and Cultivator $200.00. 1—AC Tractor (Crawler) Model K $500.00. 1—1948 M & M Model R Tractor, $650.00. 1—M & M Model Z Tractor, $750.00. 1—Tractor Cab Ford $35.00. 1—IHC Tractor and Picker $225. 1—John Deere Model D Tractor, $175.00. 1—Wagon Hoist $125.00. 1—Ford Weeder $25.00. 1—1946 Aeronca Plane $695.00. WANT A 4 PLACE PLANE WITH LOW TIME? BUILDING IN PRAIRIE CITY TO CORN PICKERS — 1952 Woods, like new: 1948 AC 2-row, mounted: IHC 24 mounted. Combines: 1951 MH 7-ft., perfect: 1951 AC 60. perfect; 1948 Case 6»ft., with motor, good. All priced to sell. A good assortment of used tractors at all times WEBB IMPLEMENT CO. Phone 533 — Buslincll, 111. BOARS—30 registered Spotted Poland China boars. 6 ml. east, 1 ml. south, and Hi ml. east of Galva. E. G. Duslln_& Sons, Galva. BULLS—3 dark red registered Polled Shorthorns. Ready for heavy Service. Also extra good New Idea 2 -row picker, picked 3 Jieasons, fine shape, ready to j?o to field. H. Cox and Sons, nt. 3, Galesburg. The Daily; Register-Mail, Galesburg, 111 Wedn68dayj, i ,Qc.tQfeer7jJ ^^ r 8jr Heal Estate for Sale—24 | Real Kutate for Sale— U | MKcellaneoua—2« | MUfeHarteon*—*• 20:s ACRE Mock and grain fsrm near r;»le«ihtirg, 150 acres high producing plow idiid. About 100 acres plowed riui of alfalfa this vear. Plenty of good liuilfJings. Water piped to biiildinRf. iino 1 fields. Practically nil llinp'l and phosphated within last 4 years. There has been a lot of eafftr fed on this farm. Good inod- ' Conley Cole. Real E.«- J.oans. Monmunlh, XII. ern home ta'e, f r „, n Phoiir :u >riX NORTHEAST LOCATION. Attractive .Vroohi bungalow. Hardwood floors. K.a-lly heated. Large lot. Garage. $9,000. Bob Foster, Heal Estate 213 Hill Arcade Phone 8-1548 OWNER. 3-room modern home. Perfret condition inside end out. Gai.-ipe. Large lot. Good location. $12.<KK), Phone 2422-9. IN MONMOUTH — S-room modern home. Practically new bathroom, good furnace, nice level lot. Priced Reasonable, Conley Cole, Real Estate, 600 E. Broadway, Monmouth, Illinois. Phone 306X. FOR SALE 12-Apt. BIdg. with 9 garages and cottage. Sec DR. ADA CHAPMAN 641 N. Kellogg _ Ph. 1541-6 $5,000 $I,TO0 DOWN $38.75 MONTHLY Includes taxes, Insurance or buy G.I. East Galesburg. S down, sun porch, 2 bedroom.f up. Cement basement, good furnace, shower. New root, itfniinnwt! i . ""» . ~ ". I Good sitting. Garage. Approx. 1 acre. In ? \ MC apl ' 2flptR L CI '"H RALPH OAVES, INC., REALTORS trae, 1, „ '' onm \ each - A H 92 S. Chambers-- Phone 6873-8 veM ,J? (r T ,Mt,0 .u, for home or lM - Ralph Daves Bernard Heavy a; fl?. \ Pithing separate. 2 j 0484-2 Eves. 1330-5 g.i -iirfd hot water furnaces. Front!-and back entrances S)2,0M By BOARS, GILTS, RAMS. Well grown, medium type boars, tested, vaccinated, guaranteed breeders, priced to sell. Durocs, Berkshire*, Poland Chinas, Chester Whites and Hampshire* are available. We are offering Suffolk 1 and Hampshire rams ready for service. Knox­ vllle E.F.A. Chapter. Inquire at Knoxvllle High School. Phone 95-3569 or 05-3880. SPOTTED POLAND CHINA boar and gilt sale, Tuesday night, October 13, Knoxvllle Sale Pavilion. Carl Seller, Oneida, Jll._ POLAND CHINA BOARS. Medium type, excellent for crossbreeding. Guaranteed tested. Priced to sell. James Litchfield, 312 Galesburg Road, Knoxvllle. 99-3688. DUROC SALE Tuesday night, October 13 at 7:30. CO head dark red meat type boars and gilts, cholera treated, blood tested and clean. Hay L. Johnston, Allona, ID. HOME. Good southeast lo- I bedroom down. Stoker all around. 2-car garage. n -5'.OO.M cation. Storms $8,250. 5-ROOM COTTAGE. South, close In. Nice | ar g,> kUchen with plenty of caMi,els. Stoker. Insulated. This Is a good home for $3,500. HKNRIIAW, REALTOR 1155 N. Kellogg Phone Wm. Qitigley — 6155-2 Priced to sell. | FRED BURGLAND, REALTOR YOUR FAMILY will enjoy this 3-bed- IOOPTI home near Stone School. 24x14 living room, dining room, large modern kitchen, oak floors. Attractively decorated. Basement. Garage. New roof. Storms, screens. Insulated. Low taxes. $10,000. 8-1551, 7513-6. 4316! 274 FLOYD W. SARGEANT, REALTOR 5-Room mod. home on Ave. B. Can give Immediate poss. $ 4,500 7-Hoom mod. home. Extra nice. , . On N. Seminary St. $15,500 AUtf-.S, all been limed. Double H-Hoom mod. Close In on Pearl $ 4,750 coin (-nb. Cattle shed. 7-room mod-Wi Acres In Knoxvllle. Mod. home, oil furnace, nice base-1 home. .-.$15,000 J125 per acre. Conley Cole, 1 4-Room new mod. on Frank St. $ 9^250 Monmouth, III. Phone 2-Family—1~ 3, 1-4 room and men I R'.-al Estate. SPOTTEfl POLAND GILTS - Purebreds. These gilts have been on pasture and have been fed separate for two months. Found: Spotted coon hound. Pearson's, 3 mllea east Ab Ingdon on DeLong Road. Wanted to Buy—21 GRAND PIANO WANTED. 5 or 6 it. Reasonable. Phone 7rB5-9. 1,000 OLD FEATHER BEDS wanted at once. Write Davis, Box 604, c/o Register-Mall. Oliver 1947 Tractor with cultivator, starter and lights. Oliver 2-Row Picker on rubber. WILL TRADE FOR LIVESTOCK Phone 8-1418 TOP MARKET PRICES for farm scrap, rags, metals, batteries, kraft bags, magazines and tires. Galesburg Iron & Metal Co., Knoxvllle Road, next to the track. Parli Implement Store ' Maquon, III. SEE FARMALL SUPER "C" FAST HITCH Ask for Demonstration Fuel—Feed—Seed—18B BALBO RYE—Pawnee wheat. $3.05 bu. High Germ. Berry Seed Co., 1153 Grand Ave. 8-1566. NOW IS THE TIME TO PHOSPHATE AND LIME. GET YOUR MATERIALS ON FOR NEXT YEAR'S CROPS. FRED CLINE REAL ESTATE BROKER Phone Abingdon 2640 SHOTGUNS WANTED. Spot cash for used shotguns. Buying anything, any condition except bolt action. Also buying revolvers, old or new. Gil Hcbard Guns, Knoxvllle. 95-3473. OIL FURNACE WANTED. In perfect condition. Phone 8080-0 after 6 p.m. For Rent—22 BUNGALOW — 3 rooms and bath. Lights and water furnished. Inquire 674 E. Main St. Phone 8123-0 or 7807-4. 6-ROOM modern home for rent In Knoxvllle. Immediate possession. Inquire 711 S. Broad or call 95-5381. FOR 1954—Good livestock nad grain farm. 50-50 basis. 100 acres oi pasture, 320 acres farm 'ground. You need a better farm, I need a good operator. Can help partly to finance. List family, equipment, finances, cattle feeding and hog raising experience. Write Box 611, c/o Register- Mail. 6-ROOM unfurnished apt. 441 ',i E. Main, over Brown Lynch Scott Farm Store. Call 1888-6. no«x. $10,500 Cheek t!,e value here! 4-yr-old bungalow, l.iv, no., l;iige kitchen, buiit- iiii, 2 bedtooms, modem halh. 4 clof-.etn. Ildwd. firs. Floored attic can be racily finished for 3rd bed- IOOISI. Very nice cement basement., O.'K heat. Deep lot. N.W. location, dote to F-ehool. STEPHENS. BROKER IIS N. SEMINARY DIAL 8-1256 Johnson Real Estate USED WASHERS $14.95 up REFRIGERATORS $29.95 up Fully Guaranteed ARLING'S Phone 4500 Main at Cherry CAULK NOW! Save heat this winter—keep moisture from entering window and door frame areas. Moisture will take that paint off If It gets In at these points. We have guns and caulking for your every need. Caulk before painting. DO IT NOW Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. MUREEN HARDWARE GO, Complete Hue Chl-Narrre) ^alnti, If N. Prairie, Phone 7!!!»•»• ,. rf ; WESTINGHOUSE T ^TmrVrwnai Auto* matic Washers, only 1249.98. LUKES 43 S. Prairie USED FURNACES —We have several good used coal furnaces and stokers. Trade-Ins on gas installation*, E. F, Burger Heating Service. Phone 7356-2. Residence 1479-2. GUITARS—New and used. $7.86, |19, $12.50 and up. Gumblner'a, «S 8. Semlnar.Vi PA 1 NT SPRAYER. ~ StTcl ^oi'ci ^halr. Small sink. Suit .and drsss, alt* 40-42. All new. 276 N. Ivan. Hazelton Grand Piano For Information phone 9S-2932. SIEGLER OIL HEATER, 5-room, With fan circulator. Hlde-a-Bed sofa and chair. 403 Oak. _3728-4. COMBUSTIONEER STOKER. Good condition. Priced reasonable. Priori* 2813-2 after 2 p.m. WEATHER STRIPPING Reyburn Hdwe 247 E. Main Phone 4255 5'*?£ M . RU ' ,G - Flj ™ace. West. $6,800V^i" '.''}• 3 U ' C 2-Al'I. INCOME. Furnace. East. $3.500i K "' OX , CO " A 5-ROOM BUNGALOW. Oil. N.E $7 500' g , ra ,\ el , r,jad - 5 "' w, ennonlled well: Zi tipZ'. Pasture. $13,500. KNOX CO. Short 20 A., 5 ' Mnnoi falr Ect outbuildings, g — $7 500 1 2*?E2 R ? OM HOUSE! 'oii." s.w; sc.'soo' 2-APT. INCOME. Stoker. West. 4-ROOM BUNGALOW. Oil. N.W ftlZJ : r ( i? yiE - Sto ' Gar - s.w. $9,000 3-BLIJKOOM BUNG. Oil. East. $9,500 7-ROO.M HOUSE. Furnace. S.W. $7 500 5-ROOM BUNG. Sto. Gar. West. $8,000 TRI-D A. JOHNSON, BROKER Phone 2502-5 Phone 44fjrj Phone 3703-3;—--• Good brick 657 N. Kellogg St Mrs._Setbcrt. Sales 208 DIVISION. Good brick building. , K o» TH p A c T Designed for your business and "ORTHEAST home. Lower floor suitable rnanv types business. 5-room modern apt up. Separate entrances. Full cement bai-cment. good furnace, stoker Lo'.vejl^ Euck| Avon, 111., Res. 8-1241 Phone 79 $5500 Living room, room, kitchen down, 2 bt.^ bath up. Hardwood floors. Good decorations. Cement basement, furnace. Good siding. Garage. Vacant. Trade-In Zenith TV $49.95 16-ln. Console. USED FURNITURE bath on Monmouth Blvd $ 7,2-50 Call 4145 for full Information. MULLEN REAL ESTATE 4ia Bondi Bldg. ATTRACTIVE SUBURBAN RANCH- ;A', TMO«M TYPE near Galesburg, 3 bdr., bath.! 3R D FLOOR — O. T. JOHNSON living no., fireplace, dining rm.,j loveiv kitchen, basement, oil heat, < bree/.eway, garage. About 2 A. land*| scaped giounds, barbecue, poultry] bouse. PHILLIPS ST. Modern 4-rm. brick; living mi., KS*24, 2 bdr., lovely bath; kitchen with built-in cabinets. Nice basement, gas heat; 1-car garage, Quick possession. $10,500. T,i mi. N.W.; good rm. house, electricity, drilled well: .'J5 A. tillable, balance pasture. $13,500. rm. house gs, good gravel road, near school. Possession on settlement. $10,000. FARMS & FARM LOANS WM. P. MULLEN, REALTOR 319 E. Main Phone 8-1WI0 CO. 3—TV Chairs (slightly soiled) -..$29.50 Library Tables $10 to $20 Blue Overstuffed Chair $10 2_7.pc. Dining Room Sets $37.50 2—Buffets $3 and $8 Small Dresser $10 Rollaway Bed. 4-ft. $25 Child's Desk and Chair $17 Metal Bed Spring and matt., 3x3 ..$20 14 Pieces Linoleum, odd sizes 15c-20c Child's Scooter $4.50 Marble Top Dresser $27.50 Square Exchange 8 Public Square Block & Kuhl S.A.L.E New Hamilton, General Electric and Maytag Driers We have many used Refrigerators and Washing Machines, $25 to $90 Block & Kuhl Co. Television Your R.C.A. and G.E. Dealer kitchen down, 2 "bedrooms 2 iDAVENPORT and ftool. Deep shady lot. Immediate; \j?J J? INC.. REALTORS possession entire building. Would j Ralph f Daves"" * ~ P - one 6378-6 Shown by ap- considcr contract, pointment. ISLF.A DEETS 8-14B8 Realtors 4758 511 Bank^f_Galesburg FRED BURGLAND, REALTOR Save $1,500 on this 5-year-old ranch type 4-roqm bungalow. Tile bath, oak floors, plaster walls, basement, gas heat. Enclosed breezeway. Insulated. Attached double garage. Storms, screens. 110-ft. frontage. Immediate possession. $10,500. 216 Hill Arcade. 8-1551, 7513-6. 6484-2 Bernard Reavy Eves. 1330-5 DON DEETSilN KNOXVILLE. Recently repaired 5 room house with 5 acres, modern conveniences. Call 95-2779. S.E. Lovely 5 room bungalow. Carpeting and drapes in living and dining room. Painted plaster walls. Modern kitchen. Tile bath. Full deep basement, furnished for recreation. Stoker heat. Double garage. Landscaped lot. $12,750. Corbin Realty, 7103-9 Delia Harrison, Sales. on i A. J 494 ACRES in Henderson County. 300 acres corn and beans. Beans making! about 25 bu. this year, 2 houses. 1 1 modern, good bam and cribs. Con-|^_i ley Cole. Real Estate, Farm Loans Monmouth, 111. Phone 306X. CLINE REALTY CO. Realtors FARM AND CITY PROPERTY Cltne A. E. Meathertngharo HARDEN'S FEED STORE For the greatest grow on Earth Critic Super Baby Pig Starter Rt. 150, Henderson Corners, Ph. 8033-2 FALL is the lime to plant your HOLLAND BULBS Tulips, dcz. 69c BROWN LYNCH SCOTT 244 E. Main Phone 8-1266 5-ROOM upper unfurnished apt. Heat, water and garage included. Adults only. 248 N. Seminary. SLEEPING ROOM, room in modern bath. Men only, St. Single or double home. Close to 316 E. Tompkins 2 ROOMS AND kitchenette, nlshed. Utilities furnished. 189 W. Tompkins St. Unfur Inquire 6-ROOM BUNGALOW. N.W. Large living room, modern kitchen, 3 large bedrooms. Hot water heating plant. Garage attached. G.I. approved. $9,000. Wayne Goodale Realty Co. 7824-6 or 2980-9. or Mrs. Alters 5446-0. 4-ROOM BUNGALOW. N.W. Well decorated, oil heat, modern kitchen, new double garage. $9,250. Wayne Coodale Realty Co. 7824-6 or 2980-9, or Mrs. Alters 5446-0. 160-ACRE GRAIN FARM for 1954 Near Victoria. Grain and cash rent. Give reference, size of family, list equipment in first letter. Write Box C01, c/o Register-Mail. 4-ROOM AND BATH upper unfurnished apt. Private entrance. Heat, lights and water. $55 per month. No laundry. Phone 9127-5. N.E.—6-rpom modern home. Large living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, stool down. 2 bedrooms, bath up. Hardwood floors throughout. Double garage. Bargaia $8,000. A. U. Johnson Realty, Realtor, 453 Jefferson. 4575. IN ST. AUGUSTINE. Apt.- 4 rooms and bath. Heat furnished. Continuous hot water. Private entrance. Phone Avon 8451J. LUMP COAL—Galesburg and vicinity, $7.50 per ton delivered. Write or call collect. Craigmiles Coal Mine R.R.. Fairvlew, 111. Poultry and Supplies—19 LAID TO ORDER . . . Well, almost. Our eggs are that fresh! Call 3132-6, Galesburg Poultry & Egg Co., 340 S. Kellogg. 150 AUSTRA WHITE yearling hens Eugene England, Oneida. COMPLETE .LINE of Laying House equipment. Remedies and NUTRENA FEEDS. Try Aureomycin for Blue Comb. GALESBURG HATCHERY Phone S956-6 75S W. Main St RENT FOR A CONFECTIONARY, DRUG OR CLOTHING STORE. A GOOD SPOT. New Cars, Trucks and Jeeps 1—1053 Kaiser Manhatten with Overdrive $2950.00. 1—1953 Willys Overland 4-door Lark $1900.08. 1—1953 Willys 6-cylinder Station Wagon $2124.43. 1—102-22 GMC Pickup $1598.18. 1—253-22 GMC 1-ton Truck $1994.31. 1—101-22 Suburban $2093.26. 1—1953 Kaiser Demonstrator with hydramatic and heater $2300.00. 1—1953 Manhatten Demonstrator $2300.00. 1—1952 GMC Suburban Demonstrator $1650.00. 1—1952 Willys 4 WD Pick-up Demonstrator $1695.00. USED CARS AND TRUCKS 1—1952 GMC Pick-up Va Ton 4 speed transmission $1095.00. 1—1949 6-cylinder Station Wagon $850.00. 1—1947 Frazer Manhatten $495.00. 1—1951 GMC Panel truck $995.00. 1—1951 GMC Heavy Duty dump truck $1695.00. 1—1950 GMC Tractor $1495.00. 1—1949 Frazer $695.00. 1—1946 Pontiac $550.00. 1—1948 Willys Jeep $495.00. 1—1939 Mack Truck $295.00. 1—1947 Kaiser $305.00. 1^-1946 Willys Jeep $450.00. 1—1947 International Truck $450.00. 1—1946 Chevrolet Dump Truck $495.00. 1—1948 Ford tandem dump truck $795.00. 1-,1946 Ford truck $450.00. 1—1939 Chevrolet Coupe $99.50. 1—Excellent 2 wheel trailer, plywood with shocks $125 00. FARMER'S MARKET WESTERN ILLINOIS TOP MARKET for Poultry — Eggs — Cream 17fl E. Waters Phone 2344-2 KLIEN R ?!U^ way Nea,a kee P» e SB» clean GERALD WEAVER HATCHERY Williamsfield. 111. Livestock—20 HAMPSHIRE BOARS—These boars are from a clean herd and good. Capron & Nelson, 2',i miles south of Kirkwood. BOARS—Purebred Hampshire. Blood tested. Farmers' prices. C. R. Em- eix _and_Son,^rairie Cit^HL___ BULL CALVES—3 purebred Herefords Right size for club calves. Donald E. Henry, Smithshire. 33 HEAD HAMPSHIRE feeder pigs, 8 thin Hampshire sows, 1 registered Hampshire boar 18 mos. old. Also 20 head Angus calves, weight 400 !!??;., Paul Cain ' 2 northeast of Williamsfield. SPOTTED POLAND CHINA gilts and boars. Albeit Shumaker, Rt. 2 Galesburg. Phone 80Q1-3. APPLIANCES MAYTAG CIIOSLEY WESTINGHOUSE All above prices less Freight and O.E. Our Prices Are Better DISTANCE NO OBJECT — WE TRADE FOR ANYTHING r r\ 1 nDEj IMPLEMENT CO. Prairie City, Illinois PUBLIC AUCTION SO registered Duroc boars and silt*. Sat. night, Oct. 10th, 7:30 p.m. New snd popular bloodlines for our old customers. Sale at our farm 2 miles west and 2',i miles north of Princeville. Write or phone for catalog. ROLLING ACRES FARMS Princeville, 111. BOAR—yeSriing. No. 1 Hybrid from Lucie and Slater, Augusta. C. H. Meadows, 4 miles southeast of Rio, BOARS—Registered Hampshires. Long and rugged. Some weigh up to 300 lbs. Disease free. Clair* Pottor*. Bio. POLAND CHINA BOARS. Outstanding meat types. Farm on Rt. S. 5 ',i P"lea NE. Bushnell. Beatty Bros 60 HAMPSHIRE BOARS and Gilts. Registered and guaranteed. New bloodlines. Fanner's prices. Blood£1 t d n and d ? liv . e ied. Jamea Steele. Similes east of Gilsoa, 111. REGISTERED Hampshire boari We nave an extra good offering They are long and heavy bodied Clar- £u«t. Ul 3 m " w easl Slron ** ROOM furnished apt., private bath. Close in. Call after4 p.m 1 7245-4. 2 ROOMS and bath, unfurnished. Private entrance^ No pets. Call 5112-4. WARM, nicely furnished studio-living room and kitchen-dinette apartment. Personal laundry privilege. Employed or- retired woman. Reference required. Phone S340-8. 30 ACRES on U.S. 34 at the edge of a town of 30,000 populaUon. Nice modern home. Barn equipped with excellent grade "A" milking parlor. Owner has sold up to »50 worth of milk a dav from this well located 80. This .is only one of the many opportunities this farm offers. Con- lev Cole, Real Estate, 600 East Broadway. Monmouth. III. Phone 306X. BSOWN AVE. NEW 2 -bedroom white frame utility bungalow. Tile bath, plastered walls, new decorations. Living room carpeted (new), kitchen you'll like I THREE BEDROOM BUNGALOW Home you'll be proud to OWN. Gar- 1 Located in Stone School Dist. Has Chair. Wine mohair. Tan floral platform rocker. Good condition. Howard Hall, North Henderson, Illinois. SCHOOL GIRL'S clothing and winter coats, 12-14 years. 766 Bateman. BAND INSTRUMENTS ... Rent- Before-You-Buy plan - at Byerly- Gamble Music. Bring your boy and girl in for a Music Aptitude Test- talk to the band teacher at school— then rent a brand new Pan American for 8 weeks trial. Rental deposit applies as down payment when you buy. Phone 7394-6 for information. DUO-THERM oil heaters authorized dealer—Bill's Appliance Sales and Service, 568 N Henderson St. 6172-6. WE BUY AND SELL used furniture. Coffev's Auction Co., 771 West Main 1591-8. 3 BEDROOM modern home. N.W. Bateman-Hitchcock district. Long living room, dining room, large mod em kitchen with nook down. Com pletely redecorated. Heated floored attic. Cement basement, stoker heat. Garage. Shady lot. $11,000. ISLEA DEETS DON DEETS 3-1483 Realtors 4768 511 Bank of Galesburg STOKER HEARTH CEMENT For Sale. CHRISTY COAL CO. 465 E. Berrien Phone 4741 THIS SMALL FARM of 73 acres has the things the home buyers are looking for. a modern house, good chicken house, barn, small crib, garage, deep well and most of the fences are A-l. 32 acres are tillable, the balance being open pasture with good spring that has flowed all summer long. Can you use a small farm like this? Harry C. Lister Agency Realtors. Monmouth, Illinois. STARK TREES BEAR FRUIT. For best results plant trees propagated from trees of known records. Limited areas plant Stark Hardy Dwarf Trees, $4 each. Assortment Six (6) Dwarf Trees now $21. Have tree ripe fruit all season. John Stewart, local representative. 1384 Clark St, phone 2927-0, Galesburg, III. HOME RESALE SHOP 771 E. Knox St. Phone 3043-2 Convert Now to Gas TIMKEN BUNGALOWS! 5 rooms, Willard school, owner transferred. Reduced to $5,000. Lincoln Ave. 5 rooms; 2',j acres: $9,000. SPECIAL BARGAIN. 3 bedrm.. ranch,433 E. Main type. G.I. approved. N.W. $9,000. Harrison Agency, Bank of Galesburg Bldg., 4548. Chris Frederick, sales 8036-7 CONVERSION BURNERS Designed to Fit A1J Furnaces and Boilers. Terms to Fit Your Budget. Phone for Free Estimates. SPANGLER'S Phone 8-1318 MODERN BUNGALOW. Florence Ave. 4 rms., bath. Gas heat. Large living room, hardwood floors, Youngstown kitchen. On bus line, near school, grocery. $7,250. Phone 5545-5. BEAUTIFUL large front sleeping room. All modern home. Prefer 2 nice girls or working couple. 269 Maple. Call 6760-9. 6 ROOM upper apt. Modern furnished or unfurnished or will sell furniture. 1 Winkler stoker complete. Good condition, replaced with gas heat. Leonard J. Folger, Dahlnda, 111. Phone 95-5511. 5 ROOM HOUSE, semi-modern, 10 miles from Galesburg. All weather road. Inquire at Thorp Acreage, Rio or call 2570 at Oneida after 6 p.m, age. Under $11,000. RALPH DAVES, INC.. REALTORS _ M S. Chambers — Phone 6878-8 Ra'Ph Daves Bernard Reavy 6484-2 Eves. 1330-5 „. HOMES - HOMES Knoxvllle - Galesburg - Knox County DALE H. BRAGG. BROKER KNOXVILLE SLEEPING ROOM. warm, well fur nished. Clean bathroom. Continuous hot water. For Sale: Electric lamps hot water tank. Phone 7895-3. COMPLETELY PRIVATE. Tile bath, kitchenette. 2 newly furnished modern rooms for couple to enjoy. Call 95-2392. ' 3-ROOM unfurnished apt. Upper. Private bath and entrance. Insulated. Heat and water furnished. Laundry privileges. Close in. Adults. In- qu're 818 E. Main. Wanted to Rent—23 BUSINESS MAN, wife, daughter need J to 6 room furnished apt. or house. North aide. Will pay fi months- advance. Phone 7238-6, 8 to 5. Galesburg Real Estate Ag'cy 437 Bank o! Galesburg Bldg. N.E.—Very nice 3-bedroom bungalow, gas heat. Just finished, ready to move in. $15,000. N.E.—Very good 3 -bedroom home, gas heat. $15,500. Income Property—E. Losey, gas heat. $173 income ,per month. $12,000. Centrally Located—Very good income property. $15,000. . S.E.—Good 3 -bedroom home. $8,500. Several Good Farms for sale. If you need a home, call us. We have them all prices. JOHN POGUE. REALTOR Ralph Pogue John Leahigh 6250-6 1689-7 5875-g attached garage, oil fired convector heating. Has been G.I. approved for asking price of $9,000. Quick possession. WM. E. YARDE. REALTOR 419 Bondi Bldg. Phone 8-1274 Eves. 1931-9 STONE SCHOOL — 2-apt. 4 roomy, bath down. Same up. Gas heat. Private entrance. Vacant. Bargain. $8,000. A. U. Johnson Realty, Realtor. 453 Jefferson. 4575. Farms At Reduced Prices Highly desirable 160 acres prairie soil, fine buildings, excellent location. Quality 320 acres, mostly level plow- land, 2 sets of buildings, priced to sell. Well located prairie 80 acres, quality land & buildings, fine location. P. H. Wiegand, 327 Weinberg Arcade. REFRIGERATOR - 8 cubic ft., good condition. Will sell reasonably. Call 6255-8 or 2633-0. 50c JIFFY SHAMPOO BRUSH and 89c bottle Fitch Shampoo, both for 98c Red Crost Drug Store, Main and Seminary. J. P. MOFFET Is located in shop at rear of house at 289 N. Henderson. 3818-6. Clocks, watches told, repaired. SADDLE, black studded; bridle and martingale. Like new. Wayne Miller, Toulon, 111. Phone 2157. FALL BULBS IMPORTED FROM HOLLAND CROCUS, mixed colors 50 for $1.69 HYACINTHS. mixed colors 10 for $1.09 25 for $2.40 DARWIN TULIPS, mixed coiors 25 for $1.29 50 for $2.49 Assorted—Your choice of colors DARWIN and PARROTT TULIPS 25 for $1.45 50 for $2 -89 Montgomery Ward & Co. FARM STORE 47 N. Kellogg Phone 4660 Replace Broken Glass in STORM SASH NOW Phone 4216 for Free Pick-up & Delivery ONE DAY SERVICE Galesburg Glass Co. Broad & Ferris Phone 4216 YOU CAN still borrow a flash camera any time free for easy flash pictures of children, family or pets '. . . Just point, press and pray. You'll get good pictures every time. Midwest Photo Service, 158 N. Broad. Phone 6474-8. 1500 FT. of No. 1 new 2x8 pine lumber, lengths 14x18 ft. 1—1000 bu. stave corn crib and several rolls of picket cribbing priced reasonable. A. M. Kennelly, Yates City. FALL COLORS AHEAD! Get your color film now. Kodachrome, Koda- color, Ansco Color. Illinois Camera Shop, 84 S. Prairie. PHONE 4524 For free service on sewing machines. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 220 E. Main LIVIN GROOM SUITE; 9x12 rug and pad; 2 plastic chairs; 1 chrome high chair, 2 training chairs; lamps; 3 baby beds, complete: I chest: 3 piece bedroom suite, washing machine, 2 laundry tubs. 5231-2. 60 Sheldon. RECEIVED nice assortment of heavy weight gabardine pants. 5 newest colors. Side seams hand stitched. You can save $2. Buy now at #5.95. Bell TaUors. 54 S. Seminary. WILBUR STOKER Like new. Complete with controls. Reasonable. Call 1607-9 days. CLARINET, Pan Phone 8068-4. American, wood. 1954 G.E. TV SETS PRICES START AT $17955 18 Months to Pay. Small Down Payment. Terms as low as $2.55 Week. Goodyear Service Stores Kellogg & Simmons Phone 4884 E. MAIN — Income property. 3-apt Furnace. Finance on contract to responsible party. S.E.--7 rooms. Modern. Stoker. Garage. Nice Jot. $8,750. CLARIBEL LEONARD, REALTOR ROBERT KELLY, SALESMAN Room 3. Carr Bldg. Phone 6678-6 OR 4 ROOM unfurnished apt. jmployetl couple. Call 2136-0. By HOME WANTED within 10 miles of Galesburg. 5 rooms or more. Electricity. By Nov. 1. References Write Box 54. Bishop Hill. 111. GARAGE near sixth block of East Losey Street. Phone .2819^ MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE With excellent references desire a 2-bedroom unfurnished apt. or house by November 1st. Automatic heat pre- ferrcd. Phone 6534-5. RESPONSIBLE COUPLE with one small child wants 4 or 5 room unfurnished apt. by November 1st. Excellent references, Phone 5676 -0. CHEVROLET Motor Division Representative wants 2 or 3 bedroom house in nice location. Please call Blake Walker. Hotel Custer. Will return call if nojjln. PASTURE or sfaiOidd~wantedT"" Also desire someone to winter my cattle. Box 999, c/o Register-Mail. NEW THREE - BEDROOM BUNGALOW. Hardwood floors, full basement, automatic gas heat, storms and screens. Youngstown steel kitchen. G.I. approved for $12,800. Ready to move into. Corner of Florence and Lane Aves. For appointment to see, phone: WM. E. YARDE, REALTOR 411. Bondi Bldg. Phone_8-_J274 Eves. 1931-9 BOB FOSTER City and Farm Properties All Types oi Financing 219 Hill Arcade Phone 8-1548 N.E.—7 rooms, stoker. Bargain. $4,500 N.W.—7 rooms, Stone Dist $8,000 S.E.—Large brick.' Can be made into 3 apts. Stoker, storms, screens. Double garage. Large lot. Low taxes. Immediate poss. Shown by appointment. G. W. PARKINS, REALTOR Phone 8-1288 Eves. 3965-7, 9193-6 3-BEDROOM brick home. 809 Florence Ave. Gas heat, insulated, garage. $17,000. 6194-4 after 5 p.m. for appointment. NEW BUNGALOW. S.E. Allen Park I School. Unusually well constructed Insulated. Nice living room. 2 bedrooms, large modern kitchen, bath. Cement basement, furnace heat Deep lot. $9,500. ISLEA DEETS DON DEETS 8-1488 Realtors 4768 511 Bank of Galesburg CONVERSATION PIECES, antique sil ver; Castor, covered butter dish, dis tinctive sugar bowl, card tray Several imported vases, bracket lamps. Few other pieces. 3389-4. HUNTING SUIT, man's, coat, vest and 2 pair pants, 1 pair high top boots socks and moccasins, cap. Phone 2841-0 or call at 846 W. North. LIVING ROOM SUITE $45, Hollywood bed, $10; bed complete $10: dresser $6: 6 dining room chairs, $1.75 each Phone 5942-9, 941 E. Berrien. OLD BUILDING. 20x30 to wreck. Best offer to tear down and haul away accepted. 1525 W. Main. BUNGALOW. 5 rooms, modern kitchen and bath. Floored heated attic cpuld be finished for extra bedroom Stoker heat. Wired for electric stove. Double garage. Nice large lot. fruit trees. 2466 N. Broad. Phone 5328-4. 8 ROOMS. MODERN. 4 bedrooms up, 4 nice large rooms down. Hardwood floors, oak woodwork. Deep basement, furnace. Extra 4x12 rod lot included, all for $7,500. Quick possession. Corbin Real Estate- 7103-9. Delia Harrison, Sales. Real Estate Wanted—25 Real Estate for Sale—«« IN MONMOUTH—Practically new 4- room home in west part. Nice long living room, modern kitchen. 2 bedrooms with closets, bath with tile floor and built-in shelves. All newly. decorated. Garaije attached with biNsezeway. Conley Cole, Real Es- SL te ' F SJ"i *-°ans. Monmuoth, 111. Phone 306X. BOARS—3 Yorkshire; 1 Cheviot lamb. «Jm«» Stock W$tmf Uur «, m. ' INCOME. Upper and lower apt*. & rooms and bath each. 183 Cedar Ave. In good condition. Stoker heat. 2 Joining lots. Inquire at W5B E. Fremont. Phone 2103-2. BY OWNER. 2 -bedrocto all modern. Forced air gas heat. Hardwood "floors. Large garden. Close in. 545 Churchill Ave. * ill Ave. MAKE OFFER EIGHT ROOMS. Near north side. Family home. Can be converted to income. Owner wants to go to Florida. Immediate possession. RALPH DAVES. INC.. REALTORS 92 S. Chambers — Phone 6878-6 Ralph Daves Bernard Reavy 6484 -3 Eves. 1330-5 RAY SIMMONS, BROKER 2-BED. Ranch type. Stone Sclil. Gas heat. Attached garag?. ..$14,500 2-BED. Breezeway. Gas heat. Attached garage. Stone Sclil. $10 500 5-RM. BUNG. Close in. W. Main. Gas heat. Comm. zone $ 7,500 5-RM* BUNG. N.E. Gas furnace. Garage. Quick possession. $ 6.500 LARGE 1-8M. HOME. Full lot. S.W. , ...$ 1,200 RMS, Silas Willard school. Basement. Large lot $ 5.000 10 A. 5 -RM. modern home. Barn Blacktop road. „. $12,500 416 Hill Arcade Phone 6-1422, 5022-9 Art Jacobson 6487-2 Bill Davis 1004-2 WANTED — We have several buyers wanting medium priced small homes Your listing will be appreciated. Conley Cole, Real Estate, Farm Loans. Monmouth, III. Phone 306X. WANTED — Bungalows, 3 -bedroom homes, apts., any price. Anxious buyers waiting. A. U. Johnson Realty, Realtor. Rita Johnson, Sales. 453 Jefferson. 4575. ON CONTRACT. Two bedroom modern home with garage. Box 607, c/o Register-Mail. Miscellaneous—26 Take a Holiday From Ironing Drudgery For the Rest of Your Life See Iron rite BLACK 1 BROS. Main at Seminary Ph. 4822 FLOYD W. SARGEANT H. A. YELTON i Don't Buy Until You Have Seen Our Used Appliance Bargains GALESBURG GAS SALES E. C Ringlien, Owner 425 E. Main Phone 2211-6 Inquire 566 Church-IReaUorj. 125 S. Cherry. 4145. Buy GERMAN SHEPHERD pun*. A.K.C.I OBMI 830ttU «•» «od rttiifl ta mi* ©wo bora*. regUtwed. Phona im-9 «s 6680-0. Aiw»y« Calf 14413 «e> Vow Auction Used Appliance Clearance Oil Heater, 4- room $50 Refrigerators $25— $45— $55 2 Washers, each $15 Auto. Washers $78 to $179 1 Electric Range $15 2 Mangles, table models, perfect. Choice ' .....$45 GAMBLES 881 Mulberry Hobby Shop All Craft Master Subjects Available to Paint Mulberry Phone 2633-0 Electrolux Cleaners Repair parts, filters, bags, hoses, switches, anything you want ior your Electrolux. HIGGINS ELECTRIC SHOP 1065 E. Main Phone (J838-6 64 Rent and Try New or Used BAND or STRING INSTRUMENTS NEW SPINET PIANO at BENEDICT'S where rental applies on purchase price. BENEDICT MUSIC CO. S. Cherry St, Phone 7185-9 SEE Betty Crocker's NEW GENERAL MILLS MIXER WITH A TIMER $43.95 Also Other C. M. Appliance* LAWSON ELECTRIC CO. 62 S. Seminary Phone 7166-8 420 E. Main Phone 4511 McFall Monument! aty Umlta - W. Main - Galwburg Dopp Hardware PARKERETTE LAWN 331 E. Main SWEEPER Phoae 4883 Corbin's Auction House 639 S Cedar Phone 8-1433 WO) Buy. Sell, Trade or Auction Furniture, Tools, Antique* BREAKFAST SET, $10; Magic Chet Stove, $25: Phlico refrigerator; kitchen cabinet, $3: dining room suite, $20; large wardrobe, $15; chest ol drawers, $3 up; dresser, $6; radio, $3; washing machine; beds $5 up; davenport and chair, $20; kitchen table, $2: odd chairs, $1: 9x13 rug, $5; combination china cabinet and desk, $7.50: sewing machine, $10; round table; small tables: coiner cupboards, studio couch, $15; library table, $4: rocker, $2.50; ironing board, $2.50. new 24" table lamp, $2.85; «hot Run. $8 00: misc. items. NEW SPINET PIANOS. Also ANTIQUES. Lawson Trading Post, the Big. Red House, 2047 Grand Ave. Hours 10 a.m. to 6 pjn._ DINING ROOM SUITE, 6 piece. Cheap if taken at once. Call at 43 S- Chambers. IVIES, PHILODENDRON, ivy geraniums, begonias, oriental popples, iris, Japanese peonies, bay liliea. doubla peonies, strawberry and raspberry plants, fruit trees, plant food, pot. ting soil, vermlculate. Wad* Graan- house, 1421 Jefferson Bt ARGUS CAMERA. C -3. Fi**b and ca*« lika n«w. Want*d. good 9 awa. movie camera. Phone 6843-9. PRICES REDUCED - WO-bu. com cribs while they l*st, $178. Stockyard* Farm Supply. Peoria Union Stockyards, Peoria. UU. Phon* fWW. CEDAR CHEST, gas stove. teJrltfwe*

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